Vol. II - Names in the Land Grants


Itemized land grants to English, Scots, and Irish. Identity of the specific persons, location of lands, with historical commentary.

The Land Grants in this work have been taken from the Patent Rolls of the reign of James I and from the printed Ulster Inquisitions. The book is most importantly arranged with the following sections:

Land Grants for English (Undertakers)
Land Grants for Scottish (Undertakers)
Land Grants for Servitors.
Land Grants to the Native Irish.

While the names and locations in the land grants will be of particular interest to family researchers, there is a wealth of information in the footnotes bringing history to life for all interested persons. The land grants are of differing lengths, and one short example in Co. Tyrone follows:
“Grant to Neale O’Quin, gent., Ballineloughy, one balliboe, containing 60 acres. Rent, 13 s.”

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), the text includes footnotes with enlightening 19th century commentary. This book “Names in the Land Grants”, also serves as volume 2 of the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Researchers.

Hardbound with sewn binding for long life. Gold Stamped cover is illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. Special surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7” x 10”. 107 p., published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition. $29.95 plus shipping.

Vol II of The Conquest of Ireland series.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Acheson, H. Acheson, H. Achmootie, A. Achmouty, J. Adderton, H. Mc Adegany Mc Aderany Adolphus, G. Agnew, Vans Mc Amallan, F. Anderson, Fr. Annesley, Fr. Archdale, J. Archdales town Mc Arte Mc Arte, D. Mc Arte, D. Arthur, P. Arundel, G. Ashe, J. Ashe, T. Atkinson, A. Attkinson, R. Audley, Anne Audley, Lord Audley, Lord Mc Aula, A. Mc Awly, F.

B:    Bagenal, H. Bailey, N. Baillie Baillie, Wm. Balfoure, M. Bane Barckleys, M. Barkeley, M. Barnes, Wm. Barnham, B. Mc Baron Barton, T. Baskervile, T. Benson, P. Berkeley, J. Berkeley's, M. Betagh, H. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Blague Blenerhasset, E Blenerhassett, T. Blunt Blunte, E. Bogas, R. Boughton, E. Bourchier, J. Bourk, H. Boyd, Sir T. O Boyle, Ed. O Boyle, T. O Boyle, widow Braddy, T. Bradie T. O Bradie, C. Bradie, P. Bradie, P. Bradie, W. Brassilagh, C. Brent, John Mc Brian Bridges, Grey Mc Brien, F. Brindsley, G. Bromley as Brownlowe Bromloe as Brownlowe Brook, B. Brooke, B. Brooke, R. Browne, E. Browne, John Browne, T. Brownelowe, J. Brownlowe, J. Brownlowe, J. Brownlowe, W. Mc Bryan bane OReylie Mc Bryan, C. Burghley, Lord Burkes Burleigh, Lord Burley, Lord Butler, S. Butler, Sir S. Butler, visc.

C:   Mc Cabe, S. Mc Cabe, S. O Cahan, S. Calefield, T. Mc Callo Calvert, R. Mc Can, C. Mc Can, H. Mc Can, R. Mac Cann chiefs Mc Cann, Toole Carew, G. Carew, G. Carew, G. Carew, Sir G. O Carragan lands O Carroll, Ely O Carroll's heir Carte Carter, Hugh O Cassida, C. Castle Dillon Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Mc Cawell, H. Cecil, R. Chichester Chichester Chichester, A. Chichester, T. clanbrassill Clapen, J. Claphame, J. Clare, H. Clare, Henry O Cleary, L. Clifton, G. Coach, T. Coates as Coach Coath as Coach Mc Coconaght Cole, Capt. Cole, W. Combes, Wm. Coningham, G. O Connor Sligo Conynghame Cooke Cooke Cooke, Fr. Cooke's suit Coolme, H. Cootch as Coach Cope Castle Cope, Anthony Cope, Sir A. O Corcoran, B. Mc Cormock, D. Cornewall, T. Mc Corr, M. O Corr, O. Cotch as Coach Cotterill, C. Craifford, Capt. Craig, J. Crawford as Crayford Crawford, Pat. Crayford, G. Mc Cree, P. O Creggan, H. Crosbye, P. Crossbye Mc Culloch Mc Cullock, J. Culme as Coolme Cuningham, C. Cuningham, J. Cuninghame Cunyngham, J. Cunynghame

