The Irish Book of Arms, Genealogy & Heraldry

Description: (In full color) The definitive work. Every wonder where Irish coats of arms came from, and if someone in your family actually had a legitimate coat of arms? This is the largest Documented, illustrated collection of Irish Coats of Arms ever in print, plus rare family history and genealogy from the classic sources in the 18th and 19th centuries. Over 1500 entires in all, this magnificent work includes the arms from various Irish Peerages of the 18th century and more. The old genealogies have been extracted at random, giving genealogists some insight into the family tree back several generations, depending on the amount of information in each entry.

The old Irish Families are including in a special section in front of the book, with color coats of arms and black and white arms as well. That is titled 'Irish Septs '.

The second half of the book is based upon the arms granted under the British regime, containing over 1,000 families, many of which have never been noted as 'Irish' in modern research works. Many are from Scotland, England and Wales originally. Some family legends are included. Sources are noted for most entries. Full size 8 1/2 x 11, hardbound quality sewn library binding, in dust jacket.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Mac abe Abercorn Abercromby Aceson Mac Adam Adams Adamson Mac Adare Mac Adire siue Stapleton Agar Agar Ahearne Aherin Ahern Ahern Aherne O' Aherne Mac Ailin Alan of St. Wolstans, Co. Kildare Aland Alcock Aldworth Alexander Allen Mac Allen Allington Alton an Sionnach Mac Anally Andrews Mac anerney Anglesea Mac ann Mac Anna Annesley Annesley Mac anward de Arcy arms of Kerry Armstrong Mac artan Arthur Mc Arthy Mac Artney Mac artney Mac arty Arundel Ash Athlone Herald Athy Athy Mac Atilla Atkinson Mac Auley Mac Aulife Mac Auliffe Mac Auliffe Mc Auliffe Aungier Mac Awley Mac Awley Ayleward Aylmer Aylward

B:    Bagenal Bagley Bagot Baird Balfour Ball Banane Banion Banks Bannan O Bannion O Bannon Banon Barcroft Bard (?) Barett Barnard Barnewall Barnwall baronets Barr Barrat Barre Barret Barrett Barrett- Hamilton Barrett of Castlemore, Co. Cork Barrey Barri Barrington Barrington Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barrye Barton Bateman Bateman Bath, of Athcarne (Meath & Dublin) Batt Battersby Bayly O Beallan Beamish Beatheach Beatty Beaumont O Begley Beirne O' Beirne O Beirne Bellamont Bellew Bellingham of Louth and Dublin Belmore Benedict- Barnewall Benner Bennet Beolane Beresford Beresford Beresford - Ash Berkeley Bermingham Bermingham Bernard Bernard O Bernes Berridge Berry Bewley O Biernes Bigly Billers- Olmius Bingham Birmingham Birmingham Blacker Blackwood Blake Blake Blake Blakeney Blakes Bland Blaney Blaquire Blayney Blennerhassett Blennerhassett Bligh Blondel Blood Blouk Blount Blowick Blundel Blundel Boal Bodkin Bodkin Bodkin arms Boil O Boill Bolan O Boland Bole Bolton Bomford Bond Bond of Coolamber, Londonderry Bonynge Book of Arms Borrowes O Boughaula O Boughelly Boulen, of Holland Bourk Bourke Bourke Bowen Bowland Boyd Boylan O Boylan Boyland Boyle Boyle O Boyle O Boyle Brabazon Brabazon or Barbazon Brady Brady Brady Mac Brady O Brady Bramhall of Derry and Meath Brandon Brannon Brasier Breen Bremigan O Brenan Brennan O Brennan Brereton Breslane Breslawn O Breslin Brewster O Brian O Brian Brian Brou Mac Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien alias Brien O Brien (Arragh of Arragh, Tipperary) O Brien, Bryen, Brian... Mac Brien Carigoginel O Brien chief Mac Brien fin O Brien of Arra O Brien of Carlow Mac Brien of Leinster Mac Brin na comora O Brin siue Brrinn O Brine Arra O Brine Carlaugh Mac Brine fin In Linster Mac Brine fin in Linster Mac Brine OKuonagh Brinkley O' Briody, Brody O Brisane Brissane, Brycon Broder O Broder Broderick Brodrick Brody Brody Broin Brooklands Mac Brouder Broudin Broun- ker Brown Brown Brown Brown(e) Browne Browne Browne Browne Browne arms Brownlow Bruce O Bruin Brun O Bruodin Bryan O Bryan O Bryan Brycon O Bryen O Buckley Budkin Bulkeley Bulkeley of Old Bawn, Dublin Bulkley Bullen Buller Bunbury Burdett Burges Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke, Bernard Burke's armory Burnes Burns, Beirne Burrowes Burtchaell Burton Bury Bury-Barry Bushe Butcher Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler of Polestown, Kilkenny Butler-Creagh Butler-Stoney Buttler Byrne O Byrne O Byrne O' Byrne, Byrnes

