County Antrim Genealogy

Family History NOTES and Coats of Arms

Description: Produced as part of the Irish Families Project. This is one of only 100 proof copies from the IGF library (2001). It includes the complete 1659 census for Antrim, County Map, complete listing of modern parishes and placenames as well as older place names, plus coats of arms of families in Antrim taken from the Irish Book of Arms. Source section gives you the address and location of records for more research in Ireland. Includes local sources in the county itself. Many families are noted and pinpointed as to location

Not a collection of family histories but a hands on guide to finding your family in Antrim & Belfast, with actual records and contacts.

The most numerous families here in the 19th century were
  • Bell
  • Boyd
  • Brown
  • Campbell
  • Graham
  • Hamilton
  • Johnston
  • Kerr
  • Martin
  • Millar
  • Moore
  • O'Neill
  • Reid
  • Robinson
  • Scott
  • Smith
  • Stewart
  • Thompson
  • Wilson
Some of the old Irish families of Antrim were :Quinn, McAllister, McDonnell and McKeown. More settler names are found in Antrim including those of Taylor, Jackson, Walker, Fraser, Patterson and Young. County Antrim includes the towns of Lisburn, Carrickfergus, Ballymena, Ballycastle and Larne, as well as Belfast.

50 pages in all, full size 8 1/2 x 11, heavier parchement cover, spiral bound, illustrated. A must for any collection that includes Co. Antrim. Many families are pinpointed as to location, most are mentioned only in passing. Add $3.50 for boxed shipping in the U.S.. ($5 Canada). Visa, MC, AX, money orders all accepted for 20 years!

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:   Adair Adaire Adaire McAdams Adire MacAdory Agnew Agnew Agnew Aiken Alderdice MacAleary McAleese McAlester McAlester McAlester Alexander MacAllen Allison McAllister Anderson MacAndrew Angus Antrim Appellwhite Archer McArdle MacAree Armstrong Armstrong Arthur Ashe Ash McAteer Atkinson McAula MacAuley McAully McAully Austin

B:  Baker Baker Ball Ball Barber Barbour Barrington Barrington Barron Baxter Beatty O'Beci Beel Beers Begg Begg Beggs Belfast Belfore Belfour Bell Bell Bell Bennett Best Betts Bickerstaffe Biggar Bingham Black Black Blackwood Blair Blair Blake Blaney Bluett Boale Boale Boid Bolton Books Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd OBoyd Boyd Boyde OBoyle OBoyle Bradley Bradshaw MacBrady Breers Breerton Brereton MacBride McBride McBride McBritany Britton Broun Brown Brown Browne Browne Browne Browne Brownes Brownlee Bruce Bryan Bryan McBryd Bulworthy Bunting Burnes Burnside Burton Bury Buthells Byron Byrt

C:  MacCaffrey McCahan OCahan McCahon Cairns Calderwood Caldwell Callan Callcatt McCallin MacCalmont McCalmont McCalmont Cambell MacCambridge Campbell Campbell Campbell McCampbell Cample McCanne OCannon Cannon Cardwell Carleton Carr Carrogh Carson Carter McCartey Cartmill MacCartney McCartney McCartney Casement Casement McCaskey OCassidy McCaughan MacCaughey Caulfield McCausland MacCavana McCaw McCay Charley Charley Chichester Chichester Christian Christie Clarke McClay McClealand McClellan MacClelland Clement(s) Clements Clements OClery MacClory Close Close Clotworthy Clugston McCluskey Coates Cochrane OColeman MacColgan Collins McCollo McCollum Collvill Colwill Commune Conley McConnell McConnell O'Connell OConnolly O Conogher Conoghye McConville Conway Conway McCooke Cooley Cooper Copeland McCord MacCormack McCormick McCormick McCormick Coulter Courtney Courtney Cowan Cowan McCowan McCoy McCracken Craford Craige Crampsy Cramsie Crawford Crawford Crawford Creagh McCreary McCreery Crilly MacCroghan Cromwell McCullagh McCullogh McCullough McCullough Cummins Cunningham MacCurdy McCurdy McCurry McCurry OCurry Corry McCusker McCutcheon

D:  Dalaridia Dallway Dalrieda Dalway Danish McDarragh MacDarrah Darragh Davies Davies Davis Daviss Dawson deBurgo deLap Deake Delargy Denvir O'Devlin Diamond Dickson Directories Divelin Dob Dobbin Dobbin Dobbin Dobbin Dobbs Dobin ODoherty MacDonagh MacDonald McDonald McDonald Donell McDonell Mcdonell Donelson Donelson MacDonlevy Donnell MacDonnell MacDonnell MacDonnell McDonnell McDonnell O'Donnell ODonnell ODonnell ODonnelly Donnoldson Donoldson Douglas McDowgall O'Downey O'Drennan Drogheda Drumm Duffin O'Duggan Dunlape O'Dunne Durnan

E:  Eccles Edmonston Edmundson Edwards Eggart MacElderry Elliott Elliott Ellison MacElroy English MacEnroe MacEntaggert MacErch MacErlean Erskine Evans MacEvoy Ewing

F:  McFadden Faith Falls Farguson Fee Fenton Fenton Ferguson McFerran McFetridge Fitzpatrick (2) O'Flaherty Fleming O'Flynn Forbes Fortescew France Fraser French Fullerton Fullerton Fulton Fulton Fulton

