County Waterford Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Waterford Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Waterford, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Down taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
    • Power
    • Walsh
    • O'Brien
    • Murphy
    • Ryan
    • McGrath
    • Foley
    • Flynn
    • Morrissey
    • Kelly
    • Phelan
    • Sullivan
    • Whelan
    • McCarthy
    • Butler
    • Tobin

    Other noted Waterford families include Phelan (Phalen), Mc Grath, Keane (Keene), Ayleward, Wall, and Wadding

    Among the major towns of Waterford are Waterford city; Dungarvan: Cappoquin; Lismore and Tramore. About 50 pages in all (please remember this is not a 400 page book!) , full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. A must for any collection that includes Co. Waterford. ISBN:0940134578 Product ID: 4578

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  O'Aherne Alcock Ale Ale Aleward, W. Alland, H. Andrewes Anthony Anthony, A. Anthony, P. Ardagh Ardmore (p) Arland Arland Arlant MacAuliffe Ayleward Aylward Aylward Aylward, N. Aylward, P.

B:  Backas Bagg, W. Bainlett Baldin Baldon Baldon Baldwin Baltezar Bardane Barr, John Barrett, R. Barron Barry Barry Barry Barton Beacon Belleny, M. Benior, J. Beresford Beresford Beresford Bernagh Blanch Blanchfield Blundell Bolton Bolton Bolton, W. books Bowdran Bowdran Bowe, Bowes Boyle OBoyle Boyle, J. Brassell OBrazzil Brennagh Brennagh Brennagh Brennagh Brennagh OBrian O'Bric Brickain OBrien OBrien Brinsmeade Briver, J. Browne Browne Browning Brunnocks Bryan OBryan Bryen Bryen OBryen Bryne Bryne OBryne Bryner, J. Buckley BuOBurt, R. Bushe Bushe Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler, E. Butler, J. Butler, T. Butler, T. Butteler Buttler

C:  Cahan OCahan Cahane Cahane Cahane OCahane Calthorpe Carberry Carbery Carbery Carew Carew Carroll Carroll Carruthers Carter, T. MacCarthey McCarthy Carty Carty McCarty McCarty OCasey Cassey census Census ret. Cheasty Chenevix Chrismas, T. Christopher Christopher church recs. MacClancy Clansy Claybrooke Clayton, Z. Cleary Clemets, G. Clery OClery coats of arms Coats of Arms Cobleigh Codd Coghan Colbert Coleman OColeman Colvin Coman Comerford Condon Connell OConnell Connohor OConnohor Connola Connolay OConnolly Connor Connory Connory OConnory O'Conran Contents Conway, M. Cooke, J. Cooke, R. Cooper, W. Coote, T. Corban Corbane Corcoran Corkeran Corkeran Corkerin Cornyn MacCoughlan McCowman Cragh McCragh McCragh McCragh McCragh Cransborogh Creagh Croke Croker Croker, T. cromlech O'Crottie, Crotty Crotty Crotty OCullinan Cummins Curane Curreene Currin

D:  Dally Dalton Dalton, J. Dancer Daniel Daniell Daniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell Darwell Daton McDavid McDavid Davis, J. Davis, J. Davis, R. O'Day, O'Dea Deane, A. Deare, H. Deasy, Dease Delapoer Delapoer O'Dempsey Deven ODine directories Dobbin Doggan Donnell McDonnell McDonnogh McDonnogh McDonogh Donoghoe Donorty Dower ODower Downing, R. Draughan, Drohan Drew, F. Drochan Droghan O'Ducey Duckett Duffin Dugan O'Duggan Dunphy Duogin Duvin Dyins

E:  McEdmond McEdmond MacElligott Emmet Enith, R. Everard Exton Eyre Eyres Eyres

F:  Faithlegg Fanning Fannon Farhan Farmer, T. Farneham, J. Farrell OFea Fennell Fennessy Ferrell Fewer Field Field, A. Fitzedmond Fitzedmond Fitzedmond Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, T. Fitzgerold, J. Fitzgerrald FitzJames FitzJames FitzJohn Fitzjohn FitzJohn FitzJohn FitzMaurice Fitzmorish FitzMorish FitzMorish FitzNichas Fitznicholas FitzNicholas Fitzrichard FitzRichard Fitzthomas Fitzthomas Fitzwalter Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam FitzWilliam Flahaven O'Flanagan Fleming Flemming Flemming Flemyng Flin Flin FLING Fling Fling OFling Flinn Floyne Flyne Flyne Flyne Flyne OFlyne Flyng Flynn O'Flynn Fogarty Foley O'Foley Follon Foly Fooley Foran Foran Forane Foulke Fowlow Fowlow Fowlow Fowlow Fowlow OFowlow Fradsham Fraher Franklin, r. Fryth

G:  Gee, H. Gerald Gerrald Gibbon Gough Gough Gough, E. McGragh Granger Grant Grant Grant, P. MacGrath McGrath Graven McGraw Greatrakes Greehy Gregory Gregory Grosvenor Grubb Guest, Guist Guist, R. OGuyry

