Vol. III - Londonderry Lands and Families


The infamous Londoners' plantation and settlement of Ireland. Irish septs misplaced lands and the misdeeds of some of those who took the land.....

This volume tells the story of the Londoners settlement in Ireland. The settlement included the lands of: Loughinsholin, which had previously belonged to Tyrone; the old county of Coleraine which had belonged to O’Cahane; a small portion of the county of Donegal, including the island on which the city of Derry stood; and a small portion of County Antrim adjoining Coleraine. “These were handed over to twelve London companies for plantation ... and united to form the the present county of Londonderry (Derry)”.

The chief early Irish septs of this area were the O’Cahanes (Cahan or Kane), the O’Mullanes (Mullens or Mullins), the Magilliganes (Gilligan), and the McCloskies (McClusky).

Most of this work is concerned with land descriptions and the workings of the companies formed to settle the area, including the names of those concerned. As with the rest of this set there are many interesting footnotes. Among the footnotes in this volume is a detailed description of how to set up a rabbit warren, and a note telling us of the once plentiful deer and squirrels that had been hunted to extinction.

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), The text includes enlightening 19th century commentary and footnotes which shed much light on family and county history. This book, “Londonderry Lands and Families”, also serves as volume 3 of the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Researchers.

Hardbound with sewn binding for long life. Gold Stamped cover is illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. New IGF surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7” x 10”. maps. 101 p., published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition. $32.95 plus shipping. ISBN 0940134454

Vol III of The Conquest of Ireland series.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abbot, H. Abercorn Adhorties as ODoherty Ambrose, N. Anderson, Mr. Arnot, R. Atkins, W.

B:    Babbington Babington Babington Babington, Dr. Babington, E. Bakehouse, R. Baker, G. Baker, J. Baldry, G. Balfour, M. Ballagh Barkers, J. Barkley, M. Mc Baron, Art Barrell, J. Barrer, J. Barton, J. Barton, Mr. Barton, T. Baxter, J. Bayly, W. Bebinn Bennett, T. Bennett, T. Bennett, T. Benson, Mr. Beresford Beresford, T. Beresford, T. Beresfords Bertie, M. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Birchley, H. Bird, Taddy Blennerhassett Blockley, R. Mac Bloscaidh Bolton, T. Bond, M. Bond, M. Bond, Mr. Booker, W. Boyd, T. O Boyle, widow Brand, J. Broad, John Broad, Mr. Brode or Broad Brooke, S. Browne, J. Bucknam, W. Burleigh, Lord Butler, S.

C:   Caesar, J. Caesar, Sir J. O Cahan O Cahan D. O Cahan, Coey O Cahan, R. O Cahane O Cahane, D. O Cahane, Sir D. O Cahanes O Cahans O Cahan's O Cahans castles O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cahan's country Calfeild, Toby Calfield's land Calvert, S. Cambell, J. Cammys Camus Canning Canning, G. Canning, Mr. Canninge, G. Canninge, G. Canninges, W. Cannings wife Carey as Carew Carey, G. Carey, G. Carey, J. Carrington, N. Cartwreight, C. Castle Dawson Castle of Cavan M' Cawell, O. Chichester Chichester, A. Chichester, A. Clannaboy Mc Closkeys Mc Closkies Mc Closky Clotworthy, J. Coach, T. Cockaine Cockaine Cockaine Cockaine, A. Cockaine, Mr. Cockaine, W. Cockaine, Wm. Cockaines Cockayne, W. Mc Coey Coke O Colgan, C. Mc Coll, R. Combe, J. Mac Conchaille Connell, J. Cooke, F. Cooke, Fr. Cooke, R. Cope, A. Copinger, A. Corbet, Mrs. Corbett, Mr. Corwin, G. Costelloe, M. Cottingham, P. Cottingham, P. Cotton, M. Covell, F. Cowper, J. Coytmore Coytmore, R. Crayford, Mr. Creig, J. Crossagh's, c. Mc Cull, R. Mc Cull, R. Cullen, visc. Cunningham

D:    Dale, Wm. O Daly Davys Davys Davys Davys Davys Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, John de Hase, G. de la Grange deBurgh O Derry, D. Dies, W. Docwra Docwra, H. Docwra, H. Docwra, H. Doddington, E. O Doghertie O Doghertie, R. O Dogherty O Dogherty O Dogherty O Dogherty estates O Doghertys Mc Donell, R. Donells, Sir Donne, Dr. mac Donnel, R. Mc Donnell O Donnell O Donnell, N. Mac donnell, R. Mac Donnell, R. Mc Donnell, R. Mac donnells O Donnell's, N. Doters, Wm. Doughton, Mr. Dromond, J. Dunbar, W. Dutchmen Dutchmen Dyos, W.

E:   Easterlings Edgeworth Edmondes Edwards, Mr. Eeling, Capt. Eeling, Capt. Elcock, C. Elcock, N. Ellcock Ellesmere Ellis Ellis, Capt. Errol, Lord Everard, Joss Exful, J.

F:   Fanshawe Fermor, H. Mc Firbis Fish, J. Fishe, C. FitzSimon, R. Fleming, R. Fludd, J. Follett, W. Foster's, Martin Fowkes Fowler, W. Fox, Mr. Fox, R. Fraser Freeman, M. Freeman, M. Freeman, W. Fullard, W. Fuller, F. Fullerton, J. Fullerton, J.

