Families of County Clare, Ireland

Description: Here is the book for you if your family came from Clare. The 'Families of Co. Clare, Ireland' was originally produced as the 3rd book in the special 32 volume 'Irish Families' series of family history and genealogy. This one of a kind book focuses exclusively on families found in County Clare. It includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families from Scotland, England and Wales, from the earliest times to the the 20th century. It follows the master volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research in Clare, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Clare families. An address list for resources is included along with genealogical notes which will help any family research project.

Among the families given the most coverage in this work are O'Brien O' Bryan O'Brian; Brody; Clancy; O Connor O'Conner; Creagh; O'Dea; Mac Gorman; O' Grady Grady; O' Hehir; O' Loghlin Loughlin; Mac Mahon; Moloney; MacNamara; Neylon Neillan...etc...there are too many families to list here of course, and the list of families runs into the hundreds! Also included are extracts from older histories of County Clare by Frost and White as they relate to specific Irish families. Forming most of the old territory of Thomand, many families will overlap into County Limerick as well as County Clare.

A one of a kind resource book! Size: 6 x 9, gold stamped cover, 167 pages, illustrated, coats-of-arms, maps, surname index.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abbot Abbott Abercombie Abercomby Abercromby Abott Mac Adam Mc ADAM Adams Mac Adams de Affoun Agard Agaurd Agherin Ahearn Ahearne Ahern O' Ahern Aherne O' Aherne O' Aherne of Cratloe Ailmer ALCORN Alcorne Alexander Allcorn Alltraighe Mac ancarrigg Ancient Tribes Andrews Annals of the 4 Masters Appleyard Arbuthnot Arbuthnut Archdeken Arkins Armada, Spanish Armstrong O Arrny Arther Arthur Arthur Mac Arthur Ash Ashe Austin Australia Australia destination Aylmer

B:    Bacon Bagally Baggott Bagly Bagot Bagott Bailey Baily Baine Baines O' Baiskind Baker Bakey Ball Ballanger Ballenger Ballicar Castle Ballinger Ballyclogh illus. Ballykit illus. Banard Banatyne Bane Bannatyne Barber Barclay Barett Barnabas Barnard Barnwell Baroid Barret BARRETT Barretts Barrie Barry Baskin Bastard Bate Baylee Bayley Bayly Beakey Beaky Bearken BEARKIN Bedford Begally Begley Begly Bellew Bellinger BELLOW Bellowe Bellue Benes Benfield Bennes Bennett Bennis, Bennish Bentley Bently Bently Beolane O Beolane BERETON Bernard Bierne Big Bigg Biggs Bigoe O' Billraidhe O' Billry Binden Bindon Bingham Birch Birth Index Blackall Blackhall Blackwell Blagrafe Blagrave Blagrofe Blagrove BLAKE Blake Blankenship Blankinshop Blenkinsop Blood Blood arms BODKIN Bohilly Bolan Boland Bolger Bolgier Bolster Bolten Bolton Bonfield Books Boon Boone Boroimhe, Boru Borough Boru Bouchier Bourk Bourke Bourke Burke de Burgo Bourke in 1659 Bourne Boy Brady Brady Brown Branley Branly BRAZIL Bresnahan BRETT Brew Brian Mac Brian O' Brian Brickdall Bridgeman O' Brien O' BRIEN O' Brien O Brien O' Brien arms O' Brien births O'O' Brien in 1659 O' Brien, Kings of Thomand O' Brien of Arran O' Brien of Thomand O' Briens O Briens O Briens O' Briens Country Brigdale Brigdall Brine Briody Brittas Broadford Mac Brodie Brodin M' Brodin, Mac Broudin Brody Brody Mac Brody M' Broudin Brown Browne Browne arms Browning Browns Bruodin Mac Bruodin Bruody Mac Bryan O' Bryan O' Bryen Bryen Mc, O' Budden Buggler Bugler BULGER Bunratty Bunratty Castle Bunratty Castle illus. BURDETT Burgess Burk Burke Burke in 1850s Burkes Burn Burnell BURNS Burns of Ballymacona Burren, the Burton Bury Bushell Butler Butler Butler Butler in 1659 Butler-Creagh, arms Byrne

