Irish Knighthoods and related subjects

Description: Irish Knighthoods and Related Subjects by Marmion. Irish, Genealogy, Historical notes on the names of the Irish in the Crusades, Civil War Generals, indexed, illustrated, softbound. The author has raked the ashes of Irish Archives and come up with neglected and extremely difficult to find information, of interest to history and genealogy researchers. The Irish in the Crusades; All the U.S. Civil War Generals on both sides that were Irish born, each one listed with service record; Modern knights; The Fabricated MacCarthy pedigree exposed; The Standing Council of Chiefs and more.

155 pages, softcover, 6 x 9, 16 pages of illustrations, general index, names index. Includes articles by the author from the 'Irish Sword'; 'Irish Roots'; 'Irelands Eye'; and 'Irelands Own". Includes the establishment of the chivalric orders in Ireland from the time of Strongbow. First Edition. First Printing. 2002. softbound.

ISBN: 0-940134-50-0 Product ID: 500