H:  Hackett Hackett Hagherin Hagherin Hagherin Hagherin Hahasie MacHale Haley Hallaghan OHallaghane Hallenane Hallsey Hally Hanagan Hannigan Harding, R. Hargon O'Harney Harny Harny Hart, A. Hartray, Hartry Haughton Hayes, Hays OHea OHea OHea Heagan O'Healy Heany Heaphy Hearne Heavens OHeefie Henebry Henessy O'Hennessy heritage cr. Hibbard Hibbart, W. Hickes O'Hickey Hicky Hicky Hogan O'Hogan Hogane Hore, M. Houghton Hubbard Hubbard Hunt O'Hurley Hurt, W. Hyland

I:  Ivory

J:  Jackson Jackson, T. Jones, Fr. Jones, R. Jordan MacJordan Joy

K:  Keahane Keane, O'Kane Kearney O'Kearney, Carney Keating Keating Keating Keating O'Keefe Kelley Kellie Kellsall, H. Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, T. Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kennelly Kerryn OKerryn Kerwicke Kiely Kierussy O'Kinneally Kirby Knaven Knockeen(p)

L:  Lambert Lambert Lander Landers Langley, J. Lapp LDS Lea, M. Lee Lee, J. O'Lee, Lea Lee, N. Leigh, Wm. Lendsie Lewis, J. library Lincoln, T. Lloyd Lond, R. Londay Lone, W. Lonell, T. O'Lonergan Lucas Lumley Lynn, A. Lynn, R.

M:  Maddin, P. Maddin, R. Maher, Meagher Mahony McMahony Mandeville Mansell, T. Mansfield Mansfield Mansfield, W. Map Marlay Marshall Mason Maylard Mead, J. Meaghir Meany OMeara O'Meara, O'Mara Mearinge Merrick Mickle Mills, W. Mockler Moeny Mogher Moher Mollone O'Molloy, Mulloy O'Mooney Moore Moreghy Morehey Moressy Morish Morish McMorish McMorish McMorish McMorish McMorish Morissey Morissy OMoroghoe Morphey Morphey Morphy Morrice Morrice Morris, Maurice Morrissey Morrissey Morrissy Morrisy Mulcahghy O'Mulcahy O'Mullally OMullaney Mullany Mullony Mulryan Muresie OMuresie Murfie Murphey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy, s.

N:  N. Ireland Nagle Nagle, Nangle Neale O'Neill, McNeill ONeONettle Newman McNicholas Nicholas, E. Noble ONonane Nugent Nugent

O:  Odway Offling Oge Oldfield, J. Osberne, R. Osburne, N. Osburne, W. Overington McOwen Owen(s)

P:  parish names parish records Parsons Petty Phalan Phalen Phelan Phelan Phelan Phelane Phelane Phelane place names Poer Poore Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power, J. Power, J. Power, J. Power, P. Power, Powers Power, R. Power, W. Power, W. Powers Powre Prendergast Purcell Purcell

Q:  Quane Quillenane Quilty Quine Quinn O'Quinn

R:  Raine Rainey Reiues, W. researchers resource list Riane Rice McRichard McRichard Roayne, T. McRobert Roch Roch Roch, A. Roch, J. Rochwell Roe Roe Rogers Rogers, E. Ronane Ronane Ronayne Rourke O'Rourke Rowe, J. Royston Russell Russell, G. Russell, J. Ryan Ryan O'Ryan, Mulryan Ryane Ryane Ryland

S:  Sall Sall, S. Sankey Scurry Seamor Seargeant, J. Shanahane McShane McShane McShane McShane McShane McShane Shaneghane Shanehan O'Shannon,Shanahan Shea Shea O'Shea OShea Shearhy OShee MacShere Sherlock Sherlocke, P. Shipsey Silver, R. Smith, B. Smyth Smyth, Ed. Smyth, P. Smythe Soolivan sources Sparling Spellane St. Leger Stanly, T. Starkers Stoute, N. Strong, R. Sulevan Sulevane Sulevane Sullivan OSullivan Suniet, D. Swann, T. Sycamore

T:  Talbot Taylor, R. Taylor, T. McTeige McTeige Thackwell McThomas McThomas McThomas McThomas McThomas McThomas Thornton Tobbine Tobin Tobin Tobin Tobin Tobin, T. Tobyn Tomlinson townlands Trapnell Treasley, C. Tubbernd Tunbridge

U:  Ussher

V:  Vaughan Veale Veale Villiers

W:  Wadding Wade Wade Wale Wall Walsh Walsh Walsh, J. Walsh, P. Walsh, T. Walsh, Welsh McWalter Wandrich, R. Wash Watts Welch Welch, N. Weldon Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsh Wesh Whalan Whalen Whelan Whelane Whelann Whelen, Phelan White White White White White White, John White, W. Whittby, R. Whittle Whitty Wilkinson McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam Williams Williams, R. Willson, M. Wise Wise, R. Wright Wyse Wyse