1659 Surname Census of Ireland

Description: This is the surname extract from the census of 1659 in Ireland. It lists every surname from that 'census' in the spelling of the day, and shows what county the name is found in. Great for locating names for further research in the 17th century. Good for understanding spelling of the name in Ireland and locations in the 17th century. Includes settler names and native Irish. Stapled papers with heavier cover. A research aid originally from the Irish Genealogical Foundation. Great early reference ! Includes both old Irish and settler families of the day. This is a primary source for locating surnames in the 17th century. Stapled binding.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abbot Abbott Abdy Abercrumber Abott Abraham Absom Achyson Ackland Actery Adaire Mc Adam Adams Adare Adayre Adderly Adderton Adhbenson Adhow Adire Adrian Adryan Aggas Agharne Agherin O' Agherns Aghmonty Aghmooty Aghwell Agnew Aherly Ahmonty Aildwood Ailmer Akmooth Albonagh Alcock Aldersee Alding Aldrich Aldwarth Aldwood Aldworth Ale Mc Alester Aleward Alexander Algoe Alin Aliner Alland Allen Mc Allen Mc Allester Allexander Mc Allin Alline Almer Almes Mc Aloone Alwoodhouse Amansham Amery Ancthill Andersone Andrew Andrewes Andrews Anesley Anger Angier Ankettill Ankettle Annesley Anthony Antrim Mc Anully Mc Anulty Appellwhite Arberry Archbald Archbould Archdale Archdall Archdeacon Archdeakin Archdekin Archer Mc Ardell Ardenton Ardglasse Ardough Ardwaher Arland Arlant Armestrong Armin Armitage Armstrong Armstronge Arnalds Arnold Arnolt Arnop Arnot Arrall Arrundel Arthop Arthur Arthure Arundall Arundell Ash Ashenhurst Ashly Ashton Ashworth Aske Askin Assin Asten Aston Atcheson Mc Atire Atkins Atkinson Atmoty Aucketil Mc Aula Aulife Mc Aulife Mc Aully Austine Avery Avory Mc Avynny Mc Award Mac Awly Mac Awly Mc Awly Aylemer Ayleward Aylmer Aylward Aynger

B:   O' B Baal Baber Babington Baccon Back Backer Bacon Badley Bagg Bagley Bagnall Bagott Bagworth Bailly Bainlett Baker Baldin Baldon Baldwin Bale Balfremon Ball Bally Baltezar Baly Bambrick Bampton Banan O' Banan Banane Bancks Bandy Bane Bangfield Banistor Banks Bannan Bannane Banting Barber Barclay Barcroft Bardon Barett Barington Barkell Barker Barlowe Barnard Barnawell Barnes Barnett Barnewall Barnewell Barnwall Barnwell Baron Baroy Barr O' Barr Barraby Barran Barret Barrett Barrimorre Barrington Barroe Barron Barron Barrow Barry Barrymore Barrytt Bartless Barton Bary Base Basil Basill Basket Bassett Bateman Bath Bather Bathripp Bathurst Batten Batty Baucroft Baukley Bauldwine Baunister Baxter Baygott Bayley Bayly Beacon Beadle Beagham Beaghan Beale Bealing Beall Beame Beamish Bear O' Beara Beard Beare Beares Beary Beasley Beats Beauchamp Becket Bedborough Bedborrough Bedlow Beecher Beers Begett Begg Beggan O' Beggan Begge Beggs Beghane Beirn Belfore Belfour Bell Bellen Belleny Bellew Bellingham Bellow Bellowe Bellue O' Benaghan Benden Bendon Benger Benior Bennell Bennes Bennet Bennett Bennis Bennish Benson Bensone Bent Bentham Bentley Beolan Beolane Beresford Berford Bergin Berisford Berkley Bermagh Bermingham O' Bern Bernard O' Berne Berrell Berresford Berrisford Berry Berstow Bery Bessworth Best Bestwill Betagh Betsworth Betsworthy Bettin Betts Beuchamp Bevans Bevins Bevridge Bewar Bexwick Bickerstaffe Bickerton Bierast O' Bierne Big Biglean Bigo Bigoe Billingsley Billinsley Billkinton Bindon Bingley Bird Birford Birkett Birn Birne O' Birne Birrin Birtles Bishop Bishopp Bisse Blacer Blachford Black Blackand Blacken Blacker Blackhall Blackmore Blacknell Blackwell Bladen Blair Blaire Blake Blakney Blakston Blanch Blanchett Blanchfield Blanchvill Blaney Blanford Blannerhaset Blany Blare Blatchford Blenerhasset Blenerhassett Blennerhaset Bleuer Hasset Bleuer Hasset Bleverhassett Bligh Bligh Blomefield Blomfield Bloud Blount Bluett Blundel Blundell Blunden Blunt Boage Boaghan Boale Bocully Bodeley Bodely Bodge Boding Bodington Bodkin Bodley Boe O' Boe Boeman Boghan O' Boghelly Bohane Bohelly Boide O' Boigd Bolger Bollard Bolles Bolton Bomus Bond Bonole Bonorly Boohier Bookby Bookeley Booker Boore Boorke Booth Borden Borne Borr Borston Boswel Boswell Boudler Boughane Bouhilly Bould Boulsfeld Boulton Bound Bourden Bourk Bourke Bouster Bowdran Bowe O' Bowe Bowen Bower Bowers Bowler Bowles Bowls Bowreman Boxter Boy Boyd O' Boyd Boyde Boyer Mc Boyheen Boyl Boylan O' Boylan Boyle O' Boyle Boyles O' Boyns Boyse Boyton Brabant Brabazon Brabson Brabzon Brackane Bracken Bradburn Bradford Bradhurst Bradigan Bradle Bradley Bradly Bradshaw Bradston Brady O' Brady Braedin Brafield Bragg Braghall Braily Bramble Bramhall Bramley Brampton Bramston Branagh Branan Branham Brannagh Branthwaite Brasier Brassell Brathwait Bray Brayly Brayne Brazier Breackan Breadbeard Brearely Breckan Bredan Breeding Breen O' Breenan O' Breene Breers Breerton Brehan Mc Brehuny O' Brein Bremegham Bren Brenagh Brenan O' Brenan Brenane O' Brenane Brennagh Brennan Brenogh Brenon Brent Brereton Brerton Bretleridge Bretrage Brett Brian Mc Brian O' Brian Briane Brice Brickain Brickardick Brickdall Brickelsby Mc Bride Bridgal Bridgeman Bridges Bridgin O' Brien Brigdall Brigg Brighness Bright O' Brillaghan Brimingham Brin Mc Brin Brinagh Brinan Brine M' Brine O' Brine Brinegan Brinf Bringhurst Mc Brinn Brinne Brinsmeade Briscoe O' Brislan O' Brislane Mc Britany Britt Brittaine Britton Briver Broadbeare Brocke Brocket Brocklesby Brodbear Broderick Brodie Brodier O' Brodir Brodridge Brodston Brogan Broghane Broghil Broghill Brohy Brokett Bromfield Bromloe Bromwel Bromwell Bronthropt Brook Brooke Brookes Brookin Brooking Brooks Broughall Broun Broune Brown Browne Browning Bruce Bruerton Mc Bruine Bruister Brumley Bruody Bruttnell Bryan Mac Bryan Mc Bryan O' Bryan Bryane Mc Bryd Bryde Mc Bryde Bryen Mc Bryen O' Bryen Bryn O' Bryn Brynan O' Brynan Bryne Mc Bryne O' Bryne Bryner Brynne Bryon O' Bryon Bryscoe Bryttanie Brytten Buchanan Buchnan Buckarton Buckley Buckly Bucks Bulger Buliner Bulkelh Bulkely Bulkley Bull Bullenbrook Bullin Bullocke Bulworthy Buo Buoige O' Buoige O' Buoy Burcell Burchall Burcham Burdet Burdit Burges Burgoyne Burk Burke Burker Burly Burne Burneham Burnell Burnes Burnett Burniston Burnside Burrage Burrel Burrell Burren Burril Burrill Burroughes Burroughs Burrowes Burrows Bursted Burt Burten Burton Burtsides Burwell Bury Burye Busbridg Busbridge Bush Bushell Bustead Busteed Buston Buthells Butler Butterly Buttler Byrine Byrne O' Byrne Byrt Bysse

