The History of the Clanna Rory Families in Ireland

Description: This is the History of the many families of the Clanna-rory in Ireland. (Also earlier noted as ORudricians¹ or the descendants of Roderick the Great, Monarch of Ireland). Compiled from the ancient records in the libraries at Trinity College in Dublin; The holdings of the Royal Irish Academy; From the Native Irish Annals, and the publications of several learned societies in the 19th century. The book included an introduction with the ancient genealogy of the clan or family and its various branches. Then, each family is documented with history and stories as available. Some families, like Farrell, O¹More or Moore and Reynolds, are given many pages of information. Most families get a full page of coverage. A few families, notably O¹Mulvey; Neville; O¹Connery; Melody; Keogh, and MacRory or Rodgers are only given mention with family lands. This is an early work on families in Ireland, and a groundbreaking publication on Irish genealogy

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The actual families that are a part of this Irish family group are listed below, along with a few variant spellings:

B:  OBeices

C:  OCarelon,Carolin McCartan OCasan,Cashin CiarruigheAe CiarruigheAirteach CiarruigheLoch CinelBuinne ClanFergus M'Colreavy OConary OConners-Cork Connery OConnors-Kerry Corca-Aulim Corca-Dallan McCormick OCoscridhs Cosgrave Cosgrove OCronnelly

D:  Dal-Confinn Darcy ODiochallas McDorchy ODrennan Duanes McDubhains ODugan ODugan,Doogan

F:  OFerral(Farrell) McFinvars

G:  Gailenga Gaynor McGowan Gray(Grey)

K:  OKenny,Kenney McKeoghs(Kehoe) OKiely

L:  OLawlor,Lawler OLennan OLoghlen-Burren OLynch

M:   Magennis Maginn OMannion,Manning OMaoletighsm McMaolisas Melody OMoran OMore,Moore OMulvey

N:  ONeidhes Neville Neys

O:  OwnyDeisceart

P:  McPrior

Q:  OQuinn(Quin)

R:  McRaghnaills Reynolds ORoddy Rodgers(Rogers) McRory

S:  McScanlan(Scanlin) M'Shanly(Shanley) Smith

T:   Thornton

U:  UiLiodan

W:  McWard

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Analy Lords Mc anGowan arms of Cronnelly Arms of Magennis arms of Magin arms of McCartan arms of McGowan arms of O'Dugan arms of O'Ferrall arms of O'Loghline arms of O'More

B:    O Beices O Brennan O Brien of Killaloe Butler, T.

C:   Mac Cabe, C. O Carelon Carleton o Carolan O Carrolls Mac Cartan Mc Cartan M' Carthy Mc Carthy, T. O Casan o Casans Castle Forbes Caynor Ciarruighe Ae Ciarruighe Airteach Ciarruighe Loch Cinel Buinne Clan Fergus Clan Hugh clan Seaghan M' Colreavy O Conary O Conners- Cork Connery Connolly, O. O Connor Kerry o Connor Kerry O Connors - Kerry Coote, C. Cope, Mr. Corca-Aulim Corca-Dallan Mc Cormick Cosbys O Coscridhs Cosgrave Cosgrove Cranley Craogh Ruadh O Cronnellys O Cronnlly Mac Crossanes O Cuinns

D:    Dal-Confinn Darcy DeCourcy O Dempsey O Diochallas O Donagan, M. O Donnell O Donoghue O Donoghue Mor Mc Dorchy O Drennan Drennans O Drinans Druid Duanes Mc Dubhains O Dugan O Dugan O Dugan

E:   Eoghanacht

F:   O Ferral (Farrell) O Ferrall O Ferrall Ban O Ferrall septs O Ferrall Yellow Mc Finvars Fitgibbon, J. Fitzgerald of Callan Fitzgeralds Fitzmaurice, J.

G:   Gailenga galloglasses O Gara Gaynor Genealogies M' Geraghtys Gores o Gormley Mc Gowan Gray Mac greevy Guinness, B.

H:   Hardy, Mr. Harwood, Mr. Heremon

K:   O Keeffe of Duhallow o Keeffe of Duhallow Kelly O Kellys O Kenny Mc Keoghs O Kiely

L:   O Lawlor O Lennan O Lennans O Loghlen- Burren O Loghlens O Loghlens O Lynch O Lynches

M:    Magennises Magin Maginn M' Mahon Mac Mahon, W. O Mainin O Manion Manning O Mannion O Maoletighsm Mc Maolisas Melody Milesian Moore O Moran O Morans O More O Moriarty O Moriarty O Moriartys, the two O Muldorry Mac Mullens Mulrooney O Mulvey o Murray

N:    Nagle, D. O Neidhes O Neill, P. Neville M' Nevin Neys

O:    Owny Deisceart

P:    Peyton, R. Mc Prior

Q:   O Quinn (Quin)

R:   Mc Raghnaills Mac Rannall Rannalls M' Rannals red branch red branch Redington O Reilly, P. M' Revy Reynolds Roche, U. O Roddy Roderick the Great Rodgers (Rogers) O Rody M' Rory Mc Rory O Rourke Mc Roy

S:   Mc Scanlan M' Shanly (Shanley) six Sodhans Smith Sobieski, J. Stackpooles mac Sweeny

T:   Thornton

U:   Ui Liodan

W:   Mc Ward Ward, Hugh