Mac, Mc, and O Names

Description: By Mac & ‘O’ You’ll always know. "Mac, Mc and ‘O’ names in Ireland, Scotland and America". 17th - 20th century records. This work includes Irish & Scots Family Names, sources, indexed. Locations in Ireland and early America. 1790 census records, Irish census record and Charts included.

In print for the first time ever in 2003. Authored by Michael C. O’Laughlin. This is a study of names that begin with Mac, Mc, and ‘O’, based upon several census type records in Ireland and early America. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to specific county location in both countries...many more are mentioned in passing. Includes extracts on these names from the work of O’Hart; a chart of all Mac and Mc names from the 1790 U.S. census, along with count of names by county. Also gives the ranking of the top Mc, Mac and ‘O’ names in the U.S. based upon the social security records. In Ireland,the original spelling of all of these names is given based upon the 1659 census and the 19th century records of Mathesons survey...... Not a collection of family history but a guide showing the location these family names, spellings and locations, with actual records illustrated. Several old and worn pages have also been taken from the IGF archives showing famous and infamous individuals with ‘Mac’ and ‘O’ names as recorded in the 1800’s, but of course not every family is included.

Approx. 61 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, indexed, charts, excellent condition. A few records are reproduced here exactly as they appear in the original documents in the IGF Library, and so they will show the wear of time. A must for any collection that includes this area of study of names. Many families are pinpointed as to county locations in both Ireland and America, many are mentioned only in passing, as this is mostly a study of the location of these family names, not a collection of family history as such.

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Surname Index includes:
Here are some of the family names (not histories) found in the index to this work (names listed more than once are found more than once in this book);

A:    Mc Adams Mc Addams Mc Afee Mc Affee Ahern Mc Alaster Mc Alep Mc Alester Mc Alister Mc Allaster Mc Allester Mc Allister Mc Allum Ally Mc Alup Anderson Mac Andrew Andrews Mc Ann Mac antire Mc Ardle Mc Arter Mac artey Mc Arther Mc Arthur Mc Arthy Mc Artney M' Auley M. Auley Mc Auley Mc Auley M' Auly Mc Auslan Mac ay

B:    Baldwin O Banain Banan O Barain Barrington Bat Bateson Bats Batson O Beirne O Beirne Bergin Berwick O birant Mac Blosky Bourns Boyle Boyle O Boyle O Brachain Bradner Brady Mac Brady Brahan Bray Mc Brde O Breen O Breen Mac Brehon O Brian Mc Bride Mc Bride Mc Bride Mc Bride, John O Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien O Brien, C. O Brien, Col. O Brien, D. O Brien, Derm. Brine Briun Broder Broderick Broghie Brophy Brothers O Bruadair O Bryan O Bryant O Bryon O Bune Butler O Byrne