C:   Mc Caba Mc Cabe Caddell Cadie Cadmore Cadogan Cadwell Mc Cae Caffery Mc Caffery Cahan Mc Cahan O' Cahan Cahane O' Cahane Cahassy Cahasy Cahell O' Cahell O' Cahesey Cahessy O' Cahesy Cahill O' Cahill Cahoon O' Calaghane Caldwell Calene Calfe Calhoune O' Callaghan Callaghane Mc Callaghane O' Callaghane O' Callahane Callan Mc Callan O' Callan Callanane O' Callane Callcatt Mc Callely Callen Callin Mc Callin Callinane O' Cally Mc Calmont Calmy Calthorpe Cambbell Cambier Cambridge Camby Camine Campbell Mc Campbell Campell Campian Campion Campsie Mac Can Mc Can Mc Canan O' Canan Candit Candler Mc Cane Canfield Mc Cann Mc Canna O' Cannan Mc Canne O' Canniffe Canning Cannon O' Cannon Canon Canovane Cantie Cantrell Cantwell Canty Canughan Caple Capleman Cappacke Cappocke Carbery O' Carbry Carby Card Mc Cardell Cardyff Carew Carey Mc Carey Carfelott Cargan Cargy Carie Carleton Carmick Carmody Carne Carney O' Carney Carny O' Carny Caroll Carpenter Carr O' Carr Carran Mc Carran O' Carran Carrane O' Carrane Carre Carrell Carren Mc Carrey Carrick Carricke Carrolan Carroll Mc Carroll O' Carroll Mc Carroly Carron O' Carrull Cart Cartan Mc Cartan Carten Carter Mc Carter Mc Cartey Carther Carthey Mc Carthey Carthy Mc Carthy O' Carthy Carthy Oge Mc Cartney Carton Cartwright Carty Mc Carty Mc Carvey Carville Carwell Mc Carwell Cary Casey O' Cashedy Cashin Casie Cassadie O' Cassady Cassedy Cassey O' Cassidy Cassin Cassy O' Cassydy Mc Cassye Castello Mac Castguile Mac Castlan Castle Casy O' Casy Catchcart Catchcartt Cathcart Cather Mc Cato O' Cato Cattle Cauldron Caulfield Caunagh Cavan Cavanagh Cavenagh Cavenah Mc Caw Cawell Mc Cawell Cawfield Mc Cawle Mc Cawly Cawsy Mc Cay Cereighton Certaine Chabner Chafe Chafine Challenor Chamberlin Chamberline Chamberlyn Chambers Chambre Champines Chandler Chaney Chapman Chappell Charlton Chartres Chearneley Cheevers Chelling Cheneing Chesire Cheslin Chesterman Chettle Cheurs Chevers Chicester Chichester Chichister Chidleigh Chillingworth Chilngsworth Chilton Chissell Chrismas Christian Christmas Christopher Church Chute Chyttwood Mc Ciltry Mc Clanchie Clanchy Clancy Clanhy Clansy Clapham Clark Clarke Clary Claskey Mc Claue Clay Mc Clay Claybrook Claybrooke Claypoole Clayton Clea Cleabear Mc Clealand Cleare Cleark Clearke Cleary Cleburne Cleene Cleere O' Cleery Mc Cleland Mc Clellan Mc Clelland Clemens Clement Clements O' Clenican Clere O' Cleregan O' Clerian O' Clerican O' Clerigan O' Clerikan Clerk O' Clerkan Clerke Clery O' Clery Cleryan Cliburne Cliff Cliffe Clifford Clifton Clinch Clint Mc Clintock Clinton Cloffy Clone O' Clonine Clony Cloppam Close Mc Closker Mc Closkey Clotworthy Clouny O' Clovan Clovane Clugston Clullen Clutterbooke O' Cluvane Cnogher Mc Cnoghor Cnoghor Oge Mc Cnohor O' Cnohor Cnohor Oge Mc Cnougher Mc Cnoughor Coach Coate Coates Cobayne Cobb Cobleigh Cockain Cod Codd Coddington Coddy Codon Cody Coffey Coffie Coffy Cogane Cogely Coghan Coghell Coghill Coghlan Coghlane Coghran O' Cogley Cogly Cohane Coin Coinyn Cokain Colclough Cole Colelough Coleman Colhoune O' Colhoune Colhown O' Collaghane O' Collane Collens Mc Colleny Colley Mc Collgan Collier Mc Collin Collins Collis Collisson Mc Collo Mc Collogh O' Colloune Mc Collum Collun Collvill Colly Colpoise Colpoyse Coluer Colvill Colwill Coman Comane O' Comane Combe Combel Combes Mc Come Comerford Comin Comine Comman Commune Comyn Comyne O' Conaghan O' Conagill Conallone Conally O' Conan Condon Cone Conelan Conellan Conellane O' Conellane Conelly Coneran Congreife Conick O' Conigan O' Conighan Conihy Conillan Conin Coningham Conlan Conly Mc Conn Connalan O' Connally Connard Connel Connel Connelan Connell Mc Connell O' Connell Connellan O' Connellane Connelly O' Connelly Conner Mc Conner Connery Conney Conniers Connillan Conningham Connohor O' Connohor Connola Connolan Connolay Connoly O' Connoly Connor Mc Connor O' Connor Connors O' Connors Connory O' Connory Conny Connyn O' Conogher Conoghye Conolan Mc Conoly Conor Mc Conor O' Conor Conow Conraghy Conrahy Conran Conry Consdin Mc Considan Considin Mc Considin Mc Considn Constable O' Conty Convoy Conway Mc Conway Cony Conyer Conyers Cooch Coody Mc Coody O' Coogan Coogane Cook Cooke Mc Cooke Coole Cooley Coolman Coony Cooper Coot Coote Cope Copely Copinger Copley Coppinger Copplen Corbally Corban Corbane O' Corbane Corbet Corbett Corckron O' Core Coregan Corey Cork Corkan Corkcrane Corkdyale Corke Corkeran Corkerane O' Corkerane Corkerin Corkron Cormack Mc Cormack O' Cormack Cormick Mc Cormick O' Cormick Cormicke Cormocke Mc Cormuck Cormucke Cornewell Corr O' Corr Corren Correy O' Corrican Corrigan O' Corrigan Corroll O' Corroney O' Corrony Corry Mc Corry O' Corrygan Corstellowe Corthorp Corton Cory Cosby O' Coshedy Mc Cosker Cossens Costell Costello Costelly Costigan Costigin Costle Costleloe Cotter O' Cotter Cotterell Cottle Cotton Coue Coughlan Coughlane O' Couglane Coulpys Coulthurst Coun Coune Courcy Coursey Mc Court Courtenay Courtes Courtess Courthop Courtney Coveney Cover Covet Covett Cowan Mc Cowan Coway Mc Cowman Cowse Cox Coyle Coyn Coysh Cozene Crabb Crafford Craford Crag Cragh Mc Cragh Craig Craige Craine Mac Craith Mc Craith Cramby Crane Cransborogh Cransborrow Cranwell Cranwell Craston Mc Crath Crauen Crawford Crawfurd Creagh Creamer O' Crean Creed Mc Creery Creory Mc Crerie Crery Mc Crery Cresans Creskitt Crevy Crewse Crightone Crimble Cripps Crispe Crispp Croaker Croffton Crofton Crofts Croghan Croghen Croker Mc Croley Crolly Mc Croly O' Cromeene Cromewell Cromwell O' Cromy Crone O' Croneene O' Cronine O' Cronyne Crooke Crooker Crooother Cropley Crosby Crosse Crossey Crostenton Croston Crotty O' Crowle Crowley O' Crowley Crowley Oge Crowly O' Crowly Crowther Crozier Cruce Cruihly Cruise Cruse Crymble Cuell Cuff Cuffe O' Cuillen Culane O' Culenane Culinane Mc Cullagh Cullan O' Cullan Cullane O' Cullane O' Culleane Culleen Cullegane Cullen O' Cullen Cullenane O' Cullenane Cullilane Cullin Mc Cullin O' Cullin Cullnane Mc Cullogh Mc Cullough O' Cullun Cully Culme Culwell Cummane O' Cunane Cuneen Cunegan Cunigam Cunigane O' Cunigane Cunigham Cuningham O' Cuningham Cuninghame Cunningham Cunny Cunyngham Cunynghame Cuppage Curan Curane Curd Mc Curdy Curley O' Curmine O' Curnane Curran O' Currane Curreene Curren Currin O' Currin Currine Curry Mc Curry Mc Curtaine O' Curtaine Mc Curtane Curteois Curtis Cusack Cusacke Cusake Cushin Cussack Cussacke Cussin Cussock Cussocke Mc Cussocke Cussok Cuthbert Cyrch

