Birth Index of Ireland - Large type

Description: The surname extract for the birth index of Ireland, recording all surnames with 5 or more births in Ireland. A primary source for finding the location of Irish families in the 19th century. This is an enlarged print out of the birth index of Ireland, which is a primary source for locating family names in Ireland in the 19th century. It lists every surname found, and the county it was found in. Large print makes it easier to read. Stapled, with heavier cover than inside copies. Basic research aid published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation. One of the very few sources we have to locate surnames for the genealogy researcher.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abraham Acheson Achmooty Adair Mc Adam Adams Adamson Mac Adarra Mc Adarrah Adger Adlum Adorian Mc Afee Afflack Affleck Agar M' Aghy Ahearn Ahearne Ahern Aherne Aicken Aidy Aiken Aikens Mc Alary M' Alasher Mc Alasher Mc Alay Alcock Alcorn Alderdice Mc Aldin Aldridge Mc Aleavey Mc Aleenan Mc Aleer Mc Aleese Mc Alesher Alexander Mc Alinden Mc Alingen Alinion Mc Alinon Mc Alister Mc Alivery M' All Allen Mc Allen Allerdice Allingham Allison Mc Allister Mc Aloney Alpin Mc Alpin Mac Alshender Mac Alshinder Altimes Amberson Ambrose Amooty Mc Anally Mc Anare M' Anaul Anderson Mc Andless Mc Andrew Andrews Mc Aneny Anglin Angus Ankle Annett Mac Anree Ansla Mc Antire Mc Anulla Mc Anulty Mc Aragh Archbold Archdeacon Archer Archfield Archibald Mc Ardle M' Aready Mc Aree Mac Arha Arkley Armour Armstrong Arnold Arnott Arthurs M' Artie Ashe Mc Ashinah Askins Aspel Aspell Aspill Astin Mc Astocker Aston Mc Atamney Mc Atee Mc Ateer Mc Ateggart Mc Atilla Atkins Atkinson Auher Mac Aulay Auld Mc Auley Mc Auliffe Aurachaun Austin Auwll Mc Avaddy Mc Avady Mc Avey Mc Avinchy M' Avinue Mc Avish M' Avoy Aylward

B:    Babbitt Bacon Bagnall Bailey Bailie Baily Baird Baith Baker Baldin Baldoon Baldwin Balfe Balfour Ball Ballantine Ballentine Balmer Balton Bamford Banfell Banks Bannister Bannon Barber Barclay Barker Barkley Barklimore Barley Barlow Barnacle Barnane Barnes Barnett Barnidge Barrett Barrington Barron Mc Barron Barry Bartley Bartnett Barton Bassett Bateman Bates Batter Battersby Battle Baulman Baun Bawn Baxter Mc Bay Bayley Beamish Bearkin Beatagh Beattie Beatty Beaumont Beck Beckett Beecham Beecher Begane Beggan Beggs Beglan Begley Begney Behan Behane Beirne O' Beirne Bell Bellew Belton Benathy Benbo Benison Bennett Benson Bera Beresford Bergan Bergin Bergman Berkery Bermingham Bernard Berrane Berrigan Berry Best Mac Beth Betty Mc Bey Bicker Bickers Bickerstaff Bickerstay Biggane Biggedon Bigger Biggerstaff Biggins Billigam M' Bin Binane Bingham Birch Bird Birkey Birmingham Birney Mc Birney Bishop Bissett Blacagh Black Blackburn Blackender Blackham Blackstock Blackwood Blain Blair Blake Blakes Blanch Blaney Bleach Bleak Bleakley Bleeks Bleheen Blehein Bleheine Blong Bloomer Blouk Blowick Boal Boar Bockocan Bodel Bodell Bodle Bog Bogan Bogue Bohan Bohanan Bohane Bohanna Bohannon Bohunnan Boil Bolan Boland Bole Boles Bolger Bollard Bonar Bond Boner Bones Bonison Bonner Bonny Booth Boreland Bothwell Boucher Boughla Bourke Bowden Bowe Bowen Bower Bowers Bowes Bowler Bowles Bowman Bownes Boyce Boyd Boyes Boyl Boylan Boyle O' Boyle Boyne Brabazon Bracken Bradden Bradley Bradshaw Brady O' Brallaghan Branagan Branagh Brandon Brangan Braniff Brankin Brannagh Brannan Brannick Brannie Brannigan Brannock Brannon Bransfield Brassil Mc Bratney Bratty Brauders Brawnick Bray Brazil Breadon Mc Brearty Breedeth Breen Breheny Brehony Bremigam Brennagh Brennan Brennigan Brereton Bresland Breslane Breslaun Breslawn Breslin Brett Brew Brewster Brian Brice Brick Brickley Mac Bride Mc Bride Bridget Brien M' Brien Mc Brien O' Brien Briene Briggs Bright Brimage Brimagum Brimley Brimmagem Brimmigan Brinane M' Brine Briody Britt Britton Brock Brodders Broder Broderick Brody Broe Brogan Brolly Bromagen Brooder Brooks Broothers Brophy Brosnan Brothers Broughill Browder Brown Browne Brownlee Brownlow Browster Bruce Bruder Brudher Bruen Brumigem Brumiger Brummagen Brummagen Brunty Bruton Bryan Bryans Bryson Buchanan Buck Buckles Buckley Budgens Bueg Buhilly Buick Buie Bulkeley Bulla Bullion Bullman Bunbury Bunting Burchill Burgess Burke Burnett Burney Mc Burney Burns Burnside Burrell Burrows Burton Bustard Butler Butterfield Button Bwee Byers Byrce Byrne M' Byrne O' Byrne Byron