C:   Mac Caba Mac Cabe Mac Cabe Caddell Mac Caffery Mac Caffry Cahan O Cahan O Cahan Cahill Mac Cahill O Cahill Cain O Caishin Calaghan O Calaghan Caldwell Mc Call Callaghan Callaghan O Callaghan O Callaghan O Callaghan arms O Callaghan chief O Callaghan- Westropp Callahan Callanan Callen O Callenane Mac Callin Callinane O Callins siue OCalane Mc Calmont Calvert M' Cance Cane Mac Cann Canny Cantillon Carden Carew Carleton Carmichael- Ferrall Carney Carol O Caroll Carpenter Mac Carrick Carrigan Carrington Carrol Carroll Carroll Carroll O Carroll O Carroll O Carroll Mac Cartan Mac Cartan Carter Mac Carthy Mac Carthy Mac Carthy Mc Carthy Mac Carthy arms M' Carthy Mor Mac Cartie Mac Cartney Mac Cartney- Filgate Mac Carton Carty Mac Carty Mac Carty Cary- Caddell Casaday Casement Mac Casey O Casey O Casey Cashen O Cashin Cassan O Cassey Cassiday O Cassidy O Castuly Mac Cauhil. Irights Mac Caul Cauley Caulfeild Mc Causland O Cavanagh Cavanaugh Mc Cave Cavenagh Cavendish Mac Cawley Mc Auley Chambers Chambre Chamney Chandos Charles- Tracy Charley Chaworth Cheevers Chenebix- Trench Chenevix Chetwode Chetwynd Chetwynd Chevers Chichester Chief Herald Child Child- Tylney Cholmondelay Cholmondeley, Earl Cholmondley Cinsiolagh, Kensillagh Clancey Clanchy Clancy Mac Clancy O Clancy Clare Families Clark Clarke Clayton Cleary O Cleary Cleaver Cleery O Cleirig Clements Clerkin O Clery Cliffe Clifton, Lord M' Clintock Mc Clintock Clive Clonfort Close Mac Closky Cloyne Coady Cobbe O Cochlainn Cockaine Cockayne Coda Coddington Coffee O Coffey Mac Coghlan Mac Coghlan O Coglan Cogley Cokain O Colahan Colclough of Tintern Abbey Cole Cole of Newland Colgan Mac Colgan Mac Colgan Colgen Colhoun Colhurst Coligan Colley- Wesley Collins Collins Collins (Aldworth) Collis Collis Collis - Sandes Colloony, Lord Colpoys Colthurst - Vesey Colton O Conaly Concannon O Concannon O Concannon Concanon O Conceanain Condan Condon Condon Ma Condon Condrnn Conel Coner Conery Coningsby Conlan Mac Conmara Connaught Conneely Connel O Connel O Connell O Connell O Connell O Connell Connellan Connellan O Conner O Conner Don O Conner Faly O Conner Kerry O Conner Sligo O Connolly O Connolly Connoly O Connoly O Connor O Connor O Connor Don O' Connor- Henchy O' Connor- Morris O Connor of Corcomroe O Connors Conolly O Conor O Conor O Conor, Cocomroe O Conor Don O Conor don O Conor Failge O Conor Kerry O Conor Roe O Conor Sligo Conroy Conroy O Conroy, Conry Conry O Conry Mc Considin O Considin Considine Mac Considine Conway Conway Conyngham Cooke- Collis Cooke of Dublin City Cooke- Trench Cooke-Cross Cooper Cooper of Dublin Coote Cope Coplen Coppinger Corban Mac Cord Cork Families Corker Cormacan O Cormacan O Cormcane Cornock Cornwall Corregan O Corrigan Corry O Corvin Cosby Costello Mac Costello Costily Costily Costolloe Cotter Mac Cotter Mac Cotter Cottingham Mac Cottyr Mac Coughlan Coughlin O Coughlin O Coultan Count Antrim Courcy Courcy Cowhey Cowhig O Cowhy Cox Cradock Cragh Craig Craige Craigh Cramer Cramsie Crawford Creagh Creagh Creagh O Crean O Crean Creegan O Creel, Creal Creely Cregan O Cregan O Cregan O Crehall Crehan Crehan O Crehane, Crean Creighton O Crelly crest in arms Crofton Mac Croghan, Croan Croker Crolly Croly Cromie of Meath Crommelin Cromwell Crook of Baltimore, Cork Crosbie Crosbie Crosbie Crosbie, Lord Branden Crosby Cross Mac Crotty, MacRoddy Crowe Crowley O Crowley O Crowley Crowly O Crowly crowns, golden Crozier Mac Cruhin siue Kruhin Cuff Cuffe O Cuinn Culenain O Culin Cullan Cullane O Cullane Cullen O Cullen O Cullen O Cullenan Cullenane Cullens Cullin Cullin Cullinan O Cullinan O Cullinan O Cullinan Culloon Cumberland Cuninghame Cunninghame Curtaine Curtin Mac Curtin Curtis- Galt Cusack Cusacke O Cussin Cuts