C:   Mc Caan Mc Cabe Mc Cabe Mc Caddams Mc Caffrey Mc Caffrey Mac Caghwell, H. O Cahan O Cahill Mc Cain O Cain Mc Caine, A. Calahan Mc Calep Mc Calester Mc Calister Mc Call Mc Call Mc Call Mc Call, E. Mc Calla Callaghan O Callaghan O Callaghan, C. O Callaghan, Dr. Mc Callah Mc Callam Mc Callaster Mc Calle Mc Callester Mc Callestor Mac Calley Mc Calley Mc Callister Mc Callister Mc Callister Mc Callow Mc Callum Mc Callum Mc Cally Mc Calop Mc Cammon Mc Camon Mc Can Mc Cand Mc Candeless Mc Candles Mc Candless Mc Candless Mc Candlish Mc Canless Mc Cann Mc Cann Mc Cann Canning Carey Mac Carhon Mc Carmeck Mc Carmick Carol O Carolan, T. O Caroll Carrell Carrill Carrol O Carrol, T. Carroll O Carroll O Carroll, Col. Mc Carroll, J. Carron Mac Carron Mac Carroon Carson Mc Cartee Mc Carter Mc Cartey Mc Cartha Mc Carthey Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy, D. Mc Carthy, J. Mac Carthy, N. Mc Cartie Mc Cartney Mc Cartny Mc Cartor Mac carty Mc Carty Mc Carty Mc Carty Mc carty Mc Carty, J. Mac Carty, O. Mc Casland Mac Caslin Mc Caslin Cassidy O Cassidy Mc Casslin Catley M' Caul Mc Caul Mc Caul, J. Mc Caule Mac Cauley Mac cauley Mc Cauley Mc Cauley O Cauley Mc Caulley Mac cauly Mc Cauly Mc Causland Mc Causlen Mc Causlin Mc Cawl Cawley Mc Cawley Cawllie Mc Cawly Mc Cay Cayley Mc Cee O Ceirin Mc Certney Mc Ciney Mc Cinley Mc Cinly Mc Cinnan Mc Cinney Mc Cinny Mc Cinsey Mc Cintush Mc Cinzie Mc Claen Mc Clain Mc Clain Mc Claine Mc Claine Mc Claine Mc Claland Mc Clalen Mc Clalin Mc Clallan Mc Clallen Mc Clallin Mc Clanahan Mc Clanathan Mc Clane Mc Clangen Mc Clanihan Mc Claningham Mc Clannan Mc Clannen Mc Clannon Mc Claran Mc Claren Mc Clarey Mc Clarin Mc Claron Mc Clarren Mc Clary Mc Claskey Mc Clasky Mc Clathan Mc Claud Mc Clayland Mc Clean Mc Clearey MC CLEARY Mc Cleary Mc Cleery Mc Clelan Mc Cleland Mc Clelean Mc Clellan Mc Clellan Mc Clelland Mc Clelland Mc Clelland Mc Clellen Mc Clelon Mc Clemore Mc Clenaghan Mc Clenahan Mc Clenahan Mc Clenahen Mc Clenan Mc Clendon Mc Clene Mc Clene, J. Mc Clenethan MC Clenhiham Mc Clennacan Mc Clennahan Mc Clennan Mc Clennen Mc Clennin Mc Clennon Mc Clentick M Clentock Mc Clentock Mc Clentorick Mc Cleod Mc Clerin Mac cleroy Mc Clerran Mc Clerren Mc Clerron Mc Clery O Clery Mc Clesky Mc Clewer Mc Clinahan Mc Clintic Mc Clintick Mc Clintoc Mc Clintoch Mc Clintock Mc Clintock Mc Clintock, F. Mc Clintuck Mc Clisky Mc Cload Mc Clode Mc Closkey Mc Closkey Closky Mac Closky Mc Closky Mc Cloud Mc Cloud Mc Cloud Mc Cloud Mc Clour Mc Cloure Mc Cluer O Clumain Mc Clure Mc Clure Mc Clure Mc Cluskey Mc Clusky Coalman Mc Coey O Coilen O Coilligh Mc Coilough Mc Colister Mc Coll Mc Collah Mc Collak Mc Collam Mc Collegh Mc Collester Mc Colley Collings Collins Mc Collister Mc Collistor Mc Colloch Mac Collock Mc Collogh Mc Collom Mc Collom Mc Collum Mc Collum Mc Collums Mc Colly Mc Colm Mc Colm Mc Colough Mc Comb Mc Combs Mc Come Mc Comick Mc Comman Mc Commic Mc Common Mc Comon O Conagan O Conaill O Conaing Mc Conal Mac Conboirne Mc Conel Mc Conell Mc Conell Mac Conin Conlon Mc Conn Mc Connal Mc Connald Mc Connel Mc Connel Connell Mc Connell Mc Connell O Connell O Connell O Conner Connolly Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connowe O Conor Conroy O Conroy Conway Mc Conyell Conyers Conyngham Mc Coom Mc Coomb Mc Coombe Mc Cooms Corbett Mc Cord Mc Cord Mc Corkel Mc Corkhill Mc Corkle Mc Cormac Mc Cormach Mc Cormack Mc Cormack Mc Cormic Mc Cormick Mc Cormick Mc Cormick Mc Cormick Mc Cormuck O Cornain M' Corniss Mc Cortey Cosgrave Mac Coshy Mc Coskill Mc Coslin Costello Costello Mc Coulough Mc Coun Mc Cowan Mc Cowen Mc Cowin Mc Cown Mac Coy Mc Coy Mc Coy Mc Coy Mc Coye Coyle Coyne Coyne Mc Cracken Mc Cracken Mc Crackin Mc Cracon Mc Crady Mc Crae Mc Craken MC Crakin Mc Crary Mc Cray Mc Cray Mc Cray Mc Cre Mc Crea Mc Cready Mc Crearea Mc Crearey Mc Creary Mc Credie Mc Credy Mc Creedy MC Creery Mc Crehen Mc Creken Mc Crery O Cribbain Cribban Crosbie Crosby Mac Crossan Mac Cslin Mc Cuchin Mc Cuchion Mc Cuen Mc Culla Mc Cullah Mc Cullegh O Cullennan, G. Mc Culley Mc culley Mc Culloch Mc Culloch Mc Culloch Mc Culloch Mc Cullock Mc Cullogh Mc Culloh Mc Cullouch Mc Cullough Mc Cullough MC Cullough Mc Cullow Mc Cullum Mc Cully Mc Cune Cunningham Mac Cuolahan Mc Curday Mc Curdey Mc Curdie mc Curdy O Curry, E. Cuskley Mc Cutchen Mc Cutcheon Mc Cutchin M. Carthyn

