Vol. IV - A Special Census of Ireland; Pynnars Survey


Pynnars Survey gives us landholders, and the location/ condition of their property in Ireland. This includes Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, and Fermanagh with notes on Londonderry. Originally compiled as a result of the 17th century plantation of Ireland (1609+). A landholders census of sorts, it set about to give us the results of the ‘planting’ of families from outside Ireland onto Irish lands. Here, Pynnar gives us the name and condition of “Undertakers, servitors, and principal natives” on these Ulster lands. The footnotes by Hill are of particular note, at times bringing updates into the 19th century.

A sample from a small entry follows:
“Sir Alexander Hamilton(55) the first patentee. Jane Hamilton (56), late wife to Claude Hamilton, deceased, hath 2,000 acres, called Carrotobber and Clonkine. Upon this Proportion there is a strong castle, and a Bawne of Lime and Stone thouroughly finished with her family living there”(....and in the over 1/2 page of footnotes on this family are given other inhabitants in 1629, namely George Griffin, Francis Cofyn, Stephen Hunt, and Richard Lighterfoot, all of whom had been granted deeds.)

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+). The text also includes enlightening 19th century commentary. This book, “A Special Census of Ireland, Pynnars Survey” also serves as volume four of the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Researchers.

Hardbound with sewn binding for long life. Gold Stamped cover is illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. Special surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7” x 10”. 164 p., published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition. $34 plus shipping. ISBN 0940134659

Vol IV of The Conquest of Ireland series.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Acheson Acheson, A. Acheson, A. Acheson, A. Acheson, H. Acheson, H. Acheson, J. Acheson, W. Achesons Adams, John Mc Adegana, O. Adwick Adwick, Mr. Adwick, Mr. Agher estate Aghmootie, J. Aldridge, Ed. Alexander, J. Alexander, J. Alexander, L. Alexander, L. Alexander, W. Alexander, W. Alexander, W. Allane, R. Allen, John Allen, R. Allen, R. Allen, Robt. Allen, S. Allen, S. Allyn, S. Mc Aly, H. Ameas, P. Mc Analy, P. Anderson, A. Anderson, J. Anderton, Capt Andrewe, T. Mc Aneny, D. Annesley, F. Annesley, R. Ansley, F. Ansley, Fr. Anthony, R. Mc aprior Apthwillyn, N. Archdale, E. Archdale, J. Archdale, J. Archdale, J. Archdall, J. Archdalle, J. Areskine, A. Areskine, J. Areskine, J. Arkles, David Armagh lands Arman, D. Armstrong, J. Arnett, A. Arnett, Wm. Mc Arte, Arte Mc Arte, D. Ash, John Ash, Sir T. Ash, Sir T. Atcheson, A. Atcheson, Arch. Atcheson, H. Atcheson, Mr. Atherton, R. Atkinson, C. Atkinson, Lt. Atkinson, R. Aubigney, Ld. Aubignie, Ld. Aubigny castle Auchmothy, J. Audley Audley, F. Audley, George Aughmootie, A. Aula, A. Mc Aula, Alex. Mc Aula, Alex. Mc Aulay, Alex. Mc Aulay, J. Aungier, Fr. Austin, John Mc Awley, Alex.

