Families of County Limerick, Ireland

Description: There are only a handful of books to help research families in Limerick and this one is the best produced to date. This book, 'Families of County Limerick, Ireland' was originally produced as part of the 32 volume 'Irish Families' series. It focuses exclusively on families found in County Limerick and includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families from England, Scotland, Wales..... from the earliest times to the coming of the 20th century. It follows the master volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland. An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of more than one thousand of Limerick families. It will be of great use to anyone researching families from Co. Limerick, Ireland.

The following families were specifically identified as families of County Limerick more anciently in that work.
  • Mac Eneiry
  • Mac Ineiridhe
  • O' Billry or O' Billraidhe
  • O' Cullane
  • O'Cuillein or Collins
  • O' Meehan
  • O' Sheehan
  • O'Mackessy or O'Maelmacasa
  • Mulholland or O'Maelchalloin
  • O' Flannery
  • Mac Sheehy
  • MacArthur
  • O' Scanlan
  • O'Cleirhcinn or O' Clerkin
  • O' Donovan
  • O'Kirwick or Kirby
  • O'Muldoon (from Aughrim)
  • O'Kinealy
  • Gunning or O'Conuing
  • O'Keely or O'Cadhla
  • O'Malley or O'Maille
  • O'Ceadfadha
  • O'Hea or Hayes
  • O' Casey
  • O 'Dinan or O'Dinnahan
  • O' Hallinan
  • O'Morny

The foregoing families may be found in Limerick and surrounding areas today, and are given among the old Irish families of the kingdom of Thomand.'

In more modern times the following families are given as being the most numerous in the area: Ryan (91) O'Brien (78) Fitzgerald (58) Sullivan (50) Hayes (45) (likely from O'Hea) Walsh (45) Collins (40) O'Connell (39) Murphy (38) Moloney (38) O'Connor(37) Lynch(31) McNamara (31) O'Donnell (28) Ahern (25) Many more families are given with their historical notes, but the list is too long to give here.

Table of Contents: Barony Map of County Limerick Ortelius Map of Limerick 1576 Ancient Tribal Names Chart Keatings History (illus) Early Families Norman Invasion Family Locations in 1659 Palatine Settlements To The New World Seige Of Limerick City (illus.) Limerick Sheet Music (illus) Families of County Limerick, Ireland History and Locations Found.

Size: 6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 184 pages. Illustrated, map, Surname Index. Over 1000 families of Co. Limerick are included, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century. A one of a kind source book!

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    ABBOTT ABELL ABLE Abot Abott Abrill ABSOM Adkins Aghearn AHEARN Aherin AHERLY AHERN AHERNE O' Aherne Aheron Ahorly Ahourly O' Aiken Ailmer ALBRO ALCORN Alcorne Mac Alea Alison ALLAN Allcorn Allen Allerton Alleson ALLISON Allisson Altimes Alton AMBROSE AMERY AMES Amory ANDREWES Andrews Mac anerny Mac Anna Anster Anster of Killmallock Anthesell Ap-Broderick Apjohn Archfield Mc Aree Arinon Arragan Arthur Arthur Mac Arthur Arthur, Dr. Arthure Arthurs ARUNDELL ASBURY ASH ASHBROOK Ashbrooke Ashe Ashebrook Mac Ashinah Askeaton (pl) ASKIN Atkins Atkinson AUDLEY Aulife Mc Aulife Mac Auliffe Mc Auliffe Aurthur Mac Aurthur Mac Avaddy Awlif Aylemer Aylmer

