County Mayo Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: County Mayo Genealogy, Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes the complete 1659 census for Mayo, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Mayo taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were:

  • Burke
  • Bourke
  • Burk
  • Connor
  • Conner
  • Conor
  • Conway
  • Convey
  • Conwey
  • Daugherty
  • Doherty
  • Dougherty
  • Dorkin
  • Duffie
  • Duffy
  • Duffey
  • Durkan
  • Durkin
  • Gallagher
  • Gallaher
  • Gallager
  • Gibbons
  • McGibbons
  • Gobbons
  • McHail
  • Hickins
  • Higgins
  • Higins
  • McHale
  • MacHale
  • McHugh
  • MacHugh
  • Joice
  • Joyce
  • Joyse
  • Kellie
  • Kelly
  • Kelley
  • Lions
  • Lyans
  • Lyons
  • Malley
  • Malloy
  • O'Malley
  • Moran
  • Morane
  • Mooran
  • Morphey
  • McQue
  • Murphy
  • Murphey
  • Reilly
  • Rielly
  • Riley
  • Sweaney
  • Sweeney
  • Sweeny
  • Walsh
  • Welch
  • Welsh

Some of the earlier families of Longford were Gaynor (Gainer); Leavy; Tuite; Mac Gilna; Forbes; Aungier; Edgeworth; Harman; King; and Lane (Layne, Lain).

Major towns include Killala, Westport, Ballina, Crossmolina and Castlebar. About 50 pages in all (please remember this is not a 400 page book!), full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound to lay flat easily, illustrated, excellent condition. A must for any collection that includes Co. Mayo. This booklet will help trace your family in County Mayo, complete with hands on records for a running start on your search. (It is not a collection of family histories).

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:  Adaire McAdam Adams McAdams McAdams McAgernew Albermarle Allen arms Allen arms Allen, J. Allen, J. An Coinneal MacAndrew MacAndrew McAndrew McAndrew McAndrew McAndrews deAngulo Ansboro Ansbro arms MacArt, C. Australia Australia MacAveeley

B:  Ballinrobe Baltinglass OBannen Banner OBannion Barnes Barnet Barret Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett,T. Barry Basquill Beaghan O'Bean OBean Beasty Beatagh Begg O'Beirne OBeirne O'Beirne Payton Bell Bell, Mary Bellew Bellew Bellew arms Bellew, J. Bennett Benny OBeolan Beresford Bermingham Bermingham OBiggins Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham, R. Binghams Birne Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake, Cath. Bodkin OBoland Boswell Botler Bourk, T. Bourke Bourke Bourke Bourke arms Bourke arms Bourke chart Bourke, J. Bourke, J. Bourke, W. Bourkes Bourkes Bourkes Bowen Bowen Bowman Boy Boycott Boyle OBoyle Brady Brady Branagh Brannagh Brannon Brehane Mc Brehane Brehune Brennan Brennan OBrennan Brentmoore O Brien O Brien O' Brogan OBrogan Brown arms Brown, J. Browne Browne Browne Browne Browne Browne arms Browne arms Browne, J. Browne, J. Bryen McBryen Burditt Burgh Burk Burk Burk Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Burns OBurns Burns, Beirne Bury Butler Butler OByrn Byrne

C:  McCaffery Caffrey MacCaffrey OCaffrey OCahan O'Caheny MacCaherty McCahir MacCail Caithair MacCale OCallaghan Callan Canava Canavan Mac Cann OCannon Cannon,Cath Canny OCaomhain OCarey OCarey Carney McCarney OCarney OCarolan Caron Carpenter Carran Carroll Carroll Carter Carter Carter Carty Caruin Casey OCasey Casserly Castle Bourke Castle Gore Castle Plunket MacCatigan OCatney Caufield Caulfield Caulfield Causgrove Cavendish, A. MacCawley OCeirin Challener Challerner Challoner Chamberlin Chamberline McChristuke church recs. Clankeales Sept Clanmorris Clanmorris Clanrickard Clanrickarde clanshambo O Clany Clark Clarke Clarke Cleary Cleary OCleary McClement Clevy OClogherty Cloghuirly Clossick McCnockane Coggins Coghlan Cokain arms OColahan MacColleghan Coloony Comyn, F. OConachtain O Conahan O Conaty Mac Conbain Conboy O Concannon Mc Conel Cong Abbey Coningham Conlon Mc Connell OConnellan OConnellan Connelly Conner OConner OConningham Connor Connor OConnor OConnor OConnor, Hugh Connors Connors OConnors OConohan Conor Conry Convey Conway Conway Conway Conway Conwey Cook Cooke Coolaghan OCoolaghan OCooney Coote Corbett Corcoran Corcoran Corduff Cork, Earl of McCorkane MacCormack Cormacs Cormick Cormuck Mc Cormuck Cormucke OCorrigan O'Cosgrave Costell Costello Costello MacCostello MacCostello McCostello OCostello Costelloe Coughlan Courtney Cowan Cox Coyne OCrean OCrean Crean arms Crean chart Creane Cressery Cressy Cressye Crofton MacCroghan Crolly Crone Cronin McCrory Crosboyne Cross-Cong Cuff arms Cuff, James Cuffe Cugh Culkin OCullenan Cullina Cully Cummins Cuningane Cunnane MacCunneen Cunnegane Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham OCunningham Curran Currigan Cusack Cusack Cusack Cusack

