Counties Kildare, Wicklow, & Carlow, Genealogy & Family History Notes.

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: Irish Genealogy & Family History, sources, indexed, maps, coats of arms, illustrated, spiral binding.

Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms for families in Counties Kildare, Wicklow and Carlow. Produced as part of the Irish Families Project. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2002). It includes the complete 1659 census for Kildare and Carlow counties in Ireland. It also includes County Maps, listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location...many are mentioned in passing. Includes a few family histories from the works of John O’Hart..... Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family, with actual records and contacts.

The most numerous families in Kildare county the 19th century were
  • Byrne.....Burne.....Bierne
  • Bolger.....Bulger.....Bolgre
  • Carroll.....Carol.....Caroll
  • Connor.....Conor.....Conner
  • Doyle.....Doyl.....Doyal
  • Dunne.....Dunn.....Donne
  • Farrell.....Farel.....Farrall
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Moore.....More.....Moor
  • Murphy.....Murphey.....Murphie
  • Neill.....Neale....O'Neal
  • Nolan.....Nolane.....Nolin
  • Ryan.....Riane.....Ryane
  • Smith.....Smythe.....Smithe

  • In Wicklow County:
  • Brien.....Brian.....Bryan
  • Byrne.....Burn.....Beirne
  • Doyle.....Doyal.....Doyl
  • Dunne.....Donne.....Dunn
  • Farrell.....Farel.....Farrel
  • Kavanagh.....Cavanagh.....Kavanaugh
  • Kehoe.....Keyhoe.....Keehoe
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kellie
  • Lawler.....Lawlor.....Lalor
  • Murphy.....Murphey.....Morphey
  • Nolan.....Nolen.....Nolin
  • Redmond.....Redmon.....Readmond
  • Toole.....Tool.....O'Toole

  • And in County Carlow:
  • Brennan.....Brannan.....Brennen
  • Byrne.....Burne.....Beirne
  • Doyle.....Doyal.....Doyl
  • Kavanagh....Cavanagh.....Kavanaugh
  • Kelly.....Kelley.....Kely
  • McDonald.....McDonnell.....MacDonold
  • Murphy.....Murphey.....Morphy
  • Neill.....Neale.....O'Neal
  • Nolan.....Nulan.....Nollane
  • Ryan.....Riane.....Ryane
  • Whelan.....Whalan.....Whalen

approx. 76 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated. Records are reproduced here exactly as they appear in the original documents in the IGF Library, and so many show the wear of time. A must for any collection that includes these areas. Many families are pinpointed as to location, many are mentioned in passing.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Agar Ailmer Alcock Alen Allen Allen Allen Allen, Edw. Allen, J. Allen, J. Allen, L. Allen, Lady Alley Allin, J. America America Andrewes, R. Anesley Anesley Annesley Mc Anully Archbold Archbold, C. Archer Ardiff Arsbould, C. Arsbould, C. Mac Arthur Ash, J. Ash, T. Ash, T. Ash, Wm. Ashe, Ash Ashton, J. Ashworth, Lt. Athy Athy Bridge Atmoty, J. Aylmer Aylmer Aylmer Aylmer Aylmer, G. Aylmer, J. Aylmer, R Aylmer, T. Aylmore, M.

B:   Bagenal Bagnall Bagnall, D. Bagnall, T. Bagot Bagot Ball Ballinacor (pl) Bane Bane Bane Bane Bane Banistor, R. Barnett, W. Barnwall Barnwall Barret Barry Barry, R. Barry, T. Barton Bath, J. Bayly Bayly, Bayley Beaghan Beaghan Beakey Bealling, R. Bedlow Behan Beirne Bellew Bennet Bennett, J. Beresford Beresford Beresford Bermingham Bermingham Bermingham Bermingham Berrill Best Bierne Bierne Bigod De Bigods Binne Birkett Birmingham Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne Birne, D. Birne, E. Birne, G. birth index Black, Jane Blackney Blake Blake Blount, G. Blunket, A. Boaghan Bodely, T. Boden, Bowden Bodkin Bogan Boghan Bolger Bolger Bolger Bolger Bolger Bolgre Bonaparte, J. Boorke Boorke Boorke, J. Booth, A. Bor Borlace, J. Borrowes Boulton, T. Bourke Bourke Bowden Boy Boyce Boylan Boylan Brabazon Brabazon Brabazon O' Bracken Brady Braghall O Brainn Branagh Brannagh Brannan Breackan Breckan Brenan Brenan Brenan Brenan O Brenan Brenan, C. Brennan O Brennan Brennen Brereton Brett Brian Brien O Brien, John Brin O Brine Brinne Broe O Broin Brookes, T. Brooks, Brooke Brophy Brophy Broughall Brown Browne Browne Browne Browne, F. Browne, Robt. Browne, T. Bruce, Edw. O' Bruen Bryan Bryan O Bryan Bryan, T. Brynne, H. Buggle Bulger Bunbury Burcell, R. Burdett Burdett Burdett, T. Burgh Burghs Burn Burn Burne Burne Burnell Burnell, C. Burnell, H. Burns Burns, Beirne Burrough Burrowes, W. Burtchaell Burton Burton Bury Bury, Miss Burye Butler Butler Butler, E. Butler, Edm. Butler, J. Butler, Lady Butler, P. Butler, T. Bynre, C. Byrine, W. Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne O Byrne O Byrne O Byrne O' Byrne, Byrnes Byrne, Edw. Byrne, G. Byrne, L. Byrne, M. Byrne, M. Byrne, P. O Byrne Queens Byrne, W. O Byrne Wicklow O Byrne Wicklow Byrnes O Byrnes o Byrnes Byron Byrue

