The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters

Description: The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters from the original Irish as translated by Owen Connellan. Republished in a limited edition, complete from the 1846 original translation. Hardbound, Gold Stamped. Now as a two book set. Full color frontis in each volume. Large folding family location map at rear of volume 2. Celtic letter ornamentation on certain pages. Alphabetical listing of names on the map added only to this IGF 2003 limited edition printing. History and Genealogy 12th - 17th century, with annotations covering earlier Irish history. Indexed.

The Annals of the Four Masters was compiled in the 17th century in County Donegal, primarily by Brother Michael O’Clery. The task was to compile all the existing known history of Ireland for future generations. Connellan made this, the first ever English translation of the 12th - 17th century annals, in 1846. (O’Donovan published a translation several years later.) This first translation was annotated by Philip MacDermott, M.D., who created the first family location map of Ireland in such comprehensive detail. That family location map appeared in the first release of the annals and is once again included in this 2003 release of the original 1846 printing.

The yearly entries begin with 1171 and run down until 1616 (not all years were covered). The annotations by MacDermott and Connellan cover the full range of Irish History, from the earliest legends and people. Topics include: the great battles; the genealogy; the native Irish; the Anglo-Norman; and English possessors of land in Ireland. Laws, manners, customs, and notable characters in Irish history are given along with ‘antiquities of every county’

The history included was drawn from many sources throughout Ireland, including the Annals of Tigernach; The Annals of Innisfallen; The Book of Clonmacnois; The Annals of Ulster; The Book of Conquests; The Book of MacBruadins; The Book of MacFirbis; The Book of O’Conry; The Book of O’Duigenean; the Book of Loughree; and more. It includes Connellans translation of O’Heerin and O’Dugan.

It is a premier historical source for Ireland. The Annals of the The Four Masters are perhaps the best known of all the Irish annals. Students of history will find these volumes valuable for study and comparison. Genealogists will value the names and genealogical records included. All will enjoy the history.

The pages are faithfully reproduced from the original 1846 volume in the IGF Library, and as such will bear some signs of aging or wear. Some names on the map are very light as would be expected. (Note: this edition is in the English language). Approx. 766 pages total in this set

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Abbeylara Abbeyleix Abbeys Abercorn Mac Acadhain Achalethderg Acheson, A. Achonry Mac Adam Adare, abbey Adwick Mac Aengusa, H. Agabard, P. Agars Aghadoe Agnew name O Ahearns of Cork Aherlow glen O Ahern (Ahearn) O Aherns Aicme, Edna O Ailche Aileach O Ainmiraghs Aircinneachs Airgiod Ross mac Airten at Kilmore Airtheara Albanach, P. Albanian chiefs Albert the German Alcocks Alexanders of Caledon Alfred, King Mac Alister Allans Allen Allen, John Allens alliances Mac Allister Almain or Allen Almaineach, A. Ameas, P. Amergin An Sionnach Mac Anbhaird Mac Anchaoich ancient colonies ancient history ancient inhabitants ancient literature Mac anCrossain Mac Andrew name Anglo Norman war Anglo-Irish forces Anglo-Irish writers Anglo-Normans Anglo-Normans in Ulster Anglo-Saxon colony Anglo-Saxons Mac anGobhann Mac Anliathanaigh mac anMilidh Mac Anmilidh annals, Innisfallen annals listed annals of Ulster Annesley Annesley, F. Annesleys Mac Anoglaigh of Killoran Anslow land Mac Antagart Anthonys Antrim Co. Mac Antsaoir Mac Aodha Mac Aongusa Aradh Cliach Aran Islands Aranach, D. Archbold Archbolds Archdall, J. Archer Archers Archersn Ard Miodhair Ardagh Ardcarne, abbey Mac Ardell, C. mac Ardell of Monaghan Mac Ardells Ardes Ardfert Ardfert diocese Ardfinnan Ardglass Ardnaree Ardnorcher Castle Ardrahan castle Ardsrath O Areachtans Armagh, battles at Armagh city Armagh Co. Armagh diocese arms, armour Arnold, Nicolas Artagh Mac Artain Mac Arthur Mac Arthurains Mac Arthurs Ashe, T. Ashroe abbey Askeaton Askeaton battle assembly or fair Astles Atchesons Ath an chip castle Ath Crochda(Shannon Harbor) Ath da la arg Ath Firdia (Ardee) Ath-ai Ath-Seanaigh Athanurchair Athenry Athleague Athleague castle Athleathan Athlone Athys Atkinson Attacotts(Aitheach Tuath) Audley Audley killed Audley settlers Mac Auley Mac Auley, L. Mac Auleys Mac Auliffe, C. Mac Auliffes Aungiers Mac Aveeley Mac Aveeley Mac Aveeley name Mac Award clan mac Awley, A. Mac Awley of Calry Mac Awley, slain Aylmer Aylmer, Gerald Aylmers Aylwards

B:    Backs Baery Baggs Bagnall Bagnall, Samuel Bagnalls Bagnals Bagots Bagott Bailie, Wm. O' Baire, C. O Baires O Baiscind O Baiscins Balffes Balla Balls Ballyconnell Ballymote Ballysadare Ballyshannon Ballyshannon, battle O Banan O Banan, G. O Banans O Banans Leap Bangor abbey O Bannan O' Bannan, C. O Bannans banners O Baodain O Bardain, Dean bards Bards and Brehons Barkleys Barkly land Barneses Barnewall Barnwall Barnwalls Barnwalls of Cork Barret, T. Barrett Barrett monuments Barretts Barretts of Mayo Barringtons Barron Barron, B. Barry, Baron Barry, David Barry Mores Barry name Barry, Oge Barrys Barrys burial place Barrys, Cork Barrys of Santry de Bathe battle cries battle of Achalethderg battle of Ardnaree Battle of Athenry battle of Clontibret battle of Cnucha battle of Gaura Battle of Kilmore battle of Maistean battle of Moylena battle of Shrule battle of the Ford of the biscuits battle of Thurles battle of Ventry battles in Ireland battles in Ulster battles, listed Beacon Beacon, land of Bealach Buighe Bealach Conglais Bealach Mughna(Ballymoon) Beamishes o Beans O Becdha of Killala O Bechan, bishop Beecher, F. Beecher lands Beechers O Beehan, C. O Beehans O' Begley O' Behan, C. O Behans o Beice O' Beirne, C. O Beirne, Gillcreest O Beirne history O Beirne, I. O Beirne, Ivar O Beirne, T. O Beirnes O Beirnes of Roscommon Bel atha Conaill(Ballyconnell) Belfast Belford, J. Belgians Belgians, the Bellew Bellews Bellews of Duleek Bellingham, Edw. Bells (relics) Benboirche Benburb battle Bennetts Benson, Peter O Beolan O Beolan, T. O Beollain of Sligo Beresfords Berfords O Berg O' Bergin O Bergin Berkeley, Geo. Berkeleys Berkleys Berkly castle Bermingham de Berminghams Berminghams, Mayo Bernard Bernards Berrills Betagh Betaghs Betaghs of Moynalty Betham Betham, Sir W. biatachs Bigod, Hugh Billing, Capt. Billingsleys Billingsly land O' Billry O Billry history Bingham Bingham, Sir R. Binghams Binghams of Mayo Bingley Binn Eadair (Howth) O Biobhsaigh Bird name Bird of Monaghan Biris, T. de Birmingham Birmingham, B. O' Birn O Birn history Bisett, John Bisset Bissetts, settlers Blackers Blackneys Blackwoods Blake, Baron Blakes Blakes of Mayo Bland, Mr. Blaney, Edw. Blayneys Blennerhasset Blennerhassetts O' Bligh Blighs of Darnley Bloomfields Mac Blosgaidh Blount, Charles Blounts Blundell, F. Blundells Blundels Boats Bodkin Bodkins bogs, forests O Boland O' Bolger O Bolgers Bona Gaillmhe castle Book of Ballymote book of invasions Book of Lecan Book of Lismore Book of Munster Book of Rights Borlase Borlase annals Boroimhe, Brian Bourchier land Bourchiers Bourke, L. Bowens Boyces Boyds O' Boylan, C. O Boylan, G. O Boylan, killed Boylan of Dartree O Boylans O Boyle Boyle abbey Boyle annals O' Boyle, L. Boyle lands O Boyle of Moy Ith O Boyle, slain O Boyle sons O Boyle, stammerer Boyles O Boyles O Boyles of Donegal Boylesn Brabazons Brabazons of Meath O Bracain O Braccan Bracken O' Bradley Bradly name Mac Brady Mac Brady, C. Brady, Conway Mac Brady, N. Mac Brady of Cavan Mac Bradys O Bradys O Brain O Brains O' Branagan O Branagans Hy Branain Mac Branan O Branan Brannaghs Mac Brannan O Braoins country brass money Breaghmuine Breasal Macha Breatnach Bredach O Bree O' Bree Mac Breen Mac Breen O Breen O Breen, Art Mac Breen, C. O Breen, coarb O Breen of Mayo O Breen of Meath O Breen- Westmeath O Breens Brefney Brefney clans Brefney OReilly Brefney ORourke O Bregan land Bregia (Moy Liffey) Brehon. law. O Breislein, chief o Breislen O Breislen of Fanad Brenan Mac Brenans O Brenans Brennan Mac Brennan O Brennan Mac Brennan, C. O' Brennan, L. O Breslein of Fanad O Bresleins O Breslen O Breslen history O Breslens of Fanat O' Breslin, (Brehon) O Breslins Bretts Brian Boru O Bric, chief O' Bric, L. Mac Bride Mac Brides O Brien O Brien admirals O' Brien, B. O Brien burial place O Brien, chief O Brien, D. O Brien, Donal o Brien history o Brien inauguration O' Brien, King O Brien loses name Mac Brien, M. O Brien, made peace O Brien, Mahon O Brien of Killaloe O Brien, Oilioll O Brien prisoner O Brien, slain O Brien, T. O Brien, Thomand O Brien Topographies Mac Briens O Briens O Briens at Clontarf O Briens in Cork O Briens of Aran O Briens of Clare O Briens of Munster O Briens of Wexford O Briens Round Towers O' Brigan Brigantes, the Brit, Wm. British families Briton Britons Britt, Wm. O Brodar O' Brodar, C. O Broder Brodericks Mac Brodin Mac Brodins O' Brody O Brodyn Brodys O Brodys O Brogan O' Brogan O Brogan of Meath Brogha O Broin O Brolaigh, sage O Brolchain O Brolchain, F. O Brolchain of Derry O Brolchain, steward O Brolchan O' Brolchan, C. O Brolchans O Broleys O Bronain of Derry Brooke, B. O' Brosnaghan Brown Brown, Ign. Brown land Brown, V. Browne Brownes Brownes of Mayo Brownlow Brownlows Browns Browns of Sligo Mac Bruadins Bruce, defeated Bruce, invasion of Bruce, Robert Bruce's invasion Bruens Brugh Boine Bruighin da Choga Mac Bruodins Mac Bruodins, book of Mac Bruodins, historians Bryan, Sir F. Bryans Buckingham, duke Buddhism Bulkleys Bullens Bunburry Bundroos de Burgh, Burke, E. de Burgo, E. Burke Burke Burke at Elphin Burke dies Burke, Edm. Burke, fled to Burke in Connaught Burke, lord justice Burke name Burke, Richard Burke, the leader Burke, Theobald Burke, Wm. Burkes Burkes of Connaught Burkes of Mayo Burkes of Thomand Burley, lord Burnell Burnell, John Burnells O Burns Burrowes Burtons Burys Butler Butler, J. Butler, S. Butler, T. Butler, Thomas Butlers Butlers of Dunboyne Butlers of Kilkenny Buttevant O Byrne O Byrne, Death O' Byrne, L. O Byrne, M. O Byrnes O Byrnes country O Byrnes Wicklow

