Keatings History of Ireland

Description: Keatings History of Ireland rare complete 3 volume set. This is one of the finest surviving works on Irish history. It was originally written in 17th century gaelic by Dr. Keating. The edition was fully translated into modern English, including voluminous footnotes which could be made into a book unto themselves. This is the entire 3 volume set, and the rare translation by O'Mahoney, which was published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation.

This includes all three individual volumes complete. Volume one is from the earliest times to the coming of St. Patrick, including the legends, ancient peoples, oral legends and battles of the day. The footnotes alone are priceless. Volume 2 takes up from the time of St. Patrick to the Norman invasions, giving more details of Irish history and folk culture as no other work has including the Viking Age, the High Kings, and the time of Saints and Scholars. Volume three holds the ancient genealogies and locations of the clans with ancient pedigrees and family trees. This volume also holds the master index to all three volumes. All three books are hardbound, gold stamped, with a quality smythe sewn binding. The endsheets to these volumes are of a distinctive type, and all in all over 850 treasured pages of Irish heritage and tradition. Dr. Keatings 17th century manuscripts are preserved with the publication of this 3 volume set. This Set is in like new conditon.

Each volume has covers that have been hot stamped in black and gold with a green background. Hardbound with a quality smyth sewn binding to insure a long lifetime of use. Inside, the endsheets are specially decorated in each of these three books as well. Two indexes are given. One for the entire book, and one for the family names.

In excellent condition. Hardbound with thread sewn binding for generations of use, decorative endsheets, two color gold stamping on all covers.

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