D:    Dacey Dacy O' Dacy Mc Dae O' Dae Dale Daley Dalie Dalli Dallway Dally O' Dally Dalton Dalway Daly O' Daly Dalyell Dancer Dane Mc Daniel Daniell Mc Daniell O' Daniell Mc Danll O' Dannell Dant Darby Darcey Darcy Dardis Darley Darling Darly Mc Darragh Darson Darsy Darwell Dashwood Dason Daton Dauenport Mc Dauid Dauies Dauis Daunt Dauson Davane Davenport Mc David Davie Davies Davis Daviss Mc Davitt O' Davoren O' Davorin Davy Dawkins Dawley Dawly Dawson Day Dayly O' Dayly O' Dea Deacon Deake Dean Deane Deare Deatick Debart Dee O' Dee Deey O' Del Delacourt Delafyeld Delahide Delahoyd Delamar Delamare Delapp Delarahe Delasale O' Dell Dellahoide Dellany Dempsey Dempsy O' Demsie Demsy O' Denelin Denison Denn Dennis Dennish Denny Dent Deny O' Deoran Derbon Derby Mc Derby Derham Mc Dermod Dermod Oge Dermody Mc Dermody Dermond O' Dermond Mc Dermot Dermott Mc Dermott Derrmott O' Derrogan Derry Desmineer Desmineers Mc Desmond Desmoneer Desney O' Dett Deuenishe O' Deuer Deuerax Deuereux Devane Mc Deve Deven O' Deveny Devereux Mc Devet Devoroux Devoy Mc Dewett Dey Deyer Deys Diamond Dickinson Dickson Mc Dier Digby Diggs Dillan O' Dillane O' Dillene Dillon O' Dillon Dillone Dimock Dinane O' Dine Dingle Dinham Disbrow Disney Diuen O' Diuin Divelin O' Diver O' Divet Divoy Dixey Dixon Dixson Dixy Doave Dob Dobbin Dobbins Dobson Dodd Dodgin Dodleston Dodson Doelane Doggan Dogherty O' Dogherty O' Doghertye Doghon O' Doghon Dolan O' Dolan Dolane Dollane Dolloghane Dolloway Dolway Doly Domvil Domvile Mc Donagh Mc Donaghey O' Donaghow O' Donaghy Mc Donald Donaldson Doncho Donden Done Donegan Donelan O' Donelan Donell Mc Donell O' Donell Donellan Donellee O' Donelly Donelson O' Donely O' Donevan Dongan Dongarvan Mc Doniell O' Donily O' Donlen Donn Donnegal Donnelan Donnell Mc Donnell O' Donnell Donnellan Donnelon Mc Donnogh Donnogher Donnoldson Mc Donnough Donnovane Donogh Mc Donogh Donogh Oge Donoghoe Donoghow O' Donoghow Mc Donoghy Donoldson Donorty Mc Donough Donovane Mc Donovane O' Donovane Doody O' Doody Doogin Dooley Doolin Dooling Dooly Dooner Doran O' Doran Dorane O' Dorney O' Dougherty O' Doughertye O' Dovoren Mc Dowell O' Dower O' Dowey Mc Dowgall Mc Dowle O' Dowy O' Doy Mc Doyle O' Doyle Draper O' Drea Dreiling Drew Dribson Driscoll O' Driscoll Drochan Droghan Dromgold Mc Dromma O' Dromma Droope Drope Drops Drue Druery O' Drum Drury Duckenfield Duckett Duckingfield Duderan Dudley Dudly Duff Duffe Duffey Duffie O' Duffie Duffin Duffy Dugan Dugen Dugin Dugine Duhy Duigen O' Duigenan Duin Duine Duing Duke O' Dulane Dulany O' Dule Duley O' Dulinge Dullahunty Dullanie Dullany Dullard Dullchanty O' Dulleghan Dully O' Dully Dullyne Dun Mc Dunagan Dunbare Dunbarr Dunchowe Dundasse Dune Dunegan Dunfy Dungan Dunily Dunkin Dunlape Dunn Mc Dunn Dunne Dunsany Dunscombe Dunsterfield Duogin Durely O' Duringg Durly Dutton Duvin Duygin O' Duyne Dwaine Dwayne O' Dwayne Dwier O' Dwier Dwigin Dwigine Dwire Dwyer O' Dwyer Dwyre O' Dwyre Dyer O' Dyer O' Dyeyneene Dyins O' Dyman Dymnock O' Dyoddan Dyvoy

E:    Eagan Eager Eames Earlsman Early Earph Eastwood Eaton Eatton Ebercrumber Mc Eboy Ebzury Eccles Eckles Eclston Mc Edd Edgworth Edkins Edmond Mc Edmond Edmonds Edmondson Edmonston Mc Edmund Edmundston Edwards Edworth Egan Mc Egan Egane Mc Egane Eggart Ekin Eliott Ellet Ellice Elliott Ellis Ellish Ellot Ellott Ellwood Elly Mc Ellygott Ellyott Elmer Elott Elton Eluin Mc Elveaine Elward Elwell Elwood Emerson Empson Mc Enaw Mc Encroe End England English Enith Ennis Ennos Enocke Mc Enolly Enos Enose Mc Entee Erskin Erving Ervinge Escott Eslenan Esmond Mc Eteggart Eton Euanson Mc Euchae Eustace Evans Evanson Evanton Evarald Evaster Eveers Evelin Evens Everaid Everard Evers Everson Evorard Evoy Mac Evoy Mc Evoy Ewers Ewing Exham Exten Exton Eyres

F:   Mc Fadden Mc Faden Mac Fadin Fagan Fagon Fahy O' Fahy Fairfax Fairley Faith Fallan Fallard Fallon Falloone Faluey Faluy Faning Faninge Fanner Fanning Fanninge Fannying Fannyng Fannynge Fardye Farely Farguson Farhan Farihy Farley Farmer Farmor Farneham Farrall O' Farran Farrell Farren Farrer Farsfeeld Farthing O' Fary Fay O' Fea Feake Fearnely Fedegan O' Fee O' Feeny Fegan O' Fegan O' Feggan Feild Felan Fellane Feltham Fenegan Fenell Fenelly O' Fenighan Fennell Fenosy Fenterell Fenton Fenwick Fenwicke Feolane Fepps Ferall O' Ferally Ferberne Ferbishy Ferell O' Fergussa Fergusson O' Ferill Ferilly Ferilry Ferinshaugh Feris Ferneley Fernely Ferrall O' Ferrall Ferrally Ferrell Ferrilla Ferris O' Ferry Fertern Fetherston Field O' Fihily Filan O' Finagan O' Finaghan Finan O' Finan Finane Finch Mc Fineen Mc Fineene Finegan O' Finegane Fines O' Finine O' Finn Mc Finne Finny Finy O' Finy Mc Finyne Fise Fisher Fitts Fitzdavid Fitzedmd. Fitzedmond Fitzgerald Fitzgergald Fitzgerold Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrold Fitzgibbon Fitzharris Fitzherbore Fitzjames Fitzjohn Fitzmaurice Fitzmerie Fitzmorish Fitzmorrice Fitzmorris Fitzmorrish Fitznichas Fitznicholas Fitzpatrick Fitzphillip Fitzrichard Fitzsymonds Fitzsymons Fitzthomas Fitzwalter Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliams Fixer Flagetter Flagettor Flanagan O' Flanagan Flanagane Flanegan Flanergan Flanigan Flanigane O' Flanigane O' Flannagan Flanora Flanory Flanury Flarergan Mc Flarty Flattery Fleeming Fleetwood Fleming Flemming Flemminge Flemyne Flemyng Flenten Flenter Fletcher Fletthery Flin O' Flin O' Fline Fling O' Fling Flinge Flinge O' Flinge Flinne Flint Flood Flower Flowre Floyd Floyne O' Fluen Flyn Flyne O' Flyne Flyng Flynn Flynne O' Flynne Foaly Foester Fog Fogg Fogurty Foley Folliot Folliott Follon Foly Fontaine Fookes Foord Foote Foran Forane Forbes Forbess Ford Forestall Forrest Forstall Forster Fort Fortescew Fortescue Forth Fossy Foster Fotterell Foules Foulk Foulke Foulks Fouly Founbaine Fountain Fountaine Fourbes Fowke Fowkes Fowler Fowlow O' Fowlow O' Fowlowe Fowlue O' Fowlue O' Fowly Fox Foxall Foxen Foxon Foxwich Foy Foye Francis Franck Franke Franklin Frayne Freborne Freeke Freeman Freind French Frend Frenier Frestone O' Friell Friend Frinke Frispe Frompton Frost Fryer Frype Fryth Fugill Fulham Fullam Fuller Fulton Fuoly Furlong Fury Fyinn Mc Fyinn Mc Fynyne Fynyne Oge Fytz Herbert