C:   O' Cadhla Mc CAE Cahan Mc CAHAN O' Cahan O' Cahan Cahane Cahane O' Cahane CAHILL O' Cahill O' Cahill & Cahill Caine Calcut CALENE California land Callaghan O Callaghan O' Callaghan arms Callaghane Callaghane O' Callaghane Callahan Callinan Callinane Camden Canada Canada destination Mc Cann Cannovan Cannovane CANNY CANOVANE Cantillon CANTWELL Capel Capell Capelman Caple CAPLEMAN Cappa Castle Cappel Cappelman Carleton Carlton CARMODY Carmody O' Carmody Carmody in 1850s Carnellisson Carney Carr Carrigaholt Carrigg O Carrol, Carroll Carroll Carroll of Ballycairns O' Carrull Carter Carthy Mc CARTHY Mc Carthy O' Carthy Mc Carthy in 1659 Mc Carthy in 1850s Mc CARTNEY Carty of Coogy East CASEY O' Casey Casey & Cassy O Cashea, O'Cashey Cashel Cassey O' CASSIDY CASSY Cassy Mc Cassye Castles occupied Casy O' Cathaill Cathal Mc Cay O' Ceadfadha Chamberlain Chambers Chaplin Chapling Chenevix Chinnery Church O Cindergain Cindregan Cineal Cuallachta Clan an Giolla Mhaoil Clan Cuilean clan Culein Clan Dermot clan Lorcain Clan Turlogh Clanchie Mc Clanchie Clanchy O' Clanchy Clancy Mac Clancy Clancy births Clancy in 1659 Clancy of Carrigard Clancy of Coolreigh Mac Clancys Claras Clare de Clare Clare Castle Clare town Clare Wills Clarey Clark Clarke Clary Cleary Mc Cleary Clenett (Clignett) O' Clerkin Clifford Clignett Cloghessy, Clohessy O' Clohessy Clonderlaw Clonroad Castle Cloon Cloonherna Castle Clovane Clune, Cloone Coalpis Coats of Arms Cobb Cocks Cocks Cockson Coffee O Coffey O' Coffey of Owney Coffie Cogane Collens Collins Collins Collins of Ballycairns Collins of Killanena Colpois Colpoy Colpoys Colpoys Comane Comane Comin Comine Commane Comyn, Comane Comyne O Conaing Conellane O' Conellane Conery O' CONKLIN Mac Conmara Mac Conmara bk. Mac Conmaras Conneely Connell O CONNELL O' Connell, Connell Connellan O' CONNELLAN Connellane Connelly Conner O' Conner CONNERY Connol Connole Connolly Connor Connor Mc Connor O CONNOR O' Connor O' Connor arms (Clare) O' Connor in 1659 O' Connors O' Connory CONNY Conny, Cunny O' Conole Conor O' Conor Conor of Ballymacona Conory Conroy Conry Mc Consdin, Consdin Mc Considan Considine Considin O' Considin Mac Considine Considine in 1850 O' Conuing Convict Poet O Conway Conways COOGANE Cook Cooke Cool Coole Coom O Cooney Coony Cooper Copley Coppenger Coppinger Corbane Corbett Corca Bhaiscinn Corca Modhruadh Corcabaskin map Corcomroe Corcu Baiscind Cordue Cormack Cormican Cormick O' Cormick O' Cormicks Corofin Corr Corridon Corrodan Corry O' Corry Costello Costelloe Mc Costelloe Cotter Coul Coule COULPYS Cox Cox Cragg Cragmore Hills Craig Cransborough Cransborrow Cratloe Castle Craven Creagan Creagh Creagh Creagh O' Creagh Creagh arms Creegan Cregan Cregg Crews Crofts Croghan Croghen Croker Cromwell Cromwellian settle. map Crotty, O'Crottie Crow CROWE O Crowle O' Crowley Cruice Cruise Crutchley Cuff, Cuffe Cuffe Cuffe Cuggeran O' Cuillein Cuin O' Cuin O' Cuinin Culane Culein O' Culenane Culinane Cullan Cullane O' Cullane Culleen Culleen Calene Cullegane Cullen Cullen CULLIGAN Culligan of Moyeralla CULLINAN O' Cullinan Cullinane of Coogy East Culliny Culliver Culloe Culloo Mc Cullough Cullow Cuneen Cuneen Cunigam Cunigan Cunigane O' Cunigane Cunningham Cunny Cunny Curd Curnane Curran O' Curran Currane Curren Curry O' Curry Mc Curten CURTIN Mac Curtin CURTIS Cusack Cusack in 1659 Cusack of Knockaclara Cusack of Monmore Cusacke Cussocke Mc Cussocke