D:   Mc Danail Mc Danald Mc Danals Mc Danel Mac Daniel Mc Daniel Mc Daniel Mc Daniels Mac Danniels Mc Dannil Mc Danold Mc Danolds O Dell O Dempsey Denny Mc Dermot Mac Dermott Mc Dermott Devlin Mc Dewgle Diarmid Doghertey Doghertie Dogherty O Doghery, C. Doherty Doherty O Doherty O Doherty, K. Mc Donal Mac Donald Mac Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald map Donally Mc Donals Mc Donanald Mc Doneld Mc Donell Doney Mc Doniel O Donlevy Mc Donnal Mac Donnald Mc Donnald Mc Donnel Mac Donnell Mac Donnell Mc Donnell Mc Donnell Mc Donnell Mc Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell Abu O Donnelly Mc Donniells Mc Donnold Mc Donogh O Donoghue Donoho Mc Donol Mc Donold Mc Donough Donovan O Donovan O Donovan, J. MC Dougal Mc Dougall Mc Dougall Mc Dougel Dougherty Dougherty O Dougherty Mc Dougle Mc Dowal Mc Dowall Dowd Mc Dowel Mc Dowel Mac Dowell Mc Dowell Mc Dowell Mc Dowill Mc Dowl O Dowling O Dowling, T. Drum O Drum Drummond Duck Duff Mc Duffe Mc Duffee Mc Duffie Mc Duffy Mc Dugal Mc Dugald O Dugan Duggan O Dunne Durack Durkan O Dwyer, A.

E:   Mc Efee Egan Mc Elhaney Mc Elhany Mc Elheany Mc Elheney Mc Elheny Mac elroy Mc Elroy Mc Elroy Mc Elvain Mc Elven Mc Elvene Mc Elvin Mc Elwain Mc Elwaine Mc Elwane Mc Elwean Mc Elwin Mc Entire Mc Entirs Mc eready Mc Euen Mc Ever Mc Evers Mc Ewen Mc Ewin Mc Ewn

F:   Mc Fadan Mc Fadden Mc Fadden Mc Fadden Mc Faddin Mc Fadding Mc Faddon Mc Faden Mc Fadian Mc Fadien Mc Fadion Mc Fall Fallon O Fallon O Fallon, D. O Fallon, J. Mc Falls o Falvey Mc Farlan Mc Farlan Mc Farland Mc Farland Mc Farland Mc Farland Mc Farlane Mc Farlane Mc Farlen Mc Farlen Mac Farlin Mc Farlin Mc Farlind Mac Farling Mc Farling Mc Farran O Farrell O Farrells Farrelly Mc Farren Mc Farrin Mc Farron Mc Farshen Mc Farshon MC Farson Mc Farson Mc Fashion Mc fason Mc Faul Mc Fawson O Feehily O Feely Feeney Mc Fercin Mc Ferren Mc Ferrin Mc Ferron Mc Fershion Mc Fersin Mc Fersion Mc Ferson Ffrench Ffrench O Fihelly, D. Finneran Fitzursula Flaherty Flanagan Flannery Flattery O Flynn O Fogarty Foley Foote Foote Fox Frainche Freinche French Frensch Frensche Frense Frenshe Frenshe Freynsce Freynsh Freynsshe O Friel

