A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland

Description: A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland. Showing Family Origins, Locations, Clan or Sept affiliation, dates of settlement, Old Irish Families, and settler families, indexed, Charts. Based upon the knowledge of the day. (1880).

Giving the origins, ancestors, and dates of settling in Ireland.. A must for all genealogy and research libraries, this work was the first of its size and kind in 19th century Ireland. It not only charts the course of old Irish families in Ireland along with their location, it also gives Scots, English, Welsh and other settler nationalities in Ireland, broken down by family name and date of settlement.

This is a historical publication showing the knowledge of the day. The reader should take note of modern day research and current publications of the Irish Genealogical Foundation...i.e. Irish Families, Keatings History, Hy Many & Hy Fiachrach, in order to make an informed judgement on the contents.

A collection of the various spellings from the 19th century are included by the author. Some data is in need of review with the passage of time, but this was a significant early popular work on Irish Genealogy and family history. Not a collection of family histories. Most names are only charted as to date, counties of settlement and ethnic origins.

Enlarged type for easier reading than in the original. Full size 8 1/2 x 11. All new IGF index, clean, 86 p., charte, lists, Irish & Foreign family names, dates. Note that some copy was slightly blurred with time, but it appears here just as it does in the original in our library. spiral bound.

ISBN: 0940134-92-6 Product ID: 926

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abbott Abell Able Ackley Acton Adair Mc Adam Adams Mc Addo Mc Affrey Ahern Aighearn Aille Air Alan Albert Albro Alcorn Aldworth Alexander Allan Mc Allan Allen Allison Mc Allister Alloway Allsworth Mc Alpin Alpine Amery Ames Analach Mc Anally Mc Anallys Mc Anany Mc Anbhaird Anderson Mc Andrew Andrews Mc Angaivnion Anketel Annesley Mc Anrow Mac Anta Anthony Aodh Archbold Archdal Archer Archers Mc Ardle Armitage Armstrong Armstrongs Mc Aroy Mc Arthur Arthur Motto Mc Arthur Motto Arundell Asbury Ashbrook Ashley Ashton Atkins Atkinson Auchinleck Audley Mc Auliff Austin Mc Avoy Mc Avoy Motto Aylmers Aylward

B:    Bacon Bagby Bagnel Bagot Bailey Bailie Bain Mc Bain Baird Baker Baldwin Balfe Balfour Ball Bannach Banning O Bannon Barber Barclay Bardsley Barker Barkley Barlow Barnewall Barney Barr Barrett Barry Barry O Barry Barton Basford Bath Batty Bayly Beamish Bearra Beauclerk Bedlow Bedlows O Beirne O Beirne Motto O Beirnes Bell Bellew Bellews O Bellian Beresford Beresford Bereton Bergna O Bergue Bernard Bertram Best Mc Beth Betty Bevan Bhaird Bickford Bicknell Bilder Biles Bill Billings O Bilrey Bilrigh Bingham Binley Bird Birk Birmingham Black Blackburn Blacker Blakeney Blanchfield Bland Blennerhasett Blondell Bloomfield Bodley Bolger Bolmer Bolton Bomford Bonfield Bonham Booth Borrowes Boswell Bourke Bowen Bowers Bowman Boxwell Boyd O Boyle O Boyle Boyle Motto O Boyle Motto Boyse Bradbury Bradford O Bradley Mc Brady Brady Motto Mc Brady Motto Brainain Mc Brair O Branain Brandon Brandt Brannagh Brannaghs O Brannon Braonain Brattach Brazil O Breen Breislin Mc Brenan O Brennan O Brennan Motto O Breslan Brianna O Bric Bricht Mc Bride Mc Bridge Bridges O Brien O Brien O Brien Motto O Briens Brin Briscoe Brock Brodach Mc Brody O Brody Broin Bromley Brooke O Brosnahan Brough Brown Browning Brownrigg Browns Bruce Bruen Bryan Bryson Buchanan Buck Buckingham Buckley Bunbury Burdett Burgoyne Burke Burkes Burleigh Burlen Burley Burnhills Bury Busby Bush Butler Titles Butlers Butterfield O Byrne O Byrne Motto

