Tribes & Customs of Hy Many

Description: A rare hard bound work "The Tribes and Customs of Hy Many" in Ireland. This is a scholarly and most respected work from the 19th century, both the gaelic and the English language verions are included in this work, side by side. A premier resource indeed. Originally pubished by the Irish Archaeological Society in 1843, from the Book of Lecan, with the renowned John O'Donovan as editor. Both the old gaelic and modern English text of this work are reproduced in this IGF edition.

Includes the ancient history of the land and families with Notes and Pedigrees on the families of : O'Madden,Kelly, O'Mainin, Mac Keough,Cuolahan, O' Donnellan,O' Naughten, and (Mul)Lally. Including the families of: Knavin - Nevin, Cahill, Dowling, Harrington, O' Conroy, O'Fallon Falon, Mac Gerraghte, O'Kennedy Kennedy(not of Ormond), O'Concannon Concannon, O'Murry, Tracy, Mulduff, Cannan, Connaughtan, Mooney, Finnerty, Finnaghty, Cosgrave, Cosgry, larkin, Donnelly, Brennan, Roddy, Cuolahan, Dooley, O'Coffey Coffey, O'Gledra, O'Kenny Kenny, Curran, Mac Egan, O'Lomain, Fahy,Foran, Cullen/Collins, O'Cravane, Dorcey, D'Arcy, Hughes (Aedha), Cogan,Madagan, O'Lachtnain, O'Laughnan Laughnan, Conwy, and Conway to name a few.

An updated surname index is included only in this edition. Complete with Gaelic and English translation, notes, Hy-Many map, as prepared by O'Donovan in 1843, this is the major source of information for the families of Hy-Many country. (Counties Roscommon and Galway in Ireland.) This work together with O'Donovans 'Hy Fiachrach' is part of one of the truely historic works of the 19th century, and was published as part of the 'old Ireland' series.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Ambrose O' Anli Aodh D' Arcy Athlone

B:   O' Baedain Barker O' Beirne Bellew Bermingham Berminghams invade de Berwick Betagh Bethan Blake Blakeney Blakeney Castle Bolton Boyton Brabacy Brabazon Brady Brannon Brennan Brewer O' Brien O' Brien -Thomond Brindley Brossnaghs Browne Bruce O' Bryen De Burgo Burke Burke Burke ( Sir T.) Burke (De Burgh) Burke of Clan- rickard Burkes Busher Butler Byngham

C:    Cahill Cannan Canning O' Carroll O' Carroll Ely Mac Carthy MOR Mac Carthy's O' Casan O' Ceallaigh Pedigree Mac Cellaigh Chaloner Cian Clan Bresail Mac Clancy Clann Cionaoith Clann Colla Clanna Moirne Clanrickard O' Clery Mac Cochlain Coffey O' Coffey Cogan Mac Coghlan Mc Coleghan Coleman Colgan Collins O' Conaill O' Concannon Coneys O' Connagain Connaughtan Conneely Mc Connell O' Connell O' Connell's portion Connelly O' Conner of Sligo Connigan Conolly O' Conor O' Conor O' Conor -Belanagare O' Conor Roe O' Conor Roscommon O' Conors Conroy O' Conrui Conry Mac Conry Conway Conwy Cooleghan Coote Cosgrave Cosgrove Coskry Costelloe Mc Couleghan Coulighan O' Cravane Crofton Croker Cronelly Cruffon O' Cuilens Cullen Cunningham Cuolahan Cuolahan arms Cuolahan pedigree Curran Curry

D:    Dalton Daly O' Daly O' Daly's Country Darcy Davis (Sir John) Deegin Delvin O' Deny Mac Dermoda Mac Dermot Mac Dermot-Moylurg Mac Dermott Dillon Dillon Castle Dillon-Clonbrock Dolan Dolland Donelans O' Donnell Donnellan O' Donnellan O' Donnellan pedigree Donnellans Donnelly O' Donoghoe O' Donoghy Donovans Doogans Dooley Doorley Dorcey O' Dowd O' Dowda Dowling Drew O' Drinan O' Dugan O' Dugan Duggan

E:   Mac Edmond's Country Mac Egan Mac Egan Egan pedigree Mac Egan pedigree Ely O'Carroll Mc Everye

