County Fermanagh & County Louth, Genealogy & Family History Notes

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms for families in Counties Fermanagh and Louth. Produced as part of the Irish Families Project. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2002). It includes the complete 1659 census for Fermanagh and Louth counties in Ireland. It also includes County Maps, listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location...many are mentioned in passing. Includes a few family histories from the works of John O’Hart..... Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family, with actual records and contacts

The most numerous families in County Fermanagh in the 19th century were
  • Cassidy.....Cassady....Cassaday
  • Dolan.....Dolane.....Dollane
  • Elliott.....Eliott.....Eliot
  • Fitzpatrick.....Fitspatrick.....Fitz.
  • Flanagan.....Flannagin.....Flanigan
  • Gallagher.....Gallaher.....Galager
  • Irvine.....Irvin.....Ervine
  • Johnston.....Johnstone.....Johnson
  • Maguire.....MacGwire.....MacGuire
  • McHugh.....MacHugh....Hughes
  • McGovern.....MacGovern...MacGovran
  • McLoughlin.....McLaughlin.....Laughlin
  • McManus.....MacManus.....McMannis
  • Murphy.....Morphy.....Murphey
  • Reilly.....Riley.....O'Riley
  • Thompson.....Thomson.....Tompson
  • Wilson.....Willson.....Wilsone

  • And In County Louth:
  • Boyle.....Boile.....Boils
  • Byrne.....Burn(s)......Bierne
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Carroll.....Carol.....Carrol
  • Clarke.....Clark.....Clerk
  • Connor.....Conor.....Conner
  • Donnelly.....Donely.....Donelley
  • Duffy.....Duffie.....Duffey
  • Farrell.....Farrall.....Farell
  • Hanratty.....Hanraty.....Hanrattie
  • Lynch.....Linch.....Lynche
  • Martin.....Martyn.....Martine
  • Mathews.....Matthews.....Matthewes
  • McArdle.....Macardle.....McCardell
  • McCourt.....Macourt.....Macorte
  • McKenna.....Mackenna.....McKena
  • Morgan.....Morgane.....Morgun
  • Murphy.....Murphey.....Morphy
  • O'Hare.....O'Haire.....Hare
  • Reilly.....Riley.....Rielly.....O'Reilly
  • Rice.....Ryse.....Rise
  • Smith.....Smyth.....Smythe

approx. 80 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated, excellent condition..Records are reproduced here exactly as they appear in the original documents in the IGF Library, and so many show the wear of time. A must for any collection that includes these areas. Many families are pinpointed as to location, many more are mentioned only in passing.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abbott, M. Acheson, A. address list Adwick, Mr. Agar Alderman, J. Aldrich, F. Mac Aleenon Mac Aleighly Allen Allman Andrewes, J. Archdal, J. Archdale Archdale, J. Archdall, F. Archdall, J. Archdall, W. Ardagh Ardagh, M. Ardah, M. Mc Ardell Ardenton Ardenton, J. Mac ardle Mac Ardle Mc Ardle Mc Ardle Armitage, W. Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong, J. Armstrong, J. Armstrong, M. Arnolt, J. Arnot, J. Mac Arte Ashenhurst, P Asten, W. Atkins, J. Atkinson Atkinson Atkinson, R. Attegartt Mac Auley Mc Avenia Mc AVynny Mac awly Mac awly