G:   Mc Gahee Mc Gahey Mc Gahhy Mc Gahy Mc Gaighy Gallagher O Gallagher Mac Gallogly Mac Gallogly Gannon O Gara O Gara, O. Gately Mac Gawley Gawly Gaynor Mc Geahey Mc Gee Mc Gee Mc Gee Mc Gee Mc Geehee Mc Gees Gehan Mc Gehe Mc Gehee Mc Gehey Geraghty Mac geraghty Gettins Mc Ghee Mc Ghee Mc Ghee Gibson Gilfoyle Mac Gilfoyle Mac Gill Mc Gill Mc Gill Mc Gill Mc Gill Mac Gillimore Gilmartin Mc Ginnes Mc Ginness Mc Ginnis Mc Ginnis Mac Ginver Mc Glachland Mc glachlond Mc Glaghlin Mc Glauchlin Mc Glaughlan Mc Glaughlin Mc Glochlan Mc Glochland Mc Glochlen Mc Glocklin Mc Glohlan Mc Glohlin Mc Gloughlan Mc Gloughlin Glynn Goderich Godwin Golding Mac Goldrick Goodwin Gorey Gorman O Gorman, R. O Gormley O Gormog Goulding Mc Govern Mc Gowan Mc Gowan Mc Gowan O Gowan Mc Gowen Mc Gowin Mc Gown Mc Gowns Mc Gra O Grady Mc Grah Mc Grath Mc Grath Mc Grath Mc Graw Mc Graw O Greefa Mc Greeger Green Greene Greene Greer Mc Greger Mc Gregger Mc Greggor M' Gregor Mc Gregor Mc Gregor Mc Gregor Gregory Gregory Gregory Mc Greoger Mc Grew Griffin Griffin Griffy Mc Griger Grigger Mc Grigger Mc Griggir Mc Griggor Mc Grigor Mc Grue O Guaire Mc gui Mc Guier mac Guiggan Mc Guinis Mc Guir Mac Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire Mc Guire Gunning Mc Gurk Guthrie Mc Guyer

H:   O Hagan, G. O Hagan, T. Halley Hamill Hamill Hand Hannon O Hara O Hara Hare O Hare Harkin Harley Harrington Hastings Hatty Haugh Hawe Hay Mc Hay O Hay O Hayer Heaney O Hease Hehir O Hehir Mc Henary Mc Henery Mc Heney Mc Henry Hetty Mc Hinney O Hir O Hiskeen O Histeen Hoey Hogan Mac Honeen O Hooneen Horseman Howard Howe O Howen Hoy Mc Hugh Hughes O Hurley Hussey

I:   Mc Ilhaney Mc Ilhenney Mc Ilroy Mac Iltavish Mc Ilvain Mc Ilvaine Mc Ilveen Mc Ilveene Mc Ilwain Mc Ilwaine Ingoldsby Ingoldsby Mc Inley Mac Inogly Mc insey Mc Inteer Mc Intier Mc Intiere Mac intire Mc Intire Mc Intire Mc Intire M' intosh Mac intosh Mc Intosh Mc Intosh Mc intush Mc Intyer Mc Intyre Mc Intyre Mc Intyre Ireland Mc Ivair Mc Iver Ivers Mc Ivers

