The Master Atlas & Book of Irish Place-names

Description: If you are looking for the town or parish of your ancestors in Ireland, this is your answer: "The Master Atlas and Book of Irish Place Names". The original Hardbound, 6 x 9 size, gold stamped volume, with a complete set of 32 individual County Maps keyed to the index, which tells you exactly where to find the place name on the map in the back of the book. Both 17th and 19th century index is included, something not found in any similar work in print.

This work also includes all the place names, as they were originally spelled in the census of 1659. 250 pages in all. This is the master placename index for Ireland from the IGF. Every place name and its location on the 19th century map collection (all maps are included here) is indexed, and easily found on the maps!

Furthermore, they have added a 17th century placename index, showing older place names not found today on any map, and a listing of older ways place names were spelled. Over 20,000 listings in this section alone. Included are modern parish listings in for comparison. Also included are baronies, townlands, places, diocese, poor law unions and registrar districts.

The classic commentary of P.W. Joyce is found in the appendix, outlining common spelling changes, along with additional district and barony maps of Ireland. Charts of common variant spellings, prefix and suffix changes; placenames with more than one location are listed; 17th century map examples, along with an introduction to understanding Irish place names, regional divisions and sources for further research! This book has quality thread sewn hard bound binding. Find the location of your Irish family with this one, comes with instructions on place name spelling changes.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Aaygaradie, tl. Abbey Abbey Abbey O Dorny,tl. Abbeyfeale Abbeyfeale Abbeygormacan Abbeyknockmoy Abbeylara Abbeyleix Abbeyleix Abbeyleix Abbeymahon Abbeyshrule Abbeyshrule Abbeystowry Abbottstowne, pl. Abby Inislonnaghty, par. Abby James, pl. Abby Newtowne pl Abby Owhny, tl. Abby, par. Abby Side, The, tl. Abby, The Abby, The, of Knocktopher, the demeanes of, Abby, tl. AbbyeIshell, pl. Abbyfeale, par. Abbymawne, par. pl. Abbyshroole, tl. Abey Leix, pl. Abeydergg, tl. Abington Abington Ablington, tl. Aby Stouzy, par. Aby Towne, tl. Ach-ne-derach, pl. Achacramfield, pl. Achadallagin, pl. Achamacfir, pl. Achanagh, par. Achculback, tl. Achengady, 1/2 qr. Achevanna, tl. Achill Achill Achillmoreah, tl. Achishelag, pl. Achlishnefin, tl. Achnamedill, par. Achonry Achonry Aclamon, tl. Aclare. Aclare Aclare, tl. Actescall, pl. Adamstown Adamstowne. Adamstowne. Adamstowne. Adamstowne. Adamstowne. Adamstowne, pl. Adamstowne, qr. Adamstowne, tl. Adare Adare, par. Adare, pt of. Addergoole Addergoole Addrenall, tl. Aderdaoven, tl. Adergole, I pld. Aderrig Adings Towne, tl. Adnughanshegagh, tl. Adoreeoghtir, tl. Adrigoole, pl. Adrowle, pl. Adsallagh, tl. Advernisse, tl. Aedcanrash, tl. Affadown, par. Affadowne, plds. Affane Affane, par, tl, the Inhabitants of the litle bridge of, next Cappoquen. Affnolarde, tl. Affoly Affoly, pl. Affugg, tp. Agagalty, tl. Agalresk, tl. Agassillis, pl. Agavoine, tl. Agavoy, pl. Agedriss, tl. Agh Clare, tl. Agha Agha McCrime, tl. Agha, par. Agha, pl. Agha Tadie, tl. Agha, tp. Aghaboe Aghabog Aghaboy, pl. Aghabulloge Aghacarny, tl. Aghacnappagh, tl. Aghacrew Aghacross Aghada Aghada, par, pl. Aghadain, tl. Aghade Aghaderg Aghadissartt, pl. Aghadoe Aghadoe, tl. Aghadowey Aghadown Aghaduglis, pl. Aghafin, pl. Aghafin, tl. Aghafine, tl. Aghafore, pl. Aghagae, pl. Aghagaleng, par. Aghagallon Aghagan, tl. Aghagapp, pl. Aghagardae, E., plds. Aghageaghter, pl. Aghaggard, tl. Aghaglastea, pl. Aghagnilley, pl. Aghagnilly, E., W., pl. Aghagorr, tl. Aghagower Aghagurty, pl. Aghaharcher, par. Aghahurcher, par. Aghahurchur, par. Aghakillamady, pl. Aghakiran, pl. Aghalay, tl. Aghale, pl. Aghaleag, pl. Aghalebegg, pl. Aghalee Aghalee Aghalige, pl. Aghaliskeevan, pl. Aghaloo Aghalosky, tl. Aghaloy Offalan, tl. Aghalurcher Aghalurcher Aghamackart, pl. Aghamadock, pl. Aghamarty, pl. Aghamilla, pl. Aghamlish, par. Aghamock, pl. Aghamor, pl. Aghamore. Aghamore Aghamore, tl. Aghamuckey, tl. Aghanagh Aghanagraune, tl. Aghanahoula, pl. Aghanamalaght, pl. Aghanamolt, tl. Aghanamullan, par. Aghanaseid, pl. Aghanaved, pl. Aghancon Aghancon, pl. Aghanesklin, pl. Aghanlaike, pl. Aghanloo Aghanunshen, par. qr. Aghanunshin Agharalow, pl. Aghareagh, pl. Aghareagh, tl. Agharen, par, tl. Aghareske, pl. Agharinagh, pl. Agharnsky, pl. Agharny, pl. Agharo, tl. Agharra Agharrin, pl. Agharuske, pl. Aghatillo, tl. Aghatubred, tl. Aghavalin, par. Aghavallen Aghavea Aghaveigh, par. Aghaviller Aghavoghell, tl. Aghavoinane, tl. Aghavomine, tl. Aghavoryn, tl. Aghboy, pl. Aghboy, tl. Aghbrack, tl. Aghciry, tl. Aghcrow, par. Aghdowne, pl. Aghean Lagh, Drumcruin barfill, 3 sessioghes. Aghebegg, tl. Aghebrahoge, tl. Aghecorke, tl. Aghedericke, par. Aghegad Beg, tl. Aghegadmore, tl. Aghegrehan, pl. Aghelare, tp. Agheleck, pl. Aghelee, par. Aghell, pld, plds. Aghenaskeagh, tl. Aghencule, pl. Agheneburne, pl. Agheneclowagh, tl. Aghenholly, pl. Aghenkeerin, tl. Aghenloghan, tl. Aghenur, tl. Agher Agheranbeg, tp. Aghercrooill, tl. Agherem, tl. Agherenamore, tl. Aghereverney, tl. Aghergin, pl. Agherim, pl. Agherim, tl. Agherim, tp. Agherinkilly, tl. Agherlogher, tl. Aghern Agherruny, pl. Aghery, pl. Agheteerourky, pl. Aghevay, 1/2 qr. Aghevey, pl. Aghey, pl. Aghfadd, tl. Aghgarvan, tl. Aghgeany, tl. Aghgort, tl. Aghhuehanagh, pl. Aghibule, pl. Aghie McCluny, pl. Aghieglass, pl. Aghigohelle, tl. Aghilbeg, tl. Aghillinane, tl. Aghillmony, tl. Aghin Darragh, tl. Aghinagh Aghincush, pl. Aghindarragh Lr.,=Drumen Aghindrinagh, qr. Aghirefinny, tl. Aghivilly, tl. Aghiyoghell, tl. Aghkeerin, tl. Aghkeyne, tl. Aghkilmore, tl. Aghkippo, tl. Aghleagh, tl. Aghlettiff, 1/2 qr. Aghliharde, tl. Aghlish, tl. Aghloghacon, tl. Aghmacart Aghmore, tl. Aghmuldony, pl. Aghnabile, sessiogh. Aghnacross, pl. Aghnahury, tl. Aghnakene, sessiogh. Aghnameadill, par. Aghnameadle Aghnameddle, par. Aghnamullen Aghnatooby, tl. Aghnecarthy, pl. Aghneclogh, tl. Aghnecloye, pl. Aghnecloygh, pl. Aghnecros, pl. Aghnegarroon, tl. Aghnegone, tl. Aghnelecke, tl. Aghnelocree, tl. Aghnemadda, tl. Aghnemadelly, par. Aghnemeh, pl. Aghnemibragll, tl. Aghneshilogh, tl. Aghnoskea, tl. Aghodonvarran, tl. Aghomagoongan, tl. Aghomolan, pl. Aghonry, Aghonry, tl. Aghoragh, tl. Aghordrinan, tl. Aghowle Aghreagh, tl. Aghreenagh, tl. Aghres, tl. Aghrim, tl. Aghrime, tl. Aghrinn, Aghsineare, pl. Aghtoburid, tl. Aghtoome, tl. Aghuelacke, tl. Aghunihavy, pl. Aghy Viller, tl. Aghyall, tl. Aghyarde, Aghycurkry, pl. Aghyocor, tl. Agivey Aglis, Aglis,tl. Aglis, tl. Aglish, Aglish, Aglish Aglish Aglish Aglish Aglish Aglish, tl. Aglishcloghane Aglishcormick Aglishdrinagh Agroderaird, tl. Ahaboe, pl. Ahad, tp. Ahaherize, pl. Ahamlish Ahan, qr. Aharney Aharney Ahascragh Aheliny, tl. Ahen, pl. Aherrulke, tl. Ahgy Cauin, 1/2t. Ahhidaigh, tl. Ahoghill Ahoghill Aitteeduff, pl. Alcrosagh, pl. Alexanderead, tl. Algone, tl. All Saints Alla, tl. Allasly, tl. Allen, pl. Allen Towne, tl. Allers Towne, tl. Allevellane, pl. Allin, pl. Allistaker, tl. Allroe, tl. Almonds Towne, tl. Almoritra, Alridge, tl. Altaduffe, tl. Alteaghreagh, tl. Altemeden, pl. Altepast, qr. Alterichard, pl. Altically, qr. Altimacarinik, pl. Altinie, tl. Altinure, tl. Altoghadare, qr land Altoheny, tl. Altongelton, tl. Altosheen, qr. Alturk, tl. Altwra, tl. Alwards Towne, tl. Amaboe, tl. Amaghboy, tl. Ambrosetown Ambross Towne, tl. Amcargy, pl. Amogane, tl. Anachlay, tl. Anacloye, tl. Anaduff, Anagcliere, tl. Anagh, Anagh, Anagh, Anagh, Anagh, Anagh, Anagh, Anagh Cromph, tl. Anagh,pl. Anagh, pl. Anagh,pt of Anagh, see Annagh Anagh,tl. Anaghard, pl. Anaghban, tl. Anaghbeg, Anaghbeg, tl. Anaghbegg, Anaghbegg, Anaghbegg, pl. Anaghbrack, pl. Anaghbranagh, tl. Anaghbrodyan, tl. Anaghcarry, tl. Anaghcenye, pl. Anaghclon, Anaghcullan, pl. Anaghellt,pt of Anagherlicke, tl. Anaghgally, pl. Anaghgattin, pl. Anaghian, pl. Anaghill, pl. Anaghilly, pl. Anaghkearagh, tl. Anaghmerian, pl. Anaghmore, Anaghmore, pl. Anaghmore, tl. Anaghnoan, tl. Anaghorvie, pl. Anaghsamer, pl. Anagilare, tl. Anagmoine, tl. Anagnanagh, tl. Anagrage, tl, Analong, Anaray, pl. Anascall Ancllynes, pl. Ancly, tl. Ancoran, tl. Andlystowne, tl. Andsillage, tl. Anegoure, tl. Anghgore, tl. Anhagash, pl. Anhahery, pl. Anhid Anichsamery,tl. Anicmore, tl. Anis, tl. Aniskean, tl. Anlow, Annaclone Annaduff Annaermone, tl. Annagelliff Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh, Annagh Annagh Annagh Annagh Ilanagach, tl. Annagh, pl. Annagh Roch, tl. Annagh, see Anagh Annagh, tl. Annaghallty, pl. Annaghbegg, Annaghbegg, tl. Annaghdown Annaghe, tl. Annaghgolgen, pl. Annaghmartin, pl. Annaghmore, tl. Annagloge, tl. Annagullymore, tl. Annaheugh, tl. Annahilt Annahilt Annaughmore, tl. Annie, pl. Anninare, pl. Anritibeg, tl. Antecor, pl. Antethomasbuy, pl. Anticall, tl. Antrim, Antrim, Antrim, Antrim, Antrim, Antrim, Antrim, Antrim Antrim Antrim, high Sherrife, Antrim, high sherrife Any, Any McNeile, pl. Any, pl. Anyalla,pl. Anyerk, pl. AnySkenan, tl. Araghty, tl. Aranugh, tl. Arbo Arboe Arboe Arbollis, tl. Archane, tl. Archcherstowne, pl. Archenemurley, tl. Archers Groue, Archers Towne, Archerstowne, pl. Arches Towne, tl. Ard, pl. Ard Pryory, pl. Ard, see Art Ardae, tl. Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh, Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh, pl. Ardagh, tl. Ardaghs Towne, tl. Ardahy, Ardamine Ardane, pl. Ardanragh, tl. Ardara Ardaramon, tl. Ardarra, tl. Ardarrigg, tl. Ardbas, pl. Ardbohill, tl. Ardbraccan Ardbyrne, tp. Ardcaham, Ardcahane, tl. Ardcanaght, tl. Ardcandrisk Ardcanny Ardcarn Ardcarne, tl. Ardcarne, tl. Ardcath, Ardcath Ardcavan Ardcham, Ardclaine, tl. Ardclinis Ardclins, Ardcloyne, pl. Ardcluony, tl. Ardcollum, tl. Ardcolm Ardconnell, tl. Ardcrony Ardcrum, Ardcullein, tl. Ardcullin, tl. Ardd, tl. Ardea, Ardea Ardea, tl. Ardearny, Ardee Ardee Ardee Ardehely, Ardekelly, tl. Ardeloman, pl. Ardemecke, tl. Ardeohtraght, pl. Ardepadin, tl. Ardergaull, tl. Arderostigge, tl Arderra Arderry, tl. Ardfarna, Ardfeild, Ardfert, Ardfert Ardfert Ardfert Ardfertt, Ardfield, Ardfield Ardfinane, pl. Ardfinnan Ardgeartt, pl. Ardgehane, Ardgillam, pl. Ardglass, Ardglass, Ardglass Ardglasse, Ardglasse, pl. Ardglasse, tl. Ardgnoge, pl. Ardgriffin, tl. Ardgroehan, pl. Ardguonigh, tl. Ardicrow, tl. Ardies, Ardighboy, tl. Ardigon, tl. Ardincross, tl. Ardinerin, tl. Ardinoade, pl. Ardinonan, pl. Ardivhin, Ardkeanagh, tl. Ardkeen Ardkeill, tl. Ardkellin, tl. Ardkenagh, tl. Ardkighan, tl. Ardkill, Ardkill Ardkill, tl. Ardkilleene, tl. Ardkilly, pl. Ardkinan, tl. Ardkitt, tl. Ardlaghan, tl. Ardlaherty, tl. Ardlarine, tl. Ardlawe,pl. Ardlogheher, tl. Ardloman, tl. Ardma Clanchy, Ardmagh, Ardmagh, Ardmagh, Ardmagh, Ardmagh, Ardmagh = Armagh Ardmagh,bar, Ardmagh,bar, Ardmagh, bar, Ardmagh,bor, Ardmagh,bor, Ardmagh,bor, Ardmagh Cassan, Ardmagh,high sherif Ardmagh,Sherriffe of, Ardmagh, soveraign Ardmaghbreg,tl. Ardmagilligan, Ardmaine, Ardmalin, Ardmalphine, pl. Ardmaran, Ardmartin, pl. Ardmayle Ardmennagh, Ardmennan, tl. Ardmiskin, tl. Ardmollen, tl. Ardmoniell, tl. Ardmore, Ardmore, Ardmore, Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore, tl. Ardmoyle, Ardmoyle, tl. Ardmulchan, Ardmulchan Ardmynin, tl. Ardnabegg, tl. Ardnacrohy, tl. Ardnageehy Ardnaglasse, tl. Ardnagross, t. Ardnamore, tl. Ardnecronaght, tl. Ardnederogh, tl. Ardnegashill, tl. Ardnegihy, Ardneglass, tl. Ardnegoynog, tl. Ardnegragh, tl. Ardniniadill, Ardnorcher, Ardnorchir, tl. Ardnoroghir, Ardnurcher or Horseleap Ardnurcher or Horseleap Ardogena, tl. Ardoghill,tl. Ardohoig, pl. Ardolohane, tl. Ardorna, pl. Ardoscasty, tl. Ardough, tl. Ardoughter, tl. Ardownie, Ardowny, Ardoyne Ardoyne Ardpatrick Ardpatricke, Ardpatricke, tl. Ardquin Ardra, pl. Ardrae, pl. Ardragh, pl. Ardrahan Ardranloen, tl. Ardrasse, tl. Ardrea, tl. Ardree Ardress, tl. Ardrey, Ardrey, Ardrey, tl. Ardriach, tl. Ardrine, tl. Ardristan Ardristan, tp. Ardrivinny, Ardrone, tl. Ardrumond, Ards, Ards, Ards, tl. Ardsallagh Ardscoll, tl. Ardskeagh Ardskeagh, tp Ardsmernan, tl. Ardsorine, tl. Ardstraw Ardteigle, tl. Ardteraffe, tl. Ardtermon, tl. Ardtinllihy, tl. Ardtoall, tl. Ardtonagh, pl. Ardtullyhy, Arduarnagh, tl. Ardunlion, pl. Arduonin, tl. Arduonoge, tl. Ardupp, tl. Ardurra, pl. Ardvagehy, pl. Ardvally, Ardvarnagh, tl. Ardvarnagh,tl. Ardvenehan, pl. Ardvexkill, tl. Ardvorneis, pl. Ardwhin, Ardy, Ardybegg, pl. Ardyneere, tl. Areentenane, Arelemane, tl. Arera, pl. Arglin, tl. Arglinbridge, tl. Argonnell, tl. Argornett, tl. Argory, Argrilline, tl. Argromme, tl. Arguill, tl. Arkin, Arklow, Arklow Arklow Arlans Towne, tl. Arleane, pl. Arlondstowne,tl. Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armone, tl. Armoy, Armoy Arnargall, tl. Arnecraney, tl. Arnegouny, tl. Arnegragh,tl. Arnery, tl. Arnes Towne, tl. Arniloagh, tl. Arnis Towne, tl. Aroll, tl. Arpons Towne, tl. Arra, Owny and, Arra, Owny and, Arra, Owny and, Arrabilt, Arres, tl. Arries, qr. Arrigebegg, pl. Arrihirin More, Arrihirminabeo, Arrygall, Arsdalgan, tl. Arsmeae, tl. Art, Art, see Ard Artaine Artanagh, tl. Artaunack, tl. Artballan, tl. Artdune, tl. Artegoran, pl. Artepherall, pl. Arthonagh, pl. Arthors Towne, tl. Arthrodey, tl. Arthurs Towne, Arthurs Towne, tl. Artibryan, tl. Articlave Articleare, tl. Artikirah, tl. Artra, Artramon Artrea Artrea Artroman, tl. Arvagh Asdy, tl. Ash, Little, tl Ashdrumsie, pl. Ashiroe, Ashjuly, tl. Ashronan, tl. Ashsollas, tl. Ashtargh, tl. Ashtowne, tl. Ashymaratt, tl. Ashynew, tl. Askeaton, Askeaton Askenfarny, tl. Asksillagh, tl. Asmoyen,tl. Assaly, tl. Asser,tl. Assey Atdoollinn, pl. Athassel &
Relickmurry Athboy, Athboy Athboy, Corporation Athcarne, tl. Athelint, tl. Athenesie, Athenesie, Athenry Athenry Atherdee, Atherdee, Atherdee, Athgarrett, tl. Athgoe, pl. Athie, Athie, Athie,see Athy Athie,Soveraign of Athie,Soveraign of Athinds, pl. Athlaca, Athlacca Athleague Athleague Athleague Athleig, Athleige, tl. Athlomo, pl. Athlone, Athlone, Athlone, Athlone, Athlone, Athlone, Athlone Athlone, No.2 Athlumney Athlumny, Athneasy Athnid Athnowen Athy, Athy Athy Cristorie, tl. Athy, see Athie Athy,tl. Athyslany, tl. Atiferaie, tl. Atinkie, pl. Atrohis, tl. Attanagh Attanagh Atteflin, tl. Attetino, tl. Attirory, tl. Attmongrana, tl. Atty James, pl. Attyconner, tl. Attyknockan, tl Attymass Auchnish, Auchymony, tl. Auenagarry, tl. Augaglasan, Augh Grange, tl Aughablany, pl. Aughadowey, Aughafinegan tl. Aughageaghter, pl. Aughagrany, tl. Aughamore, pl. Aughatarahan, tl. Aughatibert, Aughavar, tl. Aughavore, tl. Aughcullan, tl. Aughdrumcarran, tl. Aughinsdisert, tl. Aughioryer, tl. Aughkinconell, tl. Aughmore, pl. Aughnarshan, tl. Aughnecloghe, Aughnicrosie, pl. Aughnish Aughodowey, Aughoe, pl. Aughologhy Doncory, tl. Aughowass, tl. Aughrewman, tl. Aughrim Aughrim Aught, Aughtobredbegg, tl. Aughtobredmore, tl. Aughtounyfighterah, tl. Augliske, tl. Aukyluscaly, tl. Aulane, tl. Aultaghmore, tl. Aunatrim, pl. aunemore, tl. Austrich, pl. Avagh Iregain, tl. Ayhagaskine, tl. Ayle, tl. Ayrush,

