Families of County Kerry, Ireland

Description: Kerry families search no more in vain! This book 'Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland' was originally produced for the extra-ordinary 32 volume 'Irish Families ' series on Irish genealogy and family history. This volume focuses exclusively on families found in County Kerry. It includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including both old Irish families and settler families from England, Scotland, Wales, etc., from the earliest times to the modern era. It follows volume one of the series, "The Book of Irish Families, Great & Small" which contained information on families from all 32 counties of Ireland. This Kerry books greatly expands the families and history of Co. Kerry, with hundreds of families not given in the first volume. Many give this volume as the best of the series.

Among the many families given a full column of coverage in this comprehensive work are:

  • Bateman
  • Benner
  • Bernard
  • Blennerhassett
  • Brown
  • Cantillon
  • Carew
  • McCarthy MacCarthy
  • Collis
  • O'Connell Connell
  • O'Connor Connor
  • Conway
  • Crosbie Crosby
  • Day
  • Denny
  • Donoghue Donahue
  • Eagar, Agar
  • MacElligott
  • Falvey
  • Fitzgerald
  • Fitzmaurice
  • Fuller
  • MacGillycuddy
  • Genis Ginnis Guiness
  • Gun Gunn
  • O'Halloran Halloran
  • Herbert
  • Hussey
  • O'Mahoney Mahoney
  • Mason
  • Moriarty
  • Morris
  • Orpen
  • Palmer
  • Pierse
  • Ponsonby
  • Raymond
  • Rice
  • Spring
  • Stack
  • Sullivan
  • Trant
The full list of names is to large to cover here, as there are hundreds of families given.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to these families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Kerry families. A special address list of resources and genealogical aids is included in this one of a kind source, and it will be sure to help the family researcher, giving common and not so common avenues for study. Information from other works on Co. Kerry are included too, including the research of Jeremiah King, a Kerry historian.

Size: 6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 244 + xxvi pages. Illustrated, Coats of Arms, Surname Index. Over 3000 families of Co. Kerry are included in this volume, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century. This is the #1 primer of its kind.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Acard Achard Mac Adaim Mac Adam Adames Adams Adams Mc Adams Agar Agard Agas Ager Ahern Oh Ailee Mac Ailin Mac Aindrui Oh Ainlige Ainsworth Ainsworth Airachdan Ais Alcher Aldwell Aldwell, Mary Aldworth Aldworth, sir Allan Allen Mac Allen Mac Allister Allman Alltraighe ALMES Mac Alpin Alton Alton Altry, cantred Mac Alustruim Mac Amalgada Ambros Ambrose America America, to AMERY Ames Amory Amory Mac an Coilib Ancient Peoples Anderson Mac Andrew Andrews Anglesey Anglican church Mac anGoill Angove (de) Angulo, Gilbert Mac anIascaire Oh Annain Annesley Oh Anracain Mac anScoloige Anthony Mac Aoda Mac Aodagain ap Rees' Appleyard Archer ARCHER Ardea Castle Ardfert Castle Ardfert eccles. Ardilaun, L. Armorica Armstrong ARNALDS Arnes Arnes Arnold Arnold Oh Arractain Oh Artagain Artagh, Co. Roscomm. Oh Artgaile Arthur Mac Arthur Mac Artuir Ash Ashe ASHE ASHTON Ashwood Ashwood Asplen, G. Mac assy Atasac Atkins Atkinson Atkinson, J. Aucher Auger Mac auley Mac Auliffe Austin Austin, Eliz. Australia, in Austria, in Austrian Army Averill Avery Aylward Aylworth

B:    B'hassett Babbage Babington Babington Baicer Bailey Baille Baily Bainley Baireid Baker Baldwin Ball Ballard Balluntyne Ballybeggan Castle Ballycarbery Castle Ballycarbery Castle illus. Ballyheigue Castle Ballykealy Castle Ballymalis Castle Ballymalus Castle Ballyneanig Castle Bambury Bambury Bannion Barbodoes Barden Barham Barham Bariod Barkey Barnard Barnes (de) Barra Barrett BARRETT Barrett Barretts Barron Barrow Barrow Barry Barry Barry, Col. J. Barry, John Bartholomew Bartlett Bartley Barton Barton Barton, Rv. De Bartun Bass De Bastabla Bastable Bastable Batchelor Bateman Bateman Bateman, John Bateman, Row. Bateman, Rowland Bayley Bayley O' Beacain Beale Castle Beale, T. Beamish Bean Bear Beaslai Beasley Beasly Beckford Beckford Begley O Begley Begly Behan Behan of Leix O' Beirgin Beirne O' Beirne Bell Benn Benner Bennett Benson Benson Benson Bently O' Beoilain Bergin Bernard Bernard Bernard Bernard, Edw. M. Berry Berry Best Best Bibliogr'phy Bigg Binane Bingham Birmingham as Ferris Mac Birney Black Irish black & tans Blacker Blacker, St. John T. Blackwood Blackwood, Sir Henry (de) Blagd Blake Bland Bland Arms Bland, Eliz. Bland, Francis C. Bland, Mary Bland, Ven. Archdeacon Blen'erha'set arms illus. Blen'erha'set John Blen'erha'set' xvi, xvii, xx Blen'erhas'et, Arthur Blen'erhas'et Rowland Blen'erhas'et Sir Rowl. Blen'erhas'et Thomas Blen'erhas'ett , Anne Blen'erhas'ett arms hotel Blen'erhas'ett , Capt. Blen'erhas'ett, Lucy Blen'erhas'ett, married Blen'erhas'ett, Mary Blen'erhas'ett, R. blen'erhaset' Blennerhas'et Bloet, P. Bloomer Blount Blundell Blythe Boake Boland Bolger (de) Bolltun Bolster Bolton Bona Bonguelimi Bonham Bonney Bordell Bordell Boreham Boreham Boreman Boreman Boru, Brian Boston, MA. Boston. Moriarty in Boston tobacconist Bothwick Bouldger Bounce Boundes Bourgh Bourke Bourke, Maj. Gen. T. Boursin Bovenizer Bowen Bowen, Robt. Bower Bowler Bowles Boy Boyd Boye Boylan Boyle Boyle Boyle, R. Brackleyer De Brackleyer O' Bradain Bradbury, J. Bradford Bradley Bradly Bradshaw Bradshaw Brady Brady, Wm. Bramstone Bramstone Brandon Mac Brandon Brandon, L. Brannagh Mac Braoin O' Braoin Brassel Brassill Mac Breandain O' Breasail Breen O BREENE Bremmer BRENAGH Mc BRENAN O' BRENAN O BRENANE Brendan, St. Brennan O' Brennan Brennan, Daniel Brett Brett, de Britt Brew Brewer Brewster Brewster, Sir O' Briain O' Brian O' Bric Brick Mac Bride Bridges Brien O' Brien O' Brien, Donal Mor O' Brien, Donat O' Brien, Henry O' Brien, J. O' BrienThomand Bright BRINAGH (de) Briotun (de) Britt Broadhurst Broder Broder Arms O Broder(ick) Broderick O' Broin Broncar Brooke Brooke Brookes Brookes O' Brosnahan Brosnan Brown Browne Browne Browne, A. Browne, J. P. Browne, John Browne, N. Browne, Rev. Geo. Browne, V. Brownes O' Bruadair Bruce, Brunkar (de) Brus Bruton Bryan O' Bryan Bryant Mc BRYEN O BRYEN O' Buacalla Buckford Buckford Buckley Buey Buggy (de) Buitileir Bull Bunbury Bunce Bunnion Bunworth Bunyan (de) Burc Burchill Burden Burghleys (De) Burgos Burke Burke, Fitzwilliam Burke, Sir Burke's Armory Burkett Burnham Burns Burren barony Burscough Bustead Busteed, Isabella Busteed, Mary Butcher Butcher Arms Butler Butler, Arabella Butler family Butler, James Butterly Butterly, Lau. Bynane Byrne Byrne, M.J.

