Families of County Donegal, Ireland

Description: 'Families of County Donegal, Ireland'. Hardbound library binding for long life, in dust jacket, 170 pages, 6 x 9 size, illustrated with maps, arms, index to wills, census extracts and notes on over 1,000 families of Donegal, including old Irish families and those that settled from Scotland and elsewhere.

Includes a complete section on how to trace ancestors from Donegal, reference books, address list of repositories, well indexed...This is the eighth volume in the Irish Families series by the Irish Genealogical Foundation.

Included are the Gallagher, Boyle, Doherty, O'Donnell, McLaughlin, Sweeney, Ward, Kelly, McGinley, McFadden, McGowan, Duffy and Campbell families, and there are hundreds more.

Some of the families noted here as most numerous in the 17th century were: McGlaghlin; McSwyne; O'Cuningham; O'Dermond; Mc Devet; McKee; Brillaghan; McCollgan; O'Murray; O Harkan; O Quigley; O Hegarty; O Cullan; O' Cally; McGinnelly; O'Toolan; and O' Carney families.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     A'Cunungam Acheson Achison Adair Adaire Adams Mc Adams Adare Mc Addo Mc ADDO Mc Adoo Mc Adowe Agnew Aiken Aikens Aikin Aiking Akin Alcock Alcorn Mc Alea Alen Alene M' Aleny Alexandar Alexander Alexander Algeo Algoe Algoe Mc Alily Alison Mc Alister Allain Allain Allan Allane Allen Mac Allen Mc Allen M' Allin Mac Allin Mc ALLIN ALLINGHAM Allison Mc ALLISTER Mc Aloone Mc Aloone Mc ALOONE Mc Anair Mc ANALLY Anandell Mac anBhaird Anderson Andersone Andersone Mc ANDREW Andrews Annandall Mc ANROW Mc Anulty Mc Anulty Mc ANULTY Mac anward Applen Mc Aree Aristall Arkwright Armour Armstrong Arnet Arnett Arnold ARREL Arskin Arstall Mac Artan Mc Artur Mc Arture Ash Ashe Askin Asking Askins Atcheson Mc Ateer Mc Atire Mc Atire Mc ATIRE Atkinson Atteridge Aubigney Aula Mc Aula Auld Mc Auley M' Avenny Mac Avinny Mac Award Mc Award Mc Award Mc AWARD Mac Awley Mac Awley Mc Awley

B:    Babbington Babington Backer BACKER Bailie Baker Baldrick Baldrick Balfour Ball Balrick Bampton Banagh map Banigan Bannigan Barbor Barclay Barkely Barkley Barkly Barnes Barnett Baron O Barr O Barr O' BARR O Barran Barrett O' Barrett Barron Mc BARRON O Barron Bartly Barton Basill Baskin Bates Batho Batsford Batt Batt arms Batts Baxter Baxter Mac Baxter Beane Beatty Becke Becker O' Begley O Begley Beirne O Beirne Bell Benson Bensone Bensone Beresford BEST Mc Beth Bexton Bierne Bingham Bingley Bird O Birne O' BIRNE Black Blacke Blackwood Blain Blair Bleane Boal Body Bogal Bogan Bogle Boil Bonar Bonar Bonar Bonner Bond Bone Boner Bonner Bovaird O Boy Boyce Boyd Boyd arms Boyes Boyl Boylagh map Boylan Boyle Boyle O Boyle O Boyle O Boyle O' Boyle O Boyle Boyle arms O Boyles O Boyles Bracy Bradan Bradley O' BRADLEY BRAEDIN BRAEDIN O BRANAN BRANNAN BRANNON O' BRAOINS Brasier O Brattan Breanan Mac Brearty Bredyne O Breenan O' BREENAN Breeson Brehon M' Brehound O Breislen Brennan O Breslan Breslein O Breslen Breslin O' Breslin Brice Mac Bride Mc BRIDE O Brien Brigham O BRILLAGHAN O Brillaghan Brillahan O Brislane O Brislane O' BRISLANE BROCK Brodly BROGAN O' Brogan Brolcan O' BROLCHAN Brolgan Bromhall BROOK Brooke Brooke Brooks Brown BROWNE Brownlow Bruce BRUCE Bryce Bryson Buchanan Buchanan Bumbery Burn Burne Burnett Burns Burten BURTEN Burton Burton BUSTARD Butler Butler arms Byrne

