The Complete Book of Irish Family Names

Description: This book is a master index to Irish Family names, to be used for finding locations, sources and variant spellings for specific family names. Over 20,000 listings are given in this hardbound work, along with coats-of-arms illustrated in black and white. Excellent for locating rarer names and what source books they are found in.

The variant spelling index will make you thoroughly familiar with all the ways your Irish name could be spelt, an important part of knowing how to find your family in Ireland. (This book is not intended to be one of family histories - it is a master index. For family histories see OThe Book of Irish Families, great & smallē.)

Part one is the illustration of the black and white coats of arms. Part two is the variant spelling index showing all the different ways your name is spelled including some pretty unusual ones. Part three is the main index of surnames giving specific sources and locations for each name. Includes all names from the birth index of Ireland, the census of 1659 and the Master IGF index. All three parts are in this one book.

Full 8 1/2 x 11 size, hardbound, gold stamped, illustrated and includes coats-of-arms of some Irish families in black and white. Full index. 311 pages. Will go out of print in late 2002 as we only have a few left

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