B:   Babington, Mr. Babington, R. Bagenall, H. Bagshaw, E. Bailie, Edw. Bailie, Geo. Bailie, Jennett Baillie, Wm Baker, John Baker, John Balfore, Mr. Balfour Balfour, A. Balfour, J. Balfour, J. Balfour, James Balfour, James Balfour, Ld. Balfour, Ld. Ballie, Edw. Ballymacaward Banister, Wm. Bannister, R. Barber, David Barbour Barclay, Mr. Barclay, T. Barklay Barkley, D. Barkley, M. Barnes, Wm. Barnes, Wm. Barnes, Wm. Barns, Wm. Mc Baron, Art Barringtons Mc Barron, Arte Mc Barron, Arte Bartley, M. Barton, T. Barton, T. Barton, T. Barton, T. Bassett, W. Bastard, W. Bateson, Robt. Baxter, M. Baylye, Wm Bealie, Wm. Beane, T. Bedell, Amb. Belford, J. Bell, Andrew Bell, William Belling Bennett, R. Bennetts, two Benson, Peter Benson, Peter Benson, Peter Berckley, D. Beresford Beresford, B. Beresford, C. Beresford, T. Beresfords seat Berkeley, M. Betty, John Beverlie, John Bingley Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, Ralph Bingley, Ralph Bingley, Ralph Blacke, G. Blacker, G. Blacker, G. Blacker, V. Blayney, Edw. Blenerhasset Blenerhasset Blenerhassett Blenerhassett Blunte, Ed. Blunte, Mr. Bodley, J. Bodley, J. Bodley, Sir J. Bodleys' survey Bodly, J. Bogas, R. Bogas, R. Boges, R. Boggus as Bogas Boggus, A. Boide, Thomas Bolton, Edw. Bombie, Laird Boucher, J. Bourchier as Bowcher Bourchier, J. Bouts, Wm. Bowcher, H. Bowens Bowker, G. Bowyers Co. Boyd, Arch. Boyd, Sir T. Boyd, Thomas Boyde, T. Boyl, James O Boyle, E. O Boyle, Edm. O Boyle, M. Boyle, R. Boyle, Richard O Boyle, T. O Boyle, T. O Boyle, Tirlagh Boyle, Wm. O Boyles castle Boyne, H. Bradshaw, G. Mc Brady Brady, P. Brady, T. O Brallaghan, S. O Brallaghan,D. O Bresslan, E. Brett of Dublin Bridge, Geo. O Brien, M. o Brillagan, D. Brindsley, M. Broadhurst, T. O Brogan, M. Brombe, Lady Bromloe, Wm. Bromlow, W. Brooke, Basil Brooke, Bassill Brookes, Basil Broughton, L. Browne, A. Browne, J. Browne, J. Browne, J. Browne, John Browne, Lt. Brownloe, W. Brownlow, W. Brownlowe Bruce, H.H. Bruce, King R. Mc Bryan, J. Mc Bryan, K. Mc Bryan, N. Mc Bryan, P. Mc Bryan, T. Bryce, J. Mc Bryen Mc Bryen, Brian Buckland, R. Buckworth Bulkley, G. Burkett, Rich. Burleigh, Ld. Burligh, Ld. Burrowes, R. Butler, K. Butler, Lady Butler, S. Butler, S. Butler, S. Butler, S. Butler, S. Butler, Sir S. Butler, Stephen Butler, Stephen 'by the tail' Byas, David O Byns, John O Byns, Michael O Byrne, B. Byrnes of Wicklow

C:   Mc Cabe, D. Mc Cabe, R. Mc Cacoell, T. Mc Caell, Teige Mc Cafferey, P. Mc Cafferey, T. Mc Caffery, D. Mc Caffery, N. Mc Cafferye, P. Mc Caghy, D. Calfield, Toby Calfield, Toby Calvert, R. Calvert, R. Calwell, A. Cammynge Cammynge, G. Campbell, P. Mc Cann, Art Mc Cann, Bryan Mc Cann, C. Mc Cann, Cullo Canning, Mr. Canning, Paul Canninge Carew, G. Carleton, L. O Carragan O Carrahin, C. Mc Carrell, Owen O Carrulane, B. Carruthers, F. Carter, Edw. Carter, O. Carth, Lt. Cartwright, Ed. Cartwright, G. Mc Cassack, Wm. O Cassidys castle Castle Blaney Castle Hume Castle Saunderson Castle Warnynte Castlebagshaw Castlebutler Castledine, R. Castlehassett castlemurray Castlerahin Cathcart, D. Catheringham Cattherall, E. Caulfield Caulfield Caulfield, Toby Caulfield, Toby Mc Causland, O. Mc Cawall, T. Mc Cawell, Pat. Mc Cawell, T. Cawfield, Lord Chambers, M. Chapman, J. Charlemont Chesman, H. Chichester Chichester Chichester, A. Chichester, A. Chichester, Ld. Chichester, T. Childerhowse Chiney, T. Chreaghton, T. Christian, Lady Clandonnells Claneboy, Ld. Claneboynes Clapham as Chapman Clapham, J. Clare, Henry Clare, Henry Clarke, Geo. Clarke, H. Clarke, T. Cleary, C. Clegge, W. Clephane Clephane, Mr. Mc Clerie, O. Mc Clery Mc Clintock, W. Clonose Mc Closkie, T. Coach, Th. Coache, T. Cofyn, F. Cofyn, Fr. Cogwell, R. Cole or Colle Cole, Sir W. Cole, Sir W. Cole, W. Cole, Wm. Cole, Wm. Colewell, A. Mc Collagh, T. Collis, John Mc Collowe O Colly, O. Mc Collyn, B. Mc Collyn, Owen Colquhoun, J. Colte, Adam Combe, Nich. Mc Comen, C. Congal, Fr. Congall, O. Coningham Coningham, A. Coningham, B. Coningham, G. Coningham, G. Coningham, J. Mc Conmoy, B. Mc Conmoy, O. O Connelan, P. Connell, D. Mc Connell, O. O Connelly, D. O Connogher, G. Connolly, Mr. O Connyllon, P. O Convoaghan Conway, Falke Conyham, A. Cooke, Fr. Cooke, Fr. Coole, Wm. O Cooltan, Rory Cooper, R. Cooper, T. Mc Coork, J. Cootch, T. Coote, Charles Coote, Sir C. Cope, Anth. Cope, Anthony Cope, Anthony Cope, Anthony Cope, Henry Cope, Mr. Cope, R. Cope, Wm. Cope, Wm. Mc Cormack, H. Mc Cormack, P. Mc Cormuck boye Cornwall, T. Cornwallis, C. O Corr, Owen O Corr, Teig Corragh, H. O Corran, Owen O Corre, N. O Corrigan, H. Cosbys Mc Cosker, P. Cotes, R. Coulson, J. Court, Thomas Courteney, Mr. Courtiouse, J. Courtiouse, T. Mc Cowell, Neal Cowper, M. Cowties, R. Cox, Wm. Craghead, S. Crahall, Miss Craiford, Capt Craig, J. Craig, J. Craig, James Craige, J. Craige, J. Craigg, J. Craigie, J. Crampton, Mr. Cranston, T. Crawford, J. Crawford, J. Crawford, P. Crawford, Wm. Mc Crener, B. Mc Crery, A. Crichton, T. O Criggan, C. O Criggan, P. Crosbie, M. Crosby, John Crosby, Pierce Crosby, Piers Crosby, Wm. O Crossan, P. Crum castle Cullam, H. Cullane, H. O Cullenan, M. O Cullenon, C. Mc Culloch Mc Cullogh, D. Mc Cullogh, J. Mc Cullogh, J. Mc Cullogh, M Culm as Cullane Culme Culme pedigree Culme, B. Culme, Capt. Culme, Capt. Culme, Capt. Culme, H. Culme, H. Cuninghame Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham as Conyham Cunnyngham O Curyn, Bryan Cuthbertson, G.