B:   B:Allgan, tl. B: Bine, tl. B: Bregoch, tl. B: Cloghan, tl. B: Coin, tl. B: Cultra, tl. B: Dorne, tl. B: Draine, tl. B: Dullochan, tl. B: Gossgoran, tl. B: Haghamore, tl. B: Hener, tl. B: Keell, tl. B: Laan Itragh, tl. B: Lerry, tl. B: Lishbredan, tl. B: Machaghanotragh, tl. B: Managh, tl. B: Marran, tl. B:McCarren, tl. B: McChassan tl. B:McCrambell, tl. B: McCrelly, tl. B: McNally, tl. B: McSca, tl. B: Meaghan, tl. B: Millton, tl. B: Moghan, tl. B: Monestrogh, tl. B: Nebrean, tl. B: Nehatty, tl. B: Russell, tl. B: Trim, tl. B: Willin, tl. B'pps Court, tl. Back Lane, Back, tl. Backestowne, pl. Bacroge, Baellananagh Baggatroth, Baggetts Towne, pl. Baggotts Land, Bagnis, tl. Bagottstowne, tl. Bailemore, tl. Bailieborough Bailieborough Bainaspickmore tl Baiogreehe, tl. Bakeaderry, tl. Bakeeragh, pl. Bal'aghader'e'n bal'ymena bal'yshan'on Bala, see Bally Balacoly, pl. Baladuffe, pl. Balanacorly, tl. Balanafad, tl. Balatragh, Great, tl. Balbrenogh, tl. Balbriggan Balbriggan, pl. Balconnye, pl. Balcurtry, pl. Baldens Towne, tl. Baldergane, pl. Baldonane, pl. Baldongan, Baldongan Baldoyle Baldoyle, pl. Baldugin, tl. Baldungan, tl. Baldwinstowne, pl. Baleashin, Balemanus, tl. Balenspur, tl. Baleuad, tl. Balfeaghan Balgaddy, pl. Balgeath, pl. Balgeeth, tl. Balgreene, tl. Balgriffen, pl. Balgriffin, Balgriffin Balhary, pl. Balhodge, pl. Bali, see Bally Balichin, tl. Balickmoylr &
Newt'wn Balighbae, tl. Baliknoske, tl. Balilye, tl. Balimagenale, tl. Balinane, tl. Balinashia, tl. Balinemaragh, tl. Balinkeny, tl. Balinla, tl. Balintagart, pl. Balisonan, tl. Balitorn, tl. Ball Belme, pl. Balla, Balla Balla Balla Rushine, pl. Balla, see Bally Ballaboy Ballaboy, Ballaboy, tl. Ballacagher, tl. Ballachen, pl. Ballackanall, tl. Ballacorsley, tl. Balladam, tl. Ballagh, Ballagh, Ballagh, Ballagh Cabcuny, pl. Ballagh O Mehan, tl. Ballagh, pl. Ballagh, see Bellagh Ballagh, tl. Ballagh, tl Ballaghabo, tl. Ballaghacorig, tl. Ballaghaneden, tl. Ballaghbeegg, pl. Ballaghboy, tl. Ballaghbregan, tl. Ballaghkeene, Ballaghkeene, Ballaghkeene, Ballaghkirne, tl. Ballaghmoon Ballaghmore, pl. Ballaghnaguily, tl. Ballaghnecoglly, tl. Ballaghrahin, pl. Ballaghran, Ballaghrea, pl. Ballaghtegin, tl. Ballaherne, tl. Ballainbarny, tl. Ballakerstowne, pl. Ballalime, tl. Ballamock Feogh, tl. Ballamore, Ballanagar, tl. Ballanagooe, tl. Ballanahensy, pl. Ballanahimore, pl. Ballanick, tl. Ballanrees, tl. Ballantoy, pl. Ballanwy, tl. Ballany, Ballany, tl. Ballard, tl. Ballardreen, tl. Ballare, tl. Ballatorr, tl. Ballatragh, tl Ballawlye, pl. Balldimdy, pl. Balle Kelly, tl. Balle McGillchrisi, tl. Balle, see Bally Ballea, pl. Balleaden, pl. Ballearrill, tl. Ballebeane, tl. Ballebeggane, tl Ballebegge, tl. Balleboght, tl. Ballebohane, tl. Balleboigh, tl. Balleboyes, tl. Ballebreagh, pl. Ballebride, tl. Ballebrine, tl. Ballebroxy, pl Balleburangh, tl. Balleburne, tl Ballecaghan, tl Ballecarne, tl Ballecarony, tl Ballecarroll, pl. Ballecolleroe, tl. Ballecolmore, pl. Balleconnicke, peer,tl. Balleculede, pl. Balledonele, pl. Balledoolagh, pl. Balledoyle, tl. Balleduffe, tl. Balledukin, tl. Ballee Ballee,tl. Balleen Balleene, tl. Ballefeneragh, tl. Ballefin, pl. Ballefiny, tl. Ballefiue, tl. Ballefoner, tl. Ballefoyle, pl. Ballegalde, tl. Ballegalgat, tl. Ballegeary, tl. Ballegen, pl. Ballegihin, pl. Ballegildivin, tl. Ballegranga, tl. Ballegraugans, tl. Ballegurty, pl. Ballehalbert, Balleharinhan, tl. Ballehide, pl. Ballehore, tl. Balleine, tl. Ballekile, tl. Balleknockan, pl. Ballelagh, pl. Ballelismgor, pl. Ballelosky, tl. Balleluckerye, tl. Ballemacallin, tl. Ballemaconelly, tl. Ballemadd, pl. Ballemagarvy,tl Ballemageher, tl. Ballemakcrally, tl. Ballemanran, tl. Ballemarkin, pl. Ballemartin, pl. Ballemary, tl. Ballemekillboy, tl. Ballemenagh, pl. Ballemocorleffoy, tl. Ballemollinkle, tl. Ballemonin, pl. Ballemonny, pl. Ballemony, Ballemorin, tl. Ballemotie, tl. Ballemoy,pl. Ballemullen, tl. Ballenacor, tl. Ballenadolagh, pl. Ballenagleduff, tl. Ballenakellybeg, tl. Ballenakellymore, tl. Ballenalack, tl. Ballenard, tl. Ballenaspoge, tl. Ballenay, tl. Ballenboule, pl. Ballenbramy, tl. Ballenbrookey, pl. Ballencargie, tl. Ballencarr, tl. Ballencarthy, tl. Ballencrea, tl. BallencroRigge, tl. Ballencrosigge tl Ballencurry, tl. Ballender, tl. Ballenderry, tl. Ballene Wm Roe, tl. Balleneball, tl. Balleneboll, tl. Ballenecarrow, tl. Balleneclogh, tl. Ballenecossy, tl. Ballenecrany, tl. Ballenecur, tl. Ballenefay, tl. Ballenegallagh, tl. Ballenehowne, tl. Ballenekill, Ballenekilly, tl. Ballenemanan, tl. Ballenemony, tl. Balleneparke, tl. Ballengaran, tl. Ballengillecline, tl. Ballenlany, tl. Ballenlar,pl. Ballenlogh, Ballenloyhand, tl. Ballenlue, tl. Ballenlugg, tl. Balleno, tl. Ballenocross, tl. Ballenport, tl. Ballenrahin, pl. Ballenraly, pl. Ballenredie, tl. Ballensaryen, tl. Ballenselott, tl. Ballenskealigg, Ballenstleane, tl. Ballenteerebeg,tl. Ballenteeremore, tl. Ballentesken,tl. Ballentlea, tl. Ballentogher, tl. Ballentorlie, tl. Ballentrohan, tl. Ballenturlagh, tl. Ballenvally, Ballenveduny, tl. Ballenvriskigg tl Ballenvrogh, tl. Balleoyre, tl. Ballepack, tl. Ballephillip, tl. Ballequillan, tl. Ballerauill, tl. Ballerea, tl. Balleregan, tl. Ballerie,tl. Ballerilinmore, pl. Balleroheen, pl. Balleruris, pl. Ballerylinbegg,pl. Ballesallagh, tl. Ballesanon, tl. Balleshannoge, tl. Balleshite, tl. Balletarsny, pl. Balleteeme, pl. Balleteigue, pl. Ballevally, tl. Ballevoheny, tl. Ballevolaghan, tl. Ballewallen, tl. Ballewater,tl. Balleyghter, tl. Balleyreagh, tl. Ballgaderen, tl. Ballgorgonbegg, tl. Balliadin, tl. Balliallroe, tl. Balliamford, pl. Balliandargh,tl. Balliarchus, Balliaughy, tl. Balliawly, pl. Ballibarnie, tl. Ballibarny, tl. Ballibeaugh, tl. Ballibegg, tl. Ballibey, pl. Ballibin, tl. Balliblak, tl. Balliho Ballikerognor. tl. Ballikilcovan, pl. Ballikill, tl. Ballikilleen, pl. Ballikirrin, tl. Ballikivan, pl. Balliknange, tl. Balliknocan, pl. Balliknock Crompane, Balliknockan, Balliknocke, tl. Balliknockviccor, Ballikreggan, tl. Ballilackin, tl. Ballilagh, tl. Ballilanhen, Ballilarkin, tl. Ballilaughan, Ballilaughlowe, tl. Ballileag, tl. Ballileagh, tl. Ballileaghan, Ballilean, Ballileans,tl Ballileas, pl. Ballilehane, tl pl Ballileig, tl. Ballilenan, Ballilerog Begg, tl. Ballilie, tl. Ballilin, tl. Balliline, Balliliswran, tl. Ballilogh, tl. Ballilonan, tl. Ballilosky, tl. Balliloskye,pl. Balliloue, tl. Ballilow, Balliltraduff, tl. Balliluberna, tl. Ballilucas, tl. Ballilugg, tl. Ballilugh, tl. Ballim cae, tl. Ballim Loghlin, tl. Ballim Luine, tl. Ballim Morish, tl. Ballimac Crifford, tl. BallimacBryan, tl. Ballimaccroaly, tl. Ballimacue, tl. Ballimadock, pl. Ballimafay, tl. Ballimaghan, tl. Ballimagir, tl. Ballimaglassan, Ballimagroerty, Ballimakely, tl. Ballimakill, tl. Ballimalady, Balliman, tl. Ballimanrary, Ballimartin,tl. Ballimatramitra, tl. Ballimatramotra,tl. BalliMcQuin, tl. Ballimee, tl. Ballimenad, Great, tl. Ballimeniririe, tl. Ballimessie, tl. Ballimgoringe, tl. Ballimickine, tl. Ballimis, tl. Ballimoe, tl Ballimoiler, pl. Ballimon, pl. Ballimone, Ballimonihy, tl. Ballimony, tl. Ballimore Ballimorphy, Ballimount, tl. Ballimoyseran, pl. Ballimulchan, tl. Ballimullen,pl. Ballimulronow, pl. Ballimulvee, tl. Ballimurishrene, tl. Ballimurry, tl. Ballin Attin, pl. Ballin Garragh, tl. Ballin Tayler, tl. Ballin Vanyne, pl. Ballina Ballina Ballina Parke, tl. Ballina, tl. Ballinabeg, pl. Ballinaboley, pl. Ballinaboy Ballinacarrig Ballinacloghy tl Ballinacooly, tl. Ballinacor Ballinacur, tl. Ballinadee Ballinader, Ballinae, tl. Ballinafousen, pl. Ballinagawle, pl. Ballinagowe, tl. Ballinagunnenagh, Ballinakdonoghfine, tl. Ballinakell, pl. Ballinakill Ballinakill, pl. Ballinakilly, tl. Ballinalacconn, tl. Ballinalarme, tl. Ballinalee Ballinamanagh, Ballinamara Ballinameen Ballinamodagh, tl. Ballinamona, tl. Ballinamony, tl. Ballinamore BallinanLeeny, tl. Ballinaraghan, tl. Ballinard Ballinard, pl. Ballinary, tl. Ballinasegort, tl. Ballinasker, tl. Ballinaslee, tl. Ballinasloe Ballinaspeck, tl. Ballinatten, tl. Ballinaulort, tl. Ballinavay, tl. Ballinbolvostigh, tl. Ballinbore, tl. Ballinbreeny, pl. Ballinbrenagh, tl. Ballincahane, tl. Ballincancene, tl. Ballincargy, pl. Ballincarigir, tl. Ballincarnan, tl. Ballincasky, tl. Ballinchalla Ballinclassy, tl. Ballinclea, tl. Ballincley, pl. Ballinclimeasig, tl. Ballincloghir, tl. Ballincollig Ballincollobardy, tl. Ballincolly, pl. Ballinconry, pl. Ballincoursey, pl. Ballincourty, tl. Ballincrag, tl. Ballincrispin, tl. Ballincrossig, tl. Ballincurdy, pl. Ballincurr, tl. Ballincurrige, pl. Ballincurrigg, tl. Ballincurrigh, tl. Ballincurry, pl tl Ballincuslane Ballindeasigg, tl. Ballindeny, tl. Ballinderin, pl. Ballinderry, Ballinderry Ballinderry Ballinderry Ballinderye, tl. Ballindigany, tl. Ballindine Ballindisert, tl. Ballindonny, pl. Ballindoolen, tl. Ballindoon Ballindoone, tl. Ballindow, tl. Ballindowne, pl. Ballindriniske, tl. Ballindromo, tl. Ballindrumny, tl. Ballindurry, pl. Balline Banagh, Balline, tl. Ballineake, tl. Ballinebanoge, tl. Ballinebarny, tl. Ballinebin, pl. Ballineboly, Ballineboy, tl. Ballinebrana, Ballinecard, tl. Ballinecarig, Ballinechan, Ballineclehy, tl. Ballineclogh, pl. Ballinecross, tl. Ballineculagh, tl. Ballineere, pl. Ballinefagh, tl. Ballinefinnsogie, tl. Ballinegapke, tl. Ballinegarbragh, tl. Ballinegary, tl. Ballinegor, tl. Ballinegran, Ballinegreny, tl. Ballinehan, tl. Ballinehineene, Ballinehone, tl. Ballinekelog, tl. Ballinekill, Ballinekilly, pl. Ballinelarrigg, tl. Ballineled, tl. Ballinelege, tl. Ballinemallagh, tl. Ballinemoddagh, tl. Ballinemony, tl. Ballineree, pl. Ballinergin, tl. Ballinerra, tl. Ballinesallagh, Ballineslany, Ballinesloe, tl. Ballinestra, tl. Ballineveene, tl. Ballinfana, Ballinfuntagh, tl. Ballingaddy Ballingadie, tl. Ballingallen, tl. Ballingambon, tl. Ballingaran, tl. Ballingard, Ballingare, tl. Ballingarne, pl. Ballingarran, pl. Ballingarre, tl. Ballingarriagh, pl. Ballingarry Ballingarry Ballingarry Ballingarry, tl pl Ballingarvey, Ballingary, Ballingduny, pl. Ballinge, tl. Ballingeile, tl. Ballingerly, tl. Ballingeynes, tl. Ballingile, pl. Ballinglanny, tl Ballinglauna, tl Ballinglogh, tl. Ballingly Ballingly, tl. Ballingortin, pl. Ballingowlin, tl. Ballingowne, tl. Ballingrottey, pl. Ballingully, tl. Ballingvosy, tl. Ballinidoone, pl. Ballinie, tl. Ballinihensy, pl. Ballinilinoge, tl. Ballininonyn, pl. Ballininterbray, Ballinity, tl. Ballinkellin, pl. Ballinkin, tl. Ballinkinck, tl. Ballinkincorra, tl. Ballinknocky, tl. Ballinknuick, tl. Ballinlaccenn, tl. Ballinlagartmore, pl. Ballinlagh, tl. Ballinlaghane, tl. Ballinlangie, tl. Ballinlar, tl. Ballinlarbegg, pl. Ballinlaughley, tl. Ballinle-Hissery, tl. Ballinlea, pl. Ballinlesca, tl. Ballinlog, tl. Ballinlogh More, tl. Ballinlogh, pl tl Ballinloghane, tl. Ballinloghbeg, pl. Ballinloghbegg, tl. Ballinloghy, tl pl Ballinlondry, Ballinlosky, tl. Ballinlough Ballinlough, pl. Ballinloughy, tl. Ballinlugg, tl. Ballinlugge, tl. Ballinluige, tl. Ballinly, pl. Ballinlynie, tl. Ballinmole, tl. Ballinmony, tl. Ballinnahigg, tl. Ballinnarane, pl. Ballinnasigg, tl. Ballinnehow, tl. Ballinnewlan, pl. Ballinnodagh, tl. BallinnyMough, tl. Ballinoge, Ballinoreran, pl. Ballinormond, pl. Ballinowlan, pl. Ballinperus, tl. Ballinpriora, tl. Ballinqrughty, tl. Ballinra, tl. Ballinrae, tl. Ballinrangalauige, tl. Ballinre Derry, pl. Ballinrea, tl. Ballinree, Ballinreese, tl. Ballinrighan, tl. Ballinrish, tl. Ballinrisigge, pl. Ballinroan, tl. Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Ballinrodda, tl. Ballinrode, tl. Ballinroe, tl. Ballinroone, pl. Ballinrosh, Ballinrudeligg, tl. Ballinrudery, pl. Ballinry, pl. Ballinscaruagh, tl. Ballinscooly, tl. Ballinscraghy, tl. Ballinshragh, pl. Ballinskarig, tl. Ballinsperigge, pl. Ballinspittle, tl. Ballinspittle, tl. Ballinspratty, pl. Ballinstocan, tl. Ballinstra, tl. Ballintagard, tl. Ballintagart, tl. Ballintaggort, tl. Ballintahir, pl. Ballintallounly, tl. Ballintalor, pl. Ballintample, Ballintanpan, tl. Ballintasre, pl. Ballintecken, pl. Ballintegard, tl. Ballintemple Ballintemple Ballintemple Ballintemple Ballintemple, tl pl Ballintennan, tl. Ballinteskin, tl. Ballintian, tl. Ballintlea, tl pl Ballintobber, Ballintober Ballintober Ballintober, tl. Ballintogher, pl. Ballintola, pl. Ballintoppan, pl. Ballintoren, pl. Ballintoy Ballintra Ballintra, tl. Ballintrill, pl. Ballintrohan, tl. Ballintubbeoid, tl. Ballintubod, pl. Ballintullagh, tl. Ballinure, pl tl Ballinurry, Ballinvallane, tl. Ballinvally, tl. Ballinvarigge, tl. Ballinvarrig, pl. Ballinveely, tl. Ballinveinter, pl. Ballinveller, tl. Ballinvelly, tl. Ballinveny, pl. Ballinvige, pl. Ballinvilluge, tl. Ballinviny, tl. Ballinvirick, tl. Ballinvoher Ballinvoher, pl. Ballinvohir, Ballinvohyr, pl. Ballinvotrigh, Ballinvre, tl. Ballinvulline, tl. Ballinweiry, tl. Ballinwoollin, tl. Ballinydry, tl. Balliorane, tl. Balliorlimor, tl. Ballioughter, tl. Balliperode, tl. Balliquine, tl. Balliranell, tl. Ballirath, tl. Ballireagh, tl. Ballirely, pl. Ballirey, tl. Ballirieghans, tl. Balliriogane, tl. Balliroan,tl. Ballirobeg, tl. Balliroe, tl. Ballirone, pl. Ballirunore, pl. Ballirustin, Balliryan, Ballis Towne, tl. Ballisax, tl. Ballisciagh, tl. Ballisfenan, pl. Ballishane, tl. Ballishannon, tl. Ballishanon, tl. Ballisheeda, tl. Ballisheen, tl. Ballishelan, tl. Ballishoneene, tl. Ballisillagh, tl. Balliske, Balliskennagh, Ballisop, tl. Ballispellane, tl. Ballissadar, tl. Ballissadara, Ballisseenbeg, Ballisseenmore, Ballistroan, pl. Ballitarsny, tl. Ballitasny, tl. Ballitegleagh, Balliteig, tl. Balliteige, tl. Balliteigue, pl. Ballithomas, tl. Ballitrane, Ballitrany, Ballitrasey, tl. Ballitrasny, pl. Ballitroman, tl. Ballivacadane, tl. Ballivan, Ballivany, tl. Ballivelick, tl. Balliverodge, tl. Balliveroge, tl. Ballivoghlin, pl. Ballivorohow, tl. Balliwalton, tl. BalliWater, tl. Balliwatts, tl. Balliwillin, Balliwollire, tl. Ballmadukin, tl. Ballmagully, pl. Ballmakill, tl. Ballmakilly, Ballmant, pl. Ballmardan, tl. Ballmegrine, tl. Ballmiboy, Ballmingrassane, pl. Ballmunry, Ballnagross, tl. Ballnahiskeragh, tl. Ballnastra, tl. Ballnastrad, pl. Ballneallmoore, tl. Ballnefedd, tl. Ballnegall, tl. Ballnehowne, tl. Ballnekellob, tl. Ballnemanagh, tl. Ballnettolan, pl. Ballobay, tl. Ballogh, pl. Balloghan, tl. Balloghane, pl. Balloghboy, pl. Balloghter, tl. Ballomoone, tl. Ballon Balloran, tl. Ballosk Collolste, tl. Ballour, Ballow, tl. Ballowlone, pl. BallPatricke, tl. Ballrackny, tl. Ballralboghly, tl. Ballrath, tl. Ballregruvey, pl. Ballringeringh, tl. Ballroe, tl. Ballrone, tl. Ballsallagh, pl. Ballshanragane, tl. Balltray, tl. Ballugg, tl. Ballulemock, tl. Balluskey, tl. Ballvaccassy, tl. Ballvocks, tl. Ballwin, tl. Bally Auliffe, tl. Bally Brack, Bally Brahey, tl. Bally Broman, tl. Bally Buggy, pl. Bally Burdonbegg, tl. Bally Cart, tl. Bally Cashell, tl. Bally Clanhugh, tl. Bally Clearahane, Bally Colgan, pl. Bally Collan More, pl. Bally Collin, pl. Bally Common Bally Creghane, pl. Bally Cristoll, pl. Bally Cyea, tl. Bally Dusker, tl. Bally Falogh, pl. Bally Foricke, tl. Bally Fruncke, tl. Bally Garne, tl. Bally Golick, tl. Bally Gromuny, tl. Bally Gubb, tl. Bally Head, tl. Bally Henry, tl. Bally Howen, tl. Bally Hubocke, tl. Bally Hushen, tl. Bally Inickane, tl. Bally Island, pl. Bally Keellogherne, tl. Bally Kein Itragh, tl. Bally Kelly, tl pl Bally Keogh, pl. Bally Keohan, tl. Bally Kepoge, tl. Bally Killin, pl. Bally Kinleagh, pl. Bally Kinverga, tl. Bally Kirin, pl. Bally Knocan, tl. Bally Lahiff, tl. Bally Laven, pl. Bally Lenan, pl. Bally Logh, tl. Bally Lorkane, tl. Bally Loskey, pl. Bally Mac William, pl. Bally Manus, pl. Bally Mc'ormick tl Bally McAcrane, Bally McAdam tl pl Bally McAward, Bally McBrenan, tl. Bally McCallin, tl. Bally McCally, tl. Bally McClanagon, tl. Bally McClanchy, tl. Bally McCoghny, Bally McCoine, tl. Bally McConnell, tl. Bally McConnoghy, tl. Bally McCormack, tl. Bally McCowe, pl. Bally McCravane, tl. Bally McCruttery, tl. Bally McDannell, tl. Bally McDavid, tl. Bally McDonellane, tl. Bally McDonnell, Bally McEgane, pl. Bally McElkeny, tl. Bally McElligott, tl. Bally McEratiemore, Bally McEvagie, tl. Bally McFrancky, tl. Bally McGarchan, tl. Bally McGawny, pl. Bally McGillin, tl. Bally McGlane Ittagh, tl. Bally McGrean, tl. Bally McIdoyle, tl. Bally McIlduffe, tl. Bally McIllwena, tl. Bally McIlmurry, tl. Bally McJordan, tl. Bally McKanollan, tl. Bally McKarn, tl. Bally McKeady, pl. Bally McKeane, tl. Bally McKelly, tl. Bally McKeogh, pl. Bally McKerry, tl. Bally McKillnena, tl. Bally McKy, tl. Bally McLary, tl. Bally McLecombebeg, tl. Bally McLecombmoore, tl. Bally McMartin, tl. Bally McMauge, tl. Bally McMurraghy, tl. Bally McNabe, tl. Bally McNegally, tl. Bally McNemee, tl. Bally McNicholl, tl. Bally McNish, tl. Bally McOwen, tl. Bally McPatrick, tl. Bally McPeake, tl. Bally McPhillip, tl. Bally McReamore, tl. Bally McRedmond pl tl Bally McSemon, tl. Bally McShoneen, pl. Bally McShonocke, tl. Bally McShrew, tl. Bally McTeerfy, tl. Bally McVeabegg,tl. Bally McWilliam, pl. Bally Moran, pl. Bally Morelin, tl. Bally Mullany, tl. Bally Neghee, tl. Bally Noert, tl. Bally Phehane tl Bally Ryvine, pl. Bally Sallagh, tl. Bally Samson, tl. Bally Shanmore, tl. Bally Somoghan, Bally Teige, pl. Bally Thomas, pl. Bally Uskell, tl. Bally Ward, tl. Bally Wich, tl. Bally Will, tl. Bally William Reagh, pl. Bally William Roe, Bally Willowen, Bally Wm, pl. Bally Woole, tl. Bally-Morogh, pl. Ballyackwart, tl. Ballyadam, pl. Ballyadambeg, tl. Ballyadams, Ballyadams Ballyadocke, tl. Ballyaghbegg, tl. Ballyagheg, tl. Ballyagherty, tl. Ballyaghery, tl. Ballyaghlisk, tl. Ballyagholly, tl. Ballyaghran Ballyaghter, pl. Ballyaghtin, tl. Ballyaghyan, tl. Ballyagnlin, tl. Ballyagon, tl. Ballyalaghtie, pl. Ballyalbone, tl. Ballyally, tl. Ballyallynane, tl. Ballyalton, tl. Ballyancakan, tl. Ballyane, tl. Ballyanes, tl. Ballyanker, tl. Ballyanlan, tl. Ballyanne Ballyannin, pl. Ballyannisane, tl. Ballyanny, tl. Ballyanrahane, pl. Ballyanreagh, tl. Ballyantlaba, tl. Ballyany, pl tl Ballyanyty, tl. Ballyard, pl. Ballyarde, tl. Ballyardle, tl. Ballyards, tl. Ballyargane, tl. Ballyarilla, Ballyarish, tl. Ballyarme, tl. Ballyartelly, pl. Ballyarton, tl. Ballyasadore, tl. Ballyashea, tl. Ballyassadore, Ballyatti, tl. Ballyauylan, tl. Ballybacon Ballybaines, tl. Ballybairnes, tl. Ballyballricke, Ballybalricke, tl. Ballybane, tl Ballybannen, tl. Ballybarly, Ballybarrack Ballybarrane, pl. Ballybay Ballybay Ballybecan, Ballybeell, tl. Ballybegg, Ballybeggane, tl. Ballybegge, pl. Ballyblack, tl. Ballybleeks, tl. Ballyblegg, tl. Ballyboaght, tl. Ballyboe, pl. Ballybogan, Ballyboggan Ballybogher, tl. Ballyboghill Ballyboghlan, pl. Ballybogie, pl. Ballybolly, pl. Ballyboly, tl. Ballybonane, tl. Ballybondon, tl. Ballybonny, tl. Ballybooba, tl. Ballyboughall, Ballybought, pl. Ballybought-Shiycestowne, pl. Ballybound Elvaly, tl. Ballyboy, Ballyboy Ballyboys Ballybrackan Ballybracke, tl. Ballybragh, pl. Ballybranagh, tl. Ballybrazil Ballybreagh, pl tl Ballybreed, tl. Ballybregoge, tl. Ballybrenagh, tl. Ballybrenan, Ballybrenane, tl. Ballybrennan Ballybrenocke, tl. Ballybretas, tl. Ballybrikine, tl. Ballybrin, tl. Ballybristy, pl. Ballybritt, Ballybrittine, pl. Ballybrittum, tl. Ballybroder, tl. Ballybrody, tl. ballybrogatt, tl. Ballybroly, tl. Ballybromy, tl. Ballybronoge, tl. Ballybrood Ballybrowny, tl. Ballybruine, tl. Ballybryan, tl. Ballybuoe, tl. Ballybur Ballyburckan, tl. Ballyburdonmore, tl. Ballyburly Ballyburr, tl. Ballybutle, tl. Ballycacksust, tl. Ballycahane Ballycahane, tl. Ballycahell, pl. Ballycahill Ballycahill, tl. Ballycallaghan, tl. Ballycallan Ballycallane, tl. Ballycallowe, tl. Ballycam, tl. Ballycamon, tl. Ballycanew Ballycanmore, tl. Ballycanra, tl. Ballycanvan, tl. Ballycaple, pl. Ballycarbery, tl. Ballycarenaglogh, tl. Ballycarne, tl. Ballycarney Ballycarr, tl. Ballycarran, pl. Ballycarrane, Ballycarrigg, tl. Ballycarrownagh, tl. Ballycarrygan, tl. Ballycarton, tl. Ballycarwell, tl. Ballycary, pl. Ballycashen, tl. Ballycasslane, Ballycassy, tl. Ballycassy-Oughtragh, tl. Ballycastle Ballycastle Ballycastle, pl. Ballycattine, tl. Ballycattock, tl. Ballycaulan, tl. ballycausow, tl. Ballycaver, pl. Ballycaxrohan, pl. Ballycharra, tl. Ballycheevers, pl. Ballychisteen, pl. BallyckMoyler, pl. Ballycleamint, tl. Ballyclende, tl. Ballyclerahan Ballyclerichan, Ballyclog Ballyclogh, Ballyclogh Ballycloghan, tl. Ballycloghy, pl tl Ballyclough Ballyclough, pl. Ballyclovane, tl. Ballyclug Ballycnockane, tl. Ballycoer, pl. Ballycoghy, tl. Ballycolan, pl. Ballycolane, tl. Ballycolla, pl. Ballycollan, tl. Ballycollane, tl. Ballycollick, tl. Ballycollreagh, pl. Ballycom, pl. Ballycomane, pl. Ballycomlarsy, tl. Ballycommon Ballycomnnish, Ballycondon, tl. Ballyconer, tl. Ballyconna South, tl. Ballyconnell Ballyconnell, tl. Ballyconnelly, pl. Ballyconnery, tl. Ballyconnick Ballyconooe, tl. Ballyconor, tl. Ballyconry Ballyconry, pl. Ballyconway, tl. Ballycoolan, pl. Ballycoplan, tl. Ballycor Ballycorboy, tl. Ballycorey, tl. Ballycormacke, tl. Ballycorny, tl. Ballycosky, pl. Ballycosson, tl. Ballycotten, tl. Ballycoughland, tl. Ballycourty, tl. Ballycowan, tl. Ballycowen, Ballycraheene, tl. Ballycraige, pl. Ballycranbeg, tl. Ballycranick, tl. Ballycranmore, tl. Ballycrany, Ballycreboy, tl. Ballycrelly, tl. Ballycren, tl. Ballycroddock, pl. Ballycrodocke, tl. Ballycroghan, tl. Ballycrogue Ballycrokebegg tl Ballycrom, tl. Ballycroney, tl. Ballycrony, pl. Ballycrosse, tl. Ballycrutell, tl. Ballycrwan, tl. Ballycrynett, pl. Ballycuggerane, tl. Ballycullane, tl. Ballyculleene, tl. Ballycullen, tl. Ballycullenane, pl. Ballyculler, tl. Ballycullinanteig, tl. Ballyculline, tl. Ballycullyton, pl. Ballyculter, Ballyculter Ballycurrane, tl. Ballycurrany Ballycurreene, tl. Ballycushlan, tl. Ballyda, tl. Ballydahab, pl. Ballydahin, pl. Ballydally, tl. Ballydaniell, tl. Ballydargane, tl. Ballydarta, tl. Ballydauy, tl. Ballydavid, pl. Ballydavids, pl. Ballydavine, tl. Ballydeine, tl. Ballydeloher Ballydeloughy Ballyderaowne, tl. Ballydermott,tl. Ballydeslan, tl. Ballydewganes, tl. Ballydinine,al's Cargraige, tl. Ballydiraowne, tl. Ballydiriden, pl. Ballydnane, pl. Ballydoan, tl. Ballydonagan, tl. Ballydonagane, tl. Ballydonaghan, tl. Ballydonavane, tl. Ballydonelan, tl. Ballydonell, tl. Ballydonelmore, pl. Ballydonety, tl. Ballydonnan, tl. Ballydonnogh, pl. Ballydonogh, tl. Ballydonoghane, Ballydonoghoo, tl. Ballydonoghow, tl. Ballydonoghy, tl. Ballydonothie, pl. ballydoole, tl. Ballydorehy, tl. Ballydoroug, tl. Ballydorren, tl. Ballydowde, pl. Ballydowell, tl. Ballydowne, tl. Ballydownize, tl. Ballydran, tl. Ballydrenane, pl. Ballydrislane, tl. Ballydroll, tl. Ballyduff Ballyduff Ballyduff, tl pl Ballyduffbegg, tl. Ballyduffe, tl. Ballyduffey, tl. Ballyduffmore, tl. Ballydugan, tl. Ballyduhigg, tl. Ballydulea, pl. Ballydullaghan, tl. Ballydulugg, pl. Ballydunane, pl. Ballyduny, tl. Ballyduynleagh, tl. Ballydwagh, pl. Ballydwell, pl. Ballydyne, pl. Ballyea, tl. Ballyechin, pl. Ballyedmond, tl. Ballyeene, tl. Ballyegan, tl. Ballyegane, pl. Ballyeghna, tl. Ballyegnie, tl. Ballyegny, tl. Ballyeightea, tl. Ballyelland, tl. Ballyellane, tl. Ballyellin Ballyellynane, tl. Ballyenaghta, tl. Ballyenavin, pl. Ballyengowne, pl. Ballyeragh, tl. Ballyerren, tl. Ballyesbrough, tl. Ballyeshell, pl. Ballyeyneene, tl. Ballyfarmott, pl. Ballyfarnon, No.1 Ballyfaskeene, tl. Ballyfay, tl. Ballyfeard Ballyfearn, Ballyfenok, tl. Ballyfereene, tl. Ballyferis, tl. Ballyferlea, tl. Ballyfermot Ballyferrin, tl. Ballyferritter, tl. Ballyfinane, tl. Ballyfinora, tl. Ballyfinshoge, tl. Ballyfiny, tl. Ballyfodrim, tl. Ballyfoline, Ballyfookine, tl. Ballyfore, tl. BallyForeish, pl. Ballyfoyle Ballyfoyle, tl. Ballyfraty, tl. Ballyfrenge, tl. Ballyfrenis, tl. Ballyfubbole, pl. Ballyfutherly, tl. Ballygaats, pl. Ballygagin, tl. Ballygagine, tl. Ballygalbegg, tl. Ballygalbert, pl. Ballygallagh, tl. Ballygallane, tl. Ballygallsugard, tl. Ballygally, tl. Ballygambon, tl. Ballygannor, tl. Ballygargan, tl. Ballygarran, tl. Ballygarrane, pl. Ballygarren, tl. Ballygarricke, tl. Ballygarrott, tl. Ballygarry, Ballygart, Ballygartgarr, pl. Ballygarth Ballygarvagan, tl. Ballygarvane, pl. Ballygarvy, tl. Ballygarwell, Ballygasoone, tl. Ballygassy, tl. Ballygaudan Begg, pl. Ballygawdanmore, pl. Ballygawley Ballygawnyne, tl. Ballygearane, tl. Ballygeill, tl. Ballygelagh, tl. Ballygellem, tl. Ballygerigh, tl. Ballygerott, tl. Ballygerrane, tl. Ballygerrin, tl. Ballygery, tl. Ballygey, tl. Ballygibbon Ballygilbert, tl. Ballygillan, tl. Ballygillanbeg, tl. Ballygillanmore, tl. Ballygillgan, tl. Ballyginie, tl. Ballyglahane, tl. Ballyglass Ightragh, pl. Ballyglass, pl. Ballyglassin, pl. Ballyglassoughterag, pl. Ballyglisheene, pl. Ballyglissane, pl. Ballyglohorne, tl. Ballygoage, tl. Ballygoane, Ballygobane, tl. Ballygonay, tl. Ballygonbegg, tl. Ballygone, tl. Ballygonigon, tl. Ballygoodin, tl. Ballygorgarmore, tl. Ballygorman, tl. Ballygormane, pl. Ballygormon, pl. Ballygosy, tl. Ballygowen, tl. Ballygownane, tl. Ballygowne, tl. Ballygowone, tl. Ballygowrage, pl. Ballygowrigan, pl. Ballygraffan, tl. Ballygragane, tl. Ballygrangee, tl. Ballygrenane, tl. Ballygreny, tl pl Ballygressy, pl. Ballygriffa, tl. Ballygriffen, pl. Ballygriffin Ballygriffin, tl. Ballygrogly, tl. Ballygrony, tl. Ballygrott, tl. Ballygrumbonagh, tl. Ballygrynane, tl. Ballyguigan, tl. Ballyguine, tl. Ballygullin, tl. Ballygun Castle, tl. Ballygun Temple,tl. Ballygunermore, tl. Ballygungagh, tl. Ballygunner Ballygurby, tl. Ballygurdin, pl. Ballygurrim Ballygurrin, Ballygynane, pl. Ballyhackett, Ballyhacketts Glenhonie, tl. Ballyhacketts Glusuktarnie, tl. Ballyhacketts Magillegan, tl. Ballyhacketts Tabyochis, tl. Ballyhadiane, tl. Ballyhagan, tl. Ballyhagh, pl. Ballyhahill, tl. Ballyhaise Ballyhakish, tl. Ballyhalber, par Ballyhalbert or
St. Andrew Ballyhamles, tl. Ballyhamline, tl. Ballyhamshry, pl. Ballyhanbegg, tl. Ballyhander, tl. Ballyhank, tl. Ballyhankine, pl. Ballyhanmore, tl. Ballyhanrahane, pl. Ballyharighane, tl. Ballyharnaty Mor, tl. Ballyharnetty Begg, tl. Ballyharronane, tl. Ballyhary, tl. Ballyhasly, pl. Ballyhaunis Ballyhauragane, tl. Ballyhay Ballyhea, tl. Ballyhean Ballyhearon, tl. Ballyheedy, tl. Ballyheffery, tl. Ballyhegen, pl. Ballyheiffy, Ballyheige Ballyheige, tl. Ballyhely, tl. Ballyhem, tl. Ballyhemott, pl. Ballyhemptone, pl. Ballyhenane, tl. Ballyhennod, tl. Ballyhenny, tl. Ballyhenry, tl. Ballyhenty, pl. Ballyheran, Ballyhereland, tl. Ballyherly, tl. Ballyherny, tl. Ballyhesty, tl. Ballyhetrick, tl. Ballyhey, Ballyhibistock, pl. Ballyhickie, tl. Ballyhilbert, tl. Ballyhill, pl. Ballyhillan, tl. Ballyhimikin, pl. Ballyhinane, tl. Ballyhirgan, pl. Ballyhobine, tl. Ballyhoge Ballyholand, tl. Ballyhollow, tl. Ballyholly, pl. Ballyholme, tl. Ballyhom, pl. Ballyhomacke, pl. Ballyhomlin, pl. Ballyhomocke, tl. Ballyhomucke, tl. Ballyhomyne, tl. Ballyhonbegg, tl. Ballyhone, pl. Ballyhonemore, tl. Ballyhonine,tl. Ballyhonney, tl. Ballyhooly Ballyhorgan Ballyhornan, tl. Ballyhose, pl. Ballyhosett, tl. Ballyhosker, tl. Ballyhossey, tl. Ballyhost, tl. Ballyhoyle, tl. Ballyhubbard, pl. Ballyhubbo, pl. Ballyhumtagh, tl. Ballyhundred, tl. Ballyhuntsly, pl. Ballyhurly, Ballyhuskard Ballyhyley, pl. Ballyhymikin, pl. Ballyidin-Eadin, tl. Ballyidock, tl. Ballyidocks, tl. Ballyigony, tl. Ballyinmoney, tl. Ballyintony, pl. Ballyivy, tl. Ballyjamesduff Ballykea, pl. Ballykeaby, pl. Ballykeahan, tl. Ballykean Ballykean, tl pl Ballykeavane, tl. Ballykeele, tl. Ballykeell, tl. Ballykeeuegan, tl. Ballykeil, Ballykeill, tl. Ballykell, Ballykelly Ballykennedy, tl. Ballykerin, tl. Ballykerogebegg, tl. Ballykerogemore, tl. Ballykill, pl. BallyKillighan, tl. BallyKinass, pl. Ballykincalmy, pl. Ballykindell, tl. Ballykine Ballykinler Ballykinloe, tl. Ballykirrin, pl. Ballykitt, tl. Ballyknag,tl. Ballyknaven, tl. Ballyknavin, tl. Ballyknock, tl. Ballyknocke, tl. Ballyknockeme, pl. Ballyknogher, tl. Ballylagan, tl. Ballylagane, tl. Ballylaggan, tl. Ballylagh, tl pl Ballylaghbeg, pl. Ballylahiffe, tl. Ballylanders Ballylane, tl. Ballylaneen Ballylang, tl. Ballylangaden, tl. Ballylangce, pl. Ballylanhen, tl. Ballylannan Ballylarkin Ballylarkin, tl. Ballylavill, pl. Ballylea West, tl. Ballyleace, tl. Ballyleach, tl. Ballyleadir, tl. Ballyleagh, tl. Ballyleague Ballylean, Ballyleane, tl. Ballylearie, pl. Ballyleck, pl. Ballyleene, tl. Ballylefart, tl. Ballylegane, pl. Ballyleggan, tl. Ballyleghery, tl. Ballylenchighane, pl. Ballylenchihane, Ballylenoghan, tl. Ballylesson Ballylevane, tl. Ballyleyney, pl. Ballylidie, tl. Ballylien, tl. Ballylige, pl. Ballyligge, tl. Ballylikin, pl. Ballylimp, tl. Ballylin, pl. Ballylinagh, tl. Ballylinch Ballylinch, pl tl Ballyline, tl. Ballylinebeg, tl. Ballylinny Ballylintagh, tl. Ballylisheene, tl. Ballylmey, pl. Ballyloan, tl. Ballyloch, Ballylockin, tl. Ballylogh,tl. Ballyloghan, tl. Ballyloghlin, tl. Ballyloghnane,pl. Ballyloingane, pl. Ballylomasny, pl. Ballylomen, tl. Ballylonaghan, tl. Ballylonaghane, pl. Ballylongane, tl. Ballylongford, tl. Ballylosgy, pl. Ballyloughan, tl. Ballyloughloe Ballylowry, tl. Ballyloyne, tl. Ballylucas, tl. Ballyluckie, tl. Ballyludanease, tl. Ballylumney, tl. Ballylurgan, tl. Ballylygott, tl. Ballylynan, pl. Ballylynny, tl. Ballym-Cooney, tl. Ballyma, tl. Ballymabin, tl. Ballymacahill, tl. Ballymacart Ballymacart, tl. Ballymaccus, pl. Ballymaceagog, tl. Ballymacelligott Ballymachugh Ballymack, tl. Ballymackea, tl. Ballymackey BallyMackey, tl. Ballymackinteare, tl. Ballymacky, pl. Ballymaclode, tl. Ballymacormick BallyMacosse, pl. BallymacRannell, tl. Ballymacree, pl. Ballymacward Ballymacwilliam Ballymadder, tl. Ballymadukin Freehold, tl. Ballymadun Ballymady, tl. Ballymaffrickett, pl. Ballymagart, tl. Ballymagarvey Ballymageaghan, tl. Ballymageogh, tl. Ballymagery, pl. Ballymagheree, tl. Ballymaghiff, tl. Ballymagin, tl. Ballymaglassan Ballymagnily, tl. Ballymagoland, tl. Ballymagone, tl. Ballymagroty, Ballymagrue, tl. Ballymagwoghan, tl. Ballymahis, tl. Ballymaholland, tl. Ballymahon Ballymahon Ballymahona, tl. Ballymaire, tl. Ballymakeally, tl. Ballymakeary, tl. Ballymakenny Ballymakermott, tl. Ballymakill, Ballymakisey, tl. Ballymakree, tl. Ballymalady, tl. Ballymally, tl. Ballymanagh, tl. Ballymanan Itragh
tl Ballymanan Utragh
tl Ballymanuge, tl. Ballymany Ballymany, tl. Ballymaqueill, tl. Ballymaran-Itragh, tl. Ballymariaghane, tl. Ballymartell,tl. Ballymartin Ballymartin, tl. Ballymartine, tl. Ballymartire, tl. Ballymartle Ballymascanlan Ballymaskanlan, tl. Ballymategert, tl. Ballymatty, pl. Ballymaul, pl. Ballymawoe, tl. BallyMcAraveny, tl. BallyMcCarrett, tl. BallyMcCassin, tl. BallyMcCrahane, pl. BallymcCravin, pl. BallyMcCuff, tl. BallyMcCuggin, tl. BallyMcFranckie, tl. BallyMcGnard, tl. BallyMcGowne, tl. BallyMcRogie, tl. Ballymcrussy, pl. BallyMcShaneboy, tl. Ballymeaghan, pl. Ballymena Ballymenagh, pl. Ballymill, Ballyminimor, pl. Ballymitty Ballymodan Ballymoddogh, tl. Ballymoden, Ballymoilen, Ballymolally, tl. Ballymolan, tl. Ballymollowna, pl. Ballymolony, tl. Ballymolury, tl. Ballymon, pl. Ballymonan, tl. Ballymoneen, tl. Ballymonetreagh, tl. Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney, tl. Ballymonine, tl. Ballymony, Ballymony Begg, tl. Ballymoodane, Ballymooden, Ballymoony, pl. Ballymoore, tl. Ballymore, Ballymore Ballymore Ballymore Ballymore Ballymore Eustace Ballymore Eustace, pl. Ballymore More, tl. Ballymorerigh, tl. Ballymorgy, Ballymorin Ballymoriseene, tl. Ballymorish, tl. Ballymorisheene, tl. Ballymorris, pl tl Ballymorriss, tl. Ballymorrogh, tl. Ballymortagh, tl. Ballymoryhy, tl. Ballymote Ballymote, tl. Ballymotey, tl. Ballymotts, tl. Ballymount, pl. Ballymountaine, tl. Ballymountine, tl. Ballymouten, tl. Ballymoy, pl. Ballymoyell, tl. Ballymucragan, tl. Ballymukfin, pl. Ballymulby, tl. Ballymulcaney, tl. Ballymulchasshill, Ballymulcrehy, tl. Ballymullen, tl. Ballymulligan, tl. Ballymullin pl tl Ballymullowny, pl. Ballymully, tl. Ballymungane, tl. Ballymur, pl. Ballymurcock, tl. Ballymurphy pl tl Ballymurreen Ballymurryn, pl. Ballymyre Ballyn Carrantroome, tl. Ballyn William, Ballyna Courty, tl. Ballynablea, pl. Ballynacargy BallynaCarragh, tl. Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh, tl. Ballynacloghy tl pl Ballynacorra, Ballynacourt, tl. Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Ballynacourty, pl. Ballynadrumny Ballynafagh Ballynafeigh, pl. Ballynafirgan, pl. Ballynagallagh, tl. Ballynagalogh, pl. Ballynagarr, pl. Ballynageragh, tl. Ballynaghane, tl. Ballynaghy, tl. Ballynaglasse, tl. Ballynagleragh, Ballynagmeane, tl. Ballynagon, tl. Ballynagone, tl. Ballynagoneotragh, tl. Ballynagrasse, tl. Ballynagrosse, 70 Ballynaha, tl. Ballynahaglish Ballynahaglish Ballynahagulsy, Ballynahally, tl. Ballynahenchy, Ballynahiney, tl. Ballynahunty, tl. Ballynaish, tl. Ballynakally, pl. Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill, pl. Ballynalaccon, tl. Ballynalack, tl. Ballynalaken, tl. Ballynalaugh, tl. Ballynall, pl. Ballynalta, pl. Ballynaltigh, pl. Ballynalurgan, pl. Ballynamanan, tl. Ballynametry, tl. Ballynamintagh, tl. Ballynamoght, pl. Ballynamona Ballynamony, tl. Ballynamonymore, tl. Ballynanagh, tl. Ballynanean, tl. Ballynanima, tl. Ballynanly, pl. Ballynanny, pl. Ballynanure, tl. Ballynany, tl. Ballynard, pl. Ballynarde, pl. Ballynarea, tl. Ballynarish, pl. Ballynarisse, pl. Ballynarock, tl. Ballynary, tl. Ballynascreen Ballynaskie, tl. Ballynaslaney Ballynaspicke, tl. Ballynasse, tl. Ballynastrad, pl. Ballynatiborad, tl. Ballynatra, tl. Ballynavan Beg, Ballynavan More, Ballyncargy, tl. Ballyncolly, tl. Ballyndohigge tl Ballyne Kelly, tl. Ballyneadae, tl. Ballynealane, tl. Ballyneale, pl, tl. Ballyneallbeg, tl. Ballyneas, tl. Ballynebanoge, tl. Ballynebanoghy, tl. BallyneBarny, tl. Ballyneboly, tl. Ballynebuohy, tl. Ballynebwoly, tl. Ballynecloghy, tl. Ballyneclohy, tl. Ballyneclony, pl. Ballynecourt, tl. Ballynecourty, tl. Ballynecoybegg, pl. Ballynecoymore, pl. Ballynecragg, tl. Ballynecraggie, tl. Ballynecreigg, tl. Ballynecrony, tl. Ballynecullagh, tl. Ballynecurry, tl. Ballynedan, tl. Ballynedolchan, tl. Ballynefearagh, tl. Ballynefearn, Ballynefoy, tl. Ballynegallagh, Ballynegallah, tl Ballynegalliagh, tl Ballyneganana, tl. Ballynegananagh pl Ballynegarrick, tl. Ballynegarricke, tl. Ballynegatty, tl. Ballynegilky, tl. Ballynegowne, tl. Ballynegristo'nugh tl Ballynegrive, tl Ballynegross, tl Ballynehagh, tl. Ballyneheglis, tl. Ballyneheglish, tl. Ballynehensy, tl. Ballyneherick, tl. Ballynehinch, tl. Ballynehow, tl. Ballynehuane, tl. Ballyneiboe, tl. Ballynekedy, pl. Ballynekill, tl, pl. Ballynekilly, tl. Ballynemaboge, tl. Ballynemaule, tl. Ballynemelagh, tl. Ballynemertinagh, tl. Ballynemetagh, tl. Ballynemoddagh, tl. Ballynemognagh, tl. Ballynemona, pl. Ballynemone, pl. Ballynemoney, tl. Ballynemony Ballynemony tl pl Ballynemucke, tl. Ballynemure, tl. Ballynenan, pl. Ballynenanagh, tl. Ballynenane, pl. Ballynenonagh, pl. Ballynenone, pl. Ballyneny, pl. Ballynepky, tl. Ballyneraghy, tl. Ballynerahy, pl. Ballynerloghe, tl. Ballynerow, tl. Ballynescorney, pl. Ballyneshelloge, Ballyneskaddane, tl. Ballynesse, pl. Ballynety, pl. Ballynevnitigh, tl. Ballynew, pl. Ballynewgane, tl. Ballyngaddy, Ballyngaddymore, tl. Ballyngbun, pl. Ballyngeagoge, tl. Ballyngreny, tl. BallyniClassy, tl. Ballynicoll, tl. Ballynie, tl. Ballyniglassy, pl. Ballyniglogh, pl. Ballynigoole, tl. Ballynigrow, tl. Ballynilloone, pl. Ballynimaud, tl. Ballynimilogh tl Ballynimultinagh, tl. Ballyniren, tl. Ballyniskrean, Ballyniteebegg, tl. Ballynitimore, tl. Ballynity, tl. Ballynkea, pl. Ballynleyny, tl. Ballynluge, tl. Ballynnarkebegg, pl. Ballynnelady, pl. Ballynock, tl. Ballynode, tl. Ballynoe Ballynoe Ballynoe, tl pl Ballynoltark, pl. Ballynomony, tl. Ballynora, tl. Ballynoragh, pl. Ballynorigge, tl. Ballynoris, tl. Ballynorran, pl. Ballynory, pl. Ballynoskny, tl. Ballynoye, tl. Ballynrath, pl. Ballynsealy, tl. Ballynteir, tl. Ballyntlea, tl. Ballyntobye, tl. Ballynuarkemore, pl. Ballynumber, tl. Ballynumenssagh, pl. Ballynunre, tl. Ballynuoll, tl. Ballynure, Ballynure Ballynure Ballynure Ballynurrane, tl. Ballynury, tl. Ballynusky, tl. Ballynvally, pl. Ballynvoltigge, tl. Ballynvoty, tl. Ballynvrinshigge tl Ballyny, pl. Ballynycloghy, Ballynygoseragh,tl. Ballynyhow, pl. Ballynyinrosagh, pl. Ballyobikin, tl. Ballyogan, pl, tl. Ballyogane, tl. Ballyoganebeg, tl. Ballyoganemore, tl. Ballyoglag, pl. Ballyolohane, tl. Ballyonane, tl. Ballyorban, tl. Ballyorgan, tl. Ballyorla, tl. Ballyorley, pl. Ballyorow, tl. Ballyoughrie, Ballyoughtera Ballyoughtragh, tl. Ballyourane, Ballyovey Ballyowen, Ballyparkie, tl. Ballypeirce, pl. Ballyphadeene, tl. Ballypheris, tl. Ballyphilip Ballyphillip, Ballyphillipelmor, tl. Ballyphillipp, pl tl Ballypicas, pl. Ballypierce, tl. Ballyplunt, tl. Ballyportrea, tl. Ballyquidihy, tl. Ballyquilty, tl. Ballyquiltybeg, tl. Ballyquin, tl. Ballyquine, Ballyquineene, tl. Ballyquinn, tl. Ballyquintine, tl. Ballyquirke, tl pl Ballyquivine, pl. Ballyraer, tl. Ballyragget Ballyraggett, tl. Ballyraheene, pl. Ballyrakanan, tl. Ballyran, tl. Ballyrann, tl. Ballyrashane Ballyrashane Ballyrashean, Ballyratachan, pl. Ballyraughter, tl. Ballyready, tl. Ballyreagh, pl tl Ballyreary, Ballyrebbin, pl. Ballyreety, pl. Ballyreffe, tl. Ballyregan, tl. Ballyregane, tl. Ballyregin, pl. Ballyrehe, pl. Ballyrenan, tl. Ballyrennie, tl. Ballyriccart, tl. Ballyricord, pl. Ballyriddelly, tl. Ballyrigane, pl. Ballyriskbeg, tl. Ballyriskmore, tl. Ballyrized, Ballyrnaghane, tl. Ballyroan Ballyroan Ballyrobben, tl. Ballyrobert, pl tl Ballyrobin, pl. Ballyrobine, tl. Ballyrobogg, tl. Ballyrodes, Ballyroe Sarg, tl. Ballyroe, tl. Ballyroe, tl pl Ballyrogan, tl. Ballyrolly, tl. Ballyronanbeg, tl. Ballyronanmore, tl. Ballyrone Shortall, tl. Ballyrory, tl. Ballyroskenoge, tl. Ballyrosse, tl. Ballyroughane, tl. Ballyrrogherane, tl. Ballyrue, pl. Ballyruntagh, tl. Ballyruobucke, tl. Ballyrush, tl. Ballyruslelly, tl. Ballysadare Ballysadora, Ballysaggard, tl. Ballysakeery Ballysalagh, tl. Ballysallagh Major, tl. Ballysallagh Minor, tl. Ballysallagh pl tl Ballysallogh, tl. Ballysarroll, pl. Ballysax Ballyscaddan Ballyscanlane, pl. Ballyscannell, tl. Ballyscullin, tl. Ballyscullion Ballyscullion Ballyseedy Ballyshaelbeg, tl. Ballyshahane, pl. Ballyshalagh, tl. Ballyshane, tl pl Ballyshanervoe, pl. Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Ballyshany, tl. Ballysheal, pl. Ballysheehan Ballysheehane, Ballyshehane, Ballyshersie, tl. Ballyshinachie,pl. Ballyshomkins, tl. Ballyshonedehy, tl. Ballyshoneene, tl. Ballyshonegaul, pl. Ballyshoney, tl. Ballyshonikeene, tl. Ballyshonyn, tl. Ballyshrow, tl. Ballyshyane, tl. Ballysichane, pl. Ballysida, pl. Ballysilly, tl. Ballyskeagh, tl. Ballyskelly, tl. Ballyskeogh, tl. Ballyslatery, Ballyspallin, tl. Ballyspillane Ballyspuige, tl. Ballysrin, tl. Ballysteene, tl. Ballystockart, tl. Ballystrade, tl. Ballystragh, tl. Ballystrohary, pl. Ballystrons, tl. Ballysugagh, tl. Ballysumaghan Ballysurloge, tl. Ballytagart, tl. Ballytalcat, pl. Ballytarnsny, pl tl Ballytarsnae, tl. Ballytarsney Ballytarsney McOrris, pl. Ballytarsny McCarris, pl. Ballytarsny, pl tl Ballytarson, pl. Ballyteggert, tl. Ballytemple, tl. Ballytesken, tl. Ballytibert, pl. Ballytinoe, pl. Ballytobin Ballytohill, tl. Ballytomulta, tl. Ballytorsoy, tl. Ballytory, tl. Ballytoudine, pl. Ballytrae, pl, tl. Ballytramrie, pl. Ballytrasny, tl. Ballytrent, tl. Ballytreteady, tl. Ballytridane, tl. Ballytrue, tl. Ballytrustan Ballytrustan, tl. Ballytruston, tl. Ballytrydimigg, tl. Ballyttelane, tl. Ballytuberid, pl. Ballytue, tl. Ballyturke, pl. Ballyturny, pl. Ballytursny, pl. Ballyuggin, tl. Ballyugine, tl. Ballyunanmore, tl. Ballyuorphy, tl. Ballyurlea, pl. Ballyurren, tl. Ballyvacadane, tl. Ballyvackimore, pl. Ballyvacky, pl. Ballyvackybegg, pl. Ballyvadane, tl. Ballyvadey, pl. Ballyvadicke, tl. Ballyvadly, pl. Ballyvaghan, pl. Ballyvaldon Ballyvalkin, tl. Ballyvallin, pl. Ballyvally, tl. Ballyvaloge, tl. Ballyvaloo Ballyvanan, pl. Ballyvanane, Ballyvarrin, tl. Ballyvarry, tl. Ballyvary, tl. Ballyvat, pl. Ballyvatten, tl. Ballyvauldeir, tl. Ballyveat, tl. Ballyvecode, tl. Ballyvecre, pl. Ballyveden, tl. Ballyveghon, tl. Ballyveles, pl. Ballyvelly, tl. Ballyvelton, tl. Ballyvenoge, Ballyvenoxe, tl. Ballyveorane, pl. Ballyverdagh, tl. Ballyvergin, tl. Ballyverie, pl. Ballyverigane, Ballyvernon, tl. Ballyversell, tl. Ballyvestagh, pl. Ballyvester, tl. Ballyveyre, pl. Ballyvicnekelly, tl. Ballyvigges, tl. Ballyvilleene, tl. Ballyvillery, pl. Ballyvillon, tl. Ballyvilly, pl. Ballyvirane, tl. Ballyvistellibeg, tl. Ballyvnstick, pl. Ballyvococke, tl. Ballyvodick, pl. Ballyvoelane, tl. Ballyvogan, tl. Ballyvogane, tl. Ballyvohane, tl. Ballyvoige, tl. Ballyvoile, tl. Ballyvolane, pl. Ballyvollane, tl. Ballyvollha, tl. Ballyvolloge, tl. Ballyvollwill, tl. Ballyvolveassy, pl. Ballyvony, tl. Ballyvonyne, pl. Ballyvoragagh, tl. Ballyvorneene, tl. Ballyvory, tl. Ballyvourney Ballyvoye, Ballyvoyla, pl. Ballyvoyre, Ballyvrane, Ballyvranegan, tl. Ballyvrislane, tl. Ballyvrog, pl. Ballyvroghane, tl. Ballyvytene, pl. Ballywaddan, tl. Ballywade, tl. Ballywalter Ballywalter, tl pl Ballyward Ballyward, tl. Ballywarrett, tl. Ballywaston, tl. Ballywatt, pl. Ballywhyte, tl. Ballywillen, tl. Ballywilliam tl pl BallyWilliams, tl. Ballywillin, Ballywillin Ballywillin Ballywillriggmoore, tl. Ballywilly, pl. Ballywillyad, pl. Ballywilriggbeg, tl. Ballywitticock, tl. Ballywodoke, tl. Ballywoodans, tl. Ballywooskey tl Balmadraught, pl. Balmadune, Balmadunn, pl. Balmagwire, pl. Balmaquishin, tl. Balmaston, pl. Balnnacklogh, pl. Balraheen Balrahin, tl. Balrath, tl. Balrathboyne Balregan tl. Balregane, tl. Balrenet, tl. Balrickard, pl. Balrodery, Balromyn, pl. Balrothery, Balrothery Balrothery Balscaddan, Balscaddan Balsenry, tl. Balseskin, pl. Balsoon Balstibbocke, pl. Balteagh Balteagh, tl. Baltetowne, tl. Balthosidy, Baltilom, tl. Baltineaquine, tl. Baltinebracke, tl. Baltinee, Baltinglass Baltinglass Baltinglass Baltoeagh, tl. Baltogarrane, tl. Baltra, pl. Baltragh, Baltrasey, tl. Baltrasney, tl. Baltrasny, tl. Baltreslon, pl. Balumigan, tl. Balvinhan, tl. Balvurhan, tl. Balydonnell, tl. Balygeilogh, pl. Balygrigane, pl. Balyhon, pl. Balyling, pl. balyn'hinch Balynahill, Balywalter, pl. BalyyVery, pl. Bamakill, tl. Banagh, Boylagh and, Banagh, tl. Banagher Banagher Banaghue Bane, pl. Banalisheen, tl. Banans Towne, tl. Banbridge Banbridge Banbridge Bancher, tl. Bandon, Bandon Bandon Bandon Bridge, Bandon-Bridge, Bandonbridg, Banduffe, tl. Bandurok, pl. Bandynore, tl. Bane Isell, pl. Bane Isill, Bane Knockan, Banearde, pl. Banebialboy, tl. Banefeowne, tl. Banefoune, tl. Baneh Towne, tl. Banelahane, Banelehane, pl. Banem Ianose, pl. Banemore, tl. Bangor, Bangor Bangor, Ballow Bankbeg, Banke Towne, tl. Banmore, pl. Bannagher, Bannanack, tl. Bannanogh, tl. Bannow, Bannow Bannow Banoghbegg, pl. Banogs, tl. Banomshanaclogey Banonybuy, tl. Banovally, tl. Banovragy, tl. Banow, Banoystowne, pl. Bansigh, pl. Bantrie, Bantry, Bantry Bantry Bantry and Beere, Bantry Forte, Baon, tl. Baptistgrange Baraghie, pl. Barbagh, pl. Barbane, tl. Barbistowne pl tl Baregorume, pl. Barenemony, tl. Bareny Bae, Baresnafearny, pl. Bargie, Barincullin, tl. Barleagh, tl. Barmeth, tl. Barmony, tl. Barnadoes, Barnagule, pl. Barnahely Barnakelly, tl. Barnally, tl. Barnan, pl. Barnane, Barnane-ely Barnanegeehy, tl. Barnanstockigg, Barnapeak, tl. Barnasallagh, pl. Barnbally Craggh, pl. Barncroh, tl. Barnedowne, tl. Barnegurrehy, tl. Barneivheel, tl. Barnelahgh, pl. Barnemaghery, tl. Barnemyne, tl. Barneny, pl. Barnequeill, pl. Barnes, Barnestoke, tl. Barneticke, tl. Barnloghtikew, tl. Barno, tl. Barns Towne, tl. Barnygarrane, tl. Barnynstackigg, tl. Barr of Inch or
Mintiaghs Barracruory, pl. Barragh, Barragh Barranlishine, pl. Barraphony, pl. Barreavagh, pl. Barrebehy, tl. Barrencurry, tl. Barrengowe, pl. Barrenstowne, pl. Barretstowne pl tl Barretts, Barrettsgrange Barrettstowne, pl. Barribegg, tl. Barring Town, tl. Barris Court, pl. Barris Towne, tl. Barrocks Towne, tl. Barronrath, tl. Barrons Towne tl Barronstown Barronstown Barrow, tl. Barry, tl. Barryderrige, pl. Barrymore, Barrymore & Ibawne Barybeg, tl. Barymore & Ibawne Barymore,tl. Bascaddan, pl. Baskin,High, tl. Baskin, Lowe, tl. Baskine, pl. Baslick, Baslick Bastards Towne, tl. Batedicesmore, pl. Baths Mill, tl. Battles Towne, tl. Battrams Town, tl. Bauernon, tl. Bauncully, tl. Baune, pl. Baune Taffe, tl. Bawen, tl. Bawnagharry, pl. Bawnbolemon, pl. Bawnboy Bawne, tl. Bawnemore, tl. Bawnerickin, tl. Bawneskehy, tl. Bay, the, pl. Beach, tl. Beagh Beagh, pl, tl. Beaglhy, tl. Beahigullane, tl. Beakestowne, pl. Bealafinane, tl. Bealamalis, tl. Bealan, tl. Bealanaha, pl. Bealane, tl. Bealaoughter, pl. Beale, tl. Bealeanamore, Bealedilline, Bealefiard, Bealefoile, Bealesoile, tl. Bealing Towne, Little, pl. Bealings Towne, Great, pl. Bealingstowne, pl. Bealiper, tl. Bealkellan, tl. Bealkellane, tl. Bealla Cahill, Beallacarhill, Beallacomuske, pl. Beallacullen, Bealladerry, pl. Beallaghadin, pl. Beallagragy, pl. Beallanamoe, pl. Beallanegry, pl. Beallany Broghy, pl. Beallkelly, Beallnafiervarnen, tl. Beallnalichy, tl. Beallourine, pl. Bealogh, tl. Bealquoly, tl. Bealragh, tl. Bealrehy, tl. Bealvaedy, pl. Beamon, tl. Beanthar, pl. Bearafinchyne, tl. Bearchill, pl. Beareny Hully, Bearnhealy, Bearnocoyle, tl. Beashels Towne, tl. Beatin, tl. Beatoghs Towne, tl. Beaulieu Beauly, tl. Bebegg, tl. Bebush, tl. Beco, pl. Becons Town, tl. Bective Beere and Bantry, Beerehaven, tl. Beggans Towne, tl. BeggRauth, tl. Beggtowne, tl. Begintulamylin, pl. Begny, tl. Begully, tl. Behagh, pl, tl. Behaghmare, pl. Behalfe Collope, pl. Behernagh, tl. Behins, tl. Beillibo Donnell, Beillinphellick, pl. Beirvardon, pl. Bekan Belabacklan, pl. Beladagh, pl. Belafin voy, pl. Belaghboy, pl. Belakelly, tl. Belalege, tl. Belan Belanacurry, tl Belanafad, tl. Belary, tl. Belcamye, pl. Belclare Belcow, pl. Belena, tl. Belevelly, pl. Belfast, Belfast Belfast Belfast #1 Belfast #11 Belfast #2 Belfast #3 Belfast #6 Belfast #7 Belfast #9 Belfast rural #4 Belgamston, tl. Belgard, pl tl Belgrow, Belicronen Beg, pl. Belidoun, pl. Belipreor mor, pl. Belitober, pl. Bellaborrow, tl. Bellacahill, pl. Bellacarro, tl. Bellaclar, pl. Bellacomer, pl. Bellagh, in west, Bellagh Losky, pl. Bellagh, pl. Bellaghanohie, pl. Bellaghclonine, tl. Bellaghey, pl. Bellaghmoone, tl. Bellaghrahin, pl. Bellaghtobin, tl. Bellagragg, pl. Bellahy, pl. Bellamore, tl. Bellamullallin, tl. Bellanagaor, pl. Bellanagross, pl. Bellanamreigh, tl. Bellanavyne, tl. Bellanementan, pl. Bellareader, pl. Bellarena Bellasinon, tl Bellatulcha, tl. Bellavellen, tl. Bellaveniske, tl. Belldramven, Belle McCallrent, pl. Bellebolan, pl. Bellebraden, pl. Bellebrak, pl. Bellecaigh, pl. Belleck, pl. Bellecke, pl. Bellecormick, pl. Bellecragagh, pl. Bellecroy, Bellecubedell, pl. Belledardairne, pl. Belleddy, pl. Belleek Bellegaben, pl. Bellegally, Bellehanderland, pl. Bellelessan, tl. Bellelub, pl. Bellemone, Bellenacre more, pl. Bellenacre, pl. Bellenagabuk, pl. Bellenagarve, pl. Bellenamone, pl. Bellenavatik, pl. Bellepatrick, pl. Belleportrie, pl. Bellequen, tl. Bellereagh, pl. Bellerobin, pl. Bellet, Belletagart, pl. Bellevatik, pl. Bellews Towne, tl. Bellfast, belli Mcategartt, pl. Belli McGuihen, Belli McKilly, Belli McMurty, Belliaghan, Belliara, Belliare, Belliare Gleabe, Belliarell, Bellibeglimore, Bellibiglibeg, Belliblosky, Bellibober, pl. Belliboggan, Bellibonibany, tl. Bellibonitem, tl. Bellibrack, Bellibrin, Bellibune, Bellicarran, Bellicarry, Bellichan, tl. Bellick, pl. Belliclan McCallin, Belliconally, Belliconnell, tl. Bellicragie, pl. Bellidett, tl. Bellidogh, Belliduffe, Belligane, pl. Belligay, Belligennan, Belligilbert, pl. Belligonnagh, pl. Belligonnaght, pl. Belligorman, Bellihenny, Bellihirin, Bellihirnan, tl. Bellihurke, Bellikeill, pl. Bellikenny, Bellikeny, Belliknawsie, Bellilan, Bellilane, Bellilast, tl. bellileven, Bellilinmore, tl. Belliloghan, Bellimacary, tl. Bellimackvea, pl. Bellimacoole, Bellimagan, tl. Bellimagaraghy, tl. Bellimagarghy, Bellimagh, Bellimagown, Bellimass, tl. BellimcCarto', BelliMcGargie, tl. BelliMcKnocker, tl. Bellimolly, Bellimony, Bellin Kenly, pl. Bellinacarnagh, Bellinagone, Bellinamore, tl. Bellinanely, Bellinary, tl. Belline, pl. Bellinee, tl. Bellingowne, pl. Bellioderlane, Bellioghogan, Belliraghan, Bellirattan, Bellireehan, Belliruder, pl. Bellirusky, Bellivillgan, pl. Bellivilline, pl. Belliweell, Bellkergan, tl. Bellmicar, Bellnerumly, tl. Belloboge, pl. Bellragh, tl. Bellscanlan, Belly Corne, pl. Bellybrecke, pl. Bellycloghan, tl. Bellyhankett, pl. Bellymore, tl. Bellymulock, Bellynard, tl. Bellysaggart, tl. belmul'et Belnamore, tl. Beltony, tl. Beltray, tl. Belturbat, Belturbet, Belturbet Bemore, tl. Benaghe, tl. Benagher, tl. Benburb Benetts Towne, tl. Bengower, pl. Benly, tl. Benmuck, tl. Bennagh, tl. Bennana, tl. Bennetts Bridge, tl. Benoge, tl. Benolbett, tl. Benry, tl. Benshee, pl. Benvelane, pl. Berecra, tl. Bergie, Berlagh, tl. Bernabey, pl. Bernageehy, tl. Bernegehy, tl. Berre, pl. Berte, tl. Betagh Town, tl. Betauges-Towne, tl. Beurees, tl. Beverstowne, pl. Big Ilan Everick,
(see Ilan Everick, etc..) Bihagh, tl. Bilbally Nagn-ffinagh, pl. Billaghcomane, tl. Billins Towne, tl. Billru, tl. Billy, Billy Bilrowes, tl. Binagh, tl. Binecree, tl. Binkinnera, tl. Bir, pl. Birne, tl. Birr Birr Birr Birrane, tl. Birton, tl. Bishop Court, tl. Bishop Gate Streete, Bishop Gates Streete, Bishopps Court, tl. Bishoppslogh, tl. Bishops Towne, tl. Black Castle, tl. Black church, tl. Black Foord, pl. Black Hale, tl. Black Hall,tl. Black Halle, tl. Black Staffye, pl. Black Stahenny, pl. Blackabbay, tl. Blackcabe, pl. Blackhall, tl. Blackrath Blackrath, tl. Blackrocke, tl. Blacks Towne, tl. Blackwater, tl. Blackwaterstowne, tl. Blackwatertown Blackwood, tl. Bladin, tl. Blaghnure, tl. Blakes Towne, tl. Blanch Wilds part of Rathcass, tl. Blanch Wilds Towne, tl. blanch'rdstown+
Castl'knok Blanchardstowne, pl. Blanchvilleskill Blanchwilds Parke, tl. Blandis Towne, tl. Blaris, Blaris Blaris Blaris and Bredaghs, Blarney Bleane, pl. Bleanfuttoge, tl. Bleantisowre, tl. Blenavore, tl. Blenleen, pl. Blenleene, pl. Bleny, pl. Blessington Blightoge, tl. Blittery, pl. Bludd, Blued, Blundelstowne, pl. Bnoclyduff, pl. Bnohine, pl. Bnolynahon, pl. Boah, tl. Boards Towne, tl. Bociscile, tl. Bockeris, tl. Bockes, pl. Bodenstown Boderan, tl. Bodermen, tl. Bodin, tl. Boding Towne, tl. Bodoney Lr. Bodoney Upper Boelabane, pl. Boelly Flagh, tl. Boelly, pl. Bogagh, tl. Bogavosaught, pl. Bogay, Bogay Glebse, tl. Bogg Mill, Boggagh, Boggane, tl. Bogganlands, tl. Bogghouse, tl. Bogha, pl. Boghan, pl. Boghermore, tl. Boghersallagh, tl. Boghlea, pl. Boghlone, pl. Bohard, tl. Boharill, Boheduffe, Boheneny, pl. Boher ne Gragey, tl. Boherard, pl. Boherboy Bohercarrin, tl. Boheregely, tl. Bohernaballue, tl. Boherquill, tl. Boherskeaghaganiffe, tl. Boheway, pl. Bohidonne, tl. Bohillagh, tl. Bohillane Bohillin Beg, Bohillin More, Bohir ny Mrydig, Bohircrogh, pl. Bohirquiele, tl. Bohirquill, tl. Bohiruo, tl. Boho Bohola Bohonagh, tl. Bohonoghen, pl. Bohonure, tl. Bohue. Bolans Towne, tl. Bolanure, tl. Bolea, tl. Bolenventine, tl. Boleny, tl. Boley, tl. Bolgers Towne, tl. Bolibane, pl. Bolibegg, tl pl Bolifarnog, tl. Bolighbeheene, tl. Bolike, Bolinekrege, tl. Bolinhona, tl. Bollagan, tl. Bollast, pl. Bolle Curriheenes, tl. Bollebegg, tl. Bollenbirgidan, tl. Bollibane, tl. Bollicumin, tl. Bollinure, pl. Bollinvallagh, tl. Bollishee, Bollony, tl. Bollosk, tl. Bolly McGillbrick, Bollyattine, tl. Bollybrononn, tl. Bollymurhan, tl. Bologbrene, pl. Boloknock, tl. Bolteenes, tl. Bolunackilcar, tl. Boly, tl. Bolybodan, pl. Bolybrack, tl. Bolygreny, pl. Bolyhouse, pl. Bolynecrosse, tl. Bolysillagh, Bolyvadyne, pl. Bomlin, Bonahow, tl. Bonamany, Bonaraitt, tl. Bonargge, tl. Bonbrosney, tl. Boncastles, tl. Bonchrum, pl. Bondenstowne, Bonecerry, Bonemargie, pl. Bonenubber, pl. Bonestowne, Bonetts Grange, pl Bonrans Towne, tl. Bonyglan, Bonywiner, pl. Boodoro, pl. Booke Like, Bookelike, pl. Boolies, tl. Boolis, tl. Booly, tl. Boords Hayes, tl. Booterstown Booterstowne, pl. Bor'isinOssory Bordwell Bordwell, pl. Boredstowne, pl. Boreill, pl. Borneane, tl. Borniduff, pl. Borranstowne, pl. Borres, al's Shesiraghmore, pl. Borres, pl. Borresbegg, pl. Borresliegh, Borrestowne, pl. Borridstowne, tl. Borris Borris Borrismore Borrisnafarney Borrisnafarney Borrisokane Borrisokane Boskeagmor, tl. Boskill, tl. Botlers Wood, tl. Bottadortt, tl. Bottlehill, tl. Bottyre, tl. Boucarrigg, tl. Boueva, Bouevy, tl. Bougher, pl. Boulisallagh, pl. Boullingarrane, pl. Boulmy, pl. Boultinagh, tl. Boulton, tl. Bounces Towne, tl. Bourks Towne, tl. Bourney Bourney Boutens Towne, tl. Bovach, tl. Bovally, tl. Boveagh, Boveva, Bovevagh Bovidy, tl. Bovill, tl. Bowan, tl. Bowhermore, Bowling Greenes Bowne, tl. Boy, tl. Boyaghall, pl. Boyanagh, tl. Boyans Town, tl. Boyatinagh, tl. Boylagh and Banagh, Boyle, Boyle Boyle Boyle Boyounagh Boystown Boystowne, Boyton Ragh, Boytonrath, Boytonrath Brabstowne, tl. Brackagh, Brackagh Listea, tl. Brackaghboy, tl. Brackell, tl. Bracklagh, tl. Bracklin, tl. Bracklisse, pl. Bracklone, Brackloune, pl. Brackly, tl. Bracknaherly, tl. Brackway, tl. Bracloone, tl. Bradecolline, tl. Bradna Glin, Brae, pl. Braenygreny, pl. Bragans Towne, tl. Bragh, tl. Braghan, pl. Braghmore, pl. Bragoge, pl. Bragurteen, tl. Brahills Towne, tl. Braid, Brainsh, pl. Bramblestowne, tl. Branans Toune, tl. Brancharan, tl. Brandon, tl. Brangans Towne, tl. Brannockstown Brants Towne, tl. Braspott, pl. Bratty, tl. Braughfye, tl. Bray Bray, Little, pl. Brazeele, pl. Breagh, tl. Breaghwy Breaklone, tl. Breana, tl. Breckhanriagh, tl. Brecknanstowne, pl. Brecknaugh, pl. Brecknogh, Bredagh, tl. Bredaghs, Blaris and, Bree, tl. Breeny, tl. Breghimoy, Bregoge Brekagh, pl. Brekannagh, tl. Brekney, pl. Brekogh, pl. Bremoore, pl. Bremore, tl. Bren Letter, Brenan, tl. Brenanstowne, Brenartowne, tl. Brendrim, tl. Brenedrom, tl. Brenocks Towne, tl. Brenrim, tl. Bresagh, tl. Brianmore, tl. Briattas, tl. Brick, tl. Brickendown Brickenstowne Brickin Claragh, tl. Brickine, pl. Brickliew, tl. Bridah, tl. Brideschurch Bridge, Bridge Barge, tl. Bridge Bargy, tl. Bridge St, Bridgetown Bridgetown Bridgetts, Brids Towne, tl. Bridstreete, Bridwell, tl. Brigemoe, pl. Brigh, Brighine, tl. Bright, Bright Brigown Brigowne, Brinan, pl. Brincoill, tl. Brinnes Parke, tl. Brinny, Brinny Briscallagh, tl. Briskill, tl. Brisse, tl. Bristowne, pl. Britace, pl. Britsfieldstowne, tl. Brittace, pl. Brittas, Brittas Dryling, tl. Brittasmore, tl. Brittwag, Britway Broad Iland, Broadford Broadlogh, tl. Broadway Brocho, pl. Brochus, pl. Brocka, pl. Brockagh, tl. Brocke, tl. Broges Towne, tl. Broghan, tl. Broghbowy, pl. Brogheater, tl. Broghelloe, pl. Brogher, pl. Broghill, pl. Broghoreston, tl. Broglaskert, tl. Brokac, tl. Brolisan, tl. Brologh, pl. Brom, tl. Bromgarr, tl. Brommore, pl. Bronell, tl. Brookeboro Brosgar, tl. Brosna Brosna, #2 Brosnogh, Brostobryenbry, tl. Brotwall, tl. broughshan' Broundsford, tl. Brounes Towne, Browhy, tl. Browleagh Creg, tl. Brown Rath, tl. Brownestowne, tl. Brownsfeild, pl. Brownsland, tl. Brownston, tl. Brownstone Brownstown, Brownstowne, Brownswood, tl. Browy, pl. Bruaghmore, pl. Bruff Bruffe, Brughinsikeene, tl. Bruis Bruish, Brum, Brumbanife, Brumbeg, pl. Bruree Brury, Brusagh, tl. Brusly, pl. Brutens Tone, tl. Brutully, tl. Bruvadery, tl. Bryanbegg, tl. Bryandrum, tl. Bryans Towne, tl. Brydane, tl. Bryensbridge, tl. Brynlitter, pl. Brytas, tl. Buallaghbeg, pl. Buanagh, tl. Buishmills, pl. Bulgedeen Fox, tl. Bulgeden Fox, tl. Bull Lane, Bullaun Bullecullan, pl. Bulleragh, tl. Bullerstowne, Bullocke, Bully, Bullyshealmore, tl. Buls Towne, Great, tl. Bumlig, tl. Bumlin Bumptin, Bunanadan, tl. Bunany, tl. Bunatory, Buncrana Bundrous, Bunduff, tl. Bunergragie, tl. Bunglon, Bunn, Bunnamona, pl. Bunnane, tl. Bunnycleagh, pl. Bunown Bunowne, tl. Bunratty, Bunratty Bunshenclony, pl. Bunynumery, tl. Buolick Buolilienagh, tl. Buolley, tl. Buollycurrane, tl. Burane, tl. Burchersheas, pl. Burchoide, tl. Burgage Burgesbeg Burgess, pl. Burgesse, pl. Burgessland, Burgetia Crigane, tl. Burians, tl. Burin, tl. Burnbane, tl. Burnchurch Burne, tl. Burney, Burnie, tl. Burnireagh, tl. Burnt Church, tl. Burnt House, pl. Burntowne, tl. Burra, pl. Burrane, tl. Burren, Burren Burney, Burres, Burriscarra Burrishoole Burrismore, tl. Burry Burt Burt Burtons Towne, tl. Bush, tl. Busherstowne, Bushmills Busstowne, tl. Butchers Gate, Butchers Streete, Butlers Grainge, Butlersgroue, tl. Butlerstowne, Butterfield, pl. Butterlane, pl. Butterstowne, Buttevant, Buttevant Buzzards Towne, pl. Bwellynan-arge, pl. Byallnd, pl. Bynge, tl. Byshopps Island, pl.