C:   Mac Cabe Mac Cabe, C. Mac Cabe, D. Mac Cabe of Monaghan Mac Cabes, galloglas Mac Cabes of Cavan Mac Cabeus Cabhan na gCranard Caddels Cadells Mac Caffrey O Caffreys Mac Caffry Mac Caffry, standard bearer Mac Cafrey Mac Cagadhain Mac Caghwell Mac Caghwell, L. O Cahal O Cahal of Kinel Hugh O Cahall O' Cahaney, C. O Cahenney O Caheny O Cahil O Cahil of Clare O Cahill O' Cahill Cahir Cahir seige Cahirians Mac Cail-MacHale Cairbre Aodhbha Cairbre Gabhra Cairbre of Drumcliffff O Cairealain O Cairellain O Cairin cairns O Cairre, Donal O Caithniadh of Mayo Calatrom or Galtrim Caledonians O Callaghan O' Callaghan O Callaghan history O Callaghans O' Callan O' Callanan O Callanans O Callans O Callinans Calry district Calry of Leitrim Calry of Shannon Calvach Cambrensis annals Cambrensis Eversus Camden annals camel, a Camma Mac Campbell mac Campbell, chief Campbells of Scotland Campion annals Campion land Mac Can Mac Can, chief Mac Can, D. Mac Can of Tyrone O Cananain, slain O Canannain O Canannans O' Canavan O Canavans Mac Cann Mac Cann of Louth O Cannanan O' Cannanan, P. Mac Canns Mac Canns of Armagh Mac Cans Mac Cans of Armagh Cantabrians Cantons, name Cantwell Cantwells Caollaine, burned O Caomhain de Capel O Carberry Carberry, Cork O' Carbery, C. Carew de Carew Carew, B. Carew, George Carew, John Carews Carews of Cork Carews of Wexford O' Carey, L. O Careys Mac Cargamna Mac Cargavna of Westmeath Mac Cargawna chief Carleton name Carletons Carlow county Carlow families O Carmacain O Carmacain, coarb O Carmacain, of Clonfert O' Carmody Carn Feradaigh Carn Fraoich Carn Siadhaill Mac Carney Carnfree near Tulsk Carns O Carolan O' Carolan O Carolan, A. O Carolan, bishop O Carolan, R. O Carolan, T. O Carolans Carpenter Carrach, M. O Carraghars(OCarraghers) O' Carragher Carraidh Eacharadh Carraig Brachaidhe Carraigh, D. Mac Carrgamhna Carrickfergus Carrickfergus, Gov. Carrigafoyle Carrigafoyle, siege O Carroll O Carroll, bishop O' Carroll, C. O Carroll Calry O Carroll chiefs O Carroll defeated O Carroll, died O Carroll elected O Carroll Ely O Carroll, Grace O Carroll hanged Carroll, J. O Carroll lands O Carroll, M. Mac Carroll, master O Carroll of Kerry O Carroll of Ossory O Carroll of Tara O Carroll Orgiall O Carroll, R. O Carroll, Teige O Carrolls O Carrolls country O Carrolls of Louth O Carrolls-Lough Lein O Carrols at Clontarf Carrs Mac Cartan Mac Cartan, L. Mac Cartans Mac Cartans of Louth Carte Carters Macv Carthaigh O Carthy mac Carthy at Clontarf Mac Carthy attacked Mac Carthy defeats Danes Mac Carthy defeats Eng. Mac Carthy Desmond Mac Carthy, F. Mac Carthy, fled to Mac Carthy history Mac Carthy inaugurated Mac Carthy, King Mac Carthy Kings Mac Carthy monuments Mac Carthy Mor Mac Carthy Mor Mac Carthy- Queens Mac Carthy Reagh Mac Carthy slain Mac Carthy war mac Carthys Mac Carthys of Mountcashel Mac Cartney Carve, T. O Carys O Casain Mac Casey O' Casey O Casey, Iovar O Casey of Devenish O Casey of Saithne O Casey of Westmeath O Caseys O Caseys of Clare O Caseys of Cork O Caseys property Cashel Cashel, city Cashel, see of Mac Cashin O' Cashin O Cashins Mac Cassarly Mac Cassidy O' Cassidy O' Cassidy, C. O Cassidy of Bally OCassidy O Cassidy physician O Cassidy, R. Mac Cassidys O Cassidys O Cassidys of Coole Mac Cassidys of Ferm. Castle at Clones castle building Castle Conell Castle Connell castle Coote castle Hyde castle Kilbarron castle Kilcoleman castle Kill Colmain castle Lehan castle Magner castle of Athleathan castle of Roscommon castle of Sligo Castleconnell Castledargin Castleknock Castlemain castles demolished castles in Ely Cathach of ODonnell O Cathail Mac Cathail, T. O Cathain O Cathain, C. O Cathalain Mac Cathans Mac Cathmail, chief Mac Cathmaoil Cauci Caucians, the Cauldron Caulfield Caulfield, T. cavalry, Irish Cavan, book of Cavan Co. Cavan, town Cavanagh, Art O' Cavanagh, L. Cavanagh name O Cavanaghs Cavenagh O Cavenagh- Carlow Cavenagh, M. O Cavenaghs Cavendish O Cawley O' Cawley, C. Ceann Clair castle Ceann Maghair O Cearnach O Cearnachain Mac Cele Mac Cele of Kilalla Celtiberians celtic nations Celts cemeteries cemeteries, Pagan O Cerbhallain of Tyrone Chamberlains chariots Cheevers Cheevers Chetwynds Chevers Chichester chiefs & clans chiefs, titles Childs Cholmondeley- Kells Christ Church Christmasas name Chroibhdearg O Ciarain O Ciardha O Ciardha, R. Ciarraidhe Luachra Mac Cidneoil O Ciearnachain Cimbri & Britons O Cinfaola O Cinga, T. Claengalais O' Claisin Clan Breasail Clan Cahil Clan Colla Clan Colman Clan Conary Clan Conchubhair Clan Conway clan Costello Clan Cuan Clan Cuilein Clan Diarmada Clan Donal Clan Donnell galloglasses Clan Fergus Clan Fermaighe clan Huge Clan Kenny Clan Kian Clan Maoilroona Clan Maoilughra clan Maurice of Mayo Clan Murchada Clan Snedgile clan Tomalty Clan-Fergus Mac Clancy Mac Clancy Mac Clancy brehons Mac Clancy, G. Mac Clancy, mighty Mac Clancy of Clare Mac Clancy of Dartry Mac Clancy of Leitrim Mac Clancys Wood Clane abbey Claneboy lands Clanna Baoisgne Clanna Breogain Clanna Dalaigh clanna Deaga Clanna Deagha Clanna Deaghaidh Clanna Lugaid Clanna Moirne Clanna Rory Clanna Rudhraidh Clannaboy Clanrickard Clanrickard, earl de Clare Clare county Clare, de Clare localities Clarendon Clarkes Mac Clean Mac Cleans Clemens O' Clerkin O' Clerkin O Clery O' Clery O Clery, Fr. B. O' Clery, Michael O Clerys, bards O Clerys castle Clifford, Conyers Clinton Clintons Cliu Mail Cloch Angcoire Clogher Clogher, Co. Tyrone Cloicteachs Clonard, bishops.. Clonard, church Clones abbey Clonfert Clonfert, see of Clonmacnois Clonmacnois annals Clontarf, battle of Clontarf, chiefs at Mac Closkey Mac Closkey Clotworthys Cloyne O Clumain of Lieney Cnoc Cairbre Cnoc na Seangan Cnoc Nascain Cnoc Raffan Cnodhba Cnucha, battle of Co-arbs Coach, T. Coarbs Cobbs Mac Cochlain Cockaynes Coddingtons Codds Coffey O Coffey O' Coffey Coffey, Bishop O Coffey, D. O Coffey, died O Coffeys O Coffeys, HyMaine O Coffeys- Westmeath Cogan de Cogan Mac Cogan Cogan, John de Cogan, L. Mac Cogan lands Cogans Cogans of Cork Coggan Mac Coggan Mac Coggan Coghills Mac Coghlan Mac Coghlan, C. Mac Coghlan, L. Mac Coghlan, lord Mac Coghlan, of Delvin Mac Coghlan of Garrycastle Mac Coghlan of the Castles Coghlans Mac Coghlans O Coghlins O' Coigley O' Coigley O' Coigley (Quigley) coinage O Coinfiacla O Coinlesg coins, Danish Coirsliabh Coke Colclough Colcoughs Cocloughs? Cole Cole, W. O Coleman O' Coleman Coleraine Coles Colgan O Colgan O' Colgan Mac Colgan, G. Colgan, John Mac Colgans O Colgans Colgans 'Lives' O Colgans of Kildare Collins Collumkille Mac Colmain, sage O' Colman, C. Mac Colmans colonies Mac Colreavy Mac Colreavy O Coltarain O' Coltaran O Coltarans O Coltrans Comar comarban Mac Comas combats, single Comerford Comerfords comet comharba Commerfords O Commins Comyn, J. Comyns O Conachtains O Conaghtan, bishop O' Conaghty O Conaghtys- Cabrach O Conaghtys in Cavan O Conaings or Gunnings Conall Cearnach Conang's tower mac Conbains O Concanan, C. Concani O' Concannon O' Concannon O Concannon history O Concanons O Conceanain Mac Concoigrighe Concovar Mac Neasa Condon, B. Condon, Patrick Condons O' Conealy O Conery confiscations Cong abbey O Congaile, P. O' Conlan O Conlivan O Conmaic Conmaicne Conmaicne district Conmaicne Mara Conmaicne of Moyrein Mac Conmara Mac Conmees Mac Conmel Conn of the battles O Connachty Hy Briuin Connaught Connaught booty Connaught, kingdom Connaught North Connaught province Connaught south Mac Connavas O' Connegan O' Connelan, C. Mac Connell O Connell O' Connell Connell, abbey O Connell chief O Connell history Mac Connell, James O Connell, John O Connell, P. O Connellan O' Connellan O Connellan history O Connellan of Elphin O Connellan of Tyrone Connello O Connells O Connells at Clontarf O Connells in Cavan O Connellys O Connery O Connings O Connolly O' Connolly, C. O Connolly history O Connollys O Connolys O' Connor, King O' Connor, P. O Connor, sons of Conolly name Conor O Conor O' Conor O Conor, Bernard O Conor, Bryan O Conor, Charles O Conor-Connaught O Conor Corcomroe O Conor, death of O Conor don O' Conor Don O Conor Faily O Conor, Felim o Conor, Hugh O Conor in Kerry O Conor inaugurated O Conor Kerry vs Queen O Conor, King O Conor leads English O Conor of Clare O Conor of Maonmoy O Conor of Offaley O Conor plunders O Conor, R. O Conor, Rev. C. O Conor, Rod. O Conor, Roderick. O Conor roe O' Conor Roe O Conor, Rory O Conor Sligo O Conor, Torlogh O Conor, will of O Conor's O Conors O Conors at Clontarf Conors, battle O Conors, chiefs O Conors- Clare O Conors Don O Conors Don burial O Conors Faily O Conors inauguration O Conors Kerry O Conors Kerry O Conors, kings O Conors of Derry O Conors of Kianactha O Conors of Leinster O Conors of Sligo O Conors, Offaley O Conors Roe O' Conran, C. Conroy Conroy Mac Conroy history Mac Conroys Mac Conroys of Galway Mac Conruba Mac Conry O Conry Mac Conry, C. Conry Mac Daire O' Considine Mac Considines O Considines Mac Consnamha Mac Consnava C. Constantine Contae Riavach contention of bards O Convally conventions Conway Mac Conway Mac Conway Mac Conway Mac Conway, M. Mac Conways Conyngham at Slane Conynghams Cooke, R. Cooke, Thomas L. Cookes Cooks Coolaghans O Coolaghans Coolavin O Cooney O' Cooney Coote Coote families Cootes Cootes of Sligo Cope, W. Copeland Copelands, settlers Copes Coppinger Coppingers Corballys Corca Adhaimh Corca Duibhne Corca Luighe Corca Muiceadha Corcabaiscin Corcaduin Corcaraidhe Corcomroe Mac Corcoran O' Corcoran O' Corcoran, C. O Corcoran Cleenish O Corcorans Mac Corcrain Cores Mac Corgabhans Coritani Coriundi Cork City Cork Co. Mac Cormac O Cormac O' Cormac Cormac's palace O Cormacain Mac Cormack, bishop Cormack, King Mac Cormacs O' Corr Corran O' Corran O' Corrigan O Corrigans Corrs Corry families Corrys O Corrys Cosby, Francis Cosbys Mac Coscrys Mac Cosglys O Cosgras Cosgrave O Cosgrave land Cosgraves Mac Cosgraves O Cosgry O' Cosgry, C. O Cosgry land Mac Coskley Mac Coskleys Mac Costello Mac Costello Mac Costello, M. Mac Costello of Mayo Mac Costello, P. Mac Costello plundered Mac Costelloe Cottors O Coulaghan Coulter, chief O Coulters de Courcy, Mac Court Courtenay land Courtenays Courtnays Mac Courty O Coveney O Cowheys O Cowhiggs O Cowhys Cowley O' Cowley, C. Cox's Hibernia O' Coyle Mac Cracken Craig, J. Mac Craith Cranoges Craoibh (Creeve) Mac Craths Creagh O' Creagh Creagh, R. Creaghs O Creaghs O Creaghs, Ulster to Clare O' Crean, C. O Crean, Henry O Creans O Crechain of Tuam O Credan Creedons O Creehans of Ferm. Mac Crehan mac Crehan Creightons O Cridagain Crioch na gCeadach O Criochain O' Criochan, C. O' Criodan Crofton Crofts, James Croivdearg Crokers O Crollys Crom Cruach cromleacs Cromwells of Ardglass O' Cronin Crosbies Mac Crossan Mac Crossan O' Crossan crosses, ancient O Crotty O' Crotty, C. Crovdearg's O' Crowley, C. O Crowleys O Crowleys of Cork O' Crowly crowns, ornament croziers Cruach Patrick Cruachan Cruachan OCuprain Cruise Cruises Cruises Cruisetown Cruises of Dublin Cruse, Wm. Cuailgne Cualann O Cuana, D. Cuchulain Cuchulin Cuffe Cuffe obtains land Cuffes O Cuilein, M. O Cuilleans O Cuinn of Anally O Cuinn of Teffia O' Cuirc O' Cuirc Cuircne Cuireach Liffey O Cuires O' Cuirneen O Cuirnin O Cuirnin, A. o Cuirnin of Leitrim O Cuirnin, S. O Cuirnins O Cuirnins of Cavan Cuisin Cuisin, D. Cul an Tuaiscirt Culdees Culdees, monks Mac Cullagh O Cullen O' Cullen O Cullen history O Cullen lands O' Cullenan Mac Cullenan, Cormac O Cullenan, physicians Mac Cullenan, will of Mac Cullenans O Cullenans O' Culligan O Cullinan lands Culme, Capt. O' Cummin Cunningham, A. cups, goblets Curlew Mtns. O Curneen, S. O Curnins monument Curragh of Kildare O' Curran Curran, John P. O' Curry Curry annals O Curry of Cork Curry of Westmeath O Currys Mac Curtins Mac Curtins, bards Curwin, Hugh Cusack, A. Cusack- O'Cisoghe Cusack, Thomas Cusacks Cusacks- Clonmullen Cusacks of Dublin Cusacks of Mayo Mac Cuskers