D:    Daveese, J. Davidson, J. Davies, John Davis, J. Davis, John Davis, Robt. Davis, T. Davis, Thomas Davison, A. Davys Davys Davys Davys Davys, J. Davys, John Davys, John Davys, John Davys, L. Davys, Sir J. Davyson, A. Dawson, T. Daye, R. Deanes, J. Deans, John Mc Degany, O. Deinbane, G. Dempsie, T. Demster, Jane O Derney, K. O Develin, D. O Devin, S. O Devir, H. Mc Devitt, Toole O Devyn for ODevyr O Devyr, D. Dickinson, J. Dillon, Henry Dillon, J. Dillon, John Dillon, John Dillon, Lord Dillon, Robt. Dillon, Sir R. Docwra, H. Doddington, E. Dodington, E. O Doghertie, S. O Dogherty, C. O Dogherty, C. O Dogherty, H. O Doghertys rebellion M' Donaghan, P. Donegal lands O Donell, B. O Donell, T. Mac donnell Mac Donnell, A. Mc Donnell, B. O Donnell, Con Mc Donnell, D. O Donnell, D. Mc Donnell, E. Mc Donnell, F. O Donnell, F. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, N. Mc Donnell, P. O Donnells land O Donnelly O Donnelly stronghold O Donnelly, Edw. O Donnelly, G. O Donnelly, L. O Donnelly, N. O Donnelly, P. O Donnelly, P. O Donnelly, T. O Donnelly, T. O Donnis, Pat. Mc Donnoghy, P. Mc Donnough O Donogh, C. Mc Donoghoe, O. O Donyne, H. O Doolan, D. Douglas, J. Dowglas, J. Dowglasse, J. Downebar, A. Downebarr, J. Downebarr, W. Downings house O Doyle, C. Drapers Drapers Co. Drommond, J. Drum, P. Drummond as Dumonde Drummond, J. Du Pre Du Pre, Dr. Duffe O'Reille Dumbarr, J. Dumonde, J. Dunbar, A. Dunbar, J. Dunne, A. Dunne, J. Dunsayer, J. O Durnin O Durnine, E. Dutten, John Dutton, Capt. Dutton, T. Mc Dwalta, N. Dyllon, J.