C:   Caddell Mc Cadden Caddoll Mc CADDON M' Cae O Caell Mc CAFFERTY Mc Caffrey O Cager Cahan O Cahan Caher Cahill O Cahill Cain M' Cain Cairns Caldwell Caldwill M' Caley Calhoune CALHOUNE Mc Call M' Callagen Callaghan O Callaghan O Callaghan Callahan Callan O Callane O' CALLANE Callaway CALLAWAY Callen Callin M' Callin Mc Callin Mc CALLIN Mc CALLION Callwall O Cally O' CALLY CALVERT Calwell Cambell M' Cambridge Campbell Campbell Mc CAMPBELL CAMPELL Camps Camron O Canan O CANAN O Canannain Mc CANDRES Cane Mc Cann O' CANNAN O Cannan Canning Cannon Cannon O' Cannon Canny M' Cany M' Carbry Carell CAREY Mc Cargill Carlell Carlin Carnahan CARNES Carney O Carney O' CARNEY O Carny O' CARNY Carolan Carolan Carpenter Carr O Carran O' CARRAN M' Carren Mc Carren Carrigan Carrigan Head Carrole O' CARROLLAN Carron Mc Carron Mc CARRY Carson Mc CARTAN Mc Carter Mc Carter Mc CARTER Cary Carye Mc Cassack O Cassaday O Cassaday O Cassady O' CASSADY CASSIDY O Cassidy Cather CATHER Catherall O' CATLIN Catterson Mc Caughen Mc Caul Mc CAULEY Caulfield Mc Causland Cavanagh Mac Cawley Mc Cay Chambers CHARLEY Chatly Cheney Mc Chesney Chichester Chichester arms Child M' Clafferty Mc Clafferty Mc CLAFFERTY Clare Clark Clarke O Clathain Clay Mc Clay Mc CLAY Clean M' Clean Mc Clean Mc Clearn Cleary Mc Cleery O Cleery O' CLEERY Mc Clelan Mc Cleland Mc Clelend O Clellan Mac Clelland Mc Clelland Mc Clenachan Clendening O' Clery O Clerys Mc Cleverey Clifford Mc Clintock Mc Clintock Clonoughan Mc CLOSKY Mc CLOY Mc CLUNG Mc Clure Mc Cluskey O Cnogher Coach COADY Coan Mc Cobb O' COBLEY Cochran Cockaine Cockayne Cockayne Cockburn CODE Cody Cogburn Cogley Cogwell O' COIGLEY Cokain Colby Colchoun Cole Mc COLE Colewell M' Colgan Mac Colgan Mc COLGAN Colhoun Colhoun Colhoun Colhoune Colhoune O Colhoune COLL Mc COLLGAN Mc Collgan Colligan Mc Collin Mc COLLIN Collins O Collon O Colloune O' COLLOUNE Mc Collum Mc COLLUM M' Colnell Colquhoun Mc COMAS Mc Combs Commons M' Conafie CONAGHAN O Conaghan O' CONAGHAN O Conagill O' CONAGILL Conahan Mc Conell Mc Conelouge Coner M' Congill O Conigan O' CONIGAN O' CONIGHAN Coningham O Conioghan O' CONLIVAN Mc CONMIE Mc CONN O Connally O' CONNALLY Mc Connel Connell M' Connell Mc Connell Mc Connell O' Connell Connellan Connelly O' CONNELLY Conningham Connolly O Connolly O Connor O CONNOR Conor O Conor Conway Mc Conway Mc CONWAY Conyngham Conyngham Conyngham Cooke Cool Mc COOL Mc Coole CORD Cordiner Cordock Corduff O Coriston Mc Corkell Mc CORKILL Mc CORKLE Mc Corkle Mac Cormack M' Cormick Mc Cormick Mc Cormick Cornewall Cornwall Cornyn O' CORNYN Corscadden Mc COSTELLO Coulter Counihan Cowan COWIE Cox Coyle Coyle O' COYLE Mc Crab Mc Crae Crafford CRAFFORD Craig Crampsey Crampsy Crampsy Cramsie Cramsy O Cramsy Crawford Crawford arms O Crawsy Mac Crea Mc Cready Crean M' Crean O' Crean O Crean Creanor Mc Creary Creen Mc Creery Cregan Crehan Crehan Creighton Crellus Creran Cresswell Crightone Crightone Croarty Crockett Crofton Mac Croghan Crohan Mc CROSKEY CROSLEY Crossan M' Crossan Mc Crossan Mc Crudden Crumlish Crummer O Crumrisk Mc Cue Cuff Mac Cullagh O Cullan O' CULLAN Cullane O Cullane Cullen Mc CULLEN O Cullen O Cullen Mc Culley CULLIN Cullin O Cullinan Mc Cullock Mc Cullogh Mc Cullough Mc Cully O' CUMMINS Cuningham Cuningham O' CUNINGHAM O Cuningham CUNINGHAME Cuninghame Cunningham Cunningham Cunungam CUNYNGHAM Cunyngham CUNYNGHAME Cunynghame Cuono Curneen Curran Currin O Currin O' CURRIN Curry Mc Cutcheon Mc Cutcheon

