Vol. I - The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans


The Arrival of Scots & English settlers.
This outstanding book documents the families and conditions before and during the settlement of Ireland in the 17th century. Specific individuals and sources are given here, of great interest to family researchers and historians. Among items of interest to family researchers are list of jurors, rent rolls, list of those applying to undertake the settlement (undertakers), and list of soldiers. The actions taken here are still evident in Ireland today, and it would do every interested person to understand how it all began.

This volume is laid out in the following order:
Ulster Before the Fall.
The Orders to Begin the transfer of land
The Project of settling new landholders
Doubts, Delays, and problems
How The Authorities Worked
Specific Results, Names and Arrangements
(New IGF surname index).

The largest and most important volume in the series, it lays the ground work for understanding who and what was involved in this settlement of Ireland.

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), the text includes enlightening 19th century commentary. This book, “The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans” also serves as volume 1 of the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Researchers.

Hardbound with sewn binding for long life. Gold Stamped cover, illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. Special surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7” x 10”. 268 p., published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition.
$54 ISBN 094013442X

Vol I of The Conquest of Ireland series.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    A'Donylls country A'Neyll Achesoun, H. Ackland Adamson, J. Aditheley or Audley Adolphus, G. Aikman, H. Aldridge, J. Aldrige, J. Alexander, C. Alexander, R. Alexander, W. Allin, J. Anderson, E. Anderson, F. Anderson, J. Annesley, F. Annesley, F. Archdale, J. Archdale, J. Arnot, J. Asshe, T. Atherton Atkins Atkinson Atkinson, D. Audelay, Ld. Audeley castle Audley, Lord Audley, Lord Audley, M. Mac anas Mac ans Mac art, Brian Mc Anany, F.

B:   Bacon Bacon's account Bagenal, N. Bagenall Bagenall, A. Bagenall, H. Bagenall, H. Bagenall, M. Bagenall, N. Bagenalls Bagnall Bagnall, H. Bagnall, N. Bagnall's Bagnol, H. Baker Balfour, Lord Banister, W. Barckley, M. Barker, R. Barnewall, J. Beaufort, Dr. Beaufort's Bellindane, J. Bellindane, L. Bellindane, W. Berkely, M. Bethell, R. Bingham Bingham Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Bingley, R. Blaney, Edw. Blantyre Blenerhasset Blenerhassett Blunte, E. Boate, Dr. Bodley, J. Bogas, R. Bogas, R. Bokenham, W. Borthwick, A. Borthwick, D. Bourchier Bourks Bowen Bowen, W. Boyne, Capt. Brabazon, A. Bremingham Brian, Lt. Bromley, T. Brooke Brooke, R. Brookes, B. Broun, J. Brower, W. Browne Brownlowe, J. Brunckar, H. Bruntiland Bruntowe, J. Burghley Butler, B. Butler, C. Butler, Kath. Butler, S. M' Baron, Art Mc Baron, A. Mc Brian, Shane Mc Bryen O Boyle O Boyle, widow O Boyles country O Brien O Brien, M. O Byrnes galloglas

C:   Caithnes Calfield, T. Camden Camden Carew, G. Carew manuscripts Carmichaell Carter, W. Carter, W. Castleton, T. Caston, E. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Caulfield, T. Cayvoloughe as Gaveloc Cecil, R. Chatterton Cheyney, T. Chichester Chichester Chichester Chichester, A. Chichester, C. Chichester, T. Chichester, T. Chichester, T. clanna Rudhraighe Clare, H. Clifford Clifford Clifton, J. Clinton, T. Clontarf Clotworthys Clyston, W. Coach, C. Colby, J. Colby, J. Cole Colhoun, M. Collett, W. Colquhoun Columbkille Composte, T. Coney, T. Connell Connolan, J. Connolan, J. Connor, R. Conway, F. Conway, F. Conway, F. Cooke Cooke, R. Corbett, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Cornwall, E. Cornwall, G. Cornwall, T. Cornwallis, C. Cornwalls Courcy, J. Courtney, W. Coutis, R. Coutts, D. Cowell Cox Crafforde, D. Craig, L. Cranstoun, N. Craufurd, D. Craufurd, J. Craufurd, J. Craufurd, R. Crawford Creichton, A. Creichton, T. Creichtoun Crismas, J. Crosse, R. Culme, H. Culme, H. Cuningham, J. Cunynghame Cunynghame Cursy, J. Cwchullain M' Canns M' Canzie Mac Cooley, E. Mc Cartans country Mc Carten's country Mc Clellane, H. Mc Coey, M. Mc Collo Mc Conell as Macdonnell Mc Connell, A. Mc Connell, R. Mc Cu Uladh Mc Culloch, J. O Caens, D. O Cahan O Cahan O Cahan O Cahan O Cahan O Cahan O Cahan, D. O Cahan, D. O Cahan, D. O Cahan, M. O Cahans O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cahans country O Cathains as O'Cahan O Conner O Conner, N. O Connolan O Connolan, P. O Connor O Connor, D. O Connor Done O Connor Faily O Connor, N. O Connor Sligo O Conolan, J.