E:    Earl, John Earl, John Earl, John Easter Edgeworth, J. Mc Edmond, T. Edmonston, R. Edney Edney, Capt. Ednye, Walter Ekyn, Wm. M' Elenan Ellies, Capt. Elliott, D. Elliott, John Elliott, R. Elliott, R. Ellis, Capt. Ellis, Lawr. Ellis, Mr. Ely of Wicklow Emerey, Tr. Emerson Emery, J. Mc Enny, B. Mc Enrowe, O. Mc Eredy, D. Erskine, J. Erskine, J. Erskine, J. Erskine, James Erwinge, C. Eskine, James Esmonde Mc Evene, D. Ewart, John Ewartt, T.

F:    fairs fairs fairs Fanad as Fawnett Farefax, Mr. Mc Farland, W. O Feghane, R. O Feghin, Rory Fenlay, J. Fenlay, P. Ferdinando, Sir Ferguson, R. Fetiplace Finch, Capt. Fish, J. Fishe, J. Fitzgerald, G. Flack, Robert O Flanagan Fleck, F. Fleming, Capt Fleming, G. Fleminge, J. Flemynge, J. Fletchers Co. Flower, Henry Flower, Henry Flowerdew, T. Flowerdew, T. Flowerdew, T. Flowerdue Flowerdue, E. Folliot, Sir H. Folliott, H. Folliott's, Lord Forbes, A. Forbesse, A. Forbesse, Lady Fortescue, R. Fouler, W. Fowler as Fuller Fowler, W. Fraser, Mr. Freeman, C. Freeman, J. Fuller, W. Fullerton, J. Fullerton, J. Fullerton, Wm. Fullwood, R. Fyeff, John

G:    Gaate, Wm Galbraith, R. Galbraiths, the Galbreith, Wm. O Galchor, B. Galchor, O. O Galchor, Owen Gale as Gall Gale, Lt. O Galiher, T. Gall, George O Gallachor, T. O Gallagher, O. O Gallaghor, F. O Gallogher, F. O Gallogher, N. Galmoy, Ld. Galt, Wm. Gamble, Geo. Gamble, Mat. Gamble, R. Garlies, Lord Garrot, sir Garth, Lt. Gascoine, C. Gascoine, C. Gatisfeth, P. Mac Gauran, P. Mc Gawell, T. Mc Gee, James Gellan, Anne O Gelligane, T. Mc Gerr, E. Mc Gerr, N. Mc Gerr, Shane Mc Gerrett, D. Gevers, Simon Gibb as Gill Gibb, James Mc Gilbride, M. Mc Gilgune, P. Mc Gilkir Mc Gilkir, P. Gill, James O Gillane, T. Gillaspick, D. M' Gillgane, H. Mc Gillgirr, P. Mc Gillkir, Ph. Mc Gillmartyn Mc Gillsenane Mc Gilmartin Gilmore, J. Gilmore, R. Mc Gilpatrick, J. Mc Gilpatricke Mc Gilpatricke Girdlers, the Goare, Paul Gofton, F. Mc Goldrick, A. Goldsmiths' Mc Golrick, E. Gordon, R. Gordon, R. Gordon, Robt. Gordon, Sir R. Gore as Goare Gore, P. Gore, P. Gore, Paul Gore, Paul O Gormely, D. Mc Gormley, J. O Gormont, C. O Gornery, N. Gorvell, A. Gouldsmith, F. Mc Gowan Mc Gra, A. Graham or Grimes Graham, J. Grame, A. Grandison Grandison Grane, John Graunton, P. Graye's Inn O Greene, P. Greenham, J. Greenham, J. Greenham, T. Greer, J. Grier, Arch. Grier, C. Griffin, E. Griffin, Edw. Griffin, Geo. Griffin, Geo. Griffith, O. Griffith, O. Grime, J. Grimes, G. Grimes, R. Grimston, J. Grindall Grindall, H. Grindell, H. Grindell, R. Mc Grogan, P. Groome, H. Groome, Hugh Gryme, T. Gryndell, H. Grynney, A. Gunning, H. Mc Gunshenan Mc Gunshenan Mc Gurgan, Ed. Guye, T. Gwilliams, T. Mc Gwire (var) Mc Gwire, C. Mc Gwyer, S. Gybb, James