G:    Gabberd Gabbryth Gaffeny Gaffey Gaffny Gage Gaige Galbelly Galbraith Galbreath Galbrith Galcor Gale O' Gallagher Gallaghur Galland Gallature Galle Galleghor Gallivan O' Gallogher Gallway Gallwey Galt Galvan Galway Galwey Gamble Ganan Mc Ganley Mc Gann Mc Ganna Mc Gara O' Gara Garblany Gardner Mc Gargill Garner Garnet Mc Garr Garre Garrett Mc Garrett Mc Garry Garvane Garvy Gash Gaskin Gastin Gater Mc Gattely Gattery Gauan Gauen Gauna Gawen Gawle Gay Gayle Gaynor Gayson Geagh Geale Geales Gease Gebard Gee Mc Gee Gefferyes Gehinn Gellegan Genelly Mc Genis Gennen Gennery Gennett Geogan Geogh Geoghegan George Mc Geough Geraghty Gerald Geraldin Gerane German Gernon Gerold Gerrald O' Gerrane Gerrold Gerry Gething Geyles Gibbins Gibbon Mc Gibbon Gibbones Gibbons Gibbs Gibson Gifford Mc Gilaspie Gilbert Gilcrist Gileard Giles Mc Gilfoyle Gill Mc Gill Gillacynny Gillagher Mc Gillaghlen Mc Gillaholy Gillan Mc Gillaspick Gillconnell Mc Gillcuskell Gillduff Gilleane Gilleclin Gillelorin Gillenane Mc Gilleroy Gillett Gillfoyle Gillgam Gillgon Gillgun Mc Gillikelly Gillin Mc Gillireadie Gillman Gillmartin Mc Gillmartin Gillmartine Mc Gillmartyn Mc Gillneske Mc Gillon Mc Gilltrich Gilman O' Gilmor Mc Gilosker Mc Gilroy Mc Gin Mc Ginis Mc Ginne Mc Ginnelly Mc Ginnis Giraghty Mc Giraghty Girane Mc Girr Gladston Mc Glaghlin Glanan Mc Glanchy Glanvill Glascock Glascord Glascott Glass O' Glassane O' Gle O' Gleasane Glenan Mc Gleoine Mc Glevine Glinan Mc Glinn Glisane Glison O' Glissan Glissane O' Glissane Glober Gloghlen Mc Gloughlen Glover Glower Mc Gloyre Glynn O' Glynn Glysane Glyssane Goble Godbold Godbolt Goddart Godfrey Godsuffe Godwin Godwine Goff Goffe Gogan Gogarty Goge Goine Golborne Golbourn Golburn Gold Gole O' Gollogher Gonell Mc Gonnell Goodfellow Goodwin Gookin Mc Gooregan Goragh Gordon Gordwin Gore Gorg Gorge Gorge Gorges Gorinouge Gorman O' Gorman Gormely O' Gormely Gormly Mc Gormly Gormocke Gormoge Gormogue Gormon Mc Gormon Gosnold Goter Gouge Gough Mc Gough Goulborne Gould Gouldsmith Mc Goune Gowan Mc Gowan O' Gowan Gowen Mc Gowen O' Gowen Gower Gowne Gowran Mc Gowren Goynor Mc Gra Grace Graddy Grady O' Grady O' Graffan Mc Gragh Mc Graghty Graham Grahams Grahine Graneer Mc Granell Granier Graniers O' Granny Grant Mc Grath Gratrix Graues Graunt Gravenor Graves Gray Graydon Mc Grean Greatrakes Gredy Greeg Green Greene Mc Greene Greenway Gregory Greia Grenham Grewall Gribble Grice O' Griffen Griffin O' Griffin Grigge Grigges Gripha O' Gripha O' Griphae Gripheen Groce Grogan Grogane Grolliax Groom Mc Grorke Mc Grory Grosvenor Groues Grove Groves Growder Mc Groyre Grundle Gryffith Grymball Grypha O' Grypha Guan Mc Guan O' Gue Guidon Guillim Mc Guir Mac Guire Mc Guire Guist Guithers Guiy Gullams Gullivant Gullynane Gunning Guppy Gurd Gurkman Gurry Gutch Guyn O' Guyry Mc Gwill Gwilliams Gwinn Gwither Gwynn Gwyre Mc Gwyre Gydagh Gyles O' Gyrie

