County Meath & Westmeath Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Meath & Westmeath Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. Produced as part of the Irish Families Project. It includes the complete 1659 census for Meath and Westmeath, County Maps, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location. Includes a few family histories from the works of John O¹Hart. Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family, with actual records and contacts

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were:

  • Brady.....Bradey.....Bradie
  • Brien.....O'Brien.....Bryan
  • Byrne.....Burn(s).....Beirne
  • Clarke.....Clerke.....Clark
  • Connor.....Conner.....Conor
  • Daly.....Daley.....Dailey
  • Dunne.....Donne.....Dunn
  • Duffy.....Duffie.....Duffey
  • Farrell.....Farrall.....Farel
  • Farrelly.....Farelly.....Farrally
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Lynch.....Lynche.....Linch
  • Maguire.....McGwire.....Macguire
  • Mahon.....Mahan....Mahone
  • Martin.....Martyn.....Martyne
  • Mathews.....Matthews.....Mathewes
  • Reilly.....Riley.....O'Riley
  • Smith.....Smyth.....Smithe

Numerous Families from Westmeath

  • Byrne.....Burn.....Bierne
  • Carey.....Cary.....Kerry
  • Dalton.....Daltone.....Dalten
  • Daly.....Daily.....Daley
  • Duffy.....Duffie.....Duffey
  • Dunne.....Dunn.....Donne
  • Fagan.....Fagen.....Fagin
  • Farrell.....Farel.....Farrall
  • Flynn.....Flinn.....Flyne
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Leavy.....Leavy.....Levy
  • Lynch.....Linch.....Lynchy
  • McCormick.....McCormack.....MacCormock
  • Murray.....Murry.....Murrie
  • Murtagh.....Murtaugh.....Murtau
  • O'Neil.....O'Neale.....Neale
  • Reilly.....Riley.....Rielly
  • Smith.....Smithe.....Smythe
  • Walsh.....Welsh.....Welch
County Meath included the towns of Trim, Duleek, Kells, Navan & Athboy. County Westmeath include the towns of Mullingar, Athlone and Kilbeggan

78 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated..Records are reproduced here exactly as they appear in the original documents in the IGF Library, and so show the wear of time. A must for any collection that includes these areas. Many families are pinpointed as to location, most are mentioned only in passing.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Actery Actory, F. Addis address list Aggas Aggas, T. Aldersee Aldersee, M. Alexander Allen Allen, M. Almer, G. Andrew Andrew MacAndrew Andrewes, R. MacAny MacAodha Archer Armin, M. Ashe, Ash MacAuley MacAwley Aylmer Aylmer Aylmer, M. Aylmers Aynger, R.

B:  Barnes Baal, J. Baker Baker Baker, H. Balfe, Balffe Balffe Ball Ballester Baly, T. Bangfield, W. Bardane Bardon Barlowe, T. Barnett Barnewall Barnewall, G. Barnewall, M. Barnewall, R. Barnewall, T. Barnewalls Barnewell Barnewell Barnewell, G. Barnwall deBarnwall Barnwell, T. Baron, Lord Barron, T. Barton, W. deBath Bath, P. Bath, T. deBathe Battersby Battersby Bayly- Vandeleur Bealing, M. Bealing, W. Beard Beatagh, R. Beatty Bedford Begg Begge, G. OBeirne Bellen, J. Bellew Bellew Bellew Bellew, E. Berford Best Bestwill, R. Betagh Betagh Bevans, N. Bierne Birn Birne Birne Birne Birne, G. McBirney birth index Bligh Bligh Bligh Blood Bomford Bomford books Boyce Boyd Boyd- Rochfort Boylan Boylan Boylan Boylan Boyne Brabazon Brabazon Bracken Bradey Bradhurst, T. Bradie Brady Brady Brady MacBrady Brady, O. Brafield, P. Branan Brandon, J. Brangan, E. Branthwaite, P. OBraoin OBraoins country Breen OBreen OBreen Bregia Brenan Brenan Brenan Brenan, O. Brenan, T. Brett Brett family Brien OBrien OBrien, Donogh Brine Bringhurst, T. Briody O'Briody, Brody Britton Broderick Brogan Brogan O'Brogan OBrogan Bromwell, R. Brooks, Brooke Broune, D. Brown, Cisily Browne Browne, J. Browne, W. Bryan Bryan Bryde Brynan Brynan Bryne Burges, J. Burke, B. Burn(s) Butler Butler Butler Butterly Byrne Byrne O'Byrne, Byrnes Byrne, G. Byrne, G. Byrne, J.

