County Down Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Down Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Down, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Down taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
  • Bell
  • Boyd
  • Brown
  • Campbell
  • Graham
  • Hamilton
  • Johnston
  • Martin
  • Murray
  • Patterson
  • Robinson
  • Scott
  • Smith
  • Thompson
  • Wilson

The most noted old Irish families in Down were those of McQuillan, Mac Gilmore, O'Neill, Mac Cartan, O'Neill and Magennis. Remember also that part of Belfast is contained in County Down as well. About 50 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. This is not a collection of family histories, but a hands on guide to finding your family in Co. Down and a must for any collection that includes Co. Down.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Adair McAdams Adamson Agnew Alcock Aldin MacAleavey Alexander Alexander Allison Anderson MacAndrew Andrews Angus Annesley Ardglasse MacArtanes Atkinson Austin Austine

B:  Bagnall Bailly Barclay Barcroft Barcroft Barett Barrington Bateman Bateman Beares Beatty O'Beci Belfast Bell Bennett OBern Biggar Bingham Black Blacker Blackwood Blundell Boale Boide Bolton Bolton Boy Boyce Boyd Boyde Boyde Brearely MacBride McBrin McBrinn Browne Browne Browne McBruine Bryan McBryan McBryde McBryne Buchanan Buller Burly Burnett Burrowes

C:  OCahan Cairns Cambbell Campbell M'Cance MacCandless Carlin Carr Carr OCarr Carson MacCartan McCartan McCartan McCartan MacCaughey Cherry McChesney MacClelland Clerk MacClory Cochrane Coen Coghran Cole MacColgan McCollogh McCome McConnell McConnell O'Connell MacCormack McCormack McCormick McCormick McCormick Costell Coulter Coun Cowan McCoy McCracken Crangle Crawford Crawford Crawford MacCreesh McCrerie Cresans Cromewell Cromie Cromwell Cross Crymble MacCrystal Cunningham Cunynghame Cunynghame Curragh McCutcheon

D:  Dalyell Darcy Dawnay Dawson deBurgo deCourcy DeLaCherois DelaCherois DeLacy Deane Deasy Dease DeCourcy Denvir Devaney O'Devine Dickson O'Dinneen Dixon O'Doherty Dolling Dolling Donegan MacDonlevy McDonnell O'Doran ODoran Douglas Douglass McDowell McDowell Mc Dowell Down O'Downey Downs Drake O'Duggan Dunbar Dundasse Dunleve O'Dunne Durnan MacDuvany

E:  Duvany Echlin Echlin Echline Ellison MacElroy MacEvoy

F:  Fairley O'Falvey O'Farrelly OFegan OFeggan Fenwicke Ferguson McFerran O'Ferrigan Fitzgerald FitzSimmons Fitzsymons Fivey Folan Fraser Fullerton

G:  Gamble O'Gara Garnet Garrett MacGarvey Garvy Garvy MacGee Magee MacGennises Gibbones Gibson McGill McGill MacGillycuddy OGilmor Gilmore McGimsey McGinis McGivern Gordon MacGowan O'Gowan Gowne Gowne O'Grady Graham Grahine Greer McGreevy Gribben Griffith McGuinness Gwynn

H:  O'Hagan Hall Hall Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamiltone Hammilton Hampston Hanna Hanvey Harbison OHare Harris Harrison Harvey Hatfield OHeire Higginson Higginson Hill Hill Hill Hoey Hourihane Houston Houston Hovenden OHowen Hoy Hughes MacHugh Hull Huston Hyatt O'Hynes

I:  McIleboy McIlepatricke McIlroy McIlveen Innes

J:  Jamison Jennings Johnston Johnstoune MacJordan

K:  MacKeag McKee McKee O'Keenan Keish O'Kelly OKelly OKelly OKelly OKelly OKelly OKelly Kellys OKenan Kenedy MacKenna Kennedy Kennedy O'Kenny Kenney MacKeon Kerr McKibbons McKie McKie OKillin Kingan Kingan McKinney Kenney McKnight Knowles

L:  O'Lalor Lawlor Larkin Lorcan Lavery OLawry Leech Lesley Leslie Leslie Lesquire Lilly Limbrick Lindsay Little Loughbee O'Lowry OLowry Lynch Lyness

M:  MacMahon Mackle Magee Magines Magines Magines MacMahon Major Manson Marshall Marshall Martin McMartin Martin Gilmartin Martine Martine Massy Mathews Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Meade Meade McMellen Meriman Meslvyne Meyler Milligan Moneypeany Mongomery Monipenny Monro Monro Montgomerie Montgomerre Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Moody Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O'Moore Moor O'Moran O'Morgan OMorgan Morrisson Morrow Muckian O'Mulcahy Mulckamp Mulholland Mc Mullan Mullan Mullen McMullen McMullen McMullen Mullen Murphy McMurphy OMurphy Murray MacMurrough McMurry OMurry

N:  Napper Napper ONeale ONealle Nelson Nevin Nevin Newell ONials Nicholson Nicholson Norrice Norris Nugent Nugent McNuske

O:  Orr Ovinton

P:  Parsons Patten Patton Peacock Perceval Perrott Pollock Potter Prey Price Price Prunty

Q:  MacQuillan O'Quinn OQuinne

R:  Rainalds Rainey Rawdon Raynalds Rea Reid Renolls Reynolds Rice Rice Richardson Richardson Ring Robinson Robinsone Rogan ORogan Rogers O'Rooney Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Roy Russell Russell

S:  Sauadge - Savadge Sauage Sauage Savage deSauvage Savadge Savage Savage Savage Scatrick Castle Scott Sharman Shaw Shaw O'Shiel Sheilds Singleton Skillen Sloane Slone Slowan Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smyth Smythe Spence St. John Stephens Stevenson Stewart Stewart Stewart Stokes Stoney Strahan Strond Strongbow

T:  McTagart Thompson Timmins Timony Todd Tohill Townlands Trevor Treuor Turnly Tynan

V:  Vance Vaughan Vaughan Verner Vernon

W:  Waddell Waile Wallace Wallace Wallace Ward Ward Ward Ward MacWard Wardlaw MacWarnock Warren Warren Watson West Whatope White White White Williams Williamsone Willis Wilman Wilson Woole Wright Wyke