Tribes & Customs of Hy Fiachrach

Description: This is a very valuable and rare work entitled "The Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach' by John O'Donovan. Complete with translation; notes; Hy Fiachrach map; and folding genealogical chart, this is the major source of information for the families of Hy Fiachrach country. (Counties Mayo and Sligo in Ireland).

No other source can really be compared to this compilation of history and genealogy. Over 500 pages, one section is devoted to the history of the Welsh families in the area. Also included are discussions of the inauguration of the ancient Irish Kings, and existing documents and wills. Inside this work, you will find both the Gaelic and English texts side by side as originally published by O'Donovan in the 19th century. Historians will note that this title is also anciently known as 'The Book of O'Dowd'.

Adding to the history of the Hy-Fiachrach families, one section gives extensive data on O'Dowd, O'Shaughnessy, Cleary, O'Heyne & MacFirbis. Included are hundreds of families, O'Malley, Kane, Markham, Gormley, Gearan, Murray, Burns, O'Gillin, O'Quin, Kearney, Kerrigan.

Also find the pedigrees, arms, castles and lands of Hy Fiachrach families. A special section is dedicated to the map of the ancient terrain. A new IGF updated surname index is included make this edition the best to reasearch of all. As a result of the reception of O'Donovans Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many in 1843, the Tribes and Customs of HY FIACHRACH was published the following year. Thus, this title became the second one offered in the IGF classical Old Ireland series, reproduced in modern times. It is the only republication of the work known.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Mac Andrew D' Arcy Mac Aveely Mac Avoy

B:    Balds, Mr. Ballybetaghs (lands) Banain, estate of O' Banan Baroid Barrett Barretts Barretts of Erris Barretts of Munster Barretts Tirawly Barrott Barry (Connaught) Barry's Castle O' Bearga, descent O' Beollain of Tireragh O' Berga Bermingham Bingham O' Birn O' Blighe Boland Borumha Breathnach O' Breslen Brian Borumha O' Brien O' Brien of Balynue Brimigham Brodiff Mac Brody Historian O' Brogain O' Brogan Brogans O' Broin or O'Byrne Browns Bruin Brunus Buidhe Burke Burke (slain) Burkes Burren (territory) Byrne inaugrated Byron Bysset

C:   O' Caemhagan O' Cahan of Londonderry Cahill O' Cahill Callaghan O' Callaghan of Erris Cambrensis Canning Mac Caomhain O' Caomhain O' Caomhain country Caomhan Caomhan Carews of Munster Carey Carney Mac Carrick Carrunachs Mac Carthy More Inaug. Mac Carthy of Muskerry O' Casey O' Cathail O' Cathains Cathal Cathal Dubh O'Dubhda O' Cathan Cavanagh Ceallach, Saint Mac Cele O' Ciardha Clancy of Clare Clann Firbisigh Clann Heil (Welsh) Clann Hosty (Welsh) Clann Mec n-Earca Clann Neill Ui Dubhda Clann Phillip Clann Riein (Welsh) Clann Robert Clarke O' Cleerie Cleireach O' Cleri O' Clerie O' Clery O' Clery Pedigree Cnoc na Maill O' Coffey's Fort Mac Coinin O' Coitil Coleman Colgan Collins account O' Colmain Mac Colwan Comerford O' Comhdhan Comyn Mac Conboirne O' Conboirne Mac Conborney Mac Concathrach O' Congaile Mac Conleitreach Mac Conlena Mac Conletreach Conmys O' Connagain Connaught Connaughtan Conneely Connell (Bishop) O' Connor Conor O' Conor O' Conor Sligo O' Conor, the redhanded O' Conors of Croghan Conry (O'Mulconry) Conway Conwys Conyers Coolahan Cooney Cormac Cornelius Cosnamhach Cottle Cowgan Coyne O' Creachain Creaghan Creaghe O' Crean Cromlech Cromwell, Oliver Mac Cruitin Cuffe O' Cuimin O' Cuinn Mac Cuinn -Coolcarney O' Culachain Cummin(s) Cunniam Cunnion Curnins, books of Currin Curry Mac Curtin Historian Cusack

D:   O' Daly Darcey D'Arcy. Darkey Mac Dary Mac Dathi Davis Dean Dearg DeBurgo O' Derg Mac Dermod Mac Dermot Mac Dermott Derrick Derrig Dillon (Thos.) Dinneen O' Discin Dolphin Donaghy Donnchadha O'Down Mac Donnell O' Donnell O' Donnelly chief Mac Donogh O' Donoghoe Donohoe O' Donohoe Mor Inaug. O' Donovan O' Donovan seated Doran Dorcey O' Dorchaidhe Dorsey in America Dowager O' Dowd O' Dowd of Dublin O' Dowd pedigree O' Dowda O' Dowda Arms etc. Dowdall Dowde O' Dowde Downing Driscol, territory of Mac Duach O' Duanma Duanmaigh O' Dubhagain O' Dubhagan O' Dubhda Duddy (see O'Dubhda) Dugan O' Dugan Duggan O' Duibhghiolla O' Duibhlearga Dulpin Dunphy O' Duraghy Durrig Duscooley Duscully Duvegan Dwire of Tipperary

E:    Ealgach Mac Egan (brehon) Mac Eoin of Antrim

F:    Faherty Faly O' Farrells Castle Feeney Ferbissy Fiachrach O' Finaghty O' Finan Mac Finn Finnagan O' Finnaghtys Finnure Kilrea O' Fionnacain O' Fionnchalamh Mac Firbis Mac Firbis Pedigree Mac Firbises Mac Firbisigh Firbisse O' Firghil Fitzgerald Fitz-Robert O' Flaherty O' Flainn O' Flaitiles Flanagan O' Flannabhra O' Flannagans Flannelly Flannelly of the Lough Flatilly Flatly Flattery Fleming, Adam O' Floinn O' Flynn Folan of Galway Forbes (Scots) Fox Freele O' Fuada O' Fuala O' Fualairg