H:    Hadsor Hadsor, R. Hadsor, R. O Hagan, Art O Hagan, D. O Hagan, G. Haige, James Hall, John Hall, John Hall, Roger Hall, Wm. Hall... Hambleton, A. Hamelton, Mr. Hamiliton, J. Hamilton Hamilton, A. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, Fr. Hamilton, Fr. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, H. Hamilton, Hans Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, John Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, W. Hamilton, W. Hamilton, W. Hamilton, W. Hamiltons Hampton Hamylton, C. Hamylton, R. O Hanlons Hannesborough Hansard Hansard, R. Hansard, R. Hansard, R. Hansard, R. Hansards will O Harkan, D. Harper, J. O Harraghy, O. O Harran, A. Harrington, R. Harrington, R. Harrison, C. Harrison, Mrs. Harte, Henry Harte, Henry Hartopp, V. Hartpoles Hassett, D. Hastings Hastings, F. Hastings, F. Hastings, John Hatton, A. Hatton, E. Hatton, Edw. Hayes, A. Hayge, J. Heigate, J. Henderson, A. Henderson, W. Hendry, Wm. Mc Henry, B. Hepburne, R. Heron, J. Heron, John Heron, John Hetherington Heyborne, R. Heygate of Kilfenora Heygate, J. O Higgen, N. Higgins, J. Hillis, Laird Hilton, Geo. Holcroft, Hen. Holland, Henry Holmes, Mr. Holmes, T. Holmes, T. Home as Hume Home, A. Home, John Homes, Edw. Honynge Honynge, H. Hood, John Hope, Wm. Horne, R. Horne, R. Horseman, R. Hovendons Howard house Huggin Mc Hugh, Art Mc Hugh, Farrell Mc Hugh, N. Mc Hugh, T. O Hullaghan O Hultaghan, B. Hume, J. Hume, Sir J. Humes, A. Humes, G. Hume's, John Humphrey Humphreys Hunings, H. Hunt, S. Hunt, Stephen Hunter, Alex. Hunter, Henry Hunter, Robt. Huntingfield Hutchine, J.

I:   Mac intire, Owen Irvinge, C. Irwinge, Edw. Iveagh, old lady

J:    Jackson, B. Jackson, G. Jackson, T. John Hall Johnes, R. Johnson, A. Johnson, W. Johnson, W. Johnston, John Jones, Baptist Jones, Col. Jones, Joseph

K:   O Kane, T. Mc Karatie, Pat. Karns, John Mc Kauny, O. Mac kay, John Mc Kearne, D. Kearnes, D. Kearnes, Wm. Kearney, A. Mc Kecoge, D. Mc Kee, P. Mc Kee, Patrick Mc Kelly, D. Kenedaie, D. Mc Kenna, Pat. Mc Kennas Kennedie, J. Kennedy, D. Kennedy, D. Kennedy, G. Kennedy, G. Kennyday, G. O Kenon, K. m' Kergeren Mc Kernan oge Mc Kernan, (var) Mc Kernan, B. Mc Kernan, Corn. O Kernan, S. Kernes, Alex. Mc Kerny, P. O Kerygan, C. Mac keson, G. Mc Keye, J. Mc Kilchany, A. Kilcloghan Mc Kilduffe Mc Killibriedie Killileagh cas. Kilmacrenan Kilmer, Capt. Mc Kilmun, D. Mc Kilmurry, J. Kilpatterick, R. King James King, Hester Kinge, Robt. Kings Arms Kingsmill, E. Kingsmill, J. Kingsmill, J. Kingsmill, J. Kingsmill, J. Kingswell, Ed. Kinkell, La. Mc Kinry, G. Kinswell for Kingswell Kirk, John Kirke, Geo. Mc Kitrick, Alex. Knox, John Knox, Wm. Mc Kyernan Mc Kym, Donnell Mc Kym, John

L:    Lainge, G. Lambert, L. Lambert, O. Lane, T. O Lappan, C. O Lappan, T. Large, James Mc Laughlin, W. Laughton, Mr. Lawder, G. Lawder, Wm. Lawders, Wm. Lawes, Sam. Lawrence, M. Lawson, Capt. Lawton, T. Lawton, W. O Leary, D. Lecky, Henry Leetch, David Leich, G. Leigh, D. Leigh, J. Leigh, John Leigh, John Mac lellan, R. Mac Lellan, R. Mc Lellan, Robt Mac Lellan, Robt. Lendsey, R. Lennox, duke Leslie, H. Ley, E. Ley, Emanuel Lighterfoot, R. Lighterfoot, S. Lighterfoote, R O Linchy, Edm. Lindsay, Mr. Lindsey, B. Lindsey, J. Lindsey, Mrs. O Linshie, F. O Linshie, T. Loch, John Lockard see Lokard Lockington, E. Lodge, T. Loftus family Loftus, A. Loftus, Adam Loftus, Adam Mc Loghery, M. Lokard, A. Lokard, H. Lough Derg Love, John Lowcas, Fr. Lowry, T.K. Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lowther, R. Lusher, N. Lusher, N. Lusher, W. Luther, Martin Lyford, John Lynch, see Linshie Lynford, G. Lynn, Wm. Lynn, Wm. Lynsey, J. Lyons, Capt. Lysley, N.