D:   Dalaigh, clan Dalrumple, J. Danes Davys Davys Davys Davys Davys Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Davys, J. Dawtry, R. de Burgos de Clare De Courcy de Courcy, J. De Curci de Lacey De Laci Delacy, Hugh Denham, J. Denham, J. Dersley, R. Dertsey, R. Devereux Devereux Devereux Digges, D. Dillan, John Dillon, G. Dillon, H. Dillon, Luke Dillon, R. Dobbs, R. Docwra Docwra Docwra, H. Doddington Donnellys Doubbeny, N. Douglas, G. Douglas, J. Draper, R. Drummond, A. Dudley, R. Dugdale, W. Duke, H. Dumbar, A. Dunbar Dunbar, J. Dunbar, J. Mac Davitts Mac donnell Mac donnell Mac donnell Mac donnell Mac donnell, J. Mac donnell of Isla Mac donnell, R. Mc David, P. Mc Donnell, R. MC Donnell sept O Doghertie's O Dogherty O Dogherty O Dogherty O Dogherty O Dogherty, C. O Dogherty, C. O Dogherty castle O Dogherty country O Dogherty, J. O Dogherty, J. O Dogherty, J. O Dogherty, traitor O Dogherty's O Doghertys O Doghertys O Doghertys body O Doghertys country O Doghertys revolt O Donill O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell, C. O Donnell, C. O Donnell family O Donnell, G. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, H. O Donnell, Hugh O Donnell, Lord O Donnell, M. O Donnell, N. O Donnells O Donnells O Donnells O Donnells O Donnellys O Donovan states O Donyll O Dougerty, J. O Dugan, J. O Dugan, poet

E:   Edney Elliott, Baron Ellis Ellye, C. Everad, A. M' Ellanes or Macleans Mc Edegan Mc Enys's

F:   Fernoley, J. Fettiplace, E. Finlasoun Fish, J. Fitton, E. Fitzedmond FitzGerald Fitzgerald FitzStephen Fitzstephen Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam, W. Fitzwilliam, W. Fitzwilliam, W. Fitzwilliam's Fleming Fleming, C. Flowerdewe, T. Flowerdue Fokinham, W. Foliot, H. Folliott, H. Folliott, H. Folliott, H. Forres, J. Forster, W. Fouller, W. Fuller Fuller, J. Fuller's, Capt. Fullerton, J. Fullerton, J. Fullerton, J. Mc Felim, N. O Falstaf, Teig O Farralls spoils O Flaherty's Ogygia O Flanigan O Flanigan O Flann O Flinn

G:   Galchoule galloglas Gardiner, R. Gardiner, R. Garlon, R. Garrett, R. Garve, N. Garvey, N. Garvey, W. Gaveloc Gaveloc, H. Gaveloc, H. Gaveloc, H. Geimhleach, H. Glasgow, B. Godolphin, W. Gofton, A. Gofton, F. Gore Graham, G. Graham, R. Gray, R. Grey, Jane Grimes, T. Guidlet Guidlett, J. Gulban M' Gwires mother Mac Guire Mac Guire, C. Mac Gwire Mac Gwyers country Mc Gettighan, O. Mc Gill, S. Mc Guire, B. Mc Guire, C. Mc Gwire Mc Gwire, C. Mc Gwiris Mc Gwyre, E. O Gallagher O Gallagher O Gallagher O Grady's