H:    Hacker Hacket Hackett Hadder Haddone Hadock Hadrach Haelly Haford O' Hagan O' Hagane O' Haggan Hagherin O' Hagherine Hagnes Hagnes Hahasie Mc Hale Halefeild Haley O' Haley Halfepenny Halgan Halighan O' Halihanane Hall O' Hallaghane Hallam Hallenane Halley Hallingworth Hallom Hallsey Hallurane O' Hallurane Hally O' Hally Halpin Halsey Haly Hambery Hambilton Hambleton O' Hamell Hamelton Hamerton Hamilton Hamiltone Hamlyn Hammilton Hammon Hamon Hamond O' Hamson Hamtin O' Hanafane Hanagan Handcock Handcocke Handy O' Haneen Hanely Hanford Hangly Hanin Hankshaw Hankswoorth O' Hanlen Hanley Hanlon O' Hanlon Hanly O' Hanly Hanny Hanon Hanraghan Hanraghane O' Hanraghane O' Hanrahane Hanway Hany Hara O' Hara Haraghan Harbert Harborne Hardick Harding Hardinge Hardlye Hardy Harford Haries Harington Haringtonn Haris O' Harkan Harman Harmer Harnet Harny O' Haron Harraway Harrington Harris Harrison Harrisone Harrisson Harrold O' Harron Harry Harson Hart O' Hart O' Harte Hartford O' Hartigan Hartney Hartop Hartshorn Hartstrong Hartt Hartwell Harvey Harvie Harvy Harvye O' Hary Haryson O' Hashea Hassard Hassart Hasselham Hassells Hassels Hasset Hassett Hassett Hast Hatch Hatfield Hathorne Hatter Hatton Haughton Hauglin Havarin Haverim Haverine O' Havin Haward Hawford Hawkins Hay Haydock Haydon Hayes Hayne O' Hayne Haynes Hazard Hea O' Hea Head Heade Headen O' Headen Headon Heagan O' Heagerty Healane Heally Healy O' Healy Heany O' Heany Heard Hearin Hearne Heaster Heather Heavane Heaven Heavens Heban Hebbs Hecker Hedges Hedien O' Heefie Heeky Heerd Heffernane Hegan O' Hegertie O' Hegerty O' Heggertye O' Heherty O' Hehiir O' Hehir Heiden Heilshon Heily O' Heine O' Heire Heiren O' Heiver Helan Heling Helly Hely O' Hely O' Helyhy Helyott Henan Henelan Henessy O' Henessy Henesy Heney Henley Henlowe Hennessy Henny Henry Mc Henry O' Henry Hensey Hensie Heogan Hepburne Herbert Herbertt O' Hererin O' Herlyhy Herne O' Herne Heron O' Herrall Herrick Hetherington Hethrington O' Heveran O' Hevin Heward Hewes Hewet Hewetson Hewett Heydon Heyne O' Heyne Heynham Heyns Hibbard Hibbart Hickes Hickey Hickie O' Hickie Hickman Hicks Hickson Hicky O' Hicky Hide Hierly Hiernane Hiffernane O' Higgan Higgin O' Higgin Highgate Highmore Higin O' Higin Hignes Hignet Hignett Hiky Hikye Hilan Hill Hillman Hillmon Hilmon Hinde Hinegan Hinks Hirly Hitchmongh Hoare Hobbs Hobigan Hobson Hodden Hodder Hoden Hodges Hodgkins Hodser O' Hoen Hoey Hogan O' Hogan Hogane O' Hogane Holaghan Holan Holcombe Holcroft Holdcomb Holder Holford O' Hollahan Hollan Holland Hollande Hollaway Hollins Hollowwood Hollyday Hollywood Holmes Holms Hologhane Hologhon Holt Holton Homan Hone O' Hone Honett Honwer Hood Hook Hooke Hooker Hookes O' Hoone Hooper Hoorst Hope Hopkins Hopson Hopton Horan Horane O' Horchoy Hord Hore Horgan Horish Horn Horoghon Horribon Horsdenel Horsey Horsman Hoskins Hossy Houeden Houghton Houlbert Houlden Houlder Hoult Houregan Houstan Houston Houtsone Hoveden Hovell How Howard O' Howay Howell O' Howen Howendon Howes Howk Howke Howlin Howling O' Howrane O' Howregane O' Howrigane O' Howrogane Howth Hoy O' Hoy Hoye Hoyle Hoyse Hubbard Hubbart Huddle Hudson Hueghs O' Huer Hues Huetson Huges Hugh Mc Hugh O' Hugh Hughes Hughs Hughson Mc Huigh Huleatt Hull Hulme Hulson O' Hultigan Hume Humes Humfreys Humphery Humphreys Humphry Hungerford Hunt Hunter Huntington Huott Huraghan Hurd Hurley Hurly Hurst Hurt Husnell Hussey Hussy Huston Hutchens Hutchin Hutchins Hutchinson Hutchone Huthings Hutton Hyatt Hyde Hyegate Hylan Hylane Hylla Hynd

I:   Mc Ilan Mc Ilbreed Mc Ilbreedy Mc Ilchole Mc Ilchrist Mc Ilcreve Mc Ilcrivy Mc Ileboy Mc Ilepatricke Mc Ilimchell Mc Illeavy Mc Illoy Mc Ilmorry Mc Ilmurry Mc Ilroill Mc Ilroy Mc Ilterny Mc Iltraine Mc Ilvalluly Mc Ilwee Mc Incargy Mc Incarigie Inderme Mc Inerhidny Mc Inerhny Mc Inerny Ingoldesby Ingoldsby Ingouldesby Ingowen Ingram Ingrame Ingry Inmon Mc Inrilly Inwood Ipslie Ireland Irving Irwin Irwing Mc Iver Ivery Izod

J:    Jackson Jacob Jacson Jagiues James Mc James Jamisone Jannes Jauncy Jeanes Jeenes Jeffery Mc Jeffey Jefford Jegnys Jenkins Jeonar Jeoner Jeonor Jephson Jepson Jermin Jervice Jervois Jess Jewell Joakes Joanes John Mc John St. John Johnes Johnson Johnston Johnstoune Joint Jone Jones Jordan Jordane Joue Jouie Jourdon Joy Jubbs Jully Jurin Jussey Justice Juyce

K:   O' Kally O' Kane Mac Kanry O' Karran Kauanagh Kauenagh Kavanagh Kavananagh Kay Mac Kay Mc Kay Kea Keadagane Keagane Keagho Keaghoe Keahane O' Kealloghane Kealy O' Kealy Mc Keanan Kearnan Kearne Kearney Kearny Kearogan Kearovan Keary Keating Keatinge Keavanagh Mc Kee Keefe O' Keefe O' Keeffe Keegan Keeler Keely Keene Mc Keene Keernan Keervan Kegan Mc Keghan Kegin Kegry Kehan Kehoe Keiche O' Keife O' Keile O' Keilly Keish Kelan O' Keley Kelley Kellie O' Kelloghane Kelloher Kellsall Kelly Mc Kelly O' Kelly Kellye Kempton Ken Kenady O' Kenady Kenaght Mc Kenan O' Kenan Kenane Kene Kenedie Kenedy Mc Kenedy O' Kenedy Keneshane Keneslon Kenn Kenna Mc Kenna O' Kennan Kenneday Kennedy Mc Kennedy O' Kennedy Kenney Kennon Kenny Mc Kenny O' Kenny Kensellagh Kensly Kent Keny Mc Keny O' Keny Keogh Mc Keogh Mc Keoghe Mc Keoine Mc Keone O' Keoyne O' Keregan Kerelly O' Kergan O' Kerin O' Kerine Kerke Kernan Mc Kernan O' Kernan Kerny Kerr Mc Kerran O' Kerrin Kerris Kerryn O' Kerryn O' Kervallan Kerwicke Ket Ketin Keting Kett Kevan Kevanagh Key Mac Key Keygin Mc Keyne Keys Kickham Kidder Mc Kie O' Kiefe Kiernan Kierussy Kiervane Kiffin Kigan Mc Kigan Kildare Mc Killeagher Killeen Killen Killen Killfoyle Killin O' Killin Mc Killker Killmallock Killogh Mc Killop Killpatrick Killy Mc Kilmartin Kilner Mc Kilroy Kinan Kinaston Kinder King Kingham Kingshellogh Kingsmell Kingsmill Kinlar Mc Kinlay Kinsalagh Kinselagh Kinselagh Kinstone Mc Kinstry Kinveton Kiraghty Kirle O' Kissane Kitchingman Kithinyman Kittagh Mc Knabb Knack Knally Knarisborogh Knarisboroug' Knaven O' Knawsie Knight Knock Mc Knogher Knolan Knoland Knorisborogh Knot Knowlan Knowland Knowle Knowles Knox Korton Kune O' Kurgan Mc Kwey Mc Kye Kyery Kyes Kyne Kynin Kynyn Kyr(.)E

L:    Lacary Lacie Lackworth O' Lacy Lacye Laffane Laghlen Lahy Lallor Lalor Laly Lambart Lambe Lambert Lamor Lamot Lamport Lanallyn Lanan Lance Lander Landon Lane Lanegan Langan Langaridge Langdale Langden Langford Langham Langley Langor Langriss Langstone Langton Lannon O' Lapan Lapp Lapsty Laragh Larcan Larissy Larkan Larkin Lary O' Lary Lasley Latham Lathom Latsford Lauder Laughlin Mc Laughlin Laules Laundy Laurence Lauson Law Lawces Lawfore Lawler Lawles Lawlis Lawliss Lawlor St Lawrance Lawrence St Lawrence O' Lawry Lawson Lawten Le Strange Le Strange Lea Leagh Leaghy O' Leaghy Leah Leake O' Leanaghane Leany Leary O' Leary Lease Leathes Leaue Leavy Lecch Lecchfield Lecky Lecora Ledwich Ledwidge Lee Leech Leehy St Leger Legerstone Legg Legland Legrond Lehunt St Leiger Leigh O' Lein Leitchfield Lemond Lenagh Lenaghan Lenan Mc Lenany Lenchy O' Lenchy Lency O' Lency Lendsie Lenesay Lengly Lening O' Lennaghan Lennan O' Lennan O' Lennane Lennard Lennox Lenox Leny Leo Leonard Lerye Lesaw Lesby Lesley Lesly Lesquire Lestrange Leuett Levesey Levitt Lewis Lewling Ley Leyen Leynagh O' Leyne Leynes O' Liddeene Lie Lill Limry Lin Linan Linchy O' Linchy Lincoln Lincy Lindon Lindsay Lindsey Line O' Line Lingane Linnington Linsey Linsy O' Linsy Lisaught Lisle Lister Litchfield Litterell Little O' Liuer Living Lloyd Lobb Lock Lockard Locke Lockington Lodg Lodge Lodlowe Loffan Lofftus Loftus Loggan Loghlen Mc Loghlen O' Loghlen Loghlin Mc Loghlin Loghman O' Loghnan Loghnane Lond Londay Lone Lonell Lonergan Lonergane Long Longford Lonnergane Looby Lord Lorde Lorenan Lorkan Loske Loue Louelace Loughbee Loughlin Mc Loughlin Loughman Loughnan Louton Love Lovelace Lovellis O' Lovertie Low O' Lowan Lowe Lowry O' Lowry Lowther Loyde Luby Lucas Luderdale Ludington Ludlo Ludlow Lugg Luke O' Lunnin O' Lunshaghan O' Luog Lurkane O' Lurkane Lurken Lute Luther Lutterell Luttrell Lyach Lyedie Lyee Lynacar Lynan Lynch Lynchy Lyndan Lyne O' Lyne Lynham Lynn Lynnan Mc Lynnan O' Lynnan Lynon Lynsey Lynshy Lynsie Lynsy Lyon Lyons Lysagert Lysagh Lysaght Lysat

