Kings County-Offaly, Queens County-Leix/Laois Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Offaly & County Leix Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. Produced as part of the Irish Families Project (2002). It includes the complete 1659 census for Kings and Queens counties in Ireland, County Maps, listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families taken from the Irish Book of Arms by O'Laughlin. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location...many are mentioned in passing. Includes a few family histories from the works of John O'Hart. Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family, with actual records and contacts

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
  • Beirne.....Burne.....Byrne
  • Brennan.....Brenan.....Brannan
  • Connor.....Conner.....Conor
  • McDermott.....MacDermot.....Dermott
  • McDonagh.....MacDonough.....McDonaugh
  • Flanagan.....Flannigan.....Flanigane
  • Flynn.....Flinn.....Flyne
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Kenny.....Kinney.....Keny
  • Higgins.....Higgens.....Higins
  • Murray.....Murry.....Murrie
  • Quinn.....Quinne.....Quin
  • Regan.....Reagan.....Ragan
  • Towey.....Tuohey.....Tuohy

  • And In Queens County , (Co. Leix or Laois):
  • Brennan.....Brannon.....Brannan
  • Byrne.....Burn.....Beirne
  • Carroll.....Carol.....Caroll
  • Conroy.....Conry.....Conroye
  • Delany.....Delaney.....Delauney
  • Dunne.....Dunn.....Donne
  • Fitzpatrick.....Fitspatrick.....Fitz.
  • Kavanagh.....Kavanaugh.....Cavanaugh
  • Kelly.....Kellie.....Kelley
  • Kennedy.....Kenedy.....Cannady
  • Lalor.....Lallor.....Laler
  • Murphy.....Murphey.....Morphey
  • Phelan.....Phalen.....Phalan
  • Ryan.....Riane.....Ryane
  • Whelan.....Whalen.....Whalan

80 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated. Records are reproduced here exactly as they appear in the original documents in the IGF Library, so many show the wear of time. A must for any collection that includes these counties. Many families are pinpointed as to location, many are mentioned only in passing.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Adhbenson, A. O' Aherne Allen Mac Allen Andrews Andrews, J. O Aodhan Archer Armestrong, E. Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Arthop, M. Arthur, J. Atkin, W. Mac Auley

B:   Baker, Wm. Bambrick, J. Banane, M. Bane Bane Bane Bane Bannan Bannane, M. O Bannion Banon Barington, F. de Barnwall Barnwall, J. Barrington Barrington Barrrington, C. Barton, H. Basket, widow Baucroft, R. Bauldwin, J. Beagham Beaghan Beaghan Beard Beard, T. Bedborrough, T. Beerman Beghane Beirne Bellew, M. Bellingham, W. Beolan Beolan Beolane Beolane Bergin Bergin Bergin Bergin Bergin Bergin Bergin Bermingham Bernard, T. Bernards Bery, J. Bigoe, P. O Birinn Birne Birr Blake, J. Bland Blundel Blundell, G. Bocully Bohely Bollshol Bolshell Bolton, E. Bonnel books of note Boorke, Mary Borr, C. Bowen Bowen Bowen, Ellis Bowen, G. Bowen, S. Brackane Bracken Bracken O' Bracken Branagh Branan O Brangal Brannan Brannon Brassell Breckan Bredan Breen Brenagh Brenan Brenan Brenan Brenan Brenan O Brenan Brenan, J. Brenane Brennan Brennan Brereton, F. Brereton, R. Briane Brickelsby, R. Brickland O Briony British library Broghane Brohy Brohy Brohy Brohy O Broin Bromfield, H. Brophy Broughall Castle Bryan Bryan Mc Bryan mc Bryan Bryane Bryane Bryane Bryane Bryane Bryne Buckley Burdett Burk Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke, Wm. Burn Burrell, Ed. Burrowes Bury Bury Busbridge, R. Butler, J. Butler, W. Butlers Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne O Byrne Byrne, B.