C:   Cabbragh, tl. Caberagh, tl. Cablane, tl. Cabragh, Cabragh, Great, Cabrie, Cacnadye, pl. Cadams Towne, pl. Cadamstown Caddames Towne, tl. Caddles Towne, pl. Cadlestowne, pl. Cagher, tl. Caharagh, Cahard, tl. Caharlarigge, pl. Caharoone, pl. Cahary, tl. Caher, Caher Caher Caher Caher Connor, pl. Caher Ivally, Cahera Cullen, tl. Caheragh Caheravally Caherciveen Caherconlish Caherconreiffy, tl. Cahercorney Cahercourceely, tl. Caherdogafe, tl. Caherduff, tl. Caherduggan Caherelly Caherelly, Weast, tl. Caherkinlish, tl. Caherlag Caherlesky, tl. Caherlevoile, tl. Caherline, tl. Cahermare, tl. Cahernarry Caherneheely, tl. Cahernemadry, tl. Caherroan, tl. Cahir, Cahir Abby, pl. Cahir Ballymulrona, Cahir Boshiny, Cahir Bulligge, tl. Cahir Clegane, tl. Cahir Cnohor, pl. Cahir Doniell, tl. Cahir Fada, tl. Cahir Inenane, tl. Cahir McCrossin, tl. Cahir McCunna, tl. Cahir McInaghtie, tl. Cahir McKnole, tl. Cahir McNea, tl. Cahir Murphy Castle, Cahir Trant, tl. Cahiraccon, tl. Cahirahanbegg, tl. Cahirbearnagh, tl. Cahirbegg, tl. Cahirblunick, tl. Cahircally Beg, tl. Cahircally, tl. Cahircirkie, tl. Cahirclogh, pl. Cahircrohan, tl. Cahirderry, tl. Cahirdonnell, tl. Cahirdriny, tl. Cahirea, tl. Cahirelly, tl. Cahirfanish, tl. Cahirgall, Cahirgalteen, tl. Cahirgeridon, tl. Cahirgrinane, tl. Cahirhurly, Cahiricfineene, tl. Cahirloghae, tl. Cahirloghane, tl. Cahirmihboae, tl. Cahirmoihill, tl. Cahirmore,al's Cahirmurphy, tl. Cahirmore, tl. Cahirmuckey, tl. Cahirmurphy, Cahirnelegy, tl. Cahirnemogher, tl. Cahirobane, tl. Cahirpollagh, tl. Cahirr, Cahirrush, tl. Cahirshaghnessy, tl. Cahirteige, tl. Cahirvicyteere, tl. Cahirvilibou, tl. Cahue, pl. Cahurhuny, tl. Cahyr, Caina, Caintag, tl. Calagh Towne, tl. Calary Calavin, Calbins Towne, tl. Calcaragh, pl. Caldragh Mor, tl. Caldragh, tl. Cales Towne, tl. calesson, tl. Calfachterny, Calgagh, tl. Calkell,pl. Callabegg, tl. Callaghs Towne, tl. Callahow, tl. Callan, Callan Callan Callan Callatrum Begge, pl. Calldercuffan, tl. Calldragh, tl. Callegalaghan, tl. Callen, tl. Calliaghtowne, pl. Callicroe &
Long Island Callinahorne, Callinaterny, tl. Callitrinn, pl. Calloge, tl. Callogh Towne, tl. Callonhill, pl. Calloughs Towne, tl. Callow, tl. Calltin, pl. Calluragh, Callynure, pl. Callyriss Itrigh, Callyriss Votrigg, Calmoore, tl. Calry Caltegans Towne, pl. Caltephachan, pl. Calterachy, tl. Caltrien, tl. Caluers Towne, tl. Calues Towne tl Cam Cam, pl. Cama, Camagh, tl. Cambrosse, pl. Camcornells, tl. Camelogue, pl. Camereagh, tl. Cames, West, pl. Camgortt, pl. Camhill, pl. Camlin Camlin, tl. Camline Camline Church
Land, pl. Camly, tl. Camm, tl. Camma, tl. Cammabegg, tl. Cammagher, tl. Cammcarrick, tl. Camolin, tl. Camphyre, tl. Campson, Camullane, pl. Camus Camus,East, pl. Camus, tl. Camwerll, pl. Canan, tl. Cananow, Cananstowne, tl. Canboe, tl. Cancly, tl. Caneaneary, tl. Canerstownemore, tl. Canish, tl. Canmocky, tl. Cannanagh, tl. Cannaway Canne Court, tl. Cannon Island, tl. Cannons Wood, pl. Cannow, Cantwell Garran, tl. Cantwells court, tl. cap'aghduff Capacknockane, pl. Capagarran, Capagarrane, pl. Capagh, tl. Capamore, pl. Capataky, tl. Cape Cleere, Capeaneagh, pl. Capenargett, tl. Capenrush, tl. Caperkendorrogh, tl. Capiatack, tl. Capicanron, tl. Capinfotine, pl. Capingolane, pl. Caple, pl. Caplowry, pl. Capolane, pl. Cappacanon, Cappaclogh, tl. Cappaculane, tl. Cappagh, Cappagh Cappagh Cappagh Allyclogg, pl. Cappagh Fousy, tl. Cappagh Kenedy, tl. Cappagh,libs of Kk, Cappagh, Lr., tl. Cappaghard, tl. Cappaghbegg, pl. Cappaghmore, CappaghneSmeare, pl. Cappaghroe, Cappaglass, Cappalaghinne, pl. Cappana Cossy, tl. Cappanaclogh, pl. Cappanaclohy, pl. Cappanafarnoge, tl. Cappanakirke, tl. Cappanapestie, tl. Cappanelaght, Cappangressane, tl. Cappatenan, pl. Cappavilly, tl. Cappawley, pl. Cappeene,East, tl. Cappicannurane, pl. Cappicoo, pl. Cappinageragh, pl. Cappinanta, tl. Cappincurre, pl. Cappinereechane, tl. Cappinevogue, pl. Cappingarren, pl. Cappinlugge, pl. Capple, pl. Cappocke, Cappoge Cappoge, pl. Cappohedine, tl. Cappolaghan, pl. Cappoquen, Cappoquin Cappouge, pl. Cappy, tl. Caprietrame, tl. Capugboghy, Capwater, Car'ick-on-Shan'on Caraboyacher, tl. Caragaline, Caragallen, Caragh, pl. Caraghane, tl. caraglass, tl. Carakrockheor, tl. Caranagh, tl. Caraughboy, tl. Carballies, tl. Carballis, tl. Carbally, pl. Carbellis, tl. Carberry Carbery, Carbin, tl. Carboe, tl. Carboylane, tl. Carbry, Carbury, Carbury Carcarow, Carcavan, pl. Carcoum, tl. Cardens Towne, tl. Cardifs Towne, tl. Cardis Towne, tl. cardonagh, pl. Cardrema, tl. Carduff, tl. Carecabone, tl. Carefore, tl. Caregrier, tl. Careheene, pl. Carehey, tl. Cares Towne, tl. Carewcaller, tl. Carewreagh, tl. Carey, Cargagh, Cargaghban, tl. Cargaghlatergane, tl. Cargaghnobregg, tl. Cargaghy, Cargaline, Cargan, tl. Cargans, tl. Cargehey, pl. Cargen, tl. Cargicray, tl. Cargicrevy, tl. Cargin, Cargin Cargin more, tl. Carginagapall, tl. Cargine, tl. Carginna, Cargintulke, tl. Carginy, tl. Cargnee, pl. Cargons, tl. Cargraige, Carhan, Carheeny, tl. Carhew, tl. Carhilicky, pl. carhine, pl. Carhowgare, tl. Carhownenuer, tl. Carhugare, tl. Carhukeele, tl. Cariarde, tl. caric'm'cros' Carick Rusky, tl. CarickBally, pl. Carickbrack, Carickbradagh, tl. Carickcorke, tl. Carickeny, tl. Carickfergus, Caricklane, tl. Carickleane, tl. Caricknaparkny, pl. Carickneer, pl. Caricknesse, tl. caricshan'n Carie, Carig corigge, pl. Carigaholta, tl. Carigallin, Cariganeady, Cariganny, tl. Carigbea, tl. Carige, pl. Carige Roe, tl. Carigferus, pl. Carighy Toagher, pl. Carigibrick, tl. Cariglaskie, tl. Cariglead, Carignare, pl. Carignevey, tl. Carigo, tl. Carigpadine, pl. Carigrohane, Carigrohane
Inskyny, Carigtowill, Carikene, Carikfergus, Carill, par. Carin-Finock, pl. Carinnish, tl. Caris Doragh, tl. Cariualder, tl. Carivan, pl. Carlakie, tl. Carlane, Carleconnogirrah, tl. Carleten, pl. Carlinford, Carlingford Carlow Carlow Carlow Carmean, tl. Carmillagh, pl. Carmulach, pl. Carmumone, pl. Carn Carn Carnaff, pl. Carnagh Carnagh, tl. Carnally, pl. Carnalway Carnaly, tl. Carnan, tl. Carnanbane, tl. Carnanboy, pl. Carnane, tl. carnanemore, tl. Carnanreagh, pl. Carnanrigg, tl. Carnarry, Carnashinagh, tl. Carnbor, pl. Carncastell, Carncastle Carncogie, pl. Carncologhbegg, pl. Carncologht, pl. Carncolpe, pl. Carndonagh Carnduff, pl. Carne, Carne Cawell, tl. Carne,East, tl. Carne Mady, Carne Moyle, Carnebane, tl. Carnebeg, pl. Carneboye, tl. Carnee, pl. Carnekeile, Carnelea, tl. Carnemoan, pl. Carnemony, tl. Carnemore, Carnenane, pl. Carnephertan, pl. Carness, West, tl. Carnesure, tl. Carnetele, pl. Carnetilagh, pl. Carnew Carnew Carney #1 Carney #2 Carnfeigh, pl. Carngarow, Carngarran, tl. Carnglasse, pl. Carngrany, Carnitt, tl. Carnkerk, pl. Carnkerm, pl. Carnmoney Carnnany, Carnneheag, pl. Carnogh, tl. Carnognele, pl. Carnone, Carnonreagh, tl. Carnoyne, pl. Carns, tl. Carnsamson, pl. Carnssid, pl. Carnteel Carnto, tl. Carnuffs, Carny,East, tl. Carny, pl. Carnyhill, tl. Carnymuck, tl. Carocloane, Caroduff, tl. Caroentogher, tl. Carolurry, tl. Caromore, tl. Caron, tl. Caroomeanagh, tl. Caroreaogh, tl. Carouglasse, tl. Carow Ioteryne, tl. Carow Keel, tl. Carow Mabline, tl. Carow McCarrick, tl. Carow,North, pl. Carowarde, tl. Carowcardin, tl. Carowcarragh, tl. Carowcashell, tl. Carowcoillue, tl. Carowdovan, tl. Carowdrishagh, tl. Carowen Loghane, tl. Carowenedin, tl. Carowentihane, tl. Carowglass, pl. Carowkeele, tl. Carowlessiny, tl. Carowmore, tl. Carowna Crivy, tl. Carownacloode, tl. Carownaquillo, tl. Carowne-Caldny, tl. Carownebleary, tl. Carowniconona, Carownorclare, tl. Carownorlaire, tl. Carowntheriffe, tl. Carownuinn, tl. Carownysall, Carowpadin, tl. Carowreagh, tl. Carowruish, tl. carowskeing, tl. Carowsparanagh, tl. Carowvanebeg, tl. Carpinters Towne, tl. Carr, tl. Carrabeg, tl. Carraffadagh, tl. Carragen, tl. Carragh Carragh Inea, pl. Carragh Keale, pl. Carraghan, tl. Carraghduff, pl. Carraghmaddery, tl. Carraghnieffe, pl. Carraghs, pl. Carraghshanagh, tl. Carran Carran Carranavally, tl. Carranfanan, Carranmore, Carranro, pl. Carranroe, tl. Carranstowne, pl. Carrayhill, tl. Carregine, tl. Carrenlea, pl. Carrenshewo, tl. Carrentoberbegg, pl. Carrentobermore, pl. Carrereagh, pl. Carri Reagh, tl. Carric Lagowne, pl. Carrick, Carrick Carrick Carrick Carrick Carrick Carrick Carrick Boggett, tl. Carrick Braky, Carrick Coddan, tl. Carrick Elunagh, tl. Carrick, par Carrick-Galle, pl. Carrick-on-Suir Carrick-on-Suir Carrickbaggot Carrickbeanaghan, tl. Carrickcallan, tl. Carrickclony, tl. Carricke McCavell, tl. Carricke Shannagh, tl. Carricke, tl. Carrickeale, pl. Carrickfergus, Carrickfergus Carrickgantelan, tl. Carrickgarvan, tl. Carrickhenhead, pl. Carrickhill, pl. Carrickhugh, tl. Carrickiny, Carrickkeelte, tl. Carrickmacross Carrickmacross Carrickmaddorog, tl. Carrickmakegan, tl. Carrickmanan, tl. Carrickmayne, pl. Carrickmolan, tl. Carricknabb, tl. Carricknagh, tl. Carricknagnoer, tl. Carricknehorna, tl. Carricknesessanagh, tl. Carricknewagh, tl. Carricknony, tl. Carrickport, tl. Carrickross, Carrickrosy, Carricksticken, tl. carricktullagh, tl. Carrig, Carrig Bruce, tl. Carrig Buvy, pl. Carrig Iteary, pl. Carrig Kettle, tl. Carrigafeile, tl. Carrigaholt Carrigaline Carrigallan, Carrigallen Carrigallen Carrigallin, Carriganasse, tl. Carrigane, tl. Carriganfrieghane, tl. Carriganiffe, Carrigargane, Carrigbegg, tl. Carrigbyrne Carrigdiganigg tl Carrigdorane, tl. Carrigdownane Carrigduffe, Carrige Catt, Carrige, pl. CarrigEdmond, tl. Carrigeene, tl. Carrigenure, tl. Carrigfergus, Carrigg, tl. Carriggeene, tl. Carriggfarmer, pl. Carriggin, Carrigh, pl. Carrighagh, pl. Carrighillyhy, pl. Carrighlicky, pl. Carrigin, pl. Carrigine, Carrigine-Shirragh, pl. Carriginsky, pl. Carrigintnagh, tl. Carrigkislane, tl. Carriglass, tl. Carrigleamleary Carrigleggan, tl. Carrigmenane, tl. Carrigmogvane, pl. Carrigmoilin, tl. Carrigmore, pl. Carrignagoure, tl. Carrignavar, #1 Carrignaveene, tl. Carrignegan, Carrignevoye, tl. Carrignewna, tl. Carrignislane, Carrignogrehery, tl. carrigogunill, tl. Carrigoronghan, tl. Carrigparson Carrigphersoon Carrigphillipp, tl. Carrigroe, tl. Carrigrohane, Carrigrohane Carrigrohanebeg Carrigrow, pl. Carrigtohill Carrigturtane, tl. Carrigullen, tl. Carrigvrontory, tl. Carrik Bellidowy, Carrikatee, pl. Carrikebreake, tl. Carrikenagh, tl. Carrikfergus, Carrilopollin, pl. Carrin, Carrinagnoe, Carrins Towne, tl. Carrinst, pl. Carrireagh, tl. Carro, pl. Carrocallin, tl. Carrogboy, Carroghill, pl. Carrollans Towne, tl. Carromore, tl. Carronaley, pl. Carrone Nottey, pl. Carrongboggagh, Carronnelagh, tl. Carroole, tl. Carrooneskagh, tl. Carroreagh, tl. Carrostellan, tl. Carroughreagh, tl. Carrow Boye, tl. Carrow Garow, Carrow Keele, carrow McMeaue, pl. Carrow Mulling, tl. Carrow, pl. Carrow Temple, Carrowantawa, tl. Carroward Begg, tl. Carrowbane, tl. Carrowbard, pl. Carrowbate, Carrowblagh, Carrowbleagh, Carrowblough, tl. Carrowboysty, tl. Carrowcanland, tl. Carrowcashell, tl. Carrowcassie, tl. Carrowcore, Carrowcott, tl. Carrowcrahine, tl. Carrowcully, tl. Carrowdoly, tl. Carrowdressagh, tl. Carrowdriagh, tl. Carrowduff, tl. Carrowduffe, tl. Carrowe Annis, tl. Carrowe Shake, tl. Carrowentleay, tl. Carrowgard, Carrowgare, tl. Carrowinsky, tl. Carrowkeel, pl. Carrowkeill, tl. CarrowKelly, tl. Carrowkerrily, tl. Carrowkill, Carrowkilly, tl. Carrowleahanagh, tl. Carrowlengard, tl. Carrowmanagh, Carrowminah, tl. Carrowmongen, tl. carrowmore, Carrowmuddle, tl. Carrowna, tl. Carrownalte, tl. Carrowne Cally, tl. Carrowne, pl. Carrownecrossy, tl. Carrownegapple, tl. Carrownegeuagh, tl. Carrownegillod, tl. Carrownegnuken, tl. Carrownegowle, tl. Carrownowff, Carrownymadry, tl. Carrowreagh, Carrowree, tl. Carrowreogh, tl. Carrowshaneduff, tl. Carrowtagart, tl. Carrowteige, tl. Carrowtogher, tl. Carrowtressan, Carrstowne, pl. Carrubane, tl. Carrue, tl. Carrugh, tl. Carrurry, pl. Carrwconally, tl. Carry, Carrychnossan, tl. Carryduffe, tl. Carryfioght, tl. Carrygristeell, pl. CarryKeran, pl. Carrynagh, tl. Carshanogh, Carskowie, Carsperoge, tl. Carstono More, tl. Carteferte, pl. Cartfogh, pl. Cartons Towne, tl. Cartowne, tl. Cartron Bower, tl. Cartron Croy, tl. Cartron, tl. Cartron-Remoyre, tl. Cartronboy, tl. Cartronclogh, tl. Cartrone, tl. Cartronigiragh, tl. Cartronreagh, tl. Cartroones, tl. Caru Ieragh, tl. Caruagh, Carucrin, tl. Carudafhin, tl. Carue, tl. Carugaruffe, tl. Carungary, tl. Carunotta, tl. Caruro, tl. Carusalogh, tl. Carvegane, tl. Carveincossan, tl. Carvenashagh, tl. Carvigin, pl. Carwey, Carwindery, tl. Carwinorah, tl. Carwoony, tl. Caselliminagh, tl. Cash, Cashall, tl. Cashel, Cashel Cashel Cashel Cashel Cashell, Cashellbegg, tl. Cashellmoagh, tl. Cashells Towne, tl. Casheltine, tl. Cashernagh, tl. Cashilbegge, pl. Cashill, tl. Cashilmore, pl. Casibcon, pl. Caslelion, Casltemacadam Cassegow, tl. Cassell, Casselleene, tl. Casselsherwood, Cassestowne, pl. Cassgem, tl. Casshell Farrell, tl. Cassill, Cassins Towne, tl. Cassiwany, tl. Casslehard, Castel Towne, tl. Castell, Castell Wellden, tl. Castellost, tl. Castellreagh, Castellrohan, pl. Castelspie, tl. Castigobb, Castle, Castle Barnagh, pl. Castle Blake, tl Castle Bridge, tl. Castle Carbery, tl. Castle Conagh, tl. Castle Connell, tl. Castle Connor, Castle Cooke, Castle Coote, tl. Castle Crannath, pl. Castle Creen, tl. Castle Cuffe, pl. Castle Dermott, tl. Castle Dillon, tl. Castle Donovane, Castle Elis, Castle Ellis, tl. Castle Eue, tl. Castle Farme of Castleknocke, pl. Castle Fleming, pl. Castle Forbess, tl. Castle Ganing, tl. Castle Gavan, tl. Castle Hill, Castle Hoile, tl. Castle Iney, pl. Castle John, pl. Castle Keelee, tl. Castle Kelly, tl. Castle Lency, pl. Castle Lishine, pl. Castle Martin, tl. Castle Matrickes, tl. Castle Michell, tl. Castle Muray, Castle ne Gaurde, tl. Castle Norton, Castle Parke, pl. Castle Street, Castle Towne Clonlonan, tl. Castle Treasure, tl Castle Troy, tl. Castle Warin, tl. Castle Wellden, tl. Castle-Caragh, tl. Castle-ellis Castlebar Castlebegg, tl. Castleblayney Castleblayney Castleboy Castlebrack Castlebrack, pl. Castlecaragh, tl. Castlecaragh Togher, tl. Castlecomer Castlecomer Castleconor castleconor Castlecoole, pl. Castlecorr, tl. Castlecriffin, Castlecrodocke, tl. Castlecuff, pl. Castlecumber, tl. Castlecury, pl. Castlederg Castlederg &
Kil'eter#1 Castledermod, tl. Castledermot Castledillon Castledod, pl. Castledoe, Castledowne, tl. Castlefin Castlefine, Castlegadry, tl. Castlegarden, tl. Castlegay, Castlegollan, tl. Castlegory, Castlegrace, Castlegregory Castlegregory, tl. Castlehaven, Castlehaven Castleinch = Inchyolaghan Castleisland Castleisland Castlejordan Castlekeeran or Loughan Castleknock, Castleknock Castleknocke, CastleKrea, tl. Castlelaghnif, pl. Castleloghdergan, tl. Castleloghe, pl. Castlelost, Castlelost Castlelyons Castlemagner, Castlemagner Castlemaine Castlemanig, tl. Castlemarkett, tl. Castlemartyr Castlemeghegane, Castlemoghan, tl. Castlemore Castlemore, tl. Castlenalack, pl. Castlenavan, tl. Castleneggan, tl. Castlenevary, tl. Castlepollard Castlerea Castlerea Castlereagh, Castlereagh#2 Castlerickard Castlerobin, pl. Castleroe, tl. Castlerowe, tl. Castles Towne Croghan, pl. Castlesamson, tl. Castleshanaghan, Castleshean, pl. Castleshenachan, Castlestrange, tl. Castleterra Castletobin, Castletodry, tl. Castleton Taragh tl Castletorris, tl Castletown, Castletown Castletown Castletown Castletown Castletown Castletown Castletown Castletown Bellew Castletown
Geoghegan Castletown-
kindalen Castletownarra Castletowne Castletowne Cooley tl Castletowne She, tl Castletowne-Omoy pl Castletownely Castletownroche Castlevary, tl. Castlevenan, tl. Castleventery, tl. Castleventry, Castleventry Castlevorkine, tl. Castleward, tl. Castlewarning, tl. Castlewood, pl. Castleworkhouse, tl. Castlillinny, tl. Castollost, Catergullymore, tl. Catherlagh, Catherlagh, bor, Catherlagh = Carlow Catherlogh, Cathrins Towne, tl. Catlejordan Catten, tl. Cauaghsallagh, tl. Cauan, Caunegully, tl. Caunndarach, tl. Causey, pl. Cavan, Cavan Cavan Cavan Creevy, Cavanbaylaghy, tl. Cavandugen, tl. Cavangurvan, tl. Cavanmor, Cavannegarvan, pl. Cavanreagh, tl. Cavanreragh, pl. Cavenkill, Cavenleik, Cawawebonine, tl. Cawnkilly, Cayes, Caytlemoy, pl. Celbridge Cellers Towne, Celvie, pl. Ceo;Bane, tl. Cernanstowne, Cernkearich, pl. Cevens Towne, pl. Chaeine, tl. Chaharrowe, tl. Chancellers Towne, pl. Chapel Chapelizod Chapelrussell Chappell, Chappell, Chapple Izod, pl. Chapple, tl. Charlemount, Charles Towne, Charlestown Charlstowne, pl. Chentrick, pl. Chequer Lane, Cherryvally, tl. Cholahcah, pl. Chowre, tl. Chrecyduffe, tl. Christ Church Christ Church Christins Towne, tl. Christons Towne, tl. Christowne, tl. Christs Church Ln. Church, Church Land, pl. Church qr, Church Street Church Town, tl. churchhill Churchs Tone, Churchstowne, tl. Churchton, tl. Churchtown Churchtown Churchtown Churchtown Churchtowne, Churchtowne of Castleknocke, pl. Cippagh, tl. Clache, pl. Clacklina, tl. Cladagh, tl. Claddaneanure, tl. Cladibegg, tl. Clady, tl. Cladymore, tl. Clagan, tl. Claghmoran, pl. Claghog, tl. Clagill, tl. Clagin, Clalankell, tl. Clamine, tl. Clanbalty, tl. Clanbecher, tl. Clanbrassell, Clanchill, pl. Clancosker, tl. Clancraffe, Clandagad, tl. Clandalkan, Clandalkin, pl. Clandavadocke, Clandehurka, Clandermont, Clandevadock, Clandirala, Clandroute, tl. Clandullane, Clane, Clane Claneagh, tl. Clanecran, tl. Clangaddye, tl. Clangibbon & Condon, Clanishert, tl. Clankell, Clankelly, Clankerd, tl. Clankin, tl. Clankirkue, pl. Clanlary, tl. Clanmany, Clanmore, tl. Clanmorice, Clanmorrice, Clanmurry, tl. Clantagh, tl. Clantarfe, Clantibred, Clantinically, tl. Clantoch, tl. Clantomer, pl. Clanturke, Clanwilliam, Clappard, pl. Clara Clara, tl. Claragh, Claragh, Upper, tl. Claranbegg, tl. Claranmore, tl. Clare, Clare, co, Clare Loghesk, Clareabbey Clareaby, Clarebarcon, pl. Claregalway Clarekill, tl. Claremorris Claremorris Clarenagh, tl. Clareoch, tl. Clarhilte, tl. Claries Town, tl. Clarina Claris, tl. Clarkill, tl. Clarlisgrugan, Clarmaghrog, tl. Clarme, pl. Clarny, pl. Clarr, pl. Clarteskan, tl. Clasagoole, tl. Clasduff, tl. Clasganiffe, tl. Clashacrow Clashbane, tl. Clashduffe, tl. Clashegowan, Clashgany, pl. Clashmore Clashnaganiffe, tl. Clashnasprelagh, tl. Clasininy, tl. Clasmelcon, tl. Clasnasmutt, pl. Clasnedarriff, tl. Classhiganiffe, tl. Classone, pl. Clastarriffe, tl. Clasvivyne, pl. Clatterton, tl. Clauans Towne, tl. Clauderhurka, Claudy Clauloght, tl. Clavahery, tl. Clay, tl. Clayduff, pl. Clayme, pl. Cleabeg, tl. Cleagh, Cleaghah, tl. Clean, pl. Cleanlea, pl. Cleanliffe, pl. Clear Island Cleauenedonn, tl. Cleavry, tl. Cleay, tl. Cleboy, Cleboy Cleduff, pl. Cleenish, Cleenish Cleenke, pl. Clegenagh, pl. Cleggin, Cleibeile, pl. Clen Ballauge, Clenagh, Clenagher, pl. Clenan, tl. Clencolugg, pl. Clenegeragh, tl. Clenelty, pl. Clenemony, tl. Clenish, Clenluer, pl. Clenmaine, tl. Clenmorish, tl. Clenor Clequill, Cleris Towne, tl. Clerye, pl. Clescluie, Clevagh, Cleyduffe, tl. Cleynkeany, pl. Clidarragh, pl. Cliduff, tl. Clifden Cliffney, Climemeahan, tl. Cline, tl. Clineray, tl. Clinra, tl. Clins Towne, tl. Clintonrath, tl. Clintons Towne, tl. Cliuragh, pl. Cloagagh, tl. Cloagh Bennagh, pl. Cloagh, tl. Cloaghdaulton, tl. Cloainne, Cloanbegg, pl. Cloancurrye, tl. Cloandelrar, tl. Cloane, tl. Cloankeen, pl. Cloantrym, pl. Cloch, Clocher, pl. Clochergall, pl. Cloches, pl. Clochrom, tl. Clocristick, Clog Ireda, pl. Clogagh, tl. Clogan Ballywooter, tl. Clogan, tl. Clogbussell, pl. Clogdullarty, tl. Clogh, Clogh East, tl. Clogh Jordane, pl. Clogh Loston, pl. Clogh Lucas, pl. Clogh Prior, Clogh Pryor, pl. Cloghagh, tl. Cloghall, tl. Cloghamon, tl. Cloghan Cloghan Ikilline, Cloghan Lysie, tl. Cloghan McQueine, tl. Cloghan, pl. Cloghanaron, tl. Cloghanbiddy, tl. Cloghane Cloghane Cahane, tl. Cloghane Duffe, tl. Cloghane, tl. Cloghanebeg, tl. Cloghaneboy, tl. Cloghanemore, tl. Cloghanes, Cloghanrawer, Cloghardine, pl. Cloghas, tl. Cloghasty, tl. Cloghbelly, pl. Cloghbemond, tl. Cloghbridy, pl. Cloghbrydy, pl. Cloghcare, pl. Cloghcastle, tl. Cloghcasty, tl. Cloghcorr, pl. Cloghcour, pl. Cloghcully, pl. Cloghcur, pl. Cloghdullerty, tl. Cloghdunmurre, pl. Clogheen Cloghenagh, tl. Cloghenmackett, pl. Cloghensy, pl. Clogher, Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogher Clogherbrien Clogherbrien, tl. Clogherbrine, Clogherine, tl. Cloghernagh, Clogherny Cloghfin, Cloghfooke, tl. Cloghfune, tl. Cloghfyn, Cloghfyne, Cloghicoky, tl. Cloghiggin, tl. Cloghill, pl. Cloghiny, pl. Cloghkeaton, tl Cloghlan Swords, Cloghlea, tl. Cloghmoile Head, tl. Cloghmotefoy, tl. Cloghnadromon, tl. Cloghnarold, tl. Cloghnasead, tl. Cloghnecody, pl. Cloghnehissy, tl. Cloghnemanagh, tl. Cloghog, tl. Cloghonane, pl. Cloghonyan, pl. Cloghore, tl. Cloghouge, tl. Cloghovillow, tl. Cloghpook, pl. Cloghprior Cloghran, Cloghran Cloghran Swords, Cloghrancke, tl. Cloghrane, tl. Cloghranes, tl. Cloghrodery, pl. Cloghroy, tl. Cloghskelta, tl. Cloghstany, pl. Cloghstregg, tl. Cloghtarky, tl. Cloghtogall, pl. Cloghy, tl. Clogin, Clogleagh, pl. Clognart, pl. Clogogh, tl. Cloheene, tl. Clohene, tl. Clohin, tl. Clohir, tl. Clohoge, pl. Clohoraly, pl. Cloincorha, tl. Cloindalla, pl. Cloinemore, Cloingh Pie, pl. Cloinmore, tl. Clomantagh Clombreny, tl. Clomemore, tl. Clommore, tl. Clomosny, pl. Clomvollye, pl. Clona, pl. Clonadd, pl. Clonadodorane, pl. Clonadogasy, pl. Clonagam Clonagh, Clonagh Clonaghard, tl. Clonaghbegg, tl. Clonaghes, tl. Clonaghill, pl. Clonaghlis Clonagowne, pl. Clonagowney, pl. Clonahane, pl. Clonahurke, Clonakilty Clonakilty Clonallan, Clonallan Clonalvy, Clonalvy Clonamery Clonaragh, pl. Clonard Clonard, Little, Clonard, tl. Clonarian, tl. Clonarney clonavad'y Clonbabe, tl. Clonbanny, pl. Clonbecan, pl. Clonbeegg, Clonbeg Clonber, pl. Clonbern Clonbolgue, pl. Clonbonnah, tl. Clonbony, pl. Clonbouch, pl. Clonboyne, pl. Clonbrine, pl. Clonbrone, pl. Clonbroney Clonbrony, tl. Clonbullogue Clonburren, pl. Clonca, Clonca Cloncagh Cloncallabegg, tl. Cloncannon, pl. Clonconnor, tl. Cloncoose, tl. Cloncorey, pl. Cloncorry, tl. Cloncoss, tl. Cloncouse, tl. Cloncraff, tl. Cloncreckin, pl. Cloncrew Cloncullan, Cloncullen, tl. Cloncurry Clondagad Clondaglas, pl. Clondaglass, pl. Clondahorky Clondaliner, tl. Clondalkin Clondarah, Clondavaddog Clondehurka, Clonderidge, pl. Clonderigmoyle, pl. Clonderine, tl. Clondermont, Clondermot Clondinagh, Clondirrine, 214 Clondraghill, pl. Clondrohid Clonduff Clonduffe, Clondulane Clondullane, Clone, Clone Clone Ana, tl. Clone Fada, tl. Clonea Clonea, tl. Cloneasshy, Clonebane, pl. Clonebegg, pl. Clonebregone, pl. Clonebruicke, Clonecah, pl. Clonecallagh, tl. Clonecarhy, tl. Clonecasshie, tl. Clonecoass, tl. Clonecogir, Clonecollmane, tl. Clonecollry, tl. Cloneconerymore, tl. Cloneconorybeg, tl. Clonecowle Clonecunny, tl. Clonedagad, tl. Clonedemagh, tl. Clonedotie, pl. Clonedrinagh, tl. Clonee, tl. Cloneebe, pl. Cloneen Cloneene, Clonegah, tl. Clonegan, Clonegann, Clonegannagh, pl. Clonegany, pl. Clonegigiall, tl. Cloneglin, tl. Clonehea, pl. Clonekelly, tl. Clonekerry, tl. Clonelary, tl. Clonelea, Cloneleghin, tl. Cloneliegh, pl. Clonellane, tl. Clonelly Cloneloane, tl. Cloneloghane, Clonelorney, Clonelty Clonemell, Clonemogher, Clonemore, Clonemost, Clonemulsker, Clonen, pl. Clonenaf, tl. Clonenagh and Clonagheen Clonenaghie, tl. Clonenlary, tl. Cloneomrae, tl. Cloneowlae, tl. Clonequine, pl. Clonerege, West, tl. Cloneruddane, tl. Clones Clones Clones Clones Clonesellcherny, tl. Cloneskerrine, tl. Clonesuck, tl. Cloneteife, pl. Clonetrae, Cloney, pl. Cloneyrehine, tl. Clonfad Clonfadd, Clonfady, tl. Clonfeacle Clonfeacle Clonfenlogh, pl. Clonfert Clonfert Clonfert Clonfert Clonfert Clonfert, tl. Clonfin, tl. Clonfore, tl. Clongawney, tl. Clongawny, pl. Clongesh Clongill Clongony, tl. Clongowny, pl. Clongreen Clongunagh, tl. Cloniclogh, tl. Clonidonin, tl. Clonigh, pl. Clonigher, tl. Clonigross, pl. Clonin, Cloniquim, pl. ClonIrell, pl. Clonish, Clonishog, tl. Clonisten, pl. Clonkaine, tl. Clonkalla, tl. Clonkananane, pl. Clonkean, tl. Clonkeehan Clonkeen Clonkeen Clonkeen Clonkeen, pl. Clonkeene, Clonkelly, tl. Clonkennighunmore, pl. Clonkenny, pl. Clonkeran, tl. Clonkin or Clonrin, pl. Clonkin, tl. Clonkirin, tl. Clonkirr, tl. Clonknaverly, tl. Clonknaw, pl. Clonkrean, pl. Clonlaghy, pl. Clonlatescale, tl. Clonlaughill, tl. Clonlea Clonlee, Clonleigh Clonleigh Clonligg, tl. Clonlihy, tl. Clonlinannoge, tl. Clonlish, Clonlisk, Clonliske, Clonlogh, tl. Clonloghan Clonlonan, Clonlonan Wood, tl. Clonlostie, tl. Clonlyon, pl. Clonmacdude, tl. Clonmacduff Clonmacnall, Clonmacnoise Clonmany, Clonmany Clonmany Clonmeale, pl. Clonmeathan, pl. Clonmedane, Clonmeen Clonmeen, pl. Clonmeene, tl. Clonmel Clonmel Clonmel Clonmell, Clonmellon Clonmelsh Clonmene of Newtown' pl Clonmethan Clonmines Clonmoge Begg, pl. Clonmoge, pl. Clonmore, Clonmore Clonmore Clonmore Clonmore Clonmore, South, pl. Clonmorny, Clonmotte, Clonmouer,N., pl. Clonmoure, N., pl. Clonmoyle, tl. Clonmult Clonnagh, pl. Clonnarirhin, tl. Clonnebegg, pl. Clonneene, pl. Clonnerry, tl. Clonnie, pl. Clonnilihane, pl. Clonnobioge, tl. Clonnuff, tl. Clonny Bryen, pl. Clonnyloughy, pl. Clonoe Clonogulline, tl. Clonogullyne, tl. Clonologhane, Clonomera, tl. Clonona, pl. Clonone, pl. Clononyne, pl. Clonose, pl. Clonoule, tl. Clonoulty Clonpet Clonpett, Clonpiers, pl. Clonpriest Clonquose, pl. Clonra Ballage Clonreher, pl. Clonrin or Clonkin, Pl. Clonris, pl. Clonroch, tl. Clonroche Clonroskeran, tl. Clonroud, tl. Clonrush Clonruske, pl. Clonsarran, tl. Clonsast, Clonsast Clonsaste, tl. Clonserragh, tl. Clonshanbo Clonshiere, Clonshiere Begg, tl. Clonshieremore, tl. Clonshire Clonshogh, Clonsilla Clonsillagh, Clonsinnagh, tl. Clonsourdan, tl. Clontagary, tl. Clontarf Clontead Clonteade, ClonteneKelly, tl. Clontenorin, pl. Clontephenan, pl. Clonterry, pl. Clontibret Clontigory, tl. Clontinegollin, tl. Clontiquos, pl. Clontubrid, tl. Clontumphir, tl. Clonturk Clontuskert Clonty West, Clonvuane, tl. Clonwilliam, Clony, tl. Clonyagh, pl. Clonybegg, tl. Clonybroune, tl. Clonye, tl. Clonyea, tl. Clonygoose Clonyhurk Clonyne, Clonyorise, tl. Clonyoughell, tl. Clookelly, pl. Cloon Capull, tl. Cloonagrettan, pl. Cloonagun, tl. Cloonalagh, tl. Cloonamanagh, tl. Cloonany, tl. Cloonaughy, tl. Cloonawery, tl. Cloonbanue, tl. Cloonboyher, tl. cloonbur#1 Clooncalgi, tl. Cloonclare Clooncon, pl. Clooncorra, tl. Clooncraff Clooncurin, pl. Cloondaratt, tl. Cloondayga, tl. Cloonderar, tl. Cloone, Cloone Cloone Eved, tl. Cloone McCegga, tl. Cloone-car, tl. Clooneacrew, tl. Clooneagh, tl. Cloonearagh, tl. Cloonearke, tl. Clooneart, tl. Clooneaughill, tl. Cloonebane, tl. Cloonebeg, tl. Cloonebunagh, tl. Cloonecouse, tl. Cloonederavally, tl. Cloonefey, Cloonefinin, tl. Cloonegeragh, tl. Cloonegormegan, Clooneheene, pl. Clooneingly, tl. Clooneirk, tl. Cloonekeherny, tl. Cloonekelan, tl. Cloonekine, tl. Cloonelaghnan, tl. Cloonelargo, tl. Cloonemacart, tl. Cloonemalice, tl. Cloonemore, tl. Cloonemorgett, tl. Cloonemorly, tl. Cloonen, tl. Cloonenacladry, tl. Clooneoghill, Clooneoghra, tl. Clooneraghan, tl. Cloonergo, tl. Cloonesaghan, tl. Cloonesallagh, tl. Cloonesullin, tl. Cloonetenilane, tl. Cloonewany, tl. Clooney Cloonfadd, pl. Cloonfade, tl. Cloonfiegh, tl. Cloonfinlough Cloonfuey, tl. Cloongaher, tl. Cloongoe, pl. Cloongoory, tl. Clooniglelaghane, tl. Cloonikilly, tl. Cloonily, pl. Cloonimenagh, tl. Cloonin, tl. Clooninclagh, tl. Cloonine, tl. Clooninesglin, tl. Cloonings, tl. Cloonkeen, tl. Cloonkeene, tl. Cloonkin, pl. Cloonlagh, pl. Cloonleaucoill, tl. Cloonlehkeene, tl. Cloonlogher Cloonmahin, tl. Cloonmanill, tl. Cloonmaskill, tl. Cloonmore, Cloonneene, pl. Cloonoghil Cloonreene, tl. Cloonrulagh, tl. Cloonsellagh, tl. Cloontreal, pl. Cloontuskert Cloonygormican Cloonyne, tl. Cloorey, tl. Cloragh, pl. Cloran, Clore, Clorebragan, tl. Clorne, pl. Closcullane, pl. Clossagh, pl. Clossre, pl. Clotany, pl. Clotefleyes, tl. Clothnemore, pl. Clottahinny, tl. Clouchfin, tl. Clough Cloughcoyle, Cloughdwa, tl. Cloughgarvan, tl. Cloughgoenew, tl. Cloughgrenan, Cloughkillvarily, tl. Cloughmantagh, tl. Cloughmony, Cloughna, Cloughrane, tl. Cloughrousk, Cloughsutton, Cloughtown, tl. Cloukerling, tl. Cloumsirrihane, tl. Cloun Creaw, tl. Clounadrones, tl. Clounakilly, tl. Clounanna, Clounbanaff, tl. Clouncaugh, tl. Clouncha, Clouncoragh, Clouncorow, tl. Clouncrane, tl. Clounculan, tl. Cloune, & Gobmaskeale, Cloune Idonogane, tl. Cloune Muckle, pl. Cloune, tl. Clouneagh, tl. Clounecorbane, tl. Clounee, tl. Clounelty, Clounemelane, tl. Clounemore, tl. Clouneoulty, Clouneragh, tl. Clounetiburide, tl. Clounetreguie, tl. Clounety, tl. Clounfinlagh, Cloungara, tl. Clounibranon, tl. Clounikeran, tl. Clounlehard, tl. Clounpastine, tl. Clounsericke, tl. Clounshilin, tl. Clountilen, tl. Clountish, pl. Clountly Clee, tl. Clounty, tl. Clouny more, Clounyneigh, tl. Cloury, tl. Clovin, Clowater, Clowenasby, pl. Clowfeene, pl. Clowmins, tl. Clown Lochan, tl. Clowncarrick, tl. Clownconga, tl. Clowndaliner, tl. Clowne, pl. Clowneene, tl. Clowneglare, tl. Clownekine, tl. Clownish, Clowns Towne, tl. Clowny, Cloydagh Cloydagh Cloyfin, tl. Cloyhan, pl. Cloyhanebaddick, tl. Cloynae, tl. Cloynagh, Cloyne Cloyne Cloyne La, pl. Cloyne, tl. Cloynebelart, pl. Cloynyn, pl. Cloyomoicke, tl. Clufiell, pl. Cluhir, tl. Cluincullan, tl. Clum, Clumcomy, tl. Clumilly, pl. Clummechan, tl. Clun McFelem, pl. Clun McGillyduff, pl. Clun McKee, Clun-nec-avant, tl. Clunadroe, tl. Clunadron, tl. Clunagh, tl. Clunaly, pl. Clunamuck, pl. Clunbigny, tl. Clunbonnagh, tl. Cluncaron, pl. Cluncarry, pl. Cluncraffe, Cluncrawe, tl. Cluncro, Cluncrow, tl. Cluncullan, tl. Clune Cuny, tl. Clune, pl. Clunebigny, tl. Clunecarow, tl. Cluneclare, Clunefada, tl. Clunehily, tl. Clunelagher, Clunene, tl. Clunenegallell, tl. Clunequin, tl. Clunerallagh, tl. Clunesanbaly, tl. Clunesanmoyle, tl. Clunetowart, tl. Clunfada, tl. Clunfadd, tl. Clunfade, tl. Clunfee, tl. Clunfenan, tl. Clunfinlagh, Clunglasin Begg, tl. Clunglasin, tl. Clunibrine, tl. Cluniburrin, tl. Clunicashell, Clunicatten, tl. Clunicullen, tl. Clunidarragh, pl. Clunine, tl. Cluniquin, tl. Clunkeene, tl. Clunkeine, pl. Clunkeny, Clunkeran, Clunkey, pl. Clunlogher, tl. Clunmedane, tl. Clunmore, Clunmullan, pl. Clunmurre, tl. Clunnersen, pl. Clunniweale, pl. Clunogormegon, tl. Clunsannagh, pl. Clunscarty, tl. Clunshee Tuam, tl. Clunteceran, tl. Cluntelton, pl. Cluntimoylan, Cluntoskert, Cluntwill, pl. Cluny, tl. Clunyne, tl. Cluoncanane, tl Cluonclieffe, tl. Cluonconny, tl. Cluondrenagh, tl. Cluonduglassie, tl. Cluonmaken, tl. Clusmore, Clutterland, pl. Clydagh, tl. Clyhunagh, pl. Clyinkrokey, pl. Clynis, tl. Clyraghlissin, tl. Cnackanelangnidona, pl. Cnackment, tl. Cnapagh, tl. Cnappagh, pl. Cnochmonagh, tl. Cnock Symon, tl. Cnock Torin, tl. Cnockacubly, tl. Cnockagh, pl. Cnockan Sheene, tl. Cnockan, tl. Cnockanarva, tl. Cnockanbane, tl. Cnockane Icallane, tl. Cnockane, pl. Cnockanedy, tl. Cnockanglass, pl. Cnockanglassny, pl. Cnockanhary, tl. Cnockardnagal'eagh
tl. Cnockauaddera, tl. Cnockawny, tl. Cnockbegg, tl. Cnockbrack, tl. Cnockdromy, pl. Cnocke, tl. Cnockeare, pl. Cnockedirry, tl. Cnockenarubly, tl. Cnockervill, tl. Cnockes, tl. Cnockevanane, tl. Cnockigihin, pl. Cnockloch, tl. Cnockmolin, tl. Cnocknabuoly, tl. Cnocknacory, tl. Cnocknadaragh, tl. Cnocknagaule, Cnocknegagh, tl. Cnocknegassull, tl. Cnocknegerneagh, tl. Cnocknycarrigg, tl. Cnocknymuckully, tl. Cnockpatricke, tl. Cnockrahidermody, tl. Cnockro, tl. Cnockroe, tl. Cnoghes, pl. Cnokeard, tl. Cnolligh, Cnondonell, tl. Cnowingallagh, tl. Coaghin, pl. Coan, pl. Coanuy, tl. Coase Koveene, pl. Coberdalaugh, pl. Cobragh, tl. Cockermaine, pl. Cockinclar, tl. Codd, pl. Codds Balsee, tl. Codds Town, tl. Codlans Towne, tl. Cods Town, Great, tl. Coe, pl. Cogh, tl. Cohirlish, tl. Coilegortine, tl. Coillcaver, tl. Coille Ruala, tl. Coillfea, tl. Coillmore, tl. Coilly, tl. Coiltelacha, tl. Cokrome, pl. Coksmore, tl. Col McIltraine, Colafeny, tl. Colaghty, pl. Colamaragh, pl. Colamber, tl. Colcott, pl. Cold Winters, pl. Coldach, pl. Coldgrange, Coldow, pl. Coleadorryny, pl. Coleboy, tl. Coledoroghe, pl. Colekenaght, tl. Colemanstowne, Colemoore, pl. Colemyne, pl. Colequile, pl. (Coleraine), Coleraine Coleraine Coleraine Colerayn, Colereaghbeg, Colereaghmore, Coleroe, Colesona, pl. Coletinane, tl. colfilch, tl. Colganstowne, pl. Colicapell, tl. Colitee, pl. Colkeragh, tl. Collane, pl. Collarone, pl. Collars Towne, pl. Collatrath, pl. Colldragh, pl. Colledge Greene, Colledge of Holy Trinity Colledge, tl. Colledin, Mill of Collee, tl. College Lands, College of Holy Trinity, Collemgrange, tl. Collenemucke, tl. Collenstowne, pl. Collentroe, tl. Collere, tl. Collerkill, tl. Colleroe, tl. Colley, tl. Colliarne, tl. Collidue, Colligan, Colligan Colliheene, tl. Collinatruimey, tl. Collines, tl. Collinine, tl. Collins Hill, tl. Collinstowne, Collintrine, tl. Collish, pl. Collnehary, tl. Collogh, tl. Colloman, Collon Collon Collon #1 Collone, pl. Collonomanagh, tl. Collumkill, tl. Collumlimge, pl. Colly Gergan, pl. Colmack, Colman, Colman Colmanswell Colnecavell, tl. Colnegan, tl. Colnemara, Colnett, tl. Colniwaine, pl. Colowes, tl. Colp Colrahin, tl. Colraine, Colranie, Colrecoile, tl. Colreene, pl. Colrefrie, tl. Colreseskan, pl. Colsing, tl. Coltram, pl. Coluell, tl. Columbkille Columbkille Comaghie, pl. Comaim, tl. Comanston, tl. Combe, pl. Comber Comber Comber, tl. Comdonstowne, pl. Comego, tl. Comeline, pl. Comens Towne, tl. Comer, pl. Comerduffe, tl. Comins Towne, tl. Comittee, Killa Sculla & Commers Towne, tl. Commistowne, pl. Committee, Killa Sculla & Commoge, pl. Common, tl. Commons of Santry, pl. Comoge, tl. Comonagh, tl. Comquiston, tl. Conagh, Conaghie, pl. Conallan, tl. Conaugh, pl. Conavay, tl. Concamemore, pl. Concarrig, tl. Condon, & Clangibbon, Condons Towne ,tl. Conegill, tl. Conehey, tl. Conehy Castle, Conell, Conenennagh, tl. Conesbo, Confey Confey, tl. Confoilan, tl. Cong Cong Cong Congall, tl. Conlone, tl. Conlurt, Connagh, Connaghell, tl. Connaught, Connehye, tl. Connell, Connell,Great, tl. Conniger, tl. Connogh, tl. Connologh, Connor Connor, Connor Connor Connorstowne, tl. Connyborrow of Portmarnock, pl. Conogh, Conolagh, tl. Conors Towne, tl. Conreagh, tl. Conrey, tl. Conry, Conry Consinill, pl. Constanstons, tl. Conterk, pl. Convoy Conwal Conwall, Cony Island, tl. Conyer, Kells and, Conyger, tl. Conyhorpo, Conyny, pl. Coogy, tl. Coogylaghlin, tl. Cooke Street, Cookestowne, Cookstown cookstown Cookstown Cookstowne, Coola, tl. Coolacasey Coolaghmore Coolaght, tl. Coolaghy, pl. Coolargan, pl. Coolaromar, tl. Coolashaneavally, tl. Coolbanagher Coolbane, pl. Coolbegg, pl. Coolbollain, pl. Coolcashin Coolcorr, pl. Coolcraheen Coolcrall, tl. Cooldarragh, pl. Cooldery, pl. Cooldorcher, pl. Coole, Coole Coole Caregine, tl. Coole Cormucke, tl. Coole Hill, tl. Coole Tome, pl. Coole-Owen, Cooleagh Coolearty, tl. Cooleaultane, pl. Cooleback, tl. Coolebally, pl. Coolebane, Coolebansher, pl. Coolebeggin, tl. Cooleboocke, pl. Cooleboy, tl. Coolebredogie, tl. Coolecalan, tl. Coolecall, tl. Coolecan, pl. Coolecarren, pl. Coolecleere, tl. Coolecleiffe, tl. Coolecoremocke, pl. Coolecormane, tl. Coolecousane, pl. Coolecroy, tl. Coolecullanduff, tl. Coolecultane, Coolederry, Cooledoghrane, tl. Cooledonny, tl. Cooleduffe, tl. Cooleenecarrgiy, tl. Cooleeroe, tl. Coolees Hill, Coolefadagh, pl. Coolefoble, tl. Coolegarranroe, pl. Coolegerrane, pl. Cooleghmore, tl. Coolegore, tl. Coolegowne, tl. Coolegreny, tl. Coolehanagh, pl. Coolehenane, tl. Coolekeife, pl. Coolekill, tl. Coolekipp, tl. Coolelangfeild, pl. Coolemaine Bane, tl. Coolemaine, tl. Cooleman, tl. Coolemeene, tl. Cooleminiber, tl. Coolemore, pl. Coolemorine, tl. Coolenacarton, pl. Coolenacrutty, tl. Coolenaffe, tl. Coolenagh, pl. Coolenalonge, pl. Coolenapishy, tl. Coolenaslee, tl. Cooleneboy, tl. Coolenebrone, tl. Coolenechart, pl. Coolenecon, tl. Coolenegoure, pl. Coolenehinch, tl. Coolenehorny, tl. Coolenekissey, Cooleneleene, tl. Coolenelyne, tl. Coolenemony, pl. Coolenemuicky, tl. Coolenoman, tl. Coolenorane, tl. Coolentragh, pl. Cooleowly, pl. Cooleowneen, pl. Coolepcevane, pl. Coolerahan, tl. Coolerease, pl. Coolereech, tl. Coolerey, tl. Coolerin, pl. Coolermont, pl. Cooleroan, pl. Coolerobegg, tl. Coolerod, pl. Cooleroe, Cooleross, pl. Cooles Hill, Lr., Cooles, tl. Cooles Towne, tl. Coolesahan, tl. Cooleshell the George, tl. Coolesicken, tl. Coolesmuttane, pl. Cooletederry, pl. Cooleteige, tl. Cooleteigin, tl. Cooletexenry, pl. Cooletore, tl. Cooletrondell, tl. Cooletubred, tl. Cooleueferah, tl. Coolevalinaneboy, pl. Coolevalmanemore, pl. Coolevore, tl. Cooleyney, pl. Coolfell, pl. Coolfin, Coolfin, Gilcagh and, Coolfinn, pl. Coolgawney, tl. Coolgohill, pl. Coolgowne, tl. Coolgreany Coolidorihy, tl. Cooline, pl. Coolineaghtragh, tl. Cooliney Coolinoghtragh, tl. Coolis Towne, CoolIshell, tl. Coolishill, tl. Coolishteig, tl. Coolishtowne, Coolitubord, tl. Coolka, tl. Coolkerry Coolkerry, pl. Coolkill, pl. Coolkindane, pl. Coolle Brislan, tl. Coollenepesley, tl. Coolleveny, tl. Coolly Lockey, tl. Coollyney, Coolmany, Coolmealogh, tl. Coolmundry Coolmurly, tl. Coolniry, Coolobwey, tl. Coolock Coologe, pl. Coologge, pl. Coologory, Cooloony Castle, tl. Coolowen, tl. coolrain Coolrakilly, pl. Coolremoney, pl. Coolsillagh, pl. Coolskeagh, tl. Coolstuff Coolte, pl. Coolumphill, pl. Coolycormack, pl. Coolymorihy, tl. Coom Coonagh, tl. Cooraheen, pl. Coore, tl. Coorelea, pl. Coorelome, tl. Coorlonagh, tl. Coorte Abby, tl. Cooselaraderke, tl. Cootehill Coplan Iles, tl. Copnagh, Copney, tl. Copper Alley, Copper Ally, Cor, tl. Cora, pl. Coragh, Coragh Feeaghan, Coraghkeen, pl. Coraghnegole, tl. Coraghoncoyan, tl. Coraghteskin, tl. Coraghue, pl. Coralaragh, tl. Coran, pl. Coranaghy, tl. Corardryne, pl. Corare, pl. Coraughes, tl. Corbaghell, tl. Corbalis, tl. Corballagh, tl. Corballis, Corbally Corbally, Corbally Corbally Corbally Corbally Corbally, East, pl. Corballybegg, tl. Corballyes, Corballymore, tl. Corbalye, tl. Corbara, tl. Corbatt Durgan, pl. Corbeds Towne, tl. Corbegg, tl. Corbehy, tl. Corbets Towne, pl. Corbett, tl. Corbetts Towne, tl. Corboyes, tl. Corbrackan, pl. Corbrackoge, tl. Corcaguiny, Corcarnan, tl. Corcecheard, pl. Corcgaron, tl. Corchill, pl. Corchomohir, Corckrans Towne, tl. Corcle, pl. Corcomeala, pl. Corcomohide Corcomohide Corcomon, Corcomroe, Corconalye, pl. Corcossocke, tl. Corcotty, tl. Corcra, pl. Corcreagh, Corcreagha, pl. Corcreechan, tl. Corcreen, pl. Corcreeny, tl. Corcrichagh, tl. Corcrighagh, tl. Corcrivye, tl. Corcullen Traghbeg, tl. Corcullen Traghmore, tl. Cordagin, Cordangan Cordanstowne, pl. Cordarogag, pl. Cordeighery, tl. Corderrie, tl. Corderymone, pl. Cordram, tl. Cordrine, tl. Cordromon, tl. Corduff, tl. Corduffe, pl. Corduffles, pl. Corduggan, tl. Corduvleck, pl. Corduvless, pl. Corebehy, tl. Corecewagh, tl. Coredeynce, tl. Coredrehitt, tl. Corelacka, tl. Coreleagh, pl. Corenecrue, tl. Corenillane, Corentigagh, pl. Corestowne, tl. Corey, tl. Corfaddow, pl. Corfeghan, tl. Corfinlagh, pl. Corgannan, tl. Corgarane, pl. Corgarron, Corgary, pl. Corgery, Ballylogh, and Knockenenarney, Corgery, tl. Corgigreg, tl. Corglass, tl. Corgollin, tl. Corgoobe, pl. Corgrany, tl. Corhinsagagh, pl. Corhubber, tl. Corhullagh, pl. Coriagan, pl. Corin Bellagh, Corinanclea, pl. Coringreagh, pl. Corintiogatt, pl. Coristin, tl. Coristowne, tl. Cork, Cork Cork Cork Hill, Cork Holy Trinity Cork St. Nicholas Cork St. Paul's Cork St. Peter's Cork, Urban #2 Cork, Urban #7 Corkaleir, pl. Corkath, pl. Corkbeg Corke, c and lib, Corke Hill, Corke, pl. Corkeerin, pl. Corkeiltie, tl. Corkelly, Corkerie, Corkin, pl. Corkirin, pl. Corkitt, tl. Corklea, tl. Corkrery, tl. Corky, Corlack, pl. Corlaghert, pl. Corlattallon, pl. Corlea, Corleck, pl. Corleckan, tl. Corlecky, tl. Corligorin, pl. Corlinan, tl. Corliss, tl. Corloddy, tl. Corloghon, tl. Cormacks Towne, tl. Cormagrath, Cormecke, pl. Cormeen, pl. Cormeene, tl. Cormentye, pl. Cormine, Cormyn, Corn Markett, Cornacary, tl. Cornacreevy, pl. Cornagatty, tl. Cornagee, tl. Cornaghlane, tl. Cornaghleigh, tl. Cornalahan, pl. Cornaloway, tl. Cornaman, tl. Cornamuckla, tl. Cornasaghna, pl. Cornasrora, pl. Cornastake, tl. Corndall, tl. Corne Cree, pl. Corneare, tl. Cornedough, tl. Cornedrung, tl. Cornefirst, tl. Cornefrake, tl. Cornegarvoge, pl. Cornegeye, pl. Corneglare, pl. Cornegrad, pl. Cornehough, tl. Cornekerrew, tl. Cornekessagh, pl. Cornelaghta, tl. Cornelecke, pl. Cornels Town, tl. Cornelstowne, pl. Cornemadie, tl. Cornemagh, tl. Cornemalla, tl. Cornemart, tl. Cornemody, pl. Cornemuklagh, tl. Corneshannagh, tl. Cornettsrill, tl. Cornetullagh, tl. Cornewall, pl. Corney, pl. Corngeragh, pl. Cornhooly, tl. Cornigellagh, tl. Cornigill, Cornitepoy, tl. Cornlee, tl. Cornoido, pl. Corockstowne, pl. Corocolane, pl. Corofiny, tl. Corogrenemore, tl. Coron, tl. Coronogh, Corovagh, tl. Corr, Corr Boghelaigh, tl. Corra, tl. Corraclare, tl. Corracoose, pl. Corradawer, pl. Corraeathelin, tl. Corragh, tl. Corragharosty, tl. Corraghe, pl. Corraghmore, tl. Corran, pl. Corranland, pl. Corranlary, Corrard, pl. Corre, pl. Correbegg, tl. Correcanane, tl. Correclenan, pl. Corredonellon, tl. Corredulagh, pl. Corregearke, pl. Corregell, tl. Correla, tl. Corrells Towne, tl. Correlly, tl. Corremore, tl. Corren, Correnn, Correreagh, Loer, pl. Corresline, tl. Corresmore, pl. Corriduffy, tl. Corrifin Corrigan, pl. Corrigarrow, tl. Corrignin, pl. Corrigrage, tl. Corrigraue, tl. Corrigulan, tl. Corrilea, tl. Corrileene, pl. Corrilongford, pl. Corrimehane, tl. Corrin, pl. Corriolontey, pl. Corriosiony, tl. Corrivaghill, tl. Corrlaghachell, tl. Corrobegg, tl. Corrofin Corrog, tl. Corrogabees, pl. Corroge Corroggs, tl. Corrogh, tl. Corroghmoghan, tl. Corrohomacke, tl. Corroney, pl. Corroqueile, Corrotober, tl. Corrowmore, Corrownacloghy, tl. Corrowportlicky, tl. Corrstowne, pl. Corrulones, tl. Corrumore, tl. Corry, Corry begg, tl. Corryduffe, tl. Corrykelly, pl. Corshendunyman, tl. Corshillagh, pl. Corsillagh, pl. Corskeagh, Corslicy, tl. Cortall, tl. Cortaskine, tl. Cortawnagh, tl. Corteskin, pl. Corthree, tl. Cortloughan, tl. Cortneboly, tl. Cortrasna, pl. Cortrowan, pl. Cortuber, pl. Cortynan, tl. Corucle, tl. Coruenrucklagh, tl. Corumsogath, tl. Corvackan, pl. Corvagh, tl. Corvally, pl. Corvalyes, pl. Corvess, pl. Corwale, pl. Corway, pl. Corwellin, pl. Cory, tl. Coryaragh, pl. Corywrann, pl. Cosane, Cosbride, Cosmore and, Coscamaddo, tl. Coshkinny, pl. Coshros, pl. Coskerine, tl. Cosmay, Cosmore, Cospoch, pl. Cosporth, Cosquin, Cossana, tl. Cosse, tl. Costlea, Costrim, Coswask, pl. Cotteene, tl. Cottells Towne, tl. Cottine, tl. Cottlands Towne, tl. Cottrells Rath, tl. Cottrells Towne, tl. Cottrelstowne, pl. Cottresktowne, pl. Couet Barkeoge, Couke Street, Coulbagh, tl. Coulbane, tl. Coulbloe, tl. Coule, Coule Tomyne, tl. Couleam, tl. Couleck, tl. Coulegary, tl. Coules, tl. Coulin, pl. Coulincouerty, tl. Coulinvaunoge, tl. Coulkerran, tl. Coulneha, tl. Coulnesmiare, tl. Couloughter, tl. Coulpe, Coultry, pl. Coumannassy, tl. Coumbeg, tl. Coume, tl. Counemakate, tl. Couns Towne, tl. Counyhy, tl. Cournebahelly, tl. Couroge, Coursies, Courstowne, tl. Court, Court Browne, tl. Court Duff, pl. Court Lisronagh, pl. Court McMartin, pl. Court McSherry, pl. Courte Matrickes, tl. Courte, tl. Courteile, tl. Courtnecodihy, tl. Courts Towne, tl. Cove, pl. Cowgillaghe, tl. Cowlbane, pl. Cowle, Cowleboy, Cowlglee, Cowlock, Cowlocke, Cowlocke = Coolick Cowly, tl. Cowroule, pl. Coxherna, tl. Coyle, tl. Coyleagges, tl. Coyllin, tl. Coyne, tl. Cracans Towne, tl. Craddans Towne, tl. Cradocks Towne, tl. Craford, Cragan, Cragancroyne, Cragane, Craganicourty, pl. Cragardavarran, tl. Cragbegg, tl. Cragbrien, tl. Cragg, Cragg McCree, tl. Craggagh, tl. Craggan, tl. Cragganaclugin, tl. Cragges, tl. Craggevullin, tl. Craggyknock, tl. Craghan, tl. Craghedon, Cragherry, tl. Cragleigh, tl. Cragroe, Cragth, Cragvogher, tl. Crahagh, pl. Craig, tl. Craigadick, tl. Craigan, Craigatimper, pl. Craigdarum, Craigdunleif, pl. Craige, tl. Craigg, Craiggard, tl. Craigirodon, tl. Craigitade, tl. Craigmoore, tl. Craigogh,tl. Craigs Crainy, tl. Cranagh, Cranalagh, tl. Cranasallgh, pl. Crane, Cranecrinagh, tl. Craneeyher, tl. Cranegain, tl. Cranemore, Craneskough, Cranfield Cranlcys, Crannagh, Crannaghtane, tl. Cranrewer, tl. Cranrus, tl. Crattellaghmoell, tl. Crattellaghmore, tl. Cratullagh, Craugh and Termon, Crayleigh, tl. Crea, pl. Creaboy, pl. Creagan, Creaggalynn, tl. Creagh, Creagh Creagh Creagh Creaghagh, tl. Creaghbegge, pl. Creaghue Faddina, pl. Creaguill, tl. Crean, tl. Creane, tl. Crearawer, pl. Creave, tl. Crebagh, pl. Creboy, Creconry, Crecora Crecrin Crecrin Credan, tl. Credergane, tl. Creeff, tl. Creegh, Creehenan, Creemartin, pl. Creenimore, tl. Creeran, pl. Creery, Creeslagh, Creeuebegg, tl. Creeus Towne, tl. Creeve, Creeve Creevie, pl. Creevy, Cregan, tl. Creganclery, tl. Creganduff, tl. Creganivie, pl. Cregcorr, Cregenbany, pl. Cregenboy, pl. Cregg, Creggan Creggan Creggan, tl. Creggie, tl. Cregheime, pl. Cregloskie, tl. Cregnamadey, pl. Cregnowrane, tl. Crehannagh, tl. Crehelp Crehue, Creine, tl. Creman, pl. Cremorgan, pl. Crenagh, tl. Crenagore, tl. Crenbegg, tl. Crerim, tl. Cretagh, tl. Creue, tl. Crevagh, Crevaghbegg, tl. Crevaghmore, tl. Crevah, Crevemore, tl. Crevemshahi, pl. Crevenish, pl. Crevevolan, tl. Creviseren, tl. Crevist, tl. Crevyarigan, tl. Crevyloghgarr, tl. Crevysarwonan, tl. Crew, pl. Crewbarky, tl. Crewcall, tl. Crewes Towne, tl. Crewroe, tl. Criagh, pl. Cricks Town, tl. Crickstown Crickstown Rath, tl. Crieac, Crimkill, pl. Crimore, tl. Crinagh, Crine, tl. Crinell, tl. Crins Towne, tl. Crislaghkiell, tl. Crislaghmore, tl. Criue, Criuihckavrick, tl. Criuiquin, tl. Crivagh, pl. Crivitenasse, tl. Crmgfad, pl. Crnachbeg, pl. Croagh, Croagh Croagh Croaghan, tl. Croaghnaburgess, tl. Croan Begg, tl. Croane, pl. Croanogh, pl. Crobally, tl. Crobly, tl. Crochane, pl. Crockbrack, pl. Crogballyno, pl. Croghan, Croghan Croghane, Croghcastlemeran, Crogher, pl. Croghery, pl. Croghneclogh, tl. Croghoell, tl. Crohane, Crohane Crolane, pl. Crollinboy, tl. Crologh, Crom, Cromkill, tl. Cromley, Cromlyn, Crommagh, pl. Crommor, pl. Cromocke, Cromogue, pl. Crompane, tl. Cromps, Cromps Graue, pl. Crompts, Cromwell, tl. Cromys Castle, pl. Cronaglack, Cronam, pl. Cronis Towne, tl. Cronnagh, pl. Cronovoane, pl. Cronyne, tl. Crooke, Crooke Crookehaven, pl. Crookend, tl. Crooks Towne, tl. Croom Croom Croom Croreiaghe, tl. cros'magl'n Crosband, tl. Croschall, tl. Croschill, tl. Croscles, Crosenervy, tl. Crosfernoge, tl. Crosgue, tl. Croshea, tl. Croshenoy, tl. Crosmary, pl. Crosmore, tl. Crosna, tl. Crosnecrevy, tl. Crosnee, pl. Crospatrick, tl. Crosre, tl. Crosreagh, pl. Cross, Cross of Belgrow, tl. Crossagh,tl. Crossakeel Crossane, tl. Crossans Towne, tl. Crossboyne Crossconnell, Crossdally, Crossdamedd, tl. Crossea, tl. Crossebally-Cormick, tl. Crossegarr, tl. Crosserderry, tl. Crosserlough Crossey, pl. Crossgar Crosskenny, tl. Crossmitkerer, tl. Crossmolina Crossmore, pl. Crossnamoyle, tl. Crossoane, pl. Crosspatrick Crosspatrick Crossrewagh, tl. Crosstonera, pl. Crossyeard, pl. Crostowne, tl. Crotobeg, tl. Crotogh, pl. Crott, Crottentegle, pl. Crottinamony, pl. Crottoe, tl. Croughan, tl. Croughsouth, tl. Croughtahuske tl Croughtamory, pl. Croune, tl. Crovoghane, tl. Crow Hill, tl. Croyhryin, pl. Croyle, Cruagh Cruaghstanly, tl. Cruancas, tl. Crubine, pl. Cruckston, Crue, Cruemartin, tl. Cruicetown Cruill, tl. Cruise Rath, pl. Crum, pl. Crumage, pl. Crumlin, Crumlin Crumlin Crumps Castle, pl. Cruoghnorth, tl. Cruory, Crusheen Crusheene, tl. Crusrath, tl. Cryickeele, tl. Crynekirck, tl. Cryuyne, tl. Cubrasheskan, pl. Cuddaghmore, pl. Cuddy, pl. Cuffe Jaudaghan, pl. Cuicon, tl. Cuile, tl. Cuileneline, tl. Cuiliogarran, pl. Cuilleagh, pl. Cuilnegrowr, pl. Cuiribiny, pl. Culadruman, tl. Culavin, Culboudy, Culbrine Eaglesse, tl. Culcam, tl. Culcotts, tl. Culcovy, tl. Culcow, tl. Culcredan, tl. Culcroskran, tl. Culcruetowne, pl. Culdaff, Culdaff Culdaffe, Culdary, tl. Culdiry, tl. Culdoage, tl. Culdrum, Culebane, Culecasleagh, tl. Culecluhur, tl. Culecollity, tl. Culecranha, pl. Culecrihy, pl. Culecurrane, tl. Culegnane, pl. Culegort, pl. Culegoune, tl. Culehannagh, tl. Culemagort, tl. Culemore, pl. Culenagearigh, tl. Culenecaldry, tl. Culenegeere, tl. Culenekeghy, pl. Culentrage, pl. Culereagh, tl. Culesegane, tl. Culfeightrin Culhill,pl. Culholl, tl. Culicke, tl. Culkeney, pl. Culknady, tl. Culkye, pl. Cull, pl. Cullabegg, Cullabogan, tl. Cullachybegg, tl. Cullachymore, tl. Culladerry, tl. Cullagh Begg, Cullagh, tl. Cullaghcurry, pl. Cullaghfaddy, tl. Cullan, tl. Cullanavea, tl. Cullane, tl. Cullbe, Culldaff, Culldaffe, Culldaffe Gleab, Cullebegg, Cullems, tl. Cullen, Cullen Cullen Cullen Cullen Cullenagh, Cullenaghbeg, pl. Cullenbegg, tl. Cullenmore, tl. Cullentragh, tl. Cullenwaine Cullenwaine Cullerasheskin, tl. Culleroe, tl. Cullie, tl. Culliligh, tl. Cullin, Cullineene, tl. Cullings Towne, tl. Cullins Towne, tl. Cullintragh, tl. Cullintrah, tl. Cullkeren, tl. Cullmalish, Cullnesillagh, tl. Cullnisillagh, tl. Cullockbeg, tl. Cullramony, pl. Culluckmore, tl. Culludge, Cullur, tl. Cullurt, Cully, Cullybogie, tl. Cullyn, tl. Culmohane, tl. Culmore, tl. Culmullin Culnegrue, tl. Culneguppocke, tl. Culnemunnan, tl. Culnowpog, pl. Culny, pl. Culoin, tl. Culramone, pl. Culruskagh, tl. Culteene, tl. Cultrime, tl. Culure, tl. Culvock, Cumbe, Cumber, Cumber Lower Cumber Upper Cummer Cummer, tl. Cummins Towne, tl. Cumus, Cunagh Skartyne, pl. Cunen, Cuny, tl. Cunyngburne, tl. Cuoppoage, tl. Curagbegg, pl. Curagh Towne, tl. Curaghmore, pl. Curaghnalmory, tl. Curbehey, tl. Curcanaway, tl. Curcollaght, pl. Curecrine, tl. Cureny Cleghy, Curergniller, Curgarron, pl. Curhow, pl. Curiefriday, tl. Curimurohowe tl Curivordy, pl. Curleagh, pl. Curnegewer, Curoghmore, tl. Currabegge, tl. Currabeky, tl. Currachore, tl. Curraclonbro, pl. Curraclone Curradoone, tl. Currage, Curragh, Curragh Ballintlea, tl. Curragh Beahy, pl. Curragh Dobbin, pl. Curragh, East, pl. Curragh In Early, pl. Curragh, Little, pl. Curragh Temple, pl. Curraghastee, pl. Curraghballymorogh, tl. Curraghbegg, tl. Curraghcronyn, tl. Curraghdermody, pl. Curraghduffe, tl. Curraghe, tl. Curraghetoneen, pl. Curraghiorgen, tl. CurraghKeill, pl. Curraghlahin, tl. Curraghlane Killerfagh, tl. Curraghleigh, pl. Curraghlin, tl. Curraghmore, Curraghnadolke, tl. Curraghnafarytagh, pl. Curraghnegarhy, tl. Curraghnenan, pl. Curraghnesleady, tl. Curraghnomullaght, tl. Curraghnyspady, pl. Curraghoalae, pl. Curraghphillibeene, tl. Curraghpoore, pl. Curraghregeare, tl. Curraghs Towne, tl. Curraghtaggirt, tl. Curraghtarsny, pl. Curraghtloe, tl. Curraghtye, tl. Curragmore, pl. Curraheene, tl. Currane, Curranes, tl. Currans Curraroch, tl. Curras, tl. Curreeheene, tl. Curreheene, Currehine, pl. Curreleagh, pl. Currell, tl. Curren, Currenbegge, Currens, Currentriseland, tl. Currevarehane, pl. Currey, tl. Curribehy, tl. Curriclogh, pl. Curriell, tl. Curriemorohow tl Currigeenegillagh, tl. Currigillegane, tl. Curriglasse, Curriheene, tl. Currihenmore, Currikippand, Currimore, tl. Currin Currinnre, tl. Curriteagh, tl. Currobridge, tl. Currogh Kehoe, tl. Currogh, pl. Curroghlehane, tl. Currohoe, tl. Curronea, Currouefeidie, tl. Curroury, tl. Currowrane, tl. Currtoure, pl. Curry, Curry Clogh, Curry Hills, tl. Currybegge, pl. Currygeene, pl. Curryheene, tl. Curryhnowne, pl. Currykipane Curryunnane, tl. Curs Towne, tl. Curte Partine, tl. Curtin, pl. Curtlagh, pl. Curvagh, pl. Cury McTeige, Cusacks Town, tl. Cushinstown Cusselowly, pl. Cussens Towne, tl. Cussings Towne, tl. Cussins Toune, tl. Cussins Towne, tl.