B:    Babe Babe, H. Babe, J. Babe, J. Bagnall Ball Ball, Wm. Ballard, J. Bampton, E. O Banan O Banan O Bannion Barnewell, P. Barnewell, R. Barnwell, C. Barnwell, P. Barran Barton Barton, Coll. Barton, T. Bath, J. Bath, N. Batten, W. Bealy, C. Beaty ? Bedel, A. Bedlow Belford, J. Belford, J. Belfore Belfore, Belfour Belfour, B. Belfour, Wm. Bellew Bellew Bellew Bellew, C. Bellew,J. Bellew, J. Bellew, N. Bellew, P. Bellew, R. Bellingham Bellingham, H Belton Bernard, J. Berrell Bexwick, J. Bierne Bingham, R. Bird, O. Birmingham Birmingham Birne Birne Birne Birne, Ed. Birney, W. Birrell Birt, Ed. Birt, J. Blacken, F. Blair, Hu. Blaney Blashford, W. Blen'rhas'et ? Blener Hassett Blenerhasset Blennerhasset Blennerhassett Bleuer Hassett Bleverhassett Blomfield, R. Blunt, Edw. Boden, Bowden Boding Bodington, A. Boggas, R. Bogue Boile Boils Bolton Bolton Bolton, R. Bolton, R. Borlaces Boycott Boylan Boylan Boylan Boyle Boyle O Boyle O Boyle Boyne pl Brabazon Brabazon Bradigan Bradshaw Bradshaw, T. Brady Brady Mac Brady Mac Brady O Brady Brady, J. O Branagan Brandon, Ed. Brandon, T. O' Brannigan Bray Bray, J. O Brein Bremegham O Breslin Bridges, R. O Brien, Mary O Brien of Fermanagh Brinegan O Brislan Britt, B. Brooks, Brooke Browne, J. Browning, J. Browning, Ja. Browning, P. Browning, W. Bruce, Edw. Bruerton, A. Bryan Mc Bryan Mc Bryan O Bryan O Bryen Brynan Buchanan, M. Buchnan, H. Buckley Buckley Buliner, T. Bulkelh, J. Bulkely, A. Bullin, Th. Burgh, T. Burley, L. Burn(s) Burnee, M. Burns Burtsides, J. Bury, Theo. Butler Butler Butler arms Butler, S. Butler, S. Butterly Butterly Byrne Byrne O Byrne O' Byrne, Byrnes

C:   Mac Cabe Mac Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Caffery Mc Caffery Mac Caffrey Caldwell Caldwell, H. O Callaghan O Callaghan O Callaghan Callan Callan Callan Callan Callan Callan Mc Callan Calvert, R. Mac Campbell Campbell, Ja. Campbell, W. Mac Cann Mac Cann Mac Cann Mc Cann Mc Canna O Cannon Cappocke Carberry Mc Cardell mc Cardell Carfelott, G. Carleton, C. Carlingford pl Carney Carol Carragher O Carragher Mc Carran Mc Carran Carrol Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll O Carroll Carroll-Louth O Carrols Cartan Mac Cartan Mac Cartan Carton Mc Carvey Carwell Carwell Carwell Carwell Casbell, P. O Casey O Cashedy Cashell, G. Cashell, N. Cashell, O. Caskin Cassaday Cassady Cassady O Cassady Cassedy Cassiday Cassidy Cassidy Mac Cassidy O Cassidy O Cassidy O Cassidy, C. Cassidy, P. Cassity O Cassydy O Cassydy, P. Casy Catchcart, R. Catchcartt Cathcart, A. Cathcart, A. Cathcart, A. Cathcart, G. Cathcart, J. Cathcart, M. Cavender Cawell Cawell Cawell Mac Cawley Mc Cawly Cawsy census 1659 Cereighton, A. Challenor, J. Chamberlain Chamberlin Chambre, J. Charleton, W. Chashell, N. Cheevers, C. Cheevers, R. Cheneing, P. Cheney Chevers clan Kelly Clancy Clankelly Clark Clark, R. Clarke Clarke Clarke, T. Clary Cleary Cleary O Clenican O Clerican O Clerican O Clerikan Clerk Clery Mac Clery O Clery O Clery Cleryan Clifford, W. Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton, L. Clinton, P. Clinton, S. Coates Coates, Edw. coats of arms Cobayne, T. McO Coen O Cogley Cogly Cole Cole arms Cole, Wm. Cole, Wm. O Coleman Mac Colgan Mc Coll Mc Colleny, M. Collins Mac Collo Mc Collum Collyer, I. Mac Colman Conell Mc Conn, E. Connelan Connell Mac Connell, Ro. Connellan O Connellan O Connelly O Connelly Conner Conney, N. Connolan O Connolly Connoly Connoly Connor O Connor O Connor, C. Connors Conor Constable, W. Mc Conville Coole, H. Cooley, G. Cooper, G. Coppinger Corcoran O Corkeran Mac Cormack Mc Cormick Mc Cormick O Cormick O Cormick Cormick, J. Mac Cormick, W. Corr, Corry Corr, Corry O Corrican O Corrigan O Corrigan O Corrigan O Corroney O Corrony Corry Corry Mc Corry Corry, H. Corry, J. Corry, J. O Corrygan Cosby, W. Cosbye, A. Cosbye, Edw. O Coshedy Mc Cosker Coulter Mc Court Mc Court Mc Court Courtes, R. Cox, Mac Quilly Cox, W. Mc Cracken Crawford Creehan O' Creehan Cregan Crehan O Creighan Creighton Creighton Creighton Crery Mac Crevy Crifferty Crilly Crocother, O. Mc Croley Crolly Mc Croly Mc Crory Crow, L. Crozier Crozier, J. Cullen Mac Cumiskey Mc Cusker Mc Cusker Custard

