Irish Families on the California Trail

Description: First Proof edition. Includes Dictionary of Irish Family Names first published in 1878 in California.

Historical and Genealogical notes on the Irish in California, including San Francisco and the Gold Rush. This is the rest of the story of the Irish in America. The Irish who continued to move west with the American dream.

An amazing story that includes the Mexican Regime; the Gold rush days; and statehood. The Irish and Irish-Americans came from New York, Boston, Canada, Missouri, and the south. Many rode the California and Oregon Trail by land. Some sailed 14,000 miles around Cape Horn, others came via Panama. They had reached the end of the rainbow. The first Irishman is found in the 1700's under the Mexican regime. Soon came the bear flag revolution, the discovery of gold and U.S. statehood. Over 2000 entries are made altogether.
This is the amazing 'rest of the story' of the Irish in America. The Irish who continued to move west to the end of the rainbow. See who made it to the gold rush, and what they became. A must for any genealogy or research library.

The whole story is here: governors; rogues; 49rs; pioneers; Mormons and millionaires. The untold story of the Irish in the Donner Party; the two early Murphy Families; Lola Montez; Mountain Charley McKeirnan and Brannan the Irish Morman who began the first newspaper in San Francisco before the gold rush.

One of only 100 printed by the Irish Genealogical Foundation. 2003. This is a limited first edition, directly from the IGF Archives. Some pages are taken directly from 19th century sources and will appear as in the originals. Heavier cover stock, acid free archival paper used on interior pages. 19th century subscribers list included. Surname index; 108 p.; full size 8 1/2 x 11; well illustrated; spiral bound; many names, dates, and locations are included along with historical and genealogical notes.

Here is a sampling of the contents of this book:
Mountain Charley McKiernan
His head caught in the jaws of a grizzly, part of his skull is torn out, yet he lives for many years !!

MacNamara's Irish Colony
The Irish Priest who successfully received a land grant under the Mexican regime to settle 3,000 Irish on California lands.

Irish Mormon, Sam Brannan
Brannan brought a settlement to San Francisco, and began the first newspaper there, becoming the first millionaire after the gold strike!

Irish in the Donner Party
The American tragedy included the Breens; Reid; Halloran; and Dolan, part of the untold story.....

Lichen growth brings millions
'Orchella', was a rare lichen from which dye was made. He cornered the market and made a fortune. His daughter became 'Lady Cork'.

Irish under Mexican Rule
Many Irish arrived before the gold rush and before statehood. This included Don Timoteo Murphy, Doctor Den, Fr. MacNamara, O'Cain, Milligan...

Partial List of Contents
Families of California........................................
History and Locations as Found in the IGF archives.
(Listed in Alphabetical order, disregarding the
O', Mc, or Mac prefix before the name.)

Dictionary of Irish Family Names
Irish Names with some California instances.............
Sources For Futher Research.................................

Subscribers list in 1878 with address......................
Oregon, Washington Territory, Nevada & Idaho........
Montana, Utah, Arizona and British Columbia..........
Index of Family Names Found in Text......................
>From the pages of the California Star in 1847..........
Early map of Yerba Buena...................................
Major Frontier City Population............................
Mountain Charley survives a bear mauling..............
Irish in The Donner Party....................................
The MacNamara Colony in the Mexican Regime.......
Smith - Downey - Nunan - Donahue........................
Sam Brannan...................................................
Miller Hall......................................................
Oliver - O'Sullivan - Birmingham - O'Connor...........
The Orchilla Millionaire.....................................
San Francisco Workers.......................................

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     49rs Mc Adam address list Aengus O Ahern Aiken Mc Aleer Alexander Allen Allen Mc Allen Allen, W. Mc Allister Almeda Irish Mc An Baird Anally ranch Mc Anerheny, T. Angus Anrahan Antrim, Co. Antrim, Ire. Antsman Mac Aran Mc Ardle argonauts Arizona Armstrong Armstrong, J. army of the west associations Astor, Jacob Astoria Atchison, KS Athy, D. Mc Auley Mc Auliff Mc Auliff Austin, T. Austin town Austin, TX Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Mc Avoy