J:   Judge

K:   Mac k Mac k Mac k, Dr. Mc Kae Kaely Mac Kah Kain Mc Kammam Mc Kan Mc Kanless Mc Kann Mc Karter M' Kay Mac kay Mc Kay Mc Kay Mc kay Mc kays Mac ke Mc Kea Kean Mc Kean Mc Kean, T. Mc Keand Keane Keary Keating Keatinge Keaty Mac kee Mc Kee Mc Kee Mc Kee Mc Kee O Keefe O Keeffe Keely Mc Keen Keenan O Keenan Mc Keene Keightley Mc Kein Mc Keine O Kelaghan Mc Kellip Mc Kellup Kelly Kelly O Kelly O Kelly Kellyhan Mc Kelroy Mac kendorsh Mc Kendree, W. Kenedy Mc Keney Mac Kenna Mc Kenna Mc Kenna Mc Kenna Mc Kenna Mac Kenna, Gen. Mc Kennan, T. O Kennedy Mc Kenney Mc Kenney Mc Kennon Mc Kenny Kennyon Mc Kensee Mc Kensey Mc Kensey Mc Kensie Mc Kensy Mac kentire Mc Kentush M' Kenzie Mac Kenzie Mac kenzie Mc Kenzie Mc Kenzie Mc Kenzie Mc Kenzie Mac Kenzie, Dr. R. Mc Kenzy Mc Keon, J. Kernaghan Kerrin Mc Kessick Mc Kessuk Mc Kewan Mc Kewn Mac key Mac key Mac key Mc Key Mac key, J. Mc Keys Mac kie Mc Kie Mc Kieseck Kilkenny Mc Killop Mc Killop Kilmartin Mc Kindles Mc Kindley Kinealy Mc Kiney Mc Kinlay Mc Kinley Mc Kinley Mc Kinly Mc Kinna Mc Kinne Mc Kinnen Mac Kinney Mc Kinney Mc Kinney Mc Kinney Mc Kinney mc Kinney Mc Kinney Mc Kinnie Mc Kinnie Mc Kinnin M' Kinnon Mc Kinnon Mc Kinnon Mc Kinnon Mc Kinny Mc Kinsay Mc Kinseg Mc Kinsei Mc Kinsey Mc Kinsey Mc Kinsey Mc Kinsie Mc Kinssy Mc Kinsy Mac kintire Mac kintosh Mc Kiny Mc Kinzey Mc Kinzie Kirby Mc Kishock Mc Kisick Mc Kisock Mc Kissack Mc Kisseck Mc Kissek Mc Kissick Mc Kissix Mc Kissock Mc Kissox Mac kkee Mc Kneal Mc Kneight Mc Knelly Mc Knight Mc Knight Mc Knight Mc Knite Mc Knitt Koin Mc Konnell Mc Korkle Mc Kowan Mc Kowen Mc Kown Mc Koy Mc Koye Mc Krakin MC Krakkin Mc Kray mc Kune Mc Kutchen Mac ky

L:   Mc Lachland Mc Lachlen Mc Lachlin Mc Lacklin Mc Laghlin O Lahiff Mc Laighlin Mac lain Mc Lain Mc Lain Mc Laine Laing Mc Laland Mc Lallan Mc Lallen Mc Lamar Mc Lamare Lamb Mc Lanan Lane Mc Lane Mc Lane Larcom M' Laren Mc Laren Mc Laren Largan Larkin Mc Larry Mc Lary Mc Laughlan Mc Laughland Mc Laughlen Laughlin M' Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughlin Mc Laughling Mc Lauglin Mac Lave Lavelle Lavery Mac layry Mc Leain M' Lean Mc Lean Mc Lean Mc Lean Mc Lean Mc Lean Mc Leane Mc Leary O Leary O Leary Lee Mc Leeland Legge Leigh Mc Leland Mc Lelen Mc Lellan Mc Lellen Mc Lemoore Mac lemore Mc Lemore Mc Lenahan Mc Lenan Mc Lene Mc Lennan Mc Lennen M' Leod M' Leod Mc Leod Mc Leod Mc Leod Leonard Mc Leran Mc Lerran Lester Mac Levain Leycester Liddy O Liddy Mc Lillan Mc Lintack Mc Lintock Mc liry Mc Llaughlin Mc Llewer Mc Load Loane O Lochain Lochlainn Locklin Mc Locklin Loglin O Lorcain Lorigan Mc Loskey Mac loud Mc Loud Loughan Loughlen Mc Loughlin Mc Loughlin O Loughlin Lowry Mc Lroy O Luain O Luane Mc Lughlin Mc Lure Mc Lwain Lydon Lye O Lyn Lynch Lyster