C:   Caball Mac Cabe Cade Cade Cades Cadgan O' Cadla Cadogan Mac Cafferty Cagney Cahalane Cahan CAHANE O CAHANE CAHASSY O CAHESEY Cahill O' Cahill O' Cain Cairach Callaghan O' Callaghan, G. O' Callaghan, John O' Callanain Callen Glen battle of, Callinane Callues Callues Calverly Cambrensis Cambridge Cambridge Cameron Cameron Camp Campbell Campe Canada police Canlon Mac Cann Mac Canna Cannell (de) Canntual (de) Cantelowe (de) Cantelupe Cantillon (de) Cantillon Cantillon Castle Cantillon, Mary Cantillons Cantlon (De) Cantlon's Castle Cantwell Canty O' Caoimh O' Caomain Cap'an'cushy Castle Cap'anacos' Castle (de) Capella Carew (de) Carew, Wm. Carews Carey Carhoo Carish Carmody Carney Carney Carpenter Carpenter Carr O' Carra Carrick Carrig Carrig-A- Phuca castle Carrigan Carrique O' Carroll O' Carroll Loch Lein (de) Carrun Carson Carter Carterett CARTHER Carthy Mac Carthy Mac Carthy Mac Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy Mc Carthy, Alex. Mc Carthy Arms Mac Carthy banished Mac Carthy branch Mac Carthy, Capt. Mc Carthy, Dan. Mc Carthy, Dermoid Mac Carthy, Dermot Mac Carthy Eoganacht Mac Carthy & F'maurice Mac Carthy, Flor. Mc Carthy hous'holds Mac Carthy, Jane Mac Carthy, Justin Mac Carthy & M'Sw'eney Mac Carthy Mor Mac Carthy Mor Mc Carthy Mor Drama Mac Carthy Reagh Mac Carthy septs Mac Carthy tomb Mac Carthys petition Mac Cartie Mor Mac Cartie of Dungeele Mac Carties Mac Carty of T'hilken.. Cary Cary Casey O' CASEY Castle Connell Castle Cor Castle Drum Castle Forbes Castle Gregory Castle Lyons Castle Mac- Ellistrum Castle Magne illustrated Castle Maine Castle Mayne Castlequin O' Catain O' Catasaig Mac Cauley Cavan Cavanagh Caxon O' Ceadagain O' Cearnaig Cecil Ceileachair Ceilor O' Cein O' Ceirise O' Ceitearnaig Chambers Champ Champion Chandley Chant Chapman Chapman CHAPPELL Cheke Chesterfield, Lord Chesters Chestnut Cheston Chetwood Chicago, IL. Chrisholm Christian Christison Church Church Church Church Rep. Body Church Temp Body Chuse Chuse CHUTE Chute Chute Chute, Algernon Chute, Capt.R. Chute, Capt. Thos. Chute, Charles Chute, Dan'l Chute, Francis B. Chute, Mgt. Chute of Chute Hall Chute, Rev. G. Chute, Rich. Chute, Wm. O' Ciarda Ciarraige, the Cicill Cicill Cicill, John Mac Cineait cinel Eoghain Civerac, countess clan Cashel Clan Conaire Clan Fergail arms Clan- Maurice Clancy Mac Clancy Clandeboys transplanted Clandenan Clangibbon Clanmaurice Clapman Claridge Clarke Clayton Cleary (de) Cleatun Clegg O' Cleirig Clenesha Clifford Clifton Mac Clintock M'c Clintock househldr (de) Clohuile Clohulle (de) Clohulle Clontarf, Battle of Clotherty O' Clumain Mac Clure M'c Clure house holders Mac Cluskey M'c Cluskey ho'sehldrs Mc Cnocgor Coakley O' Cobhthaigh Cock Mac Coclain Coffe Coffey Coffey, Bishop Coffie de Cogan Cogan, Miles Coghlan Cohey Coilens O' Coinin COINYN Coke O Colahan Colclough Coleman O' Colgan Coll O' Colla O Collaghane Collier Collier Colligan Collingwood Collins Collins Collins Castle Collins of Connelo Collins, Rev. Collis Collis Collis of Monaree Collis of Tieraclea Collis, S. E. Collis-Sandes arms illus. Collum Colmain Colman Colohan Colthurst Colthursts Coltsman, Daniel Coltsmann Coltsmann, Catherine Mac Coluim Mac Coluim, F. Columb Colvin O' Comain Mac Comdain Comerford Commane Commyns Compton Comyn Comyn O' Conaing Mac Conarchy M'c Conarchyho'sehldrs Conary, race Condon Mac Conduib Condun Confiscated lands O' Conghaile O' Connaghain Conneff Connell Mac Connell O' Connell O' Connell O' Connell, Alice O' Connell arms illus O' Connell, C. O' Connell, Col. O' Connell, D. O' Connell, Dan. O' Connell, Daniel O' Connell, E. Dhuv Mac Connellho'sehldrs Connell households O' Connell, J. O' Connell, M. O' Connell, Mce. O' Connell, Morgan O' Connell of Derrynane O' Connell records O' Connell, Sir M. J. O' Connell, Thos. O' Connells O' Connells of Limerick Connelly Connelly householdrs Conner O' Conner soldiers Connolly Connor O' Connor O' Connor arms O' Connor, Baron O' ConnorCiarraighe O' Connor confiscated O' Connor, Ellen O' Connor, Francis O' Connor, Gerard O' Connor househldrs O' Connor households O' Connor, J. O' Connor, John, M. D. O' Connor Kerry O' Connor Kerry O' Connor, King of Connaught Connor lands O' Connor, M. O' Connor, Mrs. H. Connor of Dublin Connor, Rev O' Connor, Rev. M. O' Connor territory assumed O' Connor, Thos. O' Connors O' Connyn O' Conor, C. O' Conor Kings Conroi Mac Conroi Mac Conroi confiscat'd Mac Conroiho'sehldrs Conroy Contents, table of Conway Conway Conway Conway, Avice Conway, Capt. Conway, Eliz. Conway History Conway, James Conway of Bodrythan Conway of Killorglin CONY Conyers Conyn O' Conyns Cooke Cooke Cooke, Maude Cooke of Skehenerin Cooney Cooper Coote Copley, portrait painter Corbet Corbet Corca Duibne O' Corcain Corcoran O' Corcra Corcu Duibne Corcu Duibne Cork, Earl of Corkerry Corkery Corkery, D. O'B. Mac Cormac(k) Mc Cormack Mac Cormackho'sehldrs Mac Cormacke Mc Cormacke Mac Cormaic Mac Cormaicho'sehldrs Mc Cormick Cornwall O' Corra Corradain O' Corragain O' Corrain Corridan Corridon Corrigan Corrodan Cosgrave Cosgrove Costelloe Costigan Cotter. Coulthurst Counihan (O) Counihan County Cournane (O) Cournane Coursey Courtney Cousins Covert Covert Mac Cowen Mac Cowenho'sehldrs Mac Cowen's Lane Cox Coxon Mac Coy Mac Coyho'sehldrs Coyle Craddock Mac Crah Crane, C.P. Cranfield Cranfield Cranitch Craobac Crassus Mac Crath Crawford Creagh Mc CREAGH O' CREAGH Creagh, Fr. & John Creagh, William O' Creain Crean Creed Creegan Cregan Crehan Mac Crehan Mac Crehans descent Cremin Cremins Crewly, J. O' Criagain Crimmins Critchley Mac Crohan Mc CROHAN Mac Crohan ho'sehldrs O' Croidain O' Croideain O' Croinin Croke of Tralee Croker Croker, T. Cromwell O' Cronain O CRONEENE Cronin O Cronin Cronnelly, R. Crosberry Crosbie Crosbie arms illus. Crosbie, B. Crosbie, Bishop Crosbie, Catherine Crosbie, Col. D. Crosbie family Crosbie, Maj. James Crosbie Mansion Crosbie, Margaret Crosbie, W. Crosbies Crosby Crossan Crowe Crowley Cruden O' Cruitin Crumpe, F., M. D. Crumpe of Barleymount O' Cuanacain O' Cuarthain O' Cuil O' Cuileannain Mac Cuill Mac Cuinn O' Cuinn Cuinneagain O' Cuirc (de) Cuirteis Mac Cuirtin Cuisin (de) Cuitleir Culclough Culhane Mac Cullagh Cullen Mac Cullen Cullinane Culloty Cullum Cully Cummane Cummins Cun'ingham Cuninghame, R. Gun Cunningham CURAN O' Curathain Curbstone Curbstone Curinys Curlestone Curlew Curlew O' Curnain O CURNANE Curran O' CURRAN Currane O Currane Currans Castle Currens Curry Mc Curtaine O Curtaine Curtais Curtayne Curtayne, J. Curtesse Curtin Curtin, J. Curtin, John Curtis Cusack Cusack, M. Mac Cushion Cussen Cussen, E. Mac Cutcheon Cuthbert, Thos. Cuthbertson

