Surnames of Ireland

Description: The All New 'Surnames of Ireland' by Edward Neafsey. Proof edition. The First book to combine all the historical research from the past, with the modern locations of Irish Families today - culminating in 200 family histories accompanied by an individual map showing the locations of each family ! This has never been done like this before, and considering the expense, it may not be done again

New information is found here at last, with an updated look at Irish genealogy on a family by family basis - with a fresh view for the new millenium. You will be surprised at the rarer names that have been mapped and included in this book, along side the well known families. The Only Time Ever in Print - you will want to have this volume for your library or just for your curiousity - as you can instantly identify the locations of 200 families in Ireland. 216 pages, 200 maps marked with individual family locations, 6 x 9, softbound.

ISBN: 0-940134-97-7 Product ID: 977

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Acarson Adam Adams Adamson Mac Adhaimh Aidy Alchorne Alcoirne Alcorn Aldcorne aldwark Mc Aleary Mc Alee de Angulos Mac anLeagha Mac Anna Mac Annaidh Mac antSaoir Mac anUltaigh Mc Anulty Mac Aodha Archer archier Mac Aree Armstrong Mac Artain Mc Ateer Mc Ateers atte Bell Auldcorne Mc AVIN Mc Avoy Awldcorn

B:    Bane O Baoighill Bareid Baroid Barrett barrette Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartley Bartley Batey Batty Bawn O Beara Beattie Beatty Begg Beggs O Beirgin Bell Bell Bergan Bergin Berrigans Berry Betagh Bigg Biggs O Birgin Bissetts Black Blennerhassett Boner Bonner Bourke Boyle O Boyle O Boyle Boyville Mac Bradaigh O Bradain Bradan Bradden Brady Mac Bradys Bran Mac Branain O Braonain Brennan Brian Mac Bride Mc Bride Mc Bride O Brien O Brien O Brien O Briens O Broin O Broin Brown Browne De Burgh Burke burke burke Burkes Burry Bury Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrnes O Byrnes

C:   O Cahan Mc Cahey Mc Cahey Cahoon Cairdie Cairds Cairell Caldwell Cameron Campbell Mac Cana Mac Canann Mc Candless Mc Cann Mac Cannon Canny Capet Caradoc Carey Carlin Carmody Carol O Carolan Carpenter Carr Carrigan Carroll Mc Carrolls O Carrols Carrragan Carson Mc Cartan Cartans Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mac Carthys Mc Cartin Carton Carty Carty Carville Mc Caughey Caulfield Mc Caw Mc Cay Mac Cearbhaill O Cearbhaill O Cearmada Chapman Chattan O Cionga Clarke Clarks Mc Cleary O Clearys Mc Cleery Mc Clelland O Clery Clifford Mac Closkeys O Clovane Mac Cloy O Cluvane Cnaimhsighe Mac Coan Cochrane coen O Coilean O Coinne Colavin Collins Mc Collyums Colquhoun Mc Com Mc Comas Mac Comb Mc Comb Mc Comb Mc Combe Comber Mc Combie Comgan Mc Comish Mc Conaghy Mac Conaill Mac Cone Mac Congail Mc Conkey Mac Conmara Connell Mc Connell Mc Connell O Connell Mac Connon O Connor O Connor O Connor Connors O Connors O Connors O Connors O Connors Conroy Conry Mc Conville Mc conwell Copeland Corcoran Corrigan Corrigan Corsan Corson Costello Mac Costello Costelloe Coueran Cowan Mac Cowan Mc Coy coyne O Coyne Craddock Mc Crae Crampsie Mac Crea Crowe Croy Crozier Mac Cuindlis O Cuinn Cullivan Mc Culloch Mc Cullough Mc Cullough Mc Cullow Cunovalos cunree Cyng Cynvall