C:   Cadell O Cahill Caldwell, R. Calmy Cameron, C. Carberry Carbery Carbery Castle Cardine, J. O Carey Carlow Castle Carlow Co. Carlow fams. Carlow map Carlow recs. Carol Caroll Carpenter Carpenter, J. Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll O Carroll o Carroll O Carroll Ely Carron Cartan Mac Cartan Carter Carter Carty Causgrove Cavanagh Cavanagh Cavanagh, G. Cavanagh, M O Ceallaigh census 1659 census recs. Chamney Chamney Cheeke, T. Cheevers, J. Cheevers, J. Cheney Chichester, A. Cholmondely Clandonnels Clarke Clarke Clarke, J. Clavin Clearke, J. Clearke, J. Clement(s) Clements Clements Mc Clintock Mc Clintock, Dr. O Clovan coat of arms Cobb O Coffey Cogan Cogan Cogan, J. Coghill Colclough Colclough, W. Mac Colgan Colly, D. Comman Condron Conelan Coneran Conlan Conner Conner, A. O Connolly Connor Connor Connor Connor Connor Connor O' Connor- Henchy O Connors country Connulay Conolan Conor Conor Mc Conor O Conors Coogan Cook Cooke Cooke, H. Cooke- Trench Cooling Coote Coote, Sir C. Cope Corbett Corbett, J. Cormack Mac Cormack Cornwall- Brady-Hartsonge -Weld Corren O' Cosgry Mac Coskley Craddock Crofton Cromwell Crosby Cruise Cruise, F. R. Cruise family Cualan O Cullans Cullen Cullen Cullen O Cullen Cullen, D. Cullens woods Culleton Curren Curren Curren Curren Cusack Cusack

D:    Dagg Dalie Dalli Daly Danes M' Daniel Daniell Daniell Daniell Mc Daniell O Daniell Mc Danll Darcy Darsy, J. Dauis, Edw.(Davis) Davis Davys Dawson Day De Bathe De Burgh De Burgh De Courcy - Wheeler de Cursun de Ferrars, W. De la Touche De Laceys de Lacy de Lacy De Lounder de Roebeck de Vesci de Vescy, W. de Vesey, Wm. O' Dea Deane Deane Deering O Deevy Delahoyde Delahunty Delahyde, M. O' Delaney Delany Delany, T. Delaval Delaware Dempsey Dempsey O' Dempsey Mac Dermot Mc Dermot Deuenishe (Devenishe) Deverax (Deuerax) Devoy Dick Dickinson, D. Dillan Dillon Dillon, C. Dillon, Dillion Dodleston, E. Dolan Domville Mc Donagh Mac Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald Donegan Dongan Dongan, J. O Donlen Donn, A. Donne Donne Mc Donnel Donnell Mac Donnell Mc Donnell Donoher Mac Donold Doolan Doolen Dooley Doolin Doolin Doolin Dopping - Hepenstal Doran Doran Doran O' Doran O Doran Dorgan Doughtie Dounebanane Dowdall Dowell Dowley Dowling Dowling Dowling Dowling O' Dowling O Dowling Dowser Doyal Doyal Doyl Doyl Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle O Doyle Doyle, D. Doyle, J. Doyne Doyne Doyne, H. Doynes, Doyne Drake Drought Duff Duff Duffe Duffe Duffe Duffe Duffin Duffy O Duibhe Duin Duin Duin, J. Duine Dulen Dullanie Dumble, C. Duney Dungan Dungan, J. Dungan, W. Dungan, W. O Dunlaing Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn, J. Dunne Dunne Dunne O' Dunne