D:   D'Alton Mac Daboe Dackham Dagg Mac Daibid Daibis Daily Dairsig O' Dalaig Daley DALLY Dalton Daltons of N. Kerry Daly O' DALY O' Daly, A. O' Daly, Rev. Daly's lane Dalziel Damer Damer Danaher Danesfort, L. Daniel Daniel Mc DANIEL Mc DANIELL Daniels Danville, IL. Mac Darac Darby Darby Darcy Darcys Darley Darley, Henry Darrack Darrynane, poems Dashwood Dashwood Datun Daughton Mc DAUID Davidson Davies Davies, Eliz. Davis Davis Mc DAVITT Dawson Dawton Day Day, Catherine Day, Francis Day, Isabella O' Day, O'Dea Day, Rev. Day, Rev. John F. Day, Robt. Day, Very Rev. Dean G. Day-Stokes O DAYLY de Angulo de Barra de Blagd de Bolltun DeBrackleyer de Briotun de Britt de Brus de Buitileir de Burc De Burgos de Canntual de Cantelowe de Cantelupe de Cantillon De Cantlon's Castle de Capella de Carew de Carrun De Clahull de Cleatun de Clohuile de Clohulle de Cogan De Courcey, Wm. De Courcy de Cuirteis de Cuitleir De Dannan de Freins de Gaillide De Grandison de Hal de Hore de Keting De La Cousa De la Huse de la Roche de Lacy De Laundre de Marascal de Marisco De Moleyns De Moleyns, Wm. de Nais de Nogla de Pierce de Pionbroc de Poer de Portuil de Ruthyen de Stacabul de Stack de Stokke De Thick de Wilton de Wyk Dea O' Dea O' Deadig Deady O' Deagaid O' Deagain Deane Deane, Jas. Dease DEATICK Dee Deegan Deegin Deen Deenihan Deering Del O' Del Delaney DeLap Delmege Deloughry Dempsey Dennehy Dennehy, Mary Dennis Dennis, M. Denny Denny Denny, Arthur Denny, Arthur dies Denny, Col. Denny, Collingwood Denny, E. Denny, Letitia Denny, Maynard Denny of Tralee Denny records Denny, Rev. Denny, Sir E. Denny, Sir Edward Denny, Sir Edward, Bart. Denny, Ven. Archd. Denny's tutor Dennys O' Deorain dePrendeville dePri'ndargas Mc DERMOD Mac Dermott Derrick, S. Derriquin Castle Desmond Desmond, King of Desmond lands of Desmonds Sovereign Dethick Dethick Dettrick Devane Devaney Devereaux Devine Devlin O' Devoy Dew Dew Mac Diarmada Digby Diggin Dignan Dillane O Dillane Dillon (le) Dillon Dillon of Queens Co. O' Dinan Dineen Dinnahane Dinneen, Rev. O' Diomasaig O' Dobailein Dobbs, Dob Docartaig Doda Dodd Dodd, W. H. O' Dogair Dogherty Doherty Dolin Domnaill Mac Domnaill O' Domnaill Mac Donagh O' Donaghoe Donaghue O' Donaghue Glenflesk Donahoo Donahue Mac Donald Donegan Donegan households O' Donnabain O' Donnagain Mac Donnell O' Donnell O' Donnell househldrs Donnell households O' Donnell, Red Hugh O' Donnells of Donegal Donnelly Donnelly househldrs Donnelly households O' Donngaile Mc Donnogh O' Donnoghue, Glinfleiske Mc DONOGH Mac Donogh of Duhallow O' Donoghoe Glenflesk O' Donoghoe Mor, Ross Donoghue O' Donoghue O' Donoghue arms O' Donoghue arrives O' Donoghue Denis O' Donoghue Dhuv O' Donoghue Eoganacht O' Donoghue forces Donoghue households O' Donoghue Mor O' Donoghue of Ross O' Donoghue of the glen O' Donoghue, The O' Donoghue tomb Mac Donough Donovan O' Donovan clan O' Donovan, J. Donovan, Nicholas O' Donovan of Cashel Donovan, Patrick Doody Doohig Doolan O' DOOLAN Dooley Dooling Doona Door Doran Doran arms Doran transpl'nt'd O' Dorcain Dore Dorgan O' Dorney O' Dorney Parish Dorohy O' Dorohy Doughertie Douglas DOWD O' Dowd Dowdal Dowdales Dowdall Dowdall lands Dowdall, Pat Dowdall, Sir Dower O' Dowlin Dowlin of Queens Co. Dowling Dowling of Canada Dowlins transplanted Dowman Downes Downey O' Downey Downing Downing, F. Downing, M. Downing, McCarthy Doyle O' Doyle Drake O' Drea Drew Drew, Rev. B. Drew, Sarah Drew, Sarah Driscoll O' Driscoll Driscoll, J. Driscoll, John O' Droma O' Druaid Drum, Drummond Drummond, Robt. Drury O' DUANE O' Dubagain O' Dubain O' Dubda O' Duben O' Dubhghuill O' Dublainn O' Dublavic O' Dubtaig O' Dubuidir Ducey Duckett Duckett, Thomas M. Dudgeon Dudley Duffesy Duffield Duggan Duhig O' Duibginn O' Duibluacra O' Duilleain O' Duineacair O' Duineacda O' Duinin O' Duinn Duke O DULINGE Dumas O' Dunadaig O' Dunady Dunahoo Dunford Dunkerron Castle Dunlea Dunleavy Dunlevy Dunloe Castle Dunlop O' DUNNADY Dunne Dunraven, Earl of Dutchman Dutchman DWANE Dwyer O' Dwyer, Rev. Dyche Dyer Dyer