B:    BACK BACON Baddam Bagbee BAGBY Baggott Bagley BAGNEL BAGOTT BAILEY Bailie BAIRD Baker BALL BALLY Bamberry Bambury Bane BANTING BARBER BARCLAY BARDSLEY Barett Barington BARKELL Barkelly Barker Barkle BARKLEY Barkly Barkman Barloo BARLOW Barneby BARNETT BARNEY Barnie Barny Barony Map BARR Barraban BARRABY Barre Barret BARRETT Barrey Barri Barrie Barrington BARRON Barry Barry Barry, arms Barry of Ballygey Barrye BARTLESS Bartlett Bartlett, illus. Bartlett, illus. Bartman Bawn Bayle Bayne Baynes Beara O' BEARA Beard Beardsley Beary Beckingham Beery O' BEGLEY Begly BELL BENDEN Bendon Benet Benett Benner BENNETT BENNIS BENSON BENTHAM BENTLEY Bently BERETON O' Berga BERKERY BERKLEY Berkly Bermingham BERRY Best Beston Bethel BETSWORTH Betsworthy BEVAN Bevans Beven Bevin Bickerin Biggane BILDER Bill Billery BILLINGS O' Billraidhe O' Billry O' Bilrey Binden Bindon BIRD BIRMINGHAM Birstlie Black Castle Blackall BLACKHALL Blakeney BLAKNEY Bland BLANEY Blend Blenerhaset Blennerhaset blev'rhas'et Blewitt Blond Blond Blonde BLONDELL Bloomer Bluet BLUETT Blundell Blunden Blute BOEMAN Boiles Boles of Newcastle BOLMER Bonar Bonefield Boner Bones Bonfield Bonnaire Bonnar Bonner Bonnfield Bonus BOORE BOORE Bore Borke BOSWELL Boswill Boucher BOUND Bourchier Bourk Bourk of Cahirmoyle Bourke Bourke Bourke Bourke of Dromkeene Bourke, Wm. Bovenizer Bowen Bower BOWERS Bowes Bowman Boyle BOYLES Bradberry BRADBURY Braddock Bradey Mac Bradey BRADFORD Bradner Brady Mac Brady Brady, Hugh BRAHAN Brahany BRAMLEY Brannan Braosa BRATTACH Brattaugh BRAZIL Brazzil Bredhour Bredin Breheny O' Brein BRENAGH BRENNAGH Brennan Brereton Bresnahan Breviter BRIAN Mc BRIAN O' Brian Brick BRIDGES Brien Mc Brien O' BRIEN Brien of Ballybernie Brien of Longford Brien of Shanagolden Brien of Towgh O' Briens Brine M' BRINE O' Brine Briody Brittas Brock BROCKE Brodders BRODER O' Broder(ick) BROMLEY Brooder O' Brosnaghane Brosnahan Brosnahin Brosnan Brosnane Brothers Brough Broune BROWN Browne Browne of Miltowne BROWNING BROWNRIGG BRUCE Bruder BRUMLEY BRUTTNELL Bryan Mc Bryan O' Bryan BRYEN Mc BRYEN O' Bryen Bryen of Cullinagh Bryen of Mullagh O' Bryn Mc BRYNE O' Bryne Bucke Buckeley BUCKINGHAM BUCKLEY Buckly Builder Bulmer Burgat of Fantstowne Burgatt BURGES Burgh BURGOYNE Burk BURKE BURKER Burnell Burns BURTON BURY Bury of Ballynerigy Burye Butler Butler of Kilnemoney Butler of Pollardstown BUTTLER Byrd Byrde

C:   Cadey CADY Cagney Cahan O' Cahane O' Cahassy O' CAHELL Cahessy O' CAHESY Cahill Cahill Cahy Mac Cail O' Callaghane O' CALLAHANE Mc Callan Mac Cann Mac Canna Canny Mac Canny Cantey Cantillon Cantlin Cantlon CANTREL Cantrell CANTWELL Canty Canwell Care CAREW Carmedy CARMODY Carney CARPENTER CARR O' Carr Carrol Carroll O' CARROLL O' CARRULL Carry CARSON Carter Carthy Mc CARTHY Mc CARTNEY Carty M' Carty O' Carty CASEMENT Casey CASEY Mac Casey O' Casey CASHMAN CASIE Casmey Casmond Mac Casmonde CASSEY Cassie Cassie of Cork Cassy CASY O' CASY Casy of Dublin Mc Cato O' Cato Caufield M' Caugherty Caughy Caulfield Cave Cavish O' Ceadfadha CHADWICK Chafin CHAMBERLINE CHAPMAN CHASE CHERRY CHESTERMAN Chevers Chidley Chinnery Chinnery of Cregane cholmond'l'y Church, the Ciddenaham of Corra Civil Survey Clanchy O' CLANCHY CLANCY Mac Clancy Clansy Clarcke Clare de Clare Clark Clark, illus. Clark of Cloughnarall Clarke Clarke, illus. Classey Clayton Cleaburne Cleark Clearke Clearkin CLEARY Mac Cleary CLEBURNE Cleery Clein O' Cleirhcinn Clerk Clerken Clerkin O' Clerkin O' CLERY Clifford CLINTON Clive O' Cloghessy Clohassey CLOHESSY O' Clohessy Clossey O' Clossey Clovan clune O' Clussey O' CLUVANE Coalman COBB Cockayne Cocks O' Coins COLAVIN Cole O Coleman Coll O' Collane Collen Collens COLLETT Collins O' COLLINS COLLISSON Collopy Colman Colmondeley COLVAN COLVEN COLVIL COLVILLE COLVIN O' COMANE Mac Combs COMIN Mac Comish Commane Comming COMMINGE Commins Commons Commyn COMYN Comyn Comyn of Millicke Comyn of Whitestown Comyne Comynge Comyns Conall Condan Condon CONDRON Conel O' Coner Conery CONGREIFE Congreive O' CONKLIN Conlan Mac Conmara Connel CONNELL Mc Connell O' CONNELL Connellan O' CONNELLAN Connelly Mc Conner O' Conner Connery Connor O' CONNOR Mc Conor O' Conor CONROY Mc Conroy Conry Mc CONRY Consadine Mac Considan Mac Considin CONSIDINE Mac Considine Mc Considn Conty O' CONTY O' Conuing Conway Conyears Conyers Mac Cooey COOKE Coonahan Coonihan Cooper Cooper, arms Cooper of Knocklong Coot Coote Coote, illus. COPELY Coplen Coplin COPPLEN O' CORBANE CORBETT CORBIN Corcoran COREY Corkerry CORKERY Corkry Mc Cormac O' CORMAC Mac Cormack Mc CORMACK O' CORMACK Mc Cormick Corneille Cornet Cosgrove COSSENS Mac Costello Mc COSTELLO COSTELLOE Mc COSTELLOE Costellow Costelo Costillo Costily Costolloe Costoloe COUGHLAN Coughlin COULTRY Coumey County COURTENAY Courtenaye Courtney COX Cox of Ballyline Cox of Broofe Coy Mc Coy Coyne CRABB Crabs Mac Crae Mc Crae CRAFORD Crafton Cragh Mc CRAGH Craig Craige Mac CRAITH Crampsey CRAUEN CRAUEN (Craven ) Craven Crawford Mac Crea Creagh Creagh Mc Creagh O' CREAGH Creagh, illus. Creagh, John Creagh, obit.. Creagh of Inshy CREED Creed of Ganynaderky Creegan Creeghan O' Creehan CREGAN Crehan CRIPPS CROCKER Crofts of Croghill Croker Cromeene O' CROMEENE Cromewell Cromwell O' Croneene Cronen CRONIN O' Cronin O' Cronine Cronsberry Cronyn Croom, illus. Cropman Mac Crory Mc Crory Crosby Crowe of Rathkeale CRUCE Cruice CRUISE Mac Cruitin Cruse Cruttane Cudmore O' Cuillein Mac Cuirtin Culane Culhane O' CULHANE Culigan Cullaine CULLANE O' Cullane O' Cullane O' CULLEANE Cullen Culligan Cumming Cummings Cummins O' Cuning Cunning Mac Curley Curling Curran O' CURRANE Curroge Curtaine Mc Curtaine O' CURTAINE Mc CURTANE Mc CURTEN CURTEOIS CURTIN Mac Curtin CUSACK Cusacke Cusake Cushley Cussack Cussacke CUSSEN CUTHBERT