B:    Backenstoe Baines, T. Bains Balboa park Ballinger Ballinger Ballinger, P. O Banan Bandini, A. Bangor, ME O Bannon Bannon, P. O Bardon, J. Barretts Barry Barry Barry Barry, J. Barrys Bartnett, D. Bateman Battle Mountain Baugh Bear Flag Rev Beauville Becc Beck Begley Begley, D. O Beirne Belfast, Ire. Belfast, Ire. Bell, K. Bell, K. Bellew, M. Bennett Berkeley Berkeley Univ Bermingham Bermingham, P. Bermuda Berry Berry Berry, editor Mc Beth, J. Bibby Bidwell, J. Binns, Mr. Birmingham Birmingham birth records Bixby Black Blake Bloomington Bloskey Boise City Bolger Bonanza kings Bond born at sea Boston transcript Bourn, Wm. Bowden, M. Boylan, P. Boyle Mc Boyle O Boyle Boyle, Mary Boyle, Robt. Bradly, M. Bradly, W. Brady Brady, J. Brady, John Brady, P. Brady, P. Brady, P.R. O Branan Brannan Brannan Brannan pic Brannan, S. Brannan, S. Brannan, Sam Brannon, B. Brannon Street Brearty Breen diary Breen, I. Breen Place Breens Breens Brennan Brennan, Bros. Breslin, O. Bresling, J. Brew Mac Bridagh Mc Bride Mc Bride, Dr. Mc Bride, M. Mc Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien, Billy O Brien, D. O Brien, J. O Brien, McM. O Brien, P. O Brien, Pat. O Brien, Pat. O Brien, S. O Brien, T. O Brien, T. O Brien, W. O Brien, Wm. O Briens Brisbin O Brislin British British agents British agents British Columbia British ships Broder Broderick Broderick Broderick Broderick Broderick, D. Broderick St. Brodie, S.H. Brophy Brosnan Brosnan, T. Brown Brown Brown Brown, P. W. Brown's Hotel Browne Browne, F.C. Bryan Buckley Buckley, C. Buckley, F. Buckley, J.P. O Buckly Buckly, Dr. Budd Bulger Bulger Bulger, M. Bulkley Bunce Bunce, J. Burke Burke Burke, J. Burke, M. Burnett Burns Burns Burns, J.J. Burren, P. Bustard, W. Butler Butler, editor Butler, W. Byrne O Byrnes

C:   Mac Caba Mc Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Cabe, A.J. Mc Cabe, J.W. Mc Caffery Mc Caffray, James Mc Caffrey Mc Caffrys Cahalan Cahalan, M. Cahalon, D.T. Cahill Cahill, Dr. Cahill, E. Cahill, Ed Mc Cain O Cain Cain, A.J. Cal. Pioneers soc California California California Star California Star Mc Call, Mr Mc Call, W. B. O Callaghan O Callaghan Callaghan, J. O Callaghan, J. Callan Callan, J. Mc Callien, J. Callinan Mc Callum Campbell Campbell, M. Mac Cana Canada Canada Canavan Canavan, P. Canavan, P. Mc Cann Mc Cann Canovan Canty Cape Horn Cape Horn Cape Horn Cape Horn route Caraher, T. Carbery Carew Carew, M. Carey, J. Carlo, C. Carlow, Co. Carlow, Co. Carlow, Co. Carney O Carolan Carr, Mary Carragher Carran, H. O Carrol Carroll Carroll, Mrs. Carroll, T.C. Carson Carson, Kit Carter, L. Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy, C. Mc Carthy, F. Mc Carthy, I. Mc Carthy, M. Mc Carthy, Mrs. Mc Carty Casey Casey Casey Casey Casey, J. Casey, J. Caseys Casserly Casserly Casserly Cassidy Cassidy, J. Cassidy, Mary O Cassidys Cassin Castro, M. Catholic archives Catholic faith Catholic Mexico Mc Caulley Cavan, Co. Cavanagh, J. Mc Cay, T. O Ceileher Mac Cele Chagres river Chamberlain Charley, mtn. Chile Chile Chinese Mc Christian Mc Christian Chumash Clancy Clare, Ireland Clare, Ireland Clare, Ireland Clare, Ireland Clark Clark, Patrick Clarke Clarke, J. Mc Clatchy Mc Clatchy Mc Clatchy, J. Mc Clatchy Park Cleary O Cleary, P. Mc Clery O Clery Clery, J. O Clerys Clinton Clinton, C. Mc Clory, H. Mc Closkey Mc Closky Mc Cloud Cloyne clubs Mc Clure Mc Clure, Col. Cody Cody Coey Coey, Gen. Coghlan O Coigley Coleman Coleman Coleman Colligan Collingwood Collins Collins Collins Collins, E. Collins, John coloreds Mc Comb Mc Comb, Gen. Comer Comstock Comstock Lode Concannon Concannon winery Mc Condry Mc Condry Mc Cone Confederacy Congiato, N. Conlin Conlon Conmy, Mrs. Connally Mc Connell O Connell O Connell, C. O Connell, W. O Connell, W. Connelly, D.W. Connelly, M. Conner Conner, Edw. Conner, J.W. O Conner, M. Conners, P. O Connerys Conness Conness, Mt. Mc Connie, G. Conniff, N. Connolly Connolly, M. Connolly, P. Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor, C. Connor, Gen. O Connor, H. O Connor, H. Connor, J. O Connor, J. O Connor, J. O Connor, M. O Connor, P. O Connor, R. Conolly Considine, D. Considine, P. Considine, P. Contra Costa Irish Conway Conway Conway arrives Conway, B. Mc Cook, Wm. Cooley coolie labor coolie labor Cooney Cooney, J. Mc Coppin Mc Coppin Park Coppinger Cora Corbell Corbet Corbet Corbet Station Corbett, J. Corbett, M. Corcoran Corcoran, W. Mc Cord Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork, Ireland Cork Murphys Corkeran Corkeran Corkeran, W. O Corkerans Corkery, D. Corliss Mc Cormac Mc Cormick O Corrys Cosgrove Cosgrove, C. Cosgrove, Mr. Coughlin, J.M. Council Bluffs O Counell Mc Coy Coyle Mc Crackan, J. Mc Cracken mines Craig, J. Crawford Mc Creary Creed, J. Creighton Creighton Mc Crellish Crispin Guards Croke Croke Cronan Crone Cronin Cronin, E.A. Cronin, S. Crossan, S. Crosthwaite Crow Crowley Crowley Mc Crystal, C. Cuddys O Cugale O Cullen Cullen, Card. Culligan, J. Cullinan Mc Cully Cumminds, W. Cummings, W. Cummins Cunnane, M. Cunningham Cunningham, M. Curran Curran, P. Currys Curtin Curtis, M. Cushing Mc Cusker Mc Cutcheon czarina, Irish