C:   Mc Cabe Caddell Cadden Cadogan Cafferky Cafferty Mc Cafferty Caffery Mc Caffery Mc Caffery Caffrey Mc Caffrey Mc Caffry M' Cagherty Cahalane Cahan O' Cahan Cahill Mc Cahon Cahoon Mc Cahugh Cahy M' Cahy Cain Cainan Cairdie Cairns Calderwood Caldwell Mc Call Mc Calla Callaghan O' Callaghan Callaghanan Callagher Callan Mc Callan Callanan Callina Callinan Mc Callion M' Callister Mc Callnon Mc Cally Calnan Mc Calshender Mc Calshinder Calvert Calvey Calvill Calwell Cambridge Mc Cambridge Cameron Mc Camley Camp Campbell Campel Campion Canaan Canally Canavan Mc Candless Mc Cann Cannan Canniff Canning Cannon Canny Cantwell Canty Caorish Capples Caraher Carberry Cardiff Cardle Mc Cardle Cardwell Carew Carey Carha Carlan Carland Carleton Carley Carlin Carlisle Carmichael Carmody Carnahan Carney Mc Carney Carns Carolan Carpenter Carr Carraher Carrick Carrigan Carroll Mc Carroll O' Carroll Mc Carron Carruthers Carry Mc Carry Carson Mc Cart Mc Cartan Mc Carten Carter Mc Carter Carthy Mc Carthy O' Carthy Mc Cartie Cartin Cartmill Mc Cartney Carton Mc Carton Carty Carvill Carvin Carway Casey Cash Cashin Cashman Caskey Mc Caslan Casley Cassells Casserly Cassidy Cassin Cassy Cathcart Catherwood Mc Caughan O' Caughan Mc Caugherty Caughey Mc Caughey Mc Caughin Mc Caughley Caughy Mc Caul M' Caulay Mc Cauley Caulfield M' Caulfield Caulin Mc Causland Cavan Cavanagh Mc Cavanagh Cavenagh Mc Cavill Cavish Mc Cavish Mc Caw Mc Cawel Cawley M' Cawley Cawlin Cearnes Chadwick Chalmers Chambers Chandler Chapman Charles Charleton Charlton Charters Charthy Cherry Cheyne Mc Cheyne Chisel Chism Chisom Choiseul Choun Christian Christie Christopher Christy Church Cingen Mc Clafferty Claffey Clahane Mc Clamon Clancy Clare Clark Clarke Clarkins Clarkson Mc Clarnon Mc Clatchey Mc Clatty Mc Clave Claveen Clay Mc Clay Clayton Mc Clean Clear Cleary Mc Cleery Clegg Cleland Mc Clelland Mc Clement Clements Clenaghan Mc Clenaghan Clendinning Clerkin Mc Clernon Clifford M' Climond Cline Mc Clintock Clinton Clitterdy Cloherty Clohessy Cloonan Mc Clory Close Mc Closkey Mc Cloughry Cloven Clowney Clowny Mc Cloy Mc Clughan Clune Mc Clung Mc Clure Mc Clurg Clusby Clusker Cluskey Mc Cluskey Cluvane Clyde Clyne Clyns Coady Coakley Coates Cobourn Cobram Coburn Cochrane Cochrane Codd Code Cody Coen Coey Coffey Cogan Coghlan Cogley Cohen Coholane Cohoun Coid Coiles Cokely Colavin Colbert Colclough Colcloughan Coldrick Cole Mc Cole Coleman Colgan Mc Colgan Colhoon Colhoun Coligan Colin Colins Coll Mc Coll Collen Colleran Collery Collier Colligan Collins Collom Mc Collum M' Collyums Colman Mc Colman Colnan Colothan Colovin Colquhoun Colquohoun Colreavy Colvin Colwell Mc Comb Comba Comber Combes Comer Comerford Comerton Comford Comfort Mc Comick Comiskey Comjean Comjeens Mc Comley Commane Commaskey Commefort Commerford Mc Commings Commins Common Commons Compton M' Cona Conaghan Mc Conaghy Mc Conamy Conaty M' Conaughty Conboy Concannon Conderick Condon Condrick Condron Condy Conefry Conelly Conheeny Mc Conkey Conla Conlan Conland Conlin Conlogue Conlon Conmee Conn Connaughton Conneally Connealy Conneely Connell Mc Connell O' Connell Connellan Connelly Connerney Connerton M' Connerty Connery Conney Conniff Connolly Mc Connon Connor O' Connor Connors Connorton Mc Conohy Mc Conomy Conoo Conrahy M' Conready Conroy Conry Considine Convery Convey Mc Conville Conway Mc Conway Conwell Conyeen Conyers Mc Coo Coogan Mc Cook Cooke Mc Cool Coole Cooley Coon Coonaghan Cooney Coonihan Coonoon Cooper Cooper Coote Copeland Copelton Copleton Copley Corathers Corban Corbett Corbin Corcoran Mc Cord Cordan Cordner Corey Coribeen Corish Corken Corkerry Corkery Corkin Corless Corley Corley Cormac Cormack Mc Cormack Cormican Mc Cormick Mc Cormilla Corn Corr Corran Corrigan Corry Mc Corry Cory Coscor Cosgrave Cosgrove Coshman Cosker Coskerry Coss Costello Costelloe Costigan Costily Costley Costoloe Mc Cottar Cotter Mc Cotter Mc Cottier Cotton Mc Coubrey Coughlan Coughlin Coulter Coumey Counihan County Courigan Courn Cournane Courneen Mc Court Courtayne Courtney Mc Courtney Cousine Cousins Couvane Couzeens Cowan Cowdie Mc Cowell Cowen Cowley Cowley Cowman Mc Cownley Cox Coxe Coy Mc Coy Coyd Coyle Coyne Cra Craan Mc Cracken Crage Cragh Crahan Craig Craigh Crampsey Crampsie Crampsy Crampton Crane Mc Crann Cranny Cranston Craven Crawford Crawley Mc Crea Mc Cready Creagh Crean Creane Creaney Mc Creary Creaton M' Creech Creed Creedon Creegan Creeland Mc Creesh Cregan Cregg Crehan Creighton Crelly Cremeen Cremin Cribbon Crickard Crickenham Cricket Crighley Crilly Crimmeen Croghan Mc Crohan Croke Cromie Crone Cronin Cronouge Cronvy Crooks Crooksshanks Mc Crory Crosbie Cross Crossan Mc Crossan Crothers Crotty Crough Crowe Crowley Crozier M' Crub Mc Crudden Cruise Crully Mc Crum Crumlish Crummy Cryan Crymble Mc Cudden Cuddihy Cuddy Cue Mc Cue Cuffe Cuhy Cuinane Culbert Culhane Culhoun Cull Mc Cull Mc Cullagh O' Cullane Culle Culleeny Cullen Mc Cullen Culleton Cullian Culligan Cullinan Cullinane Cullion Mc Cullion Cullivan Mc Culloch Culloon Culloty Mc Cullough Mc Cullow Cully Mc Cully Mc Cullyam Culreavy Cumberford Cumiskey Cummane Cumming Cummings Cummins Cunagum Mc Cune Cunihan Cunion Cunnagher Cunnahan Cunnain Cunnane Cunnea Cunneen Cunneeny Cunniam Cunniffe Cunnigan Mc Cunnigan Cunnighan Cunningham Cunnion Cunnoo Cunny Cunnyer Cunree Cunreen Cuolohan Cupples Mc Curdy Curley Curnane Curneen Curnin Curran Currane Curreen Currid Currie Currigan O' Currobeen Curry Mc Curry O' Curry Curtin Curtis Cusack Cusco Cushanan Cushen Cushing Cushley Cusker Mc Cusker Cuskern Mc Cuskern Cuskery Cuskor Cussane Cussen Mc Cutcheon Cuthbert