C:   Mc Caddon Cady Mc Cafferty O Caffy O Cahal Mc Cahan O Cahane Motto O Cahil Cahil Motto O Cahill O Cahill Cairns Caldwell O Callaghan O Callaghan Motto O Callan Callaway Mc Callion Mc Callum Calvert Camerar Cameron Mc Camley Camlin Mc Cammon Campbell Campbell Mc Campbell Candler Mc Candless Mc Candlish Mc Candres Mc Cann Mc Canna Cannach Mc Canns Mc Canns Cantillon Cantrel Cantwell Capella Carbhail O Carbry Carcran Carden Carews Mc Carey Carey Motto Carey Motto Carleton Carley Carlis O Carmody Carnes Carnett Carollan Carpenter Carr Carrick Motto Carriel O Carroll O Carroll O Carroll O Carroll Motto O Carrollan O Carrollans O Carrolls O Carry Carson Mc Cartan Mc Cartan Motto Carthan Carthan Mc Carthen Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Motto Mc Carthys Mc Carthys Mc Cartney Mc Cartney Mc Cartney Motto Mc Cartron Caruthers Caseigh O Casey Casey Motto Mc Cashine Mc Cashine O Cashine Cashman O Casie Ua Casside O Cassidy Cassidy Motto Cassidy Motto Cassilly Cathal Cathil Caulfield Mc Cauls Mc Causland Cavanagh O Cavanagh Cavanaghs Mc Caverty Mc Cead Ceallaig Cearn Cecil Chaloner Chamberlain Charley Chase Cheannach Chedaigh Cheever Mc Chesney Chetten Chever Chichester Cholmondeley Chute O Cinnsellagh Mc Clain Clanach Mc Clanaghan O Clanchy Mc Clancy Mc Clancys Mc Clancys Clark Clay Mc Cleaf Mc Clean Mc Cleary Mc Cleary O Cleary Mc Cleary Motto Mc Cleave Cleburne Cleland Mc Clellan Mc Clellan Motto Mc Clelland Mc Clelland Clements Cliffe Clifford Cliffords Mc Clintock Mc Clorey Close Mc Closkey Motto Mc Cloud Mc Clow Mc Cloy Mc Cluderney Mc Clung Mc Clure Mc Clymon Coady Cobbe Codde Mc Codden Code Cody Cogan Mc Coghlan Coghlan Motto Coghlan Motto Mc Coghlan Motto O Coigley Colby Colclough Cole O Coleman Mc Colgan O Colgan Mc Colgan Motto Collett Collins O Collins Collins Motto Collopy Colthurst Coltsman Colvin Mc Comas Mc Comb Comerford Mc Comisky Comminge Compton Comyn O Conaghty Mc Conaha O Conail O Concannon Motto O Concanon O Concanons Concheanain Condron Congreve O Conigan Mc Conklin O Conklin Mc Conn Mc Connaughty O Conneally O Connell Connell Motto Connell Motto O Connell Motto Connellan Motto O Connerty O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor Don Motto O Connor Kerry O Connor Kerry O Connor Motto O Connors Conolly Motto O Conor O Conor O Conran Conran Motto Conray Conray Conroy Conroy Motto Mc Conry Mc Conry O Conry Motto Mc Conway Mc Conway O Conway Conynghame Mc Cool Mc Cool Cooper Copeland Coppinger Corbally Corbett Corbin O Corcoran Cord Mc Cord O Cormac O Cormac Mc Cormick Cornock O Cornyn Corragh O Corrigan Corrigan Motto Corry O Corry Cosby Cosheath O Cosnamha Mc Costello Costello Motto Mc Costelloe Coulter Coultry Courteney Cowan Motto Cowie O Cowley Cox Mc Coy O Coyle Mc Cracken Mc Crae Motto Crafton Craig Craith Cramer Crary Craven Crawford Mc Creachain Mc Creachain Mc Creadie Motto Creagh Motto Creagh Motto O Crean O' Crean O Crean Motto O Criochan Croft Mc Crohon Cromwell Mc Cronin Crosby Motto Crosby Motto Mc Croskey Crosley Cross Crotty O Crowley O Crowley O Crowley Motto Cruce Cruise Crumley Cruse Mc Cubbin Mc Cudan Cuinean O Cuirc Mc Cullaugh O Cullen Cullen Motto Cullom Mc Cully Cumming O Cummins Cunningham Mc Curdy Currain O Curran O Curry Curry Motto Curry Motto Mc Curten Mc Cusker Custard Mc Cutcheon Cutler Cutter