D:    d'Arcy D'Arcy arms Mac Dabhy, Bourk Dailey Daily Dalton Daly O Daly O Daly O Daly O Daly of Connaught Damer Danelly Daniell Mc Daniell Darby O Darcey Darcy Darcy Darcy Dare- (Hall) Daunt Davern Mac Davie Burke Davies Davis Davis Davoran O Davoren Davys Daw Dawnay Dawnays Dawney Dawson Day Day O Day O' Day, O'Dea De Burgh De Courcy De La Cherois De La Poer de Lacy de Massue de Vere O Dea O Dea Deane Deane Deane arms Deane-Drake Dease DeBrett deBurgh DeBurghs DeCourcey DeCourcy Deegan Deery Delane Delaney O' Delaney Delany O Delany DelaPoer (Powers) Delaval Delmege O' Dempsey O Dempsey Dempsie Dempsy Demsey O Demsey Denbigh O Deneen Dennis Denny Denny O Deorane Dermody Mac Dermot Mac Dermot Mac Dermot Mac Dermot prince Mac Dermot Roe Dermott Mac Dermott Mac Dermott Devereux Mac Devett Mac Devitt Dickson Digby Digby, Lord Dignan Dillane Dillion Dillon Dillon Dillon, Dillion Dinan O Dine siue Dunne Dineen O Dineen O Dinneen O Diry, supr. T. Dixon Dobbin Dobree O Dochartaigh Dodgson Dogherty O Dogherty O Doherty Dohorty Doil Dolling Dolmage Dologhan Domville Mac Donagh Donaghue Donahue Donahue Donal Mac Donald Mac Donald Mc Donald Donegan Mac Donel O Donel O Donel, Ramaltan Donelan Donely Doneraile (extinct) Donlan Mac Donlevy O Donnauane O Donnel Mac Donnel of Moye, Antrim Donnell Mac Donnell Mac Donnell Mac Donnell Mc Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell chief O Donnell of Ramalton Donnellan O Donnellan O Donnellan Mac Donnells galoglach O Donnelly O Donnelly Donnelly Connolly (?) O Donnolan O Donogane Mac Donogh O Donoghoue Donoghue O' Donoghue O Donoghue O Donoghue O Donoghue glens Donohoe Mac Donough Mac Donough O' Donovan O Donovan O Donovan O Donovan O Donovan O Donovan arms O Donovan chief Donovane Doody Doogan Doolen O Doolin, Dolan Dooling Dooly Doorty Doory Dopping - Hepenstal Doran O Doran Dorane Dorcey Doren Dorian Doud O Doude Mac Dougal O Dougan O Dougherty Douglas O Doulee O Dowd O Dowd Dowdall Dowdy O' Dowling Downe &Conor Doyle Doyle Doyne Drake O Draughie siue Dorsy Drew Dreyer O Driscol Driscoll O' Driscoll O Driscoll Driskill Driskol Dromore Drought Dublin, Earl of Dublin Families Duckworth Duddy Duff Duff Duffy O Duffy Dugan O Duggan Duggen Mac Dugoile Duigenan O Duigenen O Duilcuth O Duin Dulany O Dulin Dun Dunavan Dunbar - Buller Dungan Dunlavy Dunleavy O Dunn Dunne Dunne O' Dunne O Duuin, T. Dwier Dwiry O Dwyer O Dwyer Dwyre Dyle Dynan