E:   Earl Earl, Errill Earl, P.W. Mc Eboy Mc Edmond Mc Edmond Edworth, J. Eliott, T. Elliott, R. Elms Elton, A. Emerson Ennis Enos Enos Enose Enrose Errill Esmond, L. Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace Eustace, C. Eustace, C. Eustace- Duckett Eustace, Fr. Eustace, J. Eustace, J. Eustace, J. Eustace, M. Eustace, R. Eustace, W. Eustace, W. Evans Evers Evers, J. Ewers, T.

F:   family names Farel Farel Farell Farragut, Adm. Farrall Farrel Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Fay Felan Felan Fenelon Fennell Ferrars, Wm. Fflasberry, J. Filan Finglas Finny Finny Fisher, R. Fisk, A. FitzEustace Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, R, Fitzgerald, W. Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrald, G. Fitzgerrald, G. Fitzgerrald, J. Fitzgerrald, J. Fitzgerrald, O. Fitzgerrald, T. Fitzgerrald, T. Fitzgerrald, W. Fitzharris Fitzharris, E. Fitzhenry Fitzhenry Fitzmaurice FitzMorris Fitzrichard Fitzroberts Fitzsimons Fitzthomas Fitzwilliam Flanagan Fleming Fleming Flemminge Flenter, T. Flinter Flushing Foaly Fohart O' Foley Foly Foran Foran Foster Foster Foster Foster, E. Foster, E. Fotterell, Edw. Fowler, J. Freeman Freeman, T. Freind, J Fyan Fynes

G:   Gaffeny Gaige, J. Galway, Miss Gannon Mac Gannon Garnet Garrett Gater, J. O Gaughan Gaydon, J. Gayson, J. Gehinn O' Gelbroin Mac Geoghegan Geraldines Gibson Gibson Mac Gil'Mocholmog Gillmartin Giollamocholmog Giraghty Glascock Glascock Goine O' Gorman Gorman, T. Gough Gough, Hugh Gouldsmith, G. Grace Grace Graham Graham Graham, Capt. Grattan Green Green, Houneen Greene, Fr. Greene, R. Grenville, G. Griffith, W. Grimshaws Gun- Cuninghame Gwynn

H:   Hackett Halefield, G. Hackett Halefield, G. Hall Hall o Halloran Hamilton Hamond, W. Hancock Hanley Hanlon O' Hanlon O' Hanly Harding, A. Haries, R. Haringtonn, H. Harkin Harman Harman, E. Harman, H. Harman, T. O Harraghtan Harriet, M. O Hart Hartop, G. Hartsonge Hay, J. Hay, J. Hayden Hayes, Hays Hayes, R. Headen o Headen Headon Healy O' Healy Hearin Hedien Heiren Helan Helan Helan Heling, Fr. Helm Hely Hendrick Hendrick - Aylmer Henelan Henniker Hepenstal O Hererin Heydon, J. O' Hickey Hickey, J. Hickie Hicky Hiegan, D. Higgins, H. Highmore, A. Hilan Hinegan Hodges, R. Hoey, Miss Hogan Holan Holder, J. Hollins, Edw. Hollywood Holmes Holmes Hooker, C. Horan O' Horan Horribon Hort Howard Howard Howard Howth Hoye Hudson Hudson, E. Hudson, W. Huges, W. Mac Hugh Mc Hugh Mc Hugh O Hugh O Hugh Hughes MacHugh Mc Huigh Hulme, W. Hume Hume (Dick) Humfrey Hunt Hunt, R. Hunter, M. Hussey Hussey, B. Hussey, M. Hussey, O'Hosey Hussey, W. Hylan Hynes, Miss

I:   Ingram, A. Irish Pedigrees Ivers

J:   Jackson Jackson, J. Mc James Jasper, M. Johnson Jones Jones Jones, B. Jones, E. Jones, H.