D:   Dalton, E. Dane Dane, J. Daniel MAC Daniel Daniell, J. Mac Daniell, P. Darcy Dardis, C. Dardis, P. Mac Darrah, Darragh Davenport, Ed. Davin Davis Davis, J. Davis, M. Davis, Wm. Dawson, R. de Courcy De Flemming De Gernon de Lacy de Lap De Pepard de Verdon Dean, J. Dean, P. Dee, A. Dee, I. deeds Delap, J. Dellahoide, J. Dellahoide, T. Denny Denny arms Derham, R. Dermond Mac Dermot Mac Dermot Dermott Mc Dermott Mc Dermott O Devin O' Devine O' Devine Devitt. Ja. Dey. M. diocese Disney Disney, W. Dixey, W. Dixon, T. Dixy, Edw. Dobbin Dobbin O Dogherty O' Doherty Dolan Dolan O Dolan Dolan, B. Dolane Dollane Dombar, J. Mc Donaghey Mc Donald Donegan O Donel Mc Donell Mc Donell Mc Donell, P. Mac Donell, S. Donelley Donely Dongan Mac Donnell Mac Donnell Mac Donnell O' Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell, H. mac Donnell Lords Donnellan, C. Donnelly Mac Donogh Donohue Doonan O' Doran Dorane, D. O Dougherty, C. Dowdal Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall, J. Dowdall, P. Dowdall, S. Dowdall, S. Dowglas, J. Dowlin Doyle, B. Draycott, J. Drogheda Dromgoole, J. Mc Dromma O Dromma Drops, B. O Drum Drumgoole Drumm Drury, Drew Drury, R. Duffey Duffey Duffie Duffie Duffie Duffin Duffin Duffin Duffy O' Duffy Mac Duilgen O' Dullaghan O Dulleghan Mc Dunagan Dunbar, J. Dunbar, J. Dunbarr, W. Dundalk bar. Dundalk pl Mac Dunn Mc Dunn Dunne O' Dunne Durnan Durnan O Durning Dury, G. Mac Dwilgan O Dwyer O Dyoddan

E:   Eckles, G. Eclston Edwards, E. Edwards, W. Eliot Eliott Ellet Elliott Elliott Elliott, R. Ellis Ellis, Au. Ellis, E. Ellis, Fr. Ellis, H. Ellis, P. Ellot Ellot Ellwood, J. Ellwood, W. Ellyott Ellyott Mac Elroy Empey Mac Enabb English Enniskillen pl Mac Enobb Mc Enolly Mac Entaggert Ervine Mc Eteggart Euleston Evelin, T. Mac Evoy Ewart, Ja. Exham,

F:   Fagan Fagan, P. families Farell Farmer Farrall Farrell Farrell Farrell O' Farrell Fay Mac Fayden, C. Feddis Fedegan O' Fedegan Fee O Fee O Fee Feehan Fegan Fegan Fenegan Fenegan Fenterell, E. Ferard Ferguson Fermanagh Fermanagh Ferrar, E. O Fflanigan, H. Ffolliot Field Field, T. Filgate Finegan Finglass, J. O' Finn O' Finnegan Fisher, T. Fitspatrick Fitz. Fitzgerald, R. Fitzherbore, T. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzwilliam O Flaherty Flanagan O' Flanagan O Flanagan O Flanagan O Flanagan Flanegan Flanigan O Flannagan Flannagin Flannery Fleming Fleming, T. Fletthery, H. Flood Flower, H. Flower, H. Flowerden Flowerdew, T. Flowerdew,T. Flyn Flynn O' Flynn Fogg, J. Folliot, F. Folliot, H. Folliott, H. Fortescue Fortescue Fortescue, C. Fortesque Forth, S. Foster Foster Fowler, W. Fox French, D. Frisell, Jo. Frith, W. Fulton, All. Fulton, J. Fulton, J. Fytzherbert, W