D:    Dacustrewes, Dakill, pl. Dalis Towne, tl. Dalistone, tl. Dalkey, Dalkey Dalla, Dalles, tl. Dallgan, pl. Damagh, tl. Damalstowne, pl. Damans Towne, tl. Damaske Street, Damastowne, pl. Damerstowne, tl. Damolly, Damonly, tl. Dampton, tl. Damsells Towne, tl. Danams Towne, tl. Dandrer, tl. Daneclounagh, tl. Danesfort Danestown Dangananelly, tl. Danganbegg, Dangandargan Dangandonovan Dangen, Dangen Iviggeene, tl. Dangen McKeogh, tl. Danginbegg, tl. Danginmore, tl. Dangonergan, Danis Towne, Danngin, tl. Dantry, Danyin, tl. Daragh, pl. Dardis Towne, tl. Dardistowne Tuck Mill, tl. Dardize Rauth, tl. Dare, tl. Darghny, tl. Dargill, tl. Dargonan, tl. Darkly, tl. Darneard, tl. Darragh Darrenlare, tl. Darrigine, tl. Darrylusgane, pl. Darryluskine, pl. Dartrees, Dartrye, Daruis Towne, tl. Darver Datrye, Daughmore, Dauids Towne, Davagheaghtragh, pl. Davidstown Davistowne, pl. Dawrush, Deaces, Deaghamead, tl. Deamon, tl. Dean, pl. Dean Rauth, tl. Deane Rath, pl. Deanes Groue, pl. Deanes, tl. Deans Graunge, pl. Deans Towne, tl. Dearke, tl. Decudd, pl. Deehs, tl. Deerteerin, tl. Degans Towne, tl. Degerry, tl. Delgany Deline, tl. Delvin, Delvin Delvin Delvin Delvyn, Demaines, pl. Demifoure, Demifoure = Fore Denbroe, pl. Dendrumssella, pl. Denian, tl. Denmore, tl. Denn Denra, tl. Dens Castle, tl. Derane, tl. Derbyes Towne, tl. Dereboy, tl. Derecle, tl. Dereene, pl. Dereeneanvirrige, tl. Deremagoine, tl. Dermond, tl. Dermott, Dermottstowne, pl. Dermulee, Dernagh, tl. Dernedall, pl. Derniecrosse, tl. Derogariffe,W., pl. Deroogg, pl. Derr Cree, pl. Derramas Terre, tl. Derreclocoy, pl. Derregarriffe, E., pl. Derregra, Derrenoghta, pl. Derriadda, tl. Derribruske, Derricassan, Derrick, pl. Derricknockan, tl Derridallny, pl. Derrie, tl. Derrigellaneme Derrigore, pl. Derriharne, pl. Derriholagh, pl. Derrikiher, tl. Derrileckey, pl. Derrilehan, pl. Derrileke, pl. Derrillackoghe, tl. Derrilosgy, pl. Derrilumman, pl. Derrilyagh, tl. Derrinaserry, pl. Derrinavragh, Derrinegan, tl. Derringarran, pl. Derrinkillvoy, tl. Derrinshenna, pl. Derrinshennagh, pl. Derrinvochelly, pl. Derrira, Derrisbroske, pl. Derriskob, pl. Derrivollan, Derrivrishe, tl. Derrog, tl. Derrone, Derry, Derry, Derry Derry Derry Colue, pl. Derry Corr, tl. Derry Dorke, tl. Derry Drummust, tl. Derry Drumucke, tl. Derry Fady, tl. Derry Maccomuskie, tl. Derryada, pl. Derryaghy Derryard, tl. Derryarkin, tl. Derrybegg, pl. Derrybracke, tl. Derrybricke, pl. Derrybrusk Derrycannon, pl. Derryclavan, pl. Derrycoba, pl. Derrycolaght, pl. Derrycoole, pl. Derrycrissane, tl. Derrycrumny, tl. Derrycuillen, pl. Derrycullin, pl. Derrydorragh, tl. Derryduffe, Derrye, tl. Derryfadda, pl. Derryfore, pl. Derrygalvin Derrygeath, Derrygenard, tl. Derrygonelly, pl. Derrygragh, Derrygrath, Derrygrath Derrygugh, pl. Derrygugle, pl. Derryhall, tl. Derryhill, tl. Derryhillagh, pl. Derryinlorge, tl. Derrykeighan Derrykivine, tl. Derrykreer, tl. Derrylan, pl. Derryland, tl. Derrylea, pl. Derrylehane, pl. Derrylin Derryloran, Derryloran Derryloran Derrylossary Derrylunan, pl. Derrym Maior of, Derrymore, Derrymunne, pl. Derrynahinch Derrynaquillegh, pl. Derrynasey, tl. Derrynoose Derrynoscallan, tl. Derryorke, tl. Derrypatrick Derryraflagh, tl. Derryroe, tl. Derryrona, pl. Derryvaghan, tl. Derryvillane Derryvollan, Derryvore, pl. Derryvullan Derrywily, tl. Dervay Cloggan, pl. Derver, Dervock Dery, Dery Mallone, tl. Dery McRoe, pl. Derycarane, tl. Derycary, tl. Derydoonye, pl. Derygassan, pl. Derygoledagh, pl. Deryhanvill, tl. Deryhinnett, tl. Derykeeghane, tl. Derykinea, pl. Derylea, pl. Derylett, tl. Derymoore, tl. Derymullin, pl. Deryne Scopp, tl. Derynegnan, pl. Derynegrea, tl. Derynesmulen, tl. Deryscabopp, tl. Deryveagh, pl. Deryvock, pl. Derywish, pl. Desert, Desert Desert Surges, Desertcreat Desertegine, Desertegny Desertlyn Desertmartin Desertmore, Desertmore Desertoghill Desertserges Devenish Deverick, pl. Devonish, Diamond Streete, Diamor Dicovott, tl. Digirt, tl. Dilisse, tl. Diminns, pl. Dindonnall, Dingins, pl. Dingle, Dingle Dingle Dingle Dipps, tl. Diragh, tl. Dircastle, Direene, tl. Direkighan, pl. Direlad, Direvore, pl. Diricluogh, pl. Dirikichan, Dirilahane, tl. Diriletiue, tl. Dirilone, pl. Dirimacarbery, tl. Dirimillen, tl. Dirinehinch, tl. Dirinlugg, tl. Dirinturk, tl. Diriviren, pl. Dirmile, tl. Dirochon, pl. Dirr, tl. Dirracraffe, tl. Dirradda, tl. Dirreveagh, Dirricahell, tl. Dirrie, tl. Dirrigarvy, tl. Dirrihanen, pl. Dirrihony, pl. Dirrilakagh, tl. Dirrileagh, Dirrin, tl. Dirrinae, pl. Dirrinduffe, tl. Dirrinenitrae, Dirrinh, pl. Dirriny, Dirrneygassy, tl. Dirry Connell, Dirry Inan, tl. Dirrygomligh, tl. Dirrylahane, Dirryne, tl. Dirrynebaymord, Dirveene, tl. Diry Clavane, pl. Disart, Disart Maner Land, tl. Disert, Disertbehagh, pl. Disertmone, Disker, pl. Diskerteavne, pl. Dissartally, tl. Dissert,Lordship of, Dissert Lyms, Dissert Lynn, Dissert Marten, Dissert, tl. Dissertbegg, tl. Diswillstowne, pl. Diuelan, Dixiston, tl. Dizarts, tl. Dizartt, tl. Dizert, Dlaghtome, tl. Dloonecahu, tl. Doagh Dogstown Dogstowne, pl. Dohellbegg, tl. Dolars Towne, tl. Dolla, Dolla Dollors Towne, tl. Dolphins Barn, pl. Domanene, pl. Domgin, pl. Domnicks Abby, pl. Domoyan, tl. Domstowne, pl. dona'm'yn' Donabate Donacavey Donache, Donadea Donagh, Donagh Donagh Donagh Patrick Donaghadee Donaghcarny, tl. Donaghcloney Donaghcumper Donaghedy Donaghenry Donaghmore, Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmoyne Donaghpatrick Donanaghta Donando, tl. Donard Donaunly, tl. Donbill, tl. Dondainon, tl. Dondonagh, pl. Dondrod, pl. Dondrom, pl. Dondrome, tl. Done, Donea, pl. Doneagall, pl. Donebarry, pl. Donebate, Donechohy, tl. Doneda, tl. Donees, tl. Donegal Donegal Donegal Donegall, Donegall,Don, Doneghentrae, tl. Donegore Donekernye, pl. Doneltye, pl. Donemagan, tl. Doneraile Donetahine, tl. Dongonwell, tl. Dongorton, tl. Donhill, Donibrooke, Doniell, tl. Donigan, tl. Donlegh, Donlovan, Donmak, Donmore, tl. Donmorebeg, tl. Donmurry, tl. Donnaclony, Donnadee, Donnaghs, pl. Donnally, pl. Donnegall, Donnoghbegge, pl. Donnoghcomper, tl. Donnoghill, Donnoghmore, Donnybrook Donnybrook Donoer, tl. Donoere, tl. Donogh, Donoghdonell, tl. Donoghmore, Donoghs Towne, tl. Donohill Donomoyne, Donore, Donore Donower, Donshoghly, Donworley, pl. Doocharry Doohailee, pl. Doohaite, pl. Doon Doon Doonane, pl. Doondonnell Doone, Doone Moone, tl. Dooneard, tl. Doonecaha, tl. Dooneene, tl. Doonegane, tl. Doonegath, tl. Doonekerran, tl. Doonemony, tl. Doonemoylen, tl. Dooneoahy, tl. Doonevullen, tl. Doonfeeny Doonmoylen, Doonooney Doonremon, pl. Doonsryin, pl. Doontis, tl. Doora Doory, tl. Dooskeagh, pl. Dorath, tl. Dorekeale, pl. Doremune, pl. Doricassan, tl. Dorily, pl. Dorimore, tl. Dorin, tl. Dorinany, tl. Doris, tl. Dorisnekilly, tl. Dorna, pl. Dornesreigh, pl. Dorragh, tl. Dorrenstowne, tl. Dorrha Dorringe, pl. Dorrins Towne, tl. Dorroghs, tl. Dorros Bracke, tl. Dorry Nelle, tl. Dorssy, tl. Dorttandarragh, tl. Dorttereny, tl. Dough Cloyne tl Dougharne, tl. Doughell, tl. Doughill, pl. Douglas, tl. Dougy, Doundrom, pl. Dounenamona, pl. Doungladie, tl. Dounoghill, Dounoguull, Dowagh beg, Dowagh Knopin, Dowaghs, Dowan, Dowans Towne, tl. Dowdenstowne, pl. Dowds Towne, tl. Dowdstown Dowen, Dowes Town, Dowgh, tl. Dowish, Dowlaght, pl. Dowline, tl. Dowling, tl. Dowlinge, tl. Dowmeyckine, tl. Dowmore, tl. Down, Down Down, Down Down Down Maghan, tl. Down, pl. Downaff, Downagee, tl. Downaghmore, Downaiull, Downally, tl. Downan, pl. Downanes, Downard, tl. Downbin, tl. Downboige, tl. Downchgullen, Downdaniell, Downdeedy, pl. Downderrow, Downdowan, Downdurrow, Downe, Downe Bollock, Downe,co. Downe Imulvihill, tl. Downe Manway, tl. Downe McPlelim, tl. Downeagher, tl. Downebegehy, tl. Downedaniell, tl. Downede, tl. Downeene, pl. Downeley, Downelly, tl. Downemore, Downen, tl. Downings Downings, tl. Downivanigg, tl. Downley, Downmore, tl. Downnan, tl. Downoning, tl. Downpatrick Downsgolmon, tl. Downwyly, tl. Downycohigge, pl. Downye, pl. Downyne, Downys, pl. Dowry, Dowth Dowy, tl. dr'msh'mbo Dra, pl. Drains, pl. Drakes Land, Drakes Towne, tl. Drakestown Dramcierke, tl. Dramguine, tl. Dranagh, Drangan, Drangan Drangane, pl. draperst'wn Dredcree, pl. Dreedors Towne, tl. Dreen, tl. Drehidtarsna Dreilingstowne, tl. Dremdrislen, pl. Dremenow, Dremnesse, tl. Drenagh, Drenan, tl. Drenescheills, pl. Drennige, tl. Dresternan, pl. Dreynagh, Drien, Drihed, tl. Drimaquill, tl. Drimbilly, Drimborredon, tl. Drimine, tl. Drimmile, tl. Drimnagh Drimnihey, tl. Drimsilligg, pl. Drimskellan, Drin, Drinagh Drinagh Drinagh, pl. Drinanstowne, tl. Drinarany, tl. Dringe, pl. Drinkiragh, tl. Drinmacarrow, Drinnfada, tl. Driogg, Drishane Drishane, tl. Drishican, tl. Drishoye, pl. Drissane, pl. Drissanebegge, pl. Drissanmore, pl. Drisshine, pl. Dristernan, Dristreman, Droach, pl. Drochindulk, pl. Drogheda, Drogheda Drogheda Droheda, Drohedtarsny, Droim Inmidy, pl. Droimnidy, pl. Droles, pl. Drom Drom Collohir, tl. Drom McLarye, pl. Dromaddy, tl. Dromadorne, tl. Dromagheire, Dromak, Dromaleage, Dromaleagh, pl. Dromaleague, pl. Droman, tl. Droman, tl. Dromanna more, tl. Dromanure, tl. Dromara Dromaragh, Dromard, Dromard Dromarde, tl. Dromargan, tl. Dromart, tl. Dromartin, tl. Dromarty, Dromassane, tl. Dromaticklogh, tl. Drombad, pl. Drombanagher, tl. Drombanny, tl Drombanuell, tl. Drombee, tl. Drombegg, Drombelling, tl. Drombine, Drombo, tl. Drombodarigh, pl. Dromboyle, tl. Drombreane, pl. Drombrehad, tl. Drombrocus, pl. Drombroske, tl. Drombruchis, tl. Dromcantery, tl. Dromcarrabane, tl. Dromcarran, tl. Dromcath, tl. Dromcliff, Dromcloghan, Dromcoe, Dromcolliher Dromconcagh, pl. Dromconigge, tl. Dromcorr, pl. Dromcose, pl. Dromcreehy, Dromcroe, Dromcullin, tl. Dromdagrehid, tl. Dromdaleague Dromdarglen, tl. Dromdergg, pl. Dromdiffer, tl. Dromdile, pl. Dromdirig, tl. Dromdirigg, tl. Dromdisart, tl. Dromdowney Dromdowny, pl. Dromduff, pl. Dromdyle, pl. Drome, Dromedycloth, Dromeherbegg, tl. Dromehermore, tl. Dromelan, tl. Dromellighy, tl. Dromelomane, pl. Dromen, tl. Dromenagh, tl. Dromenboy, tl. Dromensalla, tl. Dromeny, tl. Dromeoyne, pl. Dromere, Dromersnan, tl. Dromesliggah, pl. Dromfinglass, tl. Dromfyn, tl. Dromgagh, Dromgallan, tl. Dromgarmon, tl. Dromgilly, tl. Dromgoyne, tl. Dromgranagh, tl. Dromgrinnagh, tl. Dromhacken, pl. Dromhallagh, tl. Dromherryff, pl. Dromhircle, tl. Dromhirkhen, tl. Dromhirmy, tl. Dromhurt, tl. Dromidafe, tl. Dromikenan, pl. Dromillagh, tl. Dromiller, tl. Dromilly, tl. Dromilt, tl. Dromin, Dromin Dromin Drominaclogh, tl. Drominagh, Drominaknew, tl. Drominamakry, Dromine, Dromineer Drominine, pl. Drominire, pl. Drominleen, tl. Drominmor, Drominore, tl. Drominter, tl. Drominun, tl. Dromiruorke, tl. Dromiskin, Dromiskin Dromkannan, pl. Dromkayes, Dromkeen Dromkeene, tl. Dromkeeny, tl. Dromkerane, tl. Dromkerine, tl. Dromkey, Dromlaffe, tl. Dromlaghin, pl. Dromlary, tl. Dromlayge, tl. Dromlea, tl. Dromleagh, Dromlee, tl. Dromleggalsh, tl. Dromleyney, pl. Dromlie, Dromlogh, tl. Dromloghan, tl. Dromloghane, tl. Dromloghen, Drommatewcke, tl. Drommor, tl. Drommore pl tl Dromnagh, pl. Dromnagor, tl. Dromnahaghilly, tl. Dromnasirie, tl. Dromnea, pl. Dromnecy, tl. Dromnehanly, tl. Dromneherry, tl. Dromnemeale, pl. Dromnemehane, pl. Dromneny, Dromnimore, tl. Dromnodober, tl. Dromod, Dromod Dromodmore, tl. Dromogh, tl. Dromoghir, tl. Dromolland, tl. Dromollane-agnie, tl. Dromona, tl. Dromonadna, Dromonateuck, tl. Dromonckyre, pl. Dromond, tl. Dromonn, tl. Dromonnafaghrod, tl. Dromonnaleassa, tl. Dromonnasewan, tl. Dromons, Dromonstowne, tl. Dromor, tl. Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore, tl. Dromore West Dromorto, tl. Dromosty, Dromotehough, tl. Dromouerick, Dromoughty, tl. Dromoyd, pl. Dromqueene, tl. Dromra, pl. Dromragh, tl. Dromramer, tl. Dromrane, tl. Dromraney, Dromreage, pl. Dromreagh, Dromreilly, Dromrockine, tl. Dromrod, tl. Dromroe, tl. Dromroske, tl. Dromrott, tl. Dromrush, tl. Dromsalagh, tl. Dromsallagh, Dromsallens, tl. Dromsavagh, tl. Dromshew, tl. Dromsill, tl. Dromsnaite, tl. Dromspirane, Dromtarriff Dromtarsny, tl. Dromtnge, tl. Dromturke, tl. Dromudd, Dromullagh, tl. Dromvahine, tl. Dromyea, pl. Dromyvillans, tl. Dronanebegg, pl. Dronmemore, Droum Currihy, pl. Droumackee, tl. Droumallis, tl. Droumaltare, tl. Droumanan, tl. Droumanffie, tl. Droumaratally, tl. Droumartt, tl. Droumaty, tl. Droumbeebegg, tl. Droumbeemore, tl. Droumconnell, tl. Droumcree, tl. Droumenis, tl. Droumevally, tl. Droumforgus, tl. Droumfuse, tl. Droumga, tl. Droumgowna, tl. Droumgownah, tl. Droumhirff, tl. Droumkeall, Droumkenny, tl. Droumnabegg, tl. Droumnalduff, tl. Droumnavin, tl. Droumnecross, tl. Droumnegloy, tl. Droumogher, tl. Droumvale, tl. Droumynagh, tl. Drowning, Drugans Towne, tl. Druinmack, pl. Drulogher, tl. Drum, Drum Drum Drum Drum Carbitt, drum'ha're Druma Chara, tl. Druma Conn, pl. Drumachose Drumacoo Drumacoran, tl. Drumacrulin, pl. Drumad, tl. Drumada, pl. Drumader, pl. Drumadery, tl. Drumadonell, tl. Drumadown, pl. Drumadowney, tl. Drumaduller, pl. Drumagh, pl. Drumagheire, Drumaghly, Drumagullien, tl. Drumahegles, pl. Drumaheir, Drumaheire, tl. Drumaheske, pl. Drumaine, Drumak, pl. Drumakerne, tl. Drumalegg, tl. drumalos, pl. Druman, pl. Drumaneny, tl. Drumany, tl. Drumarah, Drumaran, tl. Drumard, Drumardagh, Drumarde, tl. Drumarden, tl. drumarey, Drumarke, tl. Drumart, tl. Drumary, pl. Drumass, pl. Drumatemple Drumatemple Drumavally, tl. Drumavire, Drumbada, pl. Drumbalick, pl. Drumballrony, Drumballydonoghee, tl. Drumballyhagan, tl. Drumballyroney Drumban, Drumbanchor, pl. Drumbane, Drumbaniff, tl. Drumbare, pl. Drumbargach, pl. Drumbarne, Drumbarren, tl. Drumbarty, pl. Drumbee, tl. Drumbeg Drumbeg Drumbeg Drumbeg, tl. Drumbegg, Drumbeggan, pl. Drumbellin, pl. Drumbennis, pl. Drumbernles, tl. Drumberrin, pl. Drumbert, Drumbior, pl. Drumbo, Drumbo Drumboat, pl. Drumboe, pl. Drumbofiny, tl. Drumboghill, Drumboght, pl. Drumbolcan, pl. Drumbonish, pl. Drumboriske, pl. Drumborry, pl. Drumbory, pl. Drumboy, Drumbrackan, pl. Drumbree, tl. Drumbrony, tl. Drumbruan, pl. Drumbudd, pl. Drumbulkan, pl. Drumbyor, pl. Drumca, pl. Drumcae, pl. Drumcage, pl. Drumcally, pl. Drumcan, tl. Drumcannon, Drumcannon Drumcar, Drumcar Drumcashell, Drumcassellowen, tl. Drumcath, tl. Drumcausse, tl. Drumcaveny, Drumcerne, pl. Drumchalice, tl. Drumchan, tl. Drumchay, tl. Drumcheen, tl. Drumclan, tl. Drumclay, pl. Drumclevery, tl. Drumcliff Drumcliff Drumcliffe, Drumclogh, tl. Drumclyffe, Drumcoane, pl. Drumcolam, Drumcolan, Drumcolum, Drumcolumb Drumcondra drumconid, tl. drumconish, pl. Drumconnelly, pl. Drumconner, pl. Drumconnor, Drumconny, pl. Drumconra, Drumconrath Drumconver, pl. Drumconvy, tl. Drumcony, tl. Drumcoose, pl. Drumcor, pl. Drumcorbe, pl. Drumcorry, pl. Drumcose, Drumcra, tl. Drumcrane, pl. Drumcraugh, pl. Drumcraynyh, pl. Drumcree Drumcree, tl. Drumcreehy Drumcreue, pl. Drumcrinn, Drumcroe, Drumcroehan, pl. Drumcrotagh, pl. Drumcrue, pl. Drumcruen, pl. Drumcruin Barfill, tl. Drumcullen, Drumcullen Drumcume, pl. Drumcumlisk, Drumcurren E., tl. Drumdae, tl. Drumdaragh, tl. Drumdaw, pl. Drumdemph, tl. Drumdericke, pl. Drumdermond, pl. Drumderry, tl. Drumdirkine, tl. Drumdoe, tl. Drumdofe, pl. Drumdolagh, pl. Drumdony, tl. Drumdowan, pl. Drumdowny, tl. Drumdreene, tl. Drumduly, tl. Drumeigh, tl. Drumell, tl. Drumellen, Drumelly, tl. Drumen, Drumen, tl. Drumenagh, pl. Drumenan, Drumeniagh, tl. Drumeny, Drumergowlf, tl. Drumerill, pl. Drumerin, pl. Drumerke, pl. Drumerkiere, pl. Drumeross, Drumetikelly, tl. Drumfad, tl. Drumfadd, Drumfin, tl. Drumfreagh, tl. Drumfurror, pl. Drumganagh, tl. Drumgananagh, Drumgarne, pl. Drumgarnes, pl. Drumgarriffe, tl. Drumgarrow, pl. Drumgarum, pl. Drumgasker, Drumgath Drumgauny, tl. Drumgeen, pl. Drumgeighlin, tl. Drumgenor, pl. Drumgesse, tl. Drumgillry, tl. Drumgillye, pl. Drumginvie, pl. Drumgiven, tl.90 Drumglane, tl. Drumglass Drumgleragh, pl. Drumgnoly, pl. Drumgoane, pl. Drumgoase, pl. Drumgolelaw, tl. Drumgoll, pl. Drumgollan, Drumgone, Drumgooland Drumgoon Drumgor, pl. Drumgornan, tl. Drumgossatt, pl. Drumgoune, tl. Drumgoves, tl. Drumgowan, pl. Drumgraney, tl. Drumgrernagh, tl. Drumgrittan, pl. Drumguill, pl. Drumgumerlan, tl. Drumgun, tl. Drumgungagh, tl. Drumhalagh, Drumhalry, tl. Drumhaum, pl. Drumheagh, pl. Drumhee, pl. Drumherife, Drumherriff, pl. Drumhillagh, pl. Drumhirk, tl. Drumhirkine, tl. Drumhome, Drumhome Drumhorne, pl. Drumhumper, tl. Drumhurke, tl. Drumhurlin, tl. Drumilis More, tl. Drumill, tl. Drumillaragh, tl. Druminagh, tl. Drumincross, tl. drumindony, tl. Drumingreack, pl. Druminikin, pl. Druminton, pl. Druminy Cormack, tl. Drumirrill, pl. Drumiter, pl. Drumkay Drumkean, pl. Drumkeda, tl. Drumkeen, pl. Drumkeene, pl. Drumkeeran Drumkeilan, pl. Drumkerhin, pl. Drumkolagh, pl. Drumlagh, tl. Drumlaghan, pl. Drumlaghill, pl. Drumlaght, pl. Drumlane Drumlane, tl. Drumlargan Drumlarye, pl. Drumlaumhill, Drumleagh, tl. Drumleaghin, tl. Drumleas, Drumlease Drumleck, pl. Drumlecke, tl. Drumleer, tl. Drumleife, tl. Drumleish, pl. Drumlerty, Drumlest, Drumlien, tl. Drumlierge, tl. Drumlin, tl. Drumline Drumlish Drumloan, pl. Drumloas, pl. Drumlogher, Drumlowan, pl. Drumlukill, tl. Drumlume, pl. Drumlumman Drumlunane, tl. Drumlyan, pl. Drumlyna, pl. Drumma Cunnell, tl. Drummachlist, tl. Drummacorgan, tl. Drummagh, pl. Drummaine, pl. Drummany begg, pl. Drummany, tl. Drummaul Drummauld, pl. Drummee, pl. Drummera, pl. Drummho, pl. Drummin, Drummindonachy, pl. Drummine, tl. Drummnert, pl. Drummniler, pl. Drummod, tl. Drummoly, tl. Drummore, Drummott, tl. Drummuck, tl. Drummully Drummully Drummunagally, Drummunteferry, tl. Drummurry, pl. Drumna Iadowan, tl. Drumnacagh, tl. Drumnacaman, pl. Drumnacapull, tl. Drumnaer, tl. Drumnafinchin, tl. Drumnagassen, pl. Drumnahoes, tl. Drumnakena, tl. Drumnakill, pl. Drumnakitt, pl. Drumnaknockan, tl. Drumnamader, tl. Drumnamargie, pl. Drumnamoider, tl. Drumnashu, tl. Drumnasoll, pl. Drumnebarne, tl. Drumneece, tl. Drumneene, pl. Drumnegole, tl. Drumnegrangy, tl. Drumnesantly, tl. Drumneskaugh, tl. Drumneviss, tl. Drumnewalaght, pl. Drumnisheen, tl. Drumniwillin, pl. Drumniy, pl. Drumnogarden, Drumnost, Drumnovoddry, tl. Drumny, Drumnye, tl. Drumobedan, Drumode, tl. Drumoghell, Drumolickey, tl. Drumonaghan, Drumonfinolta, tl. Drumongroo, tl. Drumonolly, pl. Drumononach, tl. Drumonts, pl. Drumonully, pl. Drumor, tl. Drumore, Drumore Breege, tl. Drumosniton, tl. Drumoth, tl. Drumouene, tl. Drumovill, Drumquin Drumrachull, tl. Drumragh Drumraine, tl. Drumraken, pl. Drumrane, Drumraney Drumraney, tl. Drumranny, tl. Drumrat Drumratt, Drumrayne, pl. Drumreagh, Drumreilly Drumreilly Drumrenagh, tl. Drumreney, pl. Drumreny, Drumreun, tl. Drumrevie, pl. Drumrisk, pl. Drumriske, pl. Drumrush, tl. Drumrusk, tl. Drumruske, Drumsallagh, tl. Drumsaney, tl. Drumsara, tl. Drumsaren, pl. Drumsarke, pl. Drumsasrey, pl. Drumsawny, pl. Drumsegart, Drumshallon, Drumshallon Drumshavors, tl. Drumsheane, pl. Drumshehin, tl. Drumsillagh, Drumske, pl. Drumskea, tl. Drumskett, pl. Drumskew, pl. Drumslavoge, pl. Drumslead, tl. Drumsloe, pl. Drumslowe, pl. Drumslush, pl. Drumsnat Drumsona, pl. Drumspirane, Drumstegarren, pl. Drumsullivane, tl. Drumsurny, tl. Drumtitonor, tl. Drumtorke, pl. Drumullan, Drumullin, tl. Drumully, Drumuntanbegg, pl. Drumuy, tl. Drumverlebegg, pl. Drumvicoill, tl. Drumvmna, tl. Drung, Drung Drunge, Drunhavoe, tl. Drunikin, pl. Drunscrull, pl. Drunwire, Druoghtagogh, tl. Drwish, Drymill, tl. Drynagh, Drynamoyle, pl. Drynan, tl. Dryneham, pl. Duagh, Duagh Duaghmore, pl. Duah, tl. Dualy, tl. Duary, pl. Dubbearny, tl. Dubber, pl. Dublin, Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin City Dublin, co., Dublin N. dublin n. #1W Dublin N. #3 Dublin S. Ducateene, tl. Duchell, tl. Duchory, tl. Ducusse, Duellen, tl. Duerogg, pl. Duff Carigg, tl. Duff-Largy, tl. Duffcarrick, tl. Duffernagh, tl. Duffolvoin, pl. Duffrane, Duffrine, tl. Duganstowne, Dughill, tl. Duginsallagh, pl. Duglassy, tl. Duhaty, pl. Duimeringay, tl. Duimgoun, pl. Duine, Duinguie, tl. Duinstowne, pl. Dulaght, pl. Dulane Duleek, Duleek Duleek Abbey Duleeke, Dulin, tl. Dullaghey, tl. Dulline, tl. Dulreek, tl. Dummeane, Dumoghill, Dumully, Dunaclegin, pl. Dunaghy Dunallies, tl. Dunally, tl. Dunamon Dunamon, tl. Dunamona, pl. Dunaney, Dunany Dunany, tl. Dunard, pl. Dunardeley, tl. Dunarnan, tl. Dunashye, Dunawna, tl. Dunbarrow, pl. Dunbeg, tl. Dunbegg, tl. Dunbeggan, tl. Dunbell Dunbin Dunbirn, tl. Dunboe, Dunboe Dunboyne Dunbrody, Dunbulloge Duncanally, Duncarbitt, pl. Duncormick Duncormuck, Duncrin, pl. Duncrun, tl. Dundalk, Dundalk Dundalk Dundalke, Dundergg, tl. Dundermott, tl. Dundernan, pl. Dunderrow Dundonald Dundonell, tl. Dundoogin, tl. dundr'm+
glencul'n#2 Dundren, tl. Dundrien, Dune Garbry, tl. Dune Sheane, tl. Duneane Duneany Dunearnan, tl. Dunebarry, pl. Duneberkane, Dunegarr, tl. Dunegorocke, tl. Duneguile, tl. Duneile, Duneiskeigh, pl. Dunekellber, pl. Dunekerran, Dunekilly, Duneloghy, Dunemaneheene, tl. Dunemanus, Dunemigin, tl. Dunenane, tl. Dunenew, tl. Duneny, tl. Dunequeene, tl. Dunerat, tl. DunesKiegh, Duneskline, tl. Dunevally, tl. Duneveny, tl. Dunevernan, pl. Dunevre, pl. Dunevrlane, dunfanaghy Dunfart, tl. Dunfiert, tl. Dunfierth Dunflyn, tl. Dunfuard, tl. Dungannon Dungannon Dungans Towne, tl. Dunganstown Dungare, tl. Dungarvan, Dungarvan Dungarvan Dungarvan Dungeavan, Dungee, tl. Dungervan, tl. Dunginan, tl. Dungiven Dungloe #1 Dungolane, tl. Dungooley, Dungooly, tl. Dungourney Dunguillian, tl. Dungulp, tl. Dunguoly, tl. Dunhill DunIgor, & Tramplenoe Dunin. tl. Duning, tl. Duniry Dunisky Dunisse, Dunkerine, Dunkerran, Dunkerrin Dunkilmick, Dunkineely Dunkinmuck, tl. Dunkitt Dunkitt, tl. Dunlady, tl. Dunlahirck, tl. Dunlavin Dunleckney, Dunleckny Dunleer Dunleere, Dunlome, tl. Dunloy, pl. Dunluce, Dunluce Dunmahon Dunmaine, tl. Dunmaner, Dunmanoge Dunmanway Dunmanway Dunmear, pl. Dunmoe Dunmoire, DunMonocke, tl. Dunmoone, tl. Dunmore Dunmore Dunmore Dunmore, tl. Dunmorie, tl. Dunmoylan Dunmurraghill Dunmurry Dunmurry, pl. Dunmuskye, pl. Dunnally, pl. Dunnamaggan Dunnamanagh Dunnings Towne, Dunnyne, pl. DunoGilduffe, tl. Dunogranan, Dunonan, tl. Dunover, tl. Dunowen, pl. Dunowla, tl. Dunowre, Dunquin Dunreach, tl. Dunreagh, tl. Dunrevy, tl. Dunroman, tl. Dunrosse, Dunsany, Dunsany Dunsford, Dunsfort Dunshaughlin, Dunshaughlin Dunshaughn, tl. Dunshauglin Dunsincke, pl. Duntacsone, tl. Duntrage, pl. Duntreleage, tl. Duntrien, tl. Duntrumen, Dunturk, tl. Dunurlin Dunybroore, tl. Dunygaule, pl. Duogh, Dura, Durene, tl. Durian, tl. Durie, tl. Durly, tl. Durrinane, tl. Durrow Durrow Durrow Durrow Durrow, tl. Durrowe, tl. Durrus, Durrus Dwinlogh, pl. Dyrae, tl. Dyrrymore, tl. Dyrryquhillen, pl. Dysart, Dysart Dysart Dysart Dysart Dysartenos Dysartgallen Dysartmoon Dysert Dysert Dysert Dysert