D:    D'Altons D'Arcy O Daighre died O Daimhin Dal Buine Dal Cais Dal Fiatachs Dal Mesincorb O Dalachain Dalaradia lands Dalcassions O Daley Dalriada Dalriada lands Dalrieda Dalriedians Dalton Daltons O Daly O' Daly O Daly, A. O Daly, chief sage O Daly, D. O Daly, Daniel O Daly, G. O Daly history O Daly of cork O Daly, poet O Daly, poetry O Dalys Damnonians o Danaghers O' Danaher Danans Danes Danes battle Danes convert Danes defeat Danes in England Danes in Scotland Danes of Dublin Danes of Waterford & Limerick Danish at Clontarf Danish Bishops Danish colonies Danish families Danish invasions Danish kings Danish Wars Danish wars list Darcy Darcys Darcys of Dublin Darcys of Platten Dardis Dardis Dardises Dartas of Gascony Dartry in Leitrim Dartry in Monaghan Dathi King Daunts Mac Davett Mac Davetts Mac David Mac David origins Davies, J. Davies, Sir J. Davis, John Davis, T. Davises O Davoran of Clare O' Davoren Davorens O Davorins Dawneys Dawson Dawson of Monaghan Dawsons de Angulo de Angulos of Mayo de Barnwalls de Barrys de Bathe of Meath de Bathes De Berminghams de Bigods de Braosa, P. de Brosa de Brotherton de Bruse de Burgh De Burgo de Burgo murdered de Burgos de Burgos of Ulster de Clare, G. de Clare, R. de Clare, T. de Clares de Cogan de Cogan, M. de Constantine, J. de Courcy at Armagh de Courcy in Tyrone de Courcy, J. de Courcy marches de Courcys de Cursun de Danan de Dunstable de Exeter De Flemmings de Genevilles of Meath De Gernon de Ginkells of Westmeath de Ginkles de Grandison de Gray, John de Hereford, R. de Hose de Hose of Meath de Jorse, R. de Jorses de la Pole de la Rupe de Lacies de Lacy De Lacy castle de Lacy, dies de Lacy expelled de Lacy, H. de Lacy, Hugh De Lacy of Louth de Lacy, Pierce de Lacy, Robt. de Lacy slain de Lacy, sons of de Lacy, W. de Lacys, Meath de Marisco de Massues de Missett de Moleynes de Montchensey de Monte Celion de monte Marisco de Montmorency de Mountchensey de Nugent, G. De Pepards de Quincy de Quiney de Riddlesford de Rupella de Salerna, W. de Spencer de Spencers de St. Michael de Ufford, R. de Vale de Valence de Valences De Verdon de Verdun de Vere, R. de Veseys de Vessey, W. de Windsor O Dea O' Dea, C. O Dea, L. O Dea of Clare Dealbhna Beag Dealbhna Eathra Dealbhna Iarthar Dealbhna Mor Deane Deanes Deanes Dearg Bruach Dearvorgail O Deas Dease Deases of Meath O' Deasy deBigod O' Deegan O Deery of Derry Degadians O Deighan of Galway Deisgeart Breagh deLacy, the younger Delahides Delahoids Delahoyde Delahoydes Delahunty deLamare Delamares Delameres Delamers O Delany O' Delany O' Delany, C. Delion O Dempsey O' Dempsey O' Dempsey O Dempsey, chief O Dempsey clan O Dempsey of Offaley O' Dennehy O' Dennery Denny, E. Denny land Dennys Depredations O Derain Derenzys Dermod, King O' Dermody O Dermot Mac Dermott Mac Dermott O Dermott Mac Dermott, C. Mac Dermott Gall Mac Dermott history Mac Dermott into Connaught Mac Dermott, lord Mac Dermott, M. Mac Dermott- Moylurg Mac Dermott name Mac Dermott of Roscommon Mac Dermott, P. Mac Dermott, prince Mac Dermott Roe O Dermott slain O Dermott & the English Mac Dermott-Moylurg Mac Dermotts at Clontarf Mac Dermotts marshals Mac Dermotts of the Rock Derry city Derry Co. Desies Desmond, captured Desmond clans Desmond, earl Desmond, earl Desmond, history Desmond, House Desmond, Queens Desmond, shot Desmond, territory Desmond, troops Despard Devenish abbey Devereux Devereuxes, Wexford O Devin, B. O' Devin, L. O Devin of Fermanagh O Devines O Devins O' Devir O Devlin O' Devlin O Devlin -Lough Neagh O Devlin of Camma O Devlin of Coran O Devlin of good fame Dexeter Dexeter, J. Dexetra Dexetra, S. O Diarmada dictionaries, Irish Digbys Dillon Dillon, Charles Dillons Dillons of Mayo Dillons of Roscommon Dillune O Dinan O' Dinan O' Dinane O Dinans of Limerick O' Dineen O' Dinerty Dingle O Dinnaghans O' Dinnahan, C. O Dinnahane O Dinnertys Dinnrigh o Diocholla Disneys Diuid, R. divisions of Ire. Dobbyns O Docomlain Docwra, Henry Dodaly, J. O Dogherty O' Dogherty O Dogherty chief O Dogherty died O Dogherty goblet O' Dogherty, L. O Dogherty of Donegal O Doighre of Derry O Doired O' Dolan O Dolans in Cavan Dollard Dolofin, John Mac Domhnaill Domvilles O Donagan Mac Donagan at Clontarf O Donagan slain O Donagh Mac Donaghs Mac Donaghs of Sligo O Donaghy O Donaghy kerns Mac Donall Mac Donalls of Antrim Donegal, battles Donegal Co. Donegal monastery Donegal town O Donegans O' Donevan O Donevans Dongans O' Donlevy O Donlevys O Donnabair O Donnagain O Donnagan Donnegan O' Donnegan Donnegan land O Donnegan land O Donnel vs. ORourke O' Donnelan Mac Donnell Mac Donnell O Donnell O' Donnell Mac Donnell, Alex. O Donnell boats Mac Donnell, C. Mac Donnell, Clan Kelly O Donnell, death of Red Hugh O Donnell, escape Mac Donnell galloglas O Donnell history mac Donnell in battle O Donnell in Connaught O Donnell in Fermanagh Mac Donnell, J.C . Mac Donnell of Hebrides O Donnell of Scotland O' Donnell, P. O Donnell patron St O Donnell poems O' Donnell, Prince O Donnell, red Hugh O Donnell sailed O Donnell's Marsh O Donnellan O Donnellan history O Donnellan in prison O' Donnellan, L. Mac Donnells O Donnells O Donnells battles Mac Donnells- Clankelly O Donnells country Mac Donnells descent O Donnells expedition to Thomand Mac Donnells in Cavan Mac Donnells inUlster Mac Donnells of Clare O Donnells of Clare O Donnells of Donegal Mac Donnells of Hebrides mac Donnells of Kildare O Donnells- Tir Connell O Donnelly O' Donnelly, C. Mac Donnels Mac Donogh Mac Donogh, L. mac Donogh of Cork Mac Donogh of Sligo O' Donoghoe (Donahue) O Donoghoe, H. O Donoghoe Mor O' Donoghoe Mor O Donoghoe, N. O Donoghoe near Dublin O Donoghoe of Cashel O Donoghoe of Galway O Donoghoe of Glens O Donoghoe of Kings Co. O' Donoghoe, P. O Donoghoes O Donoghoes at Clontarf O Donoghoes of Leinster O Donoghoes of Lough Leine O Donoghoes of Munster O Donoghoes, two Mac Donoghs O' Donohoe, P. O Donohoes Mac Donough, L. O Donovan O' Donovan O Donovan history O Donovans at Clontarf O Doody O' Dooley, C. O Dooley- Westmeath O Dooleys O' Doolin O' Dooyarma, L. O Dooyiorma O' Doran (Brehon) O' Doran, C. Doran, Maurice O Dorans O Dorans, brehons Mac Dorchaidh Dorchy Mac Dorchy Mac Dorchy Mac Dorchy in Mayo Mac Dorchy lands O Dorchys O Dorigh, bishop O Dorney O' Dornin O' Dorrian Mac Dougall mac Dougall, sons of mac Dougalls Douglas, J. O Dowd O Dowd, D. O Dowd, dau. of O Dowd drowned O Dowd, H. O Dowd inaugurated O Dowd, inheritance O Dowd, lord O Dowd of Hy Fiachra O' Dowd, P. O Dowd plunders O Dowda Dowdall Dowdalls Dowdalls of Athlumney Dowdals O Dowds O Dowds of Mayo Mac Dowell Mac Dowells mac Dowels O Dowling O' Dowling, C. Mac Dowlings O Dowlings O Dowlings of Queens Co. Down Co. Down & Connor Down, diocese of Downpatrick O' Doyle O Doyles O Doyne O' Doyne Doynes Drake Drakes Drakes of Drake-Rath O Dreain of Ardcarne O' Dreenan O Drennan Drew, David Drew, M. Drews O' Drinan O' Drinans O Driscoll admirals O Driscoll history O' Driscoll, L. O Driscolls Drogheda Drom Mochuda O Drom, S. O Droma Dromahiare abbey Dromceat Dromgooles Dromgools O Droms O Droms in Cavan droughts Druidism, etc. Druids temple Druim Tuama Druimfliuch, battle Drum Holm Drumcliff abbey Drumlane abbey Drummond, J. Drury, Wm. O' Duane Mac Dubhain Dublin city Dublin Co. Dublin diocese Dublin taken Ducketts O Duff O' Duff, C. Duffs O Duffy O' Duffy O Duffy, bishop O Duffy history O Duffy, M. O Duffy of Cong O Duffy of Mayo O Duffy of Tuam O Duffys O Dugan O' Dugan O Dugan, historian O Dugan land o Dugans topography Duhallow O Duhiggs O Duibdiarmas o Duibhdiarma of Inisowen O Duibhghins or ODevins Mac Duibhne O Duigans O Duigenan O' Duigenan O Duigenan, M. O Duigenans O Duigin of Clare O Duignans Mac Duileachain O Duilennain Mac Duilgen O Duinans O Duinins O Duinn mac Duinnsleve O Duirnin, D. Duke of York Duleek village O Dulhunty mac Dullaghan O Dullaghan Dullard Dun Aengus Dun Aongus Dun da leathglass Dun Forgais Dun Laoghaire Dun na Sciath O Dunady Dunamon castle Dunbar, J. Dunbo Dunboy, seige Duncarberry Dundalk Dungannon O Dunlaing O Dunleavey Dunleoda O Dunleveys, physicians Mac Dunlevy O Dunlevy Dunlevy, Br. Dunlevy, Fr. C. Dunloe castle Dunluce O Dunn O' Dunn, C. O Dunn, D. O Dunn, Donal O' Dunn, L. O' Dunnady Dunnalong O Dunne O Dunns Mac Dunsleve, king O Dunsleve, R. Mac Dunslevey Mac Dunsleveys of Down Mac Dunslevy Dunsobairce(Dunseverick) O' Durkan O Durnin Durrow abbey Durrow castle Dutton, T. mac Duvan Mac Duvan, C. O' Duvan, C. O Duvan chief Mac Duvans O Duvans Mac Duvany O Duvany O' Duvany, C. O Duvanys of Armagh O Duvdiorma O Duyiorma O Dwyer O Dwyer, Edmund O' Dwyer, L. O Dwyers O Dwyers of Tipperary Dysart Kelly