C:   Caffrey O Cahan Cahell Cahell Calshan Campion Canady Candler, W. Cannady O Cannon Cantrell, G. Cantwell, M. Mac Carbery Carew, G. Carol Caroll Caroll Caroll Carrolan Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Mc Carroll Mc Carroll O Carroll O Carroll Carroll, D. O' Carrols Ely Mac Carthy Cary Cashin Cashin Cashin, M. Cashin, M. Cassadie Cassan Castlebrack Cavanaugh Cavenaugh Mac Cawley O Ceallagh O Cearda census Census of 1659 Chichester Chissell, C. church rec's. Claffy clan Brian clan Ciaran Clark Clarke Clary Clary Clerke, R. Clerke, R. Clery Clery O Clery Clery, D. Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise Clullen Coate, W. coats-of-arms Cody Cody Coffey Cogan, Wm. Coghlan Coghlan Mac Coghlan mac Coghlan Mac Coghlan mac Coghlan arms Coghlan, J. Coghlan, W. Coghlane Coghlane Coghlane Coghlane, widow Mac Coghlans O Colahan Coleman Mac Colgan Colgan arms Mac Colgan, C. Colgan family Comin O Conag Conallone O Conalty Conboy O Concuan Condron Condron O Conetta O Congal Connell Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Mc Conner Conner, C. O Connor O Connor O' Connor O Connor Faley O Connor Faley Connor, L. O Connors Connyn, E. Conolly arms o Conor Faley O Conors O Conors Conraghy Conraghy Conraghy Conrahy Conrahy Conrahy Conran Conran Conroy Conroye Conry contents O Convoy Conway Conway Conway Cooke, C. O Cooney Coote Coote O Corban Coregan Corkcrane Corkerane O Cormac Mc Cormick Corton, W. Cosby Cosby Cosby, F. Cosby, W. O Cosney Costigan Costigin Costigin Mac Coughlan Craven Creavan Crooke Crosby, R. O Crowly, C. Cruihly, Wm. O Cruly, C. Cullin Cusack Cusack Cusake, R. Cussack Cussacke, A. Cussacke, T.

D:   Dailey Dalauney Daley Daley Daley, T. Daly Daly Daly, D. Daniell Daniell Daniell Mc Daniell Mc Daniell Mc Daniell Mc Daniell Mc Daniell Mc Daniell, J. Darby Darbys of Leap Dardis Darly of Plattine Darsy, F. Davis, Tho. Dawson Dawson, J. Daye de Braosa de la Roche de Molines de Renzie deCourcy, d. Delaney Delaney O' Delaney Delany O Delany Delgany Dellany O Deman Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey O' Dempsey O Dempsey Dempsey, L. Dempsey, R. O Dempsies Dempsy Dempsy Dempsy Dempsy Dempsy, C. Dempsy, K. Derby, J. Devereux Devoy O' Devoy Digby Digby, Lord Dillon Dillon, C. Dillon, Dillion Dillon, J. Dillone, R. Dimpsey directories Disbrow, J. Divoy Divoy Dodd, J. Doelane Dolloghane Donacar Donagher Donegan M' Donel Donelan Donell Mc Donell Mc Donell Donellan O Donnan Donne M' Donnel Mc Donnell Mc Donnogh O Donoghoe Mc Donough Dooland Doolin Dooling Dooner Dough Dough Doven Dow, J. Doweran Dowgan Dowley Dowley Dowley Dowley Dowlin Dowling Dowling Dowling Dowling Dowling O' Dowling O Dowling Dowran Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyne Doyne Doyne Doyne O Doyne O Doyne Doyne family Drought O Dubhan Duckingfield Duff Duff Duff Duff O' Duff Duff Leinster Duffie Duffy O Duffy Dugen O' Duggan Duigen O Duins O Dulane Dulaney Duley Dullany Dullany Dullany Dullchanty Dully Dullyne Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun, B. Dun, Dorothy Dun, J. Dun, T. Dun-a-mase Dunchowe O Dunedy Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn O Dunn Dunne O' Dunne Dunne family Dunne, Wm. Dunning Durely Durly Dwaine Dwigin Dwigin Dwigin, J. Dwigin, J. Dwigin, T. Dwigine Dwire O Dwyer

E:   Eagen Eager Edenderry Mc Edmond Mc Edmond Edmondson, W. Egan Egan Egan Egane Egane Egane Ennis Ennis eskers Essington, J. Evans Evans, T. Evaster Evers, N. Evoy Evoy Mac Evoy Mc Evoy Mc Evoy Mc Evoy Mc Evoy Mac Evoy, M. Mac Evoy, Wm.