E:   E Anigon, tl. Eadon, tl. Eanaghgane, tl. Eardon, tl. Earlestowne, tl. Earlstown Easky Easky East Kyeryes, see Kyeryes Ebgarr, pl. Ecclis Towne, tl. Edamnapagh, tl. Edanbarnan, Edancarran, Edanillan, pl. Eddenclay, pl. Eddenmore, pl. Eddennanny, pl. Edenardry, tl. Edenbrone, pl. Edendarue, tl. Edenderie, tl. Edenderry Edenderry Edenderry, tl. Edendery, Edengreny, tl. Edenmore, Edenreagh, tl. Edenslat, tl. Edentaine, tl. Edentilly Colloghe, tl. EdenTobber, tl. Edentrillicke, tl. Edentrymby, tl. Ederalash, pl. Edergoll, pl. Edermine, Edermine Edermyne, tl. Edernagh, tl. Edernah, pl. Ederney Edernin, tl. Ederreaghs, tl. Edingarye, tl. Edingilcoppy, tl. Edmondstowne, Edneranany, Edstowne, tl. Eduigcurry, tl. Edwards Towne, tl. Effelstowne, pl. Effin, Effin Eflis, tl. Egarie, pl. Eglinton Eglis, Eglish, Eglish Eglish Eglishion, pl. Eighters, Elfin, Elfockan, tl. Elgers Towne, tl. Eliogurty, Elistowne, tl. Elistran, and Drumny, Ellins Towne, tl. Ellistowne, pl. Elogh, Elphin Elphin Elphin Elphin Elphin, tl. Elphyn, Elton, tl. Elverstowne, pl. Emagh, Ematris Emblaghmore, tl. Emell, pl. Emla Naghtin, tl. Emlafadd, tl. Emlagh Emlagh, tl. Emlaghbegg, tl. Emlaghfad Emlogh, tl. Emly Emly Emly Emlygreennan Emoe, pl. Emper, tl. Emryes, pl. Enagh, Enaghmar, tl. Enahan, pl. Endrum, pl. England, Englands Towne, Enirigh, tl. Enis Town, tl. Eniscoffy, Eniscorthy, Enish, Enish Couch, tl. Enish McSaint, Enishcarne, tl. Enishkiell, par. Enishowen, Eniskeene, Eniskillen, Eniss, pl. Enlaghglass, tl. Ennereilly Enniotts Towne, tl. Ennis Ennis #1 Ennis McSaint, Enniscoffey Enniscorthy Enniskeane, Enniskeen Enniskeen Enniskillen, Enniskillen Enniskillen Ennisnag Ennisroske, pl. Ennisslare, tl. Ennisteige, Enoch, tl. Enogh, Enshyneshedry, tl. Eord, tl. Eque, tl. Eraverstowne, tl. Erblagh, tl. Erboll, tl. Erebell, tl. Erenagh, tl. Erganagh, tl. Ergina, tl. Erigle, Eriglee, Erke Erke Errell, pl. Erribegg, tl. Errigal Errigal Keerogue Errigal Trough Errigal Trough Errimore, tl. Errinogh, pl. Erris, Errue, tl. Erry, Erry Erstonobegg, tl. Ervoy, tl. Erye, pl. Eshery, pl. Eskagh, Eskehen, Esker, Esker Eskerbane, tl. Eskerbey, pl. Eskermore, pl. Eskerowne, tl. Eskirr, tl. Esnagh, tl. Esquer, pl. Esternow Ettagh Eushellemy, tl. Evagh, Eveagh, Evenderry, tl. Evillagh, tl. Ewrles Baune, tl. Eynane, Eyne, pl.

F:   Fachanacloghan, pl. Fachanacloghy, pl. Facully, pl. Fadderoe, tl. Faddin, pl. Fadeglass, Fagh, pl. Fagha, tl. Faghard, tl. Faghta, Faha, tl. Fahaduffe, tl. Fahafinlagh, tl. Fahan Lower Fahan Upper Fahanlouskane, tl. Fahart, pl. Fahen, Fahen Castle, tl. FaheyanRuddery, tl. Fahi, Fahy Fahy, tl. Fahybegg, pl. Faigh, tl. Failentallure, tl. Faithlegg Fala, pl. Fall McRelly, pl. Fall, pl. Fallahoge, tl. Fallalee, tl. Fallanes, Falleglone, tl. Falleny, pl. Falloe, tl. Famma Famullan, tl. Famully, tl. Fana, pl. Fanagrain, pl. Fanalenie, tl. Fane, Fane Broage, tl. Fane Moore, pl. Fanelehane, tl. Fanis Towne, tl. Fanlobbus Fanlobish, Fanlobus, Fannagh, pl. Fannangowne, pl. Fannings Cluone, tl. Fannings Towne, tl. Fannistowne, tl. Fantae, tl. Fantane, pl. Fanulty, tl. Fanwally, Fany, Far'endahadore tl Farahy Faran Miller, tl. Faran-Rory, pl. Faranefreny, Fararagh, tl. Fararall, pl. Farbill, Farclene, tl. Fardingstone, tl. Fardlestowne, tl. Fardrum, Faren Iharpy, tl. Faren Thomas, pl. Farenbanagh, tl. Farencautry, tl. Farenevane, pl. Farenganlogh, pl. Farenncory, pl. Fargans Towne, tl. Farglass, tl. Fargrum, pl. Farighie, tl. Farin McKaughly, tl. Farlockston, tl. Farmanagh, Farme Gusok, pl. Farmogle, pl. Farmoile, tl. Farmoyle, Farnan, Farnane, tl. Farnans, pl. Farnaugh, pl. Farne, tl. Farnedorry, pl. Farnelesre, pl. Farnfade, tl. Farny Shesiry, tl. Farra, tl. Farraghro, tl. Farran lester, tl. Farranree, tl. Farrard, Farremore, tl. Farren I Cnoughor, pl. Farren Ileyny, pl. Farren Manigh, pl. Farren Maren, tl. Farren McTeige, tl Farren McWm, tl. FarrenaBryan, tl. Farrenda, Farrendalagg, Farrenkellyn, tl. Farrenlestrum, tl. Farrenlonty, tl. Farrennagat, tl. Farrennamracke, tl. Farrennyclary, tl. Farrenrostigge, Farrenruoge, tl. Farrenseere, tl. Farrenshonyne, tl. Farrentimly, tl. Farrenvally, tl. Farrincarrigh, tl. Farrinyn Illoy, tl. Farrny Bridge, pl. Farrow McGlanboy, tl. Farrow, tl. Fartagh, Farthings Towne,tl. Farty, tl. Fasagh, tl. Faslon, pl. Fass, tl. Fassagh Deinin, Fassagh, tl. Faughalstown Faughanvale, Faughanvale Faughart Faukill, tl. Faun, tl. Fawnymuckelagh, tl. Fay, pl. Fay-Carttan, pl. Fayhora, tl. Fayle, tl. Faymore, tl. Feach, pl. Feadamor, Feadmor, tl. Feaghice, pl. Feakill, Feakle Feakle Feany, tl. Fearanagal'eagh tl FearneWillen, tl. Feartagh, tl. Feartiana, pl. Feconatt, tl. Fedamore Fedan, pl. Fedanes, pl. Feddan, tl. Feddane, pl. Fedilreagh, pl. Feduffe, tl. Fedunrahy, tl. Fee, pl. Feede, tl. Feeh, tl. Feenagh Feeny Feere, tl. Fefenagh, tl. Feig, pl. Feighcullen Feildstowne, pl. Felgertrewey, tl. Felty, tl. Fenagh, Fenagh Fenagh &
Myshall Fenan, tl. Fendorke, tl. Fene, tl. Fengch, pl. Fenit Fenleer, pl. Fennagh Fennaghs, tl. Fenne, tl. Fennelagh, tl. Fenner, tl. Fennor, Fennor Fennor Fenoagh Fenor, Fentraugh, Feofenyagh, tl. Feraghmore, tl. Ferahgfadda, tl. Feranacey, pl. Fere, pl. Ferene Skollogg, pl. Ferenlesrie, pl. Ferenne Connoghy, pl. Fergory, Feriglin, pl. Ferininielan, pl. Ferlagh, pl. Fermanagh, Fermannagh, Fermoile, tl. Fermoy Fermoy Fermoy, tl. Fermoyle, Fernagh, pl. Fernaght, tl. Fernely, tl. Fernes, Ferns Ferns Ferns Ferns Ferranogh, Ferrestalls Towne, tl. Ferry, Ferry gate, Ferrygate Streete, Fertagh Fertanbeg, Fertanemore, Fertiana Fertullagh, Festryne, pl. Fethard Fethard Fethard #1 Fethard #2 Fetherd, tl. Fewes, Fews Fewse, Feydalfe-Balfeston, tl. Feyderffe, tl. Fiall, tl. Fiarlihanes, tl. Ficullan, tl. Fiddown Fiddowne, tl. Fienett, tl. Fierbane, pl. Fiermore, tl. Figar, tl. Figart, Figglagh, pl. Filkuckstowne, tl. Fillpotts Towne, tl. Finagh, Finaskline, tl. Finavarra, tl. Finboy, Fincarne, tl. Fincastle, Findrum, tl. Finer, Fineterstowne, tl. Fingelish, Finglas Finglas, pl. Finglass, Finglass Finglasse, Finish Island, tl. Finish, tl. Finlogh, tl. Finnea Finner, Finnoe Finogh, Finsh, tl. Finuge Finvoy Finwer, Fionvola, tl. Fishamble Street Fisher Quarter, tl. Fisherstreet, Fiue Acres, tl. Fivagh, Fivaghbegg, tl. Fivaghmore, tl. Flade, tl. Flaunmore, tl. Fleming Town, tl. Flemingstowne, Flemingtowne, Fleskebridge, tl. Flins Town. Floonmass, Floonmeein, tl. flor'nc'court Fnogh, tl. Fodmay, pl. Fodragh, pl. Foghillotragh, tl. Fohanagh Foher, tl. Fohes Towne, Fohynough, tl. Folksrath, Follistown Folly, tl. Folmortt, tl. Fonts Towne, tl. Fontstown Foord Assaly, tl. Forchill, tl. Forecoss, Foredrumin, tl. Foremace, pl. Forenaghts Forge, pl. Forgney Forgny, tl. Forgus, tl. Forkhill Forkill Forkill, tl. Forlacky, pl. Formerly, Formill, pl. Formoyle Formoyle, tl. Formulla, tl. Fornaghes, Fornaght, Fornogh, tl. Fornought, tl. Forreste, pl. Forriff, pl. Forrowe, tl. Forstalls Towne, tl. Forsterstowne, pl. Fort Chichester, tl. Fort Ireton, pl. Forte, tl. Forth, Fortle, pl. Fosenybane, tl. Fossabeg, Fossamore, Fossey, pl. Fossiviningh, pl. Fossy Fossy or Timahoe Fotie, pl. Foulcherstowne, pl. Foulkrath, tl. Foulkscourt, tl. Foulkstowne, pl. Fountainstowne, tl. Foure, tl. Fowkestowne, pl. Fowkstowne, pl. Fowlers Towne, tl. Fox and Geese, pl. Fox Dartrees, tl. Foybogh, tl. Foygh, tl. Foyran, Foyran Fraction, tl. Frainckston, tl. Francis Street Frankford Freagh, tl. Freaghan, tl. Freghane, tl. Frehans, pl. French Fiuse, pl. Frendron, tl. Frenistowne, tl. Freshford Freuanagh, tl. Freugin, tl. Freynestown Frierstown, pl. Frierstowne tl Frighidonell, tl. Frusus, pl. Fryars Grange, pl Fryarstowne, tl. fryer Streete, Fuerty, Fuerty Fuilmuck, Fuinn, tl. Funshocke, tl. Funsinnagh, tl. Funug, Funuge, tl. Fure, tl. Furgett, tl. Furlongs Towne, tl. Furnebege, tl. Furrowes, pl. Furrowre, tl. Furser Towne, tl. Fyagh, pl. Fynah, tl. Fyneglassy, tl. Fynidy, tl. Fyniskin, tl. Fynoe, tl. Fyntra, tl.

G:   Gaberagh, Gadachanstownebegg, tl. Gaffny, tl. Gaile Galbally, Galbally Galboly, Galbooly Galdinagh, Galestowne, tl. Galey Galgois Towne, tl. Galgorm Galgorme, pl. Galivally, tl. Gallagh, tl. Gallaghaloonagh, tl. Gallanogh, tl. Gallaris, tl. Gallbally, pl. Galldwelly, pl. Gallen, Gallen Gallenstowne, pl. Gallibegg, tl. Gallidd, tl. Gallmers Towne, tl. Gallmoylston, tl. Gallnolly, tl. Galloon Galloone, Gallorogh, pl. Gallow Gallross, pl. Gallughs, tl. Gallvolley, tl. Gallway, Galmoy, Galnolly, pl. Galoone, Galroestowne, pl. Galronstowne, tl. Galrus, pl. Galstowne, tl. Galtire, Galtrage, tl. Galtrim Galvally, Galway Galway #1 Galway #3 Galy, Galyys Towne, tl. Gambonstowne, pl. Ganders Parke, tl. Ganders Towne, tl. Ganivy, tl. Ganubie, pl. Garamoney, pl. Garanard, tl. Garane, tl. Garane Veare, tl. Garanecleme, pl. Garanecort, tl. Garanedarragh, tl Garanedringe, tl. Garanefine, tl. Garanetogert, tl. Garaveogeny, tl. Garavephilimy, pl. Garbally, pl. Gare, pl. Gareduff, pl. Gareenerehie, tl. Garey Praskey, tl. Garfinagh, tl. Garfinny Garicaragh, tl. Gariduff, tl. Garigibbon, tl. Garimadock, pl. Garimore, pl. Garinegree, pl. Garineskie, tl. Garisker, tl. Garistowne, Garmone, pl. Garmore, tl. Garnacrayse, pl. Garnell, pl. Garnohill, pl. Garr, pl. Garraclone, Garraeffy, pl. Garragen, tl. Garragh, tl. Garragine, tl. Garram, tl. Garran, Garran Garran Ivelly, pl. Garran Luill, pl. Garranamanagh Garranamanagh Garrananirle, pl. Garranbane, pl. Garranbegg, pl. Garranbehy, tl. Garranclonee, tl. Garranconaly, pl. Garranconly, pl. Garrandaragh, tl. Garrandarragh, tl. Garrandery Croyne, tl. Garrandiraugh, tl. Garrane, Garrane, Garraneard, Garranecibbeene, tl. Garranekinnefeake Garranelahane, tl. Garranemamaderee, tl. Garranenagivoge, pl. Garranerouerice, tl. Garranes, pl. Garranettconly, pl. Garranfada, pl. Garrangibbon Garrangreny, pl. GarranIbearta, pl. GarranInogy, tl. Garranmore, Garranmorice, tl. Garranro, pl. Garranroe, pl. Garrans, pl. Garranse, tl. Garrantibbott, tl. Garraphilbin, tl. Garravagh, tl. Garraviasoge, tl. Garravone, Garrcrobally, tl. Garreduff, pl. Garreenantobur, tl. Garrehack, tl. Garremoile, tl. Garremoragh, tl. Garrenemanagh, tl. Garri Richard, tl. Garriadin, tl. Garriballynen, pl. Garribritt, Garriconnell, tl. Garricringe, Garricullen, Garridoolis, tl. Garriduffe, tl. Garriecastell, Garriecastle, Garriglasse, pl. Garrihaukard, tl. Garrihill, Garrihuddet, pl. Garrihunder, Garrikettine, tl. Garrilough, tl. Garrilucas, tl. Garrimske, tl. Garrina, tl. Garrinageragh, tl. Garrincorra, tl. Garrincurra, tl. Garrindenny, pl. Garringoule, tl. Garriniphibbott, pl. Garrinoe, tl. Garrinscotty, pl. Garrinstokole, tl. Garriora, pl. Garrishee Rin, tl. Garristown Garriwill, tl. Garrologh, tl. Garrongibon, pl. Garros Towne, tl. Garrowgolly, Garrowoyne, tl. Garrowragh, Garrucloune, tl. Garrvacon, tl. Garry Challowes, tl. Garry Crouly, tl. Garry Elline, tl. Garry Higgin, tl. Garry Mores, pl. Garryadeene, tl. Garryard, pl. Garryarture, tl. Garrybiss, pl. Garryclohy, pl. Garryclome, tl. Garrycloyne Garrycoonagh, tl. Garryduff, Garryduffe, Garryenforte, tl. Garryfoyne, tl. Garryglass, pl. Garryleagh, tl. Garrylucky, pl. Garrymore, pl. Garryncahery, tl. Garryneha Hy, pl. Garrynemona, tl. Garrynlacy, tl. Garrynygree, pl. Garryroe, pl. Garryshane, pl. Garrytample, pl. Garrytowne, tl. Garryvagronoge, pl. Garryvoe Gartacork, pl. Gartadread, pl. Gartan, Gartan Gartekeghan, pl. Gartenaleen, tl. Gartenty, tl. Gartermony, tl. Gartevain, Gartgahell, pl. Gartgarran, pl. Gartgonnell, pl. Gartgreenca, pl. Gartlans Towne, tl. Gartmor, pl. Gartneskagh, tl. Gartondarragh, pl. Garttmervin, pl. Gartynedy, pl. Garvachy, Garvagh Garvagh, tl. Garvaghie, tl. Garvaghy, Garvaghy Garvan, pl. Garvanagh, Garvegary, tl. Garverry, tl. Garvery, tl. Garvocke, tl. Garvoohill, pl. Garvorey, pl. Garvoruss, tl. Gary, tl. Gary Towne, tl. Garyduffe, Garyvaine, tl. Gashell, Gasking Towne, tl. Gatolaghan, pl. Gattaghstowne, pl. Gaues Land, tl. Gaules Kill, tl. Gaurt ne Gaurde, tl. Gaverus, tl. Gawles Towne, tl. Gawniffe, pl. Geachy, pl. Geaganagh, tl. Geagrelagh, tl. Geale Geall, Gearyhudveene, tl. Geashill Geden Stowen, tl. Geffris Towne, tl. Geig, tl. Gelboyly, pl. Gellos Towne, tl. Genvise, tl. Geogane, Geoglin, tl. Georg Island, pl. Georgestown, tl. Germons Towne, tl. Gernonstown Gernonstown Gerrahinch, pl. Gerranes, tl. Gerrardstowne, pl. Gerrets Towne, tl. Gertkerbribeg, tl. Geshell, Getenstowne, pl. Ghilline Bethan, pl. Gibbe Patrick, tl. Gibbinstowne, tl. Gibbogs Towne, tl. Gibbs Towne, tl. Giblotts Towne, tl. Gibstowne, tl. Gidlane, tl. Giggens Towne, tl. Gigins Towne, tl. Gilaboy, tl. Gilbertstown Gilbertstowne, tl. Gilcagh, Giles Towne, Gilevanner, pl. Gillards Towne, tl. Gillbers Towne, tl. Gilleree, pl. Gillianstowne, Gillingstowne, tl. Gillnamadooe, tl. Gilltown Gilltown, tl. Gilnegrany, pl. Gilnory, Gilsagh, tl. Giltowne, tl. Ginteene, pl. Giranecore, tl. Giranegreshine, tl. Girley Girrane, tl. Girrans, tl. Gittons, pl. Givagh, tl. Glabe, Glack, Glacke, Glacks Towne, tl. Glahiskin, pl. Glamyeile, pl. Glan, Glan Ballivale, tl. Glan Imulloone, tl. Glan Innagh, Glanacorky, tl. Glanagallagh, tl. Glanahiry, Glanahyry, Glanassy, tl. Glanatore, tl. Glanavirane, tl. Glanbalettony, tl. Glanballycoulane, tl. Glanbane, pl. Glanbeagh, pl. Glanbegg, pl. Glanbegge, pl. Glanbehagh, pl. Glanbehy, Glanbehy Glanboluge, tl. Glancensaw, tl. Glancoin, tl. Glanconcurk, tl. Glanconway, tl. Glancoolebegg, pl. Glancoolemore, pl. Glancorow, pl. Glancory, pl. Glancullan, pl. Glancurrane, tl. Glandallygane, tl. Glandbane, pl. Glandemus, tl. Glandine, Glandoniell, tl. Glandree, Glanduffe, Glanecanane, tl. Glanegross, tl. Glanekeene, Glanelogh, tl. Glanenomer, tl. Glanfooke, tl. Glangadd, Glangarn, pl. Glangaruffe, pl. Glangaull, pl. Glangole, pl. Glangoune, tl. Glangouragh, tl. Glangrevonan, pl. Glanguem, tl. Glanidan, tl. Glanigoveny, Glankeene, tl. Glanlary, tl. Glanleemy, pl. Glanleragh, Glanlogh, tl. Glanloghy, pl. Glanloyne, tl. Glanmacoull, tl. Glanmore, Glanmorishmeeue, tl. Glann, tl. Glannatober, tl. Glanne Iphreane, pl. Glannegaruff, pl. Glannemore, tl. Glannerdallune, tl. Glannerowrish, tl. Glanneruske, pl. Glannesmagh, tl. Glanny Geele, Glanny Killynagh, Glanotrassna, tl. Glanpatricke, tl. Glanreagh, tl. Glansarroole, tl. Glanseskin, tl. GlansKagh, pl. Glanslead, tl. Glanstare, tl. Glantis, tl. Glantrull, tl. Glanwalley, pl. Glanworth Glanyruby, tl. Glascarne, tl. Glascarrig, tl. Glascorne, tl. Glasdargane, tl. Glasdroman, tl. Glasdromen, tl. Glasdromine, tl. Glaseerowe, tl. Glasellie, tl. Glashare, Glashare Glashowse, tl. Glaskarlt, tl. Glaskerbegg, tl. Glaskerne, tl. Glasmoling, tl. Glasmuline, pl. Glasmullagh, Glasnamuckye, pl. Glasnevin Glaspistoll, tl. Glassabridy, pl. Glassaffree, tl. Glassalte, Glassan Glassboly, Glassdrinonn, tl. Glassdromin, tl. Glassdrumon, tl. Glassedrumin, tl. Glassemalaffe, tl. Glassenerin, pl. Glassery, tl. Glassiagh, Glassie, Glasskemore, tl. Glasslough Glasslough, pl. Glassmullagh, pl. Glastachie, Glasteelemore, tl. Glastelle beg, tl. Glaster, pl. Glasterybeg, pl. Glasteymore, pl. Glastmullan, tl. Glastowne, tl. Glaunbanowgh, tl. Glaunbracke, tl. Glauncoyner, Glaune, GlauneballySherune, tl. Glauneoroghty, GlaunIrky, Glaunkettane, tl. Glaunlap, tl. Glaunshallagh, Glauntine, tl. Glawnifnyn, Glean Gort, tl. Glean-ary, tl. Gleanahagushly, tl. Gleanmore, tl. Gleans, tl. Gleinhoda, tl. Gleiske, pl. Glen Fanet, Glen McQuin, tl. Glenala, Glenamaddy Glenariff, pl. Glenarm, Glenarme, Glenavie, Glenavy Glenavy Glenbane Glenbeg, Glenboy, Glenbuk, pl. Glencarne, Glencarre, Glenclives, pl. Glencolmikill, Glencolumbkille Glencorpe, pl. Glencragh, Glencross, Glendon, Glendune, pl. Glenealy Glenen, tl. Glenesh, pl. Glengeske, tl. Glengrillgrenny, Gleninagh Glenkeen Glenlary, Glenlee, Glenlesle, pl. Glenloagh, pl. Glenlyll, pl. Glenmakin, pl. Glenmanagh, Glenmaquill, tl. Glenmir, Glenmore, Glennamaddy Glenogra Glenonervigher, Glenree, Glentaske, pl. Glenties Glenties Glenvaragorahan, tl. Glenvee, tl. Glenwhirry Glesdall, pl. Glestonane, tl. Gliddane, tl. Glindinnane, tl. Glinell, tl. Glinmore, tl. Glinn, tl. Glinny, tl. Glinogry, Glinsh, Glissane, Glissmullagh, Globe Ally, Glogher, pl. Glonoure, tl. Gloonigeenitaine, tl. Gloraghdow, pl. Glovry, tl. Gluntiologan, tl. Glyb, pl. Glybb Land, Glyn, tl. Glynn, Glynn Gneue begg, Gnogh, pl. Gnonegranes, tl. Goary, Gob, Gobbachotty, pl. Gobduff, pl. Goblisk, pl. Gobmaskeale, Goders Towne, tl. Gogan, pl. Gola, pl. Golden Lane, Goleduffe, tl. Gollagh, Gollan, Gondidally, Goolagh, tl. Goran, Goranure, Gorbelly, pl. Gorcgage, tl. Gore Iland, Gorey Gorey Gormanston, tl. Gormanstowne, tl. Gormondstowne, pl. Gorochshally, tl. Gorrane, pl. Gorrelly, Gorrowkeeren, tl. Gorry Castle, Gorryard, Gort Gort Brack, pl. Gort Dromagauna, Gort Dromasyllyhy, tl. Gort Fadda, tl. Gort McCall begg, Gort McCrannagh, Gort McEllice, Gort Religge, tl. Gortacappull, tl. Gortachorky, Gortacorky, Gortadroma, Gortadune, Gortagh, tl. Gortagolly, tl. Gortamady, pl. Gortancollipy, tl. Gortancunigh, tl. Gortaneauigg, tl. Gortanny, pl. Gortaphicky, tl. Gortard, pl. Gortardagh-Strang, tl. Gortardagh-Woodlocke, Gortaskey, tl. Gortaterea, Gortavally, Gortballyboy, Gortboy, Gortcormagan, tl. Gortderry, pl. Gortdrinane, Gortdromkiery, tl. Gorte Ivalle, tl. Gortecorgon, pl. Gortecorke, pl. Gorteene Ruo, tl. Gorteeneroe, tl. Gortegertye, tl. Gortegrenane, pl. Gorteguigly, tl. Gortelihan, tl. Gorteline, tl. Gortemore, tl. Gorten, pl. Gortened, pl. Gortenegapp, tl. Gortenegary, tl. Gortenimackly, tl. Gortenny, tl. Gortenonebegge, pl. Gortenue, Gortenure, pl. Gorterloughon, tl. Gortermone, Gorterslin, Gortery, pl. Gortessell, Gortetowell, Gortevonyne, tl. Gortfad, tl. Gortfadda, tl. Gortfree, pl. Gortganaher, pl. Gortganiff, tl. Gortgaregan, tl. Gortgarne, tl. Gortgerrane, tl. Gortgertye, Gortglasse, tl. Gortgolane, tl. Gortgrasagh, tl. Gortgulla, tl. Gorthfree, pl. Gorthnatrynagh, pl. Gorthne Grewre, tl. Gorthrogh, tl. Gortiaragan, Gorticae, tl. Gorticlare, tl. Gorticline, tl. Gorticrosse, tl. Gortigranagh, tl. Gortigrenane, Gortikorky, tl. Gortilegan, pl. Gortin, pl. Gortinalangh, pl. Gortinarny, tl. Gortinchry, Gortinclarin, tl. Gortindangane, pl. Gortine, tl. Gortinenykilly, pl. Gortingowny, pl. Gortinleaue, Gortinliter, Gortinmucky, pl. Gortinskeagh, Gortinure, Gortiny Bearny, pl. Gortkerbrimore, Gortknocker, pl. Gortlack, tl. Gortleg, Gortlush, Gortlussane, tl. Gortmacrean, tl. Gortmagee, Gortmaslan, Gortmeah, Gortmecanedle, Gortmilles, pl. Gortmocallmore, Gortmore, Gortmulegg, tl. Gortnabillin, Gortnaclehy, Gortnacloghy, Gortnacrumes, Gortnadrum, Gortnafyragh, Gortnagaple, Gortnagrelly, Gortnagrosse, Gortnahorna, Gortnalee, Gortnany, Gortnapissy, Gortnarade, Gortnaraha, Gortnascotty, Gortnasles, Gortnasvillagh, Gortnatiberad, Gortnatra, Gortnatubritte, Gortnawee, Gortneally, Gortnecasagh, Gortneclay, Gortnecroshy, Gortnedighey, Gortneery, Gortnegarne, Gortnegullin, Gortnekelle, Gortnemahown, Gortnenone, Gortneraine, Gortnesallagh, Gortneske, tl. Gortneskeahy, pl. Gortnetrehy, tl. Gortnevarne, Gortneway, pl. Gortnivohir, tl. Gortnotrogh, Gortnowels, tl. Gortny Graggy, pl. Gortny Muchullige, Gortnycleahy, pl. Gortnycloghane, tl. Gortnycloghy, pl. Gortnymony, Gortnyscryny, Gortnyskehy, pl. Gortocloghan, tl. Gortomore, Gortossy, pl. Gortowne, tl. Gortrig, pl. Gortroane, pl. Gortroe Gortroe, tl. Gortruo, tl. Gortry, Gortsheaghane, tl. Gortskar, tl. Gortskollupp, tl Gorttmoylan, pl. Gorttnevalley, pl. Gorttracranagh, pl. Gortvaigh, Gortvertlade, tl. Gortwerne, Gortygallane, pl. Gortyne, pl. Gorvachy, Gorvacky, Gorworck, tl. Gory-Kearny, pl. Goslings Towne, tl. Gossidon, tl. Goulagh, tl. Goulane, tl. Gouldrum, Goulduffe, Gourtenonrue, pl. Goward, tl. Gowlan, tl. Gowlane, tl. Gowran, Gowran Gracediewe, pl. Gracermuck, tl. Gracky, Gracormuck, Graffagh, pl. Graffoe, pl. Grafins Towne, tl. Grag Pottle, tl. Gragagh, Graganes, tl. Grage, Grage ne Brenagh, Grage Padin, Grageene, tl. Grageevally, tl. Gragelagh, tl. Grageloge, pl. Gragenorhey, pl. Gragenydeale, pl. Grageriddy, tl. Grages, pl. Graggs, tl. Graghisey, pl. Graghloan, pl. Gragin, tl. Gragline, tl. Gragmore, tl. Gragnaroge, pl. Gragnengoure, tl. Gragpadid, pl. Gragvre, tl. Grahoone, tl. Graig Robben, Graig Scurr, tl. Graigane, pl. Graigard, pl. Graigbegg, Graigdrisly, pl. Graige, Graige, pl. Graigeloghy, pl. Graigemore, Graigenelugg, Graigenoe, Graigerush, Graigetally, Graigg, pl. Graighnehown, pl. Graignacurry, tl. Graignakent, pl. Graignaveigh, pl. Graignemrenagh, Graignesmuttan, Graignespedog, Graigo, Graigo Urne, tl. Graigooly, Graigs, Graigsallagh, tl. Graigshonny, tl. Graigue, pl. Graiguenossy, pl. Graigvoice, pl. Grainge, Grainge of Portmarnock, pl. Grainge, tl. Graingebegg, tl. Graingefort, Graingemore, tl. Graingerbegg, tl. Graingmore, tl. Graistowne, Grakerok, tl. Grallagch, tl. Grallagh, Grallagh Grallogh, Granagh, Granahan, Granard, Granard Granard Granard Granard Kill, tl. Granbraher, tl. Granchoghs, tl. Grandgcore, tl. Grandgmore, tl. Grane Looney, pl. Granena Cavane, pl. Graney Granfield, tl. Grang Mockler, Grang Mocler, pl. Grangbegg, pl. Grangbegge, Grangcorre, tl. Grange Grange, Grange, Grange, Grange, Grange Grange Grange Grange Grange Came, tl Grange Clare, tl. Grange Ende, tl. Grange in Tulske tl Grange, Irish tl Grange,Low, tl. Grange, Lower, tl Grange Mellon, tl. Grange Mockeler pl Grange Mockler, Grange of
Baldoyle, pl. Grange of
Ballyscullion Grange of Doagh Grange of
Drumtullagh Grange of
Dundermot Grange of
Inispollen Grange of
Killyglen Grange of Layd Grange of
Muckamore Grange of Nilteen Grange of Shilvodan Grange of Trevett tl Grange or Lisgenan Grange Parke, Grange Silligane pl Grangebeg, tl. Grangebegg Grangebogg, tl Grangeclare Grangeford Grangegeeth Grangegorman Grangekilree Grangemaccomb Grangemockler Grangemoore, tl Grangemore, tl. Grangerosnoluan tl Grangerosnolvan Granges Towne tl Grangesilvia Grangewals, tl. Granghiggen, tl. Grangibegge, pl. Grangie, Grangimore, pl. Grangmockeer, Grangmore, pl. Grannacan, tl. Granny, Gransaghan, tl. Gransha, pl. Granshagh, tl. Gransigh, Granskragh, pl. Granstowne, pl. Grantstowne, Granusk, tl. Grany, tl. Grasedine, pl. Gratedrehett, pl. Graunge, Graunge of Ballycolan, pl. Graunge of Bascaddan, pl. Graunge, pl. Grawngh Clanliffe, pl. Gray Abbay, Graynantowne, pl. Graystown Grazeele, pl. Greagenoe, pl. Greagh, Greaghnaghogh, tl. Greaghnagran, tl. Greaghneing, pl. Greaghnosliue, Grean Grean Greane, tl. Greanee, tl. Greatconnell Greatdowne, Greate Wood, pl. Greatwoode, tl. Greatwoods, tl. Greayth, tl. Green Castle, Green Street, Greenane, tl. Greenans Towne, tl. Greenarrebegg, tl. Greencroft, tl. Greene, Greengarden, tl. Greenhill, tl. Greenhills, tl. Greenog, tl. Greenoge Greggate, tl. Gregine, tl. Grelane, pl. Grellagh, Grenagh Grenagh, tl. Grenam, tl. Grenan, Grenane, tl. Grene more, tl. Grenian, tl. Grennagh, Grenock, Greunnagh, tl. Grey Abbey grey abbey Griagegaran, pl. Griffinrath, tl. Griffins Towne, tl. Griggi, pl. Griggie, pl. Grignegihy, pl. Grillagh, tl. Grinland, pl. Grogagh, pl. Grogan, pl. Grogath, pl. Groivgan, tl. Gromgulfe, tl. Groomsport, tl. Grow Towne, tl. Growbegg, tl. Growgan, tl. Growle, tl. Growton, Grragodder, tl. Gruig Illan, pl. Grullagh, Grynan, Grynane, Grynon, tl. Gubbeene, Gublis Towne, tl. Guilcagn Guirteene Dairagh, tl. Guithers Towne, tl. Gullane, tl. Gullanes, tl. Gully, Gurane, tl. Gurchinmenock, tl. Gurchins, Gurraine Keavane, tl. Gurranboy, tl. Gurrane, pl. Gurtacuramore, pl. Gurtaguigheen, tl. Gurtamore, Gurteen Gurteen McGary, tl. Gurteene, Gurteene, Gurteenehagherane, tl. Gurteens, tl. Gurtene, tl. Gurtin Mill, tl. Gurtin, pl. Gurtincrunagh, pl. Gurtindoghy, pl. Gurtindowhy, pl. Gurtine, pl. Gurtinegoaly, pl. Gurtingmony, tl. Gurtinlary, pl. Gurtinnasingua, pl. Gurtinnebiest, pl. Gurtinruo, Gurtins, tl. Gurtmaconnell, pl. Gurtmeroe, tl. Gurtneale, pl. Guttene, pl. Guyheene, pl.

H:   Hackestowne, tl. Hacketstown Hacketstown Hacketstowne, Hackettstowne, tl. Hackigh, pl. Hackmys Hackmys Haclem, tl. Hagard, tl. Hagards Land, tl Haggar Towne, tl. Haggard, Haggard Street, Haggards Hill, tl. Haggards Towne, Haggardstown Haies Town, Hains Towne, tl. Halbolin Forte, Halbollin Island, pl. Hall, tl. Hallaheys, tl. Hally McManus, pl. Halsirath, tl. Halton, Haluers Towne, tl. Hamlins Towne, tl. Hamonstowne, tl. Hamonton, tl. Hanboy, tl. Hangmans Lane Harandstowne, pl. Harbartstowne, tl. Harbers Towne, tl. Hare Iland, Hargrem, pl. Haris Towne, Harlogh, tl. Haroldstown Harpers Towne, tl. Harristown Harristowne, Harrolds Grang, Harrystowne, tl. Hartwell, tl. Harves Town, Haryes Towne, tl. Hasill Hast, pl. Hawkings Town, Hayeston, tl. Haynestown Haynestown Haynestowne, Hayns Towne, Haystowne, pl. Heare-Aby, pl. Heath Towne, tl. Heaths Towne, tl. Heauens Towne, tl. Heffogory, pl. Heggistowne, pl. Hellenes, pl. Henebryes Towne, tl. Hewisland, tl. Higginstowne, High Fisherstreet, High Rath, tl. High Street High Towne Ward, Hil Towne, tl. Hilbowne, tl. Hill, tl. Hill Towne, Great, tl. Hill Towne, tl. Hillegy, tl. Hillosed, tl. Hillsborough Hillton, tl. Hilnageeve, pl. Hils Borrow, Hinfla, pl. Hirenecapagh, pl. Hiskins Towne, tl. Hitchingstowne, tl. Hoaths Towne, tl. Hobbins Towne, tl. Hodges Mill, tl. Hodges Towne, tl. Hogers Towne, tl. Holly Crosse, Holly wood Rath, pl. Hollycross, Hollymount Hollywood, Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood,Great, Holme Patricke, Holmger, pl. Holmpatrick Holycross Holywell Holywood, Holywood Homes Towne, tl. Hook Hooke, Hopes Towne, tl. Hore Abby, pl. Hore Towne, Horeabbey Horestowne, Horetown Hors Towne, tl. Hors Wood, tl. Horseleap or Ardnucher Horseleap or Ardnurcher Horton, Hortowne, Hospital Hospitall, Hospitall Land, Houlingstowne, tl. Howardstowne, tl. Howth, Howth Huegs Towne, tl Huminery, pl. Hunstowne, pl. Hunters Towne, tl. Huntstowne, Hutton Road, tl.

I:   Ibawne & Barrymore Ibawne & Barymore Ibercon, Ibrickane, Ida, Idrone, Iffay, Ightermurragh Igrin, Ihanraught, tl. Ikeathye, Ikerim, Ikerin, Ikerryn, Ilan Everick, Ilan Iken, Ilanannane tl Iland, Iland Bane, tl. Iland Bray, Iland Hill, tl. Iland Mucke, tl. Ilanderry, tl. Ilands, pl. Ilands, tl. Ilanflakey, tl. Ilanmore, Ilannys, 588 Ileland more, tl. Ilfide, Ilinbaghfaodagh, tl. Illand Macallen, pl. Illantarnsney, tl. Illen Moyle, tl. Imdelld, tl. Imelagh Padin, tl. Imlaghfada, Imleighbeg, tl. Imly, Immelagh, tl. Imogane, pl. Imoge, pl. Imphrick Imrowe, pl. Inagh Inagh, pl. Inch, Inch Inch Inch Inch Inch Inch Inch Couentrie, tl. Inch Mill, tl. Inch St. Lawrence Inches, tl. Inchiclogh, tl. Inchicronan, Inchicronan Inchigeelagh Inchiguore, pl. Inchinabacky Inchinphora, Inchiologhan, tl. Inchiqine, Inchiquine, Inchiveehy, tl. Inchmibacky, Inchvingittah, pl. Inchy Lawrence, tl. Inchy, tl. Inchygagine, tl. Inelargee, pl. Inerinmy, tl. Inesteoge, tl. Ing, Ini Ganrigh, pl. Iniisnage, tl. Iniscolline, pl. Iniserky, pl. Inish, Inish Bregge, pl. Inish McCoony Iland, tl. Inish McRaw, Inishannon Inishargy Inishbofin Inishbofin Inishcaltra Inishcarra Inishdea, tl. Inisheer Inishgaltragh, Inishgran, pl. Inishirkine, Inishkeel Inishkeen Inishkeen Inishkenny Inishlounaght Inishlounaught Inishmaan Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint Inishmagrath Inishmore Inishmore, tl. Inishmot Inishonane, Inishowen Inishskarra, Inishtimane, tl. Inishtrahane, tl. Inishtubrett Island, tl. Iniskarra, Iniskinny, Inisling, tl. Inismores, tl. Inispige, pl. Inistioge Inistioge Innavotrigh, Inneskene, tl. Innfield Innishcrosse, tl. InnisKeane, pl. Inniskin, tl. Innisleag, pl. Inogh McDermody, pl. Inohane, pl. Inschgraught, pl. Insencarren, tl. Inseypostoge, tl. Insh, Inshargy, tl. Inshennagh, tl. Inshiofogurty, Inshy, tl. Insiofogurty, Inskinny, Inskyny, Insy Bigg, pl. Insy Fane, tl. Insyancomue, tl. Insye, pl. Insymore, pl. Interregrolagh, tl. Intreyme, tl. Inver, Inver Inver Inwer, pl. Iny, tl. Iraght I Connor, Iregtogke, tl. IRELAND, IRELAND, Ireris, tl. Irhin, tl. Irish Toune, tl. Irishton, tl. Irishtowne, Irishtowne, Iron Hill, tl. Iron Mill, pl. Iron Worke, tl. Irossa, Irrervoybeg, Irrervoymore, Irrishe, tl. Irvinestown Irvinestown Iserkiran, Iserkyran, Isertkelly Isertkieran Ishartmon Isker, tl. Iskidagh, tl. Island, Island Island Bridge, pl. Island Effinshy, tl. Island Fenagh, pl. Island, Great, Island Howagh, pl. Island, Little, Island Magee Island McKnavin, tl. Island, of ye, Islandeady Islandikane Issersnow, tl. Itererye, pl. Itralile, Ittircashil, pl. Iuberivill, tl. Iuchequire, tl. Iuschast, pl. Iveagh, Iveragh, Iverke, Iveruss Izod,

J:   Jackets Towne, tl. Jamesland, pl. Jamestowne, Jancarstowne, Janestowne, tl. Janue, tl. Jenkenstowne, tl. Jenkins Towne, tl. Jents Towne, tl. Jerpoint, tl. Jerpointabbey Jerpointchurch Jerpointwest Jerpoynt, Jobstowne, pl. John Duffs Towne, tl. John Roth Towne, tl. Johnins Towne, tl. Johnocks Towne, tl. Johnstown, Johnstown Johnstowne, Johnstowne, Johnstowne Jones Towne, tl. Jonesborough Jonesborough Jordans Crowe, tl. Jordanstowne, tl. Joreene, Jorges Towne, tl. Jorgs Towne, tl. Josinstowne, pl. Julian Town Bridge, tl. Julianstown Julyans Towne, Junisseene, tl. Jurdans Towne, tl. Jushie, tl.