D:  Daley McDall Dalley Daly Daniell McDaniell MacDannyell Darcey Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcye Darragh Daugherty MacDavid McDavid Davitt Davock McDavy Day deAngul ODeArcie deBurgh DeCourcey deExeter DeExeter DeExon deLap Deane Deane Deasy, Dease deBurgos Deeds O'Delaney Delargy Dempsey McDerbley MacDermot McDermot MacDermott Devaney Devere Devereux Devine O'Devine O'Devlin ODevlin Dexeter Dexetra Dexter Dexter Diamond Dickson Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon, Dillion directories Diver Dogherty Doherty O'Doherty MacDonagh McDonald McDonald ODonel ODonel chart Donell MacDonlevy Donnelagh MacDonnell MacDonnell McDonnell McDonnell O'Donnell ODonnell ODonnell ODonnell ODonnell ODonnell, H. O'Donnellan ODonnells MacDonogh McDonogh McDonough Doolagh Doran Doran ODorchy Dorin Dorkin Dornin ODornyne Dougherty Dougherty O'Dowd ODowd ODowd Dowde Dowdell, M. Doyle Doyle McDualta Duffe Duffey Duffie Duffy Duffy O'Duffy Dugan ODugan Dunboyne, Lady Dunlea Durant Durkan Durkan Durkan Durkin Durkin Durnan O'Dwyer

E:  McEdmond Egan Ellick McEllick McEllis Ellwood MacElroy McEnery England English Everard McEverin

F:  McFadden Fagan Faha Fahy O'Fahy Families Farragher Farragher Farrissey Farrissey OFarrissey Fay Feely O'Feeney Feerick MacFeorais Feragh Ferah Ferguson Ferrick OFfaris Offarish Offarishy Offaryes Finan Finn O'Finn O'Finnegan OFinnegan Fisher FitzAndrew FitzDavid FitzDominick FitzEdmond Fitzgerald Fitzgerald FitzGerald Fitzgerald, M. Fitzgibbon FitzGibbon(s) FitzJohn FitzMartin Fitzmaurice FitzMorris FitzNicholas FitzPeter FitzPierce FitzPierse FitzRicard FitzRichard FitzRickard FitzSimmons FitzStephen FitzTibbot FitzUlick FitzWilliam Flahertie Flaherty Flaherty OFlaherty OFlaherty, O. OFlahertys O'Flanagan OFlanegane OFlanelly Flanly OFlannellO'Flannelly Flannery FlanneryO'Flannery OFlatelly Flatley Flattelly Fleming Fleming Fleming Flemming Flemming Fodey Folan Foley Forde Fox Foy Foy Foy Fraher Frain Franklin O'Freely French McFrench O'Friel OFuada O'Fuada