D:    D'Oliver, E. Dallas, TX Dalton Dalton Daltons Daltons', Fr. Daly Daly gang Daly gang Daly gang Daly, J. Daly, John O Dalys Daniel Darcys O Davine de Villars O Dea O Dea, F. Deady, E. Deady, M. Dean Dean, Mr. Debourke DeBurgo O Deegan DeLacy, S. Delahanty, J. Delany Delany, W.T. Delay, T. Dempsey O Dempseys O Dempseys O Dempsy Den Den O Den Den, Dr. Den, Dr. Den, Dr. Den, N. Den, R. Denaher Denmark O Dennys Denver Dermid Mc Dermott Mc Dermott Mc Dermott Mc Dermott, Col. Mc Dermott, P. Mc Dermott, T. Mc Dermut, D.A. Desmond, M. Devany Devanny Devin Devine Devine, J. Mc Devitt Mc Devitt Devlin Dillon Dillon Dillon, J. Divine Dixon Doheny Doheny Mansion Doherty Doherty, J. O Doherty, P. Dohertys Dolan Dolan Dolan Dolan, J.J. Dolan, Jas. Dolan, P. Dolan, T. Dolan, W. Don, as a prefix Mc Donagh Donahoe O Donahoe, J. Donahue Donahue, J. Donahue monument Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Donahue, P. Mc Donal, T. Mc Donald Mc Donald, A.D. Mc Donald, E. Donegal, Co. Donegal, Co. Donegal, Co. Donegal, Co. Donegal, Co. Doneho O Donel Donlon Mac Donnal Mac Donnel Mc Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell, A. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, P. O Donnell, W. Mc Donnells O Donnells O Donnells Donnelly Donnelly Donnelly, Fr. Donner party Donner party Donner party Mc Donogh Donohoe Donohoe, J. O Donohoe, J. Mac Donoughs Donovan Donovan Donovan, Sen. O Donovans Dooley O Doolys Doran Doran Dorgan, J. Dorsey Dorsey Mc Dougal Mc Dougal, J. Mc Dougald Dougherty O Doul O Douls, lefty O Dowd O Dowds Mc Dowell Dowling Dowling, P. Dowling, P. Down, Co. Downey Downey Downey Downey, Gov Downey, Gov. Downey, Gov Downey St. Downey-Martin Downing Doyle Doyle, J. Doyle, J. Doyle, J.M. Doyle, T. Drennan Drew, C. Driscol, H. Driscoll O Driscols Drum, John Duane, C. Dublin Dublin Dublin, CA. Dublin, Ire. Dublin, Ire. Duff, E.C. Duff family Duffy Duffy, H. Duffy, N.P. Dugan Dugan Duggan Dugidan Duncan Duncan, J. Dunigan Dunlap, J. Dunn Dunn, justice Dunn, Mrs. Dunne, C. O Dunns Dunphy Dwyer Dwyer, D. Dwyer, T. Dwyer, W. Dwyer, W. O Dwyers