E:   Eagan Eagon Eanach Duin Earley name Earls, Irish O' Early Early as Mulmoghery Earlys earthquake Eas Craoibhe Eas Dara Easroe abbey Eblanians O Ederla O Edin, Conor Edward IV Edward VI Mac Egan Mac Egan Mac Egan, book of Mac Egan, brehon Mac Egan castle Mac Egans of Hy Maine O Eignigh- Fermanagh O' Eirc Eisgir Riada Mac Eitigen Elizabeth, Reign of Elizabeth, war of Mac Elligot Mac Elligots mac Elligotts Elliott, J. Elphin, bishops Elphin, see of Ely OCarroll Emania Emly, bishops... Emly, see of Mac Eneiry, L. Mac Eneirys English battle ONeill English defeat English families English forces English invasion English march English of Desmond English of Munster English of Ulster Mac Enirys Ennis abbey Ennis monastery Enniscorthy abbey Enniskillen Mac Enteggart entertainments O Eochagain Mac Eoigh, J. Erc O Ercks Erenachs erics (ransom) Erneans errata Errew Abbey errors eruptions, earth eruptions, lake Esmond Esmond, L. Esmonds Essex, earl of O Etigan O' Etigan, C. Mac Etigans Eugenians, Munster Eugenians, Ulster Eustace Eustace, James Eustaces Evanses Everards evil eye, omens Mac Evoy Mac Evoy of Westmeath Mac Evoys

F:   Mac Fachtna O Faelain of Desies Fagan Fagan history Fagans O Fagans O Fahy O' Fahy Fairfax Fairly fairyism O' Fallon O Fallon, Bryan O Fallon castle O Fallon, constable O Fallon history O Fallon of Meath O Fallon, W. O Fallons Faltach O Falvey O' Falvey O Falvey navy O Falveys as admirals O Falvies famine, great famines Fanat Fanes of Carlow Fanes of Limerick O Faolain of Munster Farney or Fearnmuighe O Farrells of Annaly O' Farrelly, C. O Farrellys O Farrellys of Cavan O' Fay O Fays O Fays O Fays in Cavan O Fea of Fermanagh Feara muighe feine or Fermoy Feara Rois Fearbile Fearsads Fearta Feenaghty O Feenaghty O' Feenaghty O Feenaghty chief O Feenaghty history Feenaghty, Hugho O Feenaghty of Galway O Feenaghtys O' Feeney Feipo, Adam O Felan at Clontarf O Felan, chief O Felan, O. O' Felan (Phelan) O Felans O Felans at Clontarf O Felans of Waterford Fenagh abbey Fenagh, book of Fenians mac Feorais Mac Feorais name Fercal O Fercomais Ferdroma Mac Fergail O Fergail Mac Fergus O Fergus, vicar Mac Ferguses in Cavan Fermanagh Fermanagh clans Fermanagh, history Fermanagh territory Fermoy, book of Ferns Ferns, see of O' Ferral, P. O Ferrall O Ferrall brothers O Ferrall chief O Ferrall, D. O Ferrall, H. O Ferrall of Anally O Ferrall of Longford O Ferrall slain by dart O Ferrall, T. O Ferralls O Ferralls of Anally O Ferralls of Brefney Ferrars, Wm. Fertullagh Hy Fiachra O Fiachra Mac Fiachraigh O Fiachrys O Fiaigh, D. O Fidaver Field, James Field, name Fields O' Fihelly O Fihelly, Maurice O Fihellys O Fihilly Finae O' Finan Mac Fineen, C. Mac Fineens O' Finegan O Finegans Fingall Finglases Finglass, Patrick Mac Finin O Finn O' Finn O Finn, M. O Finn, Rallall O Finnaghta Mac Finnavar, Ed. Mac Finneens O Finnegan history O Finnegans O' Finnelan, L. O' Finnelans O Finnellan O Finnellan of Delvin O Finnellans Finnevar Mac Finnevar Mac Finnevar O Finns Finnucane, M. Fion, T. O Fionn Fionn, F. Fionn Fochla Fionn MacCumhaill Mac Fionnvar Mac Fionnvar, T. Fir Domnians Fir Gallians or Gallenians Fir-bolgs Mac Firbis Mac Firbises Mac Firbises, descent of Mac Firbises land Firbolg Firbolg Kings Firbolg or Belgians fire arms, first Mac Firedin O Firgail of Derry O Firgil or OFreel Firlee Fish, J. Fisher, Edw. Fitton, Edw. Fitton land Fittons Fitz Eustace, James Fitz Henry Fitz Henry slain Fitz Henry the younger Fitz Stephen Fitz Thomas Fitz-Eustace Fitz-Eustaces of Portlester Fitz-Henry land FitzEustace FitzEustace FitzEustace, E. Fitzgeoffrey Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald branches Fitzgerald drowned Fitzgerald in Kildare Fitzgerald, M. Fitzgerald marches Fitzgerald of Clare Fitzgerald of Offaly Fitzgerald origins Fitzgerald, Queens Fitzgerald removed Fitzgerald, seneschal Fitzgerald stronghold Fitzgerald, T. Fitzgeralds- Kilkenny Fitzgeralds- Limerick Fitzgeralds name Fitzgeralds of Kildare Fitzgerrald, E. Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbons Fitzgibbons of Clare Fitzharris Fitzharrises Fitzhenry Fitzhenry, M. Fitzhenrys Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice against the Queen Fitzmaurice, E. Fitzmaurice of Kerry Fitzmaurices- Mayo Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, D. Fitzpatrick of Ossory Fitzpatrick P. Fitzpatricks Fitzpatricks of Cavan FitzRichard Fitzroy, Henry Fitzsimon Fitzsimon Fitzsimon settlers Fitzsimons of Cavan Fitzsimons of Kings Fitzstephen Fitzstephen, R. FitzUrse FitzWalter Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliams O' Flahavan Flaherty O Flaherty O Flaherty admiral O Flaherty at Clontarf O Flaherty, C. O Flaherty castle O Flaherty- Connaught O Flaherty- Connemara O Flaherty, dies O Flaherty expelled O Flaherty, H. O Flaherty history O Flaherty, Hugh O' Flaherty, L. O Flaherty, lord O Flaherty of Tyrone O Flaherty, Rod. O Flaherty, Rory O Flaherty, shot O Flaherty slain O Flaherty's Ogygia O Flahertys O Flahertys castle O Flahertys of Galway O Flahery dies O Flainn O Flaithimh O Flanagan O Flanagan- Fermanagh O Flanagan, G. O Flanagan history O' Flanagan, L. Flanagan lands O Flanagan of Tura O Flanagan slain O Flanagans O Flanagans-Ferm. O' Flannagan O Flannelleys O' Flannelly, L. O' Flannery O Flannery history O Flannerys O Flattelleys O' Flattery O Flattery of Clare Fleets, maritime Fleming Fleming Fleming, Adam Fleming, B. Fleming, Capt. Fleming, R. slain Fleming, V. Flemings Flemings of Staholmock Flemmings Flemmings of Dublin flight of the earls Mac Floinn O Floinn Flood Floods O Florry O' Florry Flower, H. Flowerdew, T. Flowers Flynn O Flynn O' Flynn O Flynn, chief O Flynn, coarb O Flynn, David O Flynn history O' Flynn, L. O Flynn lord of Derlas O Flynn of Eassa O Flynn slain O Flynns O Flynns mountains O' Fogarty O Fogarty, bishop Fogarty clan O Fogarty, D. O Fogarty, Ely O Fogarty land Fogarty lands o Fogartys Foghard O' Foley Folliot Fomorians O Forannain O Forannans Forbes of Granard Ford Ford Ford C Ford, name Fords of Leitrim Fore abbey Formorians O' Forranan, C. O Fortchern Fortescue, Capt Fortescues fortress of Fionn fortresses Fosters Fosters of Ferard Fox O' Fox Fox in Westmeath Fox of Teffia Fox, the Foxes Franciscan Order Fraus, Master O Freel O' Freel O Freels French Frenches Freyne, Wm. Frost O Fuada O' Furey Furlong Furlongs Furnival, L. Furnival, lord O Furrey O Furries O' Furry Fyans O' Fynn

