County Tipperary Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Tipperary Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Tipperary, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as some older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Tipperary taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
    • Ryan
    • Maher
    • O'Brien
    • Kennedy
    • Hogan
    • Gleeson
    • Hayes
    • Dwyer
    • McGrath
    • Walsh
    • Kelly
    • Loner
    • Fogarty
    • Moloney
    • Ryan (Mulryan)
    • Gleason (Gleeson)
    • Prendergast
    • Purcell
    • St. John
    • Grace
    • Purcell

    The larger towns in this County included Tipperary town, Clonmel, Thurles, Nenagh, Roscrea, Cashel, Carrick-onSuir and Cahir.

    About 50+ pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat, illustrated. Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family in Tipperary, with actual records and contacts. A must for any collection that includes Co. Tipperary.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Abott McAdams address list Alin, S. Aliner, W. MacAllen Andrews, J. Ankettill Ankettle, J. Anthony Archdeacon Archdeakin Ardill Armstrong Armstronge Army List Aske, T. Aylemer

B:  Baber, W. Baccon Baker Banan Bandy, Edw. Bane Bane Bane Bane OBannion Bannon Barber, Barbour Barber, J. baronies list Barry Barton Barton Batty, T. Baukley, S. Begett Begg O'Bergin Betts Bigg, F. Bindon Birmingham Birth Index Blackwell Blanchfield Blanchfield Boage, M. Boe Bond Book of Arms Boorke Boorke Boorke Boorke Boorke, T. Boorke, W. Boorke, W. Bouhilly Boulton widow Bourk Bourke Bourke Bourke Bourke Bourke Bouster, J. Bowe, Bowes Bowen, M. Boy Boyce Boycott Boyle Boyle OBoyle Boyton Bradshaw Bray Brenagh Brenagh Brenan Brenane OBrennan Brian OBrien OBrien Brigg Briscoe Britt Britton Brohy Brookes Brooks, Brooke Brophy Browne Brunnocks Bryan OBryan Bryen Bryen Bryen Bryen Bryen Bryen Bryen Bryen McBryen McBryen OBryen Bryen, T. Bryon OBryon Bryttanie Brytten Buckley Bulkley Burke Burke Burren Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler, J. Butler, J. Butler, lady Butler of Dunboyne Butler, P. Butler, T. Butler, T. Butler, T. Butler-Stoney Buttler

C:  Cahalane Cahasy Cahasy Cahell OCahell Cahessy Cahill Cahill OCahill OCallaghan Cambier Cannady Cantwell Cantwell Cantwell Cantwell Cantwell Capplis Card, Ed. Carden Carden Carew OCarey Carleton Carleton Carney Carran Carrane Carrane Carrane Carrane OCarrane Carren Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll Carroll OCarroll Carroll, D. Carroll, J. Carroll, T. McCarthy Cassin castle John census Census recs. Chearneley Cherry Clanchy MacClancy Clanhy clans of Tip. Clanwilliam Clapham, R. Clarke, G. Clarke, S. Cleare Cleare Cleary Cleary Cleary Cleary Cleary Cleborne Cleere Clery OClery O'Clohessy Coats of Arms Coats of Arms Coddy Cody Cody OCoffey Cole Collins Collins, J. Coman Comane Comerford Comerford Comerford Comerford Comerford Comerford Commyne Comyne Comyne Condon Condon Conin, T. Connell Connell McConnell O'Connell Connelly OConnelly Conner Conner Connor McConnor McConnor OConnor, D. McConnr Conway, R. Cooke Cooke Coole, R. Coolman Cooper, W. Corbett Corcoran MacCormack Cormocke Cormucke Corr, Corry Corr, Henry Corr, T. OCorrigan Corroll CostellOMacCostellOCostelly MacCostigan Courtney, J. McCrath McCrath McCrath Croke Crooke Cudahy Cuffe OCullane OCullinan Cummins MacCunneen Cunningham McCutcheon

D:  Dahill Dalton Dalton Dalton Damer Dane Daniell Daniell Daniell Daniell Daniell Daniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell McDaniell Dannaher ODanniell Darby Darcy Darson, J. Daton Davane McDavid O'Davoren Davorin O'Day, O'Dea Day, Rich. Deane O'Delaney Denny Denny McDerby Dermody McDermott Desney, G. Devane O'Devine O'Dinerty Dingle, Rich. Directories Doghon ODoghon Doheny MacDonagh Donegan McDonnel ODonnelly McDonnogh McDonnough Donogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh McDonogh Donoghow O'Donoghue Doody ODoody Doogin Dooley O'Dooley Dorney Dowager Dowgin Dowly Downeinge Downs Draughan, Drohan O'Drennan O'Ducey Duckett Duff O'Duggan Dugin Dullany Dungan O'Dunne Dwaine Dwayne ODwayne Dwier Dwire Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer O'Dwyer ODwyer Dwyre Dwyre Dwyre Dwyre Dwyre ODwyre ODwyre ODwyre ODwyre ODwyre, A. ODwyre, D. Dwyre, J. Dymnock