E:   Eagan Early, John early San Francisco East India Egan Egan, J. Egan, T. El Dorado Mc El, James Mc Elroy Emmetsville Mc Enerney England English Ennis, N. Enright, E. Enright, P. Enrights Mc Entire Mac Eochagain Mac Etigan Eureka Everett Mc Evoy, W. Mc Ewen

F:   Mc Fadden Fagan Fahy Fair Fair Fair, J. Fair, James G. Fair, Wm. Fallen Fallon Fallon Fallon House O Falvey family history centers Fanning, E. Mc Farland Farley Farley Farley, Sen. Farley, Sen. Farran O Farrel O Farrell O Farrell Farrell, J. O Farrell, J. O Farrell, J. O Farrell, John Farrell, L. Farrell, M. O Farrell St. Farrell, T. O Farrells Farrelly Farrely Farron Faulkner, T. Fay Felan O Felan Fenian Fenian groups Fenton Mc Feorais Fergils Fergusson Fermanagh Fermanagh Fermanagh Fermanagh Ferral, Judge Ferrall Mac Fheoris Fillmore, J. Finachty Finans Finegan Finn Finnegan Finnegan, L. Finnigan Finntaun Fion Fisher Fisher, M. Fitch, G.K. Fitzalden Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, A. Fitzgerald, Edw. Fitzgerald, J. Fitzgerald, O. Fitzgerald, P. Fitzgerald, S. Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon, D. Fitzgibbons, D. Fitzimons, J. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, P. Fitzpatrick, T. Fitzstephen Fitzthomas Fitzwalter Fitzwilliam Flaherty Flaherty O Flaherty. Flaherty, P. Flanagan Flanagan Flanagaun Flannagan bros. Flannagan, Capt. Flannery Flannery, P. Fleming Fleming Flennery, D. Flinn, J. Flinn, T. Flint bros. Flood Flores Flynn O Flynn Flynn, E. Flynn, H. Flynn, P. Fogarty Fogarty, M. Fogarty, M. Foley O Foley Foley, J. Foote Ford Ford, W. Ford, Wm Foster wagon Four Masters Fowler Fowler, T. Fox Fox Fox Fox, B. Fox, Delia Fox, J. Foye France France Frazer Frazier, J. Fremont Fremont Fremont, Gen. French (gov) Frenchman Friel Friend, F. Frisbee, E. frontier cities

G:   Gaffey Gaffney, C. Gagan Gagan Gage Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher O Gallagher Gallagher, E. O Gallaghers Galveston, TX Galvin, M. Galway Galway, Co. Galway, Co. Galway, Co. Galway, Co. Galway, Co. Galway roots Mc Gann, M. Mc Ganny O Gara Mac Garailt O Garas Garvin, J. Gash, J. Gateleys Mc Gauleys Gavan Gay Gay Mc Gearin, J.M. Geary Mc Gee, P. Mc Gee, T. Genealogy Soc. Mc Geogehegan Geraghty Gerin Germans Germans Germany Mc Gettigan Mc Gettigan, C. Gibbins Gibbons Gibney Mac Gila Padrig Gilbert, M. Gilchrist Gildea Gildea Gilfinan Mc Gill Mc Gill, Mr. Gillachrist Mac Gillacuddy Gillespie Gilmore Gilroy Gilroy Mc Gilvery, F. Mc Ginan Mc Ginn Mc Ginn, J. Mc Ginnis Mc Ginnis Mc Ginnis Mc Ginnis, E. Mc Glashan Gleassine Gleeson Gleeson Gleeson, P. Gleeson, W. Glenns Glover, H. Mc Glynn Mc Glynn Mc Glynn, Dr. Mac Gobhan Godfrey Gofraidh Gold Rush begins Golden Golley Mac Golric O Gores Gorman Gorman, T. O Gormans Gormley Gormly Gough Mac Gowan Mc Gowan Mc Gowan Mc Gowan, E. Mc Gowan, Ed. Mc Gowan, Ned Grace Grace Grace, P. Grace, T. O' Grady O Grady, T. O Gradys Graham Graham Grass Valley Mc Grath Mc Grath Mc Grath, M. Gray Gray, C. Gray, T. Greany Greany, M. Greason Great Britain Green Green, E.T. Greg Greg, M. greyhounds greyhounds Grier Griffin Griffin, James Griffin, M. Griffith, G. Groves Guard Guard, T. Guard, W. Mc Guch Mc Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire, P. Mc Guires Mc Guliam Gun, E.T. Gunnings Guyana Gwin