D:   Mc Dade Mac Daid Daily Dalaigh O Dallan Daly O' Daly DANEFORT Mac Daniel Dannelly Davenport M' Davet Davett Mac David Mc David DAVIE Davis Davison Mac Davitt Mc Davitt DAVY Day de Lap de Long Mc Dead Dealy DEANE Deegan DEENEY Deeny Deery O Deiwat DELANY DELAP DELAPP Delapp O Denel Deniston Dermody Dermond O Dermond O Dermond O' DERMOND Dermot Mac Dermot Mc Dermott O Dese O Deuer O' DEUER Devane Devaney O Devany Mc Deve Mc DEVE O Develin O Deveny O' DEVENY Dever O' DEVER Devere Devereux Mc Devet Mc DEVET Mc Devet Mac Devitt Mc Devitt Mc Devitt Devlin Deyermott Diamond Dicke Dickson O Diermond Dill Dillon Dingwell Dinsmore Dissett Diver Diver O' DIVER O Diver Divers Dives O Divet O' DIVET dixon DOANE Dobson O Dochartaigh O Doddy O Dogherty O' DOGHERTY O Dogherty O Doghertye O Doghertye O Doghyrdy DOHERTY Doherty O Doherty O' Doherty O Doherty Dohrty Mc Donagh Mc Donald O DONALD Donaldson Donegan O Donell O DONELL O' DONELL Mac Donlevy O Donnagain M' Donnel O Donnel Mc Donnell O Donnell O DONNELL O Donnell O' Donnell O Donnell O Donnell arms O Donnell Battler O Donnelly O' Donnelly DOOGAN DOOHAN O' Doohan Doohey Doorty Dormer Dornan Dorrian Douey Mc DOUGAL Dougherty O Dougherty Douglas Douthie Mc Dow Doward Dowcra Mc DOWELL Mc Dowey O Dowey Downame Downebear Downes Downey Downham Downhame O Dowy O' DOWY Doy O Doy O' DOY Draffan O Dreenan Drennan Dreyden Drummond DRURY Duane Mac Duane Duddy Dudican Duer Duffy O' Duffy O Duffy Dugall Dugan O Dugan's Dugery O' Duggan Duhig O Dullaghan Dunbar Dunbare DUNBARE DUNCAN Dunduffe DUNLAP Dunlapp Dunleavy O' DUNLEVY DUNLOP Dunn Dunne Dunsayer Dunsterfield Dunsterfield Durnan Durning Durrian DUTTON Dutton Dutton Duvaney Mac Duvany Dyer Mac Dyer