M:    Mackey, Pat. Madden, Wm. Madder, John Magauran Magauran Magennis, E. Maghan, J. Magher, Edm. Magill, John Magilligan Maginesse, A. Maglosky, Artt Magrath, J. Magrath, M. Magrath, M. Maguire Fermanagh Maguire, Brian Maguire, C. Maguire, C. Maguire, D. Maguire, H. Maguire, Hugh Maguire, J. Maguire, John Maguire, R. Maguire, Rory Maguires land Maguyre, B. Magwier, O. Magwire, O. Magwires tomb Mc Mahown, E. Mc Mahowne, J. Mc Mahun, A. Mc Mahun, T. Mainwaring Mc Maister, D. Mc Maister, M. Malberry Malbury Malburye Manneringe Mansfield Mansfield Mc Manun.... Mc Manus, B. Mc Manus, C. Manyng, C. Marburie, G. Marmaduke Mc Martin, Arte Martin, John Matchett, J. Matchett, J. Matchett, J. Mc Mathe, A. Maunde, C. Maunderson Mawne, E. Maxwell, Alex Maxwell, H. Maxwell, H. Maxwell, J. Maxwell, J. Maxwell, R. Maxwell, R. Maxwell, Sam. Mayne, John Meen, Roger Meene, John Meens, Wm. O Mellan, Friar O Mellan, Friar O Mellane, D. O Mellon, Phill. Melville family Melville, J. Mercers' co. Mervin Mervin, Capt. Mervin, James Mervyn, H. Mervyn, J. Michaelmas O Mighan, N. Miller, Rowley Miller, Walter Milnattelie, N. O Miskan Moffat, J. Mc Moghan, Art Moigne, A. O Moildoyne, H. Mc Molhan, R. Molsed, J. Molyneuxes O Monaghan, C. Monro, Robt. Monroe, Alex. Monroe, Gen. Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Monypenny Moore, Arch. Moore, Arch. Moore, Brent Moore, G. Moore, G. Moore, Gerald Moore, H. Moore, Lord Moore, T. Morgan, David Morgan, John Morne, Wm. Morrey, Alex. Morrow, Wm. Morse, R. Moryson, F. Mostion, P. Mountford, T. Mountgomerye Mountnorris Mountwhanny Mountwhany Moutray, J. O Moyle, K. Moynes, R, Moyris. O Mulcanan, J. O Mulcrew, P. O Muldoone, C. O Muldoone, F. O Mullan, Art O Mulpatrick, D. O Multyn O Mulveagh, P. Munteeth, Wm Murdogh, R. Murduff, R. Mc Murfie, N. Murohy, H. Murray family Murray, David Murraye, J. Murrey, J. Murrey, J. Murrey, J. Murrey, John Murrey, John Murrey, M. O Murrey, Pat. Murrie, J. O Murrogh, Pat. Murrye, G. Mc Murtagh, J. Musgrave, J. Mynagh, G.

N:   Mc Namee, A. O Neal, Henry O Neal, Sir P. O Neale, B. O Neale, Bryan O Neale, Con O Neale, Conn O Neale, Edm. O Neale, Hugh Neale, K. O Neale, Phelim O Neale, Rory O Neale, T. O Neale, T. Neales O Neel O Neel, D. O Neel, Roddy O Neele, P. O Neil, Con O Neile, B. O Neile, D. O Neile, Henry O Neile, O. O Neile, Owyn Mc Neiles, Slut O Neill, Art oge O Neill, Henry O Neill, Own Roe O Neills land O Nelan Mc Nemee, J. Nemoch, Pat. Nesbitt, A. Netterfield, L. Newburgh, A. Newcomen, R. Newcomen, R. Newcomen, R. Newman, T. Newton, G. Newton, G. Newton, R. O Neyle, P. Northampton Nova Scotia Mc Nulty, T. Nutkin, R.