H:   Hackett Hagan, J. O Hagans Hagarty Halberg, B. Hale Mc Hale Hale, Joseph Hale, Joseph Hall, G. Hall, Wm. Hallahan, T. Hallihan Halloran Halloran, L. Halloran, T. Hallorin O Hamils Hamilton hanged Hangtown Hangtown O Hanlon O Hanly Hannan, O. Hanneberry, C. Hanrahan O Hara O Hara, Mary O Hara mine O Hara mine O Hara, W. J. O Haras Hardy, W. Hare O Hares Harney Harrington Harrington, J. Harris, N. Hart Harvey, Mrs. Hastings Hauley, F.C. Hawkins Hawkins, T. Hay Hayden Hayes Hayes, D. Hayes, Mr. Hayes Park Hays Healy O Healy Hearne Hearst Hearst, W. Heeney, M. O Heerin O Hehir Hemphill Heney Hennessy Hennesy Hermann, A. Hetch Hetchy Hibernia bank Hibernians Higgins Higgins O Higgins Higgins, David Higgins, J. Higgins, M. Historical Soc. Hodge, A. Hoff Hogan, E. Hogan, Fr. O Hogans Holland, D. Holohan, J. Hope Hope ranch Horagan Horan Horrigan, L Houston, Sam Houston, TX Howard, M. Howard, R. Huberts Hudson Bay Co. Mc Hugh Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes O Hughes Hughes, M. Hull, Patrick Hunt Hunt Hunt, J. Hurley Hynes O Hynes

I:   Idaho Idaho Idaho City Idaho territory Igo Igo Inchiquin, L. Indep'nd'nc',MO index Indian affairs Indian agent Mc Inerney, T. Mc Innis Mc Intire Mc Intosh Ireland Ireland, Mr. Irish clans Irish colony Irish Creek Irish Dick Irish Herald Irish Herit. Park Irish Hills Irish Town Irish woman Irvine Irwin Irwin, Gov. Isla Margarita

J:   Jackson Jacobs, S. James, A. January, Miss January, W. Jeffrey, P. Jessup Jocobi Johnson Johnson, J.W. Johnson, Jas. Johnson, M. Johnson, W. Johnstons Jones Jones Jourdan Jourdan, M. Juarez, B. Judge Lynch

K:   Kain, P. Kane O Kane Kane, D. Kane, Dr. Kane, Dr. Kane, R. Kane, T. Kane, T. Mc Kane, Wm O Kanes Mc Kanny Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas City Kansas City Kavanagh Kavanaghs Kavanaugh Mc Kay, Wm Mc Kean Keane Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney dragoons Kearney, W. O Kearneys Kearny, W. Keating Keatings History Keatingville Mc Kee O Keefe O Keefe, J. Keefe, T. O Keeffe O Keeffe, J. Keeffe, R. O Keeffes Keegan, Mrs. Mc Keen, A.C. Keeting Mc Keirnan Keleher. Kell Kell Kell, T. Kelleher Kelleher, M. Keller Kelley Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly arrives Kelly bros. Kelly, C. Kelly, C.E. Kelly, E. Kelly House Kelly, J. V. Kelly, K. Kelly, M. Kelly, M. editor Kelly, Madame Kelly, P. Kelly, P. Kelly, W. N. O Kellys Mc Kendry Kenealy Kenehan, J. Mc Kenna Mc Kenna Kenna, Ada Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, I. Kennedy mine Kennedy, O. Kennedy & O'Brien Kennedys O Kennedys Kennelly Kenney Kenney Mc Kenney Kenny, M. Kent, Wm. Keogh, J. Keokuk, IA. Keokuk, IA Mc Kernan Mc Kernan Kerr, Anne Kerry, Ireland Kerry, Ireland Kerry, Ireland Kerry, Ireland Kerry, Ireland Kerwick Mc Kibben, Wm. Mc Kiernan, C. Kierucan Kilade Kilburn, R.L. Kildare, Co. Kildare, Ire. Kilday Kiley, J. Kilkenny Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, Ire. Kilkenny, Ire. Killaloe Killarney, Ire. Kimball, T. King King, E. Kings County Kingston, T. Mc Kinley Mc Kinley, Jas. Kinney Mc Kinney, J. Kinsella Kinsellas Kinsey, A. Kinsey, T. Mc Kinstry Mc Kinstry, G. Kirkpatrick Kirwan O Kirwan Kirwin, J. Knights of Red Branch Koppikus, H. Mc Koppin Mc Krotty, T.