D:   Mac Daid Mc Daid Mac Daids Dalach Daly O Daly Mac Darcy Davidson Davies Davin Davis Davison Davitt Mac Davitt Dawson De Brun de Burca de Burgh de Carsan de Faoite de Gernon de Harlea de Jorse de Lacey de Lacy de Leis DE LENCH de Logan de Montgomeri de Mora de Nangle O Dea deHareleye del esse delahaye delaney Delaney Delaneys Delap Dempsey O Dempsey O Deorain O Dermond O Dermond Mc Dermot Mc Dermot Mac Dermots Devin Devine O Devine Devitt Mac Devitt Mc Devitt Mac Devitts O diff O diorma Doherty O Doherty O Doherty Mac Domhaill Mc Donagh Mc Donaghs Donaghy Donaghy Mac Donaghy Donald Mac Donald Mac Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donalds Mac Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell Mac donnells Mac Donnells Mac Donnells Mc Donnells O Donnells O Donnells Donnelly O Donnelly Mc Donnels O Donovan Donovans O Donovans O Donovans O Donovans Doohey Doohig Doran Dorcey Mc Dowell Dowey Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Duff Duff Mac Duff Mc Duff Duffin Duffy Duffy Duhig O Duinn Dullope Duncan Duncan Dunlop Dunlopp Dunn Dunne

E:    Eadie Elder Mac Elduff Mc Elduff Elliott Mc Elroy Mc Elwee Mac Enchroe English Mac Eoin ervine Erwin Mc Evoy Mc Evoy

F:   Mc Fall Mc Fall O Faolain Mac Farland Mac Farlane Farley Farrell Farrell O Farrell O Farrells Farrelly Farrelly Mc Faul Mc Faul Ferrall Mac Fiachains Fitzgerald fitzgerald Fitzgeralds Fitzgeralds Fitzhenry FITZMAURICES O Flahertys Flahy Flanagan Flannagan Fleming O Flionn O Floinn Flynn O flynn Foran O Forhane Fourhane Freeman

G:   Mc gahey Gallagher Galligan Gannon Mac Gannon Garlan Garland Garner Garrity Mc Garrity Garty Garvey Mc Garvey O Garvey Gearty Mac Gee Mc Gee Mac Geehee Geoghegan Mac Geown Geraghty Mac Geraghty Geraghtys Gerety Gernon Mc Ghee Mc Ghee Mc Gilloway Gilmartin Gilroy Gilshenan Giltenan Mc Gimpsey Mc Ginley Givan Givans given Givens Glenane Glennane Glennon Mc Glennon Glynns Mc Gonagle Mc Gonagle Mc Gonigal Mc Gonigle Gorman Mc Gorman O Gorman Mac Gorth Mc gorty Mc Gourkey Mc Gourty Mc Gourty Mc Gowan Mc Gowan O Gradys Mc Grath Mc GRATHS Mc Graw Greer Gregor Mac Gregor Mc Gregors Grier Grierson Mac Guire Gunn Gwynn

H:    Habkine hackett O Hagan O hagan hagans O Hagans Haki halket Halkett O Hamergin O Haras Harley harrily Harrington O Hashea hassan Hassen Hassett O Hassia hassin Hasson Haugh O havergan hayes O Hea O Healihy Healy Mac Heath Heather Heffernan O Heffernan Henderson Hendry Henry Mc Henry O henry Heraghty O Hessedy Heugh O Heyne Hind Hinds Hines Hobbe Hobekinus Hobigan Hobkin Hogan Hogg Hogge Holmes Hopkins Horish Hosey Hosie Hough Houlihan Houriskey Houssaye Howe Hugh Mac Hugh Hughes O Hungerdell Hurleys Hussey Hyndes Hynes

I:   Mac Ilduff Mc Ilduff Mac Ilhair Mc Ilroy Innes Mac Intyre Irvine Irvine Irwin Isabelle Islay Mac Iver Mac Ivor

J:    Jennings Jocelin Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnston Johnston Johnstone Johnstone Joyce

K:    Kane O Kane O Kanes Kaufmann Kaupaland Mac Kay Keane Kearns Kearon Kearon Mac Keary Mc Kee Mac Keith Kellops Kelly O Kelly Kennedy O Kennedys Kenny Mac Keon Mc Keown Mc Keown Kerin Kerin kerr Kerrane Kerrigan kerrs Kersane Mc KEVIN kidd Kieran Kieran Kilbane Mc Killip Killops King King Mc Kinlay Mc Kinley Mac Kinn Mac Kinnon Mc Kinnons Mac kintosh Mac Kintyre Kitt Kneafsey