E:   Eakins Earle Earley Early EARNSHAW Edmeston Mc Ehree Ekin Ekyn Elder Mc Eleney Mc ELFRESH Mc ELHANEY Mc Elhaw Mc Elheny Mc ELHINEY Mc ELHINNEY Mc ELHINNY Mc ELHINY Elliot Ellis Ellison Elshinder Mc Elwain Mac Elwee Mc ELWEE Mc Elwen Emercy Mc enelis Ennis Mc Enroe Mc Eredy Erewin Errol Erskin ERSKIN Ervine Erwin ERWIN Ettigan Evans Mc Evene Mac Evoy Eweart Ewen Ewine Ewing Ewing

F:   Mc Fadden Mc Fadden Mc Fadden Mc Faden Mc Fadin Fairfax FAIRFAX Fairly Fairman Falkin Mc Fall Fargison Mc Farlan O Farlan Farland Farlane Farquhar O Farran O' FARRAN O Farran Farrell O Farrell Farren Farrily Farris O Fary O' FARY Fassitt Mac Faul Faulkner Fawcett Mc Fawl FAY Fea Fealy FEELY Mc Feely Mc Feetricks Feheely Ferguson O Ferill O' FERILL Ferrall Ferriss Ferry Ferry O Ferry FEY Ffolliott Fields Fillson Finlay Finly Finnison FISHBURN Fisher Fitzgerald Fitzjames Fitzstephen Fitzwilliam FitzWilliams Fladger Flaherty O' Flaherty Mc Flarty Mc FLARTY Fleaming Fleeming FLEMING Fleming Fleminge Fletcher Flood Floyd Foley Foley Folliot FOLLIOT O Foran Forbes Ford Forrest Forsaythe Forster Forsyth Forward Fossitt Fosster Foster Fox Freeborn Frehill FREY FRIEL Friel O Friel O FRIEL O' Friel O Friel arms O FRIELE O Friell O' FRIELL Frize Fry FRY Fullerton Fullerton Fulton O Furanain Fyeff

G:   Gaate Gage Mac Gaiblin Gail Galagher GALAGHER GALAWAY Galbraith Galbraith Galbreaith M' Galcole Gale Gales O Gallaghaer Gallagher O Gallagher O' Gallagher O Gallagher Gallaher Gallaugher Gallaway GALLEN O' GALLOGHER O Gallogher Galt Gambell Gamble Gannon GARA O' Gara Garar Gardner Mc Gargill Mc GARGILL Garner Garvan Garvance Garvey Mac Garvey Mc Garvey Garvy Gattery GATTERY Mc Gaughron Gauthry Gavagan Mc Gawley Gay Mc GEADY Mc Geaghan Geary Mc Gee Mc Gee Mac Gee, Magee Mc Geeghan Mc GEEHAN O Geghegan Mc Geoghegan Geohagan George Mc GEOUGH GERRARD Mc Getigan Mc Getrich Mc Gettigan Mc Gettigan M' Ghee Mac Ghee Mc Ghee Gibbons Giffagan gilbride M' Gilchone Gilcole Mac gilcole Gilday GILDEA Mc Gildea Mc Gill Gillaspick Mc Gillaspick Mc Gillaspick Mc GILLASPICK Gillen Gillespie Gillespie Mc GILLIGAN Gilljames Mc Gillmartyn Mc Gillmartyn Mc GILLMARTYN Mc Gillneske Mc GILLNESKE Mc GILLONDE Gilloune Mc GILLOWAY Mac Gilman Gilmartin Gilmartin Mc GILMARTIN Mc GILMER Gilmore M' Gilneece Mac Gilneece Gilpatrick M' Gilvane Mac Gilvane M' gilwee Mc Ginely Mc Ginley Mc Ginley Mc Ginnelly Mc GINNELLY M' Ginnery Mac Ginty Mc Ginty Mac Giver Mc Glachlin O GLACKEN Glackin Mc Glaghlan Mc Glaghlin Mc Glaghlin Mc GLAGHLIN Glasse Mc Glin Mc Glinchey Mc GLINSEY Mc Gloghlin Mc GLOIN Mc Glyn Mc Glynn Goare O Gobbon Going Mc Goldrick O' GOLLOGHER O Gollogher golloher Mc Gonigal Mc Gonigle Gore Gore arms Gore, Sir Ralph. Gormaly Gorman O Gorman O' Gormley O Gormley Gormly O' GORMLY Gorveill M' Gowan Mac Gowan Mac Gowan Mc Gowan Gowell Gower M' Grae Mc Gragh Mc GRAGH M' Granaghan Granahan M' GRANIGHAN Granny O Granny O' GRANNY Grant Mac Grath Mc Grath Mc Graw Mc Grean Mc GREAN Greeg GREEG Greehan Green Mc GREGOR Mc GREHAN GREIG M' Grelus Griffin Griffith Grimes Grimley Grimly Groerty Mc Groerty Mc Grorty Mac Grory Grove Grove arms Groves Groves Mc Grudy Grynney Gubbin M' Guffer Guinness Mac Guire Mac Guire Mc Guire Guthrie Guthry Guttery