L:   Lacey, B. Mac Lachlain Lachman Laden, M. Lady Cork Lady Cork Lahaney, P. Lahaney, P. land journey Landers, S. Lane Lane, Joe O Lapan Largan Larkin Larkin Larkin, T. Latino Mexicans Laughlin Mc Laughlin O Laughlin, A. Laverty Lawlor, Dr. Lawlor, Dr. Lawlor, J. Lawrence, KS Laws Le Gras Leadville Leahy Leahy, Daniel Leahy, T. Leary Leary Leary, P. Leavenworth, KS Leavenworth, KS Leitrim, Co. Mc Lennen Lewis & Clark Lewis, F. Leyden Leyden, J. lichen Lilley, A. Limerick Limerick Limerick, Co. Limerick, Co. Limerick, Co. Lincoln, NE Littleton, J. Livermore Lodge, M. Logan Logan Logan, A. London Londrigan Lonergan Longford, Co. Longford, Co. Longford, Ire. Lopez, M. Lorigan, B. Los Angeles Louderback Loughlin Mc Loughlin Mc Loughlin Mc Loughlin, Dr. O Loughlin, M. O Loughlin, W. Mc Loughlins Louisville, KY Lucas Lucas, J. Ludwig, King Lurkain Lyle, R. Lynaghs Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch, B. Lynch bros. Lynch, J. Lynch, Judge Lynch, T. Lyon, J.S. Lyons Lyons, J.

M:   Mac and O Mackay Mackey Macombe, J.J. Macomber Macondray, F.W. Macondry Madden Madden Madden, J. O Maddens Madegan Madigan Magdalena Mageoheghans Magin, T. Maginnis Maguider Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire, Wm. Maguires Mc Mahan Mahan Peak Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon, A. Mc Mahon, J. Mc Mahon, John Mc Mahon, Pat Mahon, T. Mahona Mahoney Mahoney, W. Mahons Hotel Mahony, D. Mahony Mahoney Makennaigh O Malley, G. Mallogh Mallon, P. Mallory Malone, P. Maloney Maloney Malorky Malta O Maneogue Mangles Manning O Manning Manning, J. Manning, J. Manning, J. Mannix Mannix, J. Mannon Manogue, D. Manogue (Minnogue) Mac Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus O Mara, M. Marin County Marin Irish Martin Martin Martin & Co. Martin, E. T. Martin, Edw. Martin, M. Maryland Masonic Masten Masterson Mathews M. Matthews Matthews, P. Maxwell, Fr. Mazatlan Meacham Mead Meagher Meagher Meagher, J. Meagher Parrott Meagher, T. O Meaghers O Meaghers Mealey, J. Meany, T. O Meara Meath, Co. Meath, Co. Meath, Co. MeCarty Mc Meeken Mehaney Mel O Melaghlin Melehan Melehan, D. O Melveny Melvin Mc Menomy Methodist Methodists Mexican Mexican forces Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Milhous Mc Millan, Dr. R. Millay Miller Miller Hall Miller, I. Miller, J. Miller, J. Milligan Mulligan Mills Missouri Mitchel O Mochain O Mogan Mogan, J. Mogen, P. Molloy, T. Moloney, J. Molony Molony Molony, W. Momon soldiers Monaghan Monaghan, Ire Mc Monagle Monahan Monahan, J. Montana Montana Montana state Monterey, C. Montez House Montez, Lola Montez, Lola Montgomery O Mooney Mooney, M. Mooney, T. Moore Moore, H. Moore, J. Moore, J. Moore, P.C. O Moore, R. Moors Moran O Moran Moran Pt. Moran, T. Morans Morans collar More, T. O Mores Morgan, J. Moriarity Moriarity House Moriarty Mormon Mormon Mormon trad. Mormons Mormons Mormons Mormons Mormons Morony O Morony Morony, J. Morony, J. Morphy Morphy, D. Morris Morrissy Morrissy, E. Morton Morton Morton, J. mount'in charley mount'in charley Mouraun Moylan Muckross Mulagan, T. Mulcahy, C. O Mulconry O Mulconry O Mulconry Muldoon O Mulholland Mulholland Dr. Mullaney Mullen Mc Mullen Mullen, B.J. Mullen, W. Mulligan, B. Mulloy O Mulryan Murfey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Mc Murphy Murphy, B.D. Murphy, C. Murphy, D. O Murphy, D. Murphy, Don T. Murphy, Ed. Murphy, J. Murphy, J. Murphy, J.M. Murphy, John Murphy, John Murphy, John Murphy, M. Murphy, M. Murphy, M. Murphy, M. Murphy, (Martin) Murphy, Martin Murphy, P. Murphy, P.W. Murphy, R.L. Murphy, T. Murphy wagon Murphys town Mc Murragh Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray, H.C. Mac Murrough Murry Murry Murry, M. Murry, Mrs. O Murrys Myles Mystic Tie