G:   O' Gadans O' Gaibhtheachain O' Gallagher Gannon O' Gara of Moy O'Gara Gaughan O' Gaughan Gearan Gearon O' Geradhains Geraghty Ghest, Lady Ellenor Gilduff O' Gilin Mac Gillibhuidhi Gilligans Mac Gillikellys Mac Gillimir O' Gillin Gillmor Gilmer Mac Gilrea Mac Gilwane (Scots) Giraldus Glennon O' Gloinin Glynn Godan Godwin Goodwin Gorman O' Gorman of Clare Gormilly Gormley O' Gormog O' Gowan of Cavan Graham Grainseach Grange Gransha Greaghan Greahan Grehan Greneway

H:   O' Hagan residence Mac Hale O' Hanlon O' Hara of Leyney Hardiman Hayes O' Hea O' Hea, Hughes Heanaghan Heany O'h-Enda O' Hearnan O' Heerin Hefferine O' Hein O' Hein of Lydegane O' Heine of Ledigan O' Helvick Helwick O' Helwick Heraghty Herberts of Limerick Hernon Heverine O' Heyne O' Heyne Castle O' Heyne pedigree O' Heyne the toothless O' Heynes O' Heynes contry Hodges Hoel Holcroft Holingshed O' Holloran of Galway Hosty Howard Howell Hughes Hurd Hynes

I:    Ifar Mac Ilrea Mac Ilwane (Scots) Inauguration cites Inauguration of Chiefs Index - general Index supplement Ivor

J:    Jocelyn Mac Jordan Joyce

K:    Kane O' Kane of Londonderry Kavanagh Kavanagh of Carlow Kearney Keary Keating Keatings History Keevan Keewan O' Keewans O' Kelly Keogh, Rev. John Mac keon O' Kerin Kerrigan Kevigan Kilboy Kilcummin Kilduff Kilkelly Killeen Killikelly King of Connaught Kirwan (Irish) Knox of Rappa Castle

L:   O' Lachtna O' Lachtna(in) Lacken O' Laitiles Mac Lanagan Land divisions Lanigan Laoghaire Larissy Lawless O' Leary mansion O' Leary of Cork O' Learys seat Leasy Leatha, the ancient Lennon O' Lennon Leonard Mac Lhlewellin Loftus Mac Lonan the poet Mac Loughlin Loughnane O' Luachaim O' Luachain O' Luachair Lynch Lynchy Lynotts Lyons

M:    Ma Cuinn Ma Gloinsg Magauran Mageoghegan Mageraghtys O' Maghna Magilin MaGloinsg Magoran Magrath Maguire Mc Mahowne of Clare O' Mailcana O' Maille O' Mainnin Mainy Makeogh (poet) O' Malley Mangan O' Maoilaichen O' Maoilbreanainn O' Maoilconaire O' Maoilfhiona O' Maolduin Map Index O' Marcachans Markham Mason O' Meeney O' Meeneys Town Meeny Merrick Milford Minahan of Erris O' Mochain O' Mochaine Moghan O' Moghan Mohan O' Molina O' Mollina Molouny Molt Mongan Mooney Moores O' Morain Moran Morissy Morrison Morrissey O' Muireadhaighs Muldoon Muldoon of Tireragh O' Mulratty Mulrenin O' Mulrony Mulroyne Mungan Murphy Murray O' Murray Mac Murrogh Mac Murrough Kavanagh Musgrave

N:   Mac Namara Mac Namara tribe O' Neale Inaug. Mac Neill O' Neill O' Neills Brehones Mac Nell Newton O' Nolan of Carlow Noone O' Nuallain Nuane Nugent

O:   Mac Owen

P:    Partry Petits Petrie Petty Mac Philbin Placename index Powell, Major

Q:    Quigly (Coiglidh) Mac Quillin of route O' Quin O' Quin of Meath Quinn Mac Quinn

R:    Radavan O' Radubhan O' Rafferty of Skreen Rattan O' Reilly Riabhach River Robe Roden, Lord. Rollan Rollin O' Ronains Ronan (Connaught) Ronayne (Munster) Rosserk O' Rothlain O' Rourke O' Rourke, King O' Rourke's town Rowley Ruane Ruarkus Rush Russell

S:    Scanlan Scannail of Cairbre O' Scannlain, pedigree Mac Scellig (Scots) Scully O' Sgingin O' Shaghnissye O' Shaughnessy Arms O' Shaughnessy Galway O' Shaughnessy pedigree O' Shaughnes'y O' Shea O' Shughnessy (Will of) Sidney Smith Smith of Cavan O' Spealain O' Spelan Spellan Spillaan Spillaine St. Fiachrach St. Gerald of Mayo St. Patrick St. Patricks Travels St. Patricks Well Staunton Stone of Carbury Strange O' Suanaigh O' Sullivan Inaug. Swift

T:    Tarpy O' Tegha Thomas Mac Tiernans O' Tiernans Tierney Tirconnell Todd O' Toffey O' Toghdha Tomlyn (clann) Torpy O' Triallaigh, story of Tyrrell (Capt. Ed.)

V:    Vippler

W:    Wallace Walsh Ware Mac Wattin Mac Wattin Barrett Wellesley Welsh Clanns Welsh Tribes White White Knight Mac William William - Conquerer Wood

Y:   Younge