H:   Hackett Mc HADDO hagerty O Hagerty Mc HALE Hall Haman Hamill Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hammond Hammond hamon Hanlen Hanlon Hanna O Hannellan Hannelly Hansard Hara O' HARA O Haran Haren Haris HARIS Harkan O' HARKAN O Harkan Harkin Harkin Harkins Harkins Harley Harper Harper O Harran O Harrell O Harrick Harris Harris Harrison Harrisone HARRISONE Harry HARRY HART Hart O Hart Hartley Harvey Harvey arms Harvy Hasta Haston Haughey Haughey Haughy Hay Hayes Hazlett Heagerty Healy Heaney HEANUE Heaslet Heatherington Heay Hegarty O' Hegarty O Hegarty O Hegerty Helferty Hemphill O Henan Henderson Hendry Henin Mac Heniry O Henney Henry Heraghty Heraty HERON O Herrall O' HERRALL HERRON Hewet Hewitt Hewitt arms Hewson Hewston Heyrres Highgate Hill Hill HILTON Hilton Hindmond Hodge Hogg Holmes M' HOMALTAIN Homan Homes Honeyford Hood Hood O Hoone Horkan HOUSTON Houtsone HOUTSONE How Howston Hoy Hudson Hueston Huggin Mac Hugh Mc Hugh O Hugh Hughes Hughes, MacHugh Hull Humfrey Humfrey arms HUMPHREY Humphries Humphrys Hunter Hunter HUNTER Huston Huston Hutchine Hutchinson Hutchison Mc Hutchon

I:   Mc Ilbreed Mc ILBREED Mc Ilbreed Mc Ilbreedy Mc ILBREEDY Mc Ilbreedy Mc ILCHOLE Mc Ilchole Mac Ilhair Mc Ilhaney Mc ILHANEY Mc Ilhiney mc Ilman Mac Ilneece Mc ILTRAINE Mc Ilvenny Mc Ilwain Mac Ilwee Mc ILWEE Mc Ilwee Inglish INGRAM Inishowen map Innes Mac intire Mac Intyre Irvine Irvine Irving Irwin Mc Ivor

J:   Jack Jackson James Jameson Jamison Jamisone JAMISONE Jeffrey M' Jeffry Jenkins Johnson Johnston Mc JORDAN