C:  Caddell Caddell, E. MacCaffrey Caldwell Caldwell OCallaghan Callahan Callan Callin McCanan OCannon Canon, R. Carberry OCarbery Carbery, P. Carey McCarey OCarey Cargan Carmick Carmick Carne McCarney OCarolan Carr Carr Carrell Carrell McCarrey Carroll McCarroll OCarroll of Tara Carroll, P. Cary Cary Cary- Caddell Casey OCasey Caskin Cassey Cassidy Castle, P. Caufield Caulfield MacCawley Chamberlain Chambers Chambers Chambers Chapman, B. Cheever Cheevers Cheevers, J. Cholmondeley Cholmondley Chomley Christmas, W. Clark Clarke Claskey Cleark, J. Cleborne Clerke Clerke, J. Clerke, J. Clery Clery Clery Clery Clibborn, W. Cliburne, J. Cliffe Cloffy coats-of-arms MacCochlain Coddington Coddington Coddington OCoffey OCoffey Coffey, J. Coffie, T. Coffy Coffy Coffy Coffy Coffy, E. Coffy, E. Coffy, M. Coffy, Murt. MacCoghlan Coleman OColeman MacColgan Collens, F. Colley- Wesley Collier Collier Collins Colman Columby MacComisky Conally Conally Conelly Conelly Conmy Connalan Connelan Connell Connell Connell OConnellan OConnellan Conner Connolly OConnolly Connor Connor OConnor OConolly Conor OConroy, Conry de Constantine, J. OConvally Conway Conyngham Conyngham Cooke, J. Cooke, R. Cooke, T. Corbally Corbally Corbett Corbett, M. Corcoran Corkdyale, R. McCormack Cormick Cormick Cormick Cormick Cormick McCormick McCormick Cormick, J. MacCormock Corr Corr, Corry OCorrigan OCorry MacCostello Coue, Mr. Coughlane Cowdall, M. Cowdall, T. Cox, Mac Quilly Coysh, E. Craddock O'Creehan Crevy Crispp, N. Crofton Cropley, J. Crossey Cruise Cruise, Cruys OCuinn Cully Cully MacCumiskey OCurry, Corry Cusack Cusack Cusack Cusack, G. Cusack, R. Cusack, W. Cushin, E. Cussok, W. McCutchen

D:  D'Arcy Dailey ODalaigh Daley ODaley Dalie Dalten Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton, G. Dalton, H. Dalton, M. Dalton, R. Dalton, R. Daltone Daly Daly Daly Daly Daly Daly Daly Daly Daly O'Daly O'Daly Daniel Daniell Daniell Daniell Daniell Darcey Darcey, P. Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcy, A. Darcy, E. Darcy, E. Darcy, G. Darcy, N. Darcy, N. Darcy of Platten Darcy, R. Dardis Dardis, B. Darditz Darditz Darditz family de Angulo, G. De Ginkell de Hose de Lacy De Lacys de Missett, W. de Nugent, G. Dease Dease Deasy, Dease DeLacy castle deLacy, H. Delafyeld, J. Delahoyd Delahoyde delaHoyde Delamare Delamare Delamare, G. Delamare, W. Delamere Delamere deLamere Delamere, G. Delamere, T. Delaney ODell Delmore O'Dempsey Dempsy Denish, W. Dermody McDermott Devenish, J. Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon, A. Dillon, C. Dillon, Dillion Dillon, F. Dillon, G. Dillon, G. Dillon, H. Dillon, H. Dillon, H. Dillon, J. Dillon, J. Dillon, T. Dillon, T. Disney Disney, W. Dodd, Wm. Dollard, A. Donahue Donegan Donegan Donne Donnell McDonnell, B. ODonnells ODonoghoe Donoghow Donovan O'Dooley ODooley Doran Doran O'Doran Dorran Dorran, Derby Douglas, J. Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall, E. Dowdall, Pat. Dowdall, W. Dowding O'Dowling Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle McDoyle Doyle, D. Doyle, E. Doyle, J. Doyle, T. Doyne ODoyne Dracoke, P. Dracot Dracot family Drake Drake Duane Duckenfield, J. Duff Duff Duff Duff Duff Duffe Duffey Duffie Duffie Duffie Duffy Duffy Duffy O'Duffy ODugan ODuin Dullard, A. ODully Dunegan Dunmoe Castle Dunn Dunne O'Dunne ODunne Duygin