G:   Gage Gage as Gaye Gardener, J. Gaye or Gage Gaye or Gage Mc Gillygan, A. Goodwyn, R. Gore, J. Gore, R. Grandger Greene, Mr. Greenwell, W. Greenwell, W. Griffith, R. Mc Guire, C.

H:   Hamilton, A. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, H. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hampton, Dr. O Hanlon, O. Hansard, R. Harris Harrison, H. Harrison, W. Harrison, W. Hart, Capt. Hart, H. Hart, Henry Harvest, T. O Hegarty, G. Heman, G. Henry Oge's Herbert, John Hetton, J. Heyward, Mr. Heywarde, Mr. Hill, Wm. Hodgson Hodson, J. Hollanders Hollyday, L. Home, J. Horne, Mr. Horne, R. Howard, C. Hubbersley Hunter, R. Hyll

I:   Irenmonger, W. Irish Society Isle of Man

J:   James, V. Jenkinson, R. Jenny, R. Jolles, John Jollis, J. Jones, Rob. Jowels, J.

K:   O Kane, B. O Kane, M. O Kanes Keinaldes, G. Keres, M. King, John Kinkell, Laird Knevitt, Rose Knollis, Lord

L:    Lache, T. O Laighin, J. Lambert, O. Lambert, O. Lambert, O. Lancaster, Dr. Langdale's Langdales, Ld. Langford, H. Latham, T. Laundey, W. Lawder Leake, J. Leamon, J. Leat, N. Leat, N. Leate, N. Leate, N. Leate's, Mr. Leet, N. Mc Lelan, R. Levinius, Mr Ley Ley Ley Ley, James Ley, James Lindsey, B. Loghlinnagh Lough inis O'Lynn Mac Loughlin Lovell, H. Lowe, T. Lowe, T. Lowe, T. Lowry, Sandy O Luiny, W. Lyne, W.

M:   Magilligan pt. Magilliganes Magmy, D. Maguire Roe Maguyre Maheme, A. Makanally, M. O Mannin, J. Markes, W. Marshall, J. Martin, R. Martin, Wm. Meggs, Mr. Middleton, R. Middleton, R. Middleton, R. Monroes, J. Montague, H. Montague, H. Montague, H. Montgomery Montgomery Moore, A. Moore, G. Morell, H. Morris Moryson, F. Moss, C. Mountford, W. Mountjoy O Mullan, D. O Mullanes O Mullans O Mullcruy, P. O Mullen, D. Mungumery, H.

N:   O Neil, Brian O Neil, Con O Neil, H. O Neil, Hugh O Neiland O Neill O Neills lands O Neills, against Nevill, C. Newburgh, O. Newfoundland Newton, Wm. Norman, G. Northampton Norton, Mr.

O:   Old, Katherine Orrell, Capt. Ostmen

P:   Parkins, T. Patterson, W. Paulet, G. Pawlett Pawlett Pawlett, G. Pawlett, G. Pawletts, Lady Payne, R. Payne, R. Pemberton, J. Perrot Perrot, J. Perrott, J. Petty, J. Petty, R. Peyton, H. Pheasant, Mr. Philips Philips, T. Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips property Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Pittaro, Lord Plunket, T. Price, R.

Q:   Quartermass, L.

R:    Ralston, J. Ramsay, J. Randall, S. Raven, W. Ray, J. Read, Pat. Recorders, Mr. Reeves, Dr. Reeves, Dr. O Reilly, great O Reilly, Queens O Reillys castle Reinalds Remyngton, R. Rich, Lady Rich, T. Mc Richard Ridgeway, T. Ridgewaye, T. Romney, W. Ross, John Ross, Mr. Rotheram, E. Rowley Rowley Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, J. Rowley, Mr. Russell, Capt.

S:   Sadler, H. Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury Salmon, J. Sampson, Rev. Saule, T. Scot, John Scudamore, C. Semple as St. Paule Seymour or Stuart Sharpe, H. Sheering, Mr. Slainy, J. Smart, R. Smith, Geo. Smith, Jessy Smithers, G. Smithes Smithes Smithes, G. Smythees Snow, W. Soame, S. Soda, A. Soda, Mr. Southwell, F. Spain Springham Springham, M. Springham, M. St. John, O. St. Leger, A. St. Paule, G. Stanhope, Lord Stanhowe, W. Stephney, M. Stewart, J. Stewart, J. Stone, W. Strafford, R. Stuart, A. Stuarte, Ara. Suffolk Sweden

T:   Taaffe, M. Tafter, P. Tailor, M. Tallon, W. Thornton, T. Towerson, W. Towerson, Wm. Traill, J. Treswell Treswell, R. Trevelyn, G. Turner, W. Turner, W.

U:   Uchiltrie, Ld. Upton, A.

V:   Vale, H. Vauchan, H. Vauchan, J. Vaughan Vaughan, H. Vaughan, J. Vaughan, J. Vaughan, J. Verhovan Vincent, Mr. Vincent, W.

W:   Wakeman, J. Wakeman, J. Wakeman's Walker, G. Walker, R. Wallop, Lt. Walrone, R. Walshe, J. Ward, E. Warner, Mr. Waters, J. Webb, Mr. Welby, R. West, John Wheeler, E. Wheeler, Mr. White, F. White, Fr. Whitewell, W. Wilbraham, R. Wilkes, Wm. Willoughby, F. Wilson, N. Winche, H. Wishart Woods, John Wray, J. Wright, R. Wright, R.

Y:   Yelverton

Z:   Zouch, Lord