F:   Faley O Fallan family notes Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrington Felan Felan Felan Felan Felan Felan Felan Fenelly Fennell, J. Feoghegan Finegan Finn MacCoole Fitspatrick Fitz. Fitzgerald arms Fitzgerald, W. Fitzgeralds Fitzgeralds Fitzgerrald, R. Fitzgerrald, T. Fitzgerrald, W. Fitzgerrold Fitzharris Fitzhenry Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick FitzPatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick arms Fitzpatrick, B. Fitzpatrick, E. Fitzpatrick, J. Fitzpatrick, T. Fitzpatricks Fitzpatricks Flanagan Flanagan Flanegane Flanergan Flanergan Flattery Flattery Flattery Flattery, H. Flemming Flood fly-boat Flynn Flynne Flynne Foran Foran Foran Forestall Fossy, J. Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox family Franks Fuller, A. Fuller, H. Fyinn Fyinn

G:   Gaelic famiies Gannon Garre Garry Castle Gayle, A. Geale, J. Geashill manor Gellegan Gennen Mac Geoghagan Mac Geoghagan Mac Geoghegan Geoghegan, J. George, J. Gerold Geyles, J. Gilbert, H. Mac Gilfoyle Mc Gilfoyle Gillard Gillduff Gilleane Gilleran Gillfoyle Gillmartine Mac Gillpatrick Mac Gillypatricks Mac Gilpatrick Mc Giltry, N. Glenmalire O Gobham Goringouge O Gorman O Gorman O Gorman Gough, R. O Gowan Grace Grahams Grahams, J. Grahams, Ldy. Grenham, H. Grice, J. Grogane Guinan Gurd, G. Gurkman, F.

H:   Hackett Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton, W. Hamon, J. Hanson O' Hara Harford, R. Harper Harrington Harris Harrison Hart, E. Harte Harte, Rev. C. O Hartley Hartpole O Harty Havarin Haverim Haverine Hawkins Heaton O Hechinn Hedges, R. Hegan Hegan Helan Henan Henley, A. Hennessy arms Hennessy fam. Henry Mac Henry Henry arms Hensey, E. Hensie Hepburn, R. Herbert, G. Herbert, N. Hetherington Hetherington W. Heyns Higgin Higgin Higgin, W. Higgins Hirly Hoden, R. Hoden, W. Hogan Hogan Holaghan Holahan Holder, J. Hollan, John Homan Homan, R. Hoolahan Hoolahan Horan Horan O' Horan Horane Horane Hovendon Huraghan O Hurley, T. Hy Bressail

J:   Jacob Jacob Jamaica Johnson Johnson Jones, L. Justin

K:   O Kane Kavanagh Kavanaugh Keagane O Kearnan Keating Keating Keating Keatings Hist. Keely Keely Keely Keely Keenedy Kegan, C. Kegan, J. Kehan, T. Kelan Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, Ter. O Kelly Wicklow Kemple Kenane Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Keneshane Kenna Mac Kenna Kennedy Kennedy Kenney Kenny Kenny Mc Kenny O' Kenny, Kenney Kervan Key, G. Keygin Kidder, V. Kiely Kiffin, J. Kilcolgan castle Kilfoyle Killen Kilpatrick Kinahan Kinder, J. Kingshellogh Kinny O Kinsellagh Kyne Kynin Kynin, T. Kynyn

L:   l'Estrange Laler Lallor Lalor Lalor O' Lalor, Lawlor Lambert Lambert, R. Lander, J. Langstone, T. Lapsty, T. Larissy Larke Larkin Larkin, J. Larkin, Lorcan Latham Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawrence, T. Lawten, J. Lea Lea, David Lee Lee, Edw. Lee, G. Leix Lennan, J. Lestrange Lestrange, H. Lestrange, W. libraries Lloyd, R. Lockington, W. Loffan, M. Lofftus, A. Mac Longachan O' Loughlin Loughlin, R. Loughman Lovellis, F. Lowe, T. Lucus Lurkane Lurken Luther, G. Lynch Lynon, T. Lyons, C.

M:   Madden O Madigan Magan Maher Maher Mc Mahon Mahr Mahur Mallone Mallone Mallone Malloone Malloy Malone O' Malone Malone, Ed. Manly, J. Mannion O Maoluaidh map O Marcan Markes, N. Marks Marron Marshall, Ldy. Marshall, R. Maryborough Maryborough Massey Masson, R. Maunsel Mawher May McShane Meagher Meagher Meagher Megher Mehane Melaghline, T. Meredith, A. Moghan Moher Molesworth Molesworth Molineux Molley Molloy Molloy Molloy Molloy O Molloy O Molloy family O' Molloy, Mulloy Molloy, N. Molloy of Fircall Molloy of Rosc. O Molloys Moloy Molyneux Monaghan O Monay Mooney Mooney O' Mooney O Mooney Mooney family Mooney of Doon Moony Moony Moony Moor Moor Moor Moor, J. Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O Moore o Moore arms Moore family Moore, J. O Moore, J. O' Moore Moor o Moore, R. Moran O' Moran Mordie O Mores Morish Mc Morough Morphey O Morra Morray Morrin Morrin Morris Morrison Morrisson Mc Mortagh Mortimer, R. Mosse, T. Mountjoy Mountmellick Mt. Mellick Mulchaell Mulchaell Mulchaell Mulclyff Muldony O Muldood Mulerane Mulhaell, Dr. J. Mulheeran Mulhern Mulkeeran O' Mulledy O Mullen Mulleplate, N. Mulloy Mulloy O Mulloy Mullreane O Mulmore Mulock Mulone O Mulrian Muney Muney Murcan Murfay Murfy Murfy Murfy Murfy Murfy Murphey Murphy Murphy O Murphy Murray Mac Murrogh Mac Murrough Murry Mury