E:    Eaden Eagan Eagar Eardley Earl of Desmond Eaton of Dunmoylin, Limerick Echlin Eden Eden Edge Edgeworth Edward IV Edwardes Edwardes Egan Mac Egan Mac Egane Mac Elligot Mac Elligott Mac Elliot Ellis Ellison- Macartney Elphin Elphingstone Mac Elwee Mac Eniry Mac Ennery Ennis O Enos Mac Enroe Mac Erige errors Mac Euellin Euellin Eustace Eustace Eustace- Duckett Eustace of Castle Martin, Kildare Evans Evans of Kilkreen, Kilkenny Everard, of Ballybay, Tipperary Mac Evoy Eyre

F:    Fagan Fagan Faherty Fahey O Fahy Fairfax Falkiner O Fallan Fallen Fallin Fallon O' Fallon O Fallon Falloon Falvey Falvey O Falvey Fane Fanshaw O Farnan Farral Farrall O Farrall Farrell Farrell O' Farrell O Farrell Fawcett Fay Feehan Fegan O Feiniela Felan Fenton of Mitchelstown O Feolane O Ferenan Ferguson- Peacocke Fermanagh Ferrall Fetherstonhaugh -Whitney Ffont Ffont arms Ffrench Ffrench arms Fielding Filgate O Finaghty Finegan Mac Finin Carty Finly O Finn O'Finn Finnaty O Finnegan O Finnegan Finnelly Finnigan Finnucane Finny Fish of Lissameon Fitgerald arms Fitton Fitz FitzGerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald- Kenney Fitzgerold Fitzgibbon FitzGibbon(s) Fitzharris of Kilfinin Fitzherbert FitzMaurice Fitzmaurice FitzMorris Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzwilliam FitzWilliams Flagherty Flagherty O' Flaherty O Flaherty O Flaherty O Flaherty O Flanagain O' Flanagan O Flanagan Flanigan Mac Flanncha Flannigan Fleming Fleming Flemming Flemyng Flinn O Flinn O Floinn Arda Flood Flood of Newtown Ormond, Kilkenny Flower Flyne Flyng O Flynn O Flynn Fogarty O' Fogarty O Fogarty O Fogarty O Foin Foliot Font Foot Forbes Forehan Forehane O Forehanen Fortescue Fortescue- Aland Fortesque Foster Fowler Fownes of Dublin Fox Fox Fox France Franks Freal O Freel, Termanagh Frehill O Frehill Freil French French French- Brewster O Friel Fuller Fuller Fullerton Fulton

G:   Mac Gabfraigh Gage Gahagan Gaisford O Galchor Gallagher (?) O Gallagher Gallaher Gallivan Galt Galvan O Galvan Galvin O Galvin Galway Families Galway town Galwey O Gara O Gara Gardiner Gardner Gardner- Brown Garnet Garrett of Kilgaran Garrey Garrity Mac Garry Mac Garry Garstin Garth- Turnour Gartside - Spaight O Garuen Garvan Garvan O Garvey Garvin Garvy O Garvy O Gawan Geary Mac Gees Gehegan genealogy Genis Mac Genis Mac Gennis Gentleman Mac Geoffery Mac Geoghagen Geoghan Mac Geoghegan Mac Geohegaine St. George Georges Mac Geough - Bond Mac Geraghty Gernon Gervais Mac Giarre Gibbings Mac Gibbon Gibbons Gifford of Castle Jordan, Meath Gildea Mac gilfin Gilfoil Gilfoyle Mac Gilfoyle Mac Gill Mac Gillegan Mac Gillicuddy Mac Gillicuddy Gillman Gillman of Curriheen, Cork Mac Gillycuddy Mac Gillycuddy Mac Gillycuddy Mac Gillycuddy Gilmartin Gilmour Mac GilPatrick Mc Gilpatrick O Gilray, Gillery O Gilriagh de Ginkell Ginkle Ginnaw Ginnis Mac Giolla finen Glanchy Glancy Gledstanes Mac Gloughlin Goff Gogarty Goold O Goran Gore Gore Mac Gork, Termanagh Gormaly Gorman Mac Gorman Mac Gorman Mac Gorman O Gorman O Gorman arms O Gormely Gormley O Gormley Mc Goverin Mac Govern O Gowan Graddy Gradwell Grady O' Grady O Grady O Grady O Grady O Grady chief Mac Gragh Graham Mac Granell Mac Grath Grattan Graves Graves Mac Graw Gray Gready Green Greene Greer Greeves Gregory- Fairfax Grey Grierson Griffen Griffin Griffy Griffy O Griffy Grimes Grimston O Gripha Mac Groddy Grogan Grove Grubb Guelph Guilfoyle Guillamore Mac Guillegan Mac Guillifoyle Guiness Guinn Guinness Mac Guinness Mc Guinness Mac Guire Mac Guire Mac Guirk Mac Gula Padrige Gun Gun- Cuninghame Gunn Gunning