D:   D'Arcy d'Aylmer D'Ezmondiis Mc DADE Mac Daid Mc DAID O' Daily O' DALLAGHER Dallaher Dallman O' DALLY Daltin DALTON O' DALY Daly of Chashbane DANAHER Daniel Mc DANIEL O' Daniel Daniell Mc Daniell O' DANIELL Dannaher O' Dannell Danters DARBY Dargan Mc DAUID DAUIES Mc DAVID DAvIES Davis Davison Mc Davit Mac Davitt Davys Daw Day O' Day O' DAYLY de Bonneville de Burgh de Bury de Caunteton de Hurle de la Rupe de Lacy de Lees de Nugent de Ralleye de Rupe de Stack de Valois de Verdun De Vere de Wylde Dea O' DEA DEACON DEAN DEANE Mc DEARGAN Mc Dearment O' DEE Deenihan Deergan Delafield O' DELL O' Dell - Castle townmaciniry Delmage Delmege Dempsey Denihan Dermitt Mc Dermitt Mc DERMOD Dermody Mc DERMODY Mac Dermot Dermott Mc DERMOTT DESMOND Dettlor Devitt Mac Devitt Mc DEVITT Dibbins Dick Dickson DILLANE O' DILLANE O' Dilleen Dillene O' DILLENE Dillion DILLON Dinaghane Dinahan Dinahine Dinan O Dinan Dinane Dineen Dinehan O' DINEHAN Dingavan Dinighan O Dinnahan Dinnahane O' Dinneen Dixon Dobe DODD Dollagher Dollaher Dolmage Dologhan Mac Donagh O' DONAGHOW Donahue Donald Mc Donald Donavan DONDEN DONDON Dondun Donegan Donel Mac Donell Mc DONELL O' Donell O' DONEVAN Dongan Mc DONIELL Donnell Mac Donnell Mc DONNELL O' DONNELL Mc DONNOGH Donnogh of Purtane Mc Donnough Mac Donogh Mc DONOGH Mac Donough Mc Donough Donovan O' Donovan Donovane DOODY Doole of Miltowne Doran DORE Dorgan Doube Doudins Dounes Douney of Caperearnesy Doupe Dove DOWDALL Dowdall of Cappagh Dowdas Dowley Down Limerick Way DOWNES DOWNEY Mac Downey O' Downey Downing Downs Downy of Garryglas DRAPER DREW DRIBSON Duane O' DUANE Duer DUFF Duggan O' DULE DULLANTY Dullany O' Dunady Dunavan Dunden DUNDON Dunnady Duyre Dwane DWIER O' DWIER Dwire DWYER Dwyer O' DWYER Dwyre Dyer Mac Dyer O' DYER O' Dyer / O'Dwier Dynahan Dynan Dyneen Dynneen Mac Dyre