G:   Gael, the Mac Gaffney Mac Gaffneys in Cavan Mac Gafney Mac Gafridh Gages O Gahan O' Gahan, L. Mac Gaiblin Mac Gaithene Galbally abbey Galinga O Gallagher o Gallagher, marshall O Gallaghers O Gallaghers of Donegal O' Gallaher, C. Gallda, Wm. Gallenians O' Gallivan Galloglaoch, the galloglasses Galloglasses at Clontarf galloglasses, Irish gallowglasses Gallways Galtrim Galway burned Galway city Galway county Galways Galwey Gambles Gannoc castle Gaoth an chairgin O Gara O Gara, dedicated to O Gara, Fergal O' Gara, L. O Gara of Connaught O Gara of Slieve Lugha Garbh Thrian Garden Gardiner Gardiners Mac Gargan Garnetts Mac Garraghan Mac Garrahan Garretts garrisons, English Mac Garry Mac Garvey O Garvey O' Garvey, C. O Garvey, chief O Garvey land O Garveys O Garveys of Armagh Gassipred Gaulish colony Gauls Mac Gauran O Gauran Mac Gauran, B. Mac Gauran, death Mac Gauran, L. Mac Gauran land Mac Gauran of Cavan Mac Gaurans O' Gavagan O Gavaghan Mac Gavan Gavans Mac Gavans gavelkind Mac Gawley O Gealans O Gealbhroin O' Gearan Gearr, T. O' Geary mac Gees Mac Gees- Islandmagee de Geneville, L. Mac Genis, P. Mac Gennis, A. Mac Gennis-Clan Hugh Mac Gennises Mac Gennises of Down Mac Geoffrey Mac Geoffrey, J. Mac Geoghegan Mac Geoghegan, L. Mac Geoghegan land Mac Geoghegan, marshal Mac Geoghegans Mac Geraeghty Mac Geraghty Mac Geraghty Geraghty, B. Mac Geraghty drowned Geraghty history Mac Geraghtys Geraldines Geraldines Gerards de Gernon Gernons Mac Gettigan O' Gevany O Gevennys Mac Gevney of Brefny Mac Ghee Mac Gi'lamocholmoge O Giallain Giants Causeway Mac Gibbon Mac Gibbon mac Gibbon origins Mac Gibbons O Gibellain O Gibellain of Sligo O Gibellan, monk O Gibellans Mac Gil Michaels Mac Gilaraith Gilberts Mac Gilbride Mac Gilchrist Mac Gilcoisgley, T. Mac Gilcreest Mac Gildauff Mac Gilduff Mac Gilfinen, D. Mac Gilfinnen, L. Mac Gilfinnen-Ferm. Mac Gilfinnens Mac Gilfoyle Mac Gilfoyle Mac Gilkellys Mac Gill Kellys Mac Gilla Comdhain Mac Gilla Ger Mac Gilla Muire Gillacolm Mac Gillapadraics Mac Gillaraigh in Sligo Mac Gillchiarain Mac Gillcoisgle, J. Mac Gillduff Mac Gillduff, chief Mac Gillefinen-Ferm. Mac Gillegans Mac Gillereaghs Mac Gillesamhais Mac Gillespy Mac Gillfinen-Lough Erne Mac Gillfinnen Mac Gillfinnens Mac Gillfoyle Mac Gilli-Uider Mac Gillicuddys Mac Gillicuddys- Kerry Mac Gilligan Mac Gilligans mac Gilligans in Cavan Mac Gillikelly Mac Gillivider Mac Gillmores Mac Gillmurry O Gillpatrick O Gillpatrick, D. Mac Gillpatrick, lord Mac Gillpatricks Mac Gillroy Mac Gillroy of Kinel Aongusa Mac Gillycuddy Mac Gillycuddy C. Mac Gillycuddy Reeks Gillys Mac Gilmartin Mac Gilmichael, C. Mac GilMichaels Mac Gilmore Mac Gilmores Mac Gilmors Mac Gilpatrick Mac Gilpatrick Mac Gilpatrick, D. Mac Gilroy Mac Gilroy Mc Gilwees Mac Ginty Mac Giolam'lmoge Mac Giolla Kelly Mac Giolla Phadraic Giolla (prefix) Mac Giolla Ronan Mac Giollaioscht GiollanaNaingeal Mac Giollarraidh, S. O Giollaultain Giollgain Glaisfene O Glaisin land O' Gleeson Glen Concadhan Glen Fearna Glencar Glendalough Glendalough, see Glenmalure Glenmalure, battle O' Glennnon Glionn Righe O Gloherney Mac Gloin Mac Gloins in Cavan mac Gloran O Gloran O' Gloran, C. O Gneeves, bards O Gnive, a bard Gno Beag & Mor Mac Gobhains goblets Godfreys O' Gogarty gold mines Mac Golrick Gordon, Cath. Gore, P. Gores Gores of Anally Gorges family Mac Gorigal Mac Gorman O Gorman O' Gorman Mac Gorman, C. O Gorman, F. O Gorman history O Gorman of Clare O Gorman, T. O Gormans O Gormelys Gormley O' Gormley, C. O Gormley, N. O Gormley of Raphoe O Gormley slain O Gormley, the blind O' Gormly O Gormog O' Gormoge, C. Gort Gotofrid Goughs Gould Goulds Goulds Mac Gowan Mac Gowan Mac Gowan, historian Mac Gowan (Smith) O Gowans Gowans, three Grace Grace family Graces country Graces of Dublin Graces of Kilkenny O' Grady O Grady, D. O Grady of Clare o Gradys O Gradys of Limerick mac Graidin, Pierce Mac Grane Grants Granu Weal Mac Graths Grattans Gray, Eliz. Gray, Henry Gray, Leonard Gray name Mac Greal Green name Greens Grey, Henry Grey, recalled O Griffa, M. O' Griffin Mac Griffin, a knight Grimes OGriobtha O Grogan Grudeley Guer Mac Guire Mac Guire, Cathal Mac Guire of Corcomroe Mac Guire, P. Mac Guires mac Guires descent Mac Guires. Fermanagh Mac Guires, name Mac Gulsenan Mac Gulshenan Gunning Gunning Gunning history Gunning- OConaing Gunnings Gunns gunpowder explosion

H:   Hacket, John Hag's Castle O Hagain O' Hagan, C. O Hagans O' Hagarty O Hagartys O' Hagerty O Haidith O Haidnidh hail stones fell O Hainbitir O Hairectaigh, T. O Hairnin O Hairt O' Halahan Mac Hale (MacCail) Hales Hall, Mrs. O Hallgaith, coarb O' Halligan O' Hallinan, C. O Hallinans O Hallinans of Limerick O Halloran O' Halloran O Halloran at Clontarf O Hallorans Hally obtains land O Hamells Hamertons, the two Hamill O Hamill O' Hamill Hamilton Hamilton families Hamilton, G. Hamilton of Boyne Hamiltons Hamiltons of Down Hamiltons of Lim. Hamites O Hanainn, prior Hanger families O' Hanley O Hanley, C. O Hanley chief O Hanley history O Hanleys O Hanlon O' Hanlon, L. O Hanlon of Airther O Hanlon of Armagh O Hanlon, standard bearers O Hanlons O Hanlons of Armagh O Hanly Hanmer Hanmer annals O Hanraghans O Hanrahan O' Hanrahan O Hanrathys O' Hanratty, C. O Hanrattys O Hanvey O' Hanvey O Hanvey -Westmeath o Haodha O Hara O' Hara O Hara, D. O Hara died O Hara, lord O Hara of Antrim O Hara of Connaught O Hara of Lieney O Hara of Luighne O Hara of the Route O Haras O Haras of Mayo O Haras of Sligo Hardings Hare families Hares O' Harkan Harmans O' Harney O' Harney, C. Harold Harold, Francis Harolds Harrington Harris's Hibernica O Hart O' Hart, C. O Hart, Donal Hart, H. O Hart lands O' Hart, P. O' Hartigan O Hartigan, K. O Hartigans O Hartly land Hartpoles Hartrey, John O Harts O' Harty O Hartys Harveys Hastings Hastings family Hatton, E. Hatton land Haughy name O' Haverty, C. Hay Hayes O Hea O' Hea, C. O Hea history Headfort O Heafes O Healey, D. O' Healy O Healys O Healys of Cork O' Heaney, C. O Heaneys O Heas O Heas lands Heber Heberians Hebrides, from Hebrides in Scotland O Heda, contest with O Heerin O Heerin, G. O Heerins topography O Heffernan O' Heffernan O Heffernans O Hegnigh O' Hehir, C. O Hehirs O Hehirs of Clare O Heignig O Heignys O Heilgiusan O Heinni O' Heir, C. O Heirc O' Heirs O Heitigein Helmet Hely O Hely O' Hely O Helys O Henans O Henery O Heney O Heney, lord O Heney, M. O Hennery, Kane O Hennes(e)y O Hennesey of Gallen O Henneseys O' Hennessey, C. O' Hennessy, C. O Hennesy- Westmeath O' Hennigan Henry III Henry VII Henry VIII O Heny of Killaloe O Heoghaidh Heoghy O Heoghy O' Heoghy, C. O Heoghy killed O Heoghys O Heohy O Heosey Herbert lands Mac Herbert, M. Herbert, W. Herberts of Castleisland O Hercs Heremon Heremonians O Herlihys O Hethe Hetherington O Hetigan, Wm. Hewitts Heyborne, R. O' Heyne O Heyne at Clontarf O Heyne history O Heyne, Owen O' Heyne, P. O Heyne slain O Heyne, the lady O Heynes O Heynes of Cork Hibernia Anglicana O' Hickey Hickey, A. O Hickey, physicians O Hickeys O' Higgin O Higgin, a poet O' Higgin, C. O Higgin, M. O Higgin, the bard O Higgins O Higgins, T. O Higgins- Westmeath O Higin, Rannall Hill, George Hill of Uisneach Hills O Hionmainen of Boyle O Hionmhuinein O Hir Mac Hoberd Hodnett Hoey O Hoey O' Hoey O Hoey, bishop Hoey name O Hoeys O Hoeys O Hogan O' Hogan O Hogan, mill of O Hogans hole stone Holinshed annals Holly Hollywood, Mr. Hollywoods O Holorans O' Honan O' Honeen O Honeens O Hoolaghan O Hoolaghans district O' Hoollaghan Hopkins, F. O' Horan O Horans Hore Hores O' Horgan O' Hosey O Hoseys hospitality houses- see biatachs hostages hostages taken O Hostin Hostings Hostings, the Hovendons Howards O' Howley Howths O Huada O Huain O Huallachain O Huallachain, D. O Huathmharain Mac Hugh Mac Hugh O Hugh O' Hugh Mac Hugh, C. Mac Hugh history O Hugh of Fernmoy Hughes Hughes O Hughes O Hughes territory mac Hughs Mac Hughs in Cavan Mac Hugo Mac Hugossa O Hugroin, J. O Huidhrin Humes, G. Humphreys O' Hurley O Hurleys O Hurlys Hussey Hussey O Hussey Husseys Husseys of Galtrim Hutchinsons Hy Branain Hy Briuin Hy Briuin Brefney Hy Briuin Cualan Hy Briuin of Shannon Hy Briune tribe Hy Briunians Hy Caisin Hy Diarmada Hy Earca Chein Hy Failge Hy Faolain Hy Feilimy Hy Fiachra Hy Fiachra Aidhne Hy Fiachra Ardsratha Hy Fiachra of Moy Hy Fiachrains Hy Garchon Hy Kinsealach Hy Kinsellagh Hy Laoghaire Hy Mac Uais Hy Maine Hy Maine book Hy Meith Macha Hy Meith Tire Hy Murray Hy Nial Hy Niall families Hy Niall race Hy Niallain Hy Nialls Hy Regan Hy Tuirtre Hyde Hyde lands Hydes O Hyne Hynes O' Hynes Hynes name

I:    Mac i Brien Mac I Brien, L. Iar Connaught Iberians Iccian Sea Idols, pagan images Imaile Imleach Iubhair Inaugurations index Inhber Sceine Inis Cathy Inis Clothran Inis Endaimh Inis Fail Inis Modh Inis O'Fionntain Inis Roba Inis Samer Inisfallen Inismacsaint Mac Intire Mac Intyre, C. invasions invasions, Ulster Inver Colpa Inver Mor Inver Slaine Inver Slainge Iomdha Iona monastery Ireland, ancient names for Irians Irish Elk Irish Kings Irish Names Irish outlawed Irish Saints Irish vs the Queen Isle of Man Italians, massacre of Ithians Iveagh Mac Ivir

J:   Jacksons Jacob, R. Jacob's stone Jacobus Jennings name Jephsons Jew, a converted Jocelin Jocelyns Johannes Duns Scotus Johannes Scotus Erigena Mac John John of Desmond Johnson Johnson name Jones Jones of Navan Jones, R. Jordan Mac Jordan Mac Jordan, L. Jordans Mac Jordans Joy Joy, name Joyce Joyce's country Joyces Joyces of Connemara

K:   O Kane O Kane attacks Derry O Kane, Conor O Kane died O Kane, G. O Kane of Dalriada O Kane of the Creeve O Kane of Tir Eogain O' Kane, P. O Kanes O Kanes country O Kanes of Derry O Kanes priory O Kanes slain Kanturk Kavanagh O' Kean O Kean land Keanes Keaneys O Kearney O' Kearney O Kearney, Crist O Kearney of Teffia O Kearneys of Clare O Kearneys of Cork O' Kearny O Keary O Keary lands Keating Keatings Keatings History Keatings of Wexford O' Keefe, L. O Keeffe history O Keeffe of Fermoy O Keeffe, Owen O Keeffes O Keeffes at Clontarf O Keeley O' Keeley O Keeley history O Keeley land O Keely O' Keely O Keenan O' Keenan O Keenan, A. O Keenan, M. O Keenans O' Keerin O Keerin of Mayo O Keevan O' Keevan O Keevan, chief O Keily O' Keiran, C. O Keirans O Keirin of Mayo O' Kelleher Kells, abbey Kells Castle Kells, church O Kelly O Kelly at Clontarf O' Kelly, C. O Kelly, Connaught Kelly history O Kelly, Hy Maine O Kelly in Galway O' Kelly, L. O Kelly lands O Kelly, Meath & Leinst. O Kelly of Bregia O Kelly of Hy Fiachra O Kelly of Tuath Leighe O Kelly of Ulster O' Kelly, P. O Kelly, T. O Kellys O Kellys of Down O Kellys of Hy Maine O Kellys of Louth O Kellys of Queens O Kendellan O Kendellans in Meath O Kenealys Mac Kenna Mac Kenna Mac Kenna of Monaghan O Kennedy O' Kennedy Kennedy, D. O Kennedy history O Kennedys Mac Kenny O Kenny Mac Kenny, A. O' Kenny, C. Mac Kenny, D. Kenny, N. Mac Kennys Kent, Peter Kents Mac Keogh Mac Keogh Mac Keogh history Mac Keoghs Mac Keon Mac Keons Kerawan, T. O Kerin, C. O Kerin, T. kern O Kernaghan O' Kernaghan Mac Kernan name Mac Kernans kerns kerns, gallog. kerns, Irish O Kerovans, Kirwans O' Kerrigan Kerry Kerry Co. Kerry Currihy O Kerwics O Keveny O' Keveny Keys O Kieran Mac Kiernan Mac Kiernan, L. Mac Kiernans Kil Achaid Kil Air Kil Comain Kil Fiacail Kil Meadhain (Kilmaine) Kil Sanctan Kilbarron Kilbarron Castlex Kilbisge Kilbixey Castle Kilbrittan castle Kilclooney, battle Kilcrea abbey Kilcullen abbey Kildare abbey Kildare Co. Kildare, earls of Kilduffs Kilfenora Kilfenora diocese Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny families Killair castle Killala... Killaloe Castle Killaloe diocese Killarney killed by wind O Killedy O' Killeen O' Killeen Killmallock, military Kilmacduagh Kilmacrennan Kilmainham, prior... Kilmallock Kilmore Castle Kilmore, Cavan Kilnamullagh or Buttevant Kilronan abbey Kilronan, Rosc. Kinal Fereadaidh Kincora Kincora palace O' Kindellan, P. O Kindellans O' Kinealy, C. O Kinealy history Kinel Aodha na Hechtge Kinel Aongusa Kinel Binnigh Kinel Connell Kinel Dongaile Kinel Enda Kinel Eogain Kinel Fiachy Kinel Moen Kinel Owen King James I King John arrives Kings Kings, ancient Kings Co. Kings of Kingston Kings of Meath Kings, pagan Kings, the Kings, Ulidian Kingsmill Kinsale Kinsale, battle of O' Kinsellagh O Kinsellaghs O' Kirwan Kirwans of Galway O' Kirwick O' Kirwick Kirwin Knight of Glin Knight of Kerry Knights of Carlow Knights of St. George Knights of St. John Knights Templars Knock Raffan Knockdoe, battle Knockmoy Knocktow, battle Knoxes