E:   Eachard Eadie Eagar, Agar Eagar, Alex. Eagar armorial Eagar, E. M'G. Eagar, F. J. Eagar, J. H. Eagar, Oliver Eagar, Rev. Eager Eager Ealcher Oh Eamtaig Oh Eanna Earl of Listowel Earls of Kerry Eaton Eber Echard Edalicke Edalicke Edgeworth EDMOND Mc EDMOND Edwards Egan Mac Egan Egar Egelton Egyr Oh Eilide Einey M'c El'istum Mc ELIGOD Eligot Mac Elligots & Chute Mac Elligott Mac Elligott Mac Elligott, M. Mc Elligott, Wm. Elliott Elliott, Alex. Elliott, Mary Ellis, Maj. Mac Ellistrum Castle Mc Ellygott ELLYOTT Elrington Emigrants Emmet Emmett Endean Mac Endoo Mac Enery Mac Enerys ln. English English invasion English settlement Mac Ennery Enright Entivistle Eoganacht Eoganacht Cashel Eoganacht Loch Lein Mac Eotac Erraught Eugenian Evans Eve, Dorothy Eveleigh Everatt Mac Evoy Exham Exham Eyles

F:   Fagan Fagan, Capt. W. A. Fahy O' Failbe O' Failbhe Fairfield Falhan O' FALLON FALUEY FALUY Falvey Falvey O' Falvey O' Falvey banished O' Falveys famine, the O' Faolain Farding Farding Mac Farland FARLEY Farmer Farrell Farressy Farris Farthing Fay, O'Feic Fealy O' Feargail O' Fearguis Fearris-Beal -ahamalis Mac Fearriss Feeney O' Feibeannaig O' Feic Fell Fell Fenaghty Fenix Fennell Fenton Mc FERGUS Ferguson Ferguson's Brewery FERIS Ferreter Ferris Ferriter Mac Fheorais .O' Fiaca O' Fiaie Mac Fiarais O' Fidgeallaig Field Figgis Finaghty Finch Mac Fineen Finn Mac Finn O' Finn Mac Finneen Mc FINNEEN Mac Finneen forces Finnegan, Finnerty O' FINNERTY Mac Finnin of Artulihie Finnucane Mac Finnucane Fintan Finucane O' Fionnacta O' Fionnagain Fiontain Fisher Fisher, Fanny Fisher, Lydia O' Fitceallaig Fitgerald, J. Fitz Maurice FitzAnthony FitzAucher FitzAuger FitzAunger FITZEDMD. FitzEdmund Fitzell Fitzelle FitzErin FitzErin Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald arms illus. Fitzgerald, E. Fitzgerald, J. Fitzgerald, Jas. Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Julia Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry Fitzgerald, Lady E. Fitzgerald, Lord T. Fitzgerald, Lucy Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, Maurice Fitzgerald of Meenascarty Fitzgerald, Thomas Fitzgerald, W. N. F. Fitzgeralds Fitzgeralds - McCarthys FitzGibbon FitzGriffin Fitzharris FitzHenry FitzHenry, Meiler Fitzherbert Fitzimmons FitzJames FitzJohn FitzJohn Fitzmaurice FitzMaurice Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice, FitzMaurice -Ballykealy Fitzmaurice, Baron Fitzmaurice, Col. Fitzmaurice, Francis Fitzmaurice L'ndsd'wne FitzMaurice Lord Fitzmorrice Fitzmorrish Fitzmorriss FitzNicholas FitzOtho FitzPatrick Fitzpatrick, D.E. FitzPierce FitzRhys Fitzsimmons FitzSimon Fitzsimon FitzStephen FitzSymon FitzSymons Fitzthomas Fitzwalter FitzWilliam Fitzwilliams FIZZELL Flahavin Flaherty Flahive O' Flaiteamain Flaitim Flanagan, O' Flannabra O' Flannagain Flannery O' Flanngaile O' Flavey Flavin Fleete Fleete Fleetwoods & Watkins Fleming (le) Fleming Flemyng Fletcher Fletcher Fletcher /Preste Flinn O' Floin Mag Floinn Florette Flower Floyd Flyming O FLYNE Flynn O' Flynn, Fr. Flynn of Ballyvelly O' Fogartaig Fogarty O' Foillide Foley O' Foley Foley, E. H. Foley family at Anglont Foley, Jas., Foran Forbes Castle Forde Forest Forest Forest, Sir Anthony Fornan Fort Wayne Fosberry Fosbery, Mr. Foulkes Foulkes Foundes O FOWLUE Fox Foy, O'Fiaie France, to Francis Franciscan annals Franks of Dublin Fraser, J. Fraser, S. Frasier Frawley Frazer O' Freagaile Freeman (de) Freins French French Army Frewan Friend Friseal Friuin Frizelle Froude, J. A. Fry O' Fuartain Fuedal System Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller Arms Fullerton Fyfe