E:   EAMES EATON Ebril Ebrill Mc EDD Mc Edmon Mc EDMOND EDMONDS Mc EDMUND Edmunds Edward Mac Eldowney Mac Elhar Eligot Ellard Mac Elligott Mc Elliot ELLIS Ellison Ellmoore Embury Emmerson of Castlematres Mac Eneiry Mc ENEIRY Enery Mc Enerye Engl. England English Englonde Mac Eninry Eniry Mac Eniry Mc Eniry Enniss Enraght Enraught ENRIGHT Enrite Mac Enroe Erskine, obit.. Esmond Esmonde Estmound Eudes Evans Everett EXHAM

F:   Fagan Fanan Fanin Faning Fannin Fanning Fannon Fant Fante Fanyng Farelly Farley Farragher Farraher O' Farrelly Feeheny FEILD FENELL Fenessy Fennessey Fennessy Fenton Fentons O' FERALLY Ferar FERGUSON FERINSHAUGH Ferly Ferrally FERRALLY Ferrar Ferrely Fey Ffaning ffanyng Field Filkins Filme FINCH Mac Finnucane Finttington Finucane FISHER Fitswilliam Fitt Fitton Fittshugh Fittswilliam Fitz Fitz Aldelm Fitz Herebert Fitz Piers Fitz-edward FITZ-HENRY Fitzbarthlomw FitzCharles @ Ballyshane Fitzchildey Fitzelle Fitzerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald of Ballinard Fitzgerald of Cuilebeg FITZGERGALD Fitzgerold Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrold Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon FitzGibbon(s) Fitzgibbons FITZHARRIS Fitzharry Fitzhenry FITZHUGH FitzJames FitzJohn Fitzpatrick Fitzpierce FitzPiers Fitzpierse FITZSIMMONS FitzStephen Fitzsymons FitzThomas Fitzwalter Fitzwilliam Flackes Flahyve Flanery O' Flannery Flanory Flanury O' FLATHERY O' Flattery Fleming Fleming of Killmallock FLEMMING Flemminge Flemmyng Flemon Flemyng Fline Flyn of Castlematres O' FLYNE Flynn FOLEY Folker Foord Foran O' Foran Forane Ford FORESTER Forhan O' Forhane Forrester Fosberry FOSBERY Fowley Fox Fox, James Fox, John Fox of Ballyvynog Foxe FOXEN Foxon FRAHER Frances Francis Franck FRANK Franke FRANKLIN Franks Frawley FREEMAN Freestone Freind FREND FRESTONE Frewen FRIEND Fruin Fruines FULFORD Fullfowrd FURLONG Furnell

G:   GABBERD GABBETT Gabbett, obit.. Gaffens GAINES Mac Gallogly Galloway Gallway GALLWAYE Gallwey Galway Galway, Sir J. GALWEY Gara O' Gara GARLAND GARNET Garnett Garrett Mc GARRETT GARSTON Garvey GASCOIGNE Gavane Gavin Gawnane Geale Geary GEASE GEBARD George Gerald Gernon GERRALD Gerrald of Ballynard Gerrald of Dullowes Gerralds O' GERRANE Gerrold Gibbings GIBBINS GIBBON Mac Gibbon Mc GIBBON Gibbon of Doonmoone GIBBONS Gibbons of Covinger Gibbyns GIBLIN Gilbertt Gilday Mc Gildea Gildowney GILES Gilhool Mac Gilhooley Gilhooly Gill Gillam Gilliard Gilroy Gilshenan Glanchy Glancy Glassane O' GLASSANE O' GLE Gleasane O' GLEASANE Gleason GLEESON O' Gleeson Glisane Glison Glissane O' GLISSANE Gloster GLOUER Glouster Glover Glyssane Goggins Goings Gold GOLDEN Golding GOLLOWAY GOODRICH Goold Gorden GORDON Gorman Mac Gorman O' Gorman O' Gormans Gormon Gosadge Gould Goulden Goule O Grada Graddy GRADY O' GRADY Grady of Any Grady of Killkillan Graff Graham Grainy Graliands Graney Grath Graven Graves Gready Greames Greaney GREAR GREEN Greene Greenfield Grehams Gribble GRICE Grifee Griffen Griffin O' GRIFFIN Griffins Griffy O' Griffy Grifith O' GRIPHAE Griphy Grogan Grogane Groggan Gromell Gromwell Groogan Mac Grory Grouse GROVES Grugan Grugane Grummell Guare Gubbins Guere GUERIN Guier Guina Mc GUIR Mc Guire GUIRY GULLYNANE Gunn Gunning O' Gunning Gunny Guntter Guose GUY Mc Gwire Mac Gyllysaghta