G:   Gabbryth, J. Galager Galbraith, H. Galbreath, A. Galbreath, R. Gallagher Gallagher Gallaher Mc Gann mc Gann Garahan Garblany Garstin Garstin Mac Garvey Gaskin, S. Gastin, J. O Gaughan Mac Gauran Mac Gauran, E. Mc Gee Mc Gee Mac Gee, Magee Mc Genis MC Genis Mc Genis Gernon Gernon Gernon Gernon Gernon, H. Gernon, P. Gernon, R. Gibbs, R. Gibson, Bar. Gilgunn, Gilgan Mc Gillcuskell Gilleece Gillgon Gillgun Mc Gillmartin Gilmore, E. Mc Gilosker Mc Gilroy Mc Givney, C. Glass Glower, J. Gogarty Gold, Golden Golden, Ja. Mc Golrick Goodfellow, G. Goodfellow, J. Gore arms Gore, Capt. Gore, P. Gore, Wm. Gorge family O' Gorman mc Gormon Gortogh Goslyng, N. Goter, J. Mac Govern Mac Govern Mc Govern Mac Govran Mac Gowan,O'Gowan Mc Gowen O Gowen Mc Gra Mc Gragh Graham Graham Graham Graham, A. Graham, Ja. Grahame Mac Grath Mac Grath Graves Graves, E. Gray Greg, T. Gregory Gregory, R. Grehan O Greighan Grey Groome Mc Grory Growder Mc Groyre Gubbin, Ed. Mac Guier, R. Mc Guinness Mac Guire Mac Guire Mac Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire, C. Mc Guire, P. Mac Guires Mac Gwire Mac Gwire Mac Gwire, B. Mac Gwyre Mc Gwyre Mc Gwyre, M.

H:   O' Hagan O Haire Halfepenny Halgan Hall, J. Hall, W. Halligan Halpin Hambilton, J. Hambleton, F. Hambleton, W. Hamersley, G. Hamill Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton, A. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, L. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, R. Hamlin, W. Hamtin, B. Hanlon O' Hanlon O' Hanraghty Hanrattie Hanratty Hanraty Hardick, J. Hardy Hare O Hare O Hare Harington, E. Harlin Harrison O Harron Hart, G. Hart, M. Hart, T. Hassart, J. Hassett Hatton, E. Hatton, Ed. Hayes Hazard, J. Head, J. Heaney O Heany Hearne, N. Hearty Helyott, W. Heney Henlowe, T. Henry Herbert, J. Heritage Wld. Heron, B. Heron, F. Heron, W. Hickson arms O Higgan Hill, M. Hinks, L. Hodson, D. O Hoen Hoey Hoey, P. Holdsworth O Hollahan Hollowood, M. Hollywood Holt, R. Holton Home, A. Hone O Hone O Hone, C. Hookes, P. O Hoone Hopton, J. Horne, J. O Hose Hosey O Hosy Howard, Cath. Howe arms Howel, H. O Howen Hoy Hoy Hoy O Hoy Hoyle, Ed. Mac Hugh Mac Hugh Mc Hugh Mc Hugh Hughes Hughes Hughes MacHugh Hughes MacHugh Hughes, T. Hughs, H. Hulson, G. O Hultigan Hume, G. Hume, J. Hume, J. Hume, P. Humes, Al. Humes, G. Humes, J. Humes, P. Humphery Hunings, H, Huntington Husnell, P. O Hussey Hussey, O'Hosey

I:   Mc Illoy Mc Inrilly Ireland Ireland, S. Irish Sea Irvin Irvine Irvine Irwin Irwin Irwin Irwin, W. Iseack, Wm. Ivers

J:   Jackson, R. Mac James Jeenes, J. Johnson Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnston, D. Johnston, H. Johnston, J. Johnston, J. Johnston, J. Johnston, Ja. Johnston, R. Johnston, R. Johnston, W. Johnstone Jones Jones Jones, Gilb. Jones, Lawr. Jordan journals

K:   Kavanagh O' Kearney, Carney O' Keenan O' Keenan O Keenan Keenan chiefs O Keley Kelley Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Mc Kelly O Kelly O Kelly Mc Kena O Kenan Kendall Mac Kenna Mac Kenna Mc Kenna Mc Kenna Kennan O Kennedy Kennedy, W. Kennon Mac Kenny Mc Kenny O' Kenny Kent, T. Keny Keon Mac Keon Mac Keon O Kerins Mc Kernan Mc Kernan O Kernan Mc Kevitt Keys Mc Kiernan, Tiernan Mc Kiernan, Tiernan Killogh, J. Killough Killpatrick Kilmartin Mc Kilmartin Mc Kilroy Kinane King King, Ch. King, F. King, J. King, J. King, Jo. Kinkell, L. Kinnane Mc Kinney, Kenney Kirk O' Kirwan Kitle, W. Kittagh, C. Mc Knabb, J. Knox O Korkeran

