County Wexford Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Wexford Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Wexford, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Wexford taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
    • Murphy
    • Murphey
    • Morchoe
    • Doyle
    • Doyel
    • Walsh
    • Welsh
    • Welch
    • Byrne
    • Burn
    • Ryane
    • Bolger
    • Bierne
    • Cullen
    • Cullan
    • Callen
    • Kavanagh
    • Cavanaugh
    • Kavanah
    • Brien
    • Brian
    • Bryan
    • Bulger
    • Bolgir
    • Roche
    • Roache
    • Roach
    • Kelly
    • Kellie
    • Kelley
    • Nolan
    • Nolane
    • Nolin
    • Redmond
    • Whelan
    • Redmon
    • Redmonds
    • Connor
    • Conner
    • Conor
    • Kehoe
    • Keyhoe
    • Keehoe
    • Ryan
    • Rian
    • (Whalen)
    • (Walen)

    Other noted families of Wexford included O'Dea, O'Leary (O'Leery), Kinsella, Dugan, Parle, Sinnot (Synnott), Devereux, Esmond, Stafford, Meyler (Miler)and Bolger. Major towns include Wexford Town, Gorey, New Ross, and Enniscorthy.

    About 52 pages in all (please remember this is not a 400 page book!), full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. A must for any collection that includes Co. Wexford. This booklet will help trace your family in County Wexford, complete with hands on records for a running start on your search. (It is not a giant collection of family histories). ISBN: 0940134551 Product ID: 4551

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Alcock Alcock Altimas Andrews, A. Annesley army list Arthur Arthure, J.

B:  Bane Bane Bargy Cas. Barker, W. Barrett Barrett Barrington Barrington Barrington Barron Barron Batt Beggan Bierne Birne Birne birth index Black Blacker Blaker OBoe Bogan Bolger Bolger Bolger Bolger Bolgir Bowe, Bowes Bower Branagh OBrazzil Breen OBreene Brennagh Brennagh Brian Brien OBrien Brodie Browne Browne Browne Browne Browne Browne Bryan Bryan Bryan OBryan McBryan Bryan McBryan OBryan OBryan Bryan OBryne O'Buggy Bulger Burn Busher Butler Buttler, Capt. Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne Byrne O'Byrne, Byrnes

C:  OCahill Callen Carty Cauldron, A. Causgrove Cavanaugh Census Chamberlyn Chambers Chamney Chapman Cheevers Cheuers Chichester Cholmondley Chyttwood, V. Cleborne Cleburne, W. Cliffe Cliffe Cliffe, J. Clint, T. Clouny Coakley coats of arms Codd Codd Codd Codd, L. Codd, N. Cogely Colclough, C. Colfer Colley, Cooley Collier Collins Collins Coluer Comerford Condron Conick Conner MacConnick Connor Connor Connor Connor Connors Connors Connors OConnors Conor O'Conran contents Corcoran Cornock Cornock O'Cosgrave O'Cosgry MacCoskley Cotterell, J. Cotterell, J. Cotton Cowman OCrean Cullan Cullen OCullen Cullen OCullen Culleton OCullin Cullin OCullun Cuppage Currid McCusker Cussin

D:  Dagg Dare Davies Davis Dawson Dempsy Demsy Denison, J. ODeoran Derenzy Desmond war Deuereux Deuereux Deuereux Deuereux Devere Devereux Devereux Dobson, C. McDonald McDonnell McDonnogh McDonogh O'Donovan ODonovan O'Doran Doran Doran Doran, B. Dorane Dormer Dormer, M. Doyel Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle ODoyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle arms Doyne Doynes, Doyne Drake Drake Drue, P. Duffe Duffe O'Duggan

E:  McEdmond McEdmond McEdmond Edwards, O. Esmonde

F:  famine Fanning Fannon Fardye Farrell Fenelon Fertern Fitts, R. Fitzharris Fitzhenry FitzJames Flood Flood Flood, A. O'Foley Fontaine, J. Forestall Forrestall Forstall Forstall Fortune Fouly OFowly Francis, Frank Franke, D. Freborne, I. French French Frompton, W. Fuoly Furlong Furlong Furlong Furlong Furlong Furlong

G:  Gale Gale, I. OGaughan Gibson Glascock Goffe, C. Gore Gore Gough Gower, N. Graham Gratrix, Ed.