N:   Nagle, T. Naglee, H.M. Mc Nally Mc Nally, J.B. Mc Nally, T. Mac Namara Mac Namara Mc Namara Mc Namara Mac Namara colony Mc Namara, F. Mac Namara, Fr. Mc Namara, J. Mc Namara, James Mc Namara, R. Mc Namaras Mc Nanny Nash Naughton Naughton, E. Mc Neil O Neil O Neil O Neil O Neil, D. O Neil, Drs. O Neil, E. O Neil, J. O Neil, W. O Neill O Neill, J. O Neils Nelligan Nevada Nevada, state of New Holland New Jersey New York route New Zealand Newman newspaper newspapers Neylan O Nialain Nichol Nicholson Nicholson, F. Nicholson, G. O Niels castle Nihel, M. Nixon Nolan Nolan O Nolan Nolan, M. Nolan, P. Nolan, T. Nolan, T. Noonan, T. Norton, Patrick Nova Scotia Nowland Nugent Nugent, John Nunan Nunan, D. Nunan, E. Nunan, E. Nunan, E. Nunan, M. Nunan, Sen.

O:   Oakland Oaks Ohio Oliver Oliver, D. Oliver, Don Jose Olweil, J. Omaha, NE Mac ombe, J.J. Mac omber Mac ondray Mac ondray, F.W. opera house Orange Order Orchella Orchilla Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon city Oregon, via overland Owen Owens, P.

P:   Panama Panama Panama Panama Panama Isthmus parades Parrott Parrott Peoragh Peru Peru Peru Peru Peru Peru Petit Petits Pettit Mc Pheeters Mc Pheeters, W. Phelan Phelan Phelan, Fr. Phelan, J. Phelan park Phelps, H. Mc Phillips Pico Pike wagons Pinder Pioche pioneers list Placerville Plunket Poland Polynesian poor-house population Portland Portland, OR Post newspaper Powell Powell Power Power Power, James Power, T. Powers, P. Prendergast Presbyt. archives Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterians Prince Edw Isl Protestant Pryor Purcels pushcart

Q:   Mc Quaid Mc Quaid, John Queens, Co. Queens, Co. Queens, Co. Queens Univ. Quigley Quigley Quigley Quigley Quigley, D. Quigley, D. Quigley, H. Quigley, M. Quilty, D. O Quin Quin Quinn Quin, W. Quinlan Quinlan, P. Quirk Mc Quoid, James

R:   Rabbit Mac rahig railroad links Rainsford Rainy Ralston Ralston, W. Rankin, B. Read Read, Ellis Reagan Reardon, John Reardon, Mrs. Reardon, P. Reardons Reddy Redington Redmond Mc Redmond, A. Redmond, J. Reed Reed Reed Reed O Regan O Regan, Bishop O Regans Reid Reid O Reilly Reilly, Mary Reilly, P. O Reillys O Reli O Relly Republican Mc Rett Reynolds Rice, Nettie Rickett, J. Riley J.R. Riley O'Riley Riley, P. Rileys Roach Roach Roach Roach, P. Roache Mc Roberts Mc Roberts Roche Roche Roche Roche, W. Rogan, M. Rogers O Ronain Ronayne O Ronayne Ronayne, J. Rooney O Rooney Rooney, J. Rooney, T. Roscommon Roscommon Ross Ross Roughan, J. Roundtree O Rourke O Rourks Castle Rousseau, E. Ruddy, B. Russia Ryan Ryan O Ryan Ryan, I. Ryan, J.C. Ryan, James H. Ryan, Joel Ryan, M. Ryan, T. Ryan, T. Ryan, T. Ryan, W. Ryland, C. Ryle

