County Sligo Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Sligo Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Sligo, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Sligo taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
    • Brennan
    • Brannon
    • Brenon
    • McLoughlin
    • McLaughlin
    • MacLaughlin
    • Gallagher
    • Gallaher
    • Gallaghar
    • Kelly
    • Scanlane
    • Connolly
    • Conolly
    • Connelly
    • Kelley
    • Kellie
    • Harte
    • Hart
    • Heart
    • McGowan
    • McCowan
    • Gowan
    • Walsh
    • Welsh
    • O'Hara
    • Hara
    • Feeney
    • Feeny
    • Feaney
    • Stenson
    • Stinson
    • Stinsen
    • Welch
    • Kennedy
    • Kenedy
    • Cannady
    • Durkan
    • Durkin
    • Durken
    • Henry
    • Henrie
    • Flynn
    • Conway
    • Convey
    • Conwey
    • Sheridan
    • Sheridane
    • Sharidan
    • Flinn
    • Flyne
    • Gilmartin
    • Kilmartin
    • Gilmartyn
    • Leonard
    • Lenard
    • Leonerd
    • Scanlon
    • Scanlan

    Other noted families of Sligo included O'Dowd; MacFirbis; McDonough; and Coleman. Major towns include Sligo, Enniscrone, Ballymote and Collooney.

    About 40 pages in all (please remember this is not a 500 page book!), full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. A must for any collection that includes Co. Sligo. This booklet will help trace your family in County Sligo, complete with hands on records for a running start on your search. (It is not a collection of family histories). Many families are pinpointed as to locations, most are mentioned only in passing

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Albonagh Albonagh MacAleary McAnalty Anderson, R. MacAndrew Armstrong Armstrong army list McAteer MacAuley MacAuliffe MacAveely McAwly

B:  Baird Baland OBanon Barklie, R. Barnes Barrett Battle Beamish Beamish O'Bean OBean OBeirne OBeirne, F. Bell, J. OBenaghan Beolan OBeolan Bermingham Bierast, H. Bingham Bingham Bingham, R. birth index Blake Blake OBoland OBoland Book of Arms Booth Boswell, Wm. Bourke Bourke Bourkes Bowles Brady, T. Brannon Brannon McBreheny McBrehuny Brenagh Brenane OBrenane Brennan OBrennan Brett OBriens Brinkley Brinkley OBrogan Brown Bryan Bulteel Burke, John Burnett OBurns Butty

C:  Caffrey Caffrey OCaffrey OCaffrey Cairns OCallaghan MacCallery Cannelan Canughan OCarey OCarey Carn Carragh, C. Carrol OCarroll Carter, R. Cartwright Cassey Cassidy OCatney McCawl McCawl McCawl MacCawley OCeirin census census return Christal, J. Christian, W. Clancy, C. clans Clarke, W. Clery OClery, M. Clifford Clifford, J. Clifford, Sir C. coats of arms Coats of Arms OColeman Colley Collis Collis, C. OConachtain OConaty MacConbain Conboy Conellan Conellan Conellan Conellane, D. Conelly Conillan Conlan, O. Conlon O'Connaughton OConnellan OConnellan OConniallain Connor Connor OConnor OConnor O'Connor, M. OConor OConor Sligo contents Conway Conway Cooke Coolaghan OCoolaghan Cooper Cooper Cooper, Ed. Coote Coote, C. Coote, Rich. Corcoran Corkan Cornwallis Costello Cottle Cowan Cowell Coyne Crafford, H. Craston, H. Crawford, J. OCrean OCrean O'Creehan Crofton MacCroghan Cromwell Croston, Th. Cummins OCunane Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Currid Cusack

D:  ODacy Dalton Davey, A. MacDavid David, Wm. Davys, E. Dawson, J. de Angulo De Burgo, W. De Burgos Deasy, Dease deBurgh Dermody MacDermot M'Dermott M'Dermott M'Dermott M'Dermott MacDermott MacDermott McDermott McDermott McDermott roe O'Devlin ODevlin McDier Dillon Dillon Diskin Dogherty O'Doherty MacDonagh MacDonagh McDonagh McDonagh McDonald Donegan McDonell MacDonlevy McDonnell ODonnell ODonnell, J. MacDonogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh MacDonough McDonough ODorchy M'Dowall, J. O'Dowd ODowd ODowd Dowda Dowde Doyle, M. Drumm Dudican ODugan ODuhy Duke, J. Duke, R. Dunegan Dunlea Durkan MacDyer

E:  Eardly Early Early, C. Edwards, W. Ellis, Henry MacElroy English people Erving, E. McEuchae

F:  O'Fahy OFahy Fair Farihy Farrell, M. Fary Fary Fattenham Fawsett, G. O'Feeney OFeeny Fenton, A. MacFeorais Ferall MacFerbis Ferbishy Fergusson, J. Finan OFinegane Finn O'Finn O'Finnegan OFinnegan OFinnegan Finy Fitzgerald Fitzgeralds Fitzmaurice OFlaherty Flanagan OFlanelly Flatley, Flattelly OFlattely Fleming OFluen Flyn Fodey Foley Foley, J. Follin, D. OFuada