O:    Obbyns, Mr. Obigny, Ld. Ochiltree, Ld. Ogell, C. Ogilby, Mr. Ogilby, R. Ogilvie or Ogilby Ogle, Clinton Oliver, John Olpharts, W. Olphert, W. Orme, Richard Ormsby, Mr. Orr, A. Orr, J..... Orr, James Orr, James Orwell, Edw. Osborne, Capt. Oseland, Mr. Oseland, Mr. Ovins, Mr. Mc Owen, B. Mc Owen, Coll Mc Owyn

P:    Parke, A. Parker, G. Parkins, J. Parsons, W. Parsons, W. Parsons, W. Parsons, Wm Parsons, Wm. Parsons, Wm. Parsons, Wm. Parsons, Wm. Parsons, Wm. Paterson, R. Patterson, J. Payne, Peter Payne, Robert Peere, G. Perkins, Lt. Perkins, T. Perkins, T. Perrot, John Perrott, H. Perse, H. Perse, Henry Pery as Peere Peters, T. Petticrieve, T. Phettiplace, E. Mc Phillipp, M. Phillips Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Pierse, H. Pitt, John Ploughman Plowright, J. Plumstead, T. Plumsteed, T. Poe, T. Poe, Wm. Powell, Mr. Powell, Wm. Powells estate Power, H. Powlter, N. Poyns, Lt. Poyntz, C. Poyntz, C. Preston, Henry Price, Anthony Price, Ellen Price, Wm Pringle, Mr. Pringle, T. Purveyance, J. Pyndar, O. Pynnar, Capt.

Q:   O Quin, C. O Quin, Hugh O Quin, Hugh O Quin, M. O Quin, Turlogh Quincy, H. O Quinn, N. O Quyn, L. O Quyn, M. O Quyn, Rory O Quyn, T.

R:    Rae, Adam Rae, Wm. Rakins, R. Ralston Ralston, J. Ralston, J. Ramsay, J. Rankin Rankin, Wm. Ravenscroft Rawbone, T. Read, James Reade, Wm. O Reilie, L. O Reillie, B. O Reillie, E. O Reillie, M. O Reilly clan O Reilly, as OReillie O Reilly, G. O Reilly, Hugh O Reilly, O. O Reilly, Sir J. O Reillys O Reily, Shane Reley, Capt. Reley, John O Reley, M. O Relie, M. O Rellie, Shane O Relly, Coll. O Relly, M. O Rely, E. O Rely, John O Rely, K. Remington, R. Remington, R. Remyngton Remyngton, R. O Reyley, M. Richardson, Al. Richardson, H. Richardson, T. Richardson, T. Richardson, W. Richardson, W. Richardsons Ridgett, Wm. Ridgewaie Ridgewaie Ridgewaie, Ld. Ridgeway Ridgeway see Ridgewaie Ridgeway, G. Ridgeway, T. Ridgeway, T. Ridgewaye, Ld. Ridgwaie, Ld. Ridgwaie, Ld. Ridgway, G. Ridgway, T. Ritchie, Pat. Robbin, J. Robinson, R. Roe, F. Roe, Francis Roe, Francis O Roerty, C. Roger, John O Roherty, P. Rolleston, J. Rollestone Rollestone Rollestone, R. Rone or Rowan Rone, Edw. Roper, R. Mc Rory, Art Mc Rory, B. Mc Rory, Phelim Rotheram, T. Roules, Wm. Roulston Roulstone, Mr. Roulstone, R. round towers Rowan O Rowarty, C. Rowe for Roe Rowley, N. Mc Rowrye, T. Ruishes Russell Russell, Capt Russell, Capt. Russell, Ed. Russell, Lt. Russell, Mr.