E:  Earl, Errill Ebzury, P. Edmonds, J. Edwards, Mr. England, Philip MacEoghagain Eustace Everard Everard Everard family MacEvoy MacEvoy

F:  Fagan Fagan Fagan Fagan Fagan Fagan OFagan Fagan, R. Fagen Fagin Fallon OFallon O'Fallon Farel Farelly Farley Farrall Farrally Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell O'Farrell Farrell, H. Farrelly Farrelly O'Farrelly Farrington Fay Fay Fay Fay, Edw. Fay, Edw. Fay, Edw. Fay family Feipo, A. OFenelan Fenelon Ferell OFerrall, T. Ferrill, T. Fetherston, E. Fetherstonhaugh -Whitney Ffallon, S. Ffox, G. Fians Field Fines, N. Fingal O'Finnegan FitzEustace Fitzgerald, E. Fitzgerald, L. Fitzgerald, T. Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald, C. Fitzgerrald, H. Fitzgerrald, J. Fitzgerrald, R. Fitzharris Fitzhenry, M. Fitzherbert Fitzherbert Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzsymons Fitzsymons, C. Fitzthomas, G. Flanagan OFlanagan OFlannagain Flannery Flattery Fleetwood, J. Fleming Fleming Fleming Fleming, J. Fleming, T. Fletcher, S. Flinn Flood Floyd Floyd, R. Flyn Flyne Flynn Forbes Forde Forth, R. Fowler Fowler Fox Fox Fox Fox Frain Frayne, R. Freeman Frost, N. Fugill, T. Fullam Fullam, Fulham Furey Furlong, J. Fury Fyan

G:  Galcor Gale Gale, J. Gallagher Galliher Ganan, R. McGanley MacGannon Garnet McGarr Garre Gauan (Gavan?) Gauen MacGauran MacGawley McGawly, H. Gaynor Gaynor Geales, A. MacGee, Magee DeGeneville Gennett, J. Geogh MacGeoghagan Geoghegan Geoghegan Geoghegan MacGeoghegan Geoghegan, C. Geoghegan, J. Geoghegane, T. Gernon Gernon Gerrard Gibbon, F. Gibbons Gibbons, T. Gibney Gibson Gilbert, C. Gilbert, Wm. DeGinkell MacGiollaSeachlan Glanan Glenan Glenan Glinan Glynn OGlynn Glynn, Glenn Goffe, Wm. Gogarty Goodwin, R. Gorg, R. MacGorgan O'Gorman Gormely Gould, T. Goynor Gradwell Gradwell Graham, H. Graues, W. Graves McGreevy Grehan Griffin Griffin Griffin, E. Griffin, J. Griffin, S. Grimston Grogan Grogan Grogan MacGrory McCrory MacGuire Gunning, J. McGwire

H:  Hackett Hackett O'Hagan Hallingworth, F. Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Handcock Handy, J. Hangly, M. O'Hanrahan OHanvey OHaodha Harlin Harrison, G. Harrison, R. OHart O'Hart OHart OHarts country Hatch, J. Hawkins, J. Hawley OHayes OHea Head Heany Heaster, J. Heily O'Hennessy OHennessy OHennessy Henry OHeoghey Hetherington, A. Hide, J. O'Higgin OHiggin Hill Hill, T. OHionradhain Hodges, T. OHoey Holmes, Jane Holroyd Homan, Ann Homan, J. Hoop, Sarah Hope Hope, A. Hope, A. Hope, J. Hopkins Hopkins, F. Hopkins, T. Hoskins, H. OHowe Hoyse, N. Hueghs Hues Hues MacHugh OHughes Hughs Humphry, J. Hussey Hussey Hussey, L. Hussey, O'Hosey Hussy, E. Hussy, Peter Hyde Hyde Hyde, L.

J:  Jagiues, R. Jenkins, Moyses Jephson, H. Jocelin Johnes, J. Johnson, T. Jones Jones Jones family Jones, Jana Jones, T. Juyce, J.