M:   O' Madagane Madden Maddin Madeslon Madigane O' Madigane Madison Madocks Madox Magan Magee Magenis Magg Maghan Magher Magher Mc Maghone Magill Magines Magner Magomerie Magrath Magraue Magrgh Magrogan Maguir Maguire Maguyre Magwire Magwyre Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahone Mahony Mc Mahony O' Mahony Mahoone Mahown Mahowne O' Mahowne Mahowny Mc Mahowny O' Mahowny Mahowy Mahur Maines Maisterson Major Makatye Makellcree Makepeace Makins Mallone Malloone Malone O' Malowne Maly Malyan Managhan O' Managhan Manby Mandevile Mandowell Manly Mannaring Manneringe Manney Mannoring Mansel Mansell Mansery Manseryhe Mansfield Manson Manswer Mantell Mac Manus Mc Manus Manwaring Manwering Manyhyne Manyne Mapes Mapother Mara Marcaghane Markam Markes Markey Markham Markhame Marks Marley O' Marly Marnell Mc Marrowe Marsh Marshall Marten Mc Marten Martin Martine Martyn O' Mary Mc Maryne Masie Mason Massey Masson Massy Masters Masterson Mastine Mastron Mathewes Mathews Matthews Mauffield Mc Maughon Maul Maule Maxwel Maxwell May Maylard Maynard Mead Meade Meagh Meaghan O' Meaghan Meagher O' Meagher Meaghir Meahohan O' Mealy Meane Meany Meara O' Meara Mearinge Meary O' Meary Mease Meath Medole Mee O' Meeghane O' Meehan Meeke Meghan Megher Mehane Meirs O' Melaghlin Melaghline O' Mellan Mc Mellen Mellifont Meloghlen Mc Menda Mendan Mentan Meogand Meolan O' Meolane Mercer Meredeth Meredith Merideth Meridith Meriman O' Merran Merricke Mervin Meskell Meslvyne Messick Metham Meverall Meverell Meyler Meylor Miagh Michael Michaelburn Michel Michelburn Michell Mc Michell Mickle Midcalfe Middlesex Middleton Midleton Mighane O' Mighane Mihil Mihill Milborn Mildrum Milegan Miles Millan Millar Millcod Millea Miller Milles Millinton Mills Milner Minchin Mines Minighane Mitchell Mc Mlaghlen Mockler Modrell Moeny Moghan Mogher O' Mohir Molineux O' Mollane Mollany O' Molleany Mollenex Molley Mollinenx Mollone Mollowny Molloy Moloy Monaghan O' Monaghen Monarto Moncklone Moncreife Moncriefe O' Mone Monegan Monell O' Money Moneypeany O' Mongane Mongomerie Monipenny Monke Monro Montgomerie Montgomerre Montgomery Montray O' Mony O' Moone Mooney Moony Moor Moore Moorehead Moorhead Moory Mora Moran O' Moran Morane Mc Morchey Morduck More Moreghy Morehey Moren Moressy Morey Mc Morey O' Morey Morgan O' Morgan Moriarto Morin Mc Moris Morisey Morish Mc Morish Morison Morissy Morley Mornell Mc Morogh O' Moroghoe O' Morohow Moroly Mc Morough Morpheu Morphey Mc Morphey Morphy Morran Morrane O' Morrane Morren Morres Morresse Mc Morrey Morrice Mac Morrice Mc Morrice Morrin Morris Mc Morris O' Morris Morrish Mc Morrish O' Morrish O' Morroe Morrogh Mc Morrogh O' Morroghow O' Morrow Morry O' Morry Morsh Mortagh Mc Mortagh Mc Mortath Mc Mortaugh Mortimer Mortimor Mortomer Morton Moryergh Mosse Motley Motly Mouckton Mould Moulton Moungomery Mounrag Mountford Mountgomery Mouny Moynes Moyrane O' Mrisane Muckleborne Muclahy O' Mulan Mulcaghy O' Mulcaha Mulchaell Mulckamp O' Mulclahy Mulclyff Mulconry O' Mulcreve Mulcrevy Muldony O' Muldowne Muldowny O' Mulgohery Mulhaell Mulhallam Mulhallom Mulholland O' Mulholland O' Mulkerane O' Mulkiran Mullan Mc Mullan O' Mullan Mullane Mullany O' Mullany Mullarky Mullclahy Mulledy Mullegan Mullen Mc Mullen Mulleplate Muller Mullerane O' Mullfoyle Mullgan O' Mullghill Mullholland Mullican O' Mullican Mulligan O' Mulligan O' Mulligan Mullin Mullinenx O' Mullinihilly O' Mullmoghery Mc Mulloghry Mullony Mullowney Mullowny O' Mullowny Mulloy O' Mulloy O' Mullpatrick Mullrayn Mullreane Mullronifin Muloly Mulone O' Mulpatrick Mulrian Mulrian O' Mulrian O' Mulriane Mulroney Mc Mulronifin Mulrony Mulry Mulryan Mulshenoge O' Mulvena Mulvighill Mulvihill O' Mulvog Muncke Munckten Muney O' Muney Mungan Munighane Munnyhane Muns Murcan Mc Murchey O' Murchey Murchoe O' Murchoe O' Murchy Muresie O' Muresie Mc Murey Murfay Murfie Murfy Murphey Mc Murphey Murphy Mc Murphy O' Murphy Murray Mc Murray O' Murray Murreane Murrey Mc Murrey O' Murroghow Murrony Murrough Murry Mc Murry O' Murry Murtagh Mc Murtagh Murtin Mury O' Mury Muscham Muschamp Mustian O' Myhan Mynoge

N:    Naghten Naghtenn Nagle Naish Mc Nally Mc Namara Mc Namarow Nangle Naper Napper Narbett Nash Naughten Mc Naughten Navill Nay O' Nea Nealan Nealane O' Nealane Neale Mc Neale O' Neale Neall Mc Neall O' Neall O' Nealle Neave Needham Mc Neely Neile O' Neile Mc Neill O' Neill Neisbett Mc Nellus Nelson Mc Nelus Mc Nemara Mc Nemarra Mc Nemee Mc Nenda Mc Neny O' Neo Nesbit Nesbitt Nesmith Nest Netervill Netreuile Nettle Neuill Neunhan Neuport Neverel Nevill Nevin Newbolt Newborough Newburgh Newce Newcomen Newcoment Newenham Newgent Newman Newton Newtowne Nicholas Mc Nicholas Nicholls Nicholson Nickolds Nickolls Nicolson Nightingale Nightingall Nighton Nihill O' Nihill Nisbit Nisbitt Nixon Nixson Noble Nolan Noland Nollane O' Nonane Norman Norrice Norris Norse North Norton Norwick Noss Notley Novis Nowlan Nowland Nowlane Nugent Nulty Nunane Nunn Mc Nuske