S:    Sacheverill, F. Salisbury Salters Co. Sampson Sampson, Rev. Sampson, Rev. Sanderson Sandford Sandford, T. Sanford, Capt. Sare, Wm. Say, Lord Saye, Lord Sayer, Hugh Sayre, J. Scott, Sir J. Scott, Thomas Scottishmen Secheverell, F. Sedborough Sedborough, J. Sedborough, J. Sedborough, J. Sedborough, J. Mc Shane, Caher Mc Shane, T. Sharpe, Wm. Shaw, T. Shawe, Patrick Shelburne, L. O Shenan, M. Sheppard, J. Sherwine, E. O Shewnan, H. Shirloe, L. Sibthorpe, C. Sibthorpe, E. Simpson O Skheagh, T. O Skheagh, Wm. Skinners' Skinners' Co. Skipwith, H. O Sloddan, N. O Sloddan, S. Smelhom, G. Smelley, Wm. Smethorne, G. Smith, Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith, Joan Smith, Richard Smith, Richard Smith, Wm. Smyth, J. Smythe, A. Smythe, J. Smythe, Pat. Snow, Wm. Snowe, W. Somervill, E. Somervill, J. O Sovraghan, P. Spicer Spotteswood Spottiswood Spottiswoode Spottiswoode, B. Spottiswoode, J. Spottswoode, E. St. Andrews day St. Barabys day St. George, Sir St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, Oliver St. Judes Day St. Lukes Day St. Nicholas daie St. Patricks St. Patricks bed St. Simons day Stafford, Ed. Stamers, W. Stamers, W. Stampford, T. Stanhawe, H. Stanhawe, Mr. Stanhope, J. Stanhowe, Ed. Stanhowe, W. Stanhowe, Wm. Stationers, the Steele, George Steivinson, J. Sterard as Steward Sterling, Mr. Stevenson, P. Steward, John Steward, W. Stewart Stewart, A. Stewart, A. Stewart, C. Stewart, Esme Stewart, J. Stewart, John Stewart, Lud. Stewart, R. Stewart, R. Stewart, Sir J. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, Walt. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Stokes, Hugh Stone, Robt. Stones, John Stookes, Mr. Strafford Stuart, Dr. Stubbins, Lud. Sudborough Sugden, John Sutherland, W. Sutton, E. Sutton, H. Swift, Dean Mc Swyne Ban. Mc Swyne Ban. Mc Swyne, D. Mc Swyne, M. Mc Swyne, M. Mc Swyne, W. Sym, Alex. Syminton, J. Sympson, N.

T:    Taaffe, W. Taffe, Wm. Taillor, Robt. Tailor of Castle Terra Talbot, Walter Talbott, W. Talbott, W. O Tamultie, T. Tate, James Tathe, Sir W. Tatton, T. Taylor, B. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. O Teag, Neel Teate, F. Teate, Faithful Teate, J. Teese Mc Tegarte, D. Mc Telligh, M. Mc Terlagh, O. O Ternan, M. O Terne, Pat. Terrie, A. Mc Teugart, O. Teyse, Wm. Mc Thomas Mc Thomas rea. Mc Thomas, E. Thomson, A. Thornton, Capt Thurston, J. Mc Tirlagh, P. Tirrell, R. Tirrell, W. Tirry, Arthur Titchborne, H. Titchborne, H. Titchbourne, H. O Tivanny, Pat. Toodie, J. Torkington, R. Tottenham, J. Traile, J. Trayle or Traile Trever, Adam Trevor, Edw. Trevor, Edw. Trumble, John Tuchet, Mervin Tullaghgarvey Tullavin Tully Castle Turner, John Turven, W. Turvin Turvin, Wm. Tweddy, W. Tybballs, T.

U:    Uchelrie, Ld. Udney, O. Ultagh, D. Undale, W. Unedale, W. Ussher, James Uvedall, Wm.

V:    Valencia, visc Valentyne, W. Vance, J. Vans as Vas Vans, Patrick Vaughan, J. Vaughan, J. Vaughan, John Vaus, P. Mc Vegany, T. Vernam, T. Vernon, agent Vesie, T. Vintners Co. Virginia town Mc Vittye, John

W:   Wabion's Bulwark Waldron, E. Waldron, Lady Waldron, T. Walker, G. Walker, J. Ward, Edw. Warde, Edw. Waterhouse, C. Watson, J. Watson, J. Watson, T. Weire, R. Wemyss as Wimbes Wemyss, J. Wemyss, J. Wentworth Wentworth Weymes, J. Whisher, J. White Bakers White, George White, Nich. White, Nich. Whitechurch Whitechurch Wigson, G. Wigson, T. Wigton, J. Williams, R. Williams, T. Williams, T. Willie, John Willoughby, F. Willoughby, F. Willoughby, N. Wilson, A. Wilson, J. Wilson, John Wilson, John Wilson, Mr. Wilson, Sir J. Wilson, Wm. Wilson, Wm. Wilson, Wm. Wimbes, John Wimbes, Sir J. Wingfield, Ld. Wingfield, R. Winwood Wirral, H. Wirrall, H. Wishard's, J. Wishart Wood, John Woolson, S. Worrall, H. Worral's Worrell, H. Wray, Edw. Wray, John Wray, Mr. Wraye, H. Wraye, J. Wrench, John Wright, John Wyhard Wyllie, J. Wylson, Wm. Wyrrall, La. Wyrrell, H.

Y:   Yeates, Robt. Yong, Wm. Younge, J.