H:   Hadsor, R. Hairt, J. Hairt, J. Hairt, W. Halyrudehous Hamilton Hamilton, A. Hamilton, C. Hamilton, G. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, R. Hamiltons Hanmer Hansard, R. Hansard, R. Harberd Harbert, E. Harmon, W. Harold Harrington, J. Harrington, J. Harris Harrison Hart Hart, Capt. Harte, R. Harte, R. Hatton, C. Hatton, C. Hay, A. Hay, A. Heigham, C. Henshaw Henshawe Henshawe Henshawe Henshawe, Lt. Henshawe, T. Hepburn, R. Hepburne, A. Herbert Higgins Hill, Moses Hills, the Hobert, H. Holmes, H. Home, R. Honinge, H. Honyng, H. Hope Hovenden, H. Hovenden, R. Hovendon, H. Howarde, N. Howe, P. Hubardes, D. Huntington Hutton, E. Hy Tuirtre Mc Henry Mc Hugh Mc Hugh, Shane O Hagan, Art O Hagans O Hanlon O Hanlon, O. O Hanlon, O. O Hanlon, O. O Hanlons O Hanlons O Hanlons O Hanlons O Hanlons country O Hanlons country O Holohan, T.

I:   Inglis, J. Inglis, T. Ireland, T. Irians Irving, R. M' Illanes or Macleans

J:   Johnson, T. Johnstone, J. Johnstoun, E. Jones, T.

K:   Kennet Keogh sept Ker, W. Mc Kena, P. O Kelly O Kelly of Brey O Kellys O Kerroll, W.

L:   Lackford Lacyes Lambert Lambert Lambert, O. Lambert, O. Lambert, O. Lane, F. Langfords Larken Lauder, A. Leche, W. Lee, Capt. Lee, Capt. Lee, Capt. Lee, Capt. Lee, Capt. Lee, T. Lee, Thomas Lee's, Capt. Leiger, A. Leigh, D. Leigh, E. Leigh, J. Lenagh, T. Levingston, G. Levingston,G. Ley Ley, J. Ley, J. Ley, James Ley, James Leycester, R. Lindsay, D. Lindsay, R. Lockhart, S. Loftus, D. Loughlin, M. Lovell, W. Lynch, Dr. M' Laughlin, P. Mac Laughlan, M. Mac lean of Mull Mac lean of Mull Mac leans O Looneys O Lurgue

M:   Magee island Magees Magennis Magennis, A. Magennises Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire, C. Maguire, C. Maguire, H. Maguire, H. Maguire, the English Maguires Maguires Maguires Maguires Maguires castle Maguires country Maguires rent Maguyre, C. Magwire Magwire Magwire Maine, H. Maine, Henry Mallery Mallerye's, J. Marjoribanks Marshall, Mr. Matchet, Mr. Matchett, J. Matchett, J. Matchett, R. Meehan's Meehan's Meeres Meldrum, J. Meluill, J. Mershell, E. Milesian Money, J. Monson, W. Montgomerie Montgomerie Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery, G. Montgomerys Mooney Mooney, Fr. Mooney, Fr. Moore, A. Moore, E. Moore, G. Moore, G. Moore, H. More, H Morre, G. Moryson Moryson Moryson, F. Mote, Wm. Moubra, J. Moubra, W. Mountfort, T. Moy, Henry Moye, H. Mulmorie Mure, J. Murray, G. Murray, G. Murray, G. Murray, G. Murray, G. Murray, T. Muskett, S. M' Mahon mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon Mac Mahon, E. Mac Mahon, H. Mac Mahon, P. Mac Mahon's, H. Mac Mahons Mac Mahons Mac Mahons Mac Mahown Mac Morough Mac Morough, D. Mc Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon, B. Mc Mahon, R. Mc Mahon, R. Mc Mahon's country Mc Mahons country Mc Mahoune, B. Mc Mahowne's country Mc Morogh, D. Mc Mulrony O Mullen, D.

N:   Naunton Naunton, R. Neales Neilson Newton, Lord Nolan, T. Noller, J. Norris, J. Nugent Mac Nessa, C. Mac Nessa, C. Mc Neale, C. Mc Neile, C. O Neale, H. O Neale, S. O Neale, Shane O Neale, T. O Neale's sons O Neall, Arthur O Neall, H. O neilan O Neile, Shane O Neile, Shane O Neile title O Neill O' Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill O Neill, B. O Neill, C. O Neill, Con O Neill, Con O Neill, H. O Neill, H. O Neill, Henry O Neill, Hugh O Neill, Mary O Neill, Mary O Neill, Mat. O Neill, N. O Neill, N. O Neill, O. O Neill princes O Neill, Shane O Neill, Shane O Neill, Shane O Neill, T. O Neill, T. O Neill, The O Neill, the O Neill, the O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills O Neills castle O Neills, rulers O Neills, two O Nell, the O Neyle O Neyle name O Neyll

O:   Oge Orok, D. Outred, H.