D:    Davies, T. Davys Davys Davys, J. Davys, Sir J. de Vallibus Mc Denett, S. Derby, Earl of Develin, B. O Deveney, D. O Devin, J. Dillan, John Dillon, John Dixon, R. O Doghertie, C. O Dogherty O Dogherty defeat O Dogherty revolt O Dogherty, C. O Doghertys revolt Mc Donell Mc Donell Ballagh Mc Donell, C. Mc Donell, F. Mc Donell, M. Mc Donell, P. Mac Donells marriage O Donilly, C. O Donilly, S. Mc Donnell Ballagh Mc Donnell, G. Donnell, Grany O Donnell, Hugh Mac Donnell, I. O Donnell, N. O Donnell, N. O Donnell, N. O Donnell, N. Mc Donnell, R. O Donnell, R. O Donnelly, E. O Donnilly, S. Douglas Douglas, A. Douglas, J. Douglas, James Douglas, M. Douglas, N. O Dowgan Dowglass, J. Dowglasse, J. Downbarr, W. Dromond, J. Drumallen, W. Drummond, J. Dudley, R. Duff, Nene Duff, Owen Duffe Mc Dun Dunbar, A. Dunbar, A. Dunbar, J. Dunbarr, J.

E:   Edegany Edney, T. Edney, Thos. Edney, Walter Eglionby, Dr. Eliott Elliot, J. Ellis, Edw. Ellyot, J. Elphinstone, J. Mc Elynan, H. Mc Enabb, S. Mc Evistan, O.

F:   Mc Farrall Fenton, G. Ferdinando Fettiplace, E. Fishe, John Fitz-Simons, R. Fitzwilliam O Flanegan, H. O Flanegan, M. Fleming, G. Flower, T. Flowerdewe, T. Folliott, Lord Fowler, Wm. Fox, Mr.

G:   O Galchor, D. O Galchor, F. Gale, G. galloglas Garth, Roger Mc Gawran, C. Mc Gawran, F. Gay, John George, Mr. Gibb, H. Gibb, James Mc Gillduffe, D. Mc Gillechree, a. Mc Gilleduffe, H. Mc Gillpatrick, O. Mc Glasney, H. Glegge, Wm. Goore, P. Gore, G. O Gormeley, R. O Gormeley, T. O Gowne, C. Graham as Greame Grandison, Ld. Grandison, v. Granton, P. Gray Gray, F. Greame, R. Grimsditche, C. Mc Gunchenan, J.

H:   O Hagan, B. O Hagan, H. O Hagan, L. O Hagan, L. O Hagan, O. O Hagan, T. O Haggan, E. O Haggan, F. O Haggan, F. Haig, J. Hamildown, G. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, F. Hamilton, F. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, r. Hanley, R. Hanley, R. O Hanlon O Hanlon, A. O Hanlon, L. O Hanlon, O. O Hanlon, R. O Hanlon, R. O Hanlon, T. O Hanlons castle O Hanlon's sons O Hanlon's, O. Hanna, J.W. Hansard, R. Harmone's, W. Harrison Harrison, S. Hart, Henry Harte's name Hatton, E. Helmes, H. Mc Henry's, T. Hepburne, R. Heron, John Hilton, G. Hobert's, H. Hobert's, H. Holmes Home, Alex. Home, John Home, John Homes or Humes Honynge, H. Hood, Robin O Hossy, O. Hovendon, R. Mc Hugh Mc Hugh, C. Mc Hugh, C. Mc Hugh, S. Hume or Home Hunings, H. Hunt, John

I:   Isle of Wight

J:    Jacob, R. Mc James Mc James James, Nene Johnes, J. Johnes, T. Jones as Johnes

K:    Karnan manor Mac Kee, Sir P. Kennedy, G. Kerhanan manor Mc Kernan, B. Mc Kernan, D. Mc Kernan, W. Mc Kerney, G. Mc Kies Mac kies or McKies Killegrew, R. Kingsmill, J. Kingsmill, J. Kingswell, E. Mac klellan, R. Knox, John Mac kulach

L:    Lambert, O. Lambert, O. Lawder, W. Mac Lean, J. Leicester, T. Leigh, John Leigh's Leigh's, John Mac lellans Lindesay, T. Lindsay, B. Lindsay, R. Lindsey, B. Lindsey, J. Lindsey, R. Lowther, G. Lowther, G. Lusher, Sir N. Lydyard, H.