G:   Gabriel Gabriel O' Gadra Gaffney Gage Mac Gailey (de) Gaillide Gaine Gainor O' Gairbit O' Galain Gallagher O' Gallcobair Galleghor Gallen Gallerus Castle Gallivan Gallway GALLWAY Gallwey Gallwey, Edw. Gallwey, T. Galvin O' Galvin Galway Galwey Galwey, M. O' Gamna Gander Gandsey Gannon Gannon, N. O' Gaoitin O' Garbain Garrett, T. O Garvan Garvey Mac Garvey Gavan Gavey Gaynor Geahan O' Gealbain Geaney Geany O' Gearain Geary Mac Gee Geehan O' Geibinn Genney Gennis Gennys Gentleman Arms Gentleman Bal'yhorg'n Gentleman, G. Mac Geoghegan Geraldine Geraldines Geraldines Geraldino Geran GERRALD Mac Gib Mac Gibbon O' Gibealla Gibson Gibson Mc Gil'ycud'y Mac Gil'ycud'y papers Gilbeart Gilbert Giles Mac Gilgoddy forces Gill Mac Gill Gillacoddy Mac Gillacoddy Mac Gillicd'y forces Mac Gillicuddy Mac Gillicuddy Mc Gillicuddy Mac Gillicutty Gilliesaght Mac Gillycuddy Mac Gillycuddy arms. M' Gillycuddy, The Mac Gillycuddy's Castle Mac Gillycuddy's Reeks Gilmour Mc Gilsacoddys Giney Mac Ginley Mac Ginn Ginnaw Ginney Ginnis Ginnis Ginnis's Mac Giobuin Mac Giolla Mac Giolla Eain Mac GiollaMocuda Mac Giolla Muire Mac Giolla Riabaig Mac Giolladuinn O' Gionnain Girvan Giunings Giunings O' Glaimin O' Glaisne Glanbehy Castle Glandore, Earl of GLANVILL O' Glasain Glavin O' Glavin Glazier O' Gleasain Gleason O' GLEASON Gleasur Gleasure Gleeson Glissane Gloster Glover Glynn Mac Glynn Goddard Godding Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey family Godfrey of Kenmare Godley Godolphin Godolphin Godson Goff Goff, Jos. Gofton Goggin O' Goidin O' Goillide Gold Golden Mac Goldrick Goode Gooding Gooding Goodlake Goodman Goodwin Goold Gordon Gorges, Mary Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorings Gorman Goss Mac Gotraid Mac Gough Gough, Jos. Gould Gould Goulding Gouran Mac Govern Mac Gowen Grace, Gras O' Grada Grady O' GRADY Graham O' Grainne Grainseir (De) Grandison Granfield Granger Grant Granville Gras Mac Grath Graves Graves, A.P. Graves, Dr. Gray Gray, Dan. O' Greacain Greaney Greany GREANY O' Greefa Green green & tans Mac Gregor Mac Gregor Gregory Gregory Castle Greville Mac Grevy Grey Grey Grey(s) Grice O GRIFFEN Griffin O' Griffin Griffiths Grinson O' Griobta O' Griobtain O' Griobtha Grogan Gromail Groome Groome (le) gros, R. (Le) Grosse Grover Groves O' Gruagain Grummell Guaine Guare Guerin Guihan Guiheen Guinaw Guinell O' Guinide Guinies Guinis Guinness Mac Guire Gul Gun Gun Family Gun of Ploverhill Gun, T. G. Gun, Town. Gun, W. Gunn Gunning Guppy's Gurnett Gynes

H:   O h Uaitne Habbart Habbert Hackett O' HAGARTY Mac Haiceid (de) Hal Hale Hale Hall, de Hal Hall, S.C. Hallaran O' Hallaran Hallett Halley Hallidan Halliden Hallinan Hallisey Hallissey Hallissey Hallissy HALLISSY O' Halloran Halloron Halluran Halpin Halsey O' Hamailltin HAMBERY Hamilton Hammond Hampton Hampton Hamptson O HANAFANE Hanafin Hancock Hand HANIFIN Haniford Hanley HANLON Hannafin Hannon Mac Hannraoi Hanover Hanrahan Hansard Hanswell Hara O' Hara, Cath. Harbord Harbourne Hardier Hardiman Harding Harding, Rd. granted land Hardy Hare Harenc(?), H. B. Hargrave Harley Harman Harman, John Harman, T. Harms Harnett Harnett of Sandville Harnett, Wm. Harold Harraghton Harran Harrington Harrington clan Harris Harrison Harrison Harrowe Harrowe Hart(e) Hart families Hart Harte Harte, L. Harte, Mahoney Hartigan Hartley Hartnett O Hartnett Hartnett, Wm. Hartney Hartop Hartopp, e. B. Harty Harty Harvey Hassett Hassett, Col. Hastings Hatheron Hattery Hawkin Hawney Hayden Hayes Hayslip Haywood O' Hea Headley Headley estate Headley, Lord Healy O HEALY Heanne Heaphy Heard Heardinman Hearnden HEERD O' Heerin Heffernan Hegarty Hehir Heily Helliwell Hempenstall Henchy Hendericken Henderson Henigan Hennessy Hennigan Henry Henry I I Heraghty Herald's Visitation Herbert Herbert Herbert Herbert, A. Herbert Arms Herbert, Edward Herbert, Henry Herbert, Lord Herbert, Rev. E. Herberts Herberts of Muckross HERBERTT Hercules HERLIHY O' Herlihy O' Hery Hetreed Hewson Hewson, G. Hewson, Geo. Hewson, J.F. Hewson, Miss Hewson, Rev. F. Hewson, Rev. R. Hewsons Hickey Hickie Hickie, Wm. Hickman Hicks Hicks Hickson Hickson Arms Hickson, Capt. R. M. Hickson, M. Hickson, R. Hickson, R. A. Hickson, R. C Hickson, Rev. Hickson, Rg. Hickson, Wm. O' Hicky Hifle Higgins Hill Hillee Hilliard Hilliard Hilliard, B. Hilliard, Eliz. Hilliard, G. Hilliard, H. Hilliard, J. Hilliard of Listrum Hilliards HILLY Hinchy Hingey Hipwell Histon Hitchcock Hoar Hoar Hoare HOARD Hoare Hobbins Hodgins, Mary Hodson, Meriel Hoffman Hogan Hoibeard Holbrow Holland Holley Holloran Holly Holly HOLMES Holt Holyoake Hooks Hooper Hooper Hopgood Horan HORD (de) Hore (le) Hore Horgan Horwick O' Hosey HOSKINS Houlihan HOULIHAN Hourighan Housaye Howard Howatson Howe O HOWRANE Hoyle, C. Hubbort Huddlestone Huddlestone Hudleston, I. Hudson Hudson, E. Huggard Huggard, Eliz. Huggard, Stephen Mac Hugh Hughes Huihir Humphreys Humpton Hunt (Le) hunt (le) Hunt, Col. (Le) Hunte Hunter Huolahan HURD Hurley Hurley, Conway Hurley, John Hurley of Fenit O' Hurley, T. Hurly Hurly, Alice Hurly arms Hurrell Hussey Hussey, Edw. Hussey family Hussey, Joan Hussey of Edenburn Hussey, Sam Hussey, Sam Hussey, W., estate of Husseys' land HUSTON Hutchinson Hyde Hyde, in America Hynes Hynton Hynton IL. Auto. Company

I:   Mac Ilhaney Inchiquin, Co. Clare Mac Inerney Ingoldsby's Innisfallen Mac Intosh Mac Intosh Mac Ionnractaig Ireland, to Ireton Irish Brigade Irish Forces Irish in battle Irish Monthly Magazine Irwin Isham Isham Ivers

J:   Jackson Jackson Jacobite list Jakeman James James I I James I I, to France Jameson Jarlath, Fr. Jeffcott Jeffcott Jeffcott Jeffers Jeffreys Jennings Jenynges Jerm Jess Johnson Johnston Jones Jones Jones of Moneyglass Jordan Joy Joy Joyce Julian Julian, Sam Justice