G:  Galagher, D. Galbraith Galey Galey Galina, A. Gallagher O'Gallagher Gallaghur O'Galligan McGara OGara O'Gara OGara OGara OGaras Garrett MacGarry OGarvaly OGaughan Gauna Geale, J. MacGee, Magee Geraghty MacGeraghty MacGeraghty Gethin, R. MacGibbon Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gilday, P. Gilgunn, Gilgan Gillagher McGillaghlen Gillan Gillconnell Gillelorin Gillen Gillen M'Gillen Gillgam Gillin McGiltritch Glancey Glancey Gold, Golden Golrich Gore Gore Gorevan OGorman O'Gormog OGormog Gort, Lord Gorvarn Gowan MacGowan,O'Gowan McGown Granard Gray, Grey Grehan Griffin, T. Gryffith, T. Guan McGuan McGuire McGwyre McGwyre

H:  Hamilton, F. Hamilton, W. O'Hannon Hanraghan O'Hanrahan Hara O'Hara OHara OHara OHara OHara OHara OHaran Hargadon Hart Hart O'Hart OHart OHart OHart Hart, J. Hay Heady O'Healy OHealy OHeiver Helly OHely Henderson Henn Henry Henry Henry Henry Henry McHenry McHenry, McEniry O'Higgin OHiggin OHiggin OHiggin Holmes, W. OHoran OHorchoy Houlder, J. Howe Howes, T. Howley Hoy OHuada O'Huada, O'Fuada OHughes Hughes MacHugh Hughs, H. Humbert Hylla, Rob.

I:  McIlwaine introduction McIntyre Irvine Irving, J. Irwin, J. Irwin, J.

J:  Janes Janes Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnston Jones Jones, J. Jones, Lewis MacJordan Judge, J.

K:  Kavanagh OKearns Keaveney Keeny Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly O'Kelly MacKeon OKeoyne OKerin OKerin OKerins Kernaghen Kernighan Kidd, Capt. O'Kieran, Kearns Kilcoyne Kilcullen Kilfeather Killoran Kilmartin Kilroy McKim Kincade King, Fr. King, Rob. Kirkwood Kirkwood O'Kivlehan

L:  OLachtnain Lavfield Lawless Lawson, Wm. O'Lenaghan Lenaghan, M. McLenany Lennox Leonard McLester Leyden Lindsay Little, J. local research Loghlin McLoghlin OLoingsy Loughnan Lynch OLynch Lynot

M:  Madden, J. Maginnis OMaille OMalley OMallon O'Mangan OMangan MacManus McManus map by Joyce map of Sligo Marren Martin Martin, Gilmartin Martin (Wood) May Mee, Miss O'Meehan OMeehan OMeehan McMenamy, J. Meredith, R. Milegan Milesius Milford Mitchell Mitchell Moffatt Moffit OMolina Mollany OMolleany Molyneux OMongan O'Mooney Moore Moore, John O'Moran OMoran McMorey Morgan Morris Morris Morris Morris Morris OMorris OMorris Morris, Maurice OMorrisey OMorrisey OMorrison OMorrison Morrissey Mortimor, W. O'Mulcahy Mulclohy O'Mulclohy OMuldoon OMullaney Mullarkey Mullarky OMullinihilly Mullronifin Mulrenin McMulronifin OMulrooney McMurey McMurey Murphy, J. Murray Murry Murtagh

N:  McNaboola M'Namara names list Nangle Naper, Archy Neary, J. O'Neilan ONeill, F. Nesbit ONial Nicholson Nicholson, E. Nicholson, H. Nicholson, J. O'Nolan Noone

O:  Oats Orme Orme Ormsby Ormsby, A. Ormsby, Wm. Osborne, T. Owen, W.

P:  parish names Parke, R. Perceval Perceval Perchy, J. Phibbs MacPhilbin MacPhilip MacPhilips Pigeon place names Pole, Ed. Poole, Miss Prendergast

Q:  Quane O'Quigley

R:  ORafferty Raftery Ramsey, R. Reilly resource list Reyney Ronayne Roney Rooney O'Rooney Roony ORorke, B. Rosevill, Th. ORourk attack Rourke Rourke O'Rourke Rush Rutledge, N.

S:  Sarsfield Scandler OScanlane OScanlane O'Scanlon Scott O'Sharkey McSharry Sidley, C. Sidney, Sir H. Slane, L. Sligo names Soden Soden, T. Spillane OSpillane Staunton McStayne Stevens Stone Stone Stoney Streete, J. Sulevane, P. MacSweeney MacSweeney Swift Swift McSwyne McSwyne Symore, J.

T:  Taaffe Taaffe OTalcharain Tanist Tansey O'Tapa OTapa Tappy Taylor McTeige McTeire Temple Thomas, R. Tibb, Edw. OTierney Tifford, H. MacTimlin Tod, W. topography Torpey, Tarpey town hall townland towns, Sligo Trimble, J. Trumble Tunney Tweedy Tweedy

V:  Vereker

W:  Walsh Waters, McWaters MacWatten Watts, H. Webb, Wm. Webber Webber West, G. White White White Whyte MacWilliam Williams, H. Wingfield, L. Wood, Capt. Wood, Th. Wood-Martin Woods Wright Wright Wright Wynn

Y:  Yeats