S:   S. Carolina S. Islands Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Bee Sacramento Bee Salt Lake Salt Lake City San Antonio San Fran'. Irish San Francisco San Francisco San Joaquin San Joaquin San Joaquin Irish San Jose Sanchez, H. Santa Anna Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Clara Irish Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Irish Santa Ines Santa Inez Sante Fe Santiago, Chile savings & loan O Scanlan Scanlon, Fr. Scannell Scannels Scherrebeck Scollin Scotch parentage Scotland Scotsman Scott Scully Scully, F. sea, arrival by Serrano, R. Seymour, P. Shannon Shannon, C. Shannon, J. Shannon, T. O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy Shaughnessy, J. Shea O Shea O Shea, J. Shea, T. Sheehan, D. Sheehan, J. Sheehan, T. O Sheehans Sheehon sheep ranch Shelly O Shellys O Sheridan Sherman Shine Shine, J. Shine, W. Shorb silver kings Singleton, J. Sinnagh Skehan Skelly Skerrett Slattery Slattery, C. Slattery, P. O Slavens slavery Sligo, Ireland Sloan Smith Smith Smith, G. Smith & Kelly Smith, Mary Smith, T.L. Smith, T. L. Smith, T.L. Smith, T. L. Snyder, J. So. Americans societies Sonoma, CA. Sonoma Irish sources Springfield, IL St. Joseph St. Louis St. Louis St. Pats Day Stanleys Stantons Starkey, M. Steinhardt, Dr. Stevenson Steward Stockton Stoddart Stone Sullivan Sullivan O Sullivan Sullivan, C. O Sullivan, C. Sullivan, E.L. Sullivan Firehouse Sullivan, J. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, John Sullivan, John Sullivan, M. Sullivan, M. Sullivan, Mrs. Sullivan, P. Sullivan, P. O Sullivans Sullivans Creek Sullivans creek Supple Sutton Sweaney Sweany Sweden Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney, G. Mac Sweeny Mc Sweeny, A. Mc Sweeny, I. Sweeny, M. Sweeny Sweeney Sweenys Sweetman Swift Switzerland Synnott Synnott, J.

T:   Mc Tague, Mr. Talant Talbot Talbot Coal Talbots Taylor Teague, W. Tearney Mc Teigue Telford temperance society Terry Texas Texas Thomas Thomas, S. Mc Tiernan Mc Tiernan Tierney Tierney, J. timeline Timmins Timmons Tipperary Tipperary boys Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Co. Mac Tire Tobin Tobin, J. Tobin, J. Tobin, James Tobin, R. Tobin, R.J. Toland O Toland Toland, F. O Tolands O Tomalty Tomalty, Mr. Tomalty, P. Toohy, J. O Toole O Toole, C. Toole, J.H. O Toole, L. O Toole, M. O Toole, W. O Tooles Toomey, H. Topeka, KS Tormey Tormey, J. Tormy Tracey Tracy Tracy, Ann Tracy, J. Travers Trinity college Tuites Tulares Tullamore Tully Tully, P.R. Twain, Mark Twohy Twomey, P. Tyler, Ed. Tyrone, Ire. Tyrrels

U:   undertakers Upton, C.H. Utah Irish

V:   Vanderbilt Vaughan Vaughan, H. Vaughan, V. Vernon's, Gen. Victoria City Vincent Vincent, A. Virginia City Virginia City Virginia City

W:   W. Indies W. Virginia Mc Wade Wall, M. Walla Walla Wallace Walsh Walsh House Walsh, P. Walsh, P.F. Walsh, R. Walsh, R. Walsh, S. Wapple, G. war declared Ward, J. Ward, Jno. Ward, P. Washington terr. Washington, territory Wason Waterford Waterford, Co Waterford, Co. Waterford, Co. Waterford, Co. Waterhouse, A. Weber Weber, C. M. Welch, Capt. Wells, E.W. Welsh Welsh Welsh, G. Wesinger West Point Westmeath Westmeath Westmeath Westport, MO Wexford, Co. Wexford, Co. Wexford, Co. Wexford, Co. Wexford, Co. Wexford, Ire. Wexford, Ire. Wexford, Ire. Whalen Whaley Wheeler, W. White White, H. White, J. White, J.A.B. Wichita, KS Wiegard Wilcox, C. wild geese Mac William Wills Wilson, C. Wilson, J. Wisconsin Wolf Wolfe, J. women Wood, A. Wren Wren, T. Wrin Wrin, M. Wynne, Mr.

Y:   Yerba Buena Young Young, B. young Irelander