N:   Nassau National lib. Naughton Neale Neale O Neale Neall Neall, J. Neall, J. O Neill O Neill Nelson, J. Newbolt, Fr. newspapers Nickolls, Ed. Northern Ire. Nowland Nowland Nugent, E.

O:   O'Shee Odlums Offallia Ogue Ophaley Ormonde Ossory Ossory Ougle, T. Ovington Oxbridge, A. Oxbrugh, H.

P:   Padgett, Wm. Page, F. Paget, Phebes Paker, esq. Parfitt, E. Parnell Parnells Parrott, R. Partridge, J. Patterson Paul, T. Peasley, F. Peirson, T. Persons, L. Petditd, J. Phalan Phalen Phalen Phelan Phelan Philadelphia Philar Pigett, J. Piggott Piggott Piggott, R. Piggott, R. Piggott, T. Pigott Pigott place names Plunket, G. Plunket, Mary Pole Poordom, J. Portarlington Power, J. Power, Powers Preston, Gen. Prior Prior Prittie PRONI Purcell, J.

Q:   Quaker Quaker town O' Quigley Quinn, J. Quinne Quinne Quirk Quirk

R:   Raftery Randall, Judge O Rappan Rawlins, J. Rawson, G. Reagans', M. Rean records centre Recubie, R. red branch kn. Redmond Redmond Mc Redmond Mc Redmond Reeves, R. Regan O' Regan O Regan Reilly O Reilly family resource list Reynolds Reynolds, G. Riane Richards, T. Riddinge, J. Rigney Rigny Roades, J. Robinson Roche Roche, J. Rocke, J. Roe Rolleston Rolls, S. Rorey Mac Rory Mc Rory Rose, John Ross, Gen. O Rourke Mac Ruddery Ruish Ruth, S. Ryan Ryan O Ryan Ryane

S:   Sadlier, A. Saintleger Sankey, G. Sankey, J. O Saran Say, T. Scot Scot, Hiber. Scott Scott, Wm. Scully Segray, Capt. Sergeant, P. seven tribes Shallcross, R. Shanahan Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane, Ed. Shane, J. Shannon O Shaughnessy O' Shea Sheeran Shine Short, J. Shropshire Sibbaulds, H. Sithes O Skellan Skilling Smith family Smyth Smyth, Edw. Smyth, Grace societies sources Spollan Squibbe, R. Stack Standish family Staples Stephens Stroaker, T. Strongbow Strongman, J. Strongman, S. Stubber Sutliff Sutliff Swinglehurst, J.

T:   Tanner Tanner, J. Tarleton Tarleton Tate, Wm. O Teachtar Teahan Tehan Mc Teige mc Teige Mc Teigue Mc Teigue the slasher Thomas Mac Tire Tobin Toher O Toole Tougher Tougher Trahey Trassey O' Trehy O Trena Trenar O Tuatan Tucke, C. Turpin Tyler, R. Tyly, T. Tynan

U:   Ui Falghi Uniacke, M.

V:   Vaghan, J. Vesey Villiers Vivers, J.

W:   Wade, T. Wailsh Wailsh Wailsh Wailsh Wailsh, O. Wakely Wakely, J. Wakelys Waldergave Walker, E. Walker, Wm. Walnne, J. Walsh Walsh Warburton Warburton, R. Warnford, W. Wattkins, Ed. Weaman, Ld. Weaver Weaver, J. Webber Welch Wellahane Wells, W. Welsh Whalan Whalen Wheelahan Wheeler, J. Wheeler, O. Whelan Whelan Whelen, Phelan White Whitfield, D. Whitney Whittell, H. Whittny, E. Williams, G. Wilson Wixstead, J. Worsly, B.

Y:   Young