H:    Hackett Hagan O' Hagan O Hagan Hagerty Haggarty O Hagherin O Hainin O Haire, O'Hare, Hire Hakett Hall Hall- Gage Halloran O' Halloran O Halloran Hallorin Halpin O Halpin O Haly Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton of Cavan & Armagh Hamon, of Woodhouse, Cork Handcock Hanger Hanlan Hanley O Hanley Hanlon O' Hanlon O Hanlon O Hanly O Hannan Hanneen Hannon O Hannon O Hannon O' Hanraghty Hanratty Hanratty O' Hara O Hara O Hara Harborough Hare Harkness Harman Harold- Barry harp designe O' Hart O Hart Hart(e) Hart - Synnot Hartagan Harte O Hartigan Hartley Hartsonge Hartsonge of Bruff, Co. Limerick Harvey Harwich, Lord Hastings Hatton O Haughiern O Haullaran Hawkins Hawley Hayes Haynes O' Hea O Healy Heard Hearnon Heaton- Armstrong Hedderman O Hederiman O Hefernan Heffernan O Heffernan Hegan Hegan O' Hegarty Hegerty O Hegerty O Heher O Hehir O Hehir, Hair Hely Hutchinson Hemphill Henchy Hendrick - Aylmer Mac Heniry, MacHenry Henley Ongly Henn O Hennessey Hennessy O Hennessy Henniker Henniker O Henraughty Mac Henri Hensey Hepenstal Heraldic display heraldic symbols Heraldry Herbert Herbert Herbert of Durrow Herlihy Herlihy O Hernan Herrick Hertford Hervey Hewitt Hewson Heyne O Heyne O Hickey Hickie Hickman Hickson Hiffernan Higgens O' Higgin O Higgin Higgins, Huggins Higginson Hill O Hine Hines Hines Hingston Hodder Hogain, Hogane, Hogan O Hogan O Hogan Hogane O Hogerta O Hogerty Hogin Holland, Hague Holmes Holohan O Holohan Holroyd Homan- Mulock Honan Hood Hood Hoollahan O Horain O Horan O Horan Hore Hotham Hotham O' Houlihan O Houragne Hourihan O Hourihane Houston How Howard Howe Mac Hubert, Bourk Hudson- Kinahan Hugh Mac Hugh Mac Hugh Hughes Hughes Hulihan Hume (Dick) Hume- Loftus Hume of Castle Hume, Fermanagh Humfrey Humphrys Hungerford Hunt O Huologhan Hurley O Hurley Hurly O Hurly Hussey Hussey Hutchinson Hyde Hyde Hynes Hynes O Hynes O Hyre

I:   Mac Iames Inchiquin Mac Inerney Mac Inerney Innes-Cross Ireland arms Irvine of Lowtherstown Irwin

J:    Jackson Jackson James Mac James Jameson Jenings Jocelyn Johnson Johnston Johnstone of Gilford, Down Jones Jordan Mac Jordan Mac Jordan de Jorse Joy Joyce Joyce Joyce

K:   Mac Kallin Kane Mac Kanna Kasey Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanaugh Mac Kay Mac Keagha Mac Keague Keane Keane, O'Kane O Kearna O Kearna of Kilmalok Kearney O Kearney Kearney- Butler Kearney of Kilmalloc Kearns Kearon Keating Keaveney Keefe O' Keefe O Keefe O Keefe Keeffe O Keeffe Keegan Keely Keeveny Kegley Kehoe Keife Keily Kelley Kelly O' Kelly O Kelly O Kelly O Kelly chief Keneally Kenedy O Kenelly Mac Kenna Mac Kenna Kennagh Kenneday Kennedy Kennedy O Kennedy O Kennedy O Kennedy arms Kennelly Kenney Kenney- Herbert Kenny Mac kenzie Mac Keoen Keogh Mac Keogh Mac Keon Mac Keou Keough Mac Keough Mac Keown Kerins Kerry Families O Kieran O' Kieran, Kearns Kilmartin Kilmorey Kilwarden Kimber Kinahan Kinchella Kindellan Kinealy Mac Kineriny King King James King of Arms King-Harman Kingan Kingsland Kingsmill O' Kinneally O Kinnealy Kinsale Kinsella Kinsella Kinsellagh Kirkhaven Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kirwan Kirwan O Kirwan Kirwan arms Kirwin Knight Knight of Kerry Knowlan Knox Knox Knox-Browne O Krihone