K:  Kangley MacKanry, W. Kearnan Kearnan, R. Kearne OKearney O'Kearney, Carney Kearney, M. Keary Keatings history Keegan Keegan Keegan Keegan Keegan Keeler, G. Keenan Kegry Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly OKelly O'Kelly OKellys country Kelsh Kendall OKendellan Kenedie Kenedy MacKenna Kennedy Kennedy O'Kennedy Kennedy, W. Kenny Kenny Kenny Kent Keny Keny MacKeogh Kerdiffe, C. Kernan McKernan Kerry Keting, E. Kigan Killeen Killen Killian Kinahan Kinckley King King Kingham, W. Kinkley Kinolin Kiraght O'Kivlehan Knally Knight, E. Knolan Knolan Knowlan

L:  Lacey, de Lacy deLachapelle, R. OLachtnain deLacy, R. Lacy, W. Lambert Laragh Larkin Lary Laughlin MacLaughlin McLaughlin Lavin Lawles LDS Le Strange Lease, J. Leavy Leavy Lecky, S. Ledwidge Ledwidge Ledwidge, N. Ledwidge, T. Ledwidge, W. Ledwige, M. Legge- Bourke Legland, R. Leigh, J. Leigh, R. Lenagh Lenan Lenan, M. Lency Lency Lengly, H. Leny Levinge, R. Levy Leyne, R. Linan Linch Lisle, J. Litterell, M. Lobb, N. OLochain Loftus Long, T. Lord, John Lorde, John Loue, E. OLoughan OLoughnan Louton, T. Love, E. ? Low, T. Lowe, W. Lowther Lowther, G. Lucas, Mr. Ludlow Ludlow Lynan Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch, W. Lynche Lynchy Lynchy Lynshy Lyons

M:  Macauley Madocks, G. Magan Magan Magan Magauley Maghan Magraue Maguire Mahan Mahon Mahone Malone Malone O'Malone OMalone OMaollugach Markham, W. Marlay Marley Marley, G. Marten Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin, Gilmartin Martyn Martyne Mason, M. Massey, R. Mathewes Mathews Matthews Maxwell Meath, ancient Meath recs. OMelaghlin OMelaghlin OMelaghlins Meldon Mellaghlin, C. OMellon Meredith, H. Meverell, G. Michelburn, A. Milesius Mimnagh Minnaugh Missett O'Molloy, Mulloy Montague Mooney O'Mooney Moony Moore Moore Moore Moore, B. Moorehead, R. Moran Moran Moran Moran Moran Moran O'Moran Morgan Morgan O'Moriarty Morran Morran Morran Morry Mortagh Mounrag, R. Mouny Mullan, Mullen O'Mulledy Muller, John Mullgan Mullican Mulligan O'Mulligan OMulloy Muloly Mulvehill Mungan, B. Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy OMurphy Murray Murray Murray OMurray Murrey Murrey Murrey Murrie Murrigan Murrin Murry Murry Murtagh Murtagh Murtagh Murtau Murtaugh

N:  Nagle, Nangle Nagle, R. MacNally names Nangle Nangle, A. Nangle, L. Nangles Naper Napper Nappier Naughten Naughton, Norton Neale ONeale Needham, T. ONeil ONeills Nelson, J. Neterville Netreuile, R. Netterville Netterville New Grange Newgent Newgent Newgent Newgent Newgent, A. Newgent, E. Newgent, L. Newgent, O. Newman Newman newspapers Nicholson Nicholson Nicholson Nickolds, R. O'Nolan Norwick, T. Nowlan, G. Nugent Nugent Nugent, C. Nugent, C. Nugent, E. Nugent, E. Nugent, H. Nugent, J. Nugent, J. Nugent, J. Nugent, P. Nugent, R. McNulty

O:  Odell Osborne, H. Owens, G

P:  Packenham, H. Page, T. Pagenham, P. Pakenham Pakenham Palmer Pardon, H. Parefoy, A. Parker, F. Parker, G. Patience, R. Patrickeson, J. Peacock, J. MacPeake Peake, P. Pearson, J. Peartree, J. Penteny, M. Pentony Pepard, G. Peppard Pepper Pepperd, G. Perkin Perry, B. Perry, John Petit Petit, Wm. Petitt, W. Pettit, Redmond Pettitt, R. Pettitt, W. Peyton Peyton, G. Phepoe, A. MacPierce Piercefield, R. Piers, H. Piers, H. Piers, J. place names Plunket Plunket Plunket Plunkett Plunkett Plunkett Plunkett Plunkett, A. Plunkett, B. Plunkett, E. Plunkett, E. Plunkett, O. Plunkett, T. Plunketts Pollard Pollard Ponntney, W. Porter Powderly Prench, P. Preston Preston Preston Preston, R. Purcell Purcell