L:   La Marche, Count la Rupe O Labhradha de Lacey O Lachlainn O Lachtna O Lachtnain O Lachtnan O Lachtnan, L. de Lacy de Lacys, Meath O Laeghachain Laffan O Laghnan of Tuam O Laghtna, chief O Laidig O Laighenain, Sitrig Laigles, R. O Lainidh lakes, eruption Lally O Lalors de Lamare Lambert, lord Lambert Simnel Lamberts O Lamhduibh Lanes O Lanes Langan Langrishes language, Gaulish Lanigan O' Lanigan, C. O Lanigans O Laoghain O Largan O' Largnan O Larkans O' Larkin O Larkin land O Larkin of Armagh O Larkins O Larkins Country O' Larrissey Lathairne or Larne Latouches O Laughnan St. Laurence, B. Lavallans O' Lavell O Laverty O' Laverty Lawless Lawless, R. Lawlesses Lawlesses of Galway O' Lawlor O Lawlors O Lawreys O' Lawry, Chief O Lawrys le Bel, Philip le Gras le Gras, H. le Gros le Gros, R. Le Mareschal le Poer le Poers Le Poers of Tyrone Leac OMaoldorry Leacan annals Leacan, book of O' Leahan O Leahy O' Leahy O' Leaney, C. O Leary, A. O' Leary, L. O Learys O Learys country Leas Leath Cuinn & Leath Mogha Leath Ratha O Leathlobhra O Lechans Ledwich killed O' Lee Leesons Legates O Lehan history O' Lehan (Lyons) L. Leigh, J. Leighlin Leighlin, see of Leim Cuchullain Leim Mic Neill O Leinnin, M. Leinster, battles Leinster families vs. the Queen Leinster history Leinster, kingdom Leinster prov. Leitrim Leitrim county Leix Leix, battles in Leix or Queens Leland Leland annals O Lenaghan of Tumna O' Lenahan, C. O Lennan Mac Lennon O' Lennon o Lennon, G. Mac Lennons Mac Leonard, L. Leonards Lesley families lettering, Irish Levinge, R. Mac Lewillyn name Lewis Topographies Lexid, Adam O Leyne O' Leyne Lia Fail, stone of O' Liddy Liddy, S. O Liddys Lieneys, the Lieneys, the warlike Lieny Lifford Limerick city Limerick Co. Limerick diocese Lindsey, R. Mac Lir Lisgoole abbey Lislaghtin abbey Lismore, bishops Lismore college Lismore diocese Literature Literature, ancient O' Loan Loch da Chaoch O Lochain, Cuan Loftus Loftus, A. Loftus, Adam Loftus name Loftus of Ely Logans O' Loghlin Mac Loghlin, Donal mac Loghlin, Murtogh Mac Loghlin name O Loghlin of Clare Mac Loghlin of Ulster O Loghlin of Ulster Mac Loghlin, P. Mac Loghlins O Loghlins vs Queen O' Loghnan O Loghnans O' Loman O' Lomasey Lombard Lombard, Peter Lombards O Lonargan O Lonargan, D. Londonderry name Londres O' Lonergan, C. O Lonergans Long O Longan O' Longan Longespe, S. Longford Longford, chiefs Longford Co. Longsword, S. O' Looney O Looneys of Tyrone O Lorcan Lords Lieutenant Lothra Lough Ainninn Lough Derg Lough Erne Lough Erne Lough Foyle Lough Gorman Lough Guir Lough Kea Lough Key Lough Mac Fereadaidh Lough MacNean Lough Mask Castle Lough Melvin Lough Neagh Lough OGara Lough Oirbsen or Corrib Lough Oughter Lough Ree Lough Strangford O Loughan of Kings Mac Loughlin Mac Loughlin O Loughlin O Loughlin, Ardgal Loughlin at Clontarf O Loughlin branch of ONeills O Loughlin- Corcomroe O Loughlin, D. Mac Loughlin deposed O Loughlin, Donal Mac Loughlin in battle O Loughlin, killed Mac Loughlin Kinel Owen O Loughlin, M. Mac Loughlin, N. O Loughlin of Aileach O Loughlin of Burren O Loughlin of Clare O Loughlin replaces ONeill O Loughlin, slain O Loughlin-Kinel Owen O Loughlins of Clare O Loughlins of Tyrone O Loughnan O' Loughnan O Loughnan of Teffia O Loughnin of Little Mourn Louth abbey Louth Co. O Lowrys Lowther, G. Lucenians Lucy, Anthony Lugadians Lugh Magh O Lughadha Luigne O Luimluin, C. O' Luinin O Luinin, P. Luiny chief Lumley O' Lunney, C. O Lunnys Lusse Luttrells Lynch Lynch O' Lynch Lynch, Mary O Lynch of Meath Lynch, Peter O Lynches O Lynches in Cavan Lynches of Galway O' Lynchy Mac Lynchys Lynn, W. Lynots Lyns, Adam Mac Lysaght Lysaghts Lysaghts of Clare

M:   Mac and O Mac, prefix taken Machaire Conaill Machaire Connact Machaire Cuircne O Machoiden O Macken O' Macken O' Mackesey O' Mackessys O' Mackey Mackworth, Capt. O Madagain O Madagans Madans O Madden O' Madden, C. O Madden, chief O Madden, five sons O Madden history Maddens O Maddens land O Maddens of Galway O Madigans O Maelcolain Magaithne, M. Magaraghans Magawley Magees Magenisses Magennis, H. Magennis of Down Magenniss Magh Adhair Magh Feimin Magh Riada Magherigallen Maginn O' Maginn O Maginns O Magins Magners Mac Magnus, Senat Magonail Magonihy plundered Magonity (Kerry) Magrath Magrath, S. Magraths Magraths Magraths of Ferm. Magraths- Thomand Maguire Maguire, D. Maguire, death Maguire-Fermanagh Maguire inaugurated Maguire land Maguires Maguires country Maguires, princes Maguirk O Mahers Mac Mahon O Mahon O' Mahon Mac Mahon, abbots Mac Mahon. death of Mac Mahon history Mac Mahon, L. Mac Mahon, of Clare Mac Mahon ofMonaghan Mac Mahon, Patrick Mac Mahon, Ralph O Mahoney history O Mahoneys O Mahoneys at Clontarf O Mahoneys vs Queen O Mahonnys- Carberry Mahons Mac Mahons O Mahons Mac Mahons country O Mahons of Hy Cairin O' Mahony, C. O Maicin, T. O Maigin O Maigins Mac Mailin, Clarus O Maille O Mailli Maintin, M. Malachy, King O' Malbride Malby, N. Malby, Sir Nicholas O Malley O Malley, Grace O Malley history O' Malley, L. O Malley put to death O Malley slain O Malleys O Malleys as admirals O Mallies of Mayo O Mally dies Malone O Malone O' Malone O Malone, coarb O Malone, Hugh Malones O Malones - Westmeath O' Malquiney O Manachain Manannan Mandeville Mandeville, J. Mandevilles O Mangans O Mannachain drowned Mannering, G. Mannerings O Mannin O' Manning, C. O Mannings history Mansfield Mac Manus Mac Manus Mac Manus, B. Mac Manus, Bally Mac Manuses Mac Manuses- Fermanagh Mac Manuses in Cavan Manwaring land O Maoilbrenain O Maoilbrenan O Maoilchiarain Mac Maoilin O Maoilin, bishop O Maoiluidhir O' Maol Conry, C. Maol (prefix) O Maolbleoghaidh O Maolbreasail O Maolbrenan O Maolclochy O Maolconery, M. O Maolconry O Maolconry, T. O Maoldora O Maoldoraidh O Maoldorrys of Donegal O Maolduin of Lurg O Maoleithigh O Maolfabhails O Maolfhiona O Maolgaoithe Mac Maolisa O Maolkiaran sage O Maolmichil or OMulvihills Maolpadraig O Maolruanaidh O Maonaigh Maonmoy map explanation Marburie Mares, J. Mareschal Le Mareschal, E. Mareschal, R. Marianus Scotus Marisco Marisco, J. Marisco, Wm. O' Markey O Markys O' Marron Marshall Marshall, Wm. Marshalls O Martain, brehon Martell Martells Martin Mac Martin Martineans Martins, Galway Marusgal, W. Marward, B. Marward family Marwards massacre of Mullaghmast Massys Massys of Limerick Mac Master, N. Masterson Masterson Masterson name Mastersons Mathew Mathews, F. Mathews name O Mathghamhna Mauds Maule Maupas, John Mac Maurice Mac Maurice from Spain Mac Maurice, lord justice Mac Maurice name Mac Maurice of Kerry Maxwells Maynards Mayo abbey Mayo, County O Meaghar O' Meagher, L. O Meaghers Meaghs O Meallaidh O Meallaigh, bishop O Meallain O Meallan, S. O' Meaney Mac Meanman, A. Mac Meanman, D. O Meara O' Meara, C. O Meara, D. O Mearas O Meargain Meath, bishops Meath clans Meath Co. Meath kingdom Meath, prov. Meava Medbrick, Hoitse O' Meehan O Meehan, coarb O Meehans O Meehans of Cavan O Meehans relic Meelick abbey Meelick Castle O Meeneys O Meighans O Melaghin, D. O Melaghlin O Melaghlin, Art O Melaghlin attacked O Melaghlin, C. O Melaghlin, D. O Melaghlin history O' Melaghlin, King O Melaghlin, lord O Melaghlin, M. O Melaghlin name O Melaghlin of Meath O Melaghlin plundered O Melaghlin, prince O Melaghlins Meler O' Mellan, C. O' Mellans Mellifont Menapians Meredith, H. Merriman Mey, John Meyler Meyler takes Limerick O Miachain O Miaidh O Mianain, tutor O Mictire Midhe Midhe, Bean Midheach, D. Migarun Milesian peerage Milesians Milesians, origins Milesius O' Milford Milford name O Milikens military, Irish O Millan O Milliken mines, gold... minstrels Mac Miolchon Missett, B. Mitchell Mitchells, name O Mithigen, M. O Mithigen of Bealach O Mithighein O Moan Mobrays Mockler Mocoinne Modharu Mac Moengal, P. O Moghan O' Moghan O Moghan, G. O Moghroin Mohill abbey Molesworths Molineux name O' Molloy O Molloy standard bearers O' Moloney, C. O Moloney of Clare O Moloneys Molyneux name Molyneuxes O Monaghan Monaghan abbey Monaghan Co. O Monaghan history O Monaghan slain O Monaghan-Hy Briuin O' Monahan, C. Monasteroris abbey Monctons money, brass money coined O' Mongan O Mongan- Fermanagh O Mongans Monk O Monnaghan Monsells Monsons Montague de MonteMarisco Montgomerys de Montmorency Montyre O' Mooney, C. O Mooney history O Mooneys O Mooneys of Queens Moor, Col. Moore O Moore O' Moore Moore, Arch. O Moore, commander O Moore, death of O Moore, Donal O Moore lands O Moore of Elphin O Moore of Leix O Moore, Patrick O Moore, Petrus O Moore put to death O Moore resigned O Moore, Roger O Moore, Rory Oge Moores O Moores O Moores country O Moores of Leix Moores of Tullamore O Moores of Wexford O Moran O' Moran Moran's collar O Moras or O'Moores Moray, W. O Mordhas of Queens More, M. More, T. Morgan Morgan, Matthew Morgans O Moriarty O' Moriarty, C. O Morna O Mornys O' Morony Morris Morrises O Morriseys Morrison O' Morrison Morrison, Fynes Morrison, R. Morrisses of Galway O' Morrissey O Morrogh Mac Morrow Mortimer Mortimer family Mortimer, L. de Mortimer, L. Mortimer, R. Mortimers O Moryartys mounds Mountjoy to Ulster Mountjoys Mowbray Mowbray, P. Mowbrays Moy Aoi Moy Cedne Moy Coba Moy Eleog Moy Inis Moy Iomchlair Moy Ith Moy Lifey Moy Lugad Moy Muirthemhne Moy Nisse Moy O'Gara Moy OToirdhealbhaid Moy Sleacht Moy Tuire Moycosquin abbey Moylena Moylinny, rath Moylurg O' Moynagh Moyne Abbey Moyrein Moyry Pass & Mountnorris Moyslecht, battle Muar, Master Muckross Abbey Mucruss abbey Mac Mughroin O Mugin O Mugroin Muimnagh Muinach, M. Muinagh, H. Muinder, P. Muintir Carolan Muintir Cionacth Muintir Eoluis Muintir Giolgain Muintir Laodagain Muintir Maoilsiona Muintir Maolmora Muintir Siortachain Muintir Tadhgain Muintir Tlamain Mac Muireagain O Muirigein Mac Muiris Muirthemhue O Mulally history O Mulallys O Mulallys of Galway O Mulbrenan O Mulbrenan, R. O Mulbrennan, abbot O Mulbride O' Mulcahy O' Mulcahy, C. O Mulcallen O Mulclohy O' Mulclohy, L. O Mulconaire O Mulconary poet O Mulconry O Mulcreeve O Muldarry O Muldoon O' Muldoon, C. O Muldoon- Fermanagh O Muldoon history O Muldoon of Lurg O Muldoons O Muldorry O Muldorry, F. O Muldorry, lord O' Muldorry, P. O Muldorry Tir Connell O Muldorrys O Muldorrys rock O Muldory O' Mulfinny O Mulfinnys Mulgans O' Mulgee O' Mulholland O Mulkiaran Mullaghmast O' Mullally, L. O' Mullane O' Mullany O' Mullarky O' Mulleady O Mulledy lands O Mulledys O Mulledys- Westmeath O Mulleen(e)y O Mulleeney chief O' Mulleeny O' Mullen, C. O Mullens O' Mulligan O Mulligans O' Mullins O Mulloy, F. O Mulloy lordship Mulloy of Ferkale O Mulloy, R. O Mulloys O Mulloys principality O Mullrenan, R. O Mulmea O' Mulmoghery O' Mulmoghery O Mulrenan O Mulrenan history O Mulrenin O' Mulrenin Mulrennin O Mulrians Mulrooney O' Mulrooney Mulrooney bp. Mulrooney, clan Mulrooneys O Mulrooneys Mac Mulroony O' Mulroy O Mulvaney O' Mulvany O Mulvey O' Mulvey, C. O Mulvey of Brefney O' Mulvihil O Mulvihills or OMaolmichil Munster Munster, battles Munster kingdom Munster prov. O Murcain land Mac Murchadas Mac Murchadha O' Muready, C. Murkertach MacNeill Murphy O Murphy O' Murphy Murphy, J.C. O Murphy of Cork O Murphy of Meath O Murphy of Wexford O Murphys O Murray O' Murray O Murray, archbishop Murray, John O' Murray, L. O Murray of Lagan O Murray of Meath O Murray, prof. O Murrays O Murrays in Cavan O Murrays of Mayo O Murrigan O' Murrigan, P. Mac Murrogh O Murrogh Mac Murrogh, D. Mac Murrogh, lord Murroghs Mac Murroghs Mac Murroghs castles O Murroghs monument Mac Murrough Mac Murrough attacks mac Murrough history Mac Murrough, sons Mac Murroughs O Murrys O' Murtagh O Murtogh OMurtagh Muscrith Tire Musgrave Music, ancient Irish Muskerry Mac Myler mythology

