Complete 20 volume set of the Genealogy Notes & Coats series

Description: This is the complete 20 volume set of ‘Genealogy and Family History Notes’ by county. Average page count per volume is 50 to 80 pages each, 19 volumes are spiral bound with a lay flat binding for easy research, on parchment type paper with heavier cover. 1 volume (Roscommon) is simply staple bound.

Full size 8 1/2 x 11. Each is illustrated, has map of the county, place name listing, local source listings, noble families and coats of arms included along with national resource list. Several have family history extracted from the works of O’Hart along with passenger lists and civil survey extracts. All have the 1659 census of Ireland included for the county if returns existed for that county and are well indexed by surname.

This set is needed for any serious genealogical library that includes Ireland. These are needed basic primers for research by county in Ireland. Family history is included for some families, others are only mentioned in passing, as space is limited. Many of these pages are taken from very old originals, and appear exactly as found in the Irish Archives here, some fading, etc.. will appear.

Here are the individual book titles:
County Armagh Genealogy & family history extracts ..(0940134-667)
County Antrim & Belfast: Genealogy... (0940134-527)
County Down: Genealogy ... (0940134-632)
County Tipperary: Genealogy.. (0940134-543)
County Waterford: Genealogy ... (0940134-578)
County Derry (Londonderry) Genealogy (0940134-67-5)
County Wexford Genealogy ... (0940134-55-1)
County Sligo Genealogy .. (0940134-56-X)
County Mayo Genealogy ..(0940134-53-5)
County Tyrone Genealogy ..(0940134-79 9)
County Cork Genealogy ..(0940134888)
County Kilkenny Genealogy .. (0940134-594)
County Longford Genealogy ..(0940134-764 )
County Monaghan Genealogy ..(0940134-691 )
County Roscommon: Genealogy..(0940134-519).
Co Cavan & Co Leitrim Genealogy...(0940134-640)
County Meath & Westmeath Genealogy.(0940134-780).
Kings (Offaly) & Queens (Leix/Laois) Counties, genealogy.... (0940134-624)
County Kidlare, Wicklow & Carlow genealogy.... (0940134-586)
County Fermanagh and Louth genealogy.... (0940134-68-3)

From the Library of the Irish Genealogical Foundation. New. $399 for the complete set.