K:   Karney Kauanagh Kauanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh, B. Kavanagh, B. Kavanagh, M. Kavanagh, M. Kavanagh, T. Kavanaghs Kavanaugh Kavenagh (Kauenagh) Keagho Keaghoe Kealy Kealy Keathing, G. Keating Keating Keating Keating, M. Keatings Keegan Keehoe Keely Keely Kegan Kehoe Kehoe Kelley Kelley Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Mc Kelly O' Kelly O Kelly Kelly, B. Kelly, J. Kellye O Kellys country Kely Kenedy Kenedy Kenna Mac Kenna Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy O' Kennedy Kennedy, J. Kennedy, P. Kenny Kenny O' Kenny, Kenney Kenselagh Kentucky Keny Mac Keogh Mac Keogh Mc Keoghe Keyhoe Kiely O' Kieran, Kearns Kildare fams. Kildare map Kildare recs. Kilfoyle Kilwarden, V. Kinch Kinselagh Kinselagh Kinselagh Kinselagh, G. Kinsella Knowles Korton, J.

L:   La Touche Lacary, J. Lacy Lalor Lalor Lalor Lalor Lalor Lalor O' Lalor, Lawlor Lanan Lane Langan Langrish, H. Lanigan Lannon Latouche Lattin, J. Lattin, J. Law, T. Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawler Lawless Lawless Lawless Lawlor LDS Dublin Lee O' Lee, Lea Leech Leeson Leigh, W. Leighs Lenan Lenan Leslie-Ellis Lestrange Leyen, L. Leynagh Lidwill Litchfield, W. Loftus Loftus Loghlen, A. Long Long, P. Looby Lowth, Lady Luby Luttrell Luttrell, S. Lye Lye, J. Lye of Kildare Lyee, H. Lynagh, O. Lynam Lynham, T. Lyon Lyons mc Lysach Mc Lysaght

M:   O' Madden Magher Maguire, Cath. Maher, Meagher Mac Mahon, T. Malone Malone Malone Malone Malone Malone O' Malone Maly Manifold, A. Manley, Monley Mansfield Mansfield Markham, H. Marshall, W. Martin Martin Martin, J. Marward Masters, J. Maunsel Maunsell Maynard Meagher Meridith, W. Mihill, R. Milborn, T. Milles Missett, A. Molesworth Mooney Mooney Mooney O' Mooney Moor Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O Moore, A. O' Moore Moor Moore, Mr. Moore, R. O Moore, Rory Moore, T. O Moores country Mora, M. Moran Moran O' Moran More Moren Morgan, E. Morin Morin Mc Morish Morphey Morren Mc Morrish Mortimer, R. Motley, J. Motley, W. Motly, R. Mowbray Mulhall Mullan, Mullen Mulrian Murphey Murphey Murphey Murphey Murphie Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy O Murphy O Murphy Murphy, Capt. Murray Murray Murrey Murrey Mac Murrough Mac Murrough Mac Murrough Mac Murrough Mc Murrough Murry Murry, W.

N:   N. Ireland Nagle, M. Mac Nally Nangle Nangle, M. Nary, Neary Nat. Archives Nat. Library O Nayle, D. O' Neal O Neal O Neal Neale Neale Neale Neale Neale Neale Neale Neale Neale O Neale O Neale O Neale O' Neilan O Neile, Sir B. Neill Neill O' Neill, McNeill Nelson, J. Nest, Fr. Netterville Nevill (Neuill) Neville Newcomb Newcomen, T. Newlan Newsome, Miss. newspapers Newton Newton (Vesey) O Neylon Nicholls, R. Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan O' Nolan O Nolan O Nolan Nolan, J. Noland Noland Noland Noland, E. Nolane Nolane, D. Nolen Nolin Nolin Mac Norgan Norris Norris, R. North, S. Nottingham L. Nowlan Nowlan Nowlan Nowlan Nowlan Nowlan O Nowlan Nowland Nowlane, J. Nugent, G. Nugent, R.

O:   Ogle, Eliz. Ohio Mac onky Mc Owen Owen, H. Owen(s) Owens, R. Owtton, W.

P:   Pack - Beresford Pallis, T. Palmer Palmer Palmer Papworth Parnell Parsons passenger list Patton, L. Paule, J. Pearce Peaslie Pendergras Pennefather Pennefather Peppard Pepper, W. Person, J. Peter, M. Mac Pheagh Phealan Phepo Phepoes Picket Picton, J. Pigot Pigott Pipho place names Plunket Plunket Plunkett Plunkett, P. Pollickson, J. Pomeroy Pomeroy Ponsonby Pontin, L. Pooer, J. Poore Porter Portriue, J. Power Power, J. Power, Powers Power, Wm. Prendergast Preston Preston Preston, R. Price, L. Pritty, H. Proby Purcell Putland