N:   O Naan, professor O Naan, T. Naas Nagels O Naghtains Naghtan O Naghtan O Naghtan, W. O Naghtans O Naghten O' Naghten-Norton Nagle Nagle, R. Nagles O Nainffed Mac Nally Mac Namara Mac Namara Mac Namara, D. Mac Namara marshals Mac Namara, P. Mac Namaras Mac Namaras at Clontarf Nambrigh Mac Namee names, explained names for Ireland Names on map names, proper Nangle Nangle Nangle Nangle killed Nangle land Nangle of Mayo Nangle or MacCostelloe Napper of Loughcrew Nashes O Neachtain O Neachtain, professor O Neaghtans Needhams O Neides O Neil, commander O Neil, John the Proud O' Neil (Nihel) O Neill O Neill Clannaboy O Neill, conference O Neill forces in 1600 O Neill, Hugh O Neill in battle O Neill inaugurated O' Neill, L. O Neill lands O Neill name renounced O Neill of Antrim O Neill or Nihills of Clare O Neill, Shane O Neill, slain O Neill submits O Neill, the yellow O Neill to Connaught O Neill, visc. O Neilland, Co. Armagh O Neillans O Neills O Neills country O Neills expedition O Neills named MacLoughlin O Neills = O'Loughlins O Neills of Armagh O Neills of Ulster O Neills, Tyrone O Neils Nemedians O Nena Nenagh Mac Neney O Neney O' Neney, C. Mac Neneys O Nennys O' Neny Mac Neny of Monaghan Mac Nenys O Nenys Nesbitt Netherlands Netterville, B. Nettervilles Mac Nevin Mac Nevin history Mac Nevins Newcomen, R. Newenhams Newgrange Newports Newry O' Neylan Niall of the nine hostages O Niallain O Nicholls Nicholsons O' Niell, L. O Nihells of Munster O Niochals Nobles, listed O Nolan O' Nolan, L. O Nolan of Carlow O Nolans O' Noonan, C. Norris Norris, dies Norris, J. Norris land Northmen, the O' Norton, C. Norton name Norton- ONaghten O Norton- Roscommon Nortons O Nortons Norwegians O Nowlan land Nugent Nugent, Delvin Nugent, Percy Nugent, Wm. Nugents Mac Nulty Mac Nulty Nultys Mac Nultys O Nunans O Nunans land

O:   Odells Odhba Offaley Offaly, chiefs officers, Irish ogams Ogham Ogles Ogygia, OFlahertys Oilnegmacht Mac Oiraghty Mac Oiraghty, L. Mac Oiraghtys Mac Oireachty Mac Oireaghty slain Mac Oireaghtys Ollam Fodhla Olum, Oilioll Omagh Omagh castle Oran abbey Orgiall kingdom Orgiall (Oriel) Orior Orkney Isles Ormond Ormond. captured Ormond- Decies Ormond, Earls ornaments Osbornes Mac Oscar, C. Mac Oscars Mac Osgars Ossianic poems Ossory Ossory, clans.. Mac Owen

P:   Pacata Hibernia Pakenhams Palatines settled Pale, English Palladius Palliums Palmers parliaments Parnell Parr, R. Parsons Parsons family Parsons, Wm. Partholonians Mac Partlan Pass of Plumes Pass of Plumes battle Mac Patrick Mac Patrick name peerage, Milesian Pelasgians Pelham, Wm. pentarchy Mac Peorais name Peppard Peppards Percival, Col. Percivals Perkin Warbeck Perrott, J. Perrott, John Perrott, Sir J. Perrys of Limerick O Petain Petit Petit killed Petit, Ralph Petit, Wm. Petits Petits attack Petty family Petty, map by Pettys Peyton Peyton, R. O Phelan of Decies O Phelans Phenicians Phepoe Phepoe at Skrine Phepoes Mac Pherson Mac Philbin Mac Philbin origins Mac Philip mac Philips Mac Philips of Mayo Mac Phillips Phipps physicians Picts, history Picts, the Mac Pierce name Piers, Sir J. Piers, William Pigott Pigotts pilgrimages piratical fleet Pitt of Londonderry Pitun, R. plague, a great plagues Plantagenet Plantation, Ulster Plowden Plunket, Oliver Plunket, son of Plunkets Plunkets, the Queens Plunkett Plunkett Plunketts Poer, le Poer, P. le Poer (Power) Pole Ponce, John Ponsonbys Pope Adrian Pope, opposed Popes Port Ross Powells Power Power's country Powers Powers of Wexford Poynings Law Pratt Prendergast Prendergast Prendergast, D. Prendergast, M. Prendergasts Prendergasts of Mayo Prene, L. Preston Preston, R. Preston, V. Prestons pretenders Prior Pritties Probys Psalter of Cashel Ptolemys Geography punishments Purcell Purcell, Richard Purcells Pursel, Hugo Putlands Pynnar, Capt. Pynnar's Survey

Q:   Mac Quade Queen Mary Queen Maud Queens County Quigley see OCoigley O' Quigly O' Quill Mac Quillan, L. Mac Quillan of Antrim Mac Quillans Mac Quillans of the Route Quimerford, Fulco Quin Abbey O Quin, daughter of de Quincy de Quiney O' Quinlan Quinlan name O' Quinlevan Quinlevans or Quinlans O Quinn O' Quinn Quinn Abbey O Quinn, D. O Quinn of Clare o Quinn of Longford O Quinn of Rathcline O Quinn of Teffia O Quinn, S. O Quinns Quinns, chiefs Quinns of Limerick O Quinns of Longford O Quins of Clare

R:   Mac Rafferty O' Rafferty O' Rafferty Mac Rafferty, M. O Rafferty, of Durrow Ragnar Lodbrog Raibilin rain, a great Mac raith, Petrus Raleigh, Sir W. Raleigh, W. Raleigh, Walter Rams Randolph, T. Ranelagh Mac Rannall Mac Rannall, C. Mac Rannall (Reynolds) Mac Rannall, sons of Mac Rannalls Mac Rannals Raphoe dioc. Ratcliffe, Thomas Rath Aodha MacBric Rath Celtcair Rathlurig, abbey... Rathmullen abbey... raths mac Raverty Rawdon Rawsons Mac Reavy red branch knights Red Earl, the Redmond Redmonds reformation O Regan O' Regan O Regan lands O Regan, Teige O Regans O Regans of Tara O Reilly O Reilly bishops O Reilly castles O Reilly, F. O Reilly, John O Reilly lands O Reilly, Mahon O Reilly marches O Reilly of Dartree O Reilly, one eyed O' Reilly, P. O Reilly, the last chief O Reillys O Reillys castle O Reillys country O Reillys descent O Reillys Glasslaith Reiner relics rents, tributes de Renzy Reynolds Reynolds name O Riaain Mac Riabhach cup O Riagain Riavach Rice Rices Richard II Richard III Richardson, A. Riddell Riddles Riddlesford Ridgeway, lord Rinn Duin O' Riordan, C. O Riordans O Riordans of Cork Robins, A. Robins land in Cork Mac Robiss of Clones Roche Roche Roche, David Roche, G. Roches Roches country Roches of Cork Roches of Fermoy Roches of Tarbert Rochfort, Simon Rochforts O' Rodaghan O' Rodaghan, C. O' Roddan O' Roddy Roderick, King O Roduibh Rody O Rody O' Rody O Rody, A. Roe, Sir F. Mac Roedig, chief O' Rogan O Rogans Rogers Rogers of Meath O Ronain of Teffia O' Ronan O Ronans O' Ronayne O Ronaynes O Ronaynes of Cork Rooney O' Rooney O' Rooney O Rooney of Tuam Rooneys Ropers Mac Rory Mac Rory, C. O Rory lands Mac Rory, lord O Rory of Meath O' Rory, P. O Rorys Mac Rorys of Hebrides Roscommon Roscommon Co. Roscrea Ross, bishops... Ross diocese Ross, Old Rossinver Rossiter Rossiters Roth O Rothlain O Rothlain, master O Rothlain of Calry O' Rothlan O' Rothlans Roths round towers round towers- Ulster Mac Rourke O Rourke O Rourke chief O Rourke, D. O Rourke, death O Rourke died O Rourke, F. O Rourke lands O Rourke marched O Rourke monument O Rourke of Brefney O' Rourke, P. O Rourke slain O Rourke, T. O Rourkes O Rourkes country O Rourkes descent O Rourkes, kings Rowley, L. Rowley, N. Rowllstons O Ruadhachain O Ruadhain O Ruadhain of Kilalla O Ruadhain, T. O Ruaidhin Mac Ruaidhri O Ruaircs Mac Ruarc Mac Ruarc O Ruarcs Mac Ruddery Mac Ruddery name Rudricians Rushes Russel, Aitin Russell Russell, William Russells Russels O' Ryan O Ryan, Cornelius O Ryans O Ryans of Tipperary

