County Cavan & Leitrim Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Tyrone Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. County Cavan and Co. Leitrim Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. Produced as part of the Irish Families Project. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2002). It includes the names and locations of all individuals in the Leitrim 1659 census, County Maps, complete listing of modern parishes as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Cavan and Leitrim taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the counties themselves. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location..many others are only mentioned in passing.

Remember this is not a 350 page book, but a very helpful 50 page book that will get you going on your family search in Cavan or Leitrim. Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family in Cavan or Leitrim, with actual records and contacts. Directory of Co. Cavan from the 1800šs included. Extracts from OšHarts Irish pedigrees with some family history included for the old territory of Breffne, which includes both Cavan and Leitrim. A few passenger lists of those from Cavan and Leitrim in the 1800šs are included too.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century in Cavan were:

  • McAbe
  • McCabe
  • Macabe
  • Brady
  • Bradie
  • Bradey
  • Clarke
  • Clark
  • Clerke
  • Dolan
  • Dolane
  • Doolan
  • Donohoe
  • Donahoe
  • Dunahoe
  • Farrelly
  • Farrally
  • Ferally
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Fitspatrick
  • Fitz
  • Galligan
  • Gilligan
  • Gallihan
  • McGovern
  • MacGovern
  • McGowren
  • Lynch
  • Linch
  • Lynchy
  • Maguire
  • MacGuire
  • Magwire
  • McMahon.
  • MacMahon
  • McMahone
  • Martin
  • Martyn
  • Martyne
  • Reilly
  • Riley
  • O'Reilly
  • Sheridan
  • Sheridane
  • Sharidan
  • Smith
  • Smythe
  • Smithe

In County Leitrim the most numerous at that time were

  • Beirne
  • Beirnes
  • Burn
  • McDermott
  • MacDeermott
  • McDearmott
  • Dolan
  • Doolan
  • Dolane
  • Flynn
  • Flinn
  • Flyne
  • Gallagher
  • Gallaher
  • Galager
  • McGovern
  • MacGovern
  • McGovren
  • McGowan
  • MacCowan
  • McGowran
  • McHugh
  • Hughes
  • MacHugh
  • Keany
  • Kenny
  • Keaney
  • Kelly
  • Kelley
  • Kiely
  • McLoughlin
  • McLaughlin
  • Laughlin
  • Maguire
  • McGwire
  • MacGuire
  • Moran
  • Morane
  • Mooran
  • McMorrow
  • MacMurrough
  • McMorow
  • Mulvey
  • Molvey
  • Mulvay
  • Reilly
  • Riley
  • Rielly
  • Reynolds
  • Renolds
  • Reinolds
  • Rooney
  • Runey
  • Roony
  • McSharry
  • Sharry
  • McSherry
  • McTernan
  • Tiernan
  • MacTiernan

Aprox. 50 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated. A must for any collection that includes Cavan or Leitrim. Many families are pinpointed as to location, most are mentioned only in passing, but this book can help you find your family in Cavan or Leitrim!

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Mc Abe Abercrumber Abercrumber McAdams Adams arms Adamson Adamson arms Addison, J. Adison, J. Aghmooty Alline, Edw. Argue Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Ashe, Ash Ashe, J. Ashe, T. Atkinson, Lt. Auchmootie

B:  Baker Baker, H. Barrington Baylie, W. Beirne O'Beirne Beirnes Beresford arms OBignye, L. Birne Birne, B. Birrin Bivans, W. Bligh, T. Blundell, Fr. Bohane Bohane McBoyheen Boylan Boyle, R. Boyne Bradey Bradie Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady MacBrady MacBrady MacBrady MacBrady OBrady, T. Bray Bray Bray, W. Brennan OBrien Brine O'Briody, Brody Brogan, D. Brooke, H. Brookes, A. Brown Bryan Budden Burn Burns, Beirne Burrowes Burrowes, A. Burrowes arms Burrowes, S. Burton, F. Butler, S. Butler, T.