M:    Magauran, B. Magdelyne's Maguire residence Maguires Maguyre, B. Magwire Magwire Magwire, C. Magwire, D. Magwire, Glasse Magwire, H. Magwire, J. Magwire, T. Malburye, G. Mc Malcavow, C. Mallatas O Mallen, F. Mallery, J. Mansfield, R. Master, T. Matchett, J. Matchett's, J. Maxwell, J. Melaghlin O Mellan, C. O Mellan's Journal Merfin Mertoun Mervyn, J. Middlemore, J. Modder Moder, P. O Moeltully, S. Monepeny, T. Moneypenny Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery, H. Moore lands Moore, A. Moore, B. Moore, G. Moore's, G. Mc Morphy, O. Morton Mostin Mostin, P. Mostyn as Mostin Muir, Eliz. O Mulchallane O Mulchrewe O Mulcreve, F. O Muldoon, D. O Mullen, B. Mc Mulmorie Mc Mulrony, B. Mc Murphie, D. Murray, G. Murraye, G. Myrtoun

N:    Naylor, Wm. Neal, Mary Ny O Neale sons O Neale, a. O Neale, B. O Neale, B. O Neale, B. O Neale, C. Neale, Cath. O Neale, Con O Neale, Con Mc Neale, F. O Neale, F. O Neale, H. O Neale, H. O Neale, H. O Neale, H. O Neale, H. O Neale, Hugh O Neale, N. O Neale, N. O Neale, O. O Neale, T. O Neale, T. Mc Neil, C. O Neil, T. O Neile, A. O Neile, D. O Neill princes O Neill, Art O Neill, C. O Neill, Cormack O Neill, F. O Neill, H. O Neill, Hugh O Neill, Shane O Neill, Sir T. O Neill, Sir T. O Neill, war with O Neills O Neills castle O Neills, sept Mc Nemee, C. Newcomen, R. O Neyle, E. Norton, D. Nugent, C. Nugent, E. Nugent, Edw.

O:    Ochiltree, Lord O'Donnell assasination Mac olloch Otterburn, T. Mc Owen Owen, Bart. Mc Owen, C. Mc Owen, O.

P:    Paisley, visc. Parkins Parson's Parsons, Wm. Perkins, T. Personnes, Mr. Powell, T. Powell, Wm. Poynts, C. Poyntz Pynnar, N.

Q:   Mc Quin, D. O Quin, Felim Mc Quin, H. O Quin, M. O Quin, N. Quin, Neece O Quin, O.

R:    Raleston, J. Reading, R. O Reilie, M. Reily, B. O Reily, B. O Reily, C. O Reily, C. O Reily, J. O Reily, M. O Reily, Owen O Reily, P. O Reily, S. O Rely, M. O Rely, M. Remyngton, T. O Reylie, H. O Reylie, M. O Reyly sons O Reyly, B. O Reyly, C. O Reyly, D. O Reyly, H. Ridgewaie, T. Ridgeway, G. Ridgeway, G. Ridgeway, J. Ridgeway, T. Ridgeway, T. Robertson Rodney, Sir J. Roe, F. Roe, Neale Roe, T. Rolleston, R. Mc Rorie, D. Mc Rowrie ONeale Mc Rowrie, N. Russell, Edw. Russon, J. Rutlidge, Edw.

S:    Sacheverell Sacheverell, F. Salisbury Saunderson, R. Saye's, Lord Saye's, Lord Saye's, Lord Sedborough, J. Semphill, Lord O Seren, D. Seton, Lord Sexten, G. Mc Shane Mc Shane Mc Shane, Edm. Sharp, George Sheale, J. O Shereden, O. O Skanlan, B. Smailholme Smelhome Smethorne Spottiswoode St. John St. John, O. St. John, O. St. Patricks Day Stanhaughe, H. Stanhowe, H. Stanhowe, Wm. Stewart, A. Stewart, Col. Stewart, J. Stewart, R. Stewart, R. Stewart, R. Stewart, W. Stewart, W. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Stewarts fort Stuart, E. Stuart, Esme Stuart, L. Sutton, H. Sweden Mc Swine Fawnett Mc Swine, H. boy Mc Swyne Banagh Mc Swyne na Doe Mc Swyne, M. Mc Swyne, W. Mc Swyne's bay

T:    Taaffe, J. Taaffe, Wm. Tailor, John Talbott, W. Thelwall, B. Tichburne, H. Mc Tirlagh Mc Tirlagh, C. Mc Tirlagh, F. Mc Tirlagh, S. Tirrell, R. Tracie, M. Trayle, J. Tuchet, F. Tuchet, G. Tuchet, M. Mc Tully, M. Turnbull, J. Turnbulls Turvin, Wm. Tutt, Alex. Tyas, R. Tyrconnell

U:   Ulster Inquisitions

V:    Vans, Pat. Vaughan, H. Vaughan, J. Vaughan, J. Vaus as Vans Vaus, P. Vaux as Vans Verney, R.

W:   Waldron, R. Warde, Edw. Watt., Capt. Whitechurch Whitefords Williams, T. Willoughby, F. Willson, Wm. Wilmot, Ch. Winche, justice Wingfield, R. Wirrall, H. Wirrall, H. Wishard, J. Wishart, J. Mc Worrin, C. Wyrrall, H.