K:   Kain Mc Kain Kane KARI O Karran O' KARRAN Mc KAY Mc kay Mc Kay KEADIN Mc keady Mc Kean O Kean Keane KEANY M' Keany O' Kearney Kearns Kearns O Kearny Kearon Mc Kecoge Kee Mc Kee Mc Kee Mc Kee Keegan Keeve O' KEGGAN Keightly Kelaghan Kelaghan O Kellahan Kelly O' KELLY O Kelly Mc Kelvey Mc Kelvy Mac kelwean Kely Kenady Kenady O Kenady O' KENADY Kenedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy KENNETT Kennier Kenny O Kenny O' KENNY O' KENNY Kennyday Mc KENZIE KEON Mac Keon Mc keough KEOWN Mac Keown Ker Keregan M' Kerigan kerin O' Kerins Kern O Kernaghan O' KERNAHAN O Kernoghan Kerr Kerr Kerrall Mc Kerran Mc KERRAN Kerrigan O Kerrole O' Kerrullan O Kervallan O' KERVALLAN Mc Kevitt Mac key Mac Key Mc KEY Keyes KEYES Keys Kidd KIDD Mc Kie Kieffer Kieran O' Kieran Mc Kiernan Kieron Mc Kilbreed Kilbride M' Kilceny Mc Kilchany Kile Killen KILLKELLY Mc Killker Mc KILLKER Killy Kilmacrenan map Kilmer Mc Kilmun Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatterick Mc Kim Mc KIM Kincaid Mc Kiney King Kingsmale Kingsmill Kingsmill Kingsmill KINGSMILL KINGSTON Kinkead Mc Kinla Kinlar KINLAR Mc Kinlay Mc KINLAY Mc Kinley Mc Kinley Kinnear Mc KINSTRY Kirk KIRKE Kirkpatrick Kitchen Mc KITRICH O Knawsie O' KNAWSIE Kneafsey Mc Knight Knox Knox Knox Knox arms KYD O Kyffer Kyle Kyle Mc Kym

L:   LACEY Mc Lae Lafferty Lafferty Lafferty Lafferty Lahan Lain Mc LAINEY O Lainidh Laird LAMB LAMBERTON Lamy O Lanaff Lane O Lane Langan Lapp Lappin Lappin Lapslie Lapsly Lason O Last Lastly Latham Latta Mc Lauchlen Mc Laughlen M' Laughlin Mac Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Launey Laurance Laverty O' LAVERTY Lavery Law O Lawerty LAWN Lawrence Lawson LAWSON Lawther Layton Mc Lea Leaky Mc LEAN Leard Leckey Lecky Lecky Lee Leech Leeky Leeper Lees Leich Leigh Leiper Leis LEITCHFIELD Mac lellan Mc Lellan Lemmon Lening LENING Lennahan Lennon LENNOX Lennox M' Leny Leper Lesley Leslie Leslie Leyning LIDDELL Lilly Mc LILLY Lindsay Lindsay Lindsey Line Lining O Linshan Lipsett Liston Little Littleton LIVINGSTON Loague Mc LOCHLIN Lockard Lockart Lockert Lockhart Lockhartt LOCKWOOD Lodge Mc Loghery Loghlin O' LOGHLIN LOGUE O Logue Lohery Long LONG Long, Longan Mc LOONE O' LOSTY O Loucherty Loughery Loughlin Mac Loughlin Mc LOUGHLIN Mc Loughlin arms Loughrey Loughry Love LOVETT Lowry O Lowry O' LOWRY Lucas Luchery O Lunshagan O LUNSHAGHAN O LUNSHAGHAN O Lunshaghan O Luog O' LUOG Lusty Lynch Lynch Mac Lynchy Mac Lynchys Lyndesay Lyne Lynn Lyon

M:   Machan O MACHERY Mackay Mackey Mackey Mackie Mackim Mc Mackin Macklellan Macky O' MADAGAN Magawley Magee Magenelly Maginty Magoun MAGOWAN Magrath Castle Magroarty Maguire MAHAFFY Mahaffy Mahon M' Mahon MALCOLM O Malley Malseed MALSEED Mc Manamon Mansfield MANSFIELD M' Manumy O Maoldoraidh Marburie O Markey MARLEY O MARLEY Marshall Marshell Martin Martin Mason MASTERSON Mc Mathe Mauffield MAUFFIELD Maxwell Meahen O Mealy O' MEALY MEEHAN O' Meehan Mc Meekin Meenan Meenan Melaghlin MELDRUM Meler O Mellan Mc Menamin Mc Menamin Mc Menamy Mc Menomin Mc Menomy MENZIES Mercer MERRILL Michan Michel Mickey MILES Miliken Miller Mills Mitchel Mitchell Moderall Moeran MOFFAT Moffett MOFFITT Mohan Molineux Molloy O' Molloy, Mulloy Molsed Monaghan O' Monaghan M' Monagill Mc Monagle Mc Monagle Moncrieff Mc Monegall Mc Mongell MONROE Montgomery Montgomry Montray MONTRAY Mooney Moor Moore MOOREHEAD Moran O Moran O' MORAN Morgan Moriarty Morison O Morison Morrin O Morrin Morrison O Morrison Morrow Morrow MORTIMER Mortimer Morton Motheral Mothrall Moubray O Moughen O Mouney Mountgomery Moy Mreeson O Mrisane O' MRISANE MULCARTAGH MULCARTAUGH O Mulderry MULDOON Muldorry O Muldorry Mulgan O Mulghill MULHARIN Mulheron Mulholland MULKERAN Mc Mullan O MULLAN Mullarkey Mc MULLEN O MULLGHILL O Mulligan O' Mulligan MULLINEUX Mullmoghery O Mullmoghery O MULLMOGHERY O MULLMOGHERY O Mullog Mulloy O Mulloy O' MULLOY MULREANY Mulrooney Mulvaney O Mulvaney O Mulvany O Mulvog O' MULVOG Mulvy O Muney O' MUNEY MUNGOMRIE MUNRO MUNTEETH muntgomery MURDOCK MURPHY Murragh MURRAY Murray Mc Murray O' MURRAY O Murray MURREY Murrey O Murrey Murrie Murry Murrye