D:    D.L. Mc Dacker Dagg Dahill Mc Daid Daily Dalhouse Dallas Dalton Daly Dalzell Danaher Dandridge Danger Daniel Mc Daniel Danihy Danley Dannelly M' Dara Darby Darcy Dardis Dargan O' Darian Darling Darmody Darragh Davern Davey Davidson Davin Davis Davison Davitt Davy Davys Dawney Dawson Dawtin Day Dayley De Ermot Dea O' Dea Deacon Deady Dealy Dean Deane De'ap Deasy Debois Dee Deegan Deehan Deely Deen Deeney Deeny Deering Deermott Deery Deevey Deevy Deffely Dehorty Deighan Delacherios Delahunt Delahunty Delamar Delane Delaney Delany Delay Delea D'ell Deloohery Deloorey Deloughry Dempsey Dempster Deneher Dennehy Denning Dennison Denny Derby Dermody Dermott Mc Dermott Desmond Devane Devaney Devany D'evelyn Devenny Dever Devereux Devereux Deverill Devers Devery Devin Devine Devitt Mc Devitt Devlin Devon Deyermond Deyermott O' Dheerq Diamond Diarmid Diarmod Diarmond Dick Dickey Dickson Diermott O' Diff Diffen Digan Diggin Dignan Dillane Dillon Dilloughery Dilworth Dimmett Dinan Dineen Dingavan Dinneen Dinnegan Dinsmore M' Dire Dirrane Diskin Diurmagh Divane Diver Diver Divin Mc Divitt Dixon Dobbin Dobbs Dobin Dobson Dockery Dockrell Dodd Dodds Dods Doey Dogherty Doheny Doherty O' Doherty Dolan Mc Dole Dollard Dologhan Domegan Donagh Mc Donagh Donaghey Donaghy Donahy Donald Mc Donald Donaldson Donegan Donelan Dongan Donlan Donlon Donly Donnan Donnell Mc Donnell O' Donnell Donnellan Donnelly Donocho Donoghue O' Donoghue Donohoe Donohue Donovan O' Donovan Dooal Doody Dooey Doogan O' Doogan O' Dooghany Doohan Doolady Doolady Doolan O' Doolan Dooley Doolin Dooling Doona Doonan Dooney Doonican Doorly Doran Dorcey Dore Dorgan Dorman Dornan O' Dornan Dorney Dorran Dorrian Doud Douds Dougan Dougheny Dougherty Douglas Dougle Dougs Dowd O' Dowd Dowdall Dowds Mc Dowell Dowlan Dowley Dowlin Dowling Downes Downey Mc Downey Downing Doyle Drain Drake Draper Dreinan Drennan Drew Drinan Drinane Driscoll O' Driscoll Driskell Drohan Drough Drought Drum Drumm Drummond Drummy Drury Duane Dublack 880 Ducklow Duddy Dudgeon Dudley Duff Duffin Duffy Dugan Duggan Duhig Duigan Duignan Duke Dulanty Dulinty Dullaghan Dullard Dullea Dullenty Dulles Dumegan Dunbar Duncan Dundon Dungan Dunican Dunion Dunlea Dunleavy Dunlop Dunn Dunne Dunphy Dunshee Dunwoody Durcan Durkan Durkin Durmody Durnian Durnin Durnion Durrian Duval Duvalley Duvick Dwane Dwyer O' Dwyer Dyas Dyer Dyermott Dyle Dynan

E:    Eadie Eagar Eager Eagerton Eakin Eakins Earl Earle Early Eaton Eccles Edery Edgar Edimson Edmonds Edwards Egan Egglington Egglinton Eirons Eivers Ekin Elchinder Elder Mc Eldowney Mc Elduff Elfred Mc Elgun Mc Elgunn Mc Elhar Mc Elhill Mc Elhinney Ellard Ellies Mc Elligott Elliot Ellis Ellison Mac Ellistram Ellwood Mc Elmeel Mc Elmurray Mc Elroy Elshander Mc Elshender Elshinder Elshner Mc Elshunder Mc Elwee Elwood Emerson Emo. Mc Eneaney Mc Eneany Mac Enerney Mc Enery England English Englishby Mc Eniry Ennis Enright Mc Enroe Mc Entee M' Enteer M' Entegart Mc Entire Mc Entyre Mac Eoin Mac Eown Mc Erlain Mc Erlean Erought Erskin Erskine Ervine Erwin Esbal Esbald Esball Esbel Esbil Esble Esdale Esler Esmonde Esnor Mac Euchroe Eustace Mc Evaddy Evans Mc Evely Everard Evers Mc Evinie M' Eviniogh Mc Evoy Mac Ewan Ewart Mc Ewen Ewing

F:   Mc Fadden M' Fadzen Fagan Faggy Faherty Fahey Fahy Fair Fairis Fairy Mc Fall Fallaher Fallon Falloon Falvey Fannin Fanning Faraday Faragher Faraher Faris Mc Farland Mc Farlane Farley Farmer Farnan Farnand Farnham Farnon Farr Farragher Farrahill Farrar Farrell O' Farrell Farrelly Farren Farrington Farry Farshin Faughnan Faughton Faulkner Faulkney Fay Feagon Fealan Fealy Fearon Fee Fee Feehan Feeharry Feehely Feeley Feely Feeney Feeny Feerick Mac Feerish Mc Feeters Fegan Feghany Fehilly Fehily Fehoney Feighan Feighery Feighney Feley Fenaghty Fenaughty Fendlon Fenelon Fenley Fenlon Fennell Fennelly Fennessy Fenoughty Fenton Feoghney Fergie Fergus Ferguson Ferly Fern Ferrall Ferran Mc Ferran Ferris Ferry Fetherston Mc Fetridge Fidgeon Fie Field Filbin O' Filbin Finalay Finan Finegan Finerty Finlay Finn Finnally Finnegan Finnelly Finneran Finnerty Finney Finny Finucane Firman Fisher Fitch Fitz Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Fitzharris Fitz-Henry Fitzimons Fitzmaurice Fitzmorris Fitzpatrick Fitzsimons Fitzsummons Fitzsumons Flack Fladger Flagherty Flahavan Flaherty O' Flaherty Flahy Flanagan O' Flanagan Flang Flannery Flattery Flattley Flavell Flavin Fleens Fleming Flemon Fletcher Fleury M' Flinn Flood Floody Floyd Flynn O' Flynn Foard Fodaghan Fodha Fogarty Fogaton Folan Foley Folliard O' Foodhy Foody Fooley Fooluiah Foorde Foots Foran Forbes Forbish Ford Forde Forehan Forehane Foreman Forgay Forgey Forgie Forgy Forhan Forhane Forker Forkin Forrest Forsythe Fortune Foster Foulkard Fourhane Fourker Foursides Fowler Fox Foy Fraher Frain Francey Francis Franklin Fraser Frawley Frazer Free Freeburn Freeman French Friary Friel Frizell Frizzle Frost Fry Fryarr Fuge Fulham Fuller Fullerton Fulton Furey Furlong Fury Fye Fyfee Fyland