C:  Mac Caba McCaba M'Cabe MacCabe MacCabe MacCabe McCabe Caffery MacCaffrey MacCagadhain OCahill Caldwell Campbell, T. M'Cann Canning OCannon OCannon OCarolan OCarroll OCarroll OCarrolls MacCartan Carten M'Carthy Caulfield Cavan Cavan map Cavan map Cavan seal Cavendish, G. Chamberline Christopher MacClancy MacClancy M'Clane Clark Clark Clarke Clarke Clarke Clement(s) Clements Clements arms Clements, N. Clements, R. Clements, T. Clerke OClery OClery Clyne coats of arms Mac Cogan Cole, R. MacComisky OConaghy O'Conan OConan Conaty Conaty MacConefrey Connell OConnell Connelly OConnor, B. Connor, C. OConnors MacConsnambha Coolme, Capt. Coote arms Coote, Mr. M'Cormick OCorry Cottingham Cottnam, G. MacCowan Cox Cox, Watty Mc Coy Coyle Crofton Crofton arms Crofton, H. Crossan OCuirnin OCullen OCullen Cullivan MacCumiskey Cunigane, B. Cunningham Cunningham OCurmine Curran Currine OCurry, Corry Cusack

D:  Daly O'Daly ODaly Dancey Darcy MacDarcy De la Touche McDearmott MacDeermott Dermody MacDermot McDermot MacDermott McDermott ODerrogan Devaney O'Devine Dickson Dolan Dolan Dolan Dolan Dolan ODolan Dolane Dolane MacDonagh MacDonagh Donahoe McDonald Donaldson, S. ODonelly MacDonnell ODonnelly MacDonogh O'Donoghue ODonoghue Donohoe Doolan Doolan Doonan Dowmbar, w. ODrom Drumm Drury, Drew Duan Duff arms Duffy ODugan ODuigenan Duignan Dunahoe Dunbar, J. O'Dunne

E:  Early Ebercrumber MacEgan MacEgan Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott, J. Ellis, J. Ellis, T. MacElroy McElveaine McEnaw Enery, P. MacEnroe, Crowe MacEntee Evans, Will.

F:  Fagan Fahy OFallon Faris, R. Farley Farrally Farrel Farrell OFarrells Farrelly O'Farrelly OFarrelly Farrissey O'Faughnan Fay O'Fay Fay arms Fee Feely Fellane Ferally MacFergus Ferguson OFergussa Fetiplace, E. OFihily O'Finn OFinn O'Finnegan Finnevar Finvar Fish, John Fitspatrick Fitz. Fitzherbert Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick FitzSimmons Fitzsimon OFlaherty Fleming, T. Fletcher OFline Flinn Flyn Flyne OFlyne Flynn OFlynn Forde Forster, A. Fox Foy

G:  O' Gaffney MacGafney Galager Gallagher Gallagher O'Gallagher OGallagher Gallaher Gallaher Galligan O'Galligan Gallihan McGann McGanna MacGannon Garelan MacGarry McGarry Garth, Lt. MacGauran MacGauran MacGauran MacGauran MacGauran MacGawran, E. Gaynor McGee MacGee, Magee MacGeoghagan Geraghty MacGeraghty Gibbs Gibney MacGilduff MacGilduff, Kilduff Gilgunn, Gilgan MacGilhooley Gillacynny McGillaholy McGilleroy McGilleroy Gilligan MacGilligan MacGilligan Gilpin McGivney MacGlanchies McGlanchy McGlanchy, Wm. McGleoine McGlevine Gloghlen MacGloin Godwin, T. MacGoir Gordon Gore Gore Gore, H. Gore, R. MacGovern MacGovern MacGovern MacGovern McGovern McGovern McGovren Gowan MacGowan McGowan OGowan MacGowan, O'Gowan MacGowan, O'Gowan Gowran McGowran MacGowran, B. McGowren McGowren Graeme, G. McGrail Granard, Ld. McGranell MacGranells Grattan, H. Gray, H. Greame, G. Grennan MacGriskin McGuigan McGuinness MacGuire MacGuire MacGuire McGuire, T. McGwire McGwyre McGwyre

H:  Hahn Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton, A. Handfield Harcourt, R. Hargadon O'Hart Hasting MacHugh MacHugh McHugh McHugh McHugh Hughes Hughes MacHugh Humfrey Humfrey arms Humphrys arms

I:  Ireland, T.

J:  Jackson Johnes Johnson Johnston Johnston Jones, J. Jones, W.

K:  Kane Kay Kayes Keaney Keaney Keany Kee Keegan O'Keenan Kegan Kelley Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly McKenan Kennedy, J. Kenny Kenny MacKenny O'Kenny, Kenney McKeoine MacKeon McKeone OKeregan M'Kernan McKernan McKernan MacKernon Key Kiely McKiernan McKiernan McKiernan, Tiernan McKiernan, Tiernan Kilkenny McKilleagher Kilmartin Kilmore, T. McKinney, Kenney Kirby

L:  Lucas Lucas arms Lucas, Ed. Lusher, W. Lynch Lynch Lynch OLynch Lynch, D. Lynchy Lyons Lyons arms Lyons, Capt.