G:  Galland Galloway Galwey Gamble Garrett MacGarry McGee McGee McGee McGee MacGee Getty Gibson McGilaspie MacGilchrist Gilcrist McGill McGill Gillen Gillespie McGillonn Gilmore McGimsey Girvan McGivern MacGladdery Glasgow Glenarme McGloughlen Glynn Glenn Gordon Gordon Gorges O'Gormley McGoune McGoune MacGourley O'Grady Graham Graham Graham Graham Grahm Granger Grant MacGrath Graunt Gravestone Grayham Green Greer Greer Greer McGreevy Gribben Groce MacGrory McCrory Groves McGuigan McGuirk Gunning Gwilliams

H:  Hackett O'Hagan MacHale Hall Hall Hamelton Hamill Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamiltone Hammilton Hanna Hanon O'Hara OHara OHara Harbison OHare Harkness Harper Harraway Harris Harris Harrison Harrison Harrison O'Hart Harvey Harvie Hawkins Heaney McHenry McHenry McEniry Hercules OHeveran Hewitt O'Higgin Higginson Higginson Hill Hill Hill Hill-Trevor Hillman Holmes Hood O'Hora Horsman Houstan Houston Hoy Hughes MacHugh Hull Hume Hume Hunter Hunter Hutchone Hyde Hyland

I:  McIlan McIlchrist McIlimchell McIlroill McIlroy McIlveen McIntyre Ireland Irvine Irwin McIver

J:  Jackson Jamison Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnstone MacJordan

K:  Kane OKane Karr McKay McKay Keane O'Kane O'Kearney McKee McKee O'Keenan O'Keevan McKeever McKeghan Kelly McKendry Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy O'Kennedy MacKeon Kerr Kerr Kerr Keys McKibbons Kidd McKillip McKillop Killpatrick Kilpatrick King King Kingan McKinlay McKinley McKinney Kenney McKinstry Kirkpatrick Kirkwood McKissick McKnight Knowles Knox Knox Kune Kune McKye Kyle

L:  Laird Lamont Langford Lappin McLarnon Lasley MacLaughlin OLaughran Laverty Lavery Law Leathes Lecky O'Lee Lea O'Lenaghan O'Lennon Leslie Leslie Lewis Libraries O'Liddy Lilly Lin Lindsay Line Line Little Livingston Lockhart Logan Loggan Loggan Loggan Loggan Lorenan Loske Loughran OLovertie Lowry O'Lowry Lynch Lyndon Lyness Lynsie Lyons Lyons

M:  Mackey Macolloch O'Madden OMadigan Magee Magee Magee Magee Magenis Magenis Magoon Magrogan Major O'Malley OMallon Marquess Marshall Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martyn Martyne Mathews Maxwell Maxwell May Meane O'Meehan Meeke Meekin OMerran Meyer (Myer) McMichell Miler Millan McMillan Millar Millar Millar Miller Miller Miller Miller Millett Milligan Mills Mitchell Moffatt OMoney Monk Monroe Montgomery Montgomery OMony Moody O'Mooney Moor Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O'Moore Moor Moorhead More O'Morgan Morrisson Morrow Moungomery Mountgomery Mulholland Mullan Mullan Mullen Mullegan McMullen O'Mulligan Mullin OMulvena Mulvenna OMurchy Murdock Murphy OMurphy Murray Murry Murtin

N:  MacNally Napper MNaughten Naughton Norton McNeall ONeall ONealle McNeela McNeely Neeson ONeil ONeil McNeill ONeill ONeill ONeill O'Neill McNeill ONeill McNelly Nelson Newell MacNial ONials Nicholl Nixon Noble

O:  Ogilvie Macolloch Orpin Orr Owden Owen(s) Owens

P:  Palmer Parker Patrick Patrick Patten Patton Pennefather Peppard Pepper Perrot McPhatricks McPhetrish McPhillip Phillips Plukenet Polewheele Pollock Powell Preston Price Proni Ptolemy

Q:   McQuaide MacQueale MacQuillan McQuillan OQuin O'Quinn

R:  ORafferty Rainey Rainey Ramsey Rawden Rea Read Read Read Redworth Reed Reid Reid Renolds Reynolds Rice Richardson Riddles Ridgby Ring Ritkaby Robenson Robinsen Robinson Robinson Robinson Rogan Rogers Rolleston Roma O'Rooney Ross Rowan Rowan Roy Russell Russell

S:  Sanders Saunders Sands Savage Savidge Savidge Schomberg Scot Scote Scots Scott Scott Scott Semple Seymour Shane O'Shannon Shanahan Shaw Shaw Shaw Shawe OSheill Sherrard O'Shiel Sheilds Shrewbridge Simms Simpson Skeffington Skeffington Skillen Slone Smith Smith Smyth Smyly Smyth Smyth Smyth Smyth Smyth Smyth Smyth Smyth McSmyth Smythe MacSorley McSorley South Spain Sparke Speer Spence Spencer Steele Steill Steill Steill OSteille Stephens Stevenson Steward Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewert Stuart McStuart Stuartt Stuartt Stuartt Stuckley O'Sullivan Swanton

T:  Taggard Taggart McTayer McTayler Taylor Taylor Taylor Telford Temple MacThomas Thompson Thompson Thomson Thomsone Timmins Todd Tolan Tompson Toner O'Toole Tooley Torrens Tottenham Townland MacTraynor Trainor Treherne Trevor Turner Turnly Turnly Twigg Tyringham

U:  Upton Upton

V:  Vance Vaughan Vaughn McVeagh Venables McVicker

W:  Wadman Walcott Walker Wallace Wallis Walsh Welsh Waringe Warreing Warring Waters McWaters Watson Webb Webster Weir Welsh Welsh Westbrooke White White White Whitehead Wilkinson Williams Willis Willoughby Willson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson (scots) Wilsone Woods Woodside Woodsy Wright Wye Wylie

Y:  Yeats Yeo Young Young Young