K:   Kadrishoge, tl. Kaffry, tl. Kanachan, Kane Kanemodagh, tl. Kantogher, tl. Kanturk Kanturk Kappagh, pl. Kappamore, tl. Kappanapingganny, pl. Kargin, tl. Karickbrakan, tl. Kariggmore, pl. Karine, tl. Kariskillowe, tl. Karker, tl. Karnkillie, pl. Karny, tl. Karnyford, tl. Karowkile, tl. Karricke Killy, tl. Karrikellow, tl. Karrowkill, tl. Karrowreagh, tl. Karrunnigh, pl. Karrygeenehahy, tl. Kartkine-beaotk, pl. Kause End, tl. Kavan Kilmore, pl. Kavetatt, tl. Keadragh, pl. Keadue Keady Keady Keale, tl. Kealeggs, tl. Keales, tl. Kealkill Kealoge, tl. Keals Towne, tl. Keamemore, Kean Conally, tl. Keanburren, tl. Keane, tl. Kearan, tl. Kearownagiragh, tl. Keate Kill, tl. Kedie, tl. Kednyagutlin, Kedymoore, tl. Keele, tl. Keelog, Keelogs, pl. Keenagh, tl. Keeneragh, tl. Keenoge, pl. Keenogess, pl. Keerinan, tl. Keering, Keerly, tl. Keey, tl. Keil McEnelly, pl. Keile McCunnagg, pl. Keile, tl. Keilecleene, pl. Keilenappigh, pl. Keileneranagh, pl. Keilgarruff, Keilickane, tl. Keilkerawnebeg, pl. Keilkerawnemore, Keillenardy, pl. Keillnecarriggyf, pl. Keillnelahagh, pl. Keilrnane, pl. Keilroe, pl. Keiran, pl. Keirycurrihy, Kelimanmay, pl. Kell McBrack, pl. Kellestowne, Kellevaikan, tl. Kelline, pl. Kelline, tl. Kellis Toune, tl. Kellistown Kellistowne, Kellivoggy, tl. Kellneboy, Kellnony, tl. Kells, Kells Kells Kells Kells Kells and Conyer, Kells Grange, tl. Kelltifannane, tl. Kellykilly, tl. Kellylyny, tl. Kellynanorle, tl. Kelmore, tl. Kelneboy, Kenaboe, tl. Kenagh, Kenaghan, pl. Kenaghane, pl. Kenaght, Kenalea, Kenalluske, tl. Kenard, tl. Kenedus, tl. Kenenard, Kenmare Kenmare Kennegh, Kennis Butts, Kennybricke, tl. Kenock, tl. Kenogh, Kenrans Towne, tl. Kenry, Kentstown, Kentstown Kentstowne, tl. Kepcastle, pl. Keppocke, Kerdiffstown Kergoch, tl. Kerins Towne, tl. Kerloge Kermanagh, tl. Kernymore, pl. Kerrowport, Kerrowreagh, tl. Kerrowtrans, KERRY, Kert, Kerucastle, Kerucloghan, pl. Kerugall, Kerulelues, pl. Keruriagh, pl. Keshaniston, tl. Keshboy, tl. Kessaghmone, pl. Kestimore, Keylmore, tl. Kibblafur, tl. Kibragrallan, pl. Kibrittaine, Kiefeast, tl. Kierycurrihy, Kil Thomas, tl. Kilagragh, pl. Kilaleine, pl. Kilallegon, tl. Kilarbren, pl. Kilard, Kilardes, tl. Kilark, pl. Kilbalabrigh, tl. Kilbalinaghathyna, pl. Kilballintallin, pl. Kilbally Herbery, pl. Kilballyhinkin, pl. Kilballyhoell, pl. Kilballyhone, Kilballykelly, tl. Kilballyowen Kilballyowen, tl. Kilbanauane, tl. Kilbane, tl. Kilbarrack Kilbarrane, Kilbarrocke, pl. Kilbarron, Kilbarron Kilbarron Kilbarry, Kilbarry, Kilbarry Kilbarrymeaden, Kilbarrymeaden Kilbary, tl. Kilbarye, tl. Kilbeacanty Kilbeacon Kilbeagh Kilbeagon, Kilbeg Kilbegg, tl. Kilbeggan, Kilbeggan Kilbeggan Kilbegge, pl. Kilbegnet Kilbegnet, tl. Kilbeheny, Kilbeheny Kilbelankertt, tl. Kilbelfad Kilbelloge, tl. Kilbellor, pl. Kilbennan Kilberrie, tl. Kilberry Kilberry Kilbers Towne, tl. Kilbixy, Kilbixy Kilblayne, tl. Kilbobban, pl. Kilbodane, tl. Kilbogan, Kilbolane, Kilbolane Kilbolane Kilboman, tl. Kilbonane, Kilbonane Kilbonane Kilbonine, pl. Kilborlagh, Kilborow, tl. Kilboune, tl. Kilboy, tl. Kilbracan, Kilbrackes, tl. Kilbraderane, Kilbradran Kilbragh Kilbrahir, pl. Kilbrany, Kilbrarue, tl. Kilbrecken, tl. Kilbreed-
Mullaclare, tl. Kilbreed, tl. Kilbreedy Major Kilbreedy Minor Kilbreedy, pl. Kilbreene, tl. Kilbrehane, tl. Kilbrekan, pl. Kilbrenill, tl. Kilbreny, tl. Kilbressell, pl. Kilbrew, Kilbrew Kilbrickanbeg, tl. Kilbrickanmore, tl. Kilbricken, tl. Kilbride, Kilbride, Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Pass, Kilbrideglynn Kilbridibegg, pl. Kilbridie, Kilbridimore, pl. Kilbright, tl. Kilbrin Kilbrittain Kilbrittaine, Kilbrogan, Kilbrogan Kilbroney Kilbroney Kilbrony, Kilbroody, tl. Kilbryan Kilbrydy, tl. Kilburne Kilburren, Kilcake, tl. Kilcangell, Kilcanon, pl. Kilcar Kilcaragh Kilcaragh Kilcarhae, tl. Kilcarick, Kilcarn Kilcarne, Kilcarne Greate, tl. Kilcarrin, pl. Kilcarry, Kilcarton, Kilcascane, Kilcash Kilcaskan Kilcaskan Kilcaskane, tl. Kilcaterne, kilcatherin' Kilcatherine Kilcatton, tl. Kilcavan Kilcay, pl. Kilcernane, Kilchoyle, tl. Kilchreest Kilchreest Kilcilly, pl. Kilclare, tl. Kilcleagh Kilcleagh, tl. Kilclief Kilclinoy, Kilclogan, tl. Kilcloghy, tl. Kilclonagh Kilclone Kilclonfarte, Kilclonfert Kilclooney Kilcloony Kilcoak, pl. Kilcoan Kilcobgan, pl. Kilcock, Kilcock Kilcock Kilcockan Kilcodan, tl. Kilcoe, Kilcoe Kilcoinhin, tl. Kilcola, Kilcolagh Kilcolemane, Kilcolerem, Kilcolgan Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman, tl. Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane, pl. Kilcolmanbrack Kilcolmolman, tl. Kilcolumb Kilcomack, tl. Kilcomb Kilcome, Kilcomenty Kilcomin Kilcommock Kilcommon, Kilcommon Kilcommon Kilcomyn, Kilconduff Kilconickny Kilconierin Kilconin more, pl. Kilconla Kilconly, Kilconly Kilconnell Kilconnell Kilconogher, tl. Kilconor, Kilconrie, Kilconry Kilconrye, Kilconway, Kilcoo Kilcoole, Kilcoole Kilcooley Kilcooline, tl. Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcoona Kilcop Kilcop, tl. Kilcor, tl. Kilcorcoran Kilcorkey Kilcorky, pl. Kilcormick Kilcornan Kilcornan Kilcornane, Kilcorney Kilcorney Kilcorran, pl. Kilcorrely, tl. Kilcorsie, tl. Kilcoskan, pl. Kilcothy, tl. Kilcotten, pl. Kilcouglane, tl. Kilcoulaght, tl. Kilcourcy, Kilcoursey, pl. Kilcowan Kilcowanmore Kilcowe, Kilcranaghan, Kilcreagh, pl. Kilcredan Kilcredane Kilcree, pl. Kilcrene, pl. Kilcrin, pl. Kilcroan Kilcroe, tl. Kilcrogan, Kilcrogane, pl. Kilcrohane Kilcrohane Kilcrohanebegg, Kilcromine, pl. Kilcronaghan Kilcronane, tl. Kilcrott, Kilcrouett, tl. Kilcrue, pl. Kilcrumper, Kilcrumper Kilcullane Kilcullen Kilculliheen Kilcully Kilcully, tl. Kilcummer Kilcummin Kilcummin Kilcummin Kilcumny Kilcumreragh Kilcumreragh Kilcunagh, pl. Kilcurby, Kilcurley, Kilcurrane, tl. Kilcurry, tl. Kildacommoge Kildalkey Kildallan Kildangan KILDARE Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildarragh, tl. Kildarton Kildavin Kildelgie, pl. Kildelig, pl. Kildellig Kildemmocke, Kildemo, Kildemock Kildengan, tl. Kilderes Crowe, tl. Kildermott, tl. Kilderry Kildeuan, tl. Kildimo Kildollagh Kildollane, tl. Kildonan, pl. Kildordan, tl. Kildorrery Kildovan, Kildress Kildrina, Kildrome, pl. Kildromon, tl. Kildrought Kildrought, tl. Kildrum, Kildrum Kildrumen, pl. Kildrumlegath, tl. Kildrumsherdan Kildulloge, tl. Kile, Kile Ittrigh, pl. Kilearny, tl. Kilecluony, tl. Kilecross, tl. Kileevan, pl. Kileglan, Kileleagh, pl. Kileleckeaghtragh, pl. Kilelloge, tl. Kilemeagn, Kilemine, Kilemoneton, tl. Kilemoney, Kilenanye, pl. Kilenemagner, tl. Kilens, tl. Kilenycurry, pl. Kilerean, pl. Kilerogan, Kilfada, pl. Kilfaghnabegg, Kilfaghny begg, Kilfahawen, pl. Kilfane Kilfara, tl. Kilfarboy Kilfaughnabeg Kilfeacle, pl. Kilfeakle Kilfearagh Kilfeighny Kilfelane, tl. Kilfenaghta, Kilfenan, pl. Kilfennaghta, Kilfenora Kilfenora Kilferagh Kilferboy, Kilfergus, Kilfergus Kilffithmone, pl. Kilfian Kilfiddane Kilfilan, pl. Kilfinaghta Kilfinane, Kilfinane Kilfinnane Kilfinnie, tl. Kilfinny Kilfintinan Kilfinton, tl. Kilfithmone Kilfloine, Kilflyn Kilflyn Kilfree Kilfreghna, Kilfrush Kilfrush, tl. Kilfuntin, tl. Kilgarran, Kilgarrenlander, Kilgarriff Kilgarruffe, Kilgarrylander Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvane, pl. Kilgarvon, tl. Kilgeever Kilgefin Kilgerrill Kilgibbon, tl. Kilglass Kilglass Kilglass Kilglass, tl. Kilglesse, tl. Kilgobanbegg, tl. Kilgobanemore, tl. Kilgobban, Kilgobban Kilgobban Kilgobbin, Kilgobbin Kilgobnet Kilgobun, Kilgolbin, tl. Kilgorman Kilgortanny, tl. Kilgowne, tl. Kilgrant Kilgrauane, tl. Kilgreny, Kilgrogan Kilgrohanemore, Kilgullane Kilgurtrian, pl. Kilheile, tl. Kilhodnett, pl. Kilibeggie, pl. Kilibollye, pl. Kilibragh, pl. Kilibrane, pl. Kilidonagh, pl. Kilidreen, pl. Kilifargee, pl. Kilileckoghtragh, pl. Kililoghan, tl. Kilinick, Kilinny, tl. Kilioghan, tl. Kiliscolban, tl. Kilitrige, tl. Kilivnton, pl. Kilkae,and Moone, Kilkae, tl. Kilkea Kilkea, and Moone, Kilkeanan, Kilkeary Kilkeasy Kilkeauan, Kilkee Kilkee, tl. Kilkeedy, Kilkeedy Kilkeedy Kilkeel Kilkeel Kilkeel #1 Kilkeel #2 Kilkeele, Kilkeevan, pl. Kilkeevin, Kilkeevin Kilkellane, tl. Kilkelly KILKENNY, Kilkenny, Kilkenny Kilkenny #2 Kilkenny W. Kilkeran, tl. Kilkeranemore, Kilkerawnemore, Kilkerranmore Kilkerrin Kilkerry, Kilkervan, Kilkieran Kilkillaghery, pl. Kilkilvery Kilkirihill, tl. Kilkirin, pl. Kilkisheene, Kilkishen Kilkloghan, tl. Kilknap, tl. Kilknock, Kilkreene, Kilkregan, tl. Kill Kill Kill Bally McSheenickine, tl. Kill Commitee, Kill Culline, tl. Kill Makevatt, Kill Mc Eneny, tl. Kill Mc Olliver, tl. Kill McColm, Kill McCormack, pl. Kill McCrenan, Kill McCulan, Kill McGibboge, tl. Kill McKallow, Kill McKevoge, pl. Kill McKillvenny, tl. Kill McLeig, Kill McLiegbeg, tl. Kill Mclige more, tl. Kill McMurtagh, tl. Kill McNicholas, tl. Kill McSalgan, Kill McTeige, Kill McThomas, tl. Kill McTrany, tl. Kill Michaell, Kill of Grange, pl Kill, Sollohodbegg and, Kill St Lawrence, Kill St. Lawrence Kill St. Nicholas Kill, tl. Kill-Managhan, Killa, Killa Sculla, Killa Taghboine, Killaan Killaan Killabban Killaberry, tl. Killacollam, tl. Killaconenagh Killaconnigan Killaderry Killadoon Killadoon Killadowan, tl. Killadurhy, Killadysert Killadysert Killae, tl. Killag Killagally or
Wheery Killagan Killagane, Killage, Killagg, tl. Killagh, Killagh Killaghagh, tl. Killaghaliahane, Killaghan, tl. Killaghanenagh, Killaghbeg, tl. Killagher, tl. Killaghery, pl. Killaghine, Killaghlintober, pl. Killaghmore, tl. Killagholehane Killaghtee, Killaghtee Killaghteene, tl. Killaghtie, Killaghy, Killaghye, pl. Killagine, tl. Killagtie, Killaha Killaha, tl. Killahagane, pl. Killahan Killahan, tl. Killahea, pl. Killahee, tl. Killahurler Killahy, Killahy Killaire, tl. Killaittry, pl. Killakee, pl. Killala Killala Killala Killala Killala Killalagh, Killalin, tl. Killallagh, pl. Killallaghten Killalley, tl. Killallon Killaloan Killaloan Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killalow, Killaly, tl. Killalyny, tl. Killamarde, Killamasly, Killamerry, tl. Killamery Killamodan, tl. Killamon, Killamoreeceneclogh, Killamoy, tl. Killamoyleene, tl. Killan, tl. Killana, Killanally, KillanaSullagh, Killancoole, tl. Killanea, tl. Killaney Killanly, tl. Killann Killannin Killanniv Killanny Killanny Killanon, tl. Killanully Killanummery Killanunnane, Killany, Killanyduffe, tl. Killapoge, tl. Killaragh, Killaraght Killard, Killard Killardemer, Killardry, Killardry Killare, Killare Killare Capaduff, tl. Killare Castle, tl. Killare Church, tl. Killarga Killarga, tl. Killargand, Killarney Killarney Killarney killarney #1 Killarny, Killarone, tl. Killary Killary, tl. Killasbuglinane, tl. Killashandra Killashee Killashee Killasher, Killashura, Killasnet Killaspugbrone Killaspuglonane Killaspugmullane Killassaragh, tl. Killasser Killassett, Killassnett, Killatall, tl. Killater, tl. Killateran, pl Killathy Killatlea, pl. Killavally, tl. Killavinoge Killballeduff, pl. Killballenemony, pl. Killbally Fowly, pl. Killbally Keese, tl. Killbarraghan, tl. Killbarron, Killbarry, Killbarry, tl. Killbarrymeaden, tl. Killbealenemoe, tl. Killbegg, Killbegg, tl. Killbeggs, tl. Killbidy, pl. Killboy, tl. Killbracke, tl. Killbraderane, tl. Killbree, tl. Killbreedy, Killbreedy Minor, Killbrenill, pl. Killbride, Killbrine, tl. Killbrittaine, Killbrotty, tl. Killbrydy, pl. Killbunnane, tl. Killburry, pl. Killcalfe, tl. Killcalla, tl. Killcallan, tl. Killcannan, tl. Killcannoy, tl. Killcappagh, pl. Killcaran, tl. Killcarbry, Killcarr, Killcarragh, tl. Killcarrugh, tl. Killcartan, tl. Killclehin, pl. Killclife, Killcliff, Killcloghane, tl. Killclogher, tl. KillcloncorKery, pl. Killclony, Killcloucoff, pl. Killcoghan, tl. Killcoish, tl. Killcokine, Killcollman, Killcollum, tl. Killcolman, Killcolmane, Killcomin, pl. Killcomorragh, tl. Killcomrearagh, Killcomyn, tl. Killconan, Killconell, Killconemie, tl. Killconey, pl. Killconnell, Killconnery, Killconroe, tl. Killcony, tl. Killcooly, Killcorane, pl. Killcorely, tl. Killcorey, tl. Killcormack, pl. Killcornan, tl. Killcornane, pl. Killcorney, Killcornie, tl. Killcornone, Killcorrey, Killcosgrane, tl. Killcourcy, Killcranny, tl. Killcridane, tl. Killcrive-i-tra, tl. Killcrive-o-tra, tl. Killcrivy, tl. Killcroce, pl. Killcroghane, Killcrony, Killcubin, pl. Killculey, Killculleheene, pl Killcullen, Killcullen Bridge, tl. Killcullentro, tl. Killcully, Killcumber, pl. Killcurrelis, tl. Killdachorte, tl. KILLDARE, Killdare, tl. Killderry, Killdizart, Killdizartt, Killdomin, pl. Killdonelbellagh, Killdonnell, Killdonogh, pl. Killdony, Killdreinogh, tl. Killdromy, tl. Killdrum, Killduffe, tl. Killdurrihy, tl. Kille Kollow, pl. Killea, Killea Killea Killea Killeacalla, tl. Killead Killeagh, Killeagh Killeagh Killeagh Killeaheagh, tl. Killean, tl. Killeaneere, pl. Killeans, tl. Killeany Killeany Killeard, pl. Killeash, Killeating, pl. Killebaskey, tl. Killebban, pl. Killebegg, tl. Killebeggs, Killebritt, tl. Killecae, pl. Killecon, tl. Killecran, pl. Killedan Killedangin, tl. Killedonek, pl. Killedooly, pl. Killee, pl. Killeedy Killeek Killeeleen, tl. Killeely Killeely Killeely Killeen, Killeen Killeen Killeen Buttler, pl. Killeen Lynagh, pl. Killeenadeema Killeenagarriff Killeenanaliffbegg, tl. Killeenasteena Killeenavarra Killeene, Killeene, Killeenemer Killeenen Killeenes, Killeenoghty Killeens, pl. Killeentierna Killeeshill Killeevan Killegavard, pl. Killegh, tl. Killeglan, Killegland Killegly, tl. Killegnen, pl. Killegney Killegny, Killegtan, tl. Killeheene, pl. Killehenny, Killehenny Killehylem, tl. Killeigh, Killeilagh, Killeillagh, tl. Killeilly, Killekuny, tl. Killelagh, Killelagh Killelan Killelane, Killelane, pl. Killeleagh, Killeleine, pl. Killelin, tl. Killellen, tl. Killelly, Killelone, Killelongirt, tl. Killelougher Killeltin, tl. Killemitell, pl. Killemlagh Killemlagh, pl. Killemore, pl. Killen Moore, tl. Killenagh Killenagh Killenagh
& Wells Killenall, Killenallie, tl. Killenamullaga, pl. Killenan, Killenane, tl. Killenany, pl. Killenardar, pl. Killenaule Killendra, tl. Killeneane, tl. Killenenen, tl. Killenenny, Killenenoge, tl Killenerinagh, tl. Killenhue, tl. Killeninge, Killenlea, tl. Killenne, tl. Killenny Killenny, tl. Killenoane, Killenoragh, Killenorath, Killenslee, pl. Killentane, tl. Killenterna, Killenule, Killenure, Killeny, pl. Killeragher, tl. Killerbran, pl. Killeredy, pl. Killereeny, tl. Killererin Killerihenne, tl. Killerisk, Killeriske, Killerke, tl. Killermogh Killerno, pl. Killerny, tl. Killero, tl. Killeroran killeroran KilleRowe, tl. Killerrig Killerry Killesenoge, tl. Killeshanan, tl. Killeshandra Killesher Killeshin Killesk Killeske, tl. Killesmisby, pl. Killessill, tl. Killester Killester Killetra, Killevalligge, tl. Killevery, Killevilley, pl. Killevy Killey, pl. Killeymur, Killeyne, Killfadane, Killfane, tl. Killfarny, tl. Killfarrissey, tl. Killfeacle, Killfenny, Killfentanane, Killfeny, tl. Killfergus, tl. Killfernagh, pl. Killfithmone, Killforagh, Killfree, tl. Killfrehane, pl. Killfrush, Killfry, Killgabrell, tl. Killgaruane, Killgarue, tl. Killgeffin, Killglass, Killglassy, tl. Killgoan, tl. Killgobnett, Killgoell, Killgrante, Killgren, tl. Killgreyne, tl. Killguttnebegg, pl. Killi-Shanwally, pl. Killian, Killian Killian Great, Killiane Killiblught, tl. Killibreedy, tl. Killickindary, pl. Killicknegarriff Killicling, Killiconihinbegg, pl. Killicutton, pl. Killidanan, Killied, tl. Killiegh, pl. Killifelam, pl. Killigadan, tl. Killigarvan, Killigh, pl. Killiglene, pl. Killigrohanebegg, tl. Killigullibe, tl. Killiharke, tl. Killikergen, tl. Killila Killilagh Killilasty, Killileagh and Killinsy, Killileagh, pl. Killilly, Killilogh, tl. Killimer Killimeure, tl. Killimihan, tl. Killimiligh, pl. Killimleegh, Killimoda, tl. Killimorbologue Killimordaly Killimuck, tl. Killin, Killin Martin, pl. Killin more, Killinaboy Killinagh Killinagh, tl. Killinagrew, tl. Killinan Killinan, tl. Killinane, Killinane Killinane Killinaquill, Killinaspug, tl. Killinboy, tl. Killinbrake, tl. Killinbridge, tl. Killincarra, tl. Killincarroe, tl. Killincartan, tl. Killinchy, Killinchy Killinchy in ye Woods, tl. Killincoole, Killincoole Killincooly Killincrinagh, tl. Killindonell Killindowde, tl. Killine, Killine Est, tl. Killinecher, tl. Killineghter, tl. Killineleagh, Killinelifbane, pl. Killinene, Killinenewearah, tl. Killinet, pl. Killinether, tl. Killiney Killiney Killinfaghny, tl. Killinferduff, pl. Killingan, Killinglie, Killingly, pl. Killingrodann, Killington, tl. Killinguaican, tl. Killinhue, tl. Killinick Killinierra, tl. Killinikin, tl. Killinkere Killinkill, pl. Killinlassie, tl. Killinlea, tl. Killinloe, tl. Killinlomack, tl. Killinmocke, tl. Killinmulruny, tl. Killinny Killinperson, pl. Killinroan, tl. Killins, tl. Killinstalla, pl. Killinsy, Killinumera, Killinure, tl. Killinurrey, tl. Killinvoy, Killinvoy Killiologhy, pl. Killiossagh, tl. Killire, tl. Killirknegarriffe, tl. Killirobert, pl. Killishay, tl. Killishell, pl. Killishen, pl. Killisk Killiskey Killivolgan, tl. Killkadan, tl. Killkanneran, tl. Killkeavragh, tl. Killkeedy, Killkeevin, Killkeire, tl. Killkenny, Killkeran, tl. Killkerane, pl. Killkighan, Killkilline, pl. Killkipp, Killknockan, tl. Killknockane, pl. Killkrassy, tl. KillmacanIrly, tl. Killmacaron, tl. Killmaccun, tl. Killmacduane, Killmacgarrocke, tl. Killmachreehy, Killmackcompsy, Killmackilloge, Killmacknivan, Killmacolane, Killmacollane, Killmacomoge, pl. Killmaconell, tl. Killmacowe, tl. KillmaCoy, tl. Killmacshane, tl. Killmacumsy, Killmadonoye, pl. Killmagh, tl. Killmaghery, tl. Killmagins, tl. Killmagliss, tl. Killmague, tl. Killmahonoge, Killmakahill, tl. Killmakcompsy, Killmakenty, tl. Killmakevoge, tl. Killmaleary, Killmallock, Killmalloge, pl. Killmally, tl. Killmaloe, tl. Killmalumme, pl. Killmanagh Mansland, tl. Killmanagh, tl. Killmanaghen, Killmanahin, tl. Killmaneeheene, tl. Killmanehine, tl. Killmaoge, tl. Killmare, Killmaskilloge, tl. killmass, tl. Killmatrahny, Killmayleher, pl. KillMckroue, tl. Killmeadan, Killmeagan, Killmedy, tl. Killmena, tl. Killmene, Killmenne, Killmery, pl. Killmevomage, pl. Killmilbon, Killminin, tl. Killmocar, tl. Killmocke, tl. Killmoclane, Killmocum, Killmodaly, tl. Killmodimoge, tl. Killmogany, tl. Killmogar, tl. Killmoghill, pl. Killmoglin, tl. Killmogymog, tl. Killmonan, Killmone, tl. Killmonehine, tl. Killmony, tl. Killmoon, Killmooneene, tl. Killmoore, Killmoquoagg, tl. Killmoranbeg, tl. Killmore, Killmore, Killmorebranagh, tl. Killmorry, Killmovee, tl. Killmoyle, pl. Killmure, tl. Killmurin, tl. Killmurran, Killmurren, tl. Killmurry, Killmurry, Killmurrye, tl. Killmyhan, Killnacarongirra, tl. Killnaclonagh, tl. Killnacreghy, Killnacully, tl. Killnagarne, tl. Killnagarrocke, Killnaghtin, tl. Killnamanagh, tl. Killnamiffee, pl. Killnamisse, Killnanea, Killnatalloone, Killneboy, tl. Killnebuskehary, tl. Killnecapell, tl. Killnecarrigg, tl. Killnecran, pl. Killnecreevy, tl. Killnedan, tl. Killneeny, Killnefreechane, tl. Killnegallagh, tl. Killnegrane, tl. Killnegransy, tl. Killnegullan, pl. Killnekirke, pl. Killnemadore, tl. Killneman, tl. Killneowren, tl. Killneragh, pl. Killnicolas, tl. Killnoe, Killnogh, pl. Killnoressy, pl. Killny Larhagy, pl. Killnykally, tl. Killnymady, pl. Killo, tl. Killoagh, pl. Killocomsy, tl. Killodernan, Killodiernan Killoe, Killoe Killofin Killofine, Killogane, tl. Killogarny, pl. Killogenedy, Killogennedy, tl. Killoges, tl. Killoggy, Killogh, Killoghane, tl. Killoghcaran, Killoghcrier, tl. Killogher, pl. Killoghy, Killogileen Killogmaghan, tl. Killogogh, pl. Killogoody, tl. Killogowullin, tl. Killogs, Killogue, pl. Killohaly, tl. Killohy, pl. Killokennedy Killologh, Killomilaghan, tl. Killominoge, pl. Killomnioge, tl. Killomode, Killonabrakaogh, pl. Killonaghan Killonahan Killone Killone, tl. Killonerry, tl. Killoninoge, Killonoghon, Killonoghten, Killony, tl. Killonyermody, pl. Killonyne, pl. Killoone, Killora Killoran Killoran Killordry, Killoreen, pl. Killorglin, Killorglin Killorglin Killoscobe Killoscully Killoshallny, Killoshally, pl. Killoshe, pl. Killoskeahane, pl. Killoskehan Killosolan Killosonna, tl. Killossery Killosty, pl. Killosullan, tl. Killoteran, Killoteran Killotin, tl. Killough Killoughy Killoughy Killounnoge, pl. Killountaine, tl. Killoushee, tl. Killow-shalway, tl. Killowe, pl. Killowen, Killowen Killowen Killower Killownaght, tl. Killowne, Killoye, tl. Killoyne, Killpatrick, Killpatricke, Killpeackon, Killpeag, Killphillipen, tl. Killquane, tl. Killquy, tl. Killraghfrish, Killrasse, Killrea, tl. Killree, tl. Killrien, tl. Killrihill, tl. Killroane, Killrofett, pl. Killrogane, Killronan, Killrorerane, pl. Killrosenty, Killrossenty, tl. Killrourally, tl. Killrundowney, tl. Killrush, Killrussell, tl. Killrute, pl. Killsallagh, pl. Killsarane, tl. Killsard, tl. Killscanlan, tl. Killseyly, Killshane, Killshaningge, tl. Killshanny, Killshelane, Killshenane, Killskick, pl. Killsrully, tl. Killstobine, pl. Killtankeen, pl. Killte kemore, pl. Killtechan, tl. Killteele, tl. Killtenane, pl. Killtenny, tl. Killteny, tl. Killterman, pl. Killterny, tl. Killtest, tl. Killtibrett, Killtillee, tl. Killtillocke, pl. Killtinleagh, tl. Killtiporte, tl. Killtipurdon, tl. Killtobired, pl. Killtogher, Killtollam, tl. Killtowell, tl. Killtowne, tl. Killtrassy, tl. Killtrustan, Killtume, tl. Killtuncper, tl. Killturrow, Killtynane, Killua Killuah, tl. Killualard, tl. Killucan Killucan Killuckin, Killucquin, Killucquinn, tl. Killucully, Killuemanagh, Killukan, Killuken, Killukin Killulagh Killulty, Killummod Killumry, Killuney, tl. Killuny, tl. Killuragh, tl. Killuran Killurane, Killure Killure, tl. Killurin Killurin, pl. Killurine, tl. Killurit, pl. Killurly, tl. Killurney, pl. Killursa Killurth, Killury, Killury Killvarnett, Killve, Killvenen, pl. Killvowghter, pl. Killvoy, Killwarueinge, tl. Killwatermoy, Killwelcorish, pl. Killwenhy, tl. Killwogoone, Killy Killie, tl. Killy, tl. Killyane, tl. Killybegs Killybegs Lower Killybegs Upper Killybracken, pl. Killybricke, pl. Killydury, Killydy, Killyfaddy, tl. Killyfaldy, tl. Killyfody, tl. Killygarvan Killyghran, tl. Killygordon Killyharnan, pl. Killylanes, tl. Killyleagh Killylee, tl. Killymallock, tl. Killyman Killyman Killymard Killyn, tl. Killynaffonery, pl. Killynan, pl. Killynanna, tl. Killynnura, tl. Killynny, Killynoane, Killynohone, pl. Killyon Killypady, pl. Killyvanan, pl. Killyvinine, tl. Killyvory, Kilmac Daniell, tl. Kilmacabea, Kilmacabea Kilmacahill Kilmacallan Kilmacandoge, tl. Kilmacanoge Kilmacar Kilmacdonogh Kilmacduagh Kilmacduane Kilmacheoge, pl. Kilmacken, pl. Kilmaclasser Kilmacleague Kilmaclenine Kilmacnevan Kilmacoe, tl. Kilmacomb Kilmacomoge, Kilmacow Kilmacow, tl. Kilmacowen Kilmacowen, tl. Kilmacrane, tl. Kilmacredock Kilmacree Kilmacreedocke, tl. Kilmacrehy Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan
& Milford Kilmacshalgan Kilmactalway Kilmacteige Kilmacthomas Kilmactranny Kilmacud Kilmacumsy Kilmademoge Kilmadum Kilmaganny Kilmaganny Kilmahon Kilmahuddrick Kilmainebeg Kilmainemore Kilmainham Kilmakevoge Kilmakilloge Kilmakne, tl. Kilmaledy, pl. Kilmaleery Kilmaley Kilmalin, Kilmalinoge Kilmalipoge, Kilmalish, Kilmalkedar Kilmallock, Kilmallock Kilmallock Kilmallock Kilmally, Kilmalocker, tl. Kilmaloda Kilmalody, Kilmalway, Kilmanagh, Kilmanagh Kilmanaghan Kilmanaghan Kilmanaheen Kilmanham, pl. Kilmanman Kilmannan Kilmanoge, tl. Kilmantought, pl. Kilmanum, pl. Kilmany, tl. Kilmarbor, pl. Kilmarcadd, pl. Kilmartin, pl. Kilmashill, tl. Kilmastulla Kilmatalway, pl. Kilmawly, Kilmayneham, Kilmc Symon, tl. KilmcClevine, pl. Kilmcugh, tl. Kilmeadan Kilmeage Kilmeane Kilmeedy Kilmeen Kilmeen Kilmeen Kilmeena Kilmegan Kilmelcadder, Kilmenan Kilmennan, Kilmensy, pl. Kilmererane, tl. Kilmessan Kilmichael Kilmichell, tl. Kilmighill,E., pl. Kilmihil Kilmihil Kilmihill, tl. Kilmillen, pl. Kilmistin, tl. Kilmoa, tl. Kilmocomoge Kilmoe, Kilmoe Kilmoholane, tl. Kilmoily, Kilmokea Kilmolara Kilmolash Kilmoleran Kilmoney Kilmonoge Kilmonyoge, Kilmood, Kilmood Kilmood,Tollenekill &, Kilmoon Kilmoon Kilmoore, pl. Kilmore, Kilmore, Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore, and Orrery Kilmore & Mauleniskelly Kilmoremoy Kilmoremoy Kilmorgan Kilmoronoge, Kilmorry, tl. Kilmovee Kilmoylan Kilmoylan Kilmoyle, pl. Kilmoyly Kilmucklin Kilmuckridge Kilmude, tl. Kilmullen, pl. Kilmuny, tl. Kilmurry, Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurryely Kilnabegg, pl. Kilnaceel, pl. Kilnacluony, tl. Kilnadruo, tl. Kilnadruocor, tl. Kilnafeere, pl. Kilnageere, pl. Kilnaghtin, Kilnagleriegh, tl. Kilnaglory, Kilnaglory Kilnagnady, pl. Kilnagross Kilnahue Kilnamanagh, Kilnamanagh Kilnamanagh Kilnamanagh Kilnamartery Kilnamaule, tl. Kilnamisse, Kilnamodagh, tl. Kilnamona Kilnamona, tl. Kilnanare Kilnaneave Kilnarath Kilnarrone, pl. Kilnashaldnally, pl. Kilnasoolagh Kilnatalloone, Kilnaughtin Kilnawly, Kilneauor, Kilnecourt, Kilneganre, tl. Kilnegroffe, Kilnekar, pl. Kilnekelly, pl. Kilnemanagh, tl. Kilnemona, tl. Kilnen, tl. Kilnenor Kilnoe, Kilnoe Kilnory, tl. Kilnyclashy, Kilnyguspah, pl. Kilognruble, tl. Kilonane, tl. Kilordrunly, pl. Kilorney, pl. Kilornoge, tl. Kilossery, Kilpadoge, tl. Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpeacon Kilpecane, Kilpecanetowne, tl. Kilphelan Kilpick, Kilpipe, Kilpipe Kilpipe Kilpoole Kilpursett, pl. Kilquain Kilquam, tl. Kilquan, Kilquane, Kilquane Kilquane Kilquane Kilquane Kilquidy, tl. Kilquonine, tl. Kilrachts, pl. Kilraflett, pl. Kilraghties, Kilraghtis Kilraghts Kilrainy Kilran, Kilrane Kilranelagh Kilraskin, tl. Kilrathmory, tl. Kilrea, Kilrea Kilrea Kilree Kilreekil Kilreeske, pl. Kilrew, tl. Kilrillin, pl. Kilroan Kilroan, pl. Kilroe Kilroffett, pl. Kilronan Kilronan Kilronane, tl. Kilroot Kilroote, pl. Kilrory, pl. Kilross Kilrossanty Kilrouilegath, tl. Kilruane Kilrudane, tl. Kilrush, Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Kilrusigarry, tl. Kilry, Kilsaimshans, pl. Kilsainaghane, kilsal'aghan Kilsallagh, Kilsallaghan Kilsanlish, pl. Kilsara, tl. Kilsaran Kilsarlight, Kilsauran, Kilscanell, tl. Kilscanlan Kilscannell Kilsceran, Kilscohonaghty, Kilscoran Kilseily Kilshalvy Kilshanahan Kilshanchoe, tl. Kilshane Kilshannig Kilshannig Kilshanny Kilsharvan Kilshawe, pl. Kilsheelan Kilsheelan Kilsheelan Kilshenane Kilshine Kilsillagh Kilskeer Kilskeery Kilskonnell, Kilsleeve, Kilsolachan, Kilsullagh, pl. Kilt, pl. Kiltafry, tl. Kiltagh, pl. Kiltaghlines, tl. Kiltale Kiltallagh Kiltallonen, pl. Kiltane, tl. Kiltartan Kilteale Kilteally, Kiltecrivagh, tl. Kilteel Kilteely, Kilteely Kilteery, tl. Kilteevan Kilteevoge Kiltegan Kiltegan Kiltegan Kiltemplane, tl. Kiltenane, Kiltenanlea Kiltenanleigh, Kiltennell, Kiltennell Kiltennell Kiltenny, tl. Kilterighir, tl. Kilternan, pl. Kilterny, pl. Kilteskil Kiltete, pl. Kilthihinine, tl. Kilthomas Kiltiernan Kiltilane, pl. Kiltimagh Kiltinan Kiltinan Kiltiuan, Kiltivan, Kiltoan, tl. Kiltober, Kiltober, tl. Kiltockan, tl. Kiltogher, Kiltoghert Kiltollogh, Kiltoltoge, tl. Kiltome, pl. Kiltomy, Kiltomy Kiltoom Kiltoom Kiltoome, Kiltoraght Kiltormer Kiltormer Kiltorney, pl. Kiltoroght, Kiltra, tl. Kiltrisk Kiltriske, Kiltrustan, Kiltrustan Kiltubbrid Kiltulagh, tl. Kiltullagh Kiltullagh Kiltullihy, pl. Kiltumny, Kiltumy. Kilturk Kilturke, Kilturra Kilturra Kiltwoge, pl. Kilty, Kiltynane, pl. Kiltyroma, pl. Kiluane, tl. Kilvarery, tl. Kilvarnet Kilvarrime, pl. Kilvellane Kilvemnon Kilveneton, tl. Kilvevagh, tl. Kilvine Kilvoheme, Kilvokery, pl. Kilvowghter, Kilwatermoy Kilwaughter Kilworth Kilworth Kilygormlye, pl. Kilyhoman, pl. Kilylaghan, pl. Kilymurrey, pl. Kimkree, tl. Kimregh, Kinafadd, tl. Kinagad, tl. Kinagh, Kinagollenbegg, tl. Kinagollenmore, tl. Kinainocke, tl. Kinalea, Kinalerty, Kinalertye, and Duffrane, Kinalglory, Kinallerty, Kinalmeaky, Kinaneile, tl. Kinard Kinaude, pl. Kinawley Kinawley Kinchady, tl. Kinchium, tl. Kinckan Sherreuill, tl. Kincolly, tl. Kincorre, pl. Kincul McRanold, tl. Kinculbrack, tl. Kindroit, Kindruin, tl. Kineagh Kineagh Kineagh, tl. Kinelea, Kinelty, tl. Kineriss, tl. Kinetty, pl. Kingarrow, tl. KINGS COUNTY, Kings Meadow, Kings Town, tl. Kings Towne, pl. kingscourt kingstown#2 Kingstowne, pl. Kingvoid, tl. Kinkeele, Kinkony, Kinlagh, tl. Kinlough Kinmmallin, tl. Kinmor, pl. Kinnaglass, tl. Kinnanebir, pl. Kinnegh, Kinneghbegg, tl. Kinneigh Kinneigh, tl. Kinnitty Kinnoghtie, tl. Kinnure, pl. Kinnycleary, pl. Kinore, Kinroe, tl. Kinrush, pl. Kinsale, Kinsale Kinsale Kinsale Kinsalebeg Kinsalebegg, Kinsaley Kinsaley, pl. Kintagh, tl. Kinteere, pl. Kinturke, tl. Kinure, Kinure Kinvarra Kinvarradoorus Kiols Towne, tl. Kippane, pl. Kircally, Kircony, pl. Kirismurphy, pl. Kirkcubbine, tl. Kirkestown, tl. Kirkhills, pl. Kirkinriola Kirkland, tl. Kirkstowne, tl. Kishangh, tl. Kishocke, pl. Kishy Quirke, tl. Kisnybrasny, pl. Kittanstowne, pl. Kittell, pl. Kittor, tl. Klykeyle, pl. Knack Erk, tl. Knaghill, pl. Knaningston, tl. Knappog, tl. Knappoge, tl. Knauens Towne, tl. Knavinstown Knekell, pl. Kneknapen, tl. Knigh Knightstowne, pl. Knightstreete, tl. Knightwood, tl. Knocan, tl. Knocanurhar, tl. Knocbane, tl. Knocfarrie, tl. Knock, Knock Knock Knock Ballyfucon, tl. Knock Eugall, tl. Knock I Killine, pl. Knock Ineagh, tl. Knock Lafally, tl. Knock McIliun, tl. Knock Town, tl. Knock Ullo, tl. Knock-kairne, pl. Knocka Connor, tl. Knockacullen tl Knockadno begg, tl. Knockadon, tl. Knockagh, Knockaghduffe, tl. Knockagurane, pl. Knockahelly, tl. Knockainy Knockakeelty, tl. Knockamon, Knockan Eyn, Knockan Mc, tl. Knockan, tl. Knockanach, tl. Knockanafferin, tl. Knockanagrally, pl. Knockananewee, tl. Knockanare, pl. Knockanaulgirt, tl. Knockanboy, pl. Knockancorbally, tl. Knockandorehy, tl. Knockanduff, tl. Knockane, Knockane Ireaghy, pl. Knockanebane, tl. Knockanecanboy, pl. Knockanegeagh, tl. Knockaneglass, pl. Knockaneikirodigge, pl. Knockanemonygiry, pl. Knockanenaveigh, pl. Knockanenoiuegh, pl. KnockanenyKuhige, pl. Knockanes, pl. Knockanglass, pl. Knockanlousy, tl. Knockannma, tl. Knockanpower, tl. Knockanroe, pl. Knockanther, tl. Knockanure Knockanure, pl. Knockanvallan, pl. Knockany carell, pl. Knockany, tl. Knockapouery, tl. Knockardnehenchy, tl. Knockare, tl. Knockargan, pl. Knockatanacushland, tl. Knockatenty, Knockatornor, pl. Knockatrasaane, tl. Knockauleabegg, tl. Knockavilly Knockaylor, tl. Knockballinoe, pl. Knockbally beg, pl. KnockBallyglass, tl. Knockballymore, pl. Knockbane, tl. Knockbarren, pl. Knockbarron, tl. Knockbeagh, tl. Knockbeagha, Knockbegg, pl. Knockbey, pl. Knockboy, tl. Knockbrack, Knockbracke, pl. Knockbraken, tl. Knockbreak, tl. Knockbreake, tl. Knockbreda Knockbreekan, tl. Knockbreeneen, tl. Knockbride Knockbrowne, tl. Knockbryangarue, tl. Knockbunavehy, tl. Knockbwey, tl. Knockcar'agane tl Knockcauleamore, tl. Knockcineligh, tl. Knockcommon Knockcuillin, tl. Knockcullin, tl. Knockderry, tl. Knockdoning, tl. Knockdow more, tl. Knockdromashell, tl. Knockdromclohy, tl. Knockdromyn, pl. Knockdrumacedle, tl. Knockduff, tl. Knockduffe, Knocke, tl. Knockean Kitt, pl. Knockeane Kitt, pl. Knockeary, tl. Knockebearagh, tl. Knockebowady, pl. Knockecullin, tl. Knockedagan, tl. Knockedromeleagh, tl. Knockeen, pl. Knockeene, Knockegorman, pl. Knockeigan, pl. Knockelaher, tl. Knockelasse, Knockelin, tl. Knockelly, pl. Knockenalbone, tl. Knockenanama, pl. Knockenard, tl. Knockenatten, tl. Knockeneane, tl. Knockeneary, tl. Knockeneill, tl. Knockenenarney, KnockenKeeragh, tl. Knockennery, tl. Knockentotan, pl. Knockerlea, pl. Knockeroe, pl. Knockethoge, pl. Knockeveehy, tl. Knockfaire, Knockfin, pl. Knockfouncy, tl. Knockgallen, pl. Knockglass, Knockgrady, Knockgraffon, Knockgraffon Knockgrane, tl. Knockgrany, tl. Knockgroffon, Knockhale, tl. Knockheinge, tl. Knockhillane, tl. Knockhlan, tl. Knockhouse pl Knockhowlin, tl. Knockiburd, Knockidaniell, tl. Knockidoone, Knockincellor, tl. Knockingeluy, pl. Knockingen, pl. Knockinnis, tl. Knockinsrath, tl. Knockinynane, tl. Knockischie, tl. Knockiskibbell, tl. Knockivilly, Knocklaghy, tl. Knocklary, tl. Knocklesheene, tl. Knockleskrane, tl. Knocklesky, pl. Knocklofty, pl. Knocklong Knocklonge, tl. Knocklumane, tl. Knocklyne, pl. Knockmakihan, pl. Knockmark Knockmay, pl. Knockmellan, tl. Knockment, tl. Knockmirish, tl. Knockmoell, tl. Knockmolinoge, tl Knockmone, tl. Knockmore, pl. Knockmorue, Knockmourne Knockmullen, pl. Knockna Gowran, tl. Knocknabricky, tl. Knocknaburden, tl. Knocknacorogh, tl. Knocknagapull, tl. Knocknagaul Knocknagey, tl. Knocknaheelly, tl. Knocknaheily, pl. Knocknahely, tl. Knocknajor, tl. Knocknaleyre, tl. knocknalow'r Knocknamarusse, tl. Knocknamdasd, pl. Knocknamortely, tl. Knocknamucky, tl. Knocknane Knocknasana, tl. Knocknecloy, tl. Knocknecrohy, tl. Knocknedaunagh, pl. Knocknee, tl. Knocknefouncy, tl. Knocknegallagh, tl. Knocknegamanagh, tl. Knocknegapull, tl. Knocknegaren, tl. Knocknegawnah, tl. Knocknegeilagh, pl. Knocknegeragh, tl. Knocknegony, tl. Knockneraha, tl. Knockneran, Knocknerea, pl. Knocknerny, pl. Knocknesassog, tl. Knocknescagh, tl. Knocknesillog, tl. Knocknesmuttane, pl. Knocknicarry, tl. Knocknifiny, tl. Knocknimanagh, tl. Knocknisillagh, tl. Knocknoe, tl. Knocknokree, tl. Knocknomucke, tl. Knocknrnavell, pl. Knocknullane, tl. Knocknyhoreven, pl. Knocknynaffe, tl. Knocknyrahy, pl. Knockoeddan, pl. Knockordin, pl. Knockornaghta, tl. Knockouleegane, tl. Knockponery, pl. Knockprichane, tl. Knockrany, tl. Knockrath Knockrea, tl. Knockreagh, tl. Knockredane, tl. Knockree, tl. Knockrobbin, pl. Knockroe, Knockroghery, tl. Knockrosse, tl. Knockrowe, tl. Knockrumram, tl. Knockruo, pl. Knocks Towne, tl. Knockscagh, tl. Knockshaugh, tl. Knocksochie, pl. Knockstickan, tl. Knocktemple Knocktopher, Knocktopher Knocktornora, tl. Knockuneatneely, pl. Knockvernisse, tl. Knockvisker, tl. Knocky Losgirane, tl. Knockyhursimtah, tl. Knockyly, tl. Knogus, pl. Knok, Knokan, Knokanephren, pl. Knokeaghy, pl. Knoknabrenen, pl. Knoktopher, Knonemkagh, tl. Knoppog, tl. Knoppoge, tl. Knottan, tl. Kodfinolan, tl. Koggall, tl. Koghovall, tl. Koltos, pl. Konott, tl. Korekinagullagh, tl. Korlanebeg, pl. Krecoman, tl. Kreenekill, tl. Kreeny, tl. Kreeury, Krey, tl. Kriaghes, tl. Krott, tl. Kyeryes, Kyle Kylerke, pl. Kyllyne, tl. Kylnemanagh, pl. Kynard, Kynoge, tl. Kysars lane,