G:    Gabbey Gaff Gaffey M' Gaffigan Gaffney Gaffny Gagan Mc Gaggy Gahagan Gahan Mc Gahan Mc Gahey Gainer Gaitens Galagher Galavin Galbraith Gallaugher Gallen Galligan Gallivan Gallogly Galloway Galvin Galway Gamble Gamel Ganley Mc Gann Gannon Gantly Gara O' Gara Garahan Garahy Gardiner Gardner Gardner Gargan Garland Garner Garrett O' Garriga Garrigan Garron Garry Mc Garry Mc Gartlan Garven Garvey Mc Garvey Garvin Garwin Gaskin Gasson Gaston Gately Gattins Gaughan Mc Gaughey Gaughney Gaughran Mc Gaughy Mc Gaugie Gaul Gaule Gault Mc Gauran Mc Gaurn Gaut Gavaghan Gavan Gavigan Gavin Gaw Gawley Mc Gawley Gay Gaynard Gaynor Mc Geady Geaney Geany Gearn Gearns Gearty Geary Mc Geary Geddis Mc Gee Geehan Mc Geehan Geelan Gegan Gennagh Mc Gennis Geogan Geoghan Geoghegan George Mc Geough Mc Geown Geraghty Gerarty Gerity Mc Gerr Mc Gerr Gerret Mc Gerry Gervis Gery Mc Gettigan Getty Ghegan Mc Ghie Mc Ghoon Gibb Gibbon Gibbons Giblin Gibney Gibsey Gibson Gibulawn Giffen Gifford Gilbert Gilchrist Gildea Gildowny Giles Gilgan Gilgunn Gilhool Gilhooly Gilkie Gill Mc Gill Gillan Gillan Mc Gillbride Mc Gilldowie M' Gilldowney Mc Gilldowny Gilleece Gillen Gillesby Gillespie Gilliard Gillick Mc Gillicuddy Gilligan Gilligan Gilliland Mc Gilloway M' Gillowy Gillpatrick Mc Gillpatrick Mc Gillreavy Mc Gillroy Mc Gillshenan Mc Gilly Gilmartin Gilmore Gilmour Gilpin Gilroy Gilsenan Gilshenan Giltenane Giltinane M' Gilway Mc Gimpsey Mc Gin Ginaty M' Gindle Mc Ging Mc Ginity Mc Ginley Ginn Mc Ginn Ginna Ginnaw Ginnel Mc Ginnis Ginty Mc Ginty Mc Girr Girvan Girvin Gittons Giveen Given Mc Givena Mc Givern Mac Givir Mc Givney Mc Givney Mc Glade Glan Glancy Glanders Glanfleid Glanny Glasgow Mc Glashan Glashby Mc Glashin Glaspy Glass M' Glaughlin Glavin Glazier Gleazer Gleeson Glenn Glennon Mc Glinchey Glissane Mc Gloin Mc Glone Glouer Glover Glynn Mc Glynn Gna Goan Gobin Godfrey Godkin Godson Godwin Mc Goey Goff Goggin Mc Goggy Gohary Golagley Golden Goldie Golding Goldrick Mc Goldrick Goligher Golliher Gology Goloher Mc Golrick Mc Gonigle Gonoude Good Goodbody Goodman Goodwin Mc Googan Mc Gookin Goold Goolden Gooley Gooly Goonan Goonery Gooney Goonry Gordon Gorey Gorham Mc Gorish Mc Gorisk Gorman Mc Gorman O' Gorman Gormley Gorry Mc Gorry Gough Mc Gough Gould Goulding Mc Gouldrick Gouldy Gourley Mc Gournoson Mc Gourty Mc Govern Gow Mc Gowan O' Gowan Gowen Mc Gra Grace Gracey Graddy Grady Mc Grady O' Grady Graeme Graham Grainger Grandfield Mc Grane Granfill Grange Granny Grant Mc Grath Grattan Grattin Gravell Graves Mc Graw Gray Graydon Gready Mc Greal Grealish Greally Greany Greaves Greehy Green Greenan Greenan Greenaway Greenaway Greene Greenhaigh Greenhay Greenway Greer Mc Greevy Gregan Gregg Mc Gregor Gregory Grehan Greig Grene Grennan Gressam Gribben Grier Griffin Griffith Mc Grillish Grimason Grimes Grimley Grism Grissom Groarke Grogan M' Gronan Gronel Mc Grory Groves Grozet Grumley Grummell Mc Guane Guare Gubbins Gubby Guckian Mc Guckin Guerin Mc Guffin Guicken Guider Guidra Mc Guiehan Mc Guigan Mc Guiggan Guiheen Guihen Guilavan Guilfoyle Mc Guillan Guilmartin Guina Guinan Guinane Guinevan Guiney Mc Guinn Guinna Guinnaty Mc Guinness Mc Guire Mc Guirk Guiry Mc Gullian Gullion Mc Gullion Gunn Gunner Gunning Gunshinan Gurdan Mc Gurk M' Gurn Gurry Guthrie Guttery Guy