Q:   Quynn

R:   Raghter Rawson Rea Rea, J. Readmon Redmon Redmond Redmond Reenes O' Reilly researchers resource list Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds, E. Riane Riane Rice Richesies, C. Rideout, G. O Righin Robertson Robertson Robertson- Eustace Rochford Rochford Rochford, O. Rochford, R. Rochford, R. Rochfort Rochfort Rochfort, C. Rochfort, J. Roderic Roe Roe Roe Roe Roe Rorque Ross, L. Rossiter O' Rourke Rowles, T. Rownyn, A. Rusel, J. Rutledge Rutlidge, G. Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan, C. Ryan family O Ryan HyDrone O' Ryan, Mulryan Ryane Ryane Ryne

S:   Sagry Salt, J. Sambage, A. Samon Samon, J. San Francisco Sanders, Saunders Sands Sands Sands Sarsfield Sarsfield Sarsfield Sarsfield, P. Sarsfield, P. Sarsfield, W. Sauadge, W. Savadge, W. Scax (Seax) Schomberg Scott Scully Scully O' Scully search list Sedgrave Segnock, J. Segrave Segrave Seix, H. settler families Seymour, M. Shackleton Shackleton Mc Shane O' Shannon,Shanahan Shaw Sheile Sheile, A Shepherd, M. Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlocke Sherlocke Shillelagh (pl) Shiner, R. Shippy, J. Shipsey Shirlocke, R. Sigerson Siggins Sinnot Slose Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, R. Smith, Wm. Smith, Wm. Smithe Smithwick Smithwick, H. Smythe Soare Somerville Sommers Sparling, Miss Spedding Spencer Sponeowes, E. St. Lawrence St. Michael Stanihurst Staples Staughton Steele Steinagel, S. Stewart Stoney Stoney Stratford Strecklan Strong Strongbow Strongbow Stronge Sutton Sutton chart Sutton, G. Sutton, G. Sutton, N. Sutton, N. Swanton Sweeney, M. Sweetman Swift, F.

T:   Tagan Talbot Talbot Talbott Talbott, J. Talbott, W. Tallant, P. Tallon, J. Tanner, T. Tatlock, A. Tatlock, J. Tatte Taylor Taylor, T. Tearney, P. Tench, J. Tew Tharp Tharp, C. Thomas, J. Thompson, J. Thomson, J. Thomson, R. Thornton Thornton Thornton, T. Thorp, J. Tickell Tickell Timmins Tindal, C. Tipper, W. Tirrell, C. Toale Tollendal's Tomen, J. Tomin Tompkin, D. Tool Toole Toole Toole Toole Toole Toole O' Toole O Toole O Toole Toole, A. O Toole Imaile O Tooles O Tooles O Tooles Tooles, Fr. O Tothils Tottenham Totty, W. Toule Townsend, R. O' Tracy Trant Trasy Tressy Trevers (Treuers) Trody Truell Tuite Turner, R. Tutty, W. Twainley Twamley Twamly, J. Twamly, P. Tyndall, W. Tynte Tynte Tyrell Tyrrell

U:   Usher

V:   Vernon Verschoyle Verschoyle Vicars, B. Vickers, R. Vigors Vigors Vigors, T. Virginia

W:   Wailsh Wakefield, Dr. Wale, Edw. Wale, G. Wale, G. Wale, R. Wale, S. Walker, G. Wall Wall Wall, Edw. Wall, J. Wall, L. Wall, U. Wall, W. Wallise, J. Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh, Edm. Walsh, H. Walsh, N. Mac Walter Wansanton, H. Ward Mc Ward Ward, H. Waren, Edw. Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren, Edw. Warren, J. Warren, J. Warren, W. Weabb, J. Weathers, T. Wedgwood Weisley, C. Weisley, G. Weisley, J. Weisley, J. Weisley, V. Weld Weldon Weldon, A. Weldon, R. Wellesley Welsh Welsh Welsh, J. Welsh, W. Wenman, C. Wessbie, S. Westly, J. Whalan Whalen Wharton Whelan Whelen, Phelan Whipple White White, N. White, N. White, T. White's Castle Whitney Whitney Whitney, A. Whyte, W. Whyte, W. Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow Wicklow arms Wicklow fams Wicklow illus Wicklow map Wicklow recs. Wicklow recs. wildgeese Mc Williams Willisbie, Wm. wills wills Wingfield Woder Wogan Wogan Wogan Wogan - Browne Wogan, N. Wogan, N. Wogans, W. Wolfe Wolfe, N. Wolfh, C. Wolseley Woodlock Woolfe, N. Woulfe Woulfe