K:   Kanturk Castle Kavanagh Kavanaugh Kay Mac Kay Kealiher Mc KEANAN Keane KEANE Kearney Kearny Keasit Keating Keay Kedihan Mac Kee O' Keefe Keeffe, Keely O' KEESHAN KEITH Keliher KELLEHER O' Kelleher Kelliher Kelly Kelly, Dan. killed by Kelly, H. O' Kelly, P. Kellys transplanted Kelter Mac Kemmie O' Kenealy Kenmare, Earl of Kenmare, Lady Kenmare, Protestant Kenna Mac Kenna Mc KENNA Kennedy O' KENNEDY Kennedy, Sarah Kennelly Kenney Kennington Kenny Keogh Keough Kerin O Kerins Kerrigan Kerrisk Kerry Castle Kerry Eagle Ballad Kerry Magazine Kerry People, editor of Kerrys Army Mac Kessy (de) Keting Kevane Kiarraide Mac Kibbon Kidd Kiely Kifee Killaha Castle Killaha Castle, illus Killarney sources Killian O' Killian Killorglin Castle King King from MacConroi King, Giles King, Henry King Henry I I King Henry V I I I King, J. King John King, Nicholas, M. D. Kingston Kinnealy Mac kintosh KINVETON Kirby Kirwan Kissane Kitchener Kitson, G. L. Klincke Knight Knight Knight of Kerry Knightley Knightly Knights of Kerry Knights Templars KYERY

L:   (De) La Cousa (De) la Huse (de) la Roche Lacey O' Lactnain Lacy (de) Lacy Lacy, T.H. Ladden Laid Laide O' Laidig O' Laidin O' Laigin Lake Lally O' Lalor Lalours Lamb Lambert Lander Landers Landers of Keel Landon Landsdown Bibliothec Lane Langan Langford Langford, Ann Langford of Keel Lansdowne, Marquess of. O' Laoghain (De) Lap O' Lapain Larcom, T. Larkin Larmer Latchford Latimer Lauder Laulors transplanted (De) Laundre Lavery O' Lavery, Capt. Lavin Laweless Lawlee Lawler Lawless Lawlor Lawlor, D. Shine Lawlor in Duel Lawlor, Martin O' Layne le Dillon le Fleming le Gros, Raym. Le Grosse le Hore Le hunt le Hunt, Col. Le Hunte le Marshall le Palmer, Sir Ralph Leade Leader LEAGHY Leahy O' LEAHY Leahy Arms Leahy, Col. Arthur Leahy, John White Leahy, Mary Leahy- White fam. Leake Mac Lean Leane O' Leannain Leary O' Leary O' Leary, A., dirge O' Leary, Phyllis Ledman Ledmon Lee Leech Leehey Leen Leeser Leeser, J. Leeson Lehane Mac Leish LENCY O LENCY Lenihan Lennane O' Lennon Lentall Lentall Mac Leod Mc Leod of Galway Mac Leoid Leonard Leonard, Dan Leonard, Rev. S. B. Leslie Leslie, J. Leslie, R. Lett, Anne Letters Leventhal Levison Lewin Lewis Leyne O' Leyne Leyne, Jerh. O' Liatain O' Liathan Lick Castle Liddane Limerick, from Limerick, John LINANE O' Linchy Lindesay Lindon Lindsay LINNANE Linnegar Lisack Liscahane Castle Listowel Castle Listowel, Earl of Lloyd Lock Locke Mac Loclainn O' Loclainn Lodge peerage Loftie, Rev. Logue O' Loideain O' Loinn Lombard Lombard, D. Lombard, Mary Long Long, J. O' Longaig O' Longain Looney Lord O' Lordain Lordan LOUE Loughlin Mac Loughlin O' Loughlin Mac Loughlin, Avis Loughnane Lover, S. Lovett Lowden Lowe O' Luain O' Luasaig O' Lubaig Luby Luby, Cath. Lucey Lucid Lucy Ludlow Mac Lugada Luiseid Lumsden Lunham Lunney Lunny Lupton Lyden Lyn Lynch Lynch households Lyndon Lyne O LYNE Lynne Lynne Lynne Lynnes of Essex Lyons Lyons Castle

M:   Macassy Macauley Macintosh Mack Mackassy Mackessy Mackey Mackintosh Macrehan O' Madagain Madden Madden househldrs Madget Madgett Madgett, N. Madigan Madigan Mag Guyn forces Magane Magane Magarthy, D. Magee Magee Magill, Capt. James Maginn Maginn Magrath Maher Maher househldrs Mahon Mac Mahon Mahoney O' Mahoney Mahoney, Agnes Mahoney, D. Mahoney Dromore Mahoney households Mahoney of Kilmorna O' Mahoney of Munster O' Mahoney's Mahoneys Mahony Mc MAHONY O' MAHONY Mahony, David Mahony, Edw. Mahony, Eliza Mahony, Geo. P. Gun Mahony, John mahony, John H. Mahony, Kean Mahony, Kean Mahony of Brosna Mahony of Kilmorna Mahony, P. Mahony, Richard Mahony, T. McD. MAHOWNY Mac Maige O' Maille Main Mac Maine Mac Maine Maine River O' Mainin O' Mainnin Mair Malachy Malachy Malley Malley househldrs Malone Malone househldrs Maloney Malvey Malvey Manaanan O' Manacain Manaher Manaher Mangan MANGAN Mangan O' Mangan Mannering Mannering Manning Mannion Mannix Mansell Mansfield Mac Manus O' Maolalaid O' Mara of Milltown Mareschall Marisco Maroney Marshall (le) Marshall Marshall, R. O' Martain Martel Martelli Martin Martin Mason Mason Mason, J. Mason, James Mason, Susan Mason, W. Massereene MASSY Mathews Matson Matthews Maunsell Mac Maurice Mac Maurice Mawe Mawe, Dr. Maxwell May Maybury Maybury, Geo., M. D. Maybury, J. Maybury, Thos. Maybury, Wm. Maynard O' Meacair Meade O' Meadra Meagher Meahan Meara O' Meara Meehan Meehan, C.P. Meek Mehigan Melbourne, city of Melville Mercer Meredith Meredith Meredith Meredith, H. Meredith, Margt. Meredith of Dicksgrove Meredith, R. Mernagh Meskill Meyer, K. Mac Michael Mac Michael O' Midir O' Midir Midleton, Visc. Mihigan Mildmays Miles Mac Miles Milner Milward Minard Castle Minchin Mingane Minogue Mitchell Mochlehayn Molahiffe Castle Moleyns (De) Moleyns Molloy Moloney Molony Molyneaux Monahan O' Mongain Monighan Monson Monteagle Monteagle, Lord Montgomery Montgomery Castle Mooney Moor Moore O' Moore Moore househldrs Moores transplant'd Moorhead O' Moors Morahain Morahain Moran Moran O' MORAN Moran househldrs O' Morda More O' MORE Morgan Morgan househldrs Morgell Morgell househldrs Moriarty O' Moriarty Moriarty, Anne, Moriarty arms Moriarty, Bishop Moriarty Bishop Moriarty, branches Moriarty households Mac Moriarty Kerry Moriarty LochLein Moriartys Hotel Morley Morley househldrs Morly Moroney Moroney househldrs Morony Morphy Morphy, Edw. Morphy househldrs Morrice Mac MORRICE Mc MORRICE Morris Morris Mac Morris Mc MORRISH Morrison Morrissey Morrogh Morrogh, W. Morrogh-Ber nard of Faha Moryson Mosley Moylan Moynihan Muckross Muckross Abbey Mucross Abbey Mug descendants O' Muiray Muirlihy Mulally Mulcahy Mulcare Mulchinock Mulchinock Mulchinock, Edw. Mullally Mullane Mac Mullen Mullens Mullens family Mullens of Burnham Mulligan Mullineux Mullins Mullins of Burnham Mullis Mulquinn Mulvehill Mulvihill MULVIHILL O' Mulvihill Munchas Mundy, Maj. Gen. Munro O' Murcada Murdoch Murdock Murhill O' Murnain as Warren Murnane Murphy O MURPHY Murray Murrie, (English) Muschamp Musgrave Muster Roll Myaghe Myers Myles