L:    L'Englys Lacey Mac Lachlainn Mc Lachlan O Lachtnain de Lacy Lahiff lahy Lamont Lamonts O Laoire Larcher Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin O Lavell Lavelle O Lawell le Archer le Bell Le Brun le Mathere Lea Leahey Leahy O Leary Lee Leigh Leiseach Mc Lellan lenglais Mac lennon Mac Leod Ley Lochlainn Loftus Logan Loggan O Loghlen O Loghlens O Loghlin O Loghlins Loghman Logue Lohan O Lonergans Loughan O Loughlin O Loughlin O Loughlin Loughman Loughnan Loughnane Love O lowell LYNCH O' Lynch Lynchehaun Lynn O Lynn Lynns O Lynns

M:    mackays O Maddens Magcanann Magee magHimsey magraith Magrath maguire Maguire Maguires Maguires Maguires Maher Mahon O Mahon Mahoney O Mahoney Main Maine Mac Maines Mains Mac Mairtin O Malleys Malloy Maloy Maloy Mac Manis O Maolain Marshal Marshall O Martain Martin Mather Mathers Maughan Maughan Mc Mawe Maxwells Mayne Maynes Mea Meagher Mee O Mee Meehan Meek Meeke Meik Meike Mek O Melaghlins Mergin Merrigan Meyk O Miey Miles Mill Mac Millan Mc Millan Mills Milne Mohan Molloy O Molloys Montgomery Moore Moore Moorehead Moorhead Moorland Morahan O Morain Moran Morcant Mordha Moreland Morgan Morgunn Mc Morran Morton Mugron Muirhead Mulcahy Mullan Mc Mullan Mc Mullan O Mullan Mullane O Mullawill Mullen Mc Mullen Mullin Mc Mullin Mullins Mullock Mc Mullon Mulloy Mulryan Mulvaney Mulvanny Mulvenna Mulvenny Mulvihill Mulvogue Murchu Murgan Murland Murphy Murphy Murray Murray Mc Murray Mc Murrays O Murrihir Mac Murrough O Murry O Murry Myretoun Myrton

N:   Mc Namara Mac Namaras Mac Namaras Mac Namee nangle O Neil O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neills O Neills O Neills O neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neils Newark Nixon Nolan Mac Noravaich Mac Nuallain Mc Nulty

O:    Obbykin Oghy Orchard Orr Oswald

P:   Mac Parlan Mac Parland Mac Parthalain Parthalan Mac Partlin Mc Paul Mc paul Pearce Pears Pearse Mc Phail Phelan Mac Pherson Mac Piaras Pierce Pierse

Q:   Mc Quillan Mc Quilliams Quinn Quinns Mc Quitty

R:   Mac Raith Raygan Rea Mac Rea Reagan Reay O Regan Reilly O Reilly O Reillys O Riagan O Riain Rian Rutherford ryan Ryans

S:    Salmon Salmon Sammon Scott Scott Seaman Seay Seaye See Mac SEININ Senan O Shanahans Shane Mac shane Mc Shane Shannon Mc Shea O Shea Sheahan Mc Shee Sheehan O Sheehans Sheehy Mc Sheehy Shinnahan Sim Simmonds Simmons Simms Simon Simpson Sinclair Slowey Smith Smith Smyth Smyth Steward Stewart Stigward Stitt Stiward Stout Stoute Stoutt Stuart Stutt O Sullahans Sullivan O Sullivan

T:   Tait Taite Tate Mac Thom Mac Thom Thompson Thompson Thomson Tod Todd Todde Tommy O Toole Tracey Tracy Treacy O Tuathail

U:    Ure Mac Ure

V:    Vaughan Vergin Verner Vernor Vernour

W:    Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walshes Walynus Wardein Warden Warenher Wark Warke Warner Welsh Werk Werke Wheatley Whelan White Mc White Whiteley Whitleigh Whitley Whitlie Mc Whitty Whyte Mc William Williams Mc Williams Mc Williams Williamson Wilson Wright Wynne

Y:   Yate Yates Yeates Yeats Yeatts

Z:   Zett