Q:   Quelch, J. O'Quigley Quin O'Quinlan OQuinn Quirk Quirk

R:  Raftery Ransom, T. Rawdon Rea Real Realy Realy records Recroft, R. ORegan O'Regan Reilly Reilly O'Reilly O'Reilly OReilly, J. Reily, B. Reioge, T. Rely, H. Rely, Marg. Relye Reynell Reynell Reyner, R. Richards, W. Rielly, J. Riley Riley ORiley Riley, J. Robert(s) Roberts Robinson, T. Robinson, W. Rochford Rochford Rochfort Roddy Roe Roe Roe, J. Rogan Rogers Rogers Rokeby, F. ORonain ORonayne Rooney Rorke McRory ORory ORory Rotherham, J. MacRourke O'Rourke Rowland Rowley Rowley MacRuairc Russell Ruxton Ryan Rynd Rynd

S:  Sall Sallsibery, J. Savage Scally Schomberg OScolaidhe Scott O'Scully OScully Scurlock Sedgraue, L. Sedgrave, L. ? McShaen, J. MacShanley Sharkey O'Shaughlin OShaughlin Sheale, Rory Sheall, B. Sheehy Sheepherd, J. Sheerin Sheery Sheild, R. Sheill, D. Sherberne, R. Sherbroke, R. Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock, J. Sherry Shiels Shor?e, D. Shuttleworth Singleton Singleton Sinon OSionnagh Sirey Skally Skally Skeeper, J. Skelly Skelson, T. Skevington Skiddy, W. Skoly, J. Skurlock Slaine Slavin Slevin Sloy, R. Smith Smith Smith, J. Smith, R. Smith, Smyth Smith, Z. Smithe Smyth Snow, J. Sogh Somerton Somerville, W. Sorson, H. sources Spensur, A. Spike, W. Stack deStackpole Starkey, N. Sterne, P. LeStrange Streele, R. Strettle, E. Sullivan Sutton, Ed. Sweeney Swift, T. Swifte Symmer, M. Symons

T:  Taaff, J. Taaffe MacTague MacTaidhg Talbot, Gen. Talbot, R. Talbott, G. Tallon Tally Tara Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Teeling Teeling, F. Temple Temple Terrell Terrill, T. Tevlin Thompson Thompson Thompson, J. Thomson Thomson, J. Thornton Thunder Thunder Tibbs, J. Tierney O'Tierney Tiesdale Tirrell family Tisdall Tisdall Tisdall O'Toler OToler Tool Toole, J. Tormay Tracey transplanted Travers, J. Trimlestown, L. Tuite Tuite Tuite Tuite family Tuite, M. Tuite, R. Tuitte Tuitte Tuitte Tuitte, G. Tuitte, R. Tuitte, W. Turbett, J. OTyler Tyrell Tyrrell Tyrrell Tyrrell Tyrrell, H. Tyrrell, J. Tyrrells March Tyrrill, E.

U:  Unill, R. Upton Upton

V:  Vallely M'Veagh MacVeagh McVeagh MacVeigh Vennor, W.

W:  Walding, T. Waldo, D. Waller Waller Waller Walsh Walsh Walsh, Ed. Walsh, I. Warbeck's Ward Ward Ward Ward Warren, A. Wasley, J. Waters, D. Watkins, J. Weaver Webb, W. Webster, C. Welch Welch Welch Weldon Weldon Wellesley Wellesley Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsley Westmeath recs. Whallop, T. Wharton Wharton, Lord Whelan Whetcome, B. Whissed, H. White White White White White, J. White, P. White, T. Whitechan Whitlock, B. Whitman, J. Widmay, A. Widowes, J. Williams, J. wills Willson, R. Willson, W. Wilson Wilson Wilson-Slator Wilton, G. Winter Winter Winter Woods Woods, H. Worsely, Dr. Woton, J. Wrinkle Wyer Wyer, M. Wyre

Y:  Young, R. Yourell