N:   Nagle (de) Nais Nally Mac Nally Mac Namara Mac Namara ho'sehldrs Nammock Nangle Nash Nash, C. F. Nash, Sarah Natt Natt Naughton Naylor O' Neal O' Neale Neales views Nealon O' Nedi Neenan O' Neigill O' Neil family at Anglont O' Neil rebells Neilan Neill Mac Neill O' Neill O' Neills defeat McLoughlin Neilson Neligan O' Neligan Neligan, J. Neligan, W. Nelligan Nellson Nelson Neville Nevin New Haven New York New York, Reilly of New Zealand NEWLIN Newspapers listed Newton O' Niallain Nicholas Nicholls, M, baptised Nichols Nihell Nihill Nihill Nihilly O' Nihilly, Rory Mac Niocoil Nixon Noble (de) Nogla Nolan Nolan of London Noonan Norman knights Norreys Norris Norris Northcott Norton Norval Nott Noughane Noughton O' Nuallain Nugent Nurse Nye Nyle

O:   Oaks Oatts Offerba ogam Ogg Mac Oisin Mac Oitir Oliver Oliver, Maj. Oliver, R. S. Oloynsig Onaght O'Donoghue Orange Party Orkney, Earl of Orm'thwaite Lord Ormsby ORMSBY Ormsby, A., heir Orpen Orpen, R. H. Orpen, Sir Rd. Ortelius Map Ortelius Map illus. Osbaldiston Mac Osticin Otnonia Otway, C. Ovens Mc OWEN Owens Ozzard

P:   Page Page Pails Paine Palatine families Palmer Palmer Palmer arms Palmer, Caleb Palmer, E. Orpen Palmer, John Palmer, L. Palmer, M. Palmer of Ashgrove Palmer, R. (le) Palmer, Sir Ralph Panorma Papists list Paradine Paris, France Park Parker Parkes Parkinson Parr Parsons Partridge Patt Patterson Pattison Patwell Paul, Sir R. Paulin Payne Payne Paine Payne Paine Peacock Peacocke Pearson Pedestrian Peet PEET Peet, Francis Peevers Pegum Pelham Pelham, Peter Pelican Pellican Pembroke penal laws Pendergast Pendeville Pendred Pendred Peppard Peppards at Cappa Pepys Pepys Pepys lands Periman Periman Perry Perryman Pery Petty Petty, Sir W. Petty, Sir W. Petty, Wm. Phaire Phelan Phelips Philip Philips Philips Phillips Pickford Pierce (de) Pierce Mac Pierce Piers Pierse Pierse Piersey, Miss Pierson Piggott Pigott Pilcher Pinchin (de) Pionbroc Plowman Pluinceid Plummer Plunkett (de) Poer Poff Polard Pollard Ponsonby PONSONBY Ponsonby Ponsonby, H. granted land Ponsonby, T.; Thos. Pope, W. Port (de) Portuil Potar Potter Pottinger Powell Power Power, H. Prendergast Prendeville (de) Prendeville Preste Preste, or Fletcher Price Price, Dr. Prince de Priondargas Prionnbiol Pris Prise Procter Proctor Proinseis Prosser Prossor Protestant Religion Public Record Off. Purcell Purcell, expelled by Purdon Purdon, Symon Pursell Purtill

Q:   Mac Quade Mac Quaide Quane Queen Anne Queen Eliz. Quill O' Quill Quill, Eliz. Quillinan Quilter Quin Quinlan QUINLAN O' QUINLAN Quinliven Quinn Mac Quinn Mc QUINN Quinnell Quinty Quirk Quirke QUIRKE Quit rent

R:   Rae Mac Rae Rae, Edw. Rae, Langford Rae, Wm. L. Rael Mac Ragnaill Rahilly O' Rahilly O' Rahilly dies in Dublin O' Rahilly, E. O' Rahilly, E. O' Rahilly of Slieve Luachra O' Raigue Railway, G. S. and W. Mac Rait Mac Raith Raleigh Raleigh Ramage Randal Randal Randall Randle Randles Ratoo Castle Rattray Rawleigh Rawlins Ray, Mac ray Raycroft Raymond Raymond Raymond, Anne Raymond, Anne Raymond, Frances. Raymond, Geo. Raymond, James Read Reading Ready Reagan Reany Reardon Reaves Records on Co. Kerry Reddin Redin Redmon Redmond Reed Reen (ap) Rees' Reeves, Regan, Mac rehan Reid Reidy Reilly, O' Reilly O' Reilly's poem Relf Relihan RELIHAN Research sources Restrick Revington Reynolds, Rezin Rhys Mac Riabaig O' Riabaig O' Riagan Rice Rice, Edw. Rice family Rice, J. Rice, Justice Rice of Paris Rice, Steph. Mc RICHARD Richards Richardson O RIEDY O' Rielly RIERDANE Riley Riney Ring Rinn O' Rinn Rinuccini Riordan O' Riordan Ritzgerald, Rev. Richard River Maine Rly., G.S.W. Roachford Mac Robert Roberts Robinson Robinson ROCH Roche, Roche, Catherine Roche confiscated Roche, Fr. Roche, Redmond Roche, Redmond junr. Roche, Stephen Rochfort, C. Rodd RODGERS Rodk. Dan. Roe Roe Roe, Miss. Rogers Rohan Rokes, Simon Ronan O' Ronan, Wm. Ronayne Rook Rooke Rookes Rookes Roome Rooney Roper O' Rorke, C. D. Rose Rosney Ross Ross Castle Round Towers Rourke O' Rourke Rowan Rowan O' Rowan Rowan, A.B. Rowan, Archdeacon Rowan, Cherry Rowan, Dr. Rowan, Maj. Rowe Rowland ROYDY Roynane's Island Ruachtain Ruairc Rubin Rudd Ruddle Rumney RUMNY Rumsby Rusk Russell Russia (de) Ruthyen Ruttle Rvoes, K. Ryan Ryan, Jas., M. D. Rycroft Rycroft Ryder Ryder Ryeeves RYERDANE Ryeves Ryeves Ryeves, W. Ryle Ryle, M.P. Rynd, W. R.