H:    Habbagan Habbert Hackett Hadden Haddock Haddon Hadian Hadskeath Haffey Hafford Hagan O' Hagan Hagans Haggens Haghen Hair Haire Mc Hale Halfpenny Hall Hallahan Halley Halliday Halligan Hallinan Hallinan Hallissey Hallissy Halloran O' Halloran Hally Halpin Halton Ham Hamill O' Hamill Hamilton Hammond Hampton Hanafin Hanaty Hand Handrahan Handy Haneen Hanifin Mac Hanifry Hanlan Hanley Hanlon Hanlon O' Hanlon Hanly Hanna Hannan Hannigan Hannon Hanrahan Hanratty Hanrick Hansbury Hanson Hanton Hanvey Hara O' Hara Haran Harbinson Harbison Hardiman Harding Hardy Hare O' Hare Haren Harford Hargaden Hargadon Hargan Harhan Harker Harkin Harkness Harley Harmon Harnett Harney Harold Haroughten Haroughton Harper Harpur Harrell Harren Harrett Harrigan Harrihy Harris Harrison Harrity Harrold Harrot Harroughton Hart Harte Hartigan Hartin Hartnane Hartnett Hartney Hartry Harty Harvey Harwood Haselden Haslam Haslett Hassard Hassett Hastie Hastings Hatton Hatton Mc Hatton Haugh Haughean Haughey Haughian Haughran Haughton Havern Havey Havy Hawe Hawes Hawkes Hawkins Hawney Hawthorne Hay Hayden Hayes Hayslip Hayten Hazleton Hazlett Hazley Healy Heanen Heaney Heanue Heaphy O' Hear Hearn Hearne Hearty Heaslett Heasley Heavey Heavy Heazley Hedery Hedivan Heduvan Heel Heelan Heenan Heffernan Mc Heffey Heffron Hegan Hegarty Hehir Heify Hemp Hempe Hemphill Hempstall Henderson Hendrick Mc Hendrie Hendron Hendry Henebery Henebry Heneghan Henehan Henekan Henery Hennan Henneberry Hennessy Henry Mc Henry Hensbry Hensy Henthorn Henzy Heraghty Herald Herbert Herdman Hergusson Herley Herlihy Hernon Heron Herron Hertnan Heslin Hession Hester Hestin Hestion Hetherington Hewitt Hewson Heyfron Hickey Hickie Hicks Higgins Higginson Hilbert Hill Hilland Hilliard Hilligan Hillis Hilo Hilton Hinchy Hinds Hines Hinsy Hinton Hipps Hirl Hoare Hoban Hobart Hobbikin Hobbs Hobson Hodge Hodgen Hodger Hodges Hodgin Hodgins Hodnett Hoey Hog Hogan Hogart Hogarty Hogg Hoins Holden Holian Holland Holleran Holly Hollywood Holman Holmes Holohan Holt Homan Hood Hoolihan Hop Hope Hopkins Hopper Hopps O' Hora Horaho Horan Horgan Horish Horne Horner Hornett Hornibrook Horoho Horohoe Horrigan Horrigon Hosford Hosty Hough Houghegan Houlahan Houldon Houlihan Houneen Hourican Hourigan Hourihane House Houston Howard Howe Howell Howlett Howley Howlin Hoy Hoyne Hoynes Hubbard Hudson Hueson Huet Huggard Huggins Mc Hugh Hughes Hugheston Hughey Mc Hugo Hulahun Hull Hulme Hulnane Hultaghan Hultahan Hume Humphries Humphrys Huneen Hunt Hunter O' Hure Hurley Hurson Hurst Hussey Huston Hutchinson Hutchison Hutson Hutton Hutton Hyde Hyland Hyndman Hynds Hynes

I:    Iago Igoe Mc Ihone Mc Ilboy M' Ilbwee Mc Ilchon Ildowney M' Ildowney M' Ileboy Mc Ilfatrick Mc Ilfederick Mc Ilhair Mc Ilhone Mc Ilhoney Mc Ilhose Mc Ilhoyle Mc Ilhun Mac Illesher Mc Ilravy Ilroy Mc Ilroy Mc Ilveen Mc Ilwaine Mc Ilwee Mc Ineely Mc Inerney Ingram Innis Insgelby M' Intee Mc Inteer Mc Intosh Mc Intyre Ireland Irvine Irwin Irwin Mc Iver Ivers Mc Ivor Ivory

J:    Jack Jackson Jackson Jacob Jagoe James Jameson Jamieson Jamison Jardine Jeffers Jellis Jenkins Jenkinson Jennings Jerety Jervis Jess St. John Johnson Johnston Johnstone Jolly Jones Jordan Jourdan Joy Joyce Judge Jumphrey Junkin Jurdan

K:   M' Kain Kalshander Kanavaghan Kane Mc Kane O' Kane Kangley Karr Kavanagh M' Kay Mac Kay Mc Kay Keady Mc Keag Keaghery Kealy Kean Keane Keaney Keany Kearan Kearin Kearn Kearney Kearns Kearon Kearsey Keary Mc Keary Keating Keatley Keaty Keaveny Kee Mc Kee Keeffe O' Keeffe Keegan Keeley Keeling Keeltagh Keely Keena Keenan O' Keeneen Keenoy Keerawin Keern Keery Keevane Mc Keever Keevers M' Keevor Keghan Kegley Kehelly Kehilly Kehoe Keighron Keiltogh Keily Keiran Keirans Keith Mac Kel Kelaghan Kell Kellaghan M' Kellan Kellard Kelleher Keller Kellett Kelley Kelliher Kells Kelly O' Kelly Mc Kelshenter Kelso Mc Kelvey Mc Kemmin Kemp Kempton Mac Ken Mc Kendry Kenelly Kenna Kennah Kenneally Kennedy Kennelly Kenning Kennington Kennon Kenny Mc Kenny Kenrick Kent Kently Mc Kenzie Keogan Keogh Mc Keogh Keoghoe Keoghy Keohane Keon M' Keon Mc Keon Mc Keone Keoneen Keoneen Keough Keown Mac Keown Mc Keown Ker Kerbin Kerby Kereen Kerevan Kerin Kerisk Kerivin Kerley Kerly Kernaghan Kernan Mc Kernan Kernohan Kernon Kerr Kerrane Kerrigan Kerrins Kerrish Kerrisk Kerwick Kerwin Kessidy Ketchen Mc Ketian Mc Kettrick Kevane Keverny Mc Kevitt Mc Kevor Mc Kew M' Key Mac Key Keyes Keys Mc Kibbin O' Kibbon Kidd Kidney Mc Kie Kielt O' Kielt Kielty Kiely Kieran O' Kieran Kierevan Kiernan Mc Kiernan Kiervan Kilbane Kilbride Kilcoyne Kilcullen Kildea Kilduff Kildunn Kilgallon Kilgannon Kilkelly Kilkenny Kilkenny Kilkey Killby Killeen Killelea Killen Killen Mc Killen Killian Killimith Killion M' Killion Killoran Killum Kilmartin Kilmary Kilmet Kilmurray Kilpatrick Kilroy Kilwell Kimins Kimmings Kimmins Mac Kin Kinaghan Kinahan Kinane Mac Kinaul Kinavan Kincairt Kincart Kinchella Kinchley Kine Kinerney King Kinghan Kingston Kinigam Kinighan Kiniry Mc Kinley Kinna Kinnane Kinnealy Kinnear Kinneary Kinneen Kinnegan Mc Kinney Kinnian Mc Kinnie Kinnigham M' Kinny Kinsella Kinslagh Mc Kinstry Kinucane Kirberry Kirby Kirk Kirkland Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kirley Kirlin Kirrane Kirwan Kissane Kissick Kitchen Kitson Kitterick Mc Kitterick Mc Kittrick Mc Kivirking Kivnahan Kivneen Mac Kle Klisham Knight Mc Knight Knowles Knox Mc Kone Korish Kough Krowley Kyerty Kyle Kyne Kzoneen