H:   Hadley Hadly Hagain O' Hagan O' HAGANE Halbert Hale Mac Hale Mc HALE Haley O' HALEY Halfpenny Halinan Hall Hall Hallaron O' Halley Hallinan O' HALLINAN Hallinane O' Hallinans O' HALLORAN Hallorin Halloron Halluran Hallurane Hally O' HALLY Halpen Halpenny Halpin Haly O' Haly Haly of Toorine Haly of Tworyne Hampton Handly Handrahan Hanily Hankswoorth Hanley HANLY O' Hanly HANNAN O' HANNAN Hannane Hanneen Hannen Hannin HANNON O' Hannon O' Hanra(g)hane Hanraghan O' HANRAGHAN HANRAGHANE O' HANRAGHANE HANRAHAN O' Hanrahan HANRAHANE O' HANRAHANE O' Hara, Fisk Harbert Harcan HARCOURT HARDING Hardinges Hare O' Hare Hargan O' Hargan Hargon Harison Harkness Harknett Harness of Ballyvonneen HARNETT Harnett Haroid Harold Harrigan Harrihy Harris HARRISON Harrison of Toureen HARROLD Harrys Harstongue Hart Hartagan Harte Harte of Killmallock Hartican Hartigan O' Hartigan Hartnet HARTNETT O' Hartnett Hartnetty HARTNEY HARTWELL Hartwick Harvy Hassett Hastie.. Hastings Hatten HATTON Haugh O' Hawrde HAYDEN HAYES Hayes Haynes Hays HEA O' HEA Hea of Towgh O Hea or Hayes O' Healihy O' Heally O' Healy O' HEARN Hearne Hearnes Heas Heavenor Heck Hederman HEEKY O' Heffernain Heffernan O' Heffernan Heffernane Hegan Hegher HEHIR O' Hehir HELY O' Hely O' HELYHY Henchy Henery Henessy HENESY Henley HENLY Hennessey HENNESSY O' Hennessy Hennesy Mac Henry Mc Henry O' Henry Hensey HERBERT Herlihey Herlihy O' HERLYHY Herman Herr Hestin Hestion HEWARD Hewerd Hewson Heyne O' HEYNE Heys Hibler HICKEY O' Hickey HICKIE O' HICKIE Hickie of Shandangan Hickson HICKY O' HICKY Hiffernan HIFFERNANE Hifle HIGBY Higgins HIGNETT Hill HINCHY Hine Hines Histon HOADLY HOARD Hoarde Hoare, obit. HOBAN Hobane Hobe Hodley Hoffman Hogan O' HOGAN Hogan of Kilnemona HOGANE O' HOGANE Hogans Hogart Hogen Hogin Holian Holland Hollande HOLLYWOOD Holme HOLMES Holmes of Kilmallock Holms Holohan Holton HOLYWOOD Homes O' Honeen Hoolihan Hooney (Cork) HOOPER Hoopf HOORST Hoost Hopkins O' HORAN Hore Horgan Horrigan HOUGH HOULBERT HOULIHAN O' Houlihan Houneen O' Houneen Hourigan HOURIGAN Hourihan Hourihane HOUSTON Howard Howard Howard Howell Howley HOWREGANE O' HOWREGANE O' HOWRIGANE HOWROGANE O' HOWROGANE Hoy Huban Hubane O' Hugh Hughes HUGHS Hulihan Huneen Hunt Hunte Hunter HUNTINGTON Huonyne O' Hure Hurley O' Hurley O' Hurleys HURLY Hurly of Cnocklong Hurly of Towreene Hurly, Sr. M Hurrue Hurst Hoost Huston HUTHINGS Hyman Hynes O' Hynes

I:   Mac Ineiridhe Mac Inerney Mc INERNEY Inglis Ingoldesbey Ingoldesby Ingoldsby Ingoldsby, Capt. Ingoldsby of Ballybricken INGOULDESBY INGRAM INGRAME Mac Innerney Ire IVARS IVERS IVORS

J:   JACKSON Jackson of Ballyvologue Jackson of Duntryleague JACSON Jaffe JAMES Jameson JAMIESON Jamison Jamisone JARVIS Jenings JENKINS JENNINGS Jephson of Donoghmore Jerome JESS Joanes Jobbs Mc John ST. JOHN JOHNS JOHNSON Joint JOLLIFF Jones Mc JORDAN Joynt JUBBS JURIN

K:   Kally O' KALLY Kasey Kash Mac Keal Kealey Kealy O' KEALY Keane Kearie O' KEARNEY Kearnie Kearny Kearny of Kilmallock Kearnye Kearter of Doghill KEATING Mac Keating O' Keating Keefe O' KEEFE O' KEEFFE Keeley Keely O' Keely or O'Cadhla Keeting Kehoe Keife O' KEIFE Keilly O' KEILLY KEILY KEITH Kelley Kellie Kelly Mc KELLY O' Kelly Kelly, Morrish Kem Kemps Kenedie Kenedy Mc KENEDY KENN Kenneally Kenneday KENNEDY Mc Kennedy Mc Kennedy O' KENNEDY Kennelly O' KENNELLY O' KENNY Kent Mc Kenzie M' Keo Keogh Mac Keogh Mc KEOGH Keoghe Keough Ker Kerley Kerr Kerrane Kerribly O' Kerrisk Kerwick O' KERWICK Kerwins Keyes O Keyle Kiarwick Kiefe Kieley Kielly O' Kielty Kiely Kieran Killberes Kilmurray O' Kilte Kindellan Kinealy O' Kinealy KING Kinghan Kingsmell Kingston Kinneally O' Kinneally KIRBY O' Kirby KIRKWOOD O' Kirwick Kirwicks Kline Knight Koch Kruse