E:  Eagan McEdmond McEdmond MacEgan Egane McEgane Elly, R. Elmer, J. Emmet English English English MacEnroe, Crowe Evans, N. Everaid Everard Everard Evorard

F:  Fahy Fahy O'Fahy Fairfax Falkiner Falkiner Faninge Fanning Fanninge Fannon Fannying Fannyng Fannynge Farifax Feehan Feltham, H. Fennell Fennessy Fenosy Finch Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerrold Fitzgerrold Fitzgerrold Fitzjohn Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzphillip Fitzwilliam O'Flanagan O'Flannery Flanora Flanory Flanury Fleming Flemyne FLING Flinge OFlinge O'Fogarty Fogurty Fogurty Fogurty Fogurty Fogurty, D. Fowkes, B. Fox, Wm. Freeman Freeman

G:  Galle Gamahrill Gartside - Spaight OGarvan Gerrald, R. Gerrold Gerrold Gilbert MacGilfoyle Gleasane Gleason Gleeson O'Gleeson Glisane Glisane Glissane Glissane Glysane Glyssane Godfrey Godwin, Edw. Godwine Goff, Robt. Going O'Gorman Gormocke Gormoge Gormon MacGra Grace Grace Grace Grace, J. Grace, P. Grace, R. Graddy O'Grady Grady, J. Grant MacGrath McGrath McGrath Grattan Gravestones McGraw Gredy Green, G. Green, Houneen Gregory Gregory Gregory, G. Griffiths Surv. Grogan Grubb Grubb Grymbal, P. Gwynn Gwynn, D. Gydagh

H:  Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Hackett Haelly Haes MacHale Haley Haley Halley Hallinan Hally Hally Hally Haly O'Hamery Hammon, L. Hanely, R. O'Hanly O'Hanrahan Hany Hargon O'Harney Harris Harrison Hartray, Hartry Harty Haryson, J. Hassett Hayden Hayes Hayes, Hays Hays OHea Heade Headen Headen Headen Healane Healy O'Healy Heany Heather, W. Heavane Hebbs O'Heffernan Hegan Hely Hutchinson Henebry Henessy O'Hennessy Henny Heogan heritage unit O'Hickey Hicky Hicky Hicky Hickyn Hiffernane Hiffernane Hiky Hikye Hobbs, W. Hodnet Hogain Hogan Hogan O'Hogan Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane Hogane, Ed. Hogane, J. Hogane, W. Holmes Hopkins O'Horan Hovenden Howard Howard, G. OHowey Hunt Hunt O'Hurley Hutchinson Hutchinson Hutchinson- (Parker) Hylane

I:  Iffay & Offay Ingowenn

J:  Jackson James, G. Jegnys, J. Jocelyn McJohn McJohn McJohn Jolley MacJordan Jordane, J.

K:  Kealy Kealy Keane, O'Kane Kearney Kearney Kearney kearney Kearney- Butler O'Kearney, Carney Kearny Keating Keating Keatinge Keatinge Keatinge, M. Keatinge, P. Keiche, J. Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, B. Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy, P. MacKenna Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy O'Kennedy Kennedys Kennelly Kent Kent MacKeogh Kerny Kerny Kerny Kerny Kevan, J. Keys Kiely Killfoyle Kilnamanagh Kinane King Kingsmill O'Kinneally O'Kirwan Knight, R. Knox

L:  Laffan Laffane Lahy Lahy Lahy O'Lalor, Lawlor Landy Lane Lane Langley Langley Langley Lanigan Lanorgan Larkin Lathom Lawrence, N. LDS Leamy Leany O'Lee, Lea Leehey Levitt, R. Lewis libraries Lidwill Lloyd Lloyd, J. local resource Loghlen McLoghlen McLoghlen McLoghlin Loghnane Lonergan Lonergan O'Lonergan Lonergane Lonergane Long, Longan Lonnergane Lonorgan Looby Looby Lorcan Low Lowe Ludington Lundy Lynsy Lyons Lyons, H.