L:   L ghbrito, tl. Laban, tl. Labedesh, Labertidonnell, tl. Labomesrish, Lacahaky, tl. Lacavasinagh, tl. Laccamore, tl. Laccana Shanagh, tl. Laccaregh-beg, tl. Laccarowbeg, tl. Laccaroweightragh, tl. Laccarowgort-Ganniff, Laccarrow, Laccarrowbane, tl. Laccarrowreaghmore, tl. Laccha, tl. Lachiell, tl. Lachill, pl. Lachindery, tl. Lack, tl. Lackabegg, tl. Lackacroneene, tl. Lackagh, Lackagh Lackagh Lackaghboy, pl. Lackaghdoy, pl. Lackamore, tl. Lackan, Lackan Lackan Lackard, tl. Lackareagh, Lackavintane, pl. Lacke McEorish, pl. Lacke, tl. Lackeen Lacken, Lackendaragh, pl. Lackendarra, tl. Lackenrobin, tl. Lackensallagh, tl. Lackenshoneene, tl. Lackfuan, tl. Lackin, Lackinvorony, pl. Lacknabranagh, pl. Lacknaconime, pl. Lacknecurry, pl. Lacknegrea, tl. Lacky Roe, tl. Lackyduffe, pl. Lackyreagh, Lacloonagh, tl. Lactlestrum, tl. Ladban, tl. Ladie Castle, tl. Ladie Towne, tl. Ladkan, tl. Lady Fahaltowne, Ladysisland Ladytown Laffally, pl. Lafferragh, Laffiny, pl. Laffordy, pl. Laffragh, Lagacury, Lagaglire, pl. Lagainele, tl. Lagan, Laganhale, tl. Lagbane, tl. Lagbracke, tl. Lagevarie, pl. Laggan hury, Laggegewan, tl. Laghahane, pl. Laghane, tl. Laghanebegg, tl. Laghard, tl. Laghardan, pl. Laghedaghten, pl. Laghell, pl. Laghgorry, pl. Laghill, tl. Laghteloobe, tl. Lagnagramore, pl. Lagnegebegg, pl. Lahanagh, pl. Lahardane, Laharedane, Lahir Itanavally, pl. Lahirty Daly, Laine, pl. Lakadary, tl. Lake, Lake, the, Lakinstons, tl. Lambay, pl. Lambeg Lambeg Lambegge People, pl. Lambs towne, tl. Lameneghmor, pl. Lamfield beg, tl. Lamfield more, tl. Lamkhill, pl. Lamkill, pl. Lamoge, tl. Lanagh, pl. Lanaght, tl. Landons towne, tl. Langanvy, pl. Langhill, pl. Lanna, tl. Lanscardan, pl. Lantorhill, pl. Lanylea, tl. Laracor Laracrill, Laragh, Laraghbrian, tl. Laraghbryan Laraghes, tl. Laraghlankell, tl. Laraghy, pl. Larah Larecorr, pl. Lares Towne, tl. Largan dorrogh, pl. Largan, tl. Larganbane, tl. Larganboy, tl. Largantagher, tl. Large Moore, tl. Largentean, tl. Largibreak, Largie, pl. Largimore, Largireagh, Largoe, pl. Largy, tl. Laries towne, tl. Larigoe, Larne, Larne Larne Larne Larneguese, tl. Larragh, Larrarioltie, tl. Laskagh, pl. Laskan, tl. Lasty, tl. Latanalbin, pl. Latenstowne, pl. Latis towne, tl. Latteragh Lattin, Lattin Lauacormuck, tl. Laughan, Laughan towne, tl. Laugharne, tl. Laughboy, tl. Laughill, tl. Laughlinbridg, Laughlins towne, tl. Laundistowne, pl. Lavaghla, Laveighey, pl. Lavey Lavine lanty, Lavishtowne, tl. Lawaghbeg, pl. Lawgillduff, pl. Lawhill, pl. Lawles towne, Little, Lawlestowne more, pl. Lawray monze, tl. Lawrences towne, tl. Lawrey, pl. Lawry, pl. Layd Layd, pl. Lays, Lazy Hill, Lazy Sallagh, Lcrgee, Lea Lea Dirry, Lea, pl. Leachis towne, tl. Leackan McHerbisi, tl. Leackane, tl. Leackantleavy, tl. Leackin, pl. Leader, tl. Leadmore, tl. Leagh Clone, Leaghbegg, tl. Leaghchloyne, tl. Leaghdirry, pl. Leaghloskey, Leaghmanagh, pl. Leaght, Leah-Carow, tl. Leah-Vale, tl. Leahency, tl. Leakan, tl. Lealoghmore, pl. Leam, pl. Leame, pl. Leamgske, Leamlary, pl. Leamnagehy, tl. Leamonroye, tl. Lean, Leancon, Leaon, Leape, pl. Learchyll, Leare, tl. Learmount Learmount Learn, Learne, tl. Leas, Leas, pl. Leasfekill, tl. Leaskea, pl. Leason, pl. Leassana, tl. Leateene, tl. Leatemore, Leatowne, pl. Leatrim, Leattoone, tl. Leauge, pl. Leaugh, pl. Leavally, tl. Leban, Lebby, tl. Lebellicastle, Lebolyegliss, tl. Lecale, Lecarrow, tl. Lechine, tl. Lechteaske, tl. Leck, Leck Leckan, tl. Leckane, tl. Leckemurrey, pl. Leckemy, Leckine, tl. Lecklevery, pl. Lecklnstowne, pl. Leckonicher, tl. Leckpatrick Leconnell, tl. Lecrum, Leddan, Ledereg, Ledwids town, tl. Lee, Leecke, tl. Leestowne, pl. Leeter, pl. Lefane, tl. Leffenhall, Great, Leffony, Leffony Begg, tl. Legacory, tl. Legah, tl. Legan, tl. Leganamine, tl. Legananu, tl. Legenameltog, pl. Leggacurry, tl. Leggan, tl. Legganamig, tl. Leggnakelly, pl. Leggnerey, pl. Leghawnagh, tl. Legma Cafferey, pl. Legmarvyvirkevir, pl. Legmoylen, tl. Legnaboly, pl. Legnefagherowe, tl. Legnegan, tl. Legogheken, pl. Legoy, tl. Lehanabegge, tl. Lehard, tl. Lehbully, tl. Lehemly, pl. Lehenamore, tl. Lehensey, pl. Lehery, tl. Lehinsy, pl. Leiarhu, tl. Leige, pl. Leigh Rath, tl. Leighan, Leighgort, Leighlin Leighlin Leighlin Leighlin Leighmokevoge, pl. Leighmoney Leike, pl. Leinneigh, tl. Leinster, Leiragh, pl. Leirnerly, tl. Leisbwie, pl. Leisse, tl. LEITRIM. Leitrim, Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Leiugh, tl. Leixleipp, tl. Leixlip Leixlip Lellis, Lemagarr, pl. Lemanaghan Lematady, tl. Lemgare, tl. Lemnagh, tl. Lemons towne, tl. Lemskally, tl. Lemybryne, tl. Lenagh, pl. Lenaghlaa, tl. Lenahan, Lenan, Lenananearch, pl. Lenemore, tl. Lenigh, pl. Lenneigh, pl. Lennineigh, tl. Lenthrops Ally Leny, Leny Leoghbegg, pl. Leonagh, tl. Lepstowne, tl. Lergandowne, tl. Lerha, tl. Lerrigg, tl. Leruske, Lesagalan, tl. Lesaghnegrogh, pl. Lesefielde, tl. Lesgalan, tl. Leskinammill, tl. Lesnorcullen, tl. Lessans, tl. Lessodine, tl. Lestoraan, tl. Lesty, tl. Leteigrene, pl. Leternemeney, pl. Letnehelly, pl. Letra, pl. Letrim, Lettenin, tl. Letter, Letter,East, Letter Gormane, tl. Letter Killy, Letter McAward, Letter Scannlane, pl. Letteraine, tl. Letterbelly, Letterbricke, Lettercorne, Lettergreine, pl. Letterilly, tl. Letterken'y Letterkenny, Letterkenny Letterleag, Letterlicky, pl. Letterluna Lettermacaward Lettermore, Lettermore Lettermoyre, tl. Lettermucke, tl. Letterquill, Lettershaune, tl. Lettery Linlish, Lettir, tl. Lettmacollen, tl. Lettr, Lettrim, tl. Lettrym, tl. Lettullan, tl. Leuetts towne, tl. Leuts towne, tl. Levally, tl. Levallyleagh, tl. Levelly, pl. Leverog, tl. Levetts toune, tl. Levollyreagh, Lewelly Biah, tl. Leymmeigh, tl. Leynie, Leynyn, tl. Leyruddane, tl. LEYTRIM, = Leitrim Leytrim = Leitrim Leytrim, tl. Liapardstowne, pl. Licestowne, pl. Lick, pl. Lickbla Lickblae, Lickelly, tl. Lickerrig Lickettstowne, tl. Lickfinn Lickidoone, tl. Lickmolassy Lickoran Lickowran, tl. Liefon, pl. Lielagh, pl. Lienhill, tl. Liffine, pl. Liffor, tl. Lifford, Lifhagh, tl. Ligads Rath, Ligecory, tl. Ligess, pl. Lightikerelan, tl. Lihomoore, tl. Limavady Limavady LIMBRICK, Limbrick, Limbricke, tl. LIMERICK, Limerick Limerick Limerick Limerick #2 LIMERICKE, Lincardstowne, Linnegarre, pl. Linneralachan, pl. Lintaghwile, tl. Lirneskeahill, pl. Lis McDowell, tl. Lis McLyne, tl. Lis McShelly, Lis McTeigue, Lis Riedy, tl. Lisabock, pl. Lisadine, tl. Lisaghanedin, tl. Lisagower, pl. Lisalwe, tl. Lisaniskie, pl. Lisarcark, pl. Lisard brin, tl. Lisard, tl. Lisardconnell, tl. Lisardooly, tl. Lisarlues, pl. Lisballisroote, tl. Lisban, tl. Lisbane, Lisbarnagh, tl. Lisbarnes, tl. Lisbarreny, Lisbeagh, tl. Lisbellaw Lisbiggine, tl. Lisbigny, pl. Lisbioge, tl. Lisbishell, tl. Lisblahick, pl. Lisbono, tl. Lisbony, Lisbost, tl. Lisboy, tl. Lisbragh, tl. Lisbride, tl. Lisbrier, pl. Lisbrislean, tl. Lisbunny Lisbuny, tl. Lisburn Lisburn Liscahanebeg, pl. Liscallanan, pl. Liscallyrvan, tl. Liscanlane, pl. Liscannor, tl. Liscarnan, pl. Liscarny, tl. Liscarroll, Liscarroll Liscarrolletowne, pl. Liscartan Liscatt, pl. Liscleary Lisclevane, pl. Lisclogh, tl. Lisclogher, tl. Lisclonie, pl. Lisclorkane, tl. Liscoffy, tl. Liscolman Lisconay, tl. Lisconeate, tl. Lisconett, tl. Lisconnor, tl. Liscormack, tl. Liscormacke, tl. Liscoway, tl. Liscrea, pl. Liscrudy, tl. Liscullane, tl. Lisdachon, tl. Lisdahan, tl. Lisdaly, pl. Lisdaragh, Lisdare, Lisdeane, Lisdeurick, Lisdimderick, pl. Lisdnane, tl. Lisdollor, tl. Lisdoone Varnagh, tl. Lisdoony, tl. Lisdossan, tl. Lisdownan, tl. Lisdownedaverne, pl. Lisdowney, tl. Lisdrinagh, tl. Lisdringevell, tl. Lisdromard, tl. Lisdromcorr, tl. Lisdromgallin, tl. Lisdromgrane, tl. Lisdrum, pl. Lisdrumloot, pl. Lisdrumtirk, pl. Lisdrumyer, tl. Lisdrunesie, tl. Lisduff, Lisduff, Lisduffe, Lisdullen, tl. Lisduss, tl. Lisedorne, tl. Liseltin, Lisenusky, tl. Lisfarfa, tl. Lisfarien, Lisfensen, pl. Lisgarryffe, pl. Lisgarvin, Lisgenan or Grange Lisgenane, Lisghellane, tl. Lisginy, pl. Lisglass, tl. Lisglassen, pl. Lisgobane, tl. Lisgole, Lisgoold Lisgoole, mannor of, Lisgoole, pl. Lisgormus, tl. Lisgouock, tl. Lisgriffine, pl. Lisgubbye, tl. Lish Clamarty, Lish Clarige, Lish McHugh, pl. Lisha, tl. Lishackmore, tl. Lishadoill, tl. Lishaghmore, tl. Lishalea, pl. Lishananymore, tl. Lishane, Lishbane, tl. Lishboye, tl. Lishcleary, Lishdallon, tl. Lishdonmore, tl. Lishdorne, tl. Lishdrinnbard, pl. Lisheedy, tl. Lisheen Ruo, Lisheen, tl. Lisheene, Lisheeny, tl. Lishengrogy, tl. Lishevohir, pl. Lishfanan, tl. Lishfooke, tl. Lishgarue, tl. Lishgrahan, tl. Lishidully, tl. Lishin, pl. Lishipuhige, pl. Lishirnan, pl. Lishloghlin, tl. Lishmogery, Lishmonaghan, Lishmurtagh, tl. Lishnapooky, tl. Lishnashandrum, tl. Lishnegade, tl. Lishnegrey, tl Lishnegunall, tl. Lishneise, tl. Lishnemale, tl. Lishnemoghan, tl. Lishnetronk, tl. Lishnor, tl. Lishomony, pl. Lishonardell, tl. Lishphelim, tl. Lishratyerny, tl. Lishtellen, pl. Lishy Clahy, Lishya Ladye, tl. Lishyloghirigy, Lishyree, Lisinesalagh, pl. Lisinisky, pl. Liskaroell, tl. Liskeevy Liskelly beene, pl. Liskelly, pl. Liskeran, tl. Liskeveene, pl. Liskilleene, tl. Liskinfere Liskma, pl. Liskorr, tl. Lisladeene, tl. Lislaghna, tl. Lislaghtin, tl. Lislaghy, tl. Lislane, tl. Lislany, tl. Lislarduca, tl. Lislarhy, tl. Lislarry, tl. Lislaughill, pl. Lislea, Lisleady, tl. Lisleagh, Lislee, Lislee Lislee Temple, pl. Lisleene, tl. Lislin, Lisloe, tl. Lislom, tl. Lislost, pl. Lisluskea, pl. Lislymisky, pl. Lismachan, tl. Lismacmoyle, tl. Lismad, tl. Lismadderell, Lismaghane, tl. Lismain, tl. Lismakeery, Lismakeery Lismakerrell, Lismakeygan, tl. Lismalin, Lismalin Lismaly, pl. Lismana, Lismarkie, Lismateige Lismebane, tl. Lismeeghane, Lismegh, tl. Lismoatty, tl. Lismolash, Lismollane, tl. Lismony, tl. Lismorane, tl. Lismore, Lismore Lismore Lismore Lismore Lismore &
Mocollop Lismore &
Mocollop Lismortagh, pl. Lismoy, Lismoyle, Lismoyne, Lismullin, Lismullin Lismuly, Lismurirty, Lisnabannrer, Lisnaber, Lisnabrinn, Lisnacrilly, pl. Lisnadell, tl. Lisnadill Lisnafeddoge, pl. Lisnafeene, tl. Lisnafolly, tl. Lisnagarran, tl. Lisnagarvy Brige, tl. Lisnagatt, tl. Lisnagaull, pl. Lisnagaune, tl. Lisnagea, tl. Lisnagorr, pl. Lisnagunog, Lisnainge, pl. Lisnakelivey, tl. Lisnakelly, tl. Lisnakill Lisnalillagh, tl. Lisnamcock, pl. Lisnamoyle, pl. Lisnananagh, tl. Lisnanane, Lisnanorish, tl. Lisnanorus, tl. Lisnaree, tl. Lisnarrogue, pl. Lisnart, pl. Lisnashallagh, tl. Lisnaskea Lisnaskea Lisnaskea, pl. Lisnaskreghog, tl. Lisnavolone, tl. Lisnayranagh, pl. Lisnebally, tl. Lisnebole, tl. Lisnebrene, tl. Lisnebye, tl. Lisnebynn, tl. Lisnecosh, tl. Lisnecree, tl. Lisnecreevy, Lisnecrimine, pl. Lisnedaragh, tl. Lisnedobred, pl. Lisnefansy, tl. Lisnefintly, tl. Lisnefuthy, Lisnegallin, Lisnegan, tl. Lisnegarvie, Lisnegatt, Lisnegerigh, Lisnegoinny, tl. Lisnegree, tl. Lisnegrib, tl. Lisnegsewer, tl. Lisneguinog, tl. Lisnekeeragh, tl. Lisnekerny, tl. Lisnekill, Lisnekitt, tl. Lisnelea, tl. Lisnemaltate, pl. Lisnemuck, tl. Lisnenaghough, tl. Lisneneane, tl. Lisneny, tl. Lisnereward, tl. Lisneroghy, pl. Lisnesallagh, tl. Lisnesharragh, tl. Lisneside, tl. Lisneskea, pl. Lisneslickan, Lisnestrean, tl. Lisnevagh, Lisney, pl. Lisnibrinnie, tl. Lisnimuky, tl. Lisninarged, pl. Lisnogally, pl. Lisnusk, pl. Lisnygeragh, pl. Lispopble, tl. Lispopell, pl. Lisquill, tl. Lisraherke, pl. Lisrany, Lisroin, tl. Lisronagh, Lisronagh Lisronan, tl. Lisryan, tl. Liss McMurphy, tl. Lissabrake, pl. Lissacrin, tl. Lissadine, tl. Lissagane, pl. Lissaghan, tl. Lissalican, Lissamoill, tl. Lissan Lissan Lissanabracke, tl. Lissanafahy, tl. Lissanuffey, tl. Lissanuffoy, Lissanuffy, Lissaraly, pl. Lissard, Lissarra, tl. Lissaverragh, tl. Lisscall, tl. Lisscalmore, tl. Lisscollane, Lissconan, pl. Lissconillane, tl. Lissduffe, tl. Lisse, pl. Lissealty, tl. Lissebane, pl. Lissecarny, tl. Lissechan, tl. Lissegriffin, Lisselton Lissenarin, tl. Lissenduffe, pl. Lissenegosenagh, pl. Lissenera, tl. Lissennoran, tl. Lissenoide, tl. Lissessmuttane, tl. Lissevatick, tl. Lissevoyran, tl. Lissgoole, tl. Lissgrany, tl. Lisshane, pl. Lissigorane, tl. Lissigroome, tl. Lissin Ballyerke, pl. Lissincuny, tl. Lissindermott, pl. Lissine, Lissinea, tl. Lissingteagh, tl. Lissinguny, tl. Lissiniskey, tl. Lissinisky, pl. LissKritten, pl. Lissmagoonin, tl. Lissmore, Lissmulbreedy, tl. Lissnagh, tl. Lissnealine, tl. Lissneclenty, Lissnegriss, tl. Lissnemuck, tl. Lissnesilly, pl. Lissobvan, pl. Lissodobbs, pl. Lissofine, Lissogally, tl. Lissogaman, pl. Lissogamon, pl. Lissomcy Vigan, tl. Lissomen, tl. Lisson, Lissoneire, pl. Lissonuffy Lissraghtigan, tl. Lissrunty, tl. Lisstibbott, tl. Lissunisky, tl. Lisswyne, tl. Lissy Lisseene, tl. Lissyrorke, tl. Listagole, pl. Listames, Listanvolly, tl. Listebridy, pl. Lister-derry, pl. Listerlin Listerling, Listetrum, pl. Listillane, Listillicarran, tl. Listillyard, tl. Listitudinan, tl. Listlee, tl. Listolke, tl. Listooder, tl. Listotane, tl. Listowel Listowel Listowel Listowhell, Listras, tl. Listrilick, pl. Listroling, tl. Listry, tl. Listrym, tl. Listuell-fresh, tl. Listveile, tl. Lisula, pl. Lisvallerow, tl. Lisvallynagroghbeg, pl. Lisvallynagroghmor, pl. Lisvargue, pl. Lisvicke, tl. Lisvodick, tl. Lisvrelane, tl. Litrim, pl. Litter, Litter Litterboy, pl. Litterkeane, pl. Litterloan, tl. Little Island Littlestowne, tl. Littleton Liverie, pl. Lixnaw, tl. Lizard boy, Llongfford, pl. lo'ghbri'kl'nd Loagermore, tl. Loarierose, tl. Lochan, pl. Lochane, pl. Lochneboy, tl. Lochon Iland, Lockards tone, tl. Lockenbeaghy, pl. Lodge, tl. Loetowne, tl. Logamorly, pl. Logan, tl. Logans herd, tl. Logattinigh, pl. Logchichan, pl. Logg Currin, pl. Logh Kent, pl. Loghaber, pl. Loghadvarinsch, Loghall, tl. Loghan, tl. Loghanafeleene, tl. Loghanagore, tl. Loghanlonagh, tl. Loghans towne, Loghanstone, tl. Loghanton, Loghbragh, pl. Loghbrickland, Loghdein, tl. Loghdoomeare, tl. Loghduff, tl. Loghdyghin, tl. Logheaske, Logherbegg, tl. Loghertcannan, tl. Loghevine, tl. Loghfoyle, Loghgale, tl. Loghgalgrin, pl. Loghgall, Loghgeell, Loghgilly, Loghgoure, Loghgoure Mill, Loghill, Loghill Loghine, Loghinsholin, Loghkeene, LoghKerne, Loghkillands, tl. Loghleage, pl. Loghlesh, pl. Loghlin, tl. Loghlongherry, pl. Loghmearan, Loghmoney, tl. Loghorne, tl. Loghrass, Loghres, tl. Loghrescow, tl. Loghscurr, tl. Loghshinigh, pl. Loghtowne, pl. Loghtrott, Loghuir, tl. Lognamakin, Lognemanok, Logs towne, tl. Lomclon, Lomon, Lond.Urban #2 Londers towne, London, LONDON DERRY, LONDONDERRY, Londonderry Lonford, Long, Long House, Long Island, Longe towne, Longfeill, Longfield, Longfield East Longfield W. LONGFORD, Longford, Longford Longhill, Longhouse, tl. Longraige, tl. Lood, Lorane, Lorcony, tl. Lorga, Lorgaclabey, pl. Lorgallea, Lorgam-Keele, tl. Lorgan, Lorgecumlagh, Lorgencomy, Lorgin, Lorha, Lorrha Lorum Losht, Loskerane, tl. Loskid, Losmagh, Losset, Lougawell, Lough, Loughacoe, pl. Loughan or Castlekeeran Loughanreagh, Loughanstowne, Loughbrackan Loughchapple, Loughcrew Loughgall, Loughgall Loughgall Loughgilly, Loughgilly Loughgonan, Loughguile Loughill, Loughinisland Loughkeen Loughlinstowne, Loughmoe, Loughmoe East Loughmoe W. Loughorchard, Loughort Feramer, tl. Loughrea Loughrea louisb'rgh #2 louisburgh #1 Lounelone, LOUTH, Louth Low Erenagh, Low Fisherstreete, Low Island, tl. Low range, Lowally, tl. Lowen, Lower towne, Lowran, Lowrath, Lowtagh-begg, tl. Lowtaghmore, tl. LOWTH, Lowth, Lowthertwone, pl. Luart, Lubitavish, Lublogh, Lubstowne, Lucan, Lucan Lucher, tl. Lucketts towne, Luddan, Ludden Luddenbeg, Luddenmore, Luens towne, tl. Luffeg, tl. Lufferry, Luffinny, Lughuimg, Luiny, Lukestowne, Lullymore Lumbardie, Lunes towne, Lunge, Lunnary, Lunully, Luragh, Lurga, Lurgaboy, Lurgan Lurgan Lurgan #2 Lurgan Cott, tl. Lurgan teaury, Lurgan Veele, Lurgancughan, Lurgane, Lurgen Cullenboy, Lurgmare, Lusk Lusk Luske, Luske, East, Luskeran, Luskoeburrow, Lusmagh Lustikill, Luttrellstowne, Lutture, Lyagh more, Lyahy, Lyan, Lyminmily, Lynally Lynamuck, Lynane, Lynanestowne, pl. Lyne of
Mounteredy, pl. Lynestowne, pl. Lynges towne, tl. Lyngs towne, tl. Lynn, Lynn Lyons Lyons, tl. Lyra, pl. Lyrogue, pl. Lysnadorke, pl. Lysnaspeenan, pl. Lysnebin, tl. Lyssyne Frankigh, pl.

M:   Mabegge, pl. Mabestowne, pl. Mabous towne, tl. Macaross, Macasquy, Mace towne, Macetown Macherally, Macheredroll, tl. Macherluan, tl. Machery Sall, tl. Machinach, tl. Machmaculline, tl. Machreboy, pl. Machrecone, pl. Machricorren, tl. Machrimore, tl. Machrisolus, tl. Mackeinagh, tl. Mackenagh, pl. Mackmain, tl. Macknagh, pl. Macknaneskie, tl. Mackwry, tl. Maclagha, tl. Macloneigh Macollop, Macosquin Macosquy, Macroney Macroom Macroom Macroom Macruss, Macrusse, tl. Macurkill, pl. Maddogs towne, tl. Maddyboy, tl. Madekeell, pl. Madins towne, tl. Madorro, Mafragee, pl. Maganstowne, pl. Magantrim, tl. Magee, Magerlagan, tl. Magermay, tl. Magh beg, Maghan, tl. Maghara, Magharafelt, Magharalin, Magharalinch, tl. Maghareby, tl. Magharemere, tl. Magharemesk, Magharemoore, tl. Magharibeg, pl. Magharinaskeagh, pl. Maghera Maghera Maghera Magherabegg, tl. Magheracloone Magheracross Magheracross Magheraculmoney Magheradrool Magherafelt Magherafelt Magheragall Magherahamlet Magheralin Magheralin Magherally Magheramesk Magheranoir, tl. Maghercarncass, tl. Maghereboy, Magherecloney, Maghereclony, Maghereconlish, tl. Magheredernan, Magheredrole, Magheregary, tl. Maghereher, pl. Magherelogh, pl. Magherentenrie, pl. Magheretemple, pl. Magherhaulett, Magheriardan, Magheriarny, tl. Magheribeg, Magheridramen, Magheridrumon, Magheriehee, tl. Magherienan, Magherierorty, tl. Magherihober, Magherimagangan, Magherimore, Magherireagh, tl. Magherishanvally, tl. Magherisosky, Magherknock, tl. Maghernacley, pl. Maghernevery, tl. Magheroan, pl. Magheross Magherryboye, tl. Maghertempane, tl. Maghery East, Maghery Killcrany, tl. Magheryarne, pl. Magheryboy, pl. Magherycoolemoney, Magherycoolmony, Magherycross, Magheryhy, Magherymore, tl. Magherynagenan, pl. Magherynagiran, Magheryraghin, Maghraboy, pl. Maghrabuy, Maghrafelt, Maghragall, Maghramoney, tl. Maghreagh, tl. Maghredorun, tl. Maghremenagh, tl. Maghremore, tl. Maghrescows, tl. Maghretlay, tl. Maghrichastle, pl. Maghrybuy, Magilstowne, pl. Maglas, Magorban Magourney Magowry Magrabny, pl. Magravidd, tl. Magre Murphy, Magreahan, tl. Magredogery, tl. Magremor, pl. Magrileaue, pl. Magstowne, Magulleene, tl. Maharanelick, pl. Mahergrane, tl. Maherinillicke, pl. Mahernac, tl. Mahon, tl. Mahony, tl. Mahoonagh Mahor, pl. Mahownough, Mahsade, tl. Maiheronena, Maine, Mainham Majaskell, Majvaghlye, Makillan, Mala, pl. Malaffin, tl. Malahiddart, Malahide, Malahide Malahide Malahowe, Malbracke, Malen, tl. Maliards towne, tl. Maligaton, pl. Maligeton, Malin Malinonea, Malla, Mallachinch, tl. Mallaghbane, tl. Mallardstown Mallavoge, Mallosker, tl. Mallow Mallow Mallyboy, tl. Maloboy, tl. Malogowne, tl. Malrankan, Malrannan, Malt, Mamore, Managh, Managhans towne, tl. Mananton, Mandefeild, Manernagart, pl. Manes Royall, pl. Mangan, tl. Mangane, pl. Manister, pl. Manlinmucky, pl. Mannaghgullen, Mannen, Manner, Manner Hamilton, tl. Manning, tl. Mannor Hamilton, tl. Mannr Archdall, pl. Mannye, pl. Manogher, tl. manorhamilton Manorhamilton Mansfieldstown Manshy, tl. Manulla Manusbeg, tl. Mapastown Mapers towne, Mapestowne, tl. Maquinihy, Marara, tl. Marckrea, tl. Mardneglasse, tl. Margart, pl. Marhin Marhine, Mariborrough, Markethill Marlecowbegg, tl. Marlecowmoore, tl. Marles towne, Marlestown Marmosune, Marmullane Marriborugh, Marshal towne, Marshall rath, tl. Marshallstowne, Marshals towne, Marshalstown Martins towne, Martinton, Martry, Martry Martyns towne, tl. Martynstown, tl. Maryborogh, Maryborou Maryborrogh, Maryborrough, Masagleen, Masareene, Mase, tl. Masrigue, tl. Massareene, Masserelane, tl. Massinass, Mastrim, tl. Matehy Mattehey, Mattehy, Maudlin town, Maudlin towne, Maudling Streete, Maudlintown Mauellin, Maulbrack, Maulbyvard, pl. Maulcosligg, tl. Maulegaffe, tl. Mauleniskelly Mauleny Girry, Maulenyskehy, pl. Mauligh, tl. Maulincuohie, tl. Maulinruogie, tl. Maulneskemeny, tl. Maulrame, tl. Maulrauer, tl. Mauny, Mavanahir, tl. Mawes, Mawlemawne, May Cashell, Mayboy, Maybron, pl. Maydowne, tl. Mayglass Mayhergillernew, tl. Mayme, pl. Maymore, Mayne, Mayne Mayne Mayne Mayne, Little, pl. Maynham, tl. Mayns royall, Maynstowne, MAYO, Mayo, Mayo Mayock, pl. Maytowne, tl. Mayvicullen, tl. Mayvoure, tl. McRian, tl. Meadstown, Meadstowne, Meaghavagh, Meane, Meaneletterbaille, Meanttroggane, tl. Meanus, Meanus, East Mearningesland, tl. Mease, tl. Meateestowne, pl. MEATH, Meath Meath Meath Meath Meath Meath towne, tl. Meeillrath, tl. Meelick Meelick Meelnagh Meenvane, Meeshill, tl. Megonan, Mehann, Melicke, tl. Melidee, Mell, tl. Mellaghmore, tl. Mellefont, Mellefonts Town, Mellenagh, Mellendery, tl. Mellimore, Menagh, Menalon, Menedaragh, Menogh, Meogh Nearly, Meohgally, Merchants Key Mevagh, Mevagh Meybrick, tl. Meyn begg, pl. Michells town, Michellstowne, tl. Michelstowne, Micknans towne, tl. Middlethird, Middleton Mideene, Midlethird, Midleton, Midleton Mifordstowne, tl. Mihoragh, tl. Milbowne, tl. Milcon, tl. Mileaker, pl. Milecross, Miles, tl. Milestowne, Milford Milford Milford, pl. Mill, Mill, Mill Grange, tl. Mill of Balliteige, Mill of Colledin, Mill of Terfecan, Mill towne Pass, tl. Milladuff, pl. Millagh, Millcastle, tl. Mille, Mille of Coyle, Milleconny, tl. Millengon, Millens, Millers Parke, tl. Millicke, tl. Millits towne, Millox towne, Millstreet Milltown Milltowne, Milltowne, Milltowne Fallon, tl. Milstowne, tl. Milteran, Miltoran, tl. Miltown, Miltowne, Miltowne, Milverstowne, Mimagh, Minard Minegaben, Minemore, Minenasamer, Mineogalane, Mineragh, Minhirragh, Minibranan, Minihughan, Minis towne, Minour, Minress, Minrin, Mintallaghes, tl. Mintiaghs or
Barr of Inch Minure, Mirchell, tl. Mirikagh, Mirmihellgrany, tl. Miry, Mishells, Mitchelstown Mitchelstown Mlaghern, Moaliffe, Moasta, tl. Moat:Granoge, tl. Moate, the, Moate, tl. Mobernane, Mocassin, Mocklerstowne, pl. Moddelly, Modeligo, Modelligo Modelligo, tl. Modeshil Modessell, Modoge, tl. Modreeny Modrenhy, Moeh, tl. Moehraneene, tl. Moeldrom, pl. Mogargy, tl. Mogaver, Mogeely, Mogeely Mogeesha Mogelnegne, pl. Mogerbane, pl. Mogh, Moghane, tl. Moghans towne, tl. Mogher, tl. Mogheremorne, pl. Mogherlisrirke, pl. Moghermolenane, tl. Moghertragh, tl. Mogherymonagh, pl. Moglass, pl. Mognagh, tl. Mognoge, pl. Mogoalla, tl. Mogora, Mogorbane, Mogorough, Mogownde, Mogowry, Mogran, Mogrew, Mohell, Moher, Moherlegath, Mohiden, Mohill, Mohill Mohill Mohill Mohill Mohobbur, Mohoney, Moige, Moigh, Moineagh, Moineene, Moinino, Moinnerowe, tl. Moira Moira Mokarky, Molaghnakilla, tl. Molaghnasyby, Molahiffe, Molahiffe Molahiffe Molane, tl. Molcloghran, tl. Moletraghkill, tl. Moletraghtay, tl. Molevee, Molhyanstowne, pl. Molibegg, tl. Mollagh, Mollaghard, Mollan, MollenKegh, Mollenony, pl. Mollimeaghan, Mollindiume, Mollingar, Mollis, pl. Molloghmast, tl. Molock beg, Molough Molringe, tl. Momein, mon'ym're Monacoghlan, Monacudde, pl. Monagay Monagh, MONAGHAN, Monaghan, Monaghan Monaghan Monaghanduff, pl. Monaghbegg, Monaghmore, tl. Monahan, Monahay, tl. Monahie, Monalan, Monalorane, Monamintra Monamolin Monananen, Monanes, Monanimy Monaree, Monarlargy, Monart Monasteranenagh Monasterboice Monasterevan Monasterevin Monasterneanagh, Monasterneny, Monasteroris Monastry, Monck towne, Moncloynt, Mondowy, Mondrahad, Monealean, Moneam, Moneard, Monebrinn, Monecloyne, Moneene, Moneff, Monegea, Monegillagh, tl. Monehenum, Monek, Monelany, Monelarban, tl. Monell, Monelubane, Monemantreghmore, tl. Monemedroole, Monemehill, pl. Monemoling, tl. Monemontraghbeg,tl. Monemore, tl. Monemrodde, tl. Monenekirky, tl. Monenemogh, tl. Monenglare, tl. Moneogennigh, Monephat, pl. Monerar, tl. Monerno, Monero, pl. Monescribagh, Moness, Monesterboye, Monestereuen, tl. Monesteroris, Monesterroris, Moneteik, Monetokry, tl. Money McKyn, Moneycaragh, tl. Moneydrombrist, tl. Moneygall, Moneyneban, tl. Monfad, Mongan, Mongarlin, Monglasse, Mongue, tl. Monhenry, Monidarah, Moniduallt, Monilagan, Moninalegh, Monings towne, tl. Monintown, tl. Moniseede, tl. Monishnare, tl. Monisillagh, tl. Moniskallaghan, tl. Monitary, tl. Monitum, Monivea Monkes grange Monknewtown Monks land, Monksgrange Monksland Monkstown Monkstown Monktown Monmore, Monmorey, Monnane, Monnev, Monney, Monninton, MONOGHAN, Monoghan, Monoghnagh, pl. Mononsdihy, pl. Monpotog, Monrath, tl. Monsea Montagh, tl. Montallone, Montglass, Montiaghs Montohogy, Montrath, Mony cooly, tl. Mony Groouse, Monyallagher, Monydoroghbegg, Monydoroghmore, Monydregie, tl. Monyduff, tl. Monyduffe, tl. Monyegne, tl. Monygebagham, pl. Monygogie, tl. Monygormey, tl. Monyhaghly, Monyhoan, tl. Monykelwary, tl. Monylea, tl. Monyloghy, Monymohill, tl. Monymoore, tl. Monyne, Monyparsons, Monyquill, Monyranell, tl. Monyrenan, Monyscalpe, tl. Monyshalin, tl. Monystean, tl. Monyvohullughane, Monywory, Mooffe, tl. Moolet, Moone Moone, Kilkae and, Moone, Kilkea, Moone, tl. Mooneginene, Moonemore, Moonooney, Moontagh, pl. Moor towne, Moor towne, of Learchyll, tl. Moorchurch, Moore, Moore Moore Abby, Moorechurch Moorell, Mooreread, Mooreside, Moorestowne, pl. Mooresyd, Mooretowne, Moorgagagh Moorton, tl. Moortown, Moquile, tl. Mora Moras, Morchurch, tl. More Bane, More towne, tl. Moreane, tl. Moreely, Morenore, pl. Morestowne, Morestowne Kirke, Morgans, Morgans Morganstowne, Morhy, Morish towne, Moriss, Moritte, Morlings, tl. Mornane, tl. Mornyn, Morragh bogg, Morris Scullin, Morristownbiller Morristowne, tl. Morrogh, Morrough, pl. Mors towne, tl. Morsin, tl. Mortellstowne, tl. Mortestowne, Mortlestown Mortowne, Morvagh, tl. Moryseriant, tl. Mosside, pl. Mosstown Mostowne, Mostrim Mote, tl. Motenvally, tl. Motey, tl. Mothel Mothell, Mothell Moughlane, Moul McRedmond, pl. Moulloch, tl. Moultrahane, Mounigaffe, Mounk towne, pl. Mounsea, pl. Mounsell, pl. Mount Owen, Mountaine Castle, tl. Mountaine, tl. Mountbellew Mountereredy, Mountlong, Mountmellick, Mountmellick mountmellick Mountnorris Mountpill, tl. Mountrath Mountrath, pl. Mountshannon Mourgarr, tl. Mourne Mourneabbey Mourrouton, Movally, pl. Movannogh, pl. Moveene, Moveinryes, Moviddy Movill, Movilla, tl. Moville Moville Lower Moville Upper Mowelly, tl. Mowney Moy, Moyacomb Moyacomb Moyacomb Moyadd, Moyadmore, tl. Moyaliff Moyalle, Moyanna Moyarta Moyatelly, tl. Moybay, tl. Moybilly, tl. Moybolgue Moybolgue Moycarky Moycarnan, Moycashell, Moycelan, Moyclary, tl. Moycluntye, tl. Moycreg, Moycullen Moycurry, tl. Moydalgan, tl. Moydoragh, Moydoucaght, Moydow Moydowe, Moyello, Moyelly, pl. Moyergitt, Moyettican, tl. Moyfada, tl. Moyferta, Moygara, tl. Moygawnagh Moyge, tl. Moygh, Moyghmore, Moyghs, Moyglare Moyglass, Moygoishe, Moygoll, tl. Moygullin, Moyhill, MoyKiran, Moylagh, Moylagh Moylane, Moyle, Moyle Abbey, tl. Moyleglan, tl. Moyler towne, pl. Moylers towne, tl. Moyles, Off the, Moyles, tl. Moylesker, Moylisane, Moylisann, pl. Moylisker Moylitteragh, Moylmey, Moylough Moylurge, tl. Moymakulen, tl. Moymet Moymore, tl. Moymoredry, tl. Moynagh, Moynahan, Moynalty Moynart, Moyne, Moyne Moyne Moyneconif, tl. Moyneegne, tl. Moyneguigye, Moynhore, tl. Moynish, tl. Moynoe, Moynoe Moynster, Moynure, Moyo, Moyola, Moyownagh, tl. Moyreash, tl. Moyrhy, tl. Moyrough, tl. Moyrus Moys town, Moytunke, tl. Moyually, Moyvanan, Moyvane, Mrdovellane, tl. Mt. Mellick Muccorus, tl. Much Grange, tl Muchaviline, tl. Muchrath, tl. Muchwood, tl. Muckalee Muckalta, Muckamore, Muckaris, Muckenagh, Muckenish, tl. Muckerie, Muckers towne, Mucklagh, Mucklon, Mucklone, pl. Mucknish, Muckno Muckridge, pl. Muckrush, pl. Mucks toune, tl. Muckully, Mucrony, Muctetybegg, pl. Mueretymore, pl. Muff Muff, tl. Muffe, Mugessy, Muinard, tl. Mulachbuy, pl. Mulaghcore, pl. Mulaghcosht, pl. Mulaghduff, pl. Mulaghjordan, pl. Mulaghmore, Mulaghoaghtragh, pl. Mulaghtian, tl. Mulaghtylan, tl. Mularee, Mulariagh, Mulchans towne, tl. Muldony, Muldrom, tl. Mulhuddart Mulibeill, pl. Mulick, Mulinlisk, pl. Mulkeragh, tl. Mullabane, pl. Mullabreeke, Mullacarton, pl. Mullacreogh, Mullagbane, tl. Mullagdrinn, Mullagh, Mullagh Mullagh Ferny, Mullagh garran, pl. Mullagh in Sinan, pl. Mullagh-kippin, pl. Mullagharne, Mullaghbane, Mullaghbrack Mullaghbrake, tl. Mullaghbreak, Mullaghcask, Mullaghcroghey, Mullaghdarke, tl. Mullaghdon, Mullaghdou, pl. Mullaghdow-Gorther, pl. Mullagheloghey, pl. Mullaghfearna, Mullaghglas, Mullaghglass Mullaghinteer, pl. Mullaghmeene, pl. Mullaghmoore, tl. Mullaghmore, Mullaghnasallagh, tl. Mullaghnetarne, pl. Mullaghroe, tl. Mullaghsilogagh, pl. Mullaghtee, tl. Mullagilliholme, pl. Mullaglasse, tl. Mullagmore, tl. Mullahnagrott, pl. Mullahorne, pl. Mullakbrak, tl. Mullaketerry, tl. Mullalelish, tl. Mullalogh, Mullan, tl. Mullanaca, Mullanagonn, pl. Mullane, tl. Mullanossagh, Mullary, Mullary Mullasker, Mullatagin, Mullatornegah, tl. Mullatust, Mullawdroy, Mulleahen, Mullebracke, tl. Mulledroy, Mullelogh, pl. Mullen, Mullenahone, tl. Mullenamucke, tl. Mullenan, Mullenary, Mullenbrohe, tl. Mullencrosse, tl. Mullenecogh, Mullenehunshevan, Mullenemucke, tl. Mullenestillan, Mullenevanhoe, Mullens, Mullens towne, Mullenult, Mullenweager, Mullgans towne, Mullheade, tl. Mulliane, tl. Mulliar, Mullicomd, pl. Mullidorragh, pl. Mulligarry, pl. Mulligary, tl. Mulligillyholme, pl. Mullimane, pl. Mullin, Mullinacuff Mullinahone Mullinary, Mullinaskartey, pl. Mullindeber, pl. Mullindoney, pl. Mullinemane, pl. Mullinenagh, tl. Mullineyny, Mullingar, Mullingar Mullingar Mullingar Mullinglashan, Mullingour, pl. Mullinham, Mullins, tl. Mullintra, Mullislogh, Mulliturmaly, tl. Mullity-Thomas, pl. Mullmacross, pl. Mullogh, Mullogh cloe, tl. Mullogh upp, Mullro, Mullum, Mullurtan, Mully Knochow, pl. Mullyard, tl. Mullylane, tl. Mullyletra, tl. Mullynadaragh, Mullyneskegh, Mulmabrowe, Mulmoran, tl. Mulnaseno, Muloghlograngh, tl. Mulone, pl. Mulrankin Muls, Multifarnan, Multifernan,tl. multyfarnh'm Multyfarnham Mulvagh, Mumimore, Mumore, Munanaleene, tl. Munck towne, Muncks town, Mune More, Munegrevan, Munekeman, pl. Muney, pl. Mungan, tl. Mungrest, Mungret Mungrett Mungrett gate Munidaragh, Munkstown, pl. Munlaghglas, pl. Munnenoe, pl. Munnige, pl. Munnimore, Munny, tl. Munsfieldtowne tl Munterconnaught Muntermilan, tl. Munuossane, tl. Muny, Munyboy, tl. Muraghmore, pl. Murderye, pl. Murher Murhur, Murlagh, Murleagh, tl. Murorkan, tl. Murragh, Murragh Murragh Murrirrigane, tl. Murro Castle, tl. Murroe Murusk, pl. Murvagh, tl. Mush towne, tl. Muskeagh, pl. Muyny, Myaghedoan, tl. Mychaell, pl. Mylards towne, tl. Mylerstown Myles towne, tl. Mylodstowne, pl. Mylone, pl. Mynard, Myncregge, tl. Mynes, pl. Mynetstowne, pl. Myniskie, tl. Mynowth, tl. Mynyloyne, tl. Myrns, pl. Myross Myrusse, Myshall

N:   Naall, Naas, Naas Naas Naas &
Carragh Naase, Nachan, tl. Naghluske, Naghod, tl. Nagluske, Namaderry, Nangor, pl. Nantenan, Nantinan Naptowne, Narowe Water, tl. Narragh, Narraghmore Narraghmore, tl. Nash, tl. Nashtowne, tl. Nauin, tl. Naul Naule, Nauntenane, tl. Navan, Navan Navan Navan Neadannora, tl. Neadeene, Nealstowne, pl. Neameknogher, tl. Neddans, Neddans Nedenemore, tl. Nedenneghbeg, tl. Nedstowne, pl. Nedyne, tl. Neefeeny, tl. Nehum, Neithercross, Neithercrosse, Nemis towne, tl. Nenagh, Nenagh Nenagh Nenagh Nespelstowne, pl. Nether towne, tl. Nevenstowne, pl. New Abby, tl. New Assane, tl. New bane, tl. New Buildings, New Castle downe tl New church, tl. new.ham'lt'n New Manner, tl. New Mills, pl. New Orchard, New Parke, New Ross, New Ross New Ross New Rosse, New towne, Newbawn Newbay, tl. Newbristie, tl. Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Lr. Newcastle Upper Newcastle & Uppercrosse Newcastle & Uppercrosse Newcestown, pl. Newchapel Newchapple Newchapple-
orchardstowne pl Newell, pl. Newhaggard, Newhall, Newhaven, pl. Newhouse, tl. Newimings, pl. Newland, Newminges, pl. Newport Newport Newporton, pl. Newragh, tl. Newrbegg, pl. Newrey, tl. Newrmore, pl. Newry, Newry Newry Newry Newry Newry #1 Newry #2 Newstreet Ward, pl.'y newt.stew'rt Newton, Newton Crommlin Newton, Little, tl. Newton of Kilbride, tl. Newtowleman, Newtowlennan, Newtown, Newtown Newtown Newtown, Little, Newtown of Slane, tl. Newtownards Newtownards Newtownards Newtownbutler Newtownclonbun Newtowne Newtowne, Newtowne, Newtowne, Newtowne, Newtowne, Newtowne, Newtowne, Clonmene
of, Newtowne, E., tl. Newtowne, Great, pl. Newtowne Lannane, Newtowne Leman, Newtowne Lemavady, tl. Newtowne, Little, Newtowne-
Longford, tl. Newtowne Macabb, Newtowne-
Monesterboy, tl. Newtowne of Balscaddan,pl. Newtowne of Cowlocke,pl. Newtowne of Donshoghly,pl Newtowne of Garistowne, pl. Newtowne one
the Strand, Newtowne Staleban tl Newtowne Terfecan tl Newtowneanoc, pl. Newtownhamilton Newtownlennan Neyland, Nichas towne, Nicholas towne, Nichollestowne, pl. Nichollstowne, Nichols towne, tl. Nicholstown, pl. Nine acres, tl. Nislrath, tl. Noafe, tl. Nobber Noghauale, Noghevall, Noghovall, Nohaval Nohaval Nohavaldaly Nohavaldaly Nohovall, None Dubred, pl. Noordtowne, pl. Norire, Norrileagh, Norris towne, Nottstowne, pl. Noughaval Noughaval Noughaval Noune, pl. Noynebeg, tl. Nue towne, tl. Nuge, tl. Numrican, tl. Nunes towne, tl. Nunis lane, tl. Nunrie, tl. Nuns quarter, tl. Nurath, pl. Nurney Nurney Nurny, Nynch, tl. Nyre, tl.

O:   O Brenan, O Dorny, O Kilclonfarte, pl. O Neyland, O Neyland Cones, O'Brennan O'Briensbridge O'Dorney Oberis towne, tl. Obriestowne, pl. Obris towne, tl. Ochterlin, Odagh Odder, tl. Oden, pl. Offahalea, pl. Offay, Offerlane Ofowe, Ogekell, tl. Oghafaye, Ogham, tl. Oghill, tl. Oghley, tl. Ogles, Ogonnelloe Ogula, Ogulla, Ogulla OKyle, Old Booly, tl. Old Court, pl. Old Forge, tl. Old Grange Old Hall, tl. Old Laughlin, Old Orchard, pl. Old Orchard, the, Old parke, tl. Old Rosse, Old towne, Oldcastle Oldcastle Oldcastle Oldconnaught Oldconnell Olderrigg, pl. Oldleighlin Oldross Oldtort, tl. Omagh Omagh #2 Omey Onclochy, pl. One Pokine, pl. Onereagh, tl. Onges towne, Oola Ophaly, Ophaly = Offaly Ophalye, Oran, Oran Oranmore Orbeg, Orchard, Orchardstowne, Ordok, Ordress, Orlen, Orlog, Ormond, Lr. Ormond, Upper, Ormonds part of Rathcass Orny, tl. Orphahum, Orrery, Orrery and Kilmore Orrmore, Orryer, Ortaghmore, Ortaghmoyle, Oryer, Osbers towne, Osna, Osory, Ossery, Ossery, Upper, Ossory, Ossory Ossory Ossory Ossory, Upper, Ougham, Oughaval Oughill Desert, Oughmale, Oughmanea, tl. Oughtagh, Oughteragh Oughterah, Oughterard Oughterard Oughterard, tl. Oughterhery, tl. Oughterhiry, tl. Oughterleage, Oughterleague Oughtgellane, Oughtmama Oughtmania, Ouill, Ould Abby, tl. Ould Bridy, tl. Ould Castle, tl. Ould Church, Ould Conehy, Ould Connell, Ould Court, Ould Rosse, Ould toune, tl. Ould towne, Ouldgrane, pl. Ouldhead, Ouldmill, pl. Oulert-leagh, pl. Oulglass, pl. Oulord, Oulteaghe, Ouskeigh, pl. Outall, pl. Outeragh Outragh, Outrath, Outrath Ovanh, Ovens, Ovins towne, Owell, tl. Owen, Owen Begg, tl. Owenbryden, Owenduff Owens, Owensherrey, Owenstowne, Owhny, Owins towne, Owl towne Geewbane, Owlerdard, Owney, Owning Owny, Owny, and Arra, Oximan, pl.

P:   Pace, Little, pl. Padingstowne, tl. Paines towne, tl. Painestown Painestown Painestown Painstone Littell, tl. Painstowne, Painstowne, Great, tl. Palannagh, tl. Pale, pl. Pallardstowne, Pallice, Pallice Town, pl. Pallich, tl. Palline, pl. Pallis, Pallish, tl. Pallismore, tl. Pallistry, tl. Palmers towne, Palmers-hill, Palmerstown Palmerstowne, Palnalty, tl. Palstowne, Parballintubber, tl. Parcellstone, tl. Parke, Parke, Parke, Lower, Parke, Mr Brinfs, Parkenaule, tl. Parkesgrove, tl. Parkeswood, Parkneswell, Parks towne, Parnellstowne, Parsonage, pl. Parsons towne, Parsonston, Parsonstown Parsonstown Parteen, Parteencoreny, Particles Partnecloduffe, pl. Pasloestowne, Paslogstowne, Pass of Kilbride Passadge, tl. Passage, Pat Chapple, Patecale, Pategare, Pategew, Patreliske, Patricks towne, Patricks Well, Patt Mave, pl. Pauchestowne, tl. Paulestowne, tl. Pawhans towne, tl. Paynestowne, tl. Paynstowne, Peackocks towne, Peales towne, tl. Pedanstowne, pl. Pee, tl. Peeter Street, Peircestowne, Peirs Balsee, tl. Peisl, pl. Pelletstowne, pl. Pembrocks towne, tl. Pembrokestown, pl. Pembroxtown, tl. Peperstowne, pl. Peppardstown Peppers towne, tl. Peppertowne, Percly land, tl. Peter Street, Petertowne, pl. Petigoe, Pettigoe Pettits towne, Phe More, pl. Pheblestowne, pl. Phenanny, tl. Pheniscourt, Pheopostowne, pl. Phewes, Philipstown, Philipstown Phillippstowne, Phillipptowne, Phillipstowne, Phipps Parke, Phromples towne, tl. Piercetown Piercetown Piers towne, tl. Piles towne, tl. Pilltown Pilltowne, tl. Pipers rath, Pipers towne, tl. Piratts towne, tl. Pitchers towne, Placus, tl. Plaister, Plantasion, Plaragh, tl. Plattin, tl. Plattine, Playster, tl. Pleberstown Pleberstowne, Ploudboher, tl. Pluckanes, Pluckres towne, Plumb Bridge Poble Bryen, PobleRagh, Poinstowne, pl. Polcaple, Poldarge, tl. Pole Caple, Polegare, Polemghell, tl. Polequine, tl. Polhore, tl. Poligowre, Polikimy, Pollagh, Polland, Pollans, Pollardstown Pollardstowne, Pollebane, tl. Pollegill, Pollentnue, Pollrone Polmaloe, tl. Polmountie, Polran, Polrankan, Polregan, Pomeroy Pomeroy Pomp Streete, Poocestowne, Pookestowne, Poole bane, Poolnosoni, Poore Towne, Poores towne, Poorewood, tl. Porbollaghame, Porris, Porrish, Port, Port Port Crussy, Portaferry Portahinch, Portainlian, Portalig, Portavo, Porte, Porteferry, tl. Porterston, Porterstowne, Portevoggy, tl. Portglenone Portglenone Portgrib, Portgurten, Portinohy, Portinure, tl. Portlaw Portleeke, tl. Portlester, tl. Portline, Portlogh, Portloman, Portloman Portmarnock, Portmarnock Portmarnocke, Portmush, Portnascully Portnashangan Portneholly, Portnelegan, tl. Portnesangan, Portnescolly, Portnihinch, Portnyhinch, Portonoboe, Portonoe, Portoran, Portpier, pl. Portraine Portrarne, Portreene, Portrines gate, Portrush Portrush, pl. Ports, tl. Portthree naud, Possecks towne, tl. Pottoch, Pouderlogh, tl. Poulbane,tl. Poulbrean, tl. Poulcullickie, tl. Poulebane, tl. Poulecherry, pl. Poulefory, Poulenacoona, tl. Poulenicc, Poulioury, tl. Poullevarly, Poullvall, tl. Poulroan, Poulroe, tl. Poulsallagh, tl. Powerscourt Powerstown Powlemillen, Powrestowne, pl. Poyntzpass Poyteighagh, pl. Prasna, pl. Preban Prehane, pl. Prehen, tl. Prestowne, pl. Preys towne, tl. Prickes hayes, tl. Priestland, pl. Priestowne, tl. Primats towne, tl. Prinstowne, tl. Prior Priors towne, Prishaggard, tl. Pristland, pl. Prohish, pl. Prohonus, Proleeke, tl. Promstowne, pl. Propoge, tl. Prosclount, tl. Prospect, tl. Prouds towne, tl. Pryorstowne, pl. Pullier towne, tl. Pullin, tl. Pullington, Pump Streete, Punchards grandy, Punechaka, tl. Purcells Inch, Purcells towne, tl. Purtnaghie, Purtrashin, Pyerc towne,

Q:   Quaronekea, Quarter Colmack, tl. Quarter, tl. Quarter Town, Quartne, pl. QUEENES COUNTY, QUEENS COUNTY, Querren, tl. Qugumanger, tl. Qugunaleike, tl. Qugunasher, tl. Quigalagh, pl. Quilearrymoy, tl. Quillan, Quillies, Quillin, Quilly, East, tl. Quilly, tl. Quin Quin Quinhy, Quinnagh, Quoans towne, tl. Quolins, tl. Quosm Poulhy, Quoy, tl.