O:    Oakeley Ob Odway Offling Ogan Oge Ogilvie Oldfield Oliver Olliffe Ormesby Ormonde Ormsbey Ormsby Orphye Orpin Orr Orrsley Orson Osbaldes Osberne Osborne Osbourn Osbourne Osburn Osburne Otway Ougle Ouldis Ousley Ouzzell Ovington Ovinton Owen Mc Owen Mc Owen Bwy Owen Oge Owens Owgan Ownyan Owtton Oxbridge Oxbrugh Ozenbrooke

P:    Packeham Packenham Padgett Mc Padin Padle Padmore Page Pagenham Paget Pagett Paine Painter Paker Palfery Palfrey Pallis Palmer Palmes Palms Paluis Papping Papworth Pardon Parefoy Pariell Paris Parish Park Parke Parker Parkins Parkinson Parks Mc Parlan Parlone Parnall Parr Parris Parrott Parsons Partridge Paterson Patience Paton Patrick Patrickeson O' Pattan Paul Paule Pausy Payn Payne Payton Peachen Peacock Peacocke Peacoke Peak Peake Mc Peake Pearce Pearcell Peard Pearle Pearsane Pearson Peartree Peasley Peaslie Peasly Peck Pecke Peepes Peercy Peirce Peirson Peisley Pendergast Pendergras Penefaither Penford Pennefather Pennfather Pennifeather Pennigton Pennington Pennyfether Penoyx Penteny Pentony Pepard Peppard Pepper Pepperd Pepys Perce Perchy Percival Percivale Percivall Percy Perkins Perrot Perry Person Persons Pert Petditd Peter Peterson Petford Petsworth Pettit Pettitt Peyton Mc Phatricks Phealan Phelan Pheland Phelane Phellane Mc Phetrish Philips Mc Phillip Mc Phillipp Phillipps Phillips Phillpot Phillps Philpot Philpott Picken Picknall Picton Pierce Piercefield Piers Pierson Pigett Piggot Piggott Pigott Pike Pillsworth Pin Pine Pinkle Pinsen Pinsent Pinson Pippin Pitt Pitts Playford Plellps Plover Plukenet Plumer Pluncket Plunket Plunkett Poakrich Pocher Pockeridg Pockerish Pockrich Poe Poekrich Poer Points Pointz Pole Polewheele Polexfield Pollock Ponntney Ponsonby Pontin Pontoney Pony Pooer Pool Poole Pooley Pooly Poope Poordom Poore Pope Porsonby Porter Portis Pott Potter Poudyhard Pouey Poulden Pountney Pourdon Povey Powel Powell Power Powre Prater Pratt Preist Prench Prendergass Prendergast Pressick Pressly Preston Prestwitch Price Priddin Prigge Prigget Prinn Prior Pritchet Pritty Proctor Protheroe Proud Prout Pue Punch Purcell Purdon Purefay Purefoy Purfoy Pursell Purshell Pylle Pyne

Q:   Mc Quade Mc Quan Quelch Quelly O' Quelly Quelsh Quiddihy Quiddily O' Quig Quiggly O' Quigley Quillenane Quime Quin O' Quin Quine O' Quine Quing Quinlin Quinn Quinne O' Quinne Quirke O' Quirke Mc Quod Mc Quoid Quynall Quynn

R:   O' Raaverty Radford Rafter Ragett Raggett Raggott Raghter Rainalds Raine Rainllow Ralagh Ram Ramsey Randall Randell Rannelagh Ransom Rashleigh Ratheram Ratsfore Rauth Rawden Rawdon Rawkines Rawley Rawlingson Rawlins Rawlinson Rawson Raymond Raynalds Rayne O' Raynn Raynor Rea O' Rea Read Reade Readeinge Reader Reagane O' Reagane Reagh O' Really Realy O' Realy Reamon Rean Recroft Recubie Redman Redmond Mc Redmond Redworth Reed Reede Reemes Reenes Reeues Reeves Regan O' Regan Regane O' Regane O' Reigan Reigne Reiligh Reily Reiues O' Reley Relick O' Relly Rely O' Rely Relye Remnant Renal Render Renolds Renolls Renshaw O' Rergane Revell Reylie Reyly Reyner Reyney Reynolds Rhoades Rice Rich Richard Mc Richard Richards Richardson Richesies Richt Riddaghan Riddinge O' Rideene Rideout Rider Ridgby Ridgeley O' Riedy Rienard Rierdan O' Rierdan Rierdane O' Rierdane Riergane Rieve Rieves Rigdeway Rigg Riggs Rigny Riley O' Riordane Rise Ritkaby Roades Roayne Robbins Robert Mc Robert Roberts Robins Robinson Robinsone Robotham Roch Rochfort Rochwell Rock Rodaghan O' Rodan Rodgers Roe O' Rogan O' Rogane Rogers Rokeby Roledge Rolleston Rolls Roma O' Ronaghan Ronane Roney Rooksby Roonye Rooth Roper Rorey Mc Rorkan Rorke O' Rorke Rorque Rory Mc Rory O' Rory Rosdell Rose Rosengrane Rosevill Ross Rosse Rossetor Rossington Roth Rotheram Rotherham Roughane O' Roughnane Rouney Rourke O' Rourke O' Roverty O' Roverty Row Rowe Rowell Rowles Rowley Rowls Rowlston Rowly Rownyn Rowth Royall Roydy Royston Ruare Rubey Rudan Rudane Rudd Ruddock Rumball Rumney Rumny Rumsey Ruoe Ruork Rusel Rusell Russell Rust Ruth Rutledge Rutlidg Rutlidge Rutter Ruxton Ryal Ryan O' Ryan Ryance Ryane O' Ryane Ryardane Rye Ryen Ryerdane O' Ryerdane Rynd Ryves

S:    Sadler Sadlier Salisbury Sall Salli Sallsibery Salmon Salt Salterson Saltfeeld Saltfield Saltinsball Saltonstall Sambage Samford Samming Samon Sampson Sanckey Sancky Sanders Sanderson Sandford Sands Sandys Sanford Sankey Sargent Sarjeant Sarsfield Sauadge Sauage Sauce Sause Savadge Savage Savell Savidge Scafeeld Scallan Scally Scanlan O' Scanlan Scanlane O' Scanlane Scannell O' Scannell Scarborough Scarborrough Scone Scot Scotney Scott Scrimpton Scrimshaw Scudamore Scudmore O' Scullen O' Scullin Mc Sculloge Scurlog Scuse Seagrave Seaman Seamor Seargeant Seaton Seaward Seax Seden Sedgraue Segnock Segrave Segray Seix Selby Selling Semphill Sergeant Sergent Serle Severs Seward Sexten Sexton Seymour Mc Shaen Shagins Shagroe Shakelton Shallcross Shallowe Shanahane Shane Mc Shane Shane Oge Shaneghane Shanehan Mc Shanly Shannahane Shannohan Shannon Shanoghan Shapcot Sharpe O' Sharry Shaughinisy Shaw Shawe Shea Mc Shea O' Shea O' Sheaghane Sheaghinsy O' Sheale Sheall O' Sheall O' Sheanan Mc Sheane Sheapheard Sheapherd Sheares Shearhy O' Shearing Shee O' Shee O' Sheehane Mc Sheehy Sheepherd O' Sheerin Sheery Sheffield Sheghane O' Sheghane Shehane Sheild Sheile Sheill O' Sheill Sheldon Shelton Shepheard Shepherd Sherbroke Sherding O' Sheredon Sherigley Sherlock Sherlocke Mc Sherry O' Sherry Shertliff Mc Shery Shewel Shewell Mc Shida Shiell O' Shighane Mc Shihy Shiner Shingly Shipcott Shippy Shipton Shipward Shore Short Shortall Shorttliffe Shreld Shrewbridge Shrimpton Shurlog Shute Shuttleworth Shydy O' Shyghane Shyhane Mc Shyhy Shyrin Shyrydan Sibbaulds Sibthorpe Sichsheuerall Silver Sime Simes Simpson Sinack Sinacke Sinane Sines Sinhouse Sirey Sisnane Skallan Skally O' Skanlane O' Skannell Skeeper Skeffington Skehan Skelly Skelson Skelton Skevington Skiddy O' Skiddy Skinner Skipton Skoly Skyddy Slack Slade Slaney Slatier Slattery O' Slattery Slevin Sloane Slones Slose Sloughter Slowan Sloy Smallbone Smallwood Smart Smarte Smarth Smims Smith Smithick Smithwick Smyth Mc Smyth Snell Snow Soare Soden Sogh Solovart Somersett Sooker Sorson South Southcott Southwell Southy Sparke Sparling Speare Spellane O' Spellane Spemer Spence Spencer Spensur Spierms Spike O' Spillane Spillman Spollan Sponeowes Spoone Spranger Spring Springham Spruell Squibb Squibbe Squire Stack Stackpoll Stackpool Stackpoole Stackpooll Stafford Stamers Stamp Stampe Stanbride Stanbridge Standish Stanford Stanley Stanly Stanton Stapers Staplehil Staplehill Staples Stapleton Starkers Starkey Starkie Starling Staughton Stawell Staylehill Mc Stayne Steele Steers Steevenson Steill O' Steill O' Steille Stephens Stephenson Stepney Sterling Stern Sterne Steuens Steven Steward Stewart Steyles Stiffe Stiles Stinchman Stoakes Stockden Stoddard Stodhard Stoker Stokes Stone Stooker Stopford Stormont Storton Stotnard Stoughton Stout Stoute Strabane Stradford Strafford Strange Stratford Straton Straughton Strecklan Streelle Strich Stringer Stritch Stroaker Strond Strong Strongman Strowd Stryny Stuard Stuart Mc Stuart Stuartt Stuckley Stumbles Sturgis Sturt Styles Sugars Sugherne Sulevan Sulevane O' Sulevane Suliuane Sulleuan O' Sulleuane Sullevan Sullevane O' Sullevane Sulliuan Sulliuane Sullivan Sullivane Sullivane Sumerwell Summars Summer Summers Sumner Sunbery Suniet Supple Sussers Sutton Suvane Suxburie Suxbury Swabby Swadling Swallow Swan Swann Swanwick Swarbricke Swayne Sweeny Mc Sweeny Sweet Sweete Sweetman Swetenham Swift Swinfeild Swinglehurst Mc Swyne Mc Swynie Swyny Mc Swyny Syballs Sybhals Sycamore Symerell Symkins Symner Symons Syms Synnott Synott Synyres Syridan