D:    D'mntmorency Daintrey Dale Dalton Daltons Daltons Dalway O Daly O Daly Dane Danefort Darby Darcy Darcys Dardes Dare Daunt Dauntre Davie O Davoren Davy Dawson De Burgo De Lacy O Dea O Dea O Dea Deacon O Deadhaigh O Deagan Dean Mc Deargan Deasad Dease O Deasey Debirmingham Decapella Decourcy Decourcy Decourcys Delacherois Delacys O Delany Delap O' Dell Demarisco O Dempsey O Dempsey Motto Den O Denehy Denn Dennis Dennis Dennis Motto Denny O Dermody Mc Dermott Mc Dermott Motto Desmond Devenish O Dever Devereux Devereux Devery O Devine Devlin Motto Dick Dickson Dillons O Dinerty Disken Dixon Doane Dobbin Dobbs Dodd Dodwell O Dogherty Motto Doill O Doinn Motto O Doivlen Dolphin Domblein Domville O Donaghoe O Donaghoes O Donaghy Mc Donald O Donavan O Donavan O Donegan O Donegans O Donelan Donnallan Mc Donnell Mc Donnell Motto O Donnell Motto O Donnellan O Donnellan Motto O Donnells O Donnelly Motto Mc Donogh Mc Donogh Mc Donogh Motto Donoghad O Donoghoes O Donovan O Donovan Motto O Doolan Dooley O Dorcy Dore Dorland Mc Dougal Douglass O Dowd O Dowd Dowdall Mc Dowell Mc Dowell Motto O Dowling Downes Downey O Doyne Motto Drake Draper O Drehan Drew Dring O Driscoll O Driscoll O Driscolls Dromgold O Drone Drought Druiscoll Drury Dryden Dryland O Duane O Duane O Duane Dubhlein Ducat Duckett Dudley Duff O Duffy O Duffy Mc Dugan Mc Dugan O Dugan Duibhidir Duinne Dulane Dullanty Dunbar Duncan Dundas Dungan Dunham Dunlap Dunlop O Dunn O Dunn Motto O Dunnady Dunning O Dunns Dunscomb Durchain Durdin O Durkin Dustin O Dwyer O Dwyer Motto O Dwyre

E:   Mc Eagan Earhart Earle Earley Earnshaw Eccles Echlin Edge Edgeworth Edmonds Edwards Egan Mc Elfatrick Mc Elfresh Mc Elhaney Mc Eligod Ellard Mc Ellery Ellis Ellison Elliston Elmore Mc Elroy Mc Elvain Mc Elvey Mc Elwee Emery Mc Eneiry Mc Eneiry English Enrach Mc Eogan Mc Eogans Mc Erlane Erwin Esmond Eustace Eustis Evans Mc Evoy Mc Evoy Motto Ewing Eyre

F:   Mc Fadden Fahy Mc Fail O Faile Falconer Falgha Mc Fall O Fallon O Fallon Fallon Motto O Fallon Motto Fallumhoin O Falvey Faris Mc Farland Mc Farlane Farley Farmer Fathaig Mc Fatrick Faulkner Fay Mc Feadhail Feallamh Featherstonh... Mc Fee O Feeney Feineachta Feinne Feinnidhe Felix Feming O Fennessy Fenton Ferguson Fermor O Ferrall O Ferrall Motto Ferrell O Ferrell Ferris Ferry Mc Fetrick Fey Fhoghanta Field Filgate Filmore Finch Finegan Motto Mc Fingah Finglas Mc Finneen O Finnellan O Finnerty Fionga Fish Fishburn Fisher Fitz Fitzeustace Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Fitzherbert Fitzhugh Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Motto Fitzpatricks Fitzstephen Fitzstephen O Flagherty O Flagherty Flagherty Motto O Flagherty Motto O Flanagan Flanagan Motto O Flanagan Motto Flann Flann O Flannelley O Flannery O Flannigan O Flathery Flaugherty O Flavin Flemings Flemings Fletcher Floinn Mc Floinn Flood Floyd O Flynn O Flynn O Flynn O Flynn O Fogarty O Fogarty Motto O Fogartys Foghanta Foladh O Foley Foote O Foran Forbes Ford Forde Forester Fosbery Foster Fowler Fox Motto Frail Fraley Frampton Francis Frank Franklin Frawley Frazer Free Freeman Frey O Friell Fry Fulford Fullerton Fulton Furey Furlong