D:   D'Alton D'Arcy D'Esterre Dester Dackson Dae Mc Dae O' Dae Mc Dae, O'Dae Daffy O' Daffy Dailey Daily Dal gCas Dalcassion Daley Dalley Dallis Dally O' Dally DALTON Daly O' Daly Daly in 1659 Daly in 1850's Mc Daniel Mc Daniell Daniels Danter Darcey Darcy Dartnell Daugherty Daulton Davenport Davern Davis Davit O' Davoran Davoren O' Davoren Dawes Dawson Daxon Day O' Day de Braose de Burgo de Clare de Cogan de Lacies de Long O' Dea O Dea O' Dea in 1850s O Dea, O' Day O' Dea, Story of Rebel Clan Dean Deane O' Deas Delahanty Delahide Delahoyde Delahunty Delahyde Delaney O' DELANY Delmage Delmege Denn Derby Dermody Dermody Mc Dermot Mc Dermott Dester Devitt O' Dicholla Dickson Dillane O' Dilleen Dillon Dillon of Ballycairns O' Dinan Dinan of Lissofin O' Dinane Dineley O' Dinnahan Directories Dixon Dogherty Dolmage Mac Donagan Donaghue Donahue Donal Donegan Donel Donelly Donnegan Mc Donnel Donnell Mac Donnell Mc Donnell O Donnell O' Donnell O' Donnell of Ulster Donnellan Donnelly Mc Donnogh Mac Donnough Mac Donogh Mc Donogh Donoghow O' Donoghow Donoghue O Donoghue Donogoroge Castle Donohoe Donohue O' Donohue in 1850 Donough O' Donovan Doogan O' Doogan Doogin DOOHAN O' Doohan Dooley Dougherty Dounter O' Dovoren Dowley Dowling Downes Downey Doyle O Doyle O' Drennan Drew Drinan O Driscoll O' Droighneain Drury O' Duane O Dubhduin Duffy Dugan O' Dugan Duigin O' Duigin Dundon Dunn Dunne O' Durack O'O' Durack of Ogonnelloe Dwire Mc Dwire Dwyer O DWYER O Dwyer O' Dwyer in 1659 O' Dwyers of Kilnamanagh Dwyre Mc Dwyre O' Dwyre Dyer Dysert O'Dea Dysert O'Dea illustration

E:   Eaton Edmond Mc Edmond Mc Edmond Edmund Edwards O Egan Elliott Ellis Ely EMERSON Emmerson Mc Encarriga Mac EnChroe Mac Enchroe of Inagh Mc Encroe Mac Encroe Mac Enroe Mac Eneiry England English Colonists Ennis Ennis illus. Ennistymon Enright Eustace Evans Evarald Eveers Everard EVERS Eyres

F:   Fagherty O' Faherty Fahy Fallon Falloon Falloone Falvey O' Falvey Faning Fanning Fanning Fanyng Farrelly Faugherty Fennar Fennell Feolane Feolane Ferilly Ferilry Feris Ferrilla Ferrilla Ferilly Ferilry Ferrilly Ferris Finch Mc Fineen Mc Fineene Finnerrell Mac Finnucane Finucane Mac Firbis Fitton Fitz Gibbon Mc Fitz James FitzEdmond FitzGerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald arms Fitzgerald in 1659 Fitzgerald in 1850 Fitzgeralds Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrold Fitzgibbon FITZHARRIS FITZJAMES FITZJOHN FitzMaurice FITZMERIE Fitzmorrice Fitzmorrish Fitzmorrish FitzNicholas FitzPatrick Fitzwalter Fitzwilliam O' Flagherty Flaherty O' Flaherty O' Flaithri Flanagan Flanaghan Flanigan Flanigane O' Flanigane Flannery O' Flannery O' Flattery Fleming Flemyng Fleming Flower Floyd Flymynge Flynn O Flynn Foley Foord Foot Foote Ford Forde Forestall Forrestal Forrester Forstal Forstall Forster Foster Foulk Fox Fox of Ballymacona Frawley Free Passage Freeman Freena French FREND Friend Frost Furlong