P:   Parkins Parsons, W. Parsons, Wm. Pawlett, G. Pawlett, G. Pawlett's Perrot Perrot, J. Perrot, J. Perrot, J. Perrott Perrott Perrott Perrott Perrott Perrott, H. Perrott, J. Perrott, J. Perrott, J. Phillips Phillips, Capt. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Phillips, T. Picts Picts Piers, W. Pikeman Plunkett's Pollard, J. Polwart Pont, T. Powell, W. Power, H. Purves, J. Purves, T. Mc Phelim, B.

Q:   Queen Bess Quigleys point Mc Quillens O Quinns

R:   Raleigh, W. Ramsay, A. Ramsay, T. Ramsey red branch Reeves, Dr. Rely, M. Richeson,J. Ridgeway, J. Ridgeway, T. Ridgeway, T. Ridgeway, T. Ridgeway, T. Rivers, M. Rivett, E. Roe, Francis Roe, Sir F. Roleston, R. Ros. B. Ross, J. Rudricians Rushe, Fr. Rushe, Fr. Russell, E. Mac Roigh, F. Mac Rory O Raillie's country O Realey, J. O Reileys widow O Reilly O Reilly Brefine O Reilly castle O Reillys O Reillys O Reillys O Reillys O Reillys country O Releye, M. O Relye, J. O Reylies country O Reylies spoils O Reyly, John O Rourke O Rourke O Rourke O Rourke, B. O Ruairc

S:   Sachinwell, F. Sackforde, H. Salisbury Saltford, M. Saltforde,M. Saye, Lord Scots, inland Scott Sexton, G. Shaen, F. Shepheard, H. Shirley, Mr. Shirley, R. Shirley's Sibthorpe, C. Skipwith, H. Smailhome, G. Smith, Nath. Smith, Wm. Smyth, A. Southwell, M. Southworth Spanish armada Spedding Spotswood St. Columba St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. John, O. St. Law, T. St. Lawrence St. Leger St. Leger, A. St. Leiger Stafford Stanhaughe, H. Stanley, R. Stanton, T. Steward Stewart Stewart, H. Stewart, J. Stewart, R. Stewart, R. Stone, T. Stowell, J. Strongbow Strongbow Strowbridge, H. Strutton, W. Surveyor, Mr. Sydney, H. Sydney, H. Sydney, H. Sydney, John Sydney, W. Mac Swynes Mac Swynes Mc Shane, H. Mc Swine MC Swine Bannagh Mc Swine, D. Mc Swine Fanad Mc Swine na Doe Mc Swyne Fanad O Sullivan Beare

T:   Taaffe, W. Taaffe, Wm. Tarbett, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Thomson, I. Thomson, I. Thorbrand, A. Thorbrand, G. three Collas, the Throgmorton Thurston, J. Thurston, J. Tir Owen Tirone, Hugh Torphichen, Ld Torroulde, W. Touchet, J. Trevellian Trevor Trevor, R. Tuatha de danann Mc Taggert, W. Mc Toole O Toole, O. O Toole, O. O Toole, Owen O Towell, D. O Turtray

U:   Unwin, W. Upton, A. Ussher, H.

V:   Vaughan, H. Vaughan, J.

W:   Wake, W. Wakeman, J. Wakeman, J. Walker, H. Wallis Wallis Wallis, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Wallis, W. Wallop, H. Wallop, H. Walshingham Warde, E. Warde, W. Wardlau, R. Warren, H. Warren, L. Warren, W. Watkins, A. Watson, J. Watsoun, J. Weir Weir, T. White, N. White, N. Whitechurch Wilbraham Wilkie, J. Williams, Dr. Williams, M. Williams, T. Williams, T. Williams, T. Willies, H. Willis Willis, H. Wilson, T. Wilson, W. Winch, H. Winche, H. Winche, H. Wingfield Wingfield, R. Wingfield, R. Winwood, R. Wirrall, H. Wirrall, J. Wood, A. Wood, J. Woode, T. Wrighte, R. Wyntoun Mc Walter

Y:   Yllis, B.

Z:   Zacheverell, F.