G:    Gabbett Gafalgan O Gaffney Gage Mc Gaghwells Gaines Gaivnion Galaway Galbraith Gall O Gallagher O Gallavan Galway Mc Gan Motto Mc Gann Gannach Gannon O Gara O Gara O Gara Motto Garach O Garbey Garde Gardiner Garland Garretson Garrett Mc Garry Mc Garry Motto Garston Mc Gartland Mc Gartlin O Garvan Garvey Gason O Gavagan Mc Gavin Mc Geady Gearait O Geary Geary Motto O Geavan Mc Gee Mc Genis Motto Mc Gennis Mc Gennises Gennitt Gentleman Mc Geoheghan Motto Mac George Mc George Mc Geough Mc Geraghty Mc Geraghtys Gernon Gerrard Gervais Mc Gettigan O Gevany Ghogarty Giallagh Motto Gibbes Gibbings Mc Gibbon Gibbons Gibbs Giblin Gibner Gibney Gibson Gifford Gilchrist Mc Gildea Mc Gildowney Mc Gilduff Gilfillan Mc Gilfoyle Mc Gill Gillespie Mc Gillicuddy Mc Gillicuddy Motto Mc Gilligan Mc Gillonde Mc Gilmartin Mc Gilmer Gilpatrick Mc Gin Mc Ginty Giobach Mc Giollaphadruig Mc Glade Mc Gladon Gladwell Glanach Mc Glanchy Mc Glanchys Glascock Glascott Mc Glasson Gleasain O Gleason O Glesby Mc Glincy Mc Glinsey Godfrey Godley Goff O Gogarty Going Gold Golden Mc Goldrick Goldsmith Goodrich Goold Gordon O Gorley Gormain Mc Gorman O Gorman O Gorman O Gorman Motto Gough Gould Mc Gowan Motto Gradwell O Grady O Grady O Grady Motto Grafton Grainger M' Granighan Grant Granuale Mc Grath Gray Greachain Mc Greal Greeley Green Greer Mc Gregor Gregory Mc Gregory Mc Grehan Grehan Motto Greig Greliath Griffin O Griffin Griffith Grogan Motto Grove Mc Gruder Guaire Gubbins Mc Gucken Mc Guff Mc Guffey Guilla More Mc Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire Motto Mc Guires Gumbleton Gunn Mc Gurk Guthrie Guy

H:    Hackett Mc Haddo Hadley Hadsor O Hagan Motto O Hagan Motto Haines Mc Hale Haliday Hall O Hallinan O Hallorah Motto O Halloran O Halloran Motto Hallowel Halluran Halpin Halton Hamilton Hammond Hampton Hancock Handy Hanes Hanlach O Hanley O Hanlon O Hanlon Hanluan O Hanly Motto O Hannan O Hanragan Motto O Hanraghan O Hanraghan O Hanraghty O Hanraghty O Hanratty O Hara O Hara Motto Harcourt Hard Harding Hardy O Hare O Hare Motto O Hargan Harkins Harknett Harrington Harris O Hart O Hart O Hart O Hart Motto Hartaig O Hartig O Hartigan Hartley Hartwell Harvey Hassard Hastings Hate Hatton Haughern Haughern Haughton Haven Hawkins Hayden O Hea Head O Healy Heard O Hearn O Hearn Motto Heatly Hedges Heekin O Hegerty Motto Hehir Hemphill Hemsworth Hen Henderson Henly O Hennessy O Hennessy Motto O Hennigan Mc Henry Hepenstall Herbert O Herlihy Heron Motto O Heron Motto Hervey Hewetson Hewett Heyland Heyne O Heyne O Hickey O Hickey Hickman Hicks Hickson O Hiffernan O Hiffernan Higby O Higgin O Higgin O Higgins Higgins Motto O Higgins Motto Highland Hill Hilleen O Hilleen Hilton O Hine Hoadly Hoard Hoare Hoban Hodder O Hogan O Hogarty Holliday Hollywood Holmes Holt Holywood Mc Homaltain O Honeen Hood Hook O Hoolahan Hopkins Horaghan Hord Hore Horrish Horton O Houlaghan Houston Hovish Howard Howe Howell Howland O Howley Huallachain Huband Huggins Mc Hugh Hughes Huiggin Hull Hullachain Humfrey Humphrey Hungerford Hunter Huntington Hurd O Hurley Hurley Motto Huscarett Hussey Husseys Husseys Hutchins Hutchinson Hutton Hyde