S:   Saitne San Joseph, gov. Sandal, A. Sandford, Capt. Sandfords Sandy name Sarsfield Sarsfields Saunders Saunders, Dr. Saunderson Savadge, L. Savadge, lord Savadge, R. Savadge, Robert Savadge, S. Savadges Savage, A. Savage, Arthur Savage of the Ards Savilles of Castlebar Say Say. Obtains land Scandinavians O' Scanlan Scanlan at Clontarf o Scanlan of Raphoe O Scanlans Mac Scanlons O Scannail of Armagh O' Scannell Scatrick Island Scedne schools O Scingin of Ardcarna O Scopa, a friar Scotia Scotland Scotland, battle Scotland, from Scotland invaded Scotland, King of Scotland, regent Scots Scots assassinate Scots in a cave Scots in Ireland Scots of Clonmel Scottish troops Scroope, S. O Scuapa of Raphoe Scudamores of Sligo O' Scullen O Scully O' Scully Scurlocks O Scurry O' Scurry Scythians O Seanachans O Seanchans Mac Seanlaoigh O Sedachain Sedborow, J. See of Derry Segrave Segraves seminaries Semitic race Mac Seoinin Seward Topographies O' Sexton O Sgaithgil Sgingin, M. O Sgurra O Shanahan O' Shanahan Mac Shane, C. Mac Shanes Shanley Mac Shanley, C. Mac Shanly O Shannaghans O Shaughlin O Shaughnessey history O Shaughnesseys O Shaughnesseys, Gort O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy, lord O Shaughnessys O' Shaughnesy, L. O Shaughnusy O Shaugnesseys Shaws O' Shea O Shea land O' Shea or O'Shee O Sheas O Sheas of Kilkenny O' Sheehan O Sheehans Mac Sheeheys Mac Sheehy Mac Sheehy galloglas Mac Sheehy, warlike Mac Sheehys Mac Sheehys of Limerick O' Sheeran Shees, lost estates O' Sheridan Mac Sheridans O Sheridans Sheriffs Sherlock Sherlock, Paul Sherlocks Sherrards Mac Sherry Mac Sherry, name Sherwood, Wm O' Shiel O Shiels O Shiels, physicians Ship street Shirley families Shortall Shortalls showers, rain Sibthorp Sidney, H. Sidney, Henry Silken Thomas Sinnott Sinnotts Sinnotts of Wexford Siol Anmcha or Silanchia Siol Maoilruain Siol Murray Siols O's and Muintir O Sionachs Sionagh O' Sionagh (Fox) O Sionaigh O Sionnaigh Mac Sithidh Skalds Skeffingtons Skerret Skiddy Skiddys O Skollys O Slamans Slane Slane Castle O' Slattery O Slatterys Slavonians O Sleivins Sletty, bishops... O' Slevin Slevins Sliabh da En Slieve Donard Slieve Fuaidh or the Fews Slieve Gamh Slieve Lugha Slieve Roe Sligo abbey Sligo castle Sligo county O Sluaghadaigh Smerwick Smith Mac Smith, C. Smith of Cavan Smiths Smithstown Smyth Smythes O Snedhiusa O Sochlachlain Somers Somerville, Wm. Sorley Mac Sorley Mac Sorley sails to Connaught Southwell Southwell, baron Southwells- Limerick Sow, war engine Spain, King of Spain, succors Spainiards arrive Spaniards arrive at Smerwick Spaniards at Kinsale Spaniards, massacre Spanish armada Spanish colonies O Spealain Spencer, Ed. Spencer, the poet Spenser land O' Spillan O' Spillane O Spillans Spring Rice Springs Spur O Sruithen St. Adamnan St. Ailbe St. Brendan St. Bridget St. Bridget fest. St. Bridget hist. St. Caillin St. Carthach St. Cathaldus St. Columkille St. Ernan St. Fechin St. Fiachra St. Finnan St. Johns St. Kiaran St. Kieran St. Lawrence St. Leger St. Leger lands St. Legers St. Mel St. Michaels St. Mochta St. Moeg St. Molaise St. Patrick St. Patrick history St. Patrick, successor St. Patricks Crozier St. Patricks Rock St. Ruadhan Stack Stacks Stafford Staffords of Wexford Staigue Fort standards Stanihurts Stanley, John Stanley, T. Stanton, Adam Staples Stapletons Statute, Kilkenny Staunton Staunton, A. Stauntons Stauntons of Mayo Steeds Sterne, L. Stewart Stewart, A. Stewart, Wm. stone cross Stone of Destiny Stopfords storm of wind storms Strabane Stratfords Stritches Strongbow Strongbow Strongbow dies Strongbow, Eva Strongs Stroudes Stuart, R. Stuarts Stuarts, Scotland Mac Suiligh, M. O Sullivan O' Sullivan O Sullivan Beara O' Sullivan Beare, P. O Sullivan, bishop O Sullivan, estate O Sullivan in battle O Sullivan Mor O' Sullivan More, L. Supple Supples suppression of monasteries surnames, English surnames, Irish Sutton Suttons of Wexford Swedemans Mac Sweeney Mac Sweeney, C. Mac Sweeney, commander Mac Sweeney, M. Mac Sweeneys Mac Sweeneys, three Mac Sweeny, C. Mac Sweeny galloglas Mac Sweeny of the Wood Mac Sweenys Sweetmans Swift name Swords Sydney, H. Sydney, Henry synod at Dublin synods Synott

T:   Taaffe, B. Taaffes Taaffes of Sligo Mac Tagadain slain Mac Taggart Tailtean Tain bo Cuailgne O Taircert of Snedgile O Taircheirt Talbot Talbot Talbot, J. Talbot, John Talbot, R. Talbot, W. Talbots Talbots of Dublin Talbots of Wexford O Talcharain O' Talcharan Tallon Tanist of Brefney tanistry, laws O Tapa Tara Tara deserted Tara, names of O' Tarcert, C. O Tarpa of Lieney Taylor Taylor, J. Taylors Taylors of Dublin Teach Baoithin of Artagh Teallach Dunchada / Tullyonohoe Teallach Eachdach Teallach Modharain Mac Tecedain Mac Techedain of Cloyne Teffia Teffia, lands of Mac Teigan Mac Teige Mac Teige O Teige O' Teige (Tighe) Mac Teigue O' Teigue Temple Temple annals Temples tenures & charts Termon Dabeogsee Lough Derg Termon lands Mac Ternan Terrie, A. Terrys Teutons Tews the Little The Normans Thomand clans Thomand history Thomand in 1585 Mac Thomas Mac Thomas, J. Mac Thomas name Thomsons of Meath Thornton land Thorntons three Collas, the Thurles, battle of Mac Tiarnan mac Tiarnans Mac Tiege Mac Tiernan Mac Tiernan lands Mac Tiernan name Mac Tiernans O Tierney O' Tierney O Tierney, F. O Tierney of Carra Tigh Molaga or Timoleague Tighe Tighes O Timmaith Tioprat Fachtna Tipcroft, John Tipperary Co. Tipperary families Tiptoft Tiptoft beheaded Tir Briuin of the Shannon Tir Conaill Tir Connell Tir Enda Tir Eogain Tir Eogain lands Tir Fiachrach Aidhne Tir Fiachrach Muaidhe Tirconnallians Tirkennedy Tirrell, Hugh Tisdalls Tlachta Tobins Tobur Patrick Todd O Toghda O Toghda of Bredach O Toirdhealbhaidh O Tolairg O' Tolard, L. O Tolarg lordship O Tolargs O Toler of Westmeath Tolers O' Tomalty O Tomalty, A. Tomgraney Tonsons O Toole O' Toole O Toole, Laurence O Toole martyred O Tooles Tor Conaing Toraidh O Tormaigh O' Tormey Tory Island Tottenhams Touchets O' Tracey O Traceys O' Tracy Tracys O Tracys Trant Trant Trants O' Traynor Trench Trenchard land Trenchards Trenches Trevillian, Capt. O Trevor, Luke Trevors Trian Congail Trian of Armagh tribes & peoples tributes Trim abbey.. Triochad Cead Troy Truagh Tuaim Achaidh Tuaim Grene Tuaim, Toome bridge Tuam Tuam city Tuath Binn Tuath De Danan Tuath de dannan Tuath Dedanan Tuath of Roscommon Tuatha district O Tuathail of Limerick Tuite Tuite, R. Tuite, Richard Tuite, Sir H. Tuites Tullaghard Tullaghoge Mac Tully Mac Tully O Tully O' Tully Mac Tully land O Tully, N. Mac Tullys Fermanagh O Tumaltys O' Tuohy O' Tuomey O Tuomys Turgesius Turner, Robert Mac Turnin two Backs, the Tylney Tyrells Pass, battle Tyrone Tyrone Co. Tyrrel Tyrrel, J. Tyrrell Tyrrell at Castleknock Tyrrell, H. Tyrrell, R. Tyrrell, Richard Tyrrells

U:   Ua Congbhala Ua nEachach14 Mac Uchtry Mac Uchtry, T. Mac Uidhilin Mac Uidhlin Uisneach Uladh Ulidia Ulltach Ulster Ulster annals Ulster chiefs Ulster counties Ulster families Ulster, Kingdom Ulster prov. Umalia Unsesra, P. Usher Ushers Uthereds

V:   Vallancey's Collectan. Vaughan, Francis Vaughan, J. Vaughans of Lisburne de Verdon Verdun, John Verneys Vernons de Vesey, L. de Veseys Vessy Villiers Vincents Vivian, cardinal Vivianus, Card.

W:   Wadding Wadding Wadding, Luke Waddings Mac Waildrin slain Waldron, T. Wale Wales, battle in Wales, families Wales, from Wales invaded Wales, prince of Wall Wall Wallers Wallop, Henry Walls Walls of Dublin Walpole Walsh Walsh family Walsh of Dublin Walsh, Richard Walshes Walshes of Kilkenny Walshes of Wexford Wandesfords war engine Warbeck, P. Mac Ward Mac Ward Ward, Hugh Wards of Bangor Ware, works of Warner Warren Warren, Wm. Warrens Warrens in Leix Warringer, J. Waterford, battle Waterford city Waterford Co. Waterford families Waterford families vs the Queen Waterford Histories Waters, John mac Watten Mac Watten name Mac Wattin name weapons Weldon Wellesley Wenmans Wesley of Dangan Westenras Westernras of Rossmore Westmeath Co. Weston, Dr. Wexford Co. Wexford families Wharton, Duke Wharton of Trim White White family White, killed white knight Whites Whites of Bearhaven Whites of Dublin Whites of Galway Wicklow Co. Wicklow families Wilkin and wife Mac William Mac William Burke William- Conqueror Mac William lower Mac William name renounced Mac William restored Mac William upper Williams, Capt. Mac Williams, the two Willoughby, F. wills of Kings Wilson, Wm. Windele's Cork Windsor, Wm. Wine Wingfield, lord Wingfield, R. Wingfields Winter, Wm. Winters Wirral, H. Wirrall, H. witchcraft witchcraft, no law Woders Wogan Wonders wooden buildings Woodlocks Worth, H. Woulfe Woulfes Wray, J. Wynn name Wynnes Wyse Wyses

Y:   Yellow Ford, battle Yelvertons