G:  Gaffeney Gage Gage arms Gaine Gallager Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher O'Gallagher Gallaher McGalleduffen McGann MacGannonO'Gara OGara OGara Gardner Garner Garret McGarret Garrett McGarrold OGarvaly OGarvan Garvey MacGarvey Garvey, C. Garvie Garvy Gaughan Gaughan OGaughan OGaughan Gavin Geoghegan Geraghty MacGeraghty MacGeraghty McGeraghty McGerald Gerity Gavin Gibbon MacGibbon McGibbon Gibbons Gibbons Gibbons Gibbons Gibbons Gibbons McGibbons Gibbons chart Gibbons, Th. Giblin Gildea McGildea McGill McGilladuffe McGilleduffe Gillespie McGinn MacGinty Glynn, Glenn McGlynne Gneale McGneale McGnele Gobbons Godfrey Gold, Golden Golden Golden Goldsmith Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore, A. Gore arms Gore arms Gorevan Gorham OGorman O'Gormley O'Gormog OGormog Gough McGowan O'Grady OGrady McGrail Grana Uile Grania Gray, Grey McGrele Grennan Griffin Griffin Griffith's Grogan Guinnee McGuinness McGuinness, A. Guinness, B. McGuion OGuion MacGuire

H:  Hadser Hadsor Haggerty McHail MacHale MacHale McHale McHale McHale MacHale pedigree Haley Hall Halligan Hamilton HanahoeO'Hara OHara OHara OHara OHara OHara, C. OHaran Harkin Harrington Harrington hart OHart Hastings Hayes Heady Heale McHealy O'Healy Heffernan Heffron O'Hegarty Heher McHely OHenegane Heneghan Henehan Henry McHenry McHenry Heraghty Hernon Hession Hester OHeyne Hickins O'Higgin OHiggin Higgins Higgins Higgins, T. McHigin McHigin OHigin Higins Histon Hoban OHogan Holland Holland O'Holleran Hollow Swords Hooks Hope Healy Hopkins Hopkins Hopkins O'Hora OHora Munley O'Horan OHoran Hosty Houston Hovedon, R. Howard, B. Howley HowleyO'Huada OHuada Huban McHubert MacHugh McHugh McHugh OHughes Hughes MacHugh Hughes, Mr. Hunt Hyland

I:  McIarshall Ikerin, Lord introduction Irish army Irish chiefs Irish clans McIrrevall McIver

J:  Jackson Jackson Jackson arms Jennings Jennings McJoan McJohn Johnin McJohnin McJohnine Johnston Joice McJon McJona McJonacke Jones Jones Jones arms Jonine Jonyne McJonyne Jordan Jordan MacJordan MacJordan MacJordan McJordan Jordan chart Jordan, M. journals Joyce Joyce Joyce Joyce Joynt Joyse Joyse Judge Judge

K:  MacKall Kane Kane, Tim. Kavanagh Keady MacKeal McKeale Keane, O'KaneO'Kearney, Carney Kearns Kearns OKearns Keenan McKegan McKegan Kelley Kellie Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly McKelly OKelly OKelly of Tara Kennedy Kenny Kernighan Kerowan Kerrigan O'Kieran McKigan McKiggan Kilcoyne Kilgallen Kilkenny Kilkenny Kilker OKillan KilleenO'Killeen Kilroy Kimber King Kingan Kingston, Lord Kirby Kirwann MacKitterick Kivill Kneafsey Knight McKnight Knox Knox Knox Knox arms OKowane Kyne

L:  Lally Lambert Lambert arms Langan Larminie Larrissey MacLaughlin Lavel Lavelle Lavelle Lavelle Lavin Lavin Lawless LDS Leech Lenaghan.O'Lennon, Leyden libraries Linnot Lions locations Loftus Loftus Loftus Loftus Conroy OLoghman OLoingsy Loughnan McLoughrie Luttrell, T. Lyans Lydon OLydon Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch OLynch Lynch arms Lynon Lynot Lynott, Mary Lynskey Lynskey Lyons Lyons

M:  Macken Madden OMadden Magrath Maguire, M. MacMahon, C. OMaille OMaille OMaley, Owen Maley Walton Malia Malia Malley OMalley O'Malley OMalley OMalley OMalley OMalley OMalley, C. OMalley chart OMalley, Edm. OMalley, Grace OMalley journ. OMallon Mallone Malloy Mally, John OMaly McManamon Mangan O'Mangan OMangan Manley MacManus OMaolmoicheirghe OMarcoll Marley marriages Martin Maurice OMayleys McMay OMay ONorth MayOSouth Mayock McMcHale Meaden Meehan OMeehan Meenan Mericke Merrick Merricke Merridith Milford Miller Miller Miller arms Millett Milltown Mirrick Missett OMolina Molloy OMolloy O'Molloy, Mulloy O'Monaghan OMongan Monley Mooran Moore McMoore Moore arms Moore chart O'Moore Moor Moran Moran Moran O'Moran OMoran Morane More Morgan Morley Morphey Morrell Morris Morris Morris McMorris OMorris Morris family OMorrisey Morrish OMorrison Mountjoy Moyler McMoyler Moyles Mulclith OMulclogh Mulclohy OMulcluffe ? OMuldoon MulkieranO'Mullally Mullarkey Mullens Mullerick O'Mulligan Mullins OMulloy Mulrennin Mulroy Mulry Munley Munroe Murphey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy, Ms. Murray Murray Murray OMurray Murrick Murrisk OMurrogh Murrohoe OMurrohoe Murry

