County Armagh Ireland Genealogy

Description: This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). It includes the complete 1659 census for Armagh, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Armagh taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location. Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family in Armagh, with actual records and contacts. The most numerous families here in the 19th century were:

  • McAbe
  • Duffy
  • Duffey
  • Duffie
  • McCabe
  • Connolly
  • Connelly
  • Conolly
  • Gilmartin
  • McGuire
  • McGwire
  • Hugh
  • Hughs
  • Hughes
  • Kelly
  • Keily
  • Kiley
  • Maguire
  • Martin
  • Martyn
  • Martyne
  • McKenna
  • MacKena
  • McKinna
  • McMahon
  • MacMahon
  • McMahone
  • Macabe
  • Morphy
  • Murphy
  • Murphey
  • Murray
  • Murry
  • Morray
  • Smith
  • Smyth
  • Smythe
  • Quinn
  • Quin
  • Quinne
  • Woods
  • Wood
  • Wode

Some of the old Irish families of Monaghan were:
  • MacArdle- MacArdell
  • O'Byrne
  • Boylan
  • Cassidy
  • Callan
  • Finnegan
  • MacGilmartin
  • McGowan (Smith)
  • McNany-McNeny
  • McPhillip also changed to Phillips
  • Treanor
  • McWard

Settler names included
  • Buchanan
  • Cameron
  • McCutcheon
  • Davidson
  • MacKenzie
  • Patterson
  • Sinclair
  • Stewart
  • Walker

48 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated. A must for any collection that includes Co. Armagh. Many families are pinpointed as to location, most are mentioned only in passing.
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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:   Macabe McAbe McAdams Aldin Aldrich Aldrich Ankettill Ankettill MacArdell McArdell Ardell MacArdells MacArdells MacArdle MacArdle McArdle MacAree MacAtavy McAvenia McAward

B:  Baker Ballach Ballagh Balls Barnewell Barnwell Barrett Barrett Barton Beard Begg OBeggan Bellews DeBerminghams Betagh Betagh OBiggins Bird Bird Birne OBirne Blaney Blaney Blaney Blayney Boyd Boyd Boylan Boylan Boylan OBoylan Boylans Boyle Boyle OBoyle OBoyle Boyle Brabazons Brakey Bramston Bramston OBranagan OBranagans O'Brannigan Brennans Brinkley Brogan Brush MacBryan Bryn OBryn OBrynan Buchanan Burnett Burnett Burnett Burnett Burns Beirne Burrowes OByrne

C:   MacCab Macab MacCabe MacCabe MacCabe McCabe McCabe McCabe MacCabe MacCabes Cadie OCahan MacCaherty Callaghan OCallaghan OCallaghan OCallaghans Callan Callan McCallan OCallan CambpellCameron MacCampbell MacCampbells MacCann MacCann OCannon MacCanns OCarbery McCarney Carragh OCarraghars Carragher OCarragher OCarroll OCarrolls Carsons MacCartan MacCartans McCarthy McCarwell Cassidy Cassidy OCassidy MacCassidys McCassye MacCaughey McCauley Caulfield Causgrove Chambers Clancy McClaue MacClelland OCleregan Clerian OClerian OClerian OClerian OClerkan McClevey Clintons Clogher Close McCluskey MacCoddan MacCoghlan Cole MacColman MacColmans Colvin Colvin OConally MacConelly Conlan Conlan Conley Connell Connell Connellan Connellan Connelly OConnely OConnelys Connolly OConnolly OConnoly O'Connor Conolly McConoly Coogan OCoogan MacCoola Coote Coote Corley OCorrigan Corry OCorrys OCosgras Cosgraves Cossens Cowell Cox McCoy Coyle Crawford MacCreesh Crilly Crimble McCrory Crowe OCullen McCullin OCullin MacCumiskey Cunninghame Curley McCusker MacCuskers McCutcheon