L:    L'Estrange La Poer La Touche Lacey, de Lacy Lacie Lacy Lafferty Lake of Carnow Lally Lally Lalor O Lalor O' Lalor, Lawlor Lambe Lambert Lane Lane Lane Langford Langford of Kilmackedrett, Derry Langley Mac Laughlin Mac Laughlin Mac Lauglin O Laurey Law Lawler Lawless Lawlor O Lawlor Lawrence St. Lawrence O Layne, O'Lane Le Hunt Leader Leahy O Leary O Leary O Leary Leavy Lecky Lee Lee Grattan Guinness Lee-Norman Leech Leery O Leery, Leary Leeson LeFroy Legge- Bourke Leigh Leigh Leigh-White Leighlin & Ferns Lendrum O Lennon, Linnane Lentaigne Leslie Leslie of Tarbert, Kerry Lewin Lewis Lidwill Ligonier Limerick Names O Line O Linin Lionel Lisle Litton Lloyd O Loclain Bornie Loftus O Loghlen O Loghlin O Loinsig Lombard O Lonergan Long O Long chief Longfield O Lonogher Loughlin Mac Loughlin O Loughlin O Loughlin of Burren O Loughlins O Lounders Low Lowry O Lowry Lowry- Corry Lucas- Clements Ludlow Ludlow - Hewitt Lum of Lumville Lumley Lunergan Lutrell Lynch Lynch Lynch O Lynch Lynchy Lyons Lysaght Mac Lysaght Lyster Lyttelton

M:    Mac and O Mac MacHenry Mac Machon Madagane Madden O Madden O Madden O Madden Madigan O Madigan Magan Magauran Magee Mac Magee, MacGee Magenis Magennis Mac Magill, MacGill Magill of Gill Hall, Down. Maginnis Magrath, of Allevollan, Tipperary Mac Magraw, MacGrath Maguire Maher O Maher Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon, McMeekin Mahon- (Pakenham) O' Mahoney O Mahoney O Mahoney Mahony Mahony Mahowney O Malaghlin Maley Malia O Mallan. T. Mallen Malley O Malley O Malley Mallone O Mallory Mallowne Mallowney Mallowney O Malloy O Mally Malone O' Malone O Malone O' Maloney Maloney, Malowney O Maloy O Malry O Malune Mangan O' Mangan Manion Manis Mannion Mannix of Richmond, Cork Mansergh Mansfield Mac Manus Mac Manus Mac Maoilre, Bourk Mapother Mara O' Mara Mara, Meara Marlay Maroney Marsh Marshall Marsham Martin Martin Martin arms Martine Martyn Martyn Mason Mason Massey Massy Matthew Maturin- Baird Maude Maule Maunsell Maurice Maxwell May of Mayfield, Waterford Maynard Maynard, Lord Mayne McAulliffe McCann McCloskey McDonough McMahon Meade Meadows Meaghan Meagher Meagher Meany O' Meara O Meara O Meara, O'Mara Meegan O Meehan O Meera O Mehegan O Melaghlen siue Mlachleinn Melaghlin O Melaghlin O Meoilbraenoin Meredyth of St. Cath. Grove, Dublin Micklewaite Mac Mile Miller Mills Milton, Lord Minchin Mitchell O Mogair Moher Moilan, Mullin Molesworth Molineux Molley O Molloy O' Molloy, Mulloy Moloney Molony Molyneux Molyneux Monaghan O' Monaghan Monck Monckton Moncton Mongan Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery De Montmorency O Mooney Moony Moor Moore Moore Moore O' Moore Moor O Mora Moran O Moran O Moran O' Morchoe O Morchoe chief Mac Morchoe Coleknock More More O More Moriarty Moriarty O Moriarty O Moriarty Mac Morisch O Moroney Morony Morphy Morphy Morres Morres Morres of Kilkenny Morris Morris Morris O Morris Morris arms Morris, Maurice Mac Morris, Morris Morrison Morrogh - Bernard Mortimer O Moylan Moylan, Mullin Mac Moylin Moynihan Mulbrennan O Mulconry O' Mullally Mullaly O Mullaly Mullan O Mullan Mullan, Mullen Mullane O Mullane Mullen Mullin Mullins O Mullony Mullooly Mulloy Mulloy Mulloy Mulock Mulock O Mulrian O Mulrian O Mulroney siue Mealroney Mulrooney Mulryan, Ryan MulTuile, O'Toole O Multulle O' Mulvihill Mulville O Mungan, T. Munro Muran Mac Murcha Murchoe Murphy Murphy...... O Murphy Murphy of Coleknock Murray Mac Murrogh Mac Murrough Mac Murrough chief Murtagh

N:   O Naghten Nagle Nagle Nagle, Nangle O Nahan, supr.T. Mac Nally Mac Namara Mac Namara Mc Namara Mac Namee Mac Namiee OFlorgon Nangle Naper Nash Nassau- Molesworth O Naughten Naughton Naughton Naughton, Norton Neagle Neal Mac Neale Needham Neel Neil O Neil O Neil arms O Neilan Neill Mc Neill O Neill O Neill chief O' Neill, McNeill O Neill, Neill Neillan O Neillan, O'Neylon O Neille O Nelan Mac Nellis Mc Nelly Netterville Neville Newburgh Newcome Newcomen Newcomen of Kenagh, Longford Newman Newton Neylan Neylon Nicholson Mac Nielus Nihan, Nyhan Nihill Nilan Niland Noble Nogent Mac Nogly, Nogly Nogolough Nolan Nolan Nolan O Nolan Noland Noland Norman Invasion Norton Norton Norwood O Nowlan Nowland Nugent Nugent Nugent, of Moyrath, Westmeath O Nuolan

O:   Mac Oda Odell Ogilby Ogle Oliver Olmius Mac onchy Ongley O Onnelly. T. Orme Ormsby Orpen Orpen Ossory Oswald Otway- Ruthven Owden Owens

P:    Pack - Beresford Mac Padin, Bourk Pakenham Palliser Palmer Palmer Panmure Parker Parkyns Parsons Paterson Patrick Payne Peacocke Peeresses Pendergas Pendergast Penders census Pennant Pennefather Pennington Pennington Pepper Perceval Percival Percy Pery Petty Peyton O Phelan O Phelan Phellane Mac Pherson Mac Philibin, Bourk Phillips Phillips-Conn Phipps Pierrepoint Pierse Pigot Pigott Pigott Pike Pitt Plantations Platen Plummer Plunket Plunkett Plunkett Pollard Pomeroy Ponsonby Ponsonby Ponsonby, Lord Ponsonby- (Talbot) Pooler Poor Pope Porter Powell Power Power (De La Poer) Power, Powers Power-Lalor Powerscourt Powre Pratt Prendergast Prendergast, of Gort, Galway Preston Price Prittie Proby Purcell Purcell - Fitzgerald Purcill Purdon Purefoy Pursell Puxley

Q:   Mac Quard. Queen O Quigley Quill Mac Quillan Mac Quillen Quin O Quin Quinlan O Quinlan Quinlevan Quinn Quinn O' Quinn Mac Quire Mac Quylin

R:   O Rafferty Rafter Raftery Ragan Rainey Rainey- Robinson Ram Mac Rannal Mac Rannell Raphoe Rathborne Rawdon Rawson Raymond Reading of Dublin Reagan Realy Reardon Reardon Red hand Redmon Redmond Redmond Burke Redmun Reegan Reeves O Regan O Regan Regane Reilly O' Reilly O Reilly O Reilly O Reilly Reily Religious arms Mac Remon, Bourk O Rerdane O Reyley Reyly Reynell Reynolds Riall Rice Mac Richard, Bourk Richardson Ridgeway Riely Riley Riley O' Riordan, Reardon Roach Roach Roarke Roarty Roberts Robertson Robinson Robinson Roche Roche of Limerick Roche, Roach Rochfort Rockingham, Marquis Rodd Roe Rolleston O Ronan Ronayne O' Rooney Rooney Mulrooney Roper Rorke Mac Rory Rose Ross-Lewin Rothe Rouane Rourk O Rourke O Rourke O Rourke chief Mac Rourry Rowan Rowley Rowley Ruan Ruthven Ruttledge Ruxton Ryan Ryan O' Ryan, Mulryan Ryder Rye Rynd