T:    Taaff Taaffe Tacker Tagan Mc Tagart Taggard Talant Talbot Talbott Tallant Tallbott Tallon Tanist Tanner Tarleton Tate Tath Tatte Mc Tayer Mc Tayler Taylor Teape Teeling Mc Teggart Tehan Mac Teige Mc Teige O' Teige Teige (Oge) Teigh Mc Teigue Mc Teire Tempest Temple Tempson Tenane Tench Tenck Tentch Mc Terlagh Mc Ternan Terny Terrell Terrill Terry Terty Tethrington Theaker Theoballs Mc Therlagh Therlaghlen Theswell Thirry Thobbin Thobin Thohy Thomas Mc Thomas Thomkins Thomlinson Thomomond Thomond Thompson Thomsone Thorenbor'ogh Thorloe Oge Thorne Thorneton Thornhill Thornton Threnchard Thresher Throgmorton Thurlus Thwaits Tibb Tibbs Tichborne Tichbourn Tichburne Mc Tiernan Tierny Tifford Tigh Tighe Tilly Tilson Tinan Tinane Tinohit Tint Tipping Tirrell Titchborne Titchbourn Tobbine Tobin Tobine Tobyn Tobynn Tod Todd Toher Tohy Toller Tomin Tomlin Tomlins Tomlinson Tompkins Tompson Tomson Tomsson O' Toner Tonstall Toogood Tooke O' Toolan Toole O' Toole Tooley Torltone O' Torney Tottericke Tottie Totty Touchstone Tougher Toughie Toulson Touson Tovey Tovomy Towers Towes Towgood O' Towlan Towler O' Towlow Towner Townley Townsend Townsly Towse Toxteth Toxtith Toye Tracey Traghne Trahey Trant Trapnell Trassey Trassy O' Trassy Trasy Trauers Travers Trayl Treasley Treherne Trennwith Mc Trenor Tresillean Tressy O' Tressy Treuers Treuor Trevill Trevor Trevors Trevors Triall Triar Trody Trohy Trolly Troly O' Trower Truman Trumble Trurk Tubbernd Tubbs Tubman Tucke Tucker Tuckey Tuinon Tuit Tuite Tuitte Tully Tunbridge Tundall Turbett Turbridge Mc Turlagh Turnball Turnebowle Turner Twadell Twayts Twigg Twisden O' Twomy Tyerny Tyler Tyly Tynan Tyndall Tyne Tynt Tyrrell Tyrrill Tyth

U:    Ultagh Umphrey Unack Unett Ungerdell Ungly Unill Upcole Upton Usher Ustace Uustice

V:   Mc Vagh Vaghan Vale Vallanne Vanbogarden Vance Vandelew Vandelure Vanderlew Vanderlure Vanderpuer Vanhogarden Vanhugarden Vas Vaughan Mc Veagh Veale Veldon Venner Vennor Verdon Verkers Verner Verscoyle Villers Vincent Vivers Vizard Voice

W:    Waddell Waddey Waddington Waddy Wade Wadkins Wadman Waggoner Wagh Waight Waile Wailse Wailsh Wainman Waits Wakefield Wakeham Wakely Wakham Walchott Walcot Walcott Walding Waldo Waldron Waldronn Waldrum Wale O' Wale Walkam Walker 1 Walkes Wall Wallace Walle Wallis Walnne Walsh Walshman Walter Mc Walter Walters Walton Wamought Wandrich Wandwick Wansanton Wansburgh Waples Warburton Ward Mc Ward Warden Wardinge Wardlaw Ware Waren Warick Waringe Warmand Warneford Warner Warnford Warr Warran Warreing Warren Warring Warris Warter Wasbery Wash Wasley Wassher Water Waterhouse Waters Watkins Watson Wattkins Watts Way Waybrent Wayman Weabb Weaman Weatherby Weathers Weaver Webb Webber Webster Wedgwood Weedin Weeke Weekes Weeks Weilsh Weire Welch Weldon Wellahane Wells Welsh Wemys Wendle Wenman Wentworth Wenwell Wesby Wesh Wessbie West Westbrooke Westenra Westinra Westly Weston Wetherall Wetherel Wetherell Weymes Weyms Whaley Whalley Whallop Whally Whaly Whaples Wharton Whatope Wheeler Wheite Whelan Whelane Whelann Whelply Whetcomb Whetcome Whetcraft Whetlock Whialon Whine Whirloe Whislade Whissed Whitchurch Whitcraft White Whitechan Whitefield Whitehead Whitere Whitfield Whitgrove Whitihell Whitlock Whitman Whitmore Whitny Whitt Whittby Whittell Whittingham Whittington Whittle Whittny Whitty Whitwell Whorlloe Whyte Wiay Wibrant Wicken Wickombe Widman Widmay Widowes Wiers Wigfield Wigtone Wilbore Wilcox Wildboar Wilder Wilders Wileman Wilkes Wilkins Wilkinson William Mac William Mc William Williams Williamson Williamsone Willingham Willisbie Willoughby Wills Willson Willy Wilsby Wilshier Wilson Wilton Winckfield Windowes Windsor Wingfield Winkfield Winkworth Winne Winspeare Wise Wishert Withams Witherill Withers Witherston Witter Wixstead Wizard Wltagh Mc Wm. Wolfe Wolverston Wood Woodcock Woodcocke Woodlif Woodliff Woodliffe Woodlocke Woodly Woodroffe Woodruffe Woodsy Woodward Woogon Woole Woolfe Wordon Workeman Workman Worrell Worsely Worship Worsly Worsop Woton Wray Wren Wrenne Wright Wrotham Wyatt Wybrant Wybrune Wyburne Wye Wyke Wynn Wynne Mc Wynny Wyott Wyre Wythers

Y:   Yardo Yarner Yarwell Yates Yeadon Yeard Yeo Yeomans Young Younge