L:   Lacey, de Lacy Lambert Lambert, G. Langford, H. Langham Langriss, H. Larkan Larkin, Lorcan Latournel Laughlin Mc Laughlin Lawles LDS Lea Lea, J. Leahy Ledborough, J O' Lee, Lea Lee-Norman Leean, P. Leech, T. Leigh, T. Lendrum Lendrum Lennan O Lennan O' Lennon, O' Lennon, Leonard Leonard, J. Leturvel, T. library Lilly Lilly Linch Lindsay, M. Little Living Lloyd, A. Lloyd, R. Lloyd, T. Loftus Mc Loghlin Lomasney Lough Erne Mc Loughlin Louth Louth Louth, Lord Louth records Lowder, J. O' Lowry Lowry, Al. Lowry, M. Lowry-Corry Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lucey Lucy, Ja. Luderdale, R. Lunney O Lunnin Lynch Lynch, Dr. Lynche Lyndsey, J. Lynnan Mc Lynnan O Lynnan

M:   Macgiollamichil Macken Mackey Mackey Macourt Madeslon, J. Magahan Magofrey Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire, B. Maguire, C. Maguire, H. Maguire, J. Maguires Maguyre Magwire, T. Magwyre, E. Mahanny Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon, Art Mc Mahon, Con Mc Mahon, H. Mc Mahon, T. Mahoney Maines, T. O Managhan Mc Mannis Mansell, R. Mansfield Mac Manus Mac Manus mac Manus Mac Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus Mac Manus of Fermanagh Mac Manuses map map Mappah, A. Marinnan, P. Markey O Markey O' Marky, Markey Marmion, A. Mc Marten Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin, E. Martin, Gilmartin Martin, Gilmartin Martine Martyn Mc Maryne Mason, R. Mastine, Edw. Mathewes Mathews Mathews Matthewes Matthewes Matthews Matthews, J. Mc Maughon Mc Maughon Meade, G. O' Meehan O Meehan Meghan O Mellan Midcalfe, J. Mitchell, J. O' Monaghan O Monaghen Monnell, P. Montgomery Moonan Moor, R. Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O Moore Moore, A. Moore, B. Moore, B. Moore, B. Moore, H. Moore, N. Moore, N. Moore, T. Moore, W. Mc Morchey Mordykay Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan O' Morgan Morgane Morgun O' Moroney Mc Morphey Morphy O Morris O Morrish Mortimer, H. Mortimer, J. Morton, W. Mountgomery Mountwhany Moynagh, M. Mulcrevy O' Muldoon O Muldoon O Muldowne Mullan, Mullen O Mullawill Mullen O Mullican O' Mulligan O Mulligan Mulloy, T. O Mullpatrick Mulrooney O Mulrooney Mc Murchey Mc Murchey O Murchey Murphey Murphey Murphey Murphey Murphey Mc Murphey Mc Murphey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murray Murray, F. Murtagh Murtagh Murtagh O Mury

N:   N. Ireland Mc Nany Nary, Neary Naulty O Neal, S. Neale O Neile Neile, H. O Neill, C. O Neill, H. Neper, J. Nesbitt, J. Netherville, P. Netterville, J. Netterville, P. newspapers Newstead, R. Newton, Th. Newton, Wm. Newtown O Nial Nickolls, Edw. Nixon Nixon, A. Nixson Nixson Noble Noble Noble Norman Notley, R.

O:    O'Harts Oldfield, J. Orgial Oriel Ormsby Orson, R. Mac orte Osborn, T. Osborne, S. Osborne, W. Mac ourt Ozenbrooke, P.