I:   Mc Ilhaney Mc Ilvain Mc Ilyar Ingram Innes Innis Mc Intire Mc Intosh Inty Irvin Irvine Mc Ith Mc Iver Ivors

J:    Jackson James Jameson Jamieson Jarvis Jeffrey Jenkins Jennings Jessop Jobson St. John Johns Johnson Johnston Jolliff Jolly Jones Jordan Mc Jordan Joyce

K:   O Kanaday Karnes O Kavanagh Motto Keadin Mc Keag Keane Motto O Kearn Motto O Kearney Kearney Motto O Kearny Keating O Keating Keating Motto O Keefe O Keeffe O Keeffe Motto O Keegan O Keenan Keerevan O Keeshan Keevan O Keevan O' Keevan O Keggan Keith Keitherny O Kelleher O Kelley O Kelly O Kelly O Kelly Motto Kelsey Kemmis Kemy Kenan Motto Kendall Mc Kenna Mc Kenna O Kennedy O Kennedy Kennedy Motto Kennedys O Kennelly Kennett Mc Kenny O Kenny Kenny Motto Mc Kenny Motto Kent Mc Kenzie Mc Kenzie Mc Keogh Mc Keogh Keogh Motto Keown Mc Keown Kerin O Kernahan Kerr O Kerrigan Mc Kerver O Kerwick Mc Kesy Mc Kesy Motto Mc Key Keyes Mc Kibbin Kidd Mc Kiernan Kilfillan Kilgour Killkenny Mc Kim Mc Kimmie O Kinahan Kinahan Motto O Kinealy King Kingston O Kinsellagh Mc Kinstry Mc Kintry Kipatrick Kirby Kirke Kirker O Kirwan Mc Kitrich Knight Mc Knight Knox Kyd

L:   Mc Lachlin Mc Laid Mc Lain Mc Lainey Laing Laird Lalach Lally Lamb Lambert Lambert Lamport Mc Lanagan Motto Lanaghan Lane Mc Lane Lang Langton Langtry O Larkin Latimer Latouche Mc Laughlin Motto O Laverty Lawless O Lawlor Lawrence Lawrie Leach Leader Leagha O Leahy Leahy Motto Mc Lean Learigh O Leary O Leary Motto Lecky Leddy Ledwidge Lee Leech Leen Mc Leese St Leger Legge Legros Lehunte Mc Lellan Lelland Lemmon Lemon O Lenaghan Mc Lennan Mc Lennon Lennon Motto Lentaigne Mc Leod Lepoer Lepoer Lesley Leslie Lewin Lewis Liddell Liddy Mc Lilly Lindsay Linton Littell Little Litton Livingston Lloyd Lockwood Mc Loe Lofthouse Loftus Logan Loghlan Motto O Loghlin Long Longfield Longley O Looney Lopdell Lord O Loughlin O Loughlin Motto Lovell Lovett Lowe Lowell Lowrie Lucas Ludlow Lutterell Luttrell Lynch Mc Lysaght Lysaght Motto