M:   Mack Mack, Dr. Macomb Macon Macoy Magawley Mage Magee Magee Magee Magehee Magettigan Magill Magilsinan Magilsitnan Magines Maginis Maginness Maginnis Magraw Maguiggan Maguire Magunshinan Mc Mahan Mc Mahen Mc Mahens Mc Mahhan Mahie Mc Mahin mac Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mahony Makee Makey Malley O Malley O Malley Malone Malone O Malone, D. Maloney Mannion Mc Manus Mc Manus Mc Manus O Mara Markam Mc Marster Mc Marsters Mc Master Mc Masters Mathews Mc Mayan Meagill O Meara O Meara, B. Meath Mecauley Mecrakin Mee Megee Megehee Megil Megill Megines Meginnes Meginnis Megraw Meguier Mc Mehan O Melkeron, O. O Mellain Mellan Mc Mellen Mc Mellens Mellon Mergin Merryman Mc Mical Mc Michael Mc Michal Mc Micheal Mc Michel Mc Mickle Mc Mihal Mc Mikel Miklewane Milford Millan Mc Millan Mc Millan Mc Millen Mc Millen Mc Millen Mc Millen Mc Millian Mc Millin Mac Million Mac Million Mc Million Mc Million Mc Millon Mc Millon Mc Min Mc Minn Mc Mins Mc Mollen Monaghan Montagu Montague Moran Moran O Mordha O More Morell Morley Moroni Morphie Morrow Mac Morrow Mortimer Muccleroy Mucclewain Mucclewane Muckelhaney Muckelheney Muckelkeney Muckelroy Muckeroy Muckle Roy Muckleroy Muckleroyeh Mucklewain Muclaroy Muclroy O Mulclohy O Mulfaver O Mulfover Mulgeehy Mulhollan Mulholland Mulholland Mc Mullan Mc Mulland O Mullaville Mullen Mc Mullen Mc Mullen Mc Mullen Mc Mullen Mc Mullens O Mulligan Mullownee Mullowney O Mulrian O Mulroney Mac Murchada Mc Murey O Murgally Mc Murphey Mc Murphy O Murphy Mac Murray Mc Murray Mc Murray Mc Murray, Wm. Mc Murrey Murrian Mc Murry Murtagh

N:   Mc Nacton O Nail Mc Nair O Nale Mc Nally Mc Nally Mc Namara Mc Namara Mac Namee Mc Nare Mc Nattin Mc Natton Mc Naughtin Mac Naughton Mc Naughton Neal Mac neal Mc Neal Mc Neal O Neal O Neal Mc Neale Mc Neall Mc Neally Mc Nealy Mc Near Mac Nebo Mc neel Mc Neel Neele Mc Neele Mc Neell Neely Mc Neely Mc Neer Mc Neght Mac Neil Mc Neil Mc Neil O Neil O Neil, E. Mc Neile Mc Neile, H. Mc Neill Mc Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill, C. O Neill, C. O Neill, G. O Neill, Owen R. Mc Neir Mc Nelly Mc Nemara, J. Mc Neven, Wm. Mc Niel Mc Niel Mc Night Mc Nire Mc Nite Nolan Normans Nugent Mc Nulty Mc Nulty

O:   Odell Odell Odle Ogelbey, Dr. Mc Ollister mac omb Mac omen Mac on Orneal Orra Mac Oscar Oswell M' Ouly Mc Owen Owens Mc own Mac oy Oyler

P:   Palmer Mc Parland Paul Mc Pharlen Mc Pharson Mc Pherrin M' Pherson Mac pherson Mc Pherson Mc Pherson Mc Pherson Pickley Prendergast

Q:   Mc Quaid Mc Queen Mc Queen Mc quian O Quin Quine Quinn o Quirk Mc Quown Quynn

R:   Mc Ra Mc Rae Mc Rae Mc Rae Rafter Mc Ray Mc Rea Mc Ready Mc Reary Mc Redy Mc Ree Regan Reynolds Mc Reynolds, A. Rian Rooke O Rourke O Rourke Mc Rreary Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryder Ryding

S:   Sandys O Seagha O Sedna Sewell O Sewell Sewlovan Sexton Shade O Shaughnessy O Shaughnessy O Shea Silvan Silvers Simcocks Simkins Simmes mac Simoin Simon Simpson Sims Smith Somers Mac Spallane mac Speallain Spenser Stone Stoney Sullivan Sullivan O Sullivan O Sullivan O Sullivan, P. Sullivern Mc Swain Mc Swaine Mc Swane Sylivan Synan

T:   Tackit O Tackney Mac Tague mac Taidhg Mac Tavish Mc Teer Mc Teere Mac Teig Tennyson Tenpenny Mc Tere Thulis Mc Tier Mc Tiere Tilly O Tiompan Tolan Toland Tonyson O Toole, St. L. Traynor O Trehy Troy Tully O Turrain Mc Tyer Mac Tyre mac Tyre Mc tyre Mc Tyre

U:    Mac Uallachain Mc Ullum

V:   Mc Vay Mc Vea Mc Veagh Mc Veigh Mc Vey Victoria Victory Mc Vie Vikings

W:    Walker Waller Warren Whelan Mc Whorter Mc William Mc Williams Mc Williams Wolf Wolfe Wolfe Wood Woods Wsullivan Wynn Wynne