S:   Sadler Sadler, Col. Sadlier Sampson, Samson Samsun San Francisco Sanders Sanders, Dr. Sandes Sandes arms illus. Sandes, C. Sandes, Geo. Sandes, L. Sandes, M. Sandes of Sallow Glen Sandes, Thos. Sandes, W. SANDFORD Sands Sandys, D. SANFORD Sankey Sankey, Col. O' Saoraide Saunders Saunders, A. Saunders, Marshall Saunders, Rev. W. H. Savadge Savage Savin Sawers Sawyer Sawyer Sayers Scaife Scanlan O' Scanlan Scanlan, Maria O' Scanlan of Fusan SCANLON O' Scanlon O' Scannail Scannell Scannlain O' Scannlain Scargill Scollard Scott Scott of Cahircon Sculles Scully O' Seadha Mac Seafraid Seaganstown Mac Seain Sealy Sealy, Deborah Seambar Sears Seary Seaward Sedgewick Seekins Seever Segerson Segerson, Alice Seghrue Segrue Selick Sellers Selles Mac Seoin Settlers Sewell O' SEXON Sexton Shade SHAGROE Shakelton Shanaghan Shanahan O' Shanahan Shanahan househldrs Shannon Shannon, B. Sharkey Sharkey Shaughnessy O' Shaughnessy Shaughnessy househldrs Shaw Shaw SHEA O' Shea O' Shea O' Shea banished O' Shea, chief Shea, D. schoolmast'r Shea house- holds O' Shea, poem SHEAHAN Sheapallh Sheehan O' Sheehan Sheehan households Sheehy Mac Sheehy Sheehy househldrs Sheeres Sheeres, Wm. Sheldon Sheldon Shepherd Sheridan Sheridan SHEWELL Shiell Shiercliffe Shine O' SHINE Shirley Short Castle Shortal Shortall Shortcliffe Shortcliffe Shortcliffe, Anthony Shortis Shorttliffe(Shortcliffe?) Shuel Shuell Shute Shyne, Denis Sigerson Sigerson, G. Sigurd Silies Silles Simms Simon Simons Simpson, R. Simpson, S. Sincox Singleton Sinnette O' Sionan O' Sionnaig Skiddy Skinger Skinner Skipworth Skipworth Slattery SLATTERY Sleath Sleator Sloan, Slone Smith Smith, alias Warren Smith, C. Smith, Ed., baptised Smith, G.N. Smith, Richard Smithworthe Smyth Somers Sources Sources for records Southwell, Visc. Southworth granted land Spain, to Spanish Armada Sparks Speart O' Spellan Spencer Spenser Spicer Spillane O SPILLANE Spillane, D. Spotswood Spotswood, Mce, M. D. Spratt Spratt Spratt, H. D. Spread, C. Spring Spring Spring Spring, A. Spring, Edw. Spring, F. Spring, T. O ssulluayn St. Leger (de) Stacabul Stack (de) Stack Stack, Maj. Gen. N. M. Stackpoole Stackstown Staigue Fort Stainstreet Stak Stake Stanley Staughton Steele Steere Stephens Stephens, Ann Stephenson Sterne Stevenson Stewart Stewart, Rev. Stiles Stiles Stiles Stiles, J. Stock Stokes Stokes, Capt. O. D. Stokes, Capt. O. R. Stokes, Col. Stokes, E. Stokes, E. D. Stokes, Frances Stokes, G. Stokes home Stokes, J. D. Stokes, John Stokes, Oliver Stokes, R. B. Stokes, W. Stokes, Wm. Stokesfield (de) Stokke Stokys Stone Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Arms Stoughton, C. Stoughton, T. Strange Strange, Miss B. Street Street Stretton Stringer Stritch Strongbow Stuart Studdert Studdert, T. Stundon Styles SUGHERNE Sugrena sept -MacCarthy Sugrue Sugrue, Chas. Sugrue househldrs Sugrue, Jas. Suipeil SULLEUAN SULLIUAN Sullivan O' Sullivan O' Sullivan O' Sullivan, Ardea Sullivan Arms O' Sullivan arrives Sullivan, baptised O' Sullivan Beare O' Sullivan Beare Sullivan, Bishop O' Sullivan branches O' Sullivan Cashel Sullivan Castles O' Sullivan, Dan'l. O' Sullivan Eoganacht O' Sullivan forces Sullivan households Sullivan, John O' Sullivan, John O' Sullivan Lahern Sullivan, M.J. OO' Sullivan Mor O' Sullivan Mor, dau. O' Sullivan, Owen Rua Sullivan, T. O' Sullivan, the great O' Sullivan Tomies SULLIVANE O' Sullivans O' Sullivans Country Sunderland Supple Supple, E. K. Surname origins Sutcliffe Sutton SUVANE Swanzy Swayne Sweaney Sweatman Sweeney Mac Sweeney Mc SWEENEY Mc Sweeney hous'holds SWEENY Sweetman Swift Swift Swindel Mac Swiney Switzer Swords Symons Synan Synge Syvrac

T:   Taaffe Tackaberry Taite Talbot Talbot- Crosbie Tangney Tansley Tapper Tara, Four Tribes of. Tarrant Taylor Taylor, Eliza Teahan Tedmarsh Teer Mc TEIGE test oath (De) Thick Thistall Thomas Mc THOMAS Mac Thomas, John Thompson Thomson Thornhill Thornton Thurston Thwantes Tidings O' Tiegrnach Tierney Timmins Timony Tisdall Tobin Tobyn Togher Castle Tong Tooher Topham Topping Tough Towell Towell Townes Townsend Tracey Tralee families Tralee Library Tralee source Tranfield Trant TRANT Trant arms Trant Castle Trant of Fenit Trante Trassy Trassy Traunte Trawdsome Trawdsome Treawant Treddle Treddle Trench Tretton Trimlet Tristam Tristam Trodden Trowent Truman Truman tuath sen Eran Tubriddy Tucker Tuff Tuite Tuohill Tuohill, R., M. D. Tuohy Tuomey Turner Turner Twiss Twiss, E. Twiss, Ed. Twiss, Francis Twiss, J. R. Twiss of CastleIsland Twiss of Kileentierna Twiss of Steelroe Twiss, R., M. D. Twiss, Wm. Twohig TWOMEY O' Twomey Tyler Tyndall Tyter U. S. A., to U. S. civil war

U:   Ua Ciardha Mac Uaid Ufford ui dTorna ui Fearba Ui Ferba Oh Uiginn Undertaker or yeoman undertakers for land Underwood Uppington Usburne, T. Usher Usher, Henry

V:   Vale Valle Vancouver, Ottawa Vauckler Vaucleere Vauclier Vauclier Vauclier Vaughan Ventry, Lord Vesey Vicars Vickery Vigors Vincent Vine Virginia refuge Virginia, to Voakley Vynes Vynes, Vine

W:   Wade Walker Wall Wallace Waller Waller, Sir Walpole Walsche Walsh con- fiscated Walsh, Edw. Walsh of Sneem Walter, Theobald Warburton Ward Wardell Warden Warden, Col. Ware Ware Warham Warham Warner Warren Warren Warwick Waterson Watkins Watkins Watson Watters Watts Watts Weatherup Webb Weekes Weeks Weir Weldon Weldon, Rose Welland Wellings Welshmen Welstead WELSTED Welton West West Indies Westbrook Westcombe Westcombe Wharton Whelan WHELTON Whiston White White White, Geo. Whitson Whittaker Wholly wild geese Wilde Wilkie William I I I Williams Williams, F. Willis Willmore Willoe Willove Wilmot Wilmot, Sir Wilson (de) Wilton Wimpris Windele Windele, J. Windele, J. Windle Winn Winn, Hon. Roland Winters Winters, Samuel Wise Wise, Francis Witherall Woodhouse Woods Woolf, B.S. Worthington Woulfe Wreil Wren Wren family Wren, Leslie Wright Wright, G. Wrixon Wyk (de) Wyk Wykehamist Wyllie Wynne

Y:   Young

Z:   Zouche