M:    Mack Mack Motto O Mackin Madaighin O Madden O Madden Madden Motto Magawley Motto Magilfatrick Magnus Magnus Magrath Motto Maher Motto Mahlady Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mahon Motto Mahon Motto Mc Mahon Motto O Mahoney Motto O Mahony O Mahony Maille Malcolm Malla O Malledy O Malley O Malley Motto O Mallon O Mallone O Mallun Motto O Mally O Malone Malpas O Malrne Motto Mandeville O Manis Manix Manley Manly Mann O Manning Mannix Mansergh Mansfield Mc Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus Motto Maoiloneady Maoineach Maoladh Maolanedy Maolcoirin Maollalla Maolmocheirges Maologan Marcachain March Marisco Marsh Martell Marten Martin Martin Mc Marty Martyn Mason Masseys Massy Massy Mc Master Masters Masterson Mathias Matthews Maxwell May Mayhugh Mayler Mayne Mayo Meachain Meacher Meade Motto O Meagher O Meagher Meakin Meany O Meara O Meara O Meara Motto Medole O Meighan O Meighan O Melaghlin O Melaghlin Motto Meldrum Menzies Meredith Merrill Merritt Merriweather Metcalfe Metge Mc Michael Middleton Miles Milet Milette Mc Millan Millar Miller Mc Miller Mills Minchin O Minchin Miner Minnitt Missets Missett Mitchell Mnemon Mocter Moelet Moffat Moffitt O Moledy O Mollowney O Molloy Motto Molony Motto Mc Monaghan Mc Monoughs Monroe Monsell Montague Montgomery O Mooney Moore Moorehead O Moran O Moran Moran Motto Mc Moran Motto O Moran Motto Morant Mordhan Mc More O More O More O More O More Motto Morgan O Moriarty O Moroney Morough Mc Morough Mc Morough Mc Morra Morres Morrice Morris O Morrisey Morrison O Morrochus Morrogh Motto Morse Morton Mountfort Muir Mulbreanoin O Muldoon O Muldoon Mulholland O Mulkerin O Mulladay O Mullally O Mullane O Mullaney Mc Mullen O Mulligan O Mulligans O Mullins O Mullowney O Mulloy O Mulrenan Mulrooney O Mulrooney O Mulrooney O Mulroy O Mulvihill Mulvihill Motto Munson Mc Murch Murchuda Mc Murchy Mc Murdo Murdock O Murphy O Murphy O Murphy Motto Murphys Mc Murray Mc Murrough Mussenden

N:    Nagle Naidhfin Naish Mc Nally Mc Nallys Mc Namara Mc Namara Mc Namara Motto Nangles Naper Napier Narey Mc Naughton Mc Naughton Motto O Naughton Motto Neachtain Neaghtain O Neaghtain Mc Neal Nealis Mc Near Mc Neass Mc Neff Mc Neill O Neill Motto O Neills Nelson Neny Mc Neny Nesbitt Mc Nesby Mc Nestor Netterville Nettervilles Nettles Neville Mc Nevin Mc Nevin Motto Newcomb Newell Newenham Newlin Newman Newton Ney O Neylan O Neylan Nichol Mc Nichol Mc Nicholas Mc Nichols Nicholson O Niells Mc Niff Mc Ninn Mc Nivin Motto Nix Nixon Noble Nolan Motto O Noonan Norris North Norton O Norton Nottingham Nowlan O Nowlan O Nowlan O Nowlan Mc Nown Nuallain Nuallan Nugent Titles Nugents Nuinean Numan Nunn Mc Nutt Nye

O:    Oakley Ogilby Ogilvey Oliver Olpherti Orme Ormsby Orpen Orr Osborne Otway Owen

P:    Pack Page Paine Palliser Palmer Paris Parish Park Parke Parker Parker Parkinson Mc Parlin Parnell Parry Pasco Passelevey Patrick Patterson Patton Payne Mc Peak Pearce Peasley Peet Peisley Pendergast Pendergrass Pennefather Penrose Peppard Peppard Pepper Percival Perkins Perry Persse Peterson Petits Pettit Peyton O Phealan Mac Pheoris Mc Pherson Philips Mc Phillip Picket Piercie Pigott Pilkington Plugenets Plunket Plunkets Plunkets Poer (Dela) Pollard Pollock Ponsonby Poole Pooler Porter Powell Powers Powers Pratt Prendergast Prendergast Preston Preston Prestons Price Prindeville Pritchard Purdon Purdy Purefoy Purfield Purland Pursell Puxley

Q:   Mc Quade Mc Quarie Motto Mc Quay Mc Quay Motto Mc Queety O Quill O Quin O Quin Motto Quincy Quinlan Motto O Quinn Mc Quire Mc Quiston