G:   Gabbett Gage Gallery O Galligan Galvin O Galvin O' Galvin Galvin of Carhudoty Galway Galway county Galwey Mc Gan Mc Gann O Gannon Garden Gardin Mc Garrett Garvan Garvane Mc gee Gegynn Gentleman geography of Clare Geohagen Gerald O' Geran O Geran, Gerane Gerane Gerane & Girane Mac Ghee Gibbings Gibbon Mc Gibbon Gibbons Gibson Gilkelly Mac Gillapatrick Mac Gillareigh Mac Gillariabhach M' Gillehanna Gillenane Guillernane Mac Gillereage Gillery Gilligan Mc GILLIKELLY Mc GILLIREADIE Gilpatrick Mac Gilsenan Giltinan of Ballycairns Giran Girane M' Girrigine Glass Gleason Gleeson Glisane Glissane O' Glissane O' Glissane Mac Gloin Gloinn Gloster Mac Gluin Glynn Gluinn Glynn Going Goodwin Goold Gore O' Gormain Gorman Mac Gorman O' Gorman O' Gorman Mac Gorman arms O' Gorman in 1850s Gormon Gough Gould Gowla Grace O' Grada Grady O GRADY O' Grady O' Grady arms O' Grady & Grady O' Grady in 1659 O' Gradys Granier Graniere M' Grath Mc Grath in 1850s Mc Graw Gray Green Greene Greenway Gregg Gregg of Killanena Grene Griffa Griffen Griffen births Griffey O' Griffey Griffey in 1659 Griffin Griffin in 1659 Griffiths Valuation Griffy O Griffy O' Griobtha Gripha O' Gripha GRIPHEEN GROGAN Grosse Isle Grypha O' Grypha Mc GUANE Mac Gucarrick O' Guillernane Guilligan Gunning O Gunning O' Gunning Guthrie

H:   Hackins O' HAGAN Hagarty Haggarty Haggerty Haire O' Haley(s) Hall Halley Hallinan O' Hallinan Hallinane Halloran O' Halloran Halloran births O' Halloran in 1659 Hallurane O' Hallurane Hally O' Hally Halpin Ham Hamilton Handcock O' Haneen, Hannon Hanen Hanley Hanley(s) Hanon O Hanraghane Hanrahan O Hara O' Hare Haren Harkins Harold Harris Harrison Harrold Hart O' Hart Hart of Ballymally O' Hartigan Hartigan of Ballycairns Hartigans HARTNEY Hartt Harwell Hasett O' Hashea Hasley Haslopp Hasset Hassetts Hastings Haugh Hawford Hawkins Hayes Hayes in 1659 Hayne O' Hayne Hea O' Hea, Hea Healy Healy of Coogy East O' Hearn Hearne Heathcott Hederman O' Hederman O' Heerin O' Heffernan Heffernane Hegarty Hehir O' Hehir O' Hehir O' Hehir in 1659 Hehir in 1850s Heines Hell or Connaught Hen Henchy, Hinchy Henessy O' Henessy, Henessy O Heney Henn Henn arms Hennessey Hennessy O Hennessy O Hernane Hernon Herr HEWES Hewett Hewitt O' Heyne O Heyne Heine Heynes Hibart Hickey O' Hickey Hickey in 1659 Hickie Hickman Hickman Hickman Hickman arms Hicks Hicky Hide Hierly Hiernane Hiffernane Hill Hillery Hilliard Hinchy, Hinchey Hine Hines Hiwys Hobson Hodges Hoff Hogan O HOGAN Hogan in 1659 Hogan in 1850s O' Hogan of Ara Hogan of Erribul Hogane O' Hogane, Hogane Holland Holloran Honeen O' Honeen O' Honyn Hooregan Hopditch HOPKINS Houlihan O' Houlihan Houregan Hourigan Hovenden Howard O' Howard O Howard, O'Huir Howenden Howes Howley O' Howley O' Huer Hughes Huir O' Huir Huleatt Huleatt Huleattz Hulott Huneen Hunt Huntley Huntly Huoneen Huonyne Huott Hurd Hure O' Hurley Hurly Huscared Huscarett Huscarred Huscarredd Huscarrett Hy Cormac Hy Garman Hyde Hynes