L:   L'Angleys L'enfaunt L'Englys La Fant La Font Labhles Lacey, de Lacy LACIE Lacy O' LACY LACYE LAFFAN Laggan Lahey Lahy Lairy Lane Mc Lane Lanford LANGAN Lange Latchford LATIMER Lattimer Laurence Laweles Lawles Lawless Lawrence Lawson Layne Le Hunt Lea LEACH Leadar Leahey LEAHY O Leahy Lean Leane O' LEARY Leash Mc Leay LEE Mac Lee Mc Lee O' Lee Lee, Morrish Leech Leehey Leehy Leen Leery Leg Legear Leger Lehan O' Lehan Lehane Lehy Mac Leigh O' LEIN Leines Lenaghan Mc Lenaghan O' Lenaghan O' LENCHY O' LENCY Lenglas Lenighan Lenihan O' Lennan LENNARD O' Lennon, LEO LEONARD LESLEY Leslie Levin Lewes LEWIS Lewis, David Ley Leyne O' LEYNE Leynes Leyns Liagh O' LIDDEENE Lightfoot Ligier, Legear Lill,... Lilles Lillies Lillies of Athdare Lillis Limerick, Siege of LINANE Linch, illus. LINCHY O' LINCHY LINDSAY Line Linehan LINGANE LINNANE Linnehan Lisaght Lissaght of Cammas LISTON Liston of Kilscannell O' LIUER Lloyd, arms O' Lochlainn Lodge Lodwick Lodwig Loftus Mc LOGHLEN Loghlin Mac Loghlin LOMBARD Long Mac Longahan Longan Longford, John O' LOONEY Low LOWE Lower Loyd LOYDE Lucas Ludwick Ludwig Mac Lychy Lylles Lymes Lynane Lynard LYNCH O' Lynch Lynch book Lynchy Lyne O' Lyne Lyon Lyons Lyons, illus. LYSAGERT Lysaght Mac Lysaght Lysat Lysseght

M:   MacAnna MACK Mackessy O' Mackessy Madagan O' MADAGAN Madagane O' MADAGANE Madden O' Madden Maddigan Maddin Madegan MADIGAN O' Madigan Madigane O' MADIGANE Madin O' Maelchalloin O' Maelmacasa Maghan MAGNER Magnier Magnir Magnor MAGUIR Maguire Maguire of Duntrileague Mahon Mac Mahon Mc MAHON Mahon of Killenurra Mahoney Mahoney Mc Mahoney O' Mahoney MAHONY Mc MAHONY Mahony, illus. Mahowne Mahowney Mailey O' Maille MaKay Maley Malia Malley O' Malley Mallowney Mallowny Maloney O' Maloney Maloughney O' Malowne Malowny Maly MANDEVILLE MANGAN O' Mangan Manghan MANIX Mann Mannin Manning Mannix Mansel Mansill Mantgomerie Mc MANUS MANYHYNE Map (barony) O' Mara Marah Marnane Maroney Marony Marra Marrinane MARSHALL Marten, illus. Martin Martyn O' Mary MASSEY MASSEY MASSY Mathewes Mathews Matthews MATTHEWS Maughan Maunsel MAUNSELL Maunsell, arms Maunsell, obit. Maunsell of Ballynemoney Mawn MAXWELL MAXWELL Mayberry MAYBURY MAYHUGH MAYO Mead Meade MEAGH Meagh of Killmallock Meaghan O' MEARA O' Meary MEASE Meegan Meeghane Meehan O' Meehan Mc Meekin O' Meera Mehegan Meighan O' MEIGHAN Melia MELVILLE METCALFE Mick MIDDLETON MIDLETON Mighane Miller Mills MITCHELL Modlar Modler Moizel MOLLOWNY MOLONEY MOLONY Monckton of Ballynafrnky Mongan O' Mongane MONGOMERIE MONSELL Montgomery Moor Moore Moore Moore, illus. Morgan Moris Mc MORIS Morisey Mc MORISH Mc Moriss Morissey O' Morna O Morny MORONEY O' Moroney Morony, arms MORPHEU Morphey MORPHY Morresse Morris Mc MORRIS MORRISON MORRISSEY Morrogh Mc MORROGH Morrough Mc Morrough Mc Morrow MORSE Mortagh Morten MORTON Mossop Mossop MOUCKTON Mould Mounsel Moylan Muckley MUCLAHY MUIR MULCAHY O' Mulcahy Mulcair Mulchay Mulclahy O' MULCLAHY Mulclohy Muldoon O' Muldoon O' Muldoon (of Aughrim) Muldowney Mulholland Mulkeen Mulkin Mullan MULLANE Mullans MULLCLAHY Mullens Mullins Mullonie Mullowney Mullowny O' MULLOWNY Mullvihill MULQUEEN Mulqueeny Mulrains MULRIAN O'` Mulrian O' MULRIAN Mulriane O' MULRIANE Mulroone Mulrooney Mulryan Mulryan O' Mulryan MULVIHILL O' Mulvihill Mulville Muncton Murchoe Murdoch Murdock Murfhy Murfree Murfy Murhila Murily Murnain Murnan MURNANE Murney Murphy Mc Murphy Mc MURRAY O' Murray Mac Murrough Mc Murrough Murta Murtagh Mc MURTAGH Murtaugh Murtha