L:    Lacey Lacy Ladrigan Laffan Lafferty Laffey Lagan Lahey Lahiff Lahive Lahy Laird Lally Lalor Lamb Lambe Lambert Lamond M' Lamond Lamont Landers Landy Laney Lang Langan Langton Lanigan Lannan Lannon Lappin Larkin Larmour Larney Mc Larnon Mc Lary Lastly Latimer Lauder Laughlin Mac Laughlin Mc Laughlin Laurence Lavan Mc Lave Lavelle Laverty O' Laverty Lavery Lavin Mc Lavin Law Lawder Lawell Lawler Lawless Lawlor Lawn Lawrence Laws Lawson Lawton Layne Leacy Leadam Leahy Mc Lean Leane Leary O' Leary Leathem Leavy Lecky Leddy Ledwith Lee Mc Lee Leech Lees Leeson St Leger Legge Lehane Leicester Leigh Mc Lellan Lemon Lenaghan Mc Lenaghan Lenahan Lenane Lenihan Lennon Lennox Lenord Leo Leonard Mc Lerney Mc Lernon Leslie Lester M' Lester L'estrange Letsome Leveran Leveson Levingston Levins Leviston Lewers Lewis Leyden Leyhane Leyne Mc Lice Liddane Liddel Liddy Liffe Ligget Liggett Lightbody Lilley Lillis Lilly Linahan Linane Linchey Lind Linden Mc Linden Lindsay Linehan Linn Linnane Linnen M' Lintock Linton Lion Lipsett Lister Liston Little Littleton Livingston Livingstone Lloyd Lock Locke Lockhart Loftus Logan Loghnan Logue Lohan Lohan Lombard Londrigan Londy Lonergan Long Longley Looby Loogue Mc Loone Looney Mc Loonie Lord Lordan Lorimer Lorimour Mc Lorinan M' Losky Loughan Lougheed Loughlan Loughlin Mc Loughlin O' Loughlin Loughman Loughnan Loughnane Loughran Loughrey Loughry Lovat Love Lovett Lowe Lowers Lowery Lowney Lownsdale Lownsel Lowroo Lowry Loy M' Lroy Luby Lucas Lucey Lucknawne Ludden Luke Lummacks Lundy Lunn Lunneen Lunney Lunny Luogue M' Lure Lussy Lute Lydon Lyhan Lyhane Lyle Lynagh Lynam Lynane Lynap Lynas Lynch Lynchahan Lynchy Lyne Lyness Lynn Lynskey Lyons Lysaght Lyster Lytle Lyttle

M:   M' Ma Mc Ma Mack Madden Maddigan Maddock Madigan Madill Madole Madowell Magaharan Magahern Magan Magann Magauran Magaurn Magawran Magee Mc Magh Magher Maghery Magill Magillowy Magilly Maginley Maginn Maginnis Magiverin Maglamery Maglammery Magner Magon Magone Magorisk Magorlick Magough Magournahan Magovern Magowan Magrane Magrath Magraw Magreece Magrory Maguigan Maguil Maguire Magullion Magurn Maheir Maher Mahier Mahollum Maholm Mahon Mc Mahon Mahoney Mahony O' Mahony Mahood Maid Maikim Mailey Mairs Maitland Major Ma-Jury Makeon Malady Malcolm Malcolmson Malcomson Maley Malia Malie Mallagh Mallavin Mallew Malley O' Malley Mallon Mallowney Malmona Malone Maloy Malseed Manally Mc Manamon Maneilly Manelis Mangan Manion Mann Manning Mannion Mannix Manron Mansel Mansfield Manus Mc Manus Mara Mark Markey Markham Marks Marley Marlow Marnane Marren Marrilly Marrinane Marron Marsh Marshall Martin Mason Massa Massey Mc Master Masterson Matchett Mateer Mathers Mathews Matthews Maughan Maunsell Maurice Mawe Mawhannon Mawhinney Mawhinny Maxel Maxwell May Mayberry Maybin Maybury Mayduck Mayes Mayne Maypowder Mea Meade Meagher Mealia Mealley O' Mealue Mealy O' Mealy Meany Meara O' Meara Mearn M' Mearty Mc Mechan Mee Meegan Meehan O' Meehon Meek Meekin Mc Meekin Mc Meel Meenagh Meenan Meenhan Meere Megarry Meglamry Meglaughlin Megraw Meharg Meighan Mekill Melay Meldon Melia Mellet Mellon Mellott Melly Melody Melroy Melville Melvin Menaght Mc Menamin Menautt Meneese Mc Menim Menocher Mercer Merdiff Merdy Meredith Mermont Merna Merrick Merrigan Merriman Merryman Mc Merty Metcalf Mewhanan Mewhirter Meyler Mc Michael Middleton Miles Millan Mc Millan Millane Millar Millea Millen Mc Millen Miller Millican Milligan Milligen Milliken Millin Mc Millin Mills Milne Mimnagh Minagh Minett Minford Mingane Miniece Minihane Mc Minn Minnis Minnish Minnitt Minnock Minochor Minogher Minogue Minoher Minteer Miskelly Misskimmins Mitchell Mitten Mitty Moan Moany Mockler Moen Moffat Moffatt Moffet Moffett Moffit Moffitt Moghan Mohan Moir O' Mollan Molloy Moloney Molony Molphy Molumby Molyneaux Monaboe Monaghan Mc Monagle Monahan Mondy Monehan Money Mongan Mongney Mongon Monks Monley Monnelly Monohan Monroe Monsell Montague Montane Montang Montangue Montgomery Moody Moon Mooney Moore Moorehead Morahan Moran Moreen Moreland Moreton Morey Morgan Moriarty Morin Moriss Morley Moroney Morrin Morris Morrison Morrisroe Morrissey Morrogh Morrolly Morrossey Morrough Morrow Mc Morrow Mortagh Morton Moss Moter Motherway Moton Moughan Moughty Mowhannan Moylan Moyles Moynan Moyney Moynihan Muckaree Muckedan Muckeen Muckian Muckilbouy Mucklebreed Muckler Muinagh Muir Muirland Muise Mulavill Mulcahy Mulconry Mulderg Mulderrig Muldon Muldoon Muldowney Mulgrew Mulgrievey Mulgroo Mulhall Mulhartagh Mulherin Mulhern Mulholland Mulhollum Mulholm Mulkeen Mulkerrin Mullaly Mullan Mc Mullan Mullane O' Mullane Mullany Mullarkey Mullee Mullen Mulligan Mullin Mullins Mullock Mullon Mullowney Mulmona Mulqueen Mulreany Mulrennan Mulroe Mulrooney Mulrow Mulroy Mulry Mulryan Mulvanerty Mulvanny Mulvany Mulvenna Mulvey Mulvihill Munday Munnelly O' Muracha Muran Murdoch Murdock Murdough Murdy Mc Murdy Murhilla M' Murlan Murland Murnane Murphy Murray Mc Murray Murricohu Murricohu Murrihy Murrihy Murrin Murt Murtagh Mc Murtry Myers Myhan Myles Mylott Mylotte Mythen