N:  Nagle, Nangle Naily Nali Nalie MacNally McNally McNamara McNamara Nangle Nary, Neary Nash Nash Nash, Charles Naughton Navin ONeale McNeales McNeela ONeill ONeill of May OMcNerny McNerriney Newcomb Newcomen Newport newspapers Nicholas McNicholas McNicholas McNicholas McNicholas Nicholls Nicholson NolanO'Nolan Noland Noland Nolane Nollan Noone ONora, rath Norton Nowland McNuffe Nugent McNulty McNulty McNulty McNulty

O:  McOliver Orme Orme arms Ormesby Ormond Ormsby Ormsby arms Orney McOurla

P:  Padden McPadden McPaden Padin McPadin McPadine Palmer Patten, Patton Pendergast Percivall Pery arms Peyton McPhaden Phelim McPhelim Philbin Philbin MacPhilbin MacPhilbin McPhilbin McPhilip MacPhilips McPhillip, Phillips Phillips MacPhilpin Pike Pike arms place names place names McPlubin Plunket Porter Power Power, Frank Powlet Pratt Prendergase Prendergast Prendergast Prendergast Prendergast Prendergrasse OPrendergrasse Prenerdrasse Purcell

Q:  McQue Queen Eliz. O'Quigley OQuilline McQuillock

R:  Raddery McRaddery ORafferty Rafran abbey Raftery Ram Ratican Rattigan Rattigan Reagh Reap Redding Redmond Redmond McRedmondO'Regan Reilly O'Reilly OReilly, J. resource list Reynolds Rhatigan McRicard McRicard Ridge Rielly Riley Roach Roane McRobert Roche Roche Rochford ? Roddery McRodery Rodge Roe ORoirke ORony Rooney O'Rooney ORourke ORourke, U. Rowan Rowan ORowan Rowland Rowley ORoyn ? Ruane McRuddery Ruddy Ruddy Ruish Rush Rush Rutledge Ruttledge Ruttledge ORuyne Ryan Ryan

S:  Sands Saunders Saunders Saunders,bar. Scahill Scanlon Scott Scudamore Scuffle Scurlock McShane OShaughnessy Shaw Shea Sheaghan McShealy Sheehy O'Sheridan Sheridan, J. Sheridan, P. Sheridan, P. Shevlin Shiels McShonyne Sidney, Lord Siggin Size Skerrett Smith arms Snee Spaight Spalding Spaniards Spillane OSpillane St. Germains Stafford Standford Stanton Stanton Staunton Staunton McSteevins MacStephen Stephens McStephens Stotesbury Sudley, visc. Swanick Sweaney Sweeney Sweeney MacSweeney MacSweeney Sweeny Swift Swift Sydney, Eliz.

T:  Taaffe Taaffe Taggart OTalcharain O'Tapa OTapa Tappy Tarpey Tasburrogh Taseborrogh McTeague McTeige Teutonicus McThirley McThomas Thompson Thompson Thornton McTibbot O'Tierney OTierney Tighe MacTighe MacTimlin Timolin Tingle tithes Tolan Tomilin Tomilins O'Toole topography Torpey Tougher Towey Truse Tuam history Tuite Tuite McTumulloe McTumultogh McTumulton Tunney Tuohy

U:  McUlicke Upton

V:  Vaughan Vesey Viner

W:  Wadden Waldron Waldron Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh Walsh, Blood Walter McWalter Walton Warren, J. MacWatten MacWattin Watts Webb Welch Welch Welsh Welsh Welsh Whealon White White Whyte Wibrow, Mary Wickens MacWilliam McWilliam Williams Willis Wilmot, C. OWryen