M:  Mackey Magauran Maghrannals Magovern Magowran Magrath, J. Maguire Maguire Maguire Magwire MacMahon MacMahon McMahon McMahon McMahone OMalley Mallison Malvin Managhan M'Manus MacManus MacManus MacManus McManus MacMaoilliosa map Cavan Marsham Marsham arms Martin Martyn Martyne MacMaster McMaster Masterson Masterson Masterson Masterson Maxwell arms Maxwell, R. O'Meehan OMeehan Miller Mitchell O'Molloy, Mulloy Molvey Monntrantra Montgomery Montgomery arms Mooran Moore Moore, G. Moore, W. Moran Moran O'Moran Morane More, Arch. More, Brent McMorrey Morrow McMorrow McMorrow OMulgohery Mulick O'Mulligan OMulligan McMulloghry Mulloy Mulvey Mulvey Mulvey Mulvey Munden, R. Murray Murray OMurray Murray, J. OMurreys MacMurrough MacMurrough MacMurrough OMurroughs OMyhan

N:   McNaboe McNaboola Naughton, Norton ONeale ONeale, H. ONeale, N. ONeale, P. McNeight O'Neill ONeill, O. McNemee Nesbett, W. Nesbitt Nesbitt, C. MacNevin Newburgh ONial Night MacNight Nixon Nugent Nugent arms

O:  MacOiraghty

P:  Parker, R. Parlone Parrot Parsons, L. McPartland passenger list Patterson pedigrees Perrot's Perrott Peyton Peyton arms Pinner, Capt. place names Pogue Pratt Price, J. Prior

Q:  McQuan Quane

R:  Radley ORaghallaigh MacRaghnaill Rahilly ORahilly Raleigh Ralston, J. MacRannall MacRannell Rathborne Rathborne arms Ray Rea Reille Reilly Reilly Reilly O'Reilly OReilly OReilly OReilly OReilly OReilly arms Reilly, Luke OReilly, M. OReilly, N. Reinolds Renolds Reyley Reyly Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds, H. Richardson Richardson, J. Riddaghan Ridgeway, J. Ridley Ridley Rielly O Rielly Riley Riley Riley ORoairc Robinson Robinson, G. Rodaghan Roe Roe arms Rogan ORoirk Rooke Rooney Rooney O'Rooney Roony Rorke ORorke ORorke ORourk Rourke O'Rourke O'Rourke ORourke ORourke ORourke ORourke ORourke ORourke, H. ORourke, T. Rouso Rowley ORuairc ORuarc ORuark Ruddy Runey Ruork, O. Russell, Lt. Rutlidg, Lt. Ryley

S:  MacSamhradhain Sanders, Saunders Sanderson Sanderson, A. Sanderson arms Sanderson, R. Sexton Shales MacShanley McShanly Sharidan Sharry McSharry McSharry OSharry Sheridan O'Sheridan OSheridan Sheridan, R. Sheridan, T. Sheridane McSherry Shyrydan Skinnion Skinnion Slacke Slacke arms Smeeth Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smyth Smith, Smyth Smith, Wm. Smithe Smyth Smyth, R. Smythe Smythe Soden Soden, C. Somers Sorahan Southwell, G. Spinks St. George Stewart, C. Storey, J. Stuart, C. Summers MacSweeney, J. Swindell, C. MacSwiney, P.

T:   Taaff, W. Talbott, W. Tally Taylor Taylor arms Taylor, J. Teevan McTeigue MacTernan MacTernan McTernan McTernan McTernan Terny Tevlin Tiernan Tiernan MacTiernan MacTiernan MacTiernan McTiernan MacTighe McTeague MacvTighearnain MacTilly Timmins Tipping, W. Tirrell, Capt. Travers Trevan OTrower Twigg Twigg arms Tynte

V:  Venables arms Verney arms Vernon Vernon arms Villers, Geo.

W:  Waldron, R. Waldrum, J. Wardlaw Watt, A. Mc Weeney Weston, R. White arms Whyte arms Wirrall, H. Wolseley Wood, Edw. Woods Wright Wynn, O.