M:  Mac& OMackey O'Madden Maddin Magrath Magrath Magrath Magrath, D. Magrath, J. Magrath, T. Mahair Mahar Maher Maher, Meagher Mahern O'Mahoney McMahowney Mahowy Maky O'Maloney Mandevile Mandeville Mansell Mansergh Mansergh Mansfield Manson Map Mara Mara OMara Mara, T. Markhame Marnell McMarrowe Martin Martin, Giles Massy Massy Mathewes Mathews Mathews Matthew Maunsel Meade Meagh. Meaghan OMeaghan Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher Meagher OMeagher Meagher, C. Meahohan Meara Meara Meara Meara O'Meara OMeara OMeara Meara, T. Meary OMeary O'Meehan Meloghlen Meogand Millett Minchin Minchin Minchin Minchin, Ch. Mockler Mockler Moore Moore O'Moore Moor Morane Morisey Morissy Morissy Morissy McMorogh O'Moroney Morphey Morphy Morrane OMorrane Morres Morres Morres Morres Morres, John Morresse Morris McMorris Morrish Morrish Morrish Morrish, J. Morrissey McMorrogh McMorrough Moylan O'Mulcahy Mulloney Mullony Mullony Mullowney Mullrayn Mullryan Mulryan Mulryan Murnane Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Mynoge

N:  Narbett Neale Neale Neale ONeale ONeale ONeale Neale, J. O'Neill, McNeill McNemara Newspapers Ninsfeide O'Nolan Nollane Nugent O'Nunan

O:  Oliver Otway-Ruthven Ovington, N. Owny

P:  Padle Palmer, W. parishes Parker Parker, Capt. Parris, H. Pecke, Capt. Pendergast Pennefather Pennfather Pennyfether Perkins Perkins, C. Peterson Phealan Phellane Phellane McPhillip McPhillip McPhillipp Phillips, H. Pippin place names Poe, Th. Powell, R. Power Power Power, P. Power, Powers Power-Lalor Powre Prendergast Prendergast Prendergast Prittie PROProut, J. Purcell Purcell Purcell Purcell Purcell, J. Purcell, R. Purefoy Purefoy Purtill Pylle

Q:  Quane Quiddihy Quin O'Quinlan Quinlin Quinlin Quinlisk Quinlivan Quinn O'Quinn OQuinne Quirk Quirke Quirke Quirke Quirke Quirke OQuirke

R:  Ragett Ragett, Luke Raggett, P. Raleigh Rayne Read Reardon Reed, Corn. Reede, M. Reid Reidy researchers resource list Reyly Riane Rice O'Riordan Roberts, T. Roch Roe Roe Roe Roe Roe Roe, Emm. Rogan Rogers, H. McRory McRory, D. Rose Rose Rumball Russell Russell Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan, D. Ryan, Dan. Ryan, Giles O'Ryan, Mulryan Ryan, R. Ryane Ryane Ryane Ryardane Ryen Ryerdane

S:  Sadler, T. Salli, widow Sankey Sankey Sauce Sause Scaden Scrimpton, H. Scully Scully O'Scully Shallcross Shallowe O'Shanahan Shanahane Shanahane McShane McShane McShane McShane McShane McShane Shannahane O'Shannon Shawe, J. Shea Shea Shea Shea Shea Shea McShea O'Shea OShea OShea Sheapherd Sheldon, Wm. Shelly Sheppard Sheppard Sherlock Skahan, Skehan Slattery Slattery Slattery sleavordagh Slone Slones, Robt. Sloughter Smallbone Smyth Smyth Smyth, F. societies Sooker Spaight Spillane Spillman, J. Squibb, J. St. John St. John St. Lawrence Stapers Stapleton Stapleton Stapleton Stapleton, J. Stapleton, Th. Stoakes Stone, Wm. Straton, Wm. Strongman Stuard, A. Stumbles, J. Sturgis, R. O'Sullivan Sussers, R. Swyny Swyny, Owen

T:  McTeige McTeige McTeige McTeige McTeige McTeige McTeige Terry The Census Thohy Thomas McThomas McThomas Thurlus McTiege O'Tierney Tierny Tinohit tithe books Tobin Tobin Tobin Tobin Tobin Tobine Tobyn Tobyn, P. Tobynn, J. Tohy Toler Tompson, J. Tomsson, T. Toogood Torpey, Tarpey Toughie townlands O'Tracy Trassy Trassy Travers Travers, J. O'Trehy Trench Trench Trohy Trohy, Ed. Tubbs, W. Tumy Tuohy Turnball Turnbowle Tyerny Tyler

W:  Wadding Wailse Wale Wale Walker Walker, J. Walker, J. Walkes, R. Wall Wall, Edm. Walle Waller Waller Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh, E. Walsh, J. Walter MacWalter Wansburgh Ward Warter, G. Webb Webb Welch Welsh Welsh Whelane Whelen, Phelan White White White White White, J. White, T. Wiers, C. William McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam Witherill Woodlocke Woodward,W. Workeman Woulfe Wyse

Y:  Yeard, Mat. Yelverton