I:   Ibrickan map Ievers Mc Incargy Mc Incarigie Mac InCarrick Mac Incarrigg Mac Incarrigg(a), Carrigg Inchiquin INDERME Mac Ineiridhe Mc Inerhidny Mc Inerhny Mc Inerhny Inerny Mc Inerney Mc Inerney births Mac Inerney Eneiry Mac Inerneys Ingoldsby, Ingoldesby de Interberg Ipslie Irish Army Irish Speaking Islands in the Fergus Ivers Castle Ivers Ievers

J:   Jackson James Mc James Mc James Jenkins John Johnston Johnstone Jolley Jolly Jones Jordan JOY Joynt Julley Jully

K:   Kane Keane Mac Kay Mc Kay Kean Keane O Keane Keane births Kearn O' Kearney O' Kearney, Carney Keary Keating Keatings History Keaton Keefe O' Keefe Keeffe Keegan O' Keife O' Kelleher Kelliher O' Kelliher Kelloher Kelly Kelly Kelly births O' Kelly of Galway Kelly of Muckinish Kelly-Kenny Kenedy Kennedy O' Kennedy of Killokennedy O' Kennedys Kenny Kent Keogh Keough Kerin O' Kerin O' Kerine O' Kerins O' Kerrin Kerry (county) Kerwin Kett O' Kett O Kiefe Kiervane Kildysert Kilfarboy book Kilfarboy book Kilfenora Kilfenora, book Kilkee Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe arms Killaloe book Killeen O' Killeen Killian Killmallock Kilmacduagh book Kiloughery Kilpatrick Kilroy Kilrush O' Kinealy King King Henry Kingsat Kingsmill Kinnane Kinnerk Kinny Kirby Kirwan O' Kirwick Kitson Knock Knockalappa Knopoge Castle Knox

L:   Lacey, de Lacy Laghlen Lahiff Lane O' Laughlin Lawless Lawliss Lawlor O Leadon O' Leary Lee Leech Lefroy Lench Lenchy Lennon O' Lennon Leo Leonard Lernighan Lernihan Leslie Leyden Leydon de Leyudperun Libraries Liddane LIDDY O' Liddys Lillis Linane Lindsay Line Linnane Liscannor Lloyd Loftus Mc Loghlen O' Loghlen O Loghlen Mc Loghlin O Logue Lone O' Lonergan Long Longfield LOONEY Lopdell Los Angeles Times O' Loughlen Loughlin Mc Loughlin O' Loughlin O Loughlin O' Loughlin O' Loughlin arms O' Loughlin in 1659 Loughnane of Coogy West Loyd LUCAS O' Lurkan Lorcain Lydon Lyedie Lynch O' Lynch Lynch births O' Lynche Lynchy Lyndsay Lyne Lyons Lysaght Mac Lysaght Mac Lysaght arms