F:   O' Fahy Fallon O' Fallone -Milltowne Falskey Farragh Farrell O' Farrell O' Farrell -Annaly Fay Fennerty O' Finain Finn Finnaghty Mac Firbis Firbolg Fitzgerald O' Flainn O' Flanagan Mac Floinns O' Flyn O' Flynn O' Flyn's mountain Foran Fosters French

G:   O' Gadhra O' Gallagher Gara O' Gara Mc Garell Mac Geoghegan Mac Geraghte O' Giallas Mac Gilbert Mac Gilla Engin Mac Gladdry Glaisni O' Gledra Glynn Goggan O' Grady O' Grady Lough Green Grosley

H:   O' Halloran O' Hanley country O' Hanlon of Orier O' Hanly's Country Harrington Hartland Hawkins Henderson O' Heyne Hill (Sir William) Hoare Hoare Hodges Horan O' Horan O' Huallachain Hugh Hughes Hugonot Hy-Many Hy-Many lands

K:    Keaveny Mac Kehernie Kehoes Kehoghs Mac Kellie O' Kellies country O' Kelly O' Kelly O' Kelly (Bishop) O' Kelly Abbey O' Kelly at Clontarf O' Kelly- Athleague O' Kelly- Beallagh Kelly branches O' Kelly Castles O' Kelly Clan O' Kelly crest-motto O' Kelly- Lisdalon O' Kelly- Moylough O' Kelly of France O' Kelly of Gallagh O' Kelly of Lecan O' Kelly of Liscor O' Kelly of Turrick O' Kelly pedigree O' Kelly Screen O' Kelly-Farrell O' Kellys ancestor O' Kellys buried at O' Kennedy O' Kennedy Ormond O' Kenny Mac Keogh - Kellys Keogh pedigree Mac Keoghe-Owenagh Keogh's Country Mac Keough Mac Knavin O' Kryan Mc Kygan

L:   O' Laeghog Lally Lally Larcom Larkin O' Laughnan O' Layn Lecan Lee O' Lennan O' Lomain Loman Lomond Lonergan O' Lorcain O' Lorcan of Forth Mac Loughlin O' Loughlin O' Loughlin Burren O' Loughlins Lynch Lyne O' Lyne Lyons

M:   O' Madaghain Madain Maddagan O' Madden O' Madden O' Madden Ancestor O' Madden arms O' Madden chief Madden of Baggotsrath Madden of Fermanagh Madden of Kildare Madden of Monaghan pedigree Madden pedigree O' Madden pedigree Madudan Mageoghegan Magill Magloin Mahon Mac Mahon of Oriel O' Maigin O' Mainin O' Mainnin pedigree Makeogh Malachy Maltby Manen O' Manen Manion Mannin O' Mannin O' Mannin hanged O' Mannine of Mynloghe O' Mannin's Castle O' Manyn O' Manyne Marcolini Martyn of Galway Matthew Mc Melaghlin O' Melaghlin O' Moloye Molyneux Monck Montyre Mooney Moore Moran Morony Moseley Mostyn O' Mulconry Muldoon Mulduff Mulfinnans Mulkerril Mullally O' Mullally O' Mullally pedigree O' Mulloy Mulroney Murphy O' Murry of Ballymurry

N:    Naghtan O' Naghten O' Naghten O' Naghten arms O' Naghten driven out O' Naghten Name O' Naghten of Moynure Mac Naghten of Scotland O' Naghten's country Mac Namara Nangle Naughten O' Naughten O' Neachtain pedigree Neavin O' Neill of Tyrone O' Neills of Ulster Neterville Nevin Mac Nevin Norton Nugent

O:    Owen

P:    Petrie

Q:   Mac Quillan Mac Quillan of the route

R:   O' Reilly O' Reilly of Breifney Roddy O' Rody O' Rorke O' Rorke's country O' Rourke O' Ruairc Russell

S:    Salvador Sassonagh Scottish foreigners O' Scurry M' Shane Shannon River O' Shaughnessy Sheehan Sheridan Smith Sodhan St. Bridget St. Caillin St. Cairell St. Grellan St. Kyran St. Leger St. Patrick St. Patricks knee Stearne Strafford O' Sullivan Beare Sullivans

T:    Terry Tickel Todd Tolendal Tracy O' Tracy O' Treasy Tutet

U:    Ua or O Mac Uallachain Ulskey Usher

W:   Mac Ward Ware Mac William Mac William Burke de Wittly