N:   Mc Nally Mc Nare NAREY Nary, Neary Mc Naught Naughton O NEAL NEALIS Mc Nealus Neaphsy Mc Near Mc NEASS M' Neeley Mc Neely Neery Mc NEFF O Neil Mc Neill O' Neill Ui Neill Neillis O Neills Mac Neilly Mc Nel(l)us Mc Nelis Mc NELIS Mc Nellus Mc NELLUS nelson Mc NELUS Nesbit NESBIT Nesbitt Mc Ness Mc NESTOR Newton Newtowne NEWTOWNE NICHOLL Nichols Nicholson Nickle Mc Nicol Mc NIELL Mc NIFF Mc Night Nighton NIGHTON Nihill NIMO Nisbit NISBIT Nisbitt NISBITT NISBITT M' Nitt Nixon Nobel NOBLE Noble Nocker Nolan Mc Nolte Nolty NORMAN NORTON O' NOWLAN NUGENT Mc Nulte Mc Nulty Mc Nulty NUSOM Mc Nutt Mc Nutt NYE


P:   Mc Paden Mc Padin Mc PADIN Paine Park PARKE PARKS Parmenter Parmeter PARMITER PASCO PATCHELL Paterson Pateshall Paton PATON PATTAN O Pattan O' PATTAN Patten PATTERSON Patterson Pattison PATTON Payne Payton Pearsane PEARSANE Peebles Peere Pender PENMAN Peoples Peoples PERKINS Perkins PETTERSON M' Pheally Mc PHERSON Mc Phetrish PHILSON PIBLES Pierson PINKERTON PITCARIN Pitt PLAYFAIR Plowright POAG POAK Poe POGE M' Poll Pollock Porter Porter Pots Preston Purveyance PURVIANCE PYE Pynnar's

Q:   Mac Quay Mc QUAY Queig Quig QUIGLEY O' Quigley O Quigley Quinn Mc QUIRE

R:   Rae O Rafferty O Raftery Ralphe Ralston RAMSAY Ramsey RANDOLPH Rankin RANKIN Mc RANNALL Raphoe Map Raw Ray Rea Read Reagh REAH Reaves REED Reeve Reily Remington Remyngton RENKEN RENKIN Reynolds RICHARDSON Richey RIDDLES RIED Ritchey RITHERFOORD ROAN Roarty ROARTY Robb Robbin ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROBINSON ROBISON O Rodan O' RODAN O Roddan RODDEN Mc RODDEN Roddy Roddy RODGER Roerty Roger ROGERS ROLSTON RONAN ronayne Roney O' Rooney Roper Mac Rory Mac Rory Mc Rory ROSS ROULANDS Roulston ROWAT Rowley Rowly Ruddan Mac Rudden Ruddy RUDDY Rudy RUSEL RUSSEL RUSSELL Russell Russell RUTHERFORD