N:   NAGLE Naish Mac Namara Mc Namara Mc Namara, John Mc NAMAROW NANGLE Napier, obit.. NASH O' Nash / Naish Nashe Nasse Naughton NAY Nea O' NEA O' NEAGHTAIN Neagle O' NEALE Neazor Neenan O Neil, Constantine Neill O Neill O' Neill Neish Nelson Nerney Neuman NEUNHAN Nevill Neville New Brunswick New York NEWELL NEWLIN Newport, Richard NIhell Nihill NIX Nobel NOBLE Nogent Nolan Nonane O' NONANE NOONAN Noone Normile Nova Scotia Nuane NUGENT Nughent Nunan O' Nunan NUNANE

O:   Odell Odle Oells Ogan OGLE Oiler Oldfield of Gornskeigh Oliver ? OLIVER Oliver of Clogher ORMSBEY ORMSBY Ormsby of Corgrig Ouldley Oulihan Ourhilly Ousel Ouseleu Ouseley Outlaw Outlawe, OUZZELL OWEN Mc OWEN Owen(s) Owene of Cloughnarral Owens Owenson Owsewell Oylear

P:   PAGET PAINE Palatines Palmer PALUIS PARIS PARISH Park(s) Parker PARKINSON PARNELL Passengers Patterson Patterson PAUSY PAYNE PEACOCK Peacocke Peacocke of Graigue PEACOKE PEARCE Pearce, illus. Pearse PEET Peitchlie PENDERGAST PENDERGRASS PEPPARD Perkens Perkins PERRY PERSSE Pery Peters Peterson PETFORD Pheaby of Rathkeale Phelps PHETIPLAS PHILIPS Phillilps Mac Phillip Mc PHILLIP Phillips Phisick Pickott Pierce PIERCIE Piers Piersse Piggott Pigot of Kilfenny Piper Pitts PLELLPS Plumer Plummer Plunkett Poff Ponce Ponsonby of Ballinculnbeg Ponsonby of Fanningstown Ponz poore POPE Pope of Rathkeale POWELL Power POWERS PRENDERGAST Prendeville Price PRINDEVILLE Prothonotary Prseton, illus. Punch Purcell Purdon PURDY Pursell Purshell Purtel Purthill Purtill Purtle Pyper

Q:   Mc Quade Mc Quaid Mc Quaide O Quealy Quebec Mc Queen Quenedy Quill Mac Quillan Quillane Quilligan Quilly Mac Quilly Quilty Mac Quilty O' Quilty Quin Quinlan O' Quinlan Quinlevan Quinlevin Quinlin Quinlivan Quinn O' QUINN Quinnelly Mac Quoad

R:   Mac Rae Rafferty Rages RALAGH Raleigh Rally RANDOLPH Rashes Rathaly RATHERAM Ratherham Raw RAWLEY RAWLINGS Rawly Ray Raygan RAYMOND Rayne O' RAYNN Rea O' REA Ready Reagan Reagh O' Reardan Reardon Reavy Reedy Mc REEDY Reegan Mc Regan O' REGAN Regane O' REGANE Reidy REIGNE Reilly Reinart Rendon Reordan Reordon O' RERGANE Reynard Rhys O' RIADY Rian Riane RICE Rice, of Hospital Rice of Riddlestown Richard Mc RICHARD Richardson Richardt Riddell RIDDLE O' RIEDY Rierdan O' RIERDAN O' RIERDANE Rierdon Rights RIORDAN O' RIORDAN O' Riordane Roach Robert ROBERTS Robinson Roch Roche, dominick Roche, Roach Rochford Rodenbecke Rodenbecker Rodgers ROE ROGERS Roice Ronane Ronayne Mac Rory Mc RORY O Rory Rose Rose of Morgans Rouane Roufel Rowan Rowe Roy ROYALL Royan Royce Ruan RUDDELL RUDDLE Ruirdane Rule RUSELL Russel Russell Russell & Sons Rutham Ruttell Ruttle Ryall Ryan O' RYAN Ryan of Clounbrick RYANE O' RYANE O' RYERDANE Rynard Ryner