P:   Paget Pagett, J. Parker, G. Parkins, H. Parsons, R. Parsons, W. Paterson, J. Patrick pedigrees Peirce, J. Peirce, R. Pennant, R. Peppar, R. Peppard, R. Peppard, T. Pepper, I. Pepper, Maj. Pepper, W. Pepperd, G. Phillps, N. Picken, T. Pierce, F. Pittarre, L. place names Plunket Plunket arms Plunkets Plunkett Plunkett Plunkett Plunkett, A. Plunkett, J. Plunkett, J. Plunkett, M. Pockeridge, R. Poole, F. Power, H. Pressly, S. Price, Jo. Protheroe, D. Purdon

Q:   Mc Quaide O' Quigley O' Quinlan Quinn

R:   O Rafferty Randall Rath, J. Rauth Real O Really Mac Redmond Reilly O Reilly O Reley O Rely researchers Reyly Reyly Reynolds Rice Rice Richards, J. Richardson Richardson Richardson Rider, Jo. Ridgewaie, G. Riley O Riley Rise Roberts, J. Robinson, H. Robinson, Ja. Robison, R. Rogan Rogers Roney O' Rooney Mc Rorkan Rorke Rorke O Rorke Mac Rory Mc Rory Mc Rory Roscrow, T. Ross Ross, Fard. Ross, Rbt. Ross, Wm. Ross, Wm. Rosse, H. Rosse, Wm. Rouney O' Rourke Rowley Rowley, H. Russell, G. Rutter, W. Ruxton Ruxton Ruxton, J. Rynd Rynd, D. Rynn Ryse

S:   Sammes, A. Samming, J. Sanley, J. Savidge, W. O Scalan, B. Mac Scanlan O' Scanlon Schuylemberg Scot, N. Scot, T. Scotchmen Scott Mc Sculloge Sedborrow, J. Sedborrow, J. Segrave, P. Mc Shane O' Shannon,Shanahan O' Sharkey O Sheale O Sheanan Sheehy Sheenan Sheeran O Sheerin Shepheard, D. O Sheredon O' Sheridan Sheriffe, J. Sherley, W. Shields Shore, T. Sibb, J. Sibthorp, E. Sibthorp, Ed. Sibthorpe, C. Sidney, H. Skahan, Skehan Skehan Skelson, I. Skelton Skrine, M. Slack, J. Slack, W. Slatier, J. Smallwood, J. Smelhome, G. Smith Smith, H. Smith, Jo. Smith, W. Smithwick Smithwick, H. Smyth Smyth Smyth Smythe Mc Sorley sources St. Lawrence St. Leger Stack Stanbride, S. Stanley, R. Stannus Stannus Starling, R. Steevenson Sterling, R. Stevenson, R. Stewart, W. Stoker, J. Stokes, R. Stooker, T. Straton, F. Sumerwell, T. Symerell, J.

T:   Taaf Taaf, L. Taafe, N. Taaffe Taaffe Taaffe Taaffe Taaffe Taaffe, J. Taaffe. S. Talbott, G. Talbott, T. Tallbott, J. Tallon Tallon Tallon, C. Tath Taylor Taylor, R. Taylor, T. Teevan Mc Teggart Tempest Tempest, J. Tenison Terty Thomas, J. Thomas, J. Thomlinson Thompson Thompson Thomson Thunder, B. Mac Thurlogh O' Tierney Tilly Titchburne, H. Tompson Tooke, J. Tormey O Torney Towers, J. Townsly, H. Toxtith, W. Tracey O' Tracy O' Tracy Traill, J. O Tressy Troly, R. Tully Tully Castle Tundall, J. Tundall, P. Turbridge, P.

U:   Ulster names Umphrey, T.

V:   Vallely Vaughan, R. Verdon Verdon, E. Verdon, J. Verney Verney Vernon

W:   Wagh, J. Wagh, W. Walker Walsh Walwood Warburton Ward, C. Ward, E. Ward, R. Ward, Sam. Warick, R. Warke Warren, P. Waters, McWaters Wattson, G. Wear, R. Webb Webster, M. Webster, W. Weire, A. Weire, R. Weire, R. Wellwood Wesh ? West, H. West Indies Weston, P. Wetherell, H. While White White White White White, B. White, J. White, P. White, R. White, T. Whitt, P. Whorlloe, J. Wilkes, J. Willoughby, N. Willoughby-Cole wills Willson Wilshier, J. Wilson Wilson Wilsone Wilton, R. Winne, T. Wirrall, H. Wirrall, H. Wiseheart, W. Wishert, J. Witter, J. Wogan Wood, Ed Woods Woodward, J. Woorall, H. Woottin, J. Wynne, R. Mc Wynny

Y:   Young, M. Young, T.