M:   Mack O' Mackessy MacNamara -Ballycairns O' Madagan Madden Madigan Madigane O' Maelchalloin O' Maeleithigh O' Maelmacasa Magee Maghlin Maglynn Magrath Magrath Magrgh Maher Mahon Mac Mahon Mc Mahon Mc Mahon arms Mc Mahon births Mc Mahon in 1659 Mc Mahon of Coolreigh Mc Mahon of Lissofin Mc Mahon of Muckinish Mahoney O' Mahoney Mahoney in 1659 Mahony Mc Mahony Mahowna O' Maille Mailor O Maine Mainwaring O' Malley O' Malleys Mallon Malloon Malloone Malone O' Malone Malone in 1850s Maloney Maloney arms Mandowel Maninains Mannions Mansal Mant O Maoelconery O' Maoilmeda Maolain Maolconnery Map of Clare Mara O' Mara Marcaghane March Margetson Markham Marnell Martin Martyn Massey Matheson Maunsal Maunsall Maunsell Maurice Fitz Maurice Mayne McLoghlen Mead Meade Meaghane Meagher Meale Meaney Meaniman Meanman Meany Meara Meare Meares Mee O' Meeghane Meehan O' Meehan Meehan of Killanena O' Meehans Meere Meers of Coogy East O Melaghlin Melody Menamin Mac Menda Mc MENDA Meolane O Meolane O' Meolane Merie Merryman Mescall Meskell Metham Mexican gov. Mighane O Mighane O' Mighane Milan of Erribul Miller Milmoy Miltown Malbay Minighane Minihane Minogue Minoge Moinmore Battle of Molan Moland Mollahan Mollane O' Mollane Mollohan Moloney Moloney Moloney O' Moloney Moloney births Moloney in 1659 Molony MONARTO Monihan Monsell Moor Moore Moran More Morgan Moriarto Moriarty Morice Morissey O' Morny Moroney O' Moroney Morony of Coolreigh Morres Morrice Morris Morrish Fitz Morrish Morrissy Mc Morrogh Mac Morrough Morrow Mc Morrow Mortagh Mc Mortath Morton Moseley Mou Mounsal MOYLAN Moylan Moylane Moynihan Mubrell de Mucegros Muintear Ifearnain Mulconery Mulconnery Mulconry O' Muldoon O' Muldoon Mulholland Mullan Mullane Mullen Mullens MULLINS MULLONY Mulloon Mullowney Mullowny Mullowny O' Mullowny O' Mulmea Mulmoy Mulqueany Mulqueen O Mulqueen MULRONEY Mulrooney Mulvehill O' Mulvihill Mulville Murphy Murphy births Murphy in 1659 Murray of Killanena Mc Murrogh Murrony Mac Murrough Murtaugh

N:   Naghten Nagle Mac Namara Mac Namara Mac Namara Mac Namara Mc Namara M' Namara arms Mc Namara births Nash Naughton, Norton OO' Neachtain Neagle Nealane O' Nealane O' Neall NEENAN O' Neilan arms Neiland O' Neill O' Neill O' Neill in 1850s Neillan O' Neillan Neilon Nelligan Mc Nelly Mc Nemara Mc Nemarra Mc NENDA NESTOR Mc Nestor New Zealand NEWLIN Newman Newmarket on Fergus Newspapers Newspapers Neylan O' Neylon Neylon in 1659 Neylon in 1850 Neylon, Neillan Nicholas Nichols Nightengale Nightingall Nihell O' Nihell Nihill O' Nihill Nilan Nolan Noonan Norman Norman Settlers NORMILE Normoyle Norten Norton Nugent Nylan Nyland, Niland

O:   O'Callaghan Oge Oil Mills Ortelius Map Mc Owen Owens

P:   Palliser Panskore Papping Parker Parkers Parry Parsons Passengers of Waterloo Patersen Patrick Patterson Pearce Pease Pease of Amsterdam Peers Peirce Pelly Pender Pendergast Pendergrass Peppard Periodicals Perse Persse Perse Pery Perry Petty Pheasant Phelan Phelps Phillips Pholey PIERCE Piers Pilkington Pine Pitch Placenames Poole Poor Law Unions Population of Clare Power Powerscourt Prendergass Prendergast Preston Prestwich Prestwitch Ptolemy Purcell Purcell Purcill Purcells Purdon Purdon arms Purefoy, Parefoy Purtell Purtill Purtle PYNE

Q:   Qualey Qualy Quealey O' Quealy Quealy, Qualey Quelly O' Quelly Quenedy Quigly Quilligan Quin O' Quin Quin Abbey Quine O' Quine Quinlivan Quinn Quinn in 1850s

R:   Rabbitt Ram Ramsey Rathfoclane Rathlahine Castle Rawson Read, Reid, Reed Reade Readie Ready Reagan Reardon Reave Reaves Reddan O' Reddan Reddane Reddy Reed Reedy Reegan Reeve Reeves Reeves arms Regan Mac Regan Mac Regan O' Regan Reid Reidy Reidy in 1850s Renders Repositories Research Research Reve Reynolds Rhys Rian Rice Richards Rideene O Rideene Rider Ridson Riedy Rierdan Ringrose Riordan Roach Roaches Roachford Roan, Roane Robert Roch Roch Roache Roche Roches Rochford Rochfords Rochfort O Rodan Roe Rogers Ronayne Mc Rory ROSDELL Ross Rossroe Castle illus. Rothes Roughan O Roughan O' Roughane O Roughnane Roughnayne Roundtree Rourke ROWE Rowe RUDAN Rudan Rudane Ruddane O Ruddane Rumsey Russell Russels Rutledge Ryan O' Ryan Ryan births Ryan of Ballycairns O' Ryane Ryder Rynd Rynn Rynne