R:    Raleigh Ramsey Randall Randolph Rankin Mc Rannall Mc Rannals Rawlings Raymond Read Reaves Redington Reed Mc Reedy Rees Reese Reeves O Regan O Reilley O Reilly Reling Mc Rerey Reve Reynal Rhodes Riada O Riady O Riagan Riall Rice Richards Richardson Richie Riddle Riggs O Riordan O Riordan Motto Roach Robbins Roberts Mc Roberts Robertson Robinson Roch Roche Roche Roche Rochfort Rodachain Mc Rodden Roden Rodgers Mc Rody Roe Rogers Rohan Rolleston Ronan Mc Ronan Ronan Motto Rooney Motto Roos O Rorke O Rorke O Rorke Motto Mc Rory Rose Ross Rotherham Rothes Rothwell O Rourke O Rourke Rowan Rowe Rowland Rowley Ruirigh Rupefort De Ruthven Rutledge Ruxton Ryada O Ryan O Ryan Motto Rye Rynd

S:    Sadlier Sanborn Sandals Sanders Sanderson Sandford Sands Sanford Sankey Sargent Sarsfield Saunderson Sawey Sayers O Scanlan O Scanlan Scobie Scofield Scott O Scully Seagrave Sealy Searn Seasnain Semple O Sexon Seymour Shackleford O Shanaghan Mc Shanley Shanly Motto Sharkey O Shaughans O Shaughen O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy Shaw O Shea O Shee O Shee Motto O Sheehan O Sheehey Mc Sheehy O Sheill Shelton Shepard Sheridan Motto Shiehy O Shiel Motto Shieldham O Shine Shortell Simmons Simpson Sinclair Singleton Sinnot Sisk Skiddy Skinner Skipton Slabor Slacke O Slattery O Slattery Small Smith Smithwick Smyth Somers Mc Sorley Spaight Sparks Spencer Speollain O Spillane Spratt Squiddy Stackpoole Stacks Stafford Standish Stanley Stannus Stanton Staunton Stawell Steele Stephen Stevens Stewart Stobridge Stoddard Stokes Stone Stonehouse Stoney Storey Story Strange Strickland Strieley Stritch Strong Strongbow Studdart Studdert O Sullivan O Sullivan O Sullivan Motto O Sullivans Suppels Sutton Suttons Swan Mc Sweeney Sweeney Motto Mc Sweeney Motto Mc Sweeneys Mc Sweeneys Sweeny Sweetman Swift Mc Symon Synge Synnot Synot

T:    Taaffe Taaffes Taafs Taffs Talbots Taney Tansy Tarleton Tate Teesdale O Teigh Teigue Mc Teigue Temple Templeton Tench Tenison Terrells Terry Thomas Thompson Thomson Thornton Thornton Thunder Tice Mc Tiernan O Tierney Mc Tierny Tighearnain Tighearnain Tisdale Tobin Todd Toladh O Tolar O Toole O Toole O Toole Motto Totten Tottenham Townley Townsend O Tracy Trail Traut Tredinnick Trench Triggs Trull Tuama Tuathal Tuite Tuite Tuites Tumaltagh Mc Tummy O Tuohy O Tuomy Turnley Twiss Tydd Tyn O Tyn Tynte Tyrels Tyrrell Tyrrells

U:    Uigin Uniacke Upton Ussher

V:    Vais Mc Vais Mc Vais Vance Vandeleur Mc Veagh Verdon Vernor Vesey Mc Vey Vignoles Vigors

W:    Waddy Wade Wadsworth Waithnan Wale Walker Wall Wallace Wallas Waller Wallers Wallis Walsh Walshs Warburton Ware Waring Warren Warrens Waters Watkins Watson Weatherhead Weaver Webb Webber Webster Weeks Welch Welles Wellesley Wellington Wells Welsh Welshs Welshs Welsted Wemys West Weston Westropp Wheatly Wheeler Mc Whirter White Whites Whiteside Whitla Whitley Whitney Mc Whorter Mc William Williams Willis Wills Willson Wimsey Winslow Winter Wise Wiseman Wodehus Wogans Wolf Wolfe Wolwaston Wood Woodhouse Woodruff Woods Woodward Wootton Worth Woulf Wright Wynne Wyse Wyseman Wysse

Y:   Mac Yaris Mac Yeoris Young

Z:   Zouch