R:   Raa, tl. Rabane, tl. Rabeale, pl. Rabucke, pl. Racavan Rachalpe, tl. Rachand, tl. Rachly, tl. Racksikey, tl. Rackwalis, pl. Racommane, tl. Racrolan, Radagh, Rademane, Radonell, Radrynagh, Raduffe, Rafferagh, pl. Raffman, Rafgill, tl. Rafinten, Rafondagh, Ragamusbeg, Ragarett, tl. Ragbane, tl. Raghaniskey, Raghbegg, Raghcooan, Raghderboy, pl. Raghduffe, tl. Raghgogane, Raghmine, pl. Raghneskilloage, tl. Raghrabegg, tl. Raghyrillagh, tl. Raglass, Raglasse, Ragraine, tl. Rah, tl. Rahaberny, tl. Rahaile, tl. Rahall, pl. Rahallan, Rahallion, Rahan, Rahan Rahan Rahan Rahanane, tl. Rahangan, tl. Rahanna, tl. Rahannagh, tl. Rahany, pl. Rahanyn, Rahara Rahardagh, tl. Rahardivin, tl. Raharoouebegg, tl. Raharoouemore, tl. Raharrow, Rahasker, tl. Rahcahill, tl. Rahealty, Rahealy Rath, tl. Raheen, Raheenbeg, pl. Raheene, Raheeneduff, pl. Raheeney, pl. RaheennaKerin, pl. Raheeny, Rahelly, Raheltan, Rahelty Rahely Lyshe, tl. Rahen Vegge, tl. Rahendoran, Rahenlosky, tl. Rahennye, Rahens, Rahenure, Raheny Rahera, Rahernin, Rahien, tl. Rahill Rahill, tl. Rahimhohill, pl. Rahin, Rahin a Culedorriggy, pl. Rahin Downore, tl. Rahinchone, pl. Rahinclony, tl. Rahincullen, pl. Rahindirry, tl. Rahindoragh, Rahindornag, pl. Rahinduff, pl. Rahinduffe, Rahine, Rahinemrougue, pl. Rahingrogh, tl. Rahinleagh, pl. Rahinmore, tl. Rahinquill, Rahinquin, tl. Rahinrahan, pl. Rahinroch, tl. Rahinshen, pl. Rahintane, pl. Rahmagorra, tl. Rahmore, Rahmurrill, Raholke, pl. Rahone, pl. Rahonyine, tl. Rahoon Rahscanlane, tl. Rahugh Raifemore, pl. Railstown Rainconey, pl. Raiphemore, pl. Rakeeragh, Ralahin, Raleagh, Ralegg, Raleiee, pl. Raloghane, Raloo Ralph Cunigham, Ramelton, Ramelton Ramnahare, pl. Ramoan, Ramoan Ramoane, Ramoney, Ramore, Ramphinell, pl. Rampier, Ramsgrange, tl. Ramston, Ramulan, tl. Ramullan, Ranaghane, tl. Ranahan, tl. Ranards towne, tl. Rancle, Randalstown Randels towne, tl. Randelstown, Randletown, pl. Randuffrane, tl. Ranechan, tl. Raneloleigh, tl. Ranenie, Rannaghan, tl. Ranorkelloe, tl. Rany, Raonelan, tl. Rapadinboy, Rapeakane, Rapho, Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Raphoky, tl. Raplagh, Raquile, Rareagh, Rascall, Rascastowne, Rasedg, Rasharkin Rashee Rashmore, Rasillagh, Raskiestressuagh, Rassnalagh, Rataine Ratass Ratchedan, Rates, Ye, tl. Ratgolin, Rath, Rath, Rath Rath brist, tl. Rath canory, tl. Rath McCanne, tl. Rath McCarty, pl. Rath McKiery, Rath McUlicke tl Rath of Grenock, Rath of Kilossery, Rath Patricke, tl. Rath Ronane, Rath, the, tl. Rath towne, tl. Rathaneale, tl. Rathangan Rathangan Rathangan, tl. Rathanny, tl. Rathany, tl. Rathardin, Rathargitt, Ratharmon, Ratharmore, tl. Rathartan, Rathaspick, Rathaspick Rathaspick Rathaspick Rathaspick Rathaspok, Rathasse, Rathbane, Rathbarry, Rathbarry Rathbeagh Rathbegg, Rathbeggan, Rathbeggan Rathbennett, tl. Rathbody, Litle, tl. Rathbogg, Rathborney Rathbrack, Rathbrackan, Rathbran Rathbredie, tl. Rathbride, Rathbritt, pl. Rathbuny, Rathburry Island, pl. Rathbury, Rathcalled, tl. Rathcally, tl. Rathcarbry, tl. Rathcass, Rathclare, pl. Rathclarin Rathclarine, Rathcleene, Rathclehene pl Rathcline Rathclittagh, Rathclony, Rathclough, Rathcoffy, Rathcolman, tl. Rathconely, Rathconnell Rathconnor, tl. Rathconrath, Rathconrath Rathcool Rathcoole, Rathcoole Rathcoole Rathcoole Rathcoole, Portreue, Rathcoon, Rathcooney Rathcore Rathcormach Rathcormack Rathcorr, Rathcowney, Rathcrehy, Rathcrivagh, tl. Rathcubbin, tl. Rathcunrath, Rathcurby, tl. Rathdorish, tl. Rathdown Rathdowne, Rathdowney Rathdowney Rathdowney, tl. Rathdowny, Rathdron, pl. Rathdrum Rathdrum Rathdrum Rathdrumin Rathduff, Rathduffe, tl. Rathe :, Ratheden, Rathelin, Rathelty, Rathelty, and Shrane, Rathenny, Rathenrick, Rathernan Rathestan, pl. Ratheurd, tl. Ratheyne, Rathfarary, pl. Rathfarne, tl. Rathfarnham Rathfarnum, Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah, Rathfeagh, Rathfeigh Rathfeolane, tl. Rathfriland Rathgarke, tl. Rathgarr, pl. Rathgarrane, Rathgarras, tl. Rathgarvan, tl. Rathgarve Rathgarvyn, tl. Rathgilbert, pl. Rathgobane, tl. Rathgoggan rathgorm'ck Rathgormuck Rathgormucke, Rathgownane, tl. Rathgrany, tl. Rathgree, tl. Rathillig, Rathimsky, Rathingill, Rathinsky, Rathirteene, Rathjordan Rathjordan, tl. Rathkeale Rathkeale Rathkeale #1 Rathkeale #2 Rathkeil, Rathkeile, Rathkeinkin, Rathkenane, pl. Rathkennan Rathkenny Rathkeny, Rathkerry, tl. Rathkevane, pl. Rathkeylan, pl. Rathkieran Rathkillan, pl. Rathkiran, tl. Rathkrigh, tl. Rathlagheen, tl. Rathlead, Rathleague, pl. Rathlegny, Rathleise, Rathlesty, Rathleyne, Rathlin Rathlogan Rathlouan, tl. Rathlubby, tl. Rathlynin Rathmacknee Rathmanagh, pl. Rathmeaeva, tl. Rathmealan, Rathmearhill, pl. Rathmichael Rathmichall, pl. Rathmolin, Rathmolyon Rathmoore, Rathmore, Rathmore, Rathmore Rathmore Rathmore Rathmore Rathmovioge, Rathmoylan Rathmoyle, Rathmucke, tl. Rathmullan Rathmullan Rathmullen, Rathmynes, pl. Rathnalcon, Rathnallin, Rathnalogh, Rathnaveoge Rathnecarty, pl. Rathneconnerie, Rathnefely, Rathnegera, Rathnegeragh, Rathneleugh, Rathnemalogh, Rathnesheare, Rathnetohy, Rathnevitagh, Rathnew Rathnewgent, Rathnewre, tl. Rathnohill, pl. Rathnure, Rathoe, Rathogally, pl. Rathoran, pl. Rathornan, Rathory, tl. Rathowne-Edward, tl. Rathpatrick Rathpatrick, tl. Rathpouke, tl. Rathquage, tl. Rathrahan West, tl. Rathrahaneast, tl. Rathreagh, Rathreagh Rathreagh Rathregan, Rathregan Rathrobbin, Rathroe, Rathroe Rathronan Rathronan Rathronan, pl. Rathrongy, pl. Rathrory, tl. Rathrought, tl. Rathrovenagh, Rathry, Rathryland, Rathsallagh, Rathsallagh Rathsaran Rathshillan, Rathsillagh, tl. Rathskeagh, Rathsnagaden, tl. Raththurles, pl. Rathtoole Rathtuterny, Rathue, Rathumney, tl. Rathvih, pl. Rathvilie, Rathvilly Rathvilly Rathvily, Rathwyen, Rathwyre, Rathyobaine, pl. Ratine, Ratmoy, pl. Ratoath Ratoath Ratouth, Ratra, tl. Ratrinach, tl. Ratten, Rattoo Rattoom, Rattunny, Rauensdale, tl. Rauigg, tl. Rauth doumneue, Ravalaght, pl. Ravaldrin, tl. Ravaren, Ravarra, tl. Ravensdale Ravross, Rawalkin, tl. Rawhead, Rawliestowne, tl. Rawviner, tl. Ray, Rayes towne, tl. Rayfadd, pl. Raylish, Raymoghy Raymunterdoney Raynolds towne, tl. Read Chymny, pl. Reads towne, tl. Reagh, Reagh towne, tl. Reahill, Reakule, pl. Rearymore Reask, tl. Reaske, tl. Reban, Reckinhead, pl. Red Citty, Red City, Redcastle, pl. Redcity Redcross Redmagh, tl. Redmondtowne, pl. Redmons tone, tl. Redmons towne, Redmore, tl. Reenes, tl. Reine, tl. Reinoldstowne, pl. Reisk Releagh, tl. Relickmurry &
Athassel Religmory, Ren Mulleene, tl. Repatrick, pl. Rerimore, pl. Rerybegg, pl. Resdiragh, pl. Reshoner, tl. Resk, tl. Resneree, tl. Reuauler, tl. Revensey, pl. Rewd, tl. Rewes, tl. Reylin, tl. Reynagh Reynalds towne, tl. Reyney, tl. Rhode Riamalanay, pl. Ribston, Richard towne, Richardstown Richardstowne, Richfordstowne, pl. Rickenhoare, pl. Rickors towne, tl. Ricshey, tl. Ridbay, pl. Ridbestowne, tl. Rieske, Rigg, pl. Rilleni, tl. Rillordan, tl. Rillrevey, tl. Rilluak, Rinanye, pl. Rinard, tl. Rincooly, tl. Rincorrane, Rincrevy, tl. Rine Ruo, Rinebroe, pl. Rinebrow, pl. Rineconnell, tl. Rinedonogane, tl. Rinegirrogy, pl. Rinekullisky, Rinemoen, pl. Rineroe, tl. Rinetruske, tl. Rinfad, pl. Ring McIlroy, tl. Ring Morrougg, pl. Ring, pl. Ringabelly, tl. Ringagonagh Ringarvagine, tl. Ringawny, tl. Ringban, tl. Ringcorran, Ringcorrane, pl. Ringcurran Ringe, Ringe Imulbeece, tl. Ringe Kerr, tl. Ringfad, tl. Ringneill, tl. Ringrane, Ringrashbeg, tl. Ringrashmoore, tl. Ringraure, tl. Ringroane, Ringrone Ringsend, Ringville Rinidizett, tl. Rinisligo, Rinivignane, tl. Rinnaghan, tl. Rinne, tl. Rinogrena, tl. Rinroe, tl. Rinvany, tl. Rinybane, tl. Rishane, tl. Risknaschian, pl. Risseendermott, pl. Riuenvaghane, tl. Riuers towne, Great, tl. Riuers towne, tl. riverst'wn Riverstown Roan, tl. Roans, Robeen Roberts town, tl. Robertstown Robertstowne, Robian, pl. Robinhood, pl. Robins toune, tl. Robins towne, Robins towne, Great, Robs Walls, pl. Roch, Roche Roches Mill, Rochesland, Rochestown Rochestown Rochestowne, Rochfordstowne, tl Rochtowne, Rockmacleny, tl. Roconnell, Rodanstown Rodder, tl. Roddins, tl. Roderamgreny, tl. Rodestowne, Rodin, pl. Rodine, Roes town, Roes towne, Roganston, Roganstowne,pl. Rogerstowne, Roghan, tl. Ronelisk, Rontivolan, tl. Rooan Mooley, pl. Roods towne, tl. Rooe, tl. Rooes, tl. Roomvooth, tl. Rooscagh, tl. Rooske, tl. Rooskie, pl. Roosky Roplagh, tl. Rorane, pl. Rorodstowne, pl. Ros comon, Rosbeg, tl. Rosbercon, Rosbercon Rosberrie, tl. Rosbrann, pl. Rosbren, tl. Rosbrick, pl. Roscarne, pl. Roscearken, Roscharken, Rosclare, Roscloger, Rosclogher, ROSCOMAN, ROSCOMMON, Roscommon, Roscommon Roscommon Roscommon ROSCOMON, Roscomon, Roscomroe Roscomroe, pl. Roscon, Rosconell, Rosconish, tl. Rosconnell Rosconnell Rosconnis, tl. Roscray, Roscrea, Roscrea Roscrea Roscrea Roscrea #1 Roscrea #2 Roscrean, Rosdillicke, Rosdony, Rose Mary lane Rose towne, tl. Rosecade, Rosedernat, pl. Rosemarielane, tl. Rosenallis Rosenanowle, tl. Rosenarrowe, tl. Rosenecalagh, Roseribb, tl. Rosgad, pl. Rosgarland, tl. Rosgreily, Rosguill Rosguire, pl. Roshlogh Kent, pl. Roshure, tl. Roskeene, pl. Roslare, Rosleavane, tl. Rosly, Rosmach, Rosmanagher, tl. Rosmend, pl. Rosmenog, Rosmire, Rosmore, pl. Rosmycaharagg, pl. Rosnaclony, pl. Rosnadowhy, pl. Rosnaharly, Rosnenure, pl. Rosneurmor, pl. Rospoile, tl. Rosquittan, pl. Rosrenwoly, pl. Ross, Ross Ross Ross Ross Kerigg, Ross Temple, tl. Rossarbell, pl. Rossard, tl. Rossbegg, pl. Rossbreake, Rossclogher, Rosscroe, Rossdrohide, pl. Rossdroit Rossduff Rossduff, tl. Rosse, Rosse bren, Rosse Kerigh, Rosse McOwen, Rosse, pl. Rosse Trevor, tl. Rosse, ye Gleabe Land of, Rossecroe, Rossegarran, Rossegeyle, pl. Rossehinon, Rossemore, Rossen Allis, Rossenagh, Rossenver, Rosserudery, Rosses, Rosses, the, Rossevolan, pl. Rossignellin, Rossilogher, tl. Rossinan Rossinarny, Rossinn, tl. Rossinver Rossinver Rossiny, tl. Rossistowne, pl. Rosskeen RossKeene, Rosskrun, Rosslare Rosslary, Rosslea Rosslee Rosslegan, pl. Rosslegar, pl. Rossley, Rosslie, Rossmeed, tl. Rossminoge Rossmire Rossmore, Rossmoye, pl. Rossmoyle, tl. Rossmult, pl. Rossnacartin, Rossnacryng, Rossnakill, Rossnellgan, Rossny grosse, pl. Rossonena, Rossorry, Rossorry Rossory, Rossquire, pl. Rostare, pl. Rostellan Rostoustowne, tl. Rostrevor Roth, Rothdrummon, pl. Rothleene, pl. Rothmoy, pl. Rotonagh, pl. Rough Grang, tl. Roughane, tl. Roulestowne, Roundstone #1 Roundstone #2 Rouskagh, Rovever, pl. Row, tl. Rowan Rowbane, tl. Rowes towne, tl. Rowghan, Rowins towne, Rowlagh, Rowlands towne, tl. Rowlanstown, tl. Rowreagh, tl. Rows towne, tl. Rowsky, Rsath mcKnee, Ru McAdam, Ruan Rubbeshim, Ruchen, Ruffyglass, tl. Rughaglan, Runducharick, Runelaghta, tl. Runeradden, Rusels wood, Rusgagh, tl. Rush, pl. Rushane, tl. Rushin, Ruskagh, Ruske, pl. Ruskey, Ruskhy, tl. Ruskie, Rusky, Rusrath, pl. Russagh, Russagh Russells, tl. Russells toune, tl. Russellstowne, Russels towne, tl. Russins, tl. Rutalin, tl. Rutnemininene, tl. Ryan, tl. Ryleans, tl. Rylestowne, Rynagh, Ryne, Ryneny Gapull, pl. Rynn Rynogonath, Rynycorrane,

S:   Sadls towne, tl. Sagard, Saggart Saginduffe, Saintfield Saintfield Salarigrean, Sallache, pl. Salliry, pl. Salloghwelle, tl. Salt, Salt Mills, tl. Salterbridge, tl. Salterstown Salterstowne, Saltmill, Samagh, Samsons Court, Sanacloyne, tl. Sanavogh, tl. Sandonagh, tl. Sandrades, Sandvane, Sanevogh, Sankoe, pl. Sannacoole, tl. Sanquah, tl. Sanra, pl. Sanro, tl. Santry, Santry Santullagh, Sarsfyelds town, tl. Sarshile, tl. Sarshill, tl. Sarte, tl. Sarvoge, tl. Saucerstowne, pl. Saucestowne, Saul Saule, Savananan, tl. Savellbegg, tl. Savellmore, tl. Scaghaneshery, pl. Scaghdreynagh, Scales Firrs, Scales towne, tl. Scalgagh, tl. Scalpenore, Scarnagh, tl. Scarr, tl. Scarriff, Scarriff Scart, Scart Ballynemellagh, tl. Scart Christopher, tl. Scart Killcomann, pl. Scart Modeligo, tl. Scartachane, pl. Scartcolnygehy, tl. Scartduff, Scarte, tl. Scartnamuck, pl. Scartteene, tl. Scarwelsh, Scatternagh, tl. Schannache, pl. Schellerstowne, pl. Sciane, pl. Scoh Bane, Scohannagh, pl. Sconce, pl. Scool, Scoole, Scoole house lane Scooll, Scormore, tl. Scorrmore, tl. SCOTLAND, Scoutland, tl. Scrabagh, tl. Scrabby Scrabby Scrabo, tl. Scranefiddoge, tl. Screbltowne, tl. Screboy, pl. Scribooke, tl. Scriggin, tl. Scronokum, pl. Scruduff, pl. Scryne, Sculla, Scullogestown Scurlocks bush, tl. Scurlocks towne, tl. Scurlockstown Scurlogstowne, tl. Sea Patrick, Seacon, pl. Seaconbeg, pl. Seagoe Seanchan, tl. Seapatrick Seatowne, pl. Seaven Sisters, tl. Secassy, tl. Seconmore, pl. See Fyn, tl. Seers, tl. Seirkieran Seltervinny, tl. Semecok, Senagham, Senaghan, Senany, tl. Sencier, pl. Senlongfortt, tl. Seronill, Serragh, pl. Sersans toune, tl. Sesiagh, tl. Seskin, Seskinan, Seskinan Sesmorish, tl. Sessaraghkeale, pl. Sessiagh, tl. Sessiogh, Sessucomane, tl. Sessugarry, tl. Sessumas, tl. Seuchall, tl. Severstowne, tl. Sexifind, tl. Seybeg, tl. Seygahane, tl. Shaeame, pl. Shaine, pl. Shallahill, tl. Shalloms Rath, Shallon, Shally, Shamerad, tl. Shanaclogh, tl. Shanacrane, tl. Shanaflogh, tl. Shanagh, pl. Shanagolden Shanaheene, Shanahill, tl. Shanakill, tl. Shanauogh, tl. Shanbally, Shanballyduff, pl. Shanballymor, tl. Shanboe, pl. Shanbogh, Shanbogh Shanchill, Shanclogh, tl. Shancloone, Shancoagh, pl. Shancogh, Shancough Shancrakin, tl. Shandagen, Shandangane, Shandon Shandongan, pl. Shandrome, tl. Shandron, Shandrum, Shandrum Shane Mullogh, tl. Shaneclone, tl. Shanevogh, Shanganagh, tl. Shanganaghbegg, pl. Shanganah, pl. Shangannagh, Shangarry, pl. Shangary, Shankell, Shankhill, Shankill, Shankill Shankill Shankill Shankill Shankill Shanlarigh, tl. Shanlis Shanlish, tl. Shanlongford, tl. Shanmullagh, Shannabally, tl. Shannagarry, tl. Shannagolden, Shannakeill, Shannakile, Shannapallice, tl. Shannechill, tl. Shannett, tl. Shannock, Shannonrooke, tl. Shanon, tl. Shanoon oghter, tl. Shanoone Iegher, tl. Shanoyle, tl. Shanra, pl. Shanrahan Shanraheene, Shanrehheene, Shantallon, Shanuolly, tl Shanvaly, pl. Shanvonagh, pl. Shanvoy, tl. Sharmon, Shartvahhane, pl. Shea Ury, Sheadfed, tl. Shean, Sheane, Sheemagh, Sheep Graunge, tl. Sheepe house, tl. Sheepland begg, tl. Sheeps Street, Sheepstowne, Sheetrim, Sheffin Shehanagh, tl. Sheine, tl. Sheirk, pl. Shelbryne, Shelbyrne, Shelmaleer, Shenlis, tl. Shenshaelston, tl. Shercock shercock Sherlocks towne, tl. Sherlockstown Shermore, tl. Sherrippstowne, pl. Sherryes, pl. Shes'ough Molinter tl Sheshiagh, pl. Shesiraghmore, Sheskan, Sheskin, Shesracule, tl. Shessimore, tl. Shetrym, tl. Shewer, pl. Shian, Shilbeggan, tl. Shillelagh Shillrone, Shilmane, tl. Shinrone Shinrone Ship Gate, Shiraloghen, Shirroy, Shiycestown (pl)
or Ballybought Shortalls towne, tl. Shortals grage, tl. Shortals towne, tl. Shortstone, tl. Shragh, Shraghnagaloone, tl. Shragho, pl. Shrahmore, tl. Shrane, Shrathnadaragh, tl. Shrehidagh, tl. Shrenagh, tl. Shrewlane, tl. Shrone, Shronell Shroole, tl. Shroove, Shropshire, Shroull, tl. Shrowell, Shruangalmor, pl. Shrucboe, Shrue, tl. Shrule Shrule Shrule Shrylane, Shuish, tl. Shunagh, tl. Shunreagh, tl. Shurin, Shurlogs towne, tl. Shyane Shyane, tl. Shyane-mill, Shyffenn, pl. Sick, pl. Sidater, pl. Siddan Siggins towne tl Sigginsagard, tl. Sigorrie, tl. Sillagh, tl. Sillehine, tl. Sillis, Sillock, tl. Silloge, pl. Sillott, tl. Sillournogh, tl. Sillypoint, pl. Siluer Streete, Silverhill, pl. Silvermines Simons towne, tl. Simonscourt Sine towne, tl. Singland, tl. Sinnagh, Sinnone, pl. Sippers Lane, Sirananan, tl. Siskin, Siskinraine, Sisly, tl. Sivinane, tl. Six Mile Bridge, Six Myle Bridge, tl. Skallter, tl. Skart Inarune, pl. Skart, pl. Skarte, tl. Skarthbarry, pl. Skartinnycullen, Skartirea, tl. Skeabegg, tl. Skeafe, Skeagh, Skeaghmore, pl. Skeaghvally, tl. Skeamore, tl. Skegervie, pl. Skeggan Earle, tl. Skehan, Skehanagh, Skehanas, tl. Skeheencenky, pl. Skehencenky, pl. Skekanagh, tl. Skenagin, pl. Skenedowan, pl. Skeog, Skeoge, pl. Skerowan, pl. Skerrigge, tl. Skerris, tl. Skerry Skery, tl. Skesuble, pl. Skevernakeeragh, pl. Skeyghvickencrow, tl. Skibberin, Skiddowe, pl. Skighan, tl. Skihin, tl. Skillellogher, Skillinglass, Skinner Row, Skippers Lane, Skirk Skoage, tl. Skonagore, tl. Skooll, Skreem, Skreen Skreen Skreen Skreen Skreene, tl. Skrege, tl. Skrymoge, tl. Skubbyrine, Skull Slackally, tl. Sladd, tl. Slade, tl. Slady, pl. Slafferstowne, pl. Slaghvoyland, tl. Slanduff, tl. Slane, Slane Slanebally West, tl. Slanes, Slanes Slanes towne, tl. Slangg, tl. Slappagh, Slarth, pl. Slatnerll, tl. Slavan, pl. Slavanagh, pl. Slayne towne, tl. Slaynestowne, pl. Sleanmore, tl. Sleaty Sleauedooly, tl. Sleavegillane, tl. Sleavordagh, Sledagh, tl. Sledeely, Sledru, tl. Slee, pl. SLEGOE, Slegoe = Sligo Sleguffe, SLEIGO, Slequilter, Slety, pl. Sleuegormaly, tl. Sleuen, tl. Sleuey, tl. Slevardagh, Sleveene, pl. Slevmuskre, tl. Slevnelargay, tl. Slevordagh, Slewanstowne, tl. Slewcurran, tl. Slewnegridell W., tl. Sliemargeagh, Sligo Sligo #2 Sligoe, Sliguff Slinoge, tl. Slogodeene, tl. Slouenbougher, tl. Sloueneskid, tl. Slrefeir, pl. Slyan, tl. Smal County, Small County, Smarmore Smeare, tl. Smiths towne, tl. Smithston, tl. Smoore, tl. Smutternagh, tl. Smyrmar, Smyth towne, tl. Smythstowne, Snafrallagh, tl. Snatty, Snyock, tl. Soarne, tl. Sockres, tl. Sodagevie, tl. Soderton, Soker, Solloghodbeg Solloghodmore Sollohod, pl. Sollohodbegg, Sollohodmore, Solshan, tl. Sonnagh, Sonnaugh, Soohan, tl. Soppag, Sorabragan, tl. Sottonrath, pl. Sparograd, Spike Island, pl. Spiltleland, pl. Spitell, Spittle Darage, Spittle Land, Spittle, The, Spittle, tl. Spittles towne, tl. Sprats towne, tl. Sprecklestowne, pl. Spruces Hayes, tl. Srabry, tl. Sradfusseg, pl. Sradrine, tl. Sraduff, tl. Sraduffe, pl. Sraduillin, Sraghe, pl. Sraghgaddy, tl. Sraghleagh, pl. Sraghminold, pl. Sraghnadredden, pl. Sraghnarrow, pl. Sraghvally, pl. Sraghvickin,tl. Srahanboy, pl. Sralmore, tl. Sranaseugh, pl. Sraneglogh, tl. Sranudan, pl. Srencoagh, pl. Srone Birrane, Sronill, Sroth Rath, Srudoragh, Srule, pl. St Albens, tl. St. Andrew or
Ballyhalbert St. Andrew's St Andrewes, St Andrews, St. Anne's St. Anne's
Shandon St Audians, St. Audoen's St Augustines Abby, St. Bartholomews St Brides, St. Bridget's St. Bridget's St Bridgetts, St. Canice's St. Catherine's St Dominicks Abey, St. Doologe's St Dowlaght, pl. St Fahins, St Fehin, St. Feighins St. Finbar's St. Finbar's St Finbarries, St Finbarry, St Finbarryes, St Francis Abby, pl. St. George's St Georges Lane St. Helen's St Iberius, St. Iberius St. Iberius St. James' St. James &
Dunbrody St John Baptist, St John Baptist
Grange St John Battist
Grange, pl. St John Hoys Ally St John streete, St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's St. John's Within St. John's Without St. Johnbaptist St Johns, St Johns Acre tl St Johns Inward, St Johns Outward, St Johns towne, St Johns-Town, St Johnstown, St. Johnstown St Johnstowne, St Jones, tl. St Katherins, pl. St Kathrines St Keavans, St Kennis Butts, St Kennis Ward, St Laurence, St. Lawrence's St Leonard, tl. St. Luke's St. Margaret's St. Margaret's St Margret, St Margretts, St. Mark's St. Martin's St Mary, tl. St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's-
Athlone St. Mary's
Clonmel St. Mary's
(Enniscorthy) St. Mary's-
New Ross St. Mary's
Newtownbarry St. Marys
Clonmel St. Marys Shandon St. Maul's St. Michael's St. Michael's St. Michael's St. Michael's St. Michael's St. Michael's St. Michael's
of Feagh St Michaels St. Michan's St Michans, St Michells, St Molins, St. Mullin's St. Mullin's St. Mullin's St. Munchin's St. Munchin's St Munchion, St. Nathlash St Nich, St Nicholas, St. Nicholas St. Nicholas St. Nicholas' St. Nicholas St. Nicholas
Within St. Nicholas
Without St. Olave's St Patrick, St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St Patrickes Rock, St Patrickes rocke, St Patricks, St Patricks Close, St Patricks inward, St Patricks outward, St Patricks rock, St Patricks Rocke, St. Patricksrock St. Paul's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's St. Peter's &
St. Paul's St Peters, St. Selskar's St. Stephens
Within St. Stephens Without St Tennants, tl. St. Thomas' St Thomas Iland, tl. St Wakes, tl. St Warbroug, par St Warbrough, par St Warbroughs St. Werburghs St Wolstans, tl. Stabannan Stabanum, Stables towne, tl. Stackallan Stackunny, Stacoole, pl. Stacummy Staffords town, Staffordstown Staholmog Stakernagh, Staling, tl. Stamcarty, tl. Stameen, tl. Stamulin, Stamullin Standulon, Stapletowne, Stapolin, Stapples towne, tl. Starlostran, Staughtons fram, pl. Stenane, Stephanstowne, pl. Stephenstowne, Stephentowne, Stephephenstowne, pl. Sterminstowne, pl. Stermonds towne, tl. Steuens towne, tl. Stevens Street Stevens towne, tl. stew'rtst'wn Sthrahane, tl. Stickens, tl. Stickillen, Stickillin Stidalt, tl. Stillorgan Stillorgan, pl. Stockestowne, tl. Stokes towne, tl. Stone towne, Stonecarthy Stonehall, Stonehall Stonehouse, tl. Stones towne, pl. Stonhouse, tl. Stought Finnie, tl. Strabane, Strabane Strabane Strabanum, Straboe Straboe Straboes, Strad, StradBally, Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Stradballymore, tl. Stradhill, Stradkillin, Stradonnell, Stradrynan, Stradvally, Straffan, Straffan Stragh, pl. Straghdrund, tl. Stragore, Stragrady, Strahavy, pl. Straid Bally Haron, tl. Stramnatt, pl. Stramore, pl. Stramullen, Strand, Strand, ye, Strandarro, Strangfoard, strangford Stranogolwello, Stranolar Stranorlaghan, Stranorlan, Stranorlane, Stranorlar Stranorlar Stratanacho, Stratens towne, tl. Streams tonn, Streams towne, Street, Street Street Street, #1 Stremton, tl. Stroan, Strockes, pl. Strokestown Strone, Strongcally, tl. Stronn, Stuck, Stukry, tl. Sturgan, Suaghgone, tl. Subulter Suburbs, Sullagh, Sullenuer, pl. Sullogh, pl. Summer Towne, tl. Summerton, Sunagh, tl. Sunaghbeg, tl. Sunnogh, Surgolls towne, pl. Sutton, Swadals towne, tl. Swanally, Swetragh, Swiffeene, pl. Swineford Swords, Swords Swords Syan, tl. Syarvagh, Symeriartagh, pl. Symnegartagh, Symonds land, Symons towne, tl. Symonscourt, pl. Synotts land, Synotts towne, tl. Synottsbalsee, tl. Syoge, tl. Syonan, tl.

T:   Taboyne, tl. Tachrina, tl. Tack Mill, Tacumshan, Tacumshin Tafnachmoore, tl. Tafnaghmoore, tl. Taghadoe Taghbohin, tl. Taghboine, Taghboy Taghboy Taghboyne, Taghduffe, tl. Tagheen Taghephad cros, pl. Taghephud, pl. Taghire, tl. Taghmaconnell Taghmon, Taghmon Taghmon Taghsheenod Taghshinny Taghshinny, tl. Taghtirahan, Tagonan, tl. Taise, tl. Talagh, tl. Talbotts towne, tl. Talcone, tl. Tallacoulmore, tl. Tallagaran, Tallagh, tl. Tallaghbeg, tl. Tallaghgore, pl. Tallaght, Tallaght Tallahallan, Tallakena, tl. Tallalagh, pl. Tallanstown Talleviry, tl. Tallidemy, tl. Tallincloy, tl. Tallons towne, Tallough, Tallow Tallow Tallow bridge, Tallow, tl. Tallyhona, pl. Taly, tl. Talyvelly, tl. Tamboughdood, tl. Tamdarragh, Tamimaran, tl. Tamlaghfinlagan Tamlaght Tamlaght Tamlaght
Finlagan Tamlaght O'Crilly Tamlaghtard Tamletny, pl. Tamnitullen, Tamny Derry, tl. Tamogh, Tamplebegg, Tampleneyry, Tampleoughteragh, Tamplethny, Tanaxon, Tanaxonbeg, pl. Tanaxonmore, Tanderagee Tanecarine, tl. Tanelagh, Taney Tang, Tankardsrocke, tl. Tankardstown Tankardstown Tankardstown Tankardstowne, Tankardtowne, tl. Tanlatt, tl. Tannagh, tl. Tannamachan, tl. Tannathmore, tl. Tanrymoliree, tl. Tantstowne, tl. Tanugh, Tany, Tanyvea, Tap, pl. Tapernagola, pl. Tara Taragh, Tarbert #1 Tarbert #2 Tarbert, tl. Targin, pl. Tarman, Tarmon, Tarnamoney, pl. Tarpan more, tl. Tarranney, Tarranny, Tarryhyne, pl. Tartaraghan Tartaraghan Tartayne, pl. Tategirr, pl. Tategormegan, pl. Tateguire, pl. Tatemacahell, pl. Tatene, pl. Tatenekelly, tl. Tatenfeccle, pl. Tatetemore, pl. Tatetrasna, pl. Tathlegg, Tattenderry, pl. Tattimorlin, pl. Tattina, pl. Tattinlee, pl. Tattinmonur, pl. Taughboyne Taulatard, Taulatbeg, tl. Taunagh, Taunagh McIlmurry, tl. Taunaghmoore, tl. Taunaghmore, tl. Taunaugh, tl. Taunediese, tl. Taunemony, tl. Taunerin, Tauniagher, Tauny, Tauny Haron, tl. Taunyaghagan, tl. Taunyreagh, tl. Tavanagrasane, pl. Tavinyviny, Tawininvilly, tl. Tawlat Ichrilly, Tawlatt, Tawlett, Tawnagh Tawnaghmore, Tawnaghnym, Tawny, Taxaxon, Taylagh, Taylers towne, tl. Taylors towne, tl. Teag McConell, Teagboy, Teage Mcconell, Teagh McConell, Teaghnekellie, tl. Teaghsrara, Teakill, Teampulglatane, tl. Tean, tl. Tebracon, tl. Tecolm Tedavnet Teddanstowne, pl. Teden, tl. Tedenmore, Tedes, 215 Teedawnett, Teekneuan, Teenaskee, pl. Teenhye, tl. Teer McDowan, pl. Teer, pl. Teeramadan, pl. Teeravertye, pl. Teerdonery, pl. Teerenakelly, tl. Teereruane, Teerflevertye, pl. Teerlum, pl. Teermoonan, Teernahinch, pl. Teernanyneile, pl. Teernasrullye, pl. Teeryoraghan, pl. Teetappagh, pl. Teeuenowe, Tefeghiny, tl. Teggie, tl. Tegins, tl. Tegmacrewa, Tehallan Tehenagh, Teid, pl. Teigenehely, Teightooe, tl. Teir McCrowra, Tellarought Teltown Tempellgurine, Templasragh, pl. Temple Bredane, tl. Temple Briaal, Temple Bridge, Temple Brien, Temple Connell, Temple Hally, Temple Ibrick, tl. Temple Ibridon, Temple Martin, Temple McFrean, Temple McQuinlane, Temple Michaell, Temple Michell Temple Mungret' tl Temple Murry, pl. Temple Nesceren, pl. Temple O Malis, Temple O Mulis, Temple O Quinlane, Temple patrick, Temple robin, Temple Shanbogh, Temple-etney Templeachally Templebanagh, tl. Templebeg Templebodan Templeboy, Templeboy Templeboy Dunanalt, tl. Templebredon Templebredon Templebreedy Templebryan Templecarn Templecarn Templecarne, Templecorran Templecron, Templecrone, Templecrone Templederry, Templederry Templedery, Templedonny, Templedowney Templeharny, Templeharry Templehouse, Templehudigan, Templekeeran Templekeran, Templeludigan Templemaley Templemally, Templemartin TempleMcTyre, Templemichael Templemichael Templemichael Templemichael Templemihill, Templemolaga Templemore, Templemore Templemore Templemore Templemore Templemoyle,tl. Templemurry Templenacarriga Templenecroy, tl. Templeneiry Templeno, Templenoe Templenoe Templenoe, pl. Templens towne, tl. Templeomalus Templeoram, Templeoran, Templeoran Templeowne, Templepatrick Templepatrick Templepatrick Templepeter Templeport Templequan, Templequinlan Templeree Templerie, Templeroan Templerobin Templescoby Templeshan, Templeshanbo Templeshannon Templeskoby, tl. Templetenny Templethny, Templetogher Templetouhy Templetowhy, Templetown Templetowne, Templetrine, Templetrine Templeusque Templevally, Templevany, Temploge, Tempo, Temysletlea, Teneclohy, Tenegarrane, Tenehinch, Tenekilly, Tenelick, tl. TeneRilley, Tenescartye, Teneslatly, tl. Tenetigarmon, Tenknock, Tenogh, Tentagh, tl. Tentere, Tenteskine, Tentore, pl. Ter McCarsy, Ter McChenan, tl. Teracrew, tl. Tercor, pl. Tercullinbegg, tl. Tercullinmore, tl. Terebrislan, tl. Teredowey, Teredreene, tl. Teredremont, tl. Tereeghter, tl. Teregarife, tl. Terekelly, tl. Terenavey, pl. Terennis, tl. Terevalley, Terfecan, Terfecon, Tergarwell, Tergate, Tergolan, Tergowneen, Teriskean, Terkefenny, Terkerin, Terleagheen, Termacoy, Termaquir, tl. Termon, Termonamongan Termonbarry Termoneeny Termonfeckin termonfeckin Termonmaguirk Termonn, Termonpakagh, Terniman, Ternoagh, Terra, Terrecoyer, Terrellstowne, pl. Terrelstowne, Terribruske, Terryglass Terryglass Terryrooe, pl. Tertoriane, tl. Teryearly, tl. Teteraine, tl. Texmercgin, Thawnaghmore, The Rower Thenakelly, tl. Thenekelly, pl. Theobald, Thillduan, Thirlingston, Thomaston, Thomastown, Thomastown Thomastown Thomastown Thomastowne, Thomastowne, Thome, Thomfinlagh, Thomies, tl. Thomond, pl. Thomune, tl. Thorne backe, Thory, Three cres, tl. Thrinemore, tl. Thulliguline, tl. Thumore, tl. Thurlagh, Thurles Thurles Thurles Thurles begg, Thurlus, Tibberad, tl. Tibberaghny Tibbridd, Tibbridory, TiberCormick, Tiberquill, Tibohine Tibotstowne, Tibraghny, Tibrodan, Ticherone, pl. Tick Mickie, pl. Tickmacrevan Tierinch, Tifarnan, tl. Tifurnan, Tiggary, Tignageariagy, pl. Tikillin Tiledan, pl. Tillabard, tl. Tillantan, tl. Tillemewe, pl. Tilleniske, tl. Tillidonnell, tl. Tilltene, pl. Timahoe Timahoe or Fossy Timcurry, tl. Timlyland, Timogue Timoheny, tl. Timohoe, pl. Timoleague, Timoleague Timoleague Timoleg, Timolin, Timolin Timoole Timuleague, Timuskarty, pl. Tincurry, Tinduffe, tl. Tinecarrig, Tinegarny, Tinehinch, Tinekilley, tl. Tinekilly, Tinelassie, pl. Tinelle, tl. Tinenock, Tinescarty, Tinescolly, Tingauly, Tinid, tl. Tinknocke, tl. Tinnecranagh, Tinnemuldoone, Tinstowne, pl. Tint, pl. Tintern Tinterne, Tinvair, pl. Tinvonin, Tinykally, Tinyrany, Tippary, Tippenan, Tipper Tipper, tl. TIPPERARY, Tipperary Tipperary Tipperkeavan, Tipperkeavin, Tipperkevin Tippers towne, Tir McBran, tl. Tir McLane, tl. Tiranascragh Tirargus, Tirath, tl. Tircalton, Tircrevin, Tirehoming, Tirehowall, tl. Tireill, Tireleagh, Tiremore, tl. Tirenure, Tireragh, Tirerell, Tirerill, Tirglasson, tl. Tirhire, tl. Tirhugh, Tirinanargill, tl. Tiriruan, Tirivry, Tirkallane, Tirkally, pl. Tirkiane, tl. Tirlikin, Tirmaile, pl. Tirmakeele, tl. Tirnehary, tl. Tirregan, tl. Tirrellspass, tl. Tirrenure, Tirry Winney, pl. Tirucre, Tirvoe, tl. Tisaran Tisaxon Tiscoffin Tisrara Tissarane, Titeskin Titnocke, pl. Tivickamoy, tl. Toaradyle, tl. Tobane, tl. Tobarbaynn, pl. Tobbar bride, pl. Tobber, pl. Tobberbarr, pl. Tobbergregan, pl. Tobberlonny, Tobberreogg, Tobbersoole, pl. Tobbertowne, pl. Tobea, Tober, Tober Tober Clare, tl. Tober McLoghlin, tl. Toberbilly, pl. Tobercorran, tl. Tobercurry Tobercurry Toberdony, Toberdornan, Toberduffe, Toberkeegh, Toberkirk, Toberliben, Tobermakee, tl. Tobermoore, Tobernaguoge, tl. Tobernany, Tobernefenog, Toberrogan, Toberrory, Tobervady, Tobiedon, Tobihin, Tobinstowne, Tobohin, Tobrelstowne, pl. Toburhine, tl. Toburscanamnane, tl. Tocher, tl. Toem, Toem Togher, Togherfin, Toghers tone, tl. Toghirbane, Toherbavoe, pl. Tolaghglasse, tl. Tolenedale, pl. Tolighis, tl. Tolihiogohen, tl. Tolinkill, tl. Tolis Modan, Tollaghmore, Tollandony, Tolle Arde, tl. Tolle McAnratty Kilfarran, tl. Tolle McKnowes, tl. Tollebagin, Tollebeerd, tl. Tollecarnan, Tollechine, tl. Tollehennan, tl. Tolleherim, tl. Tollelistes, Tollemally, tl. Tollemor, Tollencross, tl. Tolleneghee, tl. Tollenekill and Kilmood, Tollenemary, tl. Tollenemollagg, tl. Tollensue, tl. Tolleny Cross, tl. Tolleraght, tl. Tolleroan, tl. Tolletarnan, tl. Tolletramman, tl. Tollevastikinagh, Tolleverran, tl. Tollickalloidde, tl. Tollimore, tl. Tollinagarnavan, pl. Tolliorie, tl. Tollofoallan, tl. Tollofoill West, tl. Tolloghlash, tl. Tolloghobegly, Tollohact, tl. Tollohedy, pl. Tollokerane, tl. Tollomury, tl. Tolloneratty, tl. Tollyamcor, tl. Tollyard, tl. Tollybranegan, tl. Tollyconagh, tl. Tollye, tl. Tollyear, tl. Tollyhiryne, tl. Tollymoore, tl. Tollymoores, tl. Tollymore, tl. Tollymtenvolly, tl. Tollynesken, tl. Tollyquillin, Tollyrie, tl. Tollyvall, tl. Tolyo Saran, tl. Tom Quoane, pl. Tomard, Tombay, Tombrecane, pl. Tombrick, tl. Tomcoole, tl. Tomdeely Tomdely, tl. Tomdooghan, tl. Tome, Tomegardy, Tomfinlagh, tl. Tomfinlough Tomgaggard Tomgraney Tomgreany, Tomhaggar, tl. Tomingtowne, pl. Tomiskie, pl. Tomislan, Tomlane, Tomms, tl. Tomnahely, tl. Tomnearly, tl. Tomnedilly, tl. Tomnefunshope, tl. Tomneyngs, tl. Tomnifinsoge, tl. Tomony, pl. Tomquile, tl. Tomregan Tomregan Tonagh, Tonaghboy, pl. Tonaghmore, Tonamalaw, pl. Tonarra, Tonarry, Tonbrock, Tondon, Tonduffe, tl. Tone, Tone Iterrife, Toneduffe, Tonekilly, tl. Tonelagh, tl. Tonelegee, pl. Tonenene, Tonentalagh, Tonergee, tl. Tonergill, Tonerigiban, Tonevane, Tonewifekrell, tl. Toneygarvye, Tongondergane, Tonicumigan, pl. Tonicurry, tl. Tonigane, tl. Tonilosdy, tl. Toniwarden, Tonknocke, tl. Tonleged, Tonlegeeth, Tonlegihie, tl. Tonnagh, Tonner o Gee, tl. Tonnimore, tl. Tonnobyny, Tonnoghmoore, Tonregee, tl. Tonregoe, tl. Tony Eranny, tl. Tony Glassoge, pl. Tony Winy, Tonyfort, Tonyheig, Tonyhomas, pl. Tonymore, pl. Tonyreagh, pl. Toods towne, Tooles towne, Toome, Toome Toome Toomore Toomour Toomulony, tl. Tooreen, tl. Tooreene, tl. Tooremore, tl. Tor, pl. Torbehey, tl. Tore, pl. Toreleagh, Toremore, tl. Torenoge, pl. Toreowre, tl. Torilaverty, pl. Torkenagh, tl. Tornaat, pl. Tornamongan, tl. Tornamurie, pl. Tornegro, pl. Torninrobert, pl. Tornymolan, tl. Torreagh, pl. Torreene, tl. Torromony, tl. Torryhugan, tl. Tory Island Tossmarye, tl. Touaghty Tough, Toulerton, pl. Toullough, pl. Tounlough, tl. Tourduffe, tl. Tournaganock, tl. Tournagnock, Towell McAdegan, Tower Machinach, tl. Tower, tl. Towher Croghan, pl. Towlagurdin, tl. Towmanaghan, tl. Towmore, tl. Townagh beg, tl. Townagh more, tl. Townagh, tl. Towsilly, tl. Toxhill, tl. Toyconey, tl. Toytowne, tl. Trabolgan Traces towne, tl. Tracton, Tracton Tracton Abby, Tragherighon, tl. Traghlomny, tl. Tralee Tralee Tralong, tl. Traly, Tramore, tl. Tramplenoe, Tranan, tl. Tranrosk, tl. Traskan, pl. Trea, tl. Treadingstown Treanaderry, tl. Treanahow, tl. Tree, tl. Trefford, tl. Trelegie, tl. Trely, pl. Treman, Tremvolgan, tl. Trenaltenagh, tl. Trenchers towne, tl. Trentibuy, tl. Treuett, Trevet Trevett, Trevevolgan, tl. Trevocerrye, tl. Treyntagh, Trian, pl. Trickendy, Triemeragh, tl. Trillicks, tl. Trim Trim Trim Trimata, Trimconoris, pl. Trinemaderie, tl. Trinity Within Trinity Without Trintogh, Tristernagh, tl. Trolly, pl. Tromer, Tromery, tl. Trommer, tl. Tromora, pl. Trory Trory, pl. Troughy, tl. Troyeswood, Trubley Trucklogh, pl. Trughanac, Truimly, pl. Trumatee, Trumrae, tl. Trumrode, tl. Trym, Tryne, tl. Trynity lane Tuam Tuam Tuam Tuam Tuam #1 Tuam #2 Tuamana, tl. Tubban Caragh, tl. Tubber, Tubberhany, pl. Tubberskeakin, pl. Tubbred, Tubbrid Tubbrid Tubbrid, pl. Tubbridbritain Tubbride, pl. Tubcon, Tubedan, pl. Tubernebrone, tl. Tubred, Tubrid, Tubrid, tl. Tubrud, Tueliske, tl. Tuibarrean, Tuits towne, tl. Tulaghan, Tulanure, tl. Tulboy, Tulchaingearagh, tl. Tulchan, tl. Tuleglass, tl. Tulerin, Tuliarvill, Tulicabett, Tulicor, pl. Tuliglish, tl. Tulileige, tl. Tulla, Tulla Tulla Tulla Tullabegg, tl. Tullabracky, Tullabracky Tullachmaine, Tullacrummyn, Tullagh, Tullagh Tullagh beg, tl. Tullaghanbrogue Tullaghanoge Tullaghcomin, Tullaghcommin, Tullagherine, Tullaghgolgan, Tullaghine, tl. Tullaghmelan Tullaghobegley Tullaghorton Tullaghsherney, Tullaherin Tullahivill, Tullahought Tullakelly, tl. Tullamain Tullamain Tullamaine Tullamelane, Tullameolane, Tullamore Tullamore Tullamoy, Tullanaglogg, tl. Tullanee, tl. Tullanegoon, pl. Tullarcagh, pl. Tullaroan Tullaroan Tullassie, tl. Tullavecken, tl. Tullaverga, tl. Tullchan-Skeagh, pl. Tulleanan, Tullebrackye, Tullecavone, tl. Tullegarvin, Tulleghane, tl. Tulleglasse, pl. Tulleketoch, pl. Tullekose, pl. Tullelane, tl. Tullemnorihy, tl. Tullenahmone, pl. Tullenary, Tullenasky, pl. Tullencull, tl. Tullenetree, tl. Tullenggrosse, tl. Tullerapp, Tulleroe, tl. Tullery, Tullet, Tulley, pl. Tulleyvoile, pl. Tulliard, Tullibane, Tullicolerick, pl. Tullicrivy, pl. Tullie, tl. Tulligallan, Tulligey, Tulligg, Tulligh, pl. Tulligibbin, Tulligillan, pl. Tulligimgin, pl. Tulligone, tl. Tulligoune, tl. Tullikeele, tl. Tullikelher, pl. Tullinadale, tl. Tullinageeran, pl. Tullinally, tl. Tullinebanicke, pl. Tullinebcatilly, tl. Tullinigin, Tullintippen, tl. Tullinynavan, Tulliraine, tl. Tulliscanlon, Tullivonen, pl. Tulloe, Tulloebogg, Tulloephelim, Tullogebbane, tl. Tullogh, Tullogh Donell, tl. Tulloghan sleeke, tl. Tulloghaneny, Tulloghler, tl. Tulloghmaine, tl. Tulloghobegly, Tullogorie, tl. Tulloherime, Tulloleige, tl. Tullomoy Tullore, pl. Tulloroane, Tullovolty, tl. Tullow Tullowcreen Tullowmagimma Tullowphelim Tullrisk, tl. Tully, Tully, Tully, Tully Tully Tully artagh, tl. Tully beg, Tully corikie, tl. Tully Hugh, tl. Tully wony, Tully-yvan, pl. Tullyallen Tullyallen Tullyallyes, tl. Tullyard, Tullyardallis, tl. Tullyban, pl. Tullyboy, Tullybrack, Tullybracke, Tullybrackin, Tullycalloge, Tullycomett, Tullycorbet Tullycruman, pl. Tullydea, tl. Tullyduck, tl. Tullye, tl. Tullyfern Tullyfrane, tl. Tullygarvane, tl. Tullygarvans, pl. Tullyglass, tl. Tullyhagee, tl. Tullyharne, pl. Tullyheren, tl. Tullyhoman, pl. Tullyhubbert, tl. Tullylease Tullylien, tl. Tullylish Tullymagehy, tl. Tullymoan, Tullymoore, Tullymore, pl. Tullymorrey, Tullynakill Tullynamucke, tl. Tullynarr, Tullyniskan Tullynore, Tullyrane, Tullyrusk, Tullyrusk Tullytohell, Tullytwo, Tullyvallane,tl. Tullyvarne, Tullyverry, Tullyvin Tulock, tl. Tulske, tl. Tulyard, Tulykin, Tulylogherly, Tum, Tuma, Tummagh, pl. Tumna Tumour, Tumune, Tunghblane, tl. Tunie Quarters, Tunynoran, Tuo McDermody, Tuogh, Tuogh Tuoghcluggin Tuoguinla, Tuomranill, Tuorboy,pl. Tuormore, Tuorny, Tuosist Turbotts towne, tl. Turcurren, tl. Ture, Turin, Turine, Turkhary, Turlough Turloughmore Turme, Turminany, Turnepicke, tl. Turnings, tl. Turrick, Turvey, pl. Tury, Tuthrath, tl. Twenty acres, tl. Twinife, tl. Two cussine, tl. Twomileborris Twore, Tworephelim, tl. Twornaron, 18 Twough, tl. Twoy, tl. Tyernahy, tl. Tyfarnham Tykencor, tl. Tylly-clee, pl. Tymen, pl. Tymochoe, tl. Tymogue, pl. Tymoole, Tymoore, tl. Tynagh Tynahally, tl. Tynahinch, Tynan Tynan, tl. Tyne townes, Tynefagh, Tynge, Tynnor, Tynny McSpiritt, pl. Tynure, tl. Tyon, Tyone, pl. Tyonee, tl. Tyrana, pl. Tyre Sanaghane, tl. Tyreaghan, Tyrebrekan, Tyredagh, Tyreglass, Tyrella Tyrenagouse, tl. Tyreragh, Tyrerell, Tyrernon, Tyrfergus, Tyrgerye, tl. Tyrmeene, pl. TYRONE, Tyronea, Tyrovanine, Tyrrells towne, tl. Tyrvoe, tl.

U:   Ulla, Ullard, Ullard Ullard Ullid Ullid Ullidtowne, Umarero, Umerbane, pl. Umoe begg, Umoe more, Umrican, tl. Ungir, pl. Unninge, tl. Unsenagh, Unsknogh, Unsogh, tl. Uny begg, tl. Uppderry, pl. Upperchurch Uppercourt, tl. Uppercross & Newcastle Uppercrosse & Newcastle Upperthird, Ura-ardbally, Urard, pl. Urbreagh, Uregare Urglin Urlee, Urlingford, Urlingford Urlingford Urlingford Urney, Urney Urney Urney Urny, Usk Uskane Uske, Uskeane, Uskert, Uttan, Uttleakean, Uttleck,

V:   Vachteragh, tl. Valencia Valencia Valentia, Vallynoe, tl. Varas, Veagh, Veblekirke, pl. Veldons towne, tl. Ventry, Ventry Ventry Verclons towne, tl. Verdonsland Vicars towne, Vickonmollagh, tl. Vilans towne, tl. Viner, tl. Vinmerew, pl. Virginia Voerr, pl. Voughternan, Vragh, Vregare, Vurghlin,

W:   Waddings towne, Wall, Walls, Wallstown Walshtowne, pl. Walters town, tl. Waltersland, tl. Walterstown Walterstowne, Walthestowne, tl. Ward, Ward Warde, Wardens towne Warestowne, Waringstown Warrenpoint Warrenpoint Warrenstowne, Warrestowne, Warrinton, Waskill, Wasses hayes, Water Castle, Water Eske, WATERFORD, Waterford, Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford City Watersland, Watersyd, Wathers towne, Watons groue, tl. Weddings land, Wells, Wells Wells Welsh towne, Welshestowne Weshes towne, Westcourt, Westers towne, tl. WESTMEATH, Westowne, Westpalstown Westport Weststreete, WEXFFORD, Wexfford, WEXFORD WEXFORD Wexford Wexford Wexford City Wheelo-gowre, tl. Wheery or
Killagally Whiddy Island, tl. Whitchurch, White house, White rock, tl. Whitechurch, Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurchglynn Whitehills, tl. Whiterath, Whites castle, tl. Whitesfield, Whitestowne, Whiteswall, tl. Whithall, Whitleas, Whits towne, tl. Whitstone, tl. Whylan, tl. Whyte church, Whytes towne, tl. Whytstowne, tl. WICKLOW, Wicklow, Wil'iamstown Wilkins towne, tl. Williams tone, tl. Williamstowne, Willington, Willis towne, Wimbleton, Winchoge, Wind towne, tl. Windgate, Windgates, Windmill, Wine Taverne Street Wingsgroue, tl. Wintsmill, Wisetowne, pl. Wmlagh, Woltar, Wood, Wood Key, Wooddowne, tl. Woodenstowne, pl. Woodestooke, tl. Woodgraig, Woodgremgies, tl. Woodhouse, tl. Woodlandton, Woods, Woodstock, Woodstown Woodstowne, Woodtowne, Woolengrange Woollengrange, tl Woottons towne, tl Worganstowne, Worth, Wotton, tl. Wyanston, Wyanstowne, pl.

Y:   Yegogdtoun, tl. Yeomans towne, tl. Yoehells, Yol towne, tl. Youghal, Youghal Youghal Youghal Youghalarra Youghall, Youghell, tl. Youghill, Youl towne, Youngs towne, tl.