D:  ODally Daly Darcys Davidson Dawson Dawson Dawson deCourcy DeFlemmings DeGernon DeLacy deLacy DePepards DeVerdon de ismes Deering Deery Delafield ODempsey MacDermott ODevin ODevins MacDonald MacDonalds MacDonnell MacDonnell ODonnell MacDonnells ODonogh ODonoghy MacDonsleny Dowdall Dowdall Dowdals Drake Dromgools Drury Drew Duffe ODuffe Duffey ODuffeys Duffie ODuffie Duffin Duffy Duffy Duffy O'Duffy ODuffy Duffy Dunn ODunn

E:  MacEdmond MacElmeel Elott McEnaney MacEntee McEntee MacEver

F:  Farley Farmor O'Fedegan Field Field OFinagan Finnegan O'Finnegan Fitzgerald Fitzherbert Fitzherbert Fitzpatrick Flanagan Fleming Fleming Forster Forster Fortescue Foster

G:  Garland Gavan Gavan-Duffy Gibson McGill MacGill Macgilla-michile MacGillanders Gillen MacGilmartin Gilpatrick McGinnis McGonnell MacGonnell Gorge McGorman O'Gorman Gough McGough McGowan McGowan OGowan MacGowan O'Gowan Graham McGruder McGuinness MacGuire McGuire McGuire McGuirk McGuirk McGwire

H:  Haggarty Haggarty Hahn Hall Hall Hall OHamell Hamill Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton O'Hanraghty OHare Harris Hartford OHay Hayes OHea Hearty Heasty Heron OHewe Hews Holland Hollande Hollande Hudson Hugh OHugh OHugh MacHugh Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes MacHugh Hughs Hunnelt Hyde

J:  Jeffares Johnston Johnston

K:  Kane Kane Kane MacKeaghry O'Keenan Keily Kelly OKelly Kelly OKellys OKenan MacKenna MacKenna MacKenna MacKenna McKenna McKenna McKenna McKenna MacKenna MacKenna MacKennas Kennedy MacKenny MacKennys MacKenzie OKerins Kerr Kiley McKinna MacKitterick

L:  Laughran Laverty Lawlor Leahy Leavy Lerye Leslie Leslie Leslie Lewis Lewis Ley Logan Loughlin Loughran OLowan Lucas

M:  MacMahon Macken Madains O'Madden Madden Madden MacMaghan MacMaghan McMaghone Maguire MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon McMahon MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon MacMahon McMahone MacMahons MacMahons MacMahons MacManus OMarkey O'Marky Markey OMarkys Marren Martin Martin Martyn Martyne Mathews Mathews Maunsell Maxwell O'Meehan Milne Minihane Mitchell Monaghan Monaghan O'Monaghan Mooney Mooney OMoore OMoores Moorhead Morphy Morray Morris Maurice Morrow Muckian Mulhallam Mulhallom OMuligan O'Mulligan Murphey Murphy Murphy OMurphy Murray OMurrey Murry

N:  MacNally McNany ONeale MacNeil Nelson MacNeneys McNeny McNeny O'Neny O'Nena Niblo Niblock Nisbett Nolan Norrice Norris North McNulty

O:  Oriel MacOscars Owen MacOwen Owen Owen(s) Owens

P:  MacPatrick Patterson MacPhelim McPhillip McPhillip MacPhillip Phillips Pickering Plunkets Poakrich Poakrich Poakrich Porterfield

Q:  McQuade McQuaide Quane MacQuillan Quin Quin OQuin Quinn Quinne MacQuoad MacQuyn

R:  Reed Richardson Rogers O'Rooney Rooney Roonye McRory MacRorys Rose Ryder

S:  MacScanlan MacScanlons Scott Scott Scudamore MacShane Shannon Shea Sherigley Sherry OSherry Shirley OShorraghan Sinclair Skahan Skehan Smith Smith Smith Smith Smyth Smyth Smythe Sorahan Stafford Stewart Sullivan Sweeney Swezey

T:  Taaffes Thomas Thompson Thwaites Tisdall O'Toole Traynor MacTraynor Trainor Treanor McTrenor MacTrevor Tumelty Twohig

V:  Venables

W:  Walker Walker McWard McWard Warren Warrington Waters McWaters Welch Weld White White Whitehead Wileman Williams Willowle Wode Wolseley Wood Woods Wootten Wright Wyatt