S:   Salmon Sammon Sampson Samson Sandes Sands Sarsfield Sarsfields Scales Scanlan O' Scanlan Scanlane Scanlon Scariff Scarred Scarrett Scarritt Scott O' Scully settler families Sexten Sexton Shanaghan O' Shanahan Shanahan of Kilnoe Mc Shane Shanna O Shanna, O'Shanny Shannon O' Shannon Shanny O' Shanny O Shaughnessy Shea Sheady O Sheahan Sheahy Shee Sheedy Sheehan O' Sheehan Mc Sheehey O' Sheehey Mac Sheehy O' Sheghane Mc Shida Shinane Shine Shuldham Shute Silles Sills Simpson Simson Sinan Sinane Singleton Sinon Sinone SixMileBridge Skehan Skeritt Skerrett Skinner Slattery O' Slattery Smith Smith of Ballymalley Smith Smyth Smythe Snares Somers Sommers Sources Southwell Spaight Spate Spellissy Spring St. Alban Stackpoll Stackpool Stackpoole Stackpoole of Erribul Stackpooll Stacpoole Stafford Stamer Stammers Stamers Stammer Stammers Stapleton Starkey Starkie Starky Steele Stephens Stephenson Stevens Stevenson Stoakes Stockden Stoddard Stoddart Stokes Storey Strange Stratford Strich Stritch Stritches Studdart Studdert Studdert arms Studderts Sulevane Sullevane O' Sullevane Sullivan O' Sullivan in 1659 Sumers Summers Supple Surnames in Clare Sweaney Sweany Sweeney Mac Sweeney Sweetman Swift Mc Swynie Swyny Mc Swyny Swyny, Sweeny Sydney, Sir Henry Synge

T:   Taaffe Taffe Tailor Talbot Talty Tarsnane Tatlow Tayler Taylor Mc Teige The Lough Therlaghlen Thomand Thomand arms Thomand Map Mc Thomas Thomas, Dylan Thomond Thompkins Thompson Thomson THORNETON Thornton Thynne Tiege Tiegue Timmons Tipperary Co. Tobin Thobbin Thobin Tobyn Ui Toird'lb'aigh Tomfinlough Church Tompkins Tomson Tong Tonson Tottenham O Towlow Tracey O' Tracy Tradraighe map Treacey Treacy O' Trehy Trohy Trousdell Tuath Mumha Tubbs Tubrid Tubrit Tubridy Tubrity Tuke Tumherlach Tunstead Tuohy Tuthill Twembrock Twimbroch Twimbrock Twinbrock Twisden Tymons

U:   Ui Bloid Ui Caisin Ui Cearnaigh Ui Cormaic Ui Floinn map Ui Ifernain Ui Ronghaile Upton Usher

V:   VALE Vandeleur arms Vandeleur Vandelure Vandelure Vandervorte VanHogarden, Vanhoogarden VAUGHAN Verecker Vereker Vesey Vesey Viking raids Vincent

W:   Walcot Walker Wall Wallace Wallcott Waller Wallis Wallplate Walsh Walsh in 1850s Walter Mac Walter Walters Walton Ward Ware Warrall Warrell Warren Washington Waters Watson Watters Watts Wattson Waugh Weakley Weakly Webster Weedin Weekly Welsh Westby Westropp Westropp Westropp arms Whately Wheeler Whetstone Whitcom Whitcomb White White of Lifford Whitstone Whitty Whyte Wiley Wilkinson Willey William Mac WILLIAM Mc William William of Orange Williams Willoughby Willson Wilson Wingfield Winnington Witter Wolfe Wood Woodfin Woolf Woolfe Wooster Wooster of Ennis Wooton Wordspin Worrell Worth Woulfe Woulfe arms Wren Wright Wrixon Wrotham Wynch Wyndham Wyndham Wyndham estate Wynn Wyott

Y:   Yeoman Yorke Young