S:   Sadlier SALTFEELD Saltfield SAMPSON Samson SANDERS SARGENT Sarsefeld Sarsfield Savadge Scally Scanlan O Scanlan Scanlane O' Scanlans SCANLON O' Scanlon O' Scannell Schmidt Schmit Scotts O' SCULLY Seargent O' SEXON Sextan Sexten SEXTON Seymour SHAGINS Shallas Shanaghan O' SHANAGHAN Mac Shanaghy SHANAHAN Shanahy O' Shanassy Shane Mc Shane Shanechane Shaneghane Shanessy Shanid, illus. Shannen SHANNOHAN Shannon O' Shannon SHANOGHAN SHAUGHINISY O' Shaughnessy Shay Shea Mc Shea O' SHEA Sheaffer Sheaghane O' SHEAGHANE SHEAGHniSY SHEAHAN Mc Sheahane Sheahy Mc SHEANE Shearlie Shearman Shee Mac Shee O' Shee Sheean Sheedy SHEEHAN O' Sheehan Sheehane O' SHEEHEY SHEEHY Mac Sheehy Mc SHEEHY Mac Sheehys Sheen Sheghane O' SHEGHANE Shelton Sherry Sheruin Shey Shier Shigane Shihy Mc SHIHY Shihye Shimmell Shine O' SHINE Shinnock Shire Shochett Shoemaker Shoneweiss Shonogh Shortall SHORTELL Shoughnessy Shouldice Shunny Shurlyes SHUTE SHYDY Shyghane O' SHYGHANE SHYHANE Mc SHYHY Siebert Siebert Singer Simms Sims Singer SISK Skanlane O' SKANLANE Skeolan Skeolane Skiner Slattery O' SLATTERY Slingsby Smeltzer Smith Smith of Carrigogunel SMITHWICK Smyth Sommers Soolivan Soople SOUTHCOTT Southwel of Castlematres SOUTHWELL Southwell, Lady SPAIGHT Spaight & Sons Sparling Spate Speight Spencer Spenser Spillan O' SPILLANE Spire of Rathanny SPRANGER Springer St. George St. John St. Johns Stac STACK Stackpole Stackpoll Stackpoole Stacpole Stacpoll STANDISH Standlie Stapleton Stark Starkey Staunton Steepe Steevell Steevens Stephen STEPHENS Stephenson Steple Stepney of Abbeyowey Stevens Stevenson STEWART Stockdil Stoddert Stoke Stokes Stork Stretch Stretch Stritch Stritche STRONG Stronge Stroud Studdert Suite Sulivan Sullevan O' SULLEVANE Sulliban O' SULLIVAN SULLIVANE Summerfield Summers Suppel Suppels Supple Supple of Cragan Swaine SWAYNE Swayne of Clohomwsey Sweaney Switzer SYMS Synner Synon

T:   Tailor Tailour TALLON TATE Taverner Taylor Tayte Teehans Teige Mac TEIGE Mc TEIGE Teige of Athdare Mc Teigue Temple Mc TERLAGH Mc Terlough TERRY Teskey Tesky Tettler Tettlor THEOBALLS Mc THERLAGH Therlogh Therry THOMAS Mc Thomas Thomas, W. of Killenura THOMLINSON Thorenbor'ogh Thorloe Oge THORNE Thornton Thorton THRENCHARD O' Thyans Thyrry TILLY Tinte TIRRELL Tobbine Tobin Tobine Tobyn Tobynn Tomlinson O' TOOLE TOOLEY TOOMEY Toomy Torenhill TOUCHSTONE Toumey TOWES TOWNER Tracey O' Tracy TRAGHNE Trahey Tranealle Trannell Trasey Trassey O' TRASSY Treacy Treherns Trehy O' Trehy Trench Trenchard Trenchard of Corgraige Trenchard of Mt Trenchard Trenelis Tressy Treth of Rathkeale Trohy Troy Trust Tuomey O' TUOMY Mc TURLAGH Turley Turly TURNER Tutthil Tuttil Tuttle Tutty TWAYTS O' Twomey Twomy TYNTE Tyrell

U:   Ulf Upton Urley Ushelbaugh

V:   Vaghane VALLANNE Vandeleur VanHUGARDEN VAUGHAN Verdon Verdun VINCENT

W:   Wade Wafer WAILSH Wakefield WALCHOTT Walcot(t) Wale Walker ofCloughnarral Wall Wall of Killmallock Wall of Rathkeale Wallace Walle of Miltowne Waller WALLIS Wallishes Walls WALSH Walsh ofBallymul'ane Walsh, Welsh Walter WAPLES War(e) Ward Warder WARDINGE WARR Warren Warren of Newtown Waters Watson WATTS Way Weafer Weaks Weams Weatherhead WEAVER Webb Webb of Ballygubby Webb of Balyhen'esy Webb of Rathgonan Webber Webbs WEEKS Weems Weever WEILSH WELLES WELLS Welsh WEMYS Wendell WENDLE Westenra of Athlacca Westhrop Westrop WESTROPP Wheite Wheitroe Whight WHITCHURCH White White Whitechurch WHITERE Whittaker of Lisnasheely Whittel Whittle Whoolahan WHYTE Whyte of Loghill WIAY Wight Wight, illus. