County Tyrone Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Tyrone Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes an extract of a 17th century census substitute for Tyrone (the Civil Survey for Co. Tyrone), County Map, listing of modern parishes, plus coats of arms of families in Tyrone taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location, most are only mentioned in passing.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
    • Quinn
    • Quine
    • Quinne
    • Mullan
    • Mullen
    • Mullens
    • Kelly
    • Kelley
    • Kellie
    • Donnelly
    • Donnelley
    • Donelly
    • Gallagher
    • Gallaher
    • Galagher
    • McKenna
    • MacKenna
    • McKena
    • Campbell
    • Cambell
    • Camble
    • Hughes
    • Hughs
    • Wilson
    • Willson
    • Wilsone
    • McLaughlin
    • McLoughlin
    • Laughlin
    • O'Neill
    • Neale
    • Neill
    • Doherty
    • Dougherty
    • Daugherty
    • Smith
    • Smythe
    • Smyth
    • Hamilton
    • Hamiltone
    • Hamelton

    54 pages in all (please remember this is not a 400 page book!), full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. A must for any collection that includes Co. Tyrone. This booklet will help trace your family in County Tyrone, complete with hands on records for a running start on your search. (It is not a collection of family histories). ISBN:0940134799 Product ID: 4799

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Agnew McAleer Alexander Alexander Alexander Algeo, Robert Anderson Anderson McAneny Annesley, F. Ansley F. Anslo, Lord Anslow, Mr. Armstrong Arthur Arthur MacAtasney Atkinson Avery, Mr.

B:  Babington, Matthew OBailey Bailie Baird Baker, Wm. Balifes, Wm. Ballentine Ban Baptist recs. bards Barkley, Hugh Barkley, Hugh the younger Barrett Barry Bayly Beatty Beaty Begley Bell Beresford Beresford Beresfords Berrisford, Tristam Best Bickerdick, Robert birth index Black Black Blacker, Mr. Blair Blair family Blaker, William. Bloomfield Blount Blundell, A. Bolton, Maj. Charles Botham Boyes, John OBoyle Boyle Boyne, Henry Bradley Bradly, Thomas MacBrearty Breen Brennan OBrien Brisbeane, Wm. OBroder OBrolochans Bromwell, Elizabeth Bromwell, Mrs. Eliz. Brown Browne Brownlee Bruce Bruce Bunting Burges Burgess Burleigh Burley, Ld. Burnside Byrne

C:  MacCabe McCafferty MacCaffrey OCahan OCahan OCahans Caldwell Caldwell McCall McCall; Neise OQuin McQui McCall Cambell Camble Camble Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell MacCampbell Campbell Campbell R. McCanaghy McCanney Capron, Francis OCarey Carlin Carmachy Carmichael Carne, Widow Carne, William OCarolans Carpenter, George Carrall McCarron Carson Cary esq., George Casey geneal. McCaskey OCassidy Castle Stewart, Lord CastleStewt., Lord MacCaughey McCaul Caulfield Caulfield Caulfield, Lady Mary Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, Wm. Lord Caulfiield, Lord Causland Chambers Chambers Chambre Champion Chichester, John chiefs civil survey Clanaboy Clanboyes, Lord clans Clark Clark M'Cleary MacClifferty MacCloskey Coates coats of arms coats of arms Cochrane Cochrane Coen Coil Colhoun Colston, John Coltstoune, John M'Comally OConnellan OConnellan Connor OConnors Considine Conway Cook Cooke, Dr. Allen Cooke, Lady OCooney OCooney Cope, Mr. Cope, Richard Cope, W. Cope, Wm. McCormick Cornwall, John Cornwall, Mr. Corr, Corry Corr family Corrigan Coulter MacCowell McCoy Coyle Craig Crawford Crawford Creagh McCreary McCreevy OCrehan Crighton, Allxr. Crolly, Tattie Crosby Crossan Crossan Crossan Crowley MacCrystal M'Culloch M'Cullough MacCullow McCusker McCusker McCusker M'Custer McCutcheon

D:  McDade Daily Daly ODarlein, Bryan Daugherty Davies Davies, J. Davis Davis, J. Dawson Dawson, John de la Ponce de Lap Deery delaPoer ODelevin ODermody MacDermot ODermot McDermott Develin Devellen Develon Develyn ODevin, Patrick Groome O'Devine McDevitt O'Devlin Devlin ODevlins Dickson Dinning ODivin, Johnkin ODogherty Doherty Doherty MacDonagh ODonally, Patrick ODonally, Shan bui ODonegan Donelly Dongan O'Donnell McDonnell, Alexr. ODonnell, D. MacDonnell, J. McDonnell, Ranell Donnelley ODonnelly Donnelly ODonnelly Donnelly ODonnelly, Shan McHugh Doogan Doragh Clk, William Doragh, Wm. Doris Dougherty ODowd Downam, James Downam, Wm. (esq.) Drummond Drummond J. Dudall, George Duff Duff Duffin Dunlap Dunlop O'Dunne Durnan ODuvany Dwyer, M. ODwyorma

E:  Eager Ecklin, Mrs. Edmonston, Wm. Eilis Elliott Ellison McElmurry MacElroy McElroy MacElvogue McEmin O'Erc, Ercke Ersken, Archibald Ersken, James Ersken, Mrs. Lettice Evans Evans Eveary, Thomas M'Evoy Ewing McEdmond

F:  Fagan Falls Farley OFarrell Farrell Fasken, Col. Ferrall Ferrall MacFetridge McFingal Fingusin Fitzgerald O'Flaherty OFlaherty OFlaherty Fleming Fogarty Foran Forbes Forbes Forteskeu, Lt. Col. John Foster Fox Freel O'Friel

G:  Galagher Gale Galey O'Gallagher Gallagher Gallaher Gallaher Gallaspy Ganway Gardiner Gardiner Garvey McGee MacGee, Magee Geeves, John Gervais Gervais McGettigan Gibson Gilkinson Gillen Gillespie Gillespie Gilmore McGinn McGinness MacGirr Glasgow Glass Gledstanes Gledstanes McGlinchey McGlinchy McGlone McGlyn OGneeve OGnive Godlett, John Gold, Golden Goodlatt, John Goodlatt, Robt. Goodman Gordon Gorman OGormely O'Gormley Gormley OGormley, Torlagh og McGowan MacGrath Graves, J Greer Greer Gregg McGrew Grimes Grimly MacGrory, McCrory Groves, William Groves, Wm. McGuigan McGuirk M'Gum McGurk

H:  OHaggan, Hugh Hackett O'Hagan OHagan Hagan OHagan OHagan Hagan OHagans OHaggan, Cormick OHaggan, Hugh OHaggan, Hugh OHaggan, Loughlin OHaggan, Owen OHaggan, Patrick Grom O'Hairnin Hall, Robert Hall, Thomas Hambleton, Archebald Hamelton OHamil Hamill Hamill Hamill, Capt. Robt. Hamillton, Hugh Hamillton, James Hamillton, John Hamillton, Patrick Hamillton, Rob. Hamillton, Sr. George Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton, Andrew Hamilton, Archibald Hamilton, G. Hamilton, Sr. Wm. (of Eliston) Hamilton, Will (of Bellifatten) Hamiltone Hanger Hannigan MacHanter O'Hara Hardy Hare Harrise, Wm. Harrison, Christopher OHart OHart Hartness OHeitigen Hemphill McHenry, McEniry McHenry, Neale Heyborne, R. Heyburne, R. Hickman Hicks Hill OHogan OHosey Hoth, Lord Barron of Hoth, Lord of Hovenden Hughes Hughs Hugonnenc Humberston, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter Huntington, Ferd.

I:  Earl of M'Illoy M'Illoy McIlmurry MacIonaigh Irvine Irwin Irwin Irwine Irwine

J:  Jackson Job Jobe Johnston Judge

K:  Kane McKane, Adam M'Kean OKeenans OKeevan McKeever Kelley Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly OKelly McKena Kenedaie, D. McKenna MacKenna MacKenna Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, D. Kenny OKenny O'Kenny, Kenney McKeown Kerlins McKernan Kerr Kerr Kerr Kerr Kerr, Alex. OKieran Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilroy King Kinkade, Claude McKinley McKinney, Kenney Knox Knox Knox Knox Kyle

L:  Lambert M'Lanna Lappin Latham, Wm. MacLaughlin McLaughlin Laughlin M'Laughlin OLaughran Laverty Layden LDS recs. Le Poer Leahy Learmond, Adame Leech M'Leer Leigh, Daniell Leigh, J. Leigh, J. McLenigan libraries Lillis M'Linchy Lindesays Lindsay Lindsay, Bernard Lindsay, R. Lindsay, Robert Lindsay, Robert (esq.) Lindsey, Mrs. local research MacLoghlin MacLoghlin Long O'Looney OLooneys Loughern McLoughlin Loughran Lowery family O'Lowry Lowry Lowry Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lucas Lunney Lynch Lynch Lynn, Wm. Lyons Lysley, John

M:  MacGennis Mackle Madder, William Magettigan OMallon Mallon O'Mangan Maolpadraig map map Marshall, Michael Martin Martin Martin, Gilmartin Mather, Wm. Mathews Mathews Maturin Maxwell, Dr. Robert May, Edward McKey, Daniel McKey, Daniell Meenan OMelaghlin McOMellan, McPhelemy McOMellan, Towell McOMellan, Towell Mellon OMellon McMenamin Mervin, Col. Audley Miller Mitchell, David Moffatt Molineux Monaghan Mongommery, Mary & Jane Montgomery Montnorise, Lord Moore Morgan Morgan, Rize Morice, Capt. John Morise, John Morris Morris, Maurice Morrise, Patrick MacMorrough Morse, Wm. OMulbraisil Muldoon OMulfoharty Mulgemery Mulgrew OMulhall M'Mullan Mullan, Mullen McMullen book O'Mulligan OMulligan MacMurchadh Murghue, David Murphy Murphy OMurphy Murphy Murray OMurray McNama McNamee natn'l library McNaughton

N:  ONeal Neale ONeale ONeale ONeale, Bryan McArt Neale, Catlin Ni ONeale, Con bui ONeale, Cormick ONeale, Donell ONeale, Hugh ONeale, McHenry ONeale, Neale ONeale, Phelemy Grom ONeale, Shane Roe ONeale, Sr. Philemy ONeale, Torlagh MacArt ONeale, Torlagh McArt og ONeale, Torlagh McArt og ONeele ONeil arms ONeill Neill ONeill ONeill ONeill ONeill ONeill Neill O'Neill, McNeill ONeills ONeills country Nelson McNemee ONena ONeney MacNeny O'Neny, O'Nena Newburgh, Lt. Col. Newburgh, Lt. Col. Thomas Newcomen Newcomen Newcomen, Beverley Newport, Earl of Newton Newton ONial Nicholl Nicholson, John Niclson (Nicholson), John Nixon Nugent Nugent M'Nulty McNunshaghan, Art Moder McNunshaghan, James

O:  McOwen Ohio, USA Oldright Oldwright Ovington, Henry

P:  Parker Parsons, Sr. Wm. Parsons, W. Parsons, W. McPartland passenger Paton, James MacPeake Peirie Perkins; Mary, Ann, & Francis Perrott Perrott, J. Phelan M'Philaney Picett, John Pitt place names Plissonnean Pollock Pooler Porter Porter Power, Powers Presbyterian printed recs. Pynnar, Capt.

Q:  M'Quide OQuin, Murtogh OQuin, Neale OQuin, Neise OQuin, Patrick OQuin, Torlagh Grom Quine O'Quinn Quinn Quinn OQuinn OQuinn OQuinn, Donell Quinne

R:  ORafferty records red hand Redding, George Reid Reid Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson, Allexr. Richardson, William Richie Ridgeway G. Ridgwaie Robertson, John Robinson Robinson book Roe, Dame Margery Roe, Sir F. Roe, Sr. Francis Rogers MacRogers Rolleston MacRory Rowley, Edward Rowly, Edward Russell Rutledge Ruttledge

S:  Sampson Sanders, Saunders Sanderson Sanderson, Archibald Sanderson, Col. Robert Sanderson, Robert Saunderson Sauvage Savage Schuylemburg Scott McSerley Shaddowicke, Col. MacShane MacShane O'Sharkey Shaw, Marmaduke Sheele, Toby Sheenan Sheile, Toby Shelvey Shepherd Sheran Simpson Sinclair, St. Clair Slaine Smith Smith Smith, William (of Dublin) Smyly Smyly Smyth Smythe Snow McSorley McSorley sources sources nat'l. Speer Spotswood, Sr. Henry Spraule Sproule Sproule Squire, William Staples, Sir Baptist Staples, Sir Thomas Staples, Thomas Sterling Stevens Stevenson Steward Steward, Sr. Alex. Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart A. Stewart, Andrew Stewart, esquire, Wm. Stewart, Henry Stewart, James Stewart, Katherine Lady Stewart, Lt. Col. Robert Stewart, Robt. Stewart, Sr. Allexander Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stuart Stuart Stweart, Lt. Col. Robt. Sutton, Mr. Swane, Wm McSwigan

T:  McTeag Taaf arms Tague Tague Taite, Patrick McTeag, Hugh Teague Teeling Teyssier Thompson Thompson Thomspson C. OTierney Tighe Timony Tirowen Titchborne, Sr. Henry topography Towneley MacTraynor, Trainor Trevor Trevor arms Trevor, visc. Tully MacTully Tutchborne Tyrell Tyrone names

U:  Usher Usher, Mathew

V:  McVaid Valentine Vallely Vance Vane Vehiltree M'Veigh Verner, W. Vesey Vesey

W:  Wallace Ward Wardler MacWarnock Warren, Wm. Waters, McWaters Watson Watts Wattsher White White White geneal. Whyte, Thomas Williams McWilliams Willoughby Willson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson, Deane Wilson, James Wilsone Wingfield, Ld. Wingfield, Ld. Winkfield, Sir Edward Woods

Y:  Yonge, James Young