H:  Hall Hamilton Hamilton O'Hanlon Harman Harman Harper Hart Harvey Harvye, F. Hatton Hatton Haughton Haughton Hay Hay Hayes, Hays Hendrick Hervey Hobbs, H. Holmes Holmes Hood Hood Hore Hore Hore Horton Howlin Howlin Huddle, C. Hughes Hughes MacHugh Hume Hunt Le Hunt Hunt, R. Hutton Hyegate, Ed.

I:  Itchingham Ivery, W

J:  Jacob Jacob, W. McJames Jauncy McJohn Jourdon

K:  Kauanagh Kauanagh Kauanagh Kauanagh Kauanagh Kauanagh, M. Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanah Keating Keating Keating Keating Keating Keating arms Keehoe Kehoe Kehoe Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kenaght O'Kenny, Kenney Kenselagh, M. Kensly MacKeogh Keogh arms Keyhoe Keys Kinch King Edward King, N. Kinsalagh Kinsella O'Kirwan Knox, T.

L:  Lacey, de Lacy Lacye Lacye Lacye Laffan O'Lalor, Lawlor Lambe, W. Lambert Lamport Lamport Larcan Larkin, Lorcan OLary Lary LDS O'Leary Lee, T. Leeson Leeson LeHunt Leigh Leigh Lenesay, R. Lett Lewling, M. libraries Linnington Loftus Loftus Loftus Loftus, N. Loughnan Loughnane Low, T. Lynam Lyndan, W. Lyndon, R.

M:  Maddock OMagher Maher Maher, Meagher Maisterson O'Malone Map illus. map illus. MariscOMasterson Meadows Meadows Merna Meyer (Myer) Meyler Meyler Meylor Monck de Montchenseys Morchoe OMorchoe OMorchoe O'Morgan Morgan, J. OMorroe Morrogh Morrogh McMorrogh OMorrow OMurchoe Murchoe Murchoe Murphey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy arms OMurrough MacMurrough Murtagh McMurtagh

N:  Napper ONeale Neale Neale, C. Neale, R. Neile Neuill Neuport Nolan O'Nolan Nolan Nolane Nolin Nowlan Nunn, R.

O:  Ogan Orphye, R. Orrsley Owgan Owlsly, Ouseley

P:  Parle Parsons Parsons Pawlett Pearle Perce Phillips, R. Phipps MacPierce Pilkington, T. Pinkle, J. place names Poore Porter Power Power Power Prendergass Prendergast Proud, H. Pue, R. Purcell Pursell

Q:  O'Quigley

R:  Racards Radford, W. Ram Ram Ram, A. Randell Rathmacnee Rawkines Redmon Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmonds research resource list Revell Reville Reynolds, W. Rian McRichard Richards, S. Ridgeleys Roach Roache Roberts, J. Roch Roch Roch Roch Roch Roch Roche Roche, Roach Rodman Roe Roe Roe, J. Rossetor Rossiter Rothe Rotheram, E. O'Rourke Row, R. Rowe Rudd, A. Russell, W. Ryan ORyan O'Ryan, Mulryan Ryane

S:  Sanders, R. Sanders, Saunders Sands Sands, J. Saunders Scallan Scallan Scott, Th. Selling, J. McShane O'Shannon,Shanahan Sheares Sheares, S. Shepheard Sheppard Shortall Siggins Sinnot Skallan Skinner, Wm. Smyth Smyth, H. Solly Somerville sources Stafford Stafford Stafford Stamp, T. Stopford Stotnard, M. Sutton Sutton Swan, J. Synath, J. Synnatt, W. Synnot, D. Synnott Synnott Synnott Synnott Synnott Synnott Synnott, W. Synott Synott

T:  Talbot Talbot Talbott, W. McTeige Tenck, J. Thompson Thompson Thornhill Thresher, W. McTiege Tonge Toole Toole, C. Tottenham Tottenham Tottie, J. townland O'Tracy Trevill, Wm.

V:  MacVaddock de Valences Vincent, P.

W:  Waddey, Ed. Wadkins Wakefield, P. Walen Walker Wallis, G. Walsh Walsh Walsh, Welsh Walton, J. Waters, McWaters Weaver Webb, J. Welch Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsh Welsh West Westropp Whalen Wheeler, F. Whelan Whelan Whelen, Phelan White White White White Whitney Whitty Whitty Whitty Wilbore Wilkinson, R. McWilliam Wilson, R. Windowes, S. Winkworth Wolverston Woodward Woodward Wythers, Ed.