County Cork Genealogy

Description: County Cork Genealogy and Family History Notes - 2nd edition, 2001. This work expands the seldom seen research and reference source, entitled "A Census of Co. Cork, Ireland, with family notes and coats of arms of her families 1700-1900 a.d."

Included for the first time in this edition are extracts on family history from O'Harts work on Irish pedigrees, along with local and national resources for researching Cork ancestors. Spiral bound for easy reference work. The first part of this work contains the complete returns of the census of 1659 for Co. Cork including townlands, tituladoes, first and last names, and principal names of eacy area within the county.

The second part of this work is a selection of illustrated coats of arms (as they appear in more ancient works) of the leading families of Cork, with the many settler families of the day and it is entitled 'Coats of Arms and Genealogical Notes of Cork Families 1700 A.D.- 1900 A.D.

A supporting book to the hardbound 'Families of Co. Cork, Ireland." This can be considered as part two in the series on Cork families, and a valuable source for researchers in Cork, including all the place names and location details from the census. 68 pages in all. Spiral bound. Heavier parchment type cover. Many families can be pinpointed as to location, some are only mentioned in passing.
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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Adderly Agharne O'Agherns Aldwarth Arberry Arundall Aulife McAulife

B:  Babington Bagley Bane Barnard Baroy Barret Barroe Barrymore Base Bathurst Baunister Beale Beare Beats Beecher Bellowe Bellue Benger Bent Bessworth Betsworthy Bevridge Billkinton Blackwell Blakston Blanchett Blanford Blatchford O'Boghelly O'Boigd Boohier Boughane Bowreman Brabant Bradston Braily Bramble Brayly Breadbeard Brenagh Bretleridge Brocklesby O'Brodir Broghill Brokett Brookes Brookin O'Bryan O'Bryen Bull Bullocke Buoige O'Buoige O'Buoy Burcham Burneham Burnell Burrage Burroughes Burrowes Burwell Bustead Busteed

C:  O'Cahane Calfe Callaghane McCallaghane O'Callaghane O'Callahane Callanane O'Canniffe Cantie Caple Cappacke Carby Carny Carthey McCarthey Carthy Cartwright McCarty Cattle Chaney Chartres Chettle Chidleigh Clea Clerke McCnoghor Cnoghor McCnohor O'Cnohor Cnohor McCnougher McCnoughor Cogane Coghlane Combel Cone Connard McConnor Conow Copinger Corke O'Corkerane O'Cormack Corstellowe O'Cotter Coughlane O'Couglane Coulthurst Courcy Coursey Courthop Coveney Covett Cozene McCragh Craine Crispe Crofts O'Cronine O'Cronyne Crosse O'Crowley Crowley Crowly O'Crowly Cullane Cullenane O'Cullenane Cullilane Cullnane O'Curtaine

D:  Dacey Dacy O'Dally O'Daly McDaniell Darley Dashwood McDauid Davenport Dawley Dayly O'Dayly Delacourt Delahide McDermod Dermod McDermody McDesmond Deyer Deys Dickinson Dinane Doave Dodgin Dongarvan McDonnogh Donnovane McDonogh Donogh Oge O'Donoghow Donovane McDonovane O'Donovane O'Dorney Dunkin Dunscombe O'Dyeyneene

E:  Earlsman Eatton McEdmond Elwell End Enocke Escott Evens Everson

F:  Farely Farthing Fepps O'Finine O'Finn McFinne McFinyne Fise Fitzgerrald Fitzjames Flagetter Flagettor Fleetwood O'Fline Flinne Flint O'Flyne Flyng O'Flynne Foulke Fowke O'Fowlow O'Fowlowe Fowlue Freeke Frinke McFynyne Fynyne

G:  Gallway Gallwey Galvan Galwey Gash Geagh Gefferyes Gennery German Gerrald Gillett Gillman Gilman Goble Goddart Godsuffe Gogan Golborne Gole Gookin Gosnold Gravenor Gribble O'Griffen O'Griffin Grigge Gullams Gullivant Guppy Guyn O'Gyrie

H:  Hadder Haddone O'Hagherine Hagnes Hagnes O'Halihanane Haly Hamlyn Handcock Harbert Hardinge O'Hart O'Harte Hauglin Hazard Hea O'Hea O'Heagerty O'Healy O'Hegertie O'Herne Herrick Heydon Hide Hitchmongh Hodden Hogane O'Hogane Holcombe Holcroft Hollyday Holton Hopson Horsey Houeden Houlden Hoveden Hovell How Hurly Hutchens Hutchin

I:  Ingry

J:  McJames Jephson Jermin Jervois McJohn Justice

K:  Keadagane O'Keefe Keene Kinaston Kingsmell Kinstone Kirle O'Kissane Knowle

L:  Lanallyn Landon Lane Langor Latsford Leagh Leaghy O'Leaghy Leah O'Leanaghane Leaue Leehy Legerstone O'Lennane O'Leyne Lie Linchy O'Line Lisaught O'Liuer Loue Lugg Luther

M:  Madox McMahone O'Mahowne Mahowny McMahowny O'Mahowny O'Malowne Manneringe Mansery Manseryhe Martine Masie Mathews Maynard Meagh Meskell Messick Miagh Milner McMlaghlen O'Mohir O'Mongane Monke Morduck More O'Morohow McMorris McMorrish O'Morroghow McMortaugh Mosse Mountford O'Mulcaha Mulshenoge Munighane Munnyhane Murreane O'Murroghow Murrough O'Murry McMurtagh Muscham

N:  Muscham O'Neale Neuill Newce Nicholas Norris Novis

O:  Oakeley Olliffe Ouldis McOwen McOwen Bwy Owen Oge Owgan

P:  Painter Pearcell Peard Peercy Penford Pennigton Pennington Percivale Percivall McPhillip Philpott Pigott Pine Plover Plumer Points Poulden Prater Preist Priddin Prigge

Q:  Quynall

R:  Rashleigh Reagane O'Reagane Reagh O'Realy Regane O'Regane Remnant Rich McRichard Rienard Rierdane O'Rierdane Riergane O'Riordane O'Rogane Roper Rossington Roughane Rowell Rubey Rumney Ruoe Rutter

S:  Sauage Savell O'Scannell Scotney Scudamore Scuse Seaward Segrave Selby McShane Shane Oge O'Sheehane Sheghane O'Sheghane Shehane O'Shighane Shipton Shipward Shute Sinhouse Sisnane O'Skannell Skyddy Smart Smarth Smims Snell Solovart Somersett Southwell O'Spellane Spemer O'Spillane Stepney Steuens Steyles Stiffe Stinchman Stoute Stratford Sturt Sugars Sulevane O'Sulevane Suliuane Sullevane O'Sullevane Sulliuane Sullivane Sullivane Sunbery Swabby Swallow Sweete McSwyny

T:  Teape McTeige Teige (Oge) Tethrington Thirry McThomas Tilson Tomlin Touson Tovey Tovomy Towse Trauers Trennwith Tresillean Tuckey Twisden O'Twomy

U:  Unack Unett Ungerdell Upcole

V:  Vanderlure Verkers Vizard

W:  Waggoner Waits Wakeham Wakham Walkam Walter Wandwick Way Weeke Weekes Wetherell Wheite Whelply Whetcomb Whetcraft Whislade Whitcraft Whittingham Whitwell Willingham Willy Winspeare McWilliam Woodliffe Woodly Woodroffe Woodruffe Worrell Wrenne

Y:  Yardo Yeomans