S:    Sadleir Sanders Sanderson Sandes Sandes Sandford Sankey Sarsfield Sarsfield Sarsfield of Cork Saunders - Gore Saunderson Savile Savile Scanlan O Scanlan Scanlon O' Scanlon O Scannell O Schanla Schomberg Schulemberg Schuylemberg Scomberg Scott Scudamore Scully O Seagnasey Segrave O Sehighane Seige of Limerick Mac Seonin, Bourk Sept Arms O Sesnan Sexton Seymour Shackleton Shaen of Roscommon & Westmeath shamrock, the Shanaghan Shanahy O Shanassy Shane Mac Shane Shanessy Shanley Shanly Mac Shanly O Shanlys O Shannon Sharman - Crawford O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy Shay O Shea O Shea Shea, Shee Sheahan O Shee Sheehan O' Sheehan O Sheehan Sheehy Mac Sheehy Mac Sheehy Sheghane Sheil Sheill Shelburn, the Earl Sheppard Sherden Sheridan O Sheridan Sherlock Sherodan Sherrard O Shiel O' Shiel, Sheilds O Shiels Shiels, Shields Shinnock Shore Shore Shrewsbury Shuldham Shunny Shute Mac Sihy O Sinan Singleton O Sinnagh sine Fox Mac Siurtan Skanlane Skeffington Skerrett Skerrett Skerritt arms Slacke Slator Sloper ??? Smith Smith Smith-Barry Smyly Smyth Smyth Smythe Solly-Flood Somerset Somerton Somerville Sonds of Blackhall, Kildare sources Southwell Spaight Spedding O Spilan Spillane Spring St. George St. Lawrence St. Leger Stack Stacpoole De Stacpoole Stafford King Harman Stannus Stapleton Staunton Stawell Stewart Stewart Stock Stoney Stopford Stoughton Stratford Stuart Stuart- (Villiers-Stuart) Stubber Stubbs Studdert Style O Suillivan Bear O Suilluan More Sulivan Sulliban Sullivan O Sullivan O Sullivan O Sullivan Beara O Sullivan Beare O Sullivan Mor O Sunigan supporters Mac Surdaine O Suridin sine Sheridan Mac Surtain Swanzy Swanzy Sweany Sweeney Mac Sweeney Mac Sweeney Sweeny Swifte Swiney Mac Swiny Duag Mac Swiny Fanid Mac Swyny, Baduine Synge Synnot

T:    Taaf Taafe Taaffe Taaffe Tabuteau- Herrick Talbot Talbot Talbot Talbot of Carton, Dublin Tally Tully Tarleton Taylor Temple Terry, James Thackwell Thomas Thompson Thornton Thunder Mac Tibot siue Thibbot Bourk Tichbourne Tickell Tiernan Mac Tiernan O Tiernan Mac Tiernan, MacKiernan Tierney O' Tierney Mac Tigernan Tighe Tisdall Titchburne Toal Tobbine Tobin Tobine Tobyn Todd- Thornton Toler O Toma Tonson O Toole O Toole O Toole chief Tottenham Touchet Townshend Tracy Trail Trant Trant of Queens County trefoil in arms O Trehy Trench Treswell Trevor Tribes of Galway Trigge Trohy Troy Truell O Tuahoil Tufton of Vintners, Kent, England Tuhill Tuite Tully Mac Tully O Tuohill Tuomy, Toomy Turnly Turnour Turnour Tuthill Tweedy Twigg Twomey O Tyernan Tylney Tynte Tynte of Dunlaven, Wicklow Tyrrell of Lynn, Westmeath

U:   O Uilcuth Ulster Ulster King arms Uniacke Upton Ussher

V:   Mac Vadagh Vahey Vandeleur Vane Vanneck Vanneck Mac Vater, Bourk Vaughan Vaughan M' Veagh Mac Veagh Venables Vere Verney Vernon Verschoyle Vesey Mac Vghak, Bourk Vigors Villiers Villiers-Stuart

W:    Wakely Waldegrave Waldergave Wale Wall Waller Walsh Walsh Walsh (Iverk) Walsh, Welsh Wandesford Wandesforde Warburton Ward Ward Mac Ward Ward of Killagh, Co. Down Warren Waterpark Watson Webb Webber Welch Weld Welsh Wenman Wentworth Wesley West Westby Westropp Westropp Wharton Wheeler Whelan Whelan White White Whitla Whitney Whitworth Whyte Whyte Wicklow Wild Geese Willoughby - Cole Wills- Sandford Wilman- Barrington Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot- Chetwode Wilson Wilson of Killenure, Co. Donegal Wilson-Slator Windham Windsor Wingfield Winter Wogan - Browne Wolf Wolfe Wolseley Wood-Martin Woolfe Woulfe Woulfe Wright Wyndham Wynn Wynn Wyse

Y:   Yelverton Yorke Young