S:   Sample Sampson Samson Sandford Sandford Sare Saville Saville arms SAYERS Sayre Sayville SCANLAN O Scanlon O Scannell Scot Scott SCOTT SEMPHILL Sempill Semple O Serky Mc Shane Mc SHANE Shankland Shanklin SHANKLIN Mc SHANLEY SHANNON Sharket SHARKEY O' Sharkey O Sharkie Sharpe Mc Sharry SHAW O' SHEALE O Sheale O Sheale O Sheall Shearan Shearing O Shearing O' SHEARING Sheils SHEILS SHEILS O SHELL SHELTON SHEPARD Sheppard Shergie Sheridan Shevlin Shiel O' SHIEL O' Shiel, Sheilds Shields O SHIELL SHIELS SHIELS SHILLTOMAS Sime SIME Simison SIMONS Simpill Simple Simpson Sims Singe O' SIONAGH O Skey SKINNER SKIPTON Slevan Smelley Smiley SMILLEY Smith Smith Smith, Smyth SMYLEY SMYLY Smyth Smythe SOMERS Spear SPEER SPEIR Spence SPENCER Spotswode Spotswood Sprool SPROUL SPROULE Sproule Spruell Sprule Squire SQUIRE Stanton STARRATT Starret STARRITT Staunton Stavely Steel STEEN Stenings STEPHEN Stephens STEPHENSON STERIT STEUART STEUERT STEVEN STEVENS STEVENSON Stevenson Steward Stewart STEWART Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart arms STIN STINSON STOBRIDGE STOREY Stormont STORMONT STORRY Stowbridge STREAN STRONG Stuart Stuart Stuart Stubbins Stubbs Stubbs arms STYLE Summers Sutherland Sweaney Sweeney M' Sweeney Mac Sweeney SWEENY SWENEY Mac Swenys SWETENHAM Swetenham Swetnam Mc Swiggan Mc Swine SWINEY Mac Swyne Mc Swyne Mc Swyne Mc SWYNE SYERS Synge

T:   TAFFA Mc Tague Tailor Taite Talbot TANEY Tarket Tasker Tate Mc Tavish TAYLER TAYLOR Mc Teag Mc TEAGUE Tearnon TEAS Teasdale TEAZS TEESDALE Teevan Mc TEIGUE TEMPLETON Mac Ternan TERRELL Terrie Teyse THOMAS Thompson Thompsone Thomson Thomsone THOMSONE Thornton Thornton TICE Tiernan Mac Tiernan O' TIERNEY O' Tierney Mc TIERNY Mac Tighe TIMANY Timony Tinney TINNY Tirhugh map Tisdale TISDALE Todd Todd Todd- Thornton Tolan Toland Toland Tomson TONER Toner O Toner TONNOR Toolan O Toolan O Toolan Torkington Torltone TORLTONE Torrance Torrens Towlan O Towlan O' TOWLAN TRAVERS TREDINNICK TUNNEY Tunney TURETTIN TURRETTIN TWIGG Twolan Tyrell

U:   Ultagh Ultagh ULTAGH Unkles Ussher

V:   Mc Vagh Mc VAGH Valentine Valentyne VANCE VANCE Vans VAS Vaughan Vaughan VAUNCE Mc Veagh Mac Veigh Mc Veigh Verschoyle Vershoyle arms

W:   WADSWORTH M' Wagha Walker WALLACE Wallace Wallen Waller Wallis Walsh WARD Ward Ward Mac Ward Mac Ward Mac Ward Warnock Warran WARRAN Warren Wasson WATERS WATERSON WATSON Watson Watt WAUGH Mc Way WEBSTER Welsh WEST WHEELER White WHITE Whiteacre Whittaker Whyte Wigton Wigtone WIGTONE Wiley Wiley Wilkie WILKIN Wilkinson M' WILLIAM WILLIAMS Mc Williams WILLIAMSON Willson Wilson Wilson Winn WINSLOW WITTER Wltagh WLTAGH WOODS WOODWARD Woolson WRAY Wray Wray WRIGHT Wybrune WYBRUNE WYLIE Wylson Wyly Wynn Wynn

Y:   YOUNG Young Younge Younge