A Genealogists Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Names

Description: A Genealogists Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Names. This is our published master index to Irish Family Name spellings. This book includes 20,000+ Irish names as they were spelled in the 17th century and in the1800ıs. Most are divided into spelling groups, which capture the different ways your name was spelled in the past. The rules of Irish surname spelling are outlined. All names from the 1659 census are also included in a master list, in the original spelling. Numerous examples will lead the reader to understand the actual ways in which the names were changed, and no book has as many examples of documented spellings from the past.

This work is good for identifying common names and rare spelling variants of Irish names, as well as a few examples of names that changed completely.

This is a one of a kind work on the spelling of Irish names, of special interest to family researchers and those that study the usage of language. The term OIrish Familiesı, includes names of those who settled in Ireland from England, Scotland, Wales, etc., and those names are included. Variant spelling groups include those of Matheson in the 1800ıs and others. (It is not a collection of family histories - but it is a collection of family names and spellings and related names).

ISBN: 0940134-97-7 Product ID: 977