N:   Mc Nabb Mc Nabo Mc Naboe Naghten Mc Naghten Nagle Nail Mc Nair Naish Nally Mc Nally Mc Nama Mc Namara Mc Namee Mc Namorrow Nanany Naper Napier Nary Nash Naugher M' Naught Naughten Naughton Navin Naylor Neal Neale Neaphsey Neary Nee Mc Neece Needham Neef Neehan Neely Neenan Neeper Neeson Mc Neice Mc Neight Neilan Neill Mc Neill O' Neill Mc Neilly Neiper Nelis Mc Nelis Nelson Neper M' Nerlin Nesbitt Nestor Neville Nevin Newcomb Newcome Newell Newman Neylon Niblock Nichol Mc Nicholas Nicholl Nichols Nicholson Nicholson Nickle Mc Nickle Nicol Mc Niece Mc Niff Mc Night Nilan Mc Ninch Nix Nixon Noble Nocher Nocker Nocter Nocton Mc Noger Noghar Nogher Mc Nogher Noher Mc Nohor Nolan Noonan Noone Normile Norris Norrit North Northridge Northridge Norton Norton Noughton Noury Nowlan Nugent Nugent Nulty Mc Nulty Nunan Nunun Nurse

O:    Oakley Oats Ogan Ogle Oins Oliver Olligan Oogan Organ Ormond Ormsby Orr Osborne M' Oscar Oswald Ougan Oulahan Ounihan Owen Owens

P:    Padden Mc Paden Page Pagnam Paisley Palmer Paragon Parill Park Parker Parkhill Parkinson Parks Mc Parland Parle Parlon Parr Parrican Parsons Mc Partlan M' Partland Mc Partlin Patchet Patchy Paterson Patison Patrican Patrick Patten Patterson Patton Patty Paul Payne Peacock Pearson Peel Peg Pegnim Pelan Pender Pendergrass Penders Pendy Penny Pentland Peoples Peppard Pepper Percy Perriman Perrott Perry Peters Petherick Petit Petticrew Pettigrew Peyton Mc Phail Phelan Pherman Phibbs Philan Philbin Philipin Phillipin Phillips Mc Phillips Philomy Picken Pidgeon Pierce Pierse Pierson Pigott Pilkington Pindars Pinder Pinders Pindy Pinkerton Pinkey Pinky Piper Pirie Pirrie Platt Plunkett Poag Poer Pogue Poke Poland Pole Polin M' Polin Mc Polin Polk Pollard Pollock Poole Poor Poots Pope Porter Potter Powell Power Pratt Prender Prendergast Prendible Prendy Prentice Prescott Pressly Preston Prey Priall Price Prichard Prior Pritchard Proctor Prunty Punch Purcell Purdy Purtill Purtle Purvis Pyne

Q:    Quade Mc Quade Mc Quaid Quail Qualter Mc Quay Quee Queen Queenan Quenan Quenn Quick Quigg Quigley Quiligan Mc Quilkan Mc Quilkin Quill Quillan Mc Quillan Quillen M' Quillen Mc Quilliams Quilligan Quillinan Quilty Quin Quinane Quinlan Quinlivan Quinn Mc Quinn Quirk Quirke Mc Quiston Quoid Mc Quoid

R:    Rabbit Racards Ractigan Radford Radwill Rafferty Rafter Raftery Raftiss Rahilly Rainey Raleigh Rall Rally Ralph Ramsay Ramsbottom Ramsey Ranaghan M' Ranald Randalson Rankin Mc Rann M' Rannal Rashford Rath Rathwell Ratigan Rattigan Ratty Raverty Ravy O' Rawe Ray Raymond Rea Ready Reams Reaney Reardon Reddan Reddin Reddington Reddy Redfern Redington Redmond Mc Redmond Redpath Reel Reen Regan O' Regan Reid Reidy Reigh Reilly O' Reilly Rekle Relihan Renan Renehan Rennie Renolds Reppet Reven Reville M' Reynold Reynolds Mc Reynolds Reynoldson Rice Richard Richards Richardson Richey Richmond Ridd Riddell Ridge Rielly Rigney Riley Ring Ringland Riordan O' Riordan Rippet Rippit Ritchie Roane Roarke Roarty Mc Roary Robb Roberts Mac Roberts Mc Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Robson Roche Rochford Rochneen Rock Rodaughan Rodden Roddy Roden Rodgers Rodman Rodmont Roe Rogan Rogers Rohan Roice Rollins Rolston Ronaghan Ronaldson Ronan Ronayne Roney Rooneen Rooney Roonoo Roragh Rorison Rorke O' Rorke Mac Rory Mc Rory Rose Rosebery Rosebrough Rosey Rosmond Ross Rossboro Rossiter Rothwell Rouane Roughan Roughneen Roulston Roundtree Rountree Rourke O' Rourke Rowan Rowe Rowland Rowley Rowney Roxbery Roxborough Roy Royan Roycroft Ruan Ruane Ruarke Mac Rubs Ruddell Rudden M' Ruddery Ruddle Ruddock Ruddon Ruddy Rudican Ruineen M' Rum Runian Rurk Rush Rushford Russell Ruth Rutherford Rutledge Ruttle Ryan Ryder Ryely Ryle Rynn

S:    Sadlier Sage Sallanger Sallenger Sallinger Salmon Salters Sands Santry Sargent Sarseil Sarsfield Saunders Saurin Sausheil Savage Scallan Scally Scanlan Scanlon Scannell Schumacker Mc Scollog Scott Scullion Scurlock Seaton Seaver Sedgwick Seeds Seery Segre Selenger Semple O' Sevnagh Sewell Sexton Seymour Shails Shally Mc Shan Shanaghy Mc Shanaghy Shanahan Shanahy Shanan Shane Mc Shane Shanks Shanley Shannon Sharkey Sharpe Mc Sharry Sharvin Shaughness Shaughnessy O' Shaughnessy Shaw Shea O' Shea Mc Sheaghan Sheahan Sheals Shearer Shearhoon Shee Sheedy Sheehan Sheehy Sheenan Sheeran Sheilds Sheils Shelloe Shelly Shepard Shepherd Sheppard Sherdian Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherra Sherrar Sherrard Sherry Mc Sherry Sherwood Shevlin Shiel Shields Shiels Shillady Shilliady Shilliday Shinagh Shine Shinnagh Shinnahan Shinnock Shirley Shonahan Shonogh Shorelahan Short Shortall Shorten Shortle Shortt Shoye Shunagh Shunny Shurden Sie Silk Silver Simmons Simms Simon Simons Simpson Simvil Sinclair Singen Singin Singleton Sinjun Sinnott Size Mc Skean Skeffington Skehan Skelly Skelton Skillen Mc Skimmins Skinnion Skoolin Skully Slamon Slane Slator Slattery Slavin Slevin Sloan Sloane Sloey Slowey Sloy Small Smallwoods Smiley Smith Smullen Smylie Smyth Smythe Snedden Snee Snoddy Snowden Soden Sodin Somers Somerville Sonahaun Soolivan Soraghan Mc Sorley Soy Spain Sparks Mc Speddin Speed Speers Spelessy Spelman Spence Spencer Spillane Spillessy Splaine Spollen Spratt Spring Sprool Sproule Stacey Stack Stafford Stanley Stanton Stapleton Starrett Staunton Mc Stay Steel Steele Steen Steenson Steinson Stenson Stephens Stephens Stephenson Sterling Stern Steuart Stevens Stevenson Stewart Stinson Stirling Stirratt Stirrett Stitt Stockman Stoddart Stokes Stone Storey Stotherg Strahan Strain Strange Mc Stravick Streatton Streeten Stringer Strong Stuart Studdert Sturgeon Sugrue Mc Suile Sullivan O' Sullivan Sumahean Sumeril Sumerly O' Summachan Summers Sunderland Supple Surgenor Surgeoner Surley Sutherland Suthern Sutton Swan Swanton Sweeney Mc Sweeney Sweeny Mc Sweeny Sweetman Swift Swine Mc Swine Swiney Mc Swiney Switzer Swords Synnott

T:    Taaffe Tackney Taggart Mc Taggart Mc Taghlan? Mc Taghlin Tague Mc Tague ` Tait Talbot Tallon Tally Talty Tangney Tanner Tansey Tarpey Tarrant Tate Tavey Mc Tavish Taylor Teague Mc Teague Teahan Tee Teeling Teerry Teg Teggart Teggarty Teigue Mc Teigue Telford Temple Templeton Tennant Ternan Mc Ternan Terry O' Thina Thomas Thompson Thomson Thorn Thornburg Thornton Thornton Thorpe Thunder Tiernan Mc Tiernan Tierney Tiger Tighe Mc Tigue Timlin Timmin Timmins Timony Timothy Tinin Tinkler Tinsley Tipping Tisdall Titterton Toal Tobin Todd Tohall Tohull Tolan Toland Toman Tomkins Tomlinson Toner Tonson Tooher Toolan Toole O' Toole Tooley Toomey Toompane Toorish Topping Torkington Tormey Torrens Torry Tosh Totten Totton Tougher Tourisk Towey Townsend Townsley Tracey Tracy Trainor Trainor Trant Travers Traynor Treacy Treanor Trehy Trenor Trimble Trim-Lavery Trinlavery Troland Trolen Trotter Trower Troy Trueman M' Trustry Tryn-Lavery Tubrit Tucker Tuhill Tuite Tully Tumbleton Tumblinson Tumelty Tummon Tuohy Turbett Turish Turk Turkington Turley Turnbull Turner Tutty Twamley Tweedie Twigley Twohig Twomey Tyghe Tyler Tynan Tyner Tynnan Tyrrell

U:    Uiske Ultagh Unehan Uprichard Upton Urrell Ushart Usher Usher Ussher

V:    Vahey Vahy Valentine Vallely Vallily Vally Mc Vanamy Vance Vargis Vargus Varily Varley Varrilly Vaugh Vaughan Veakins Veale Mc Veigh Veldon Venton Mc Vicker Vickers Victory Vincent Vogan Vulcougha

W:    Waddell Wadding Waddock Wade Mc Wade Wadock Waldron Walker Wall Wallace Waller Wallis Walls Walsh Walshe Walters Walton Ward Wardlow Waring Warner Warnock Warreck Warren Warrick Warwick Wasson Watch Waters Waterson Watkins Watson Watt Watters Mc Watters Watterson Waugh Weadock Weatherup Webb Webster Mc Weeney Weir Welby Welch Weldon Wells Welsh West Weston Mc Whannon Wharry Wharton Wheeler Whelahan Whelan Wheleghan Whelehan Whelton Whiffle Whin Whinn Mc Whinney Mc Whirter Whitaker White Whiteside Whitla Whitley Whitney Whitsitt Whittle Whitton Whitty Wholihane Whooley Whorriskey Whyte Wickham Wiggins Wightman Wilby Wiley Wilhair Wilkie Wilkinson Williams Mc Williams Williamson Willis Wills Wilmont Wilson Wimbs Winters Wire Wise Wither Withers Wood Woodhouse Woods Woodside Workman Woulfe Woulfe-Nix Wray Wren Wrenn Wright Wrynn Wyber Wyer Wylie Wynn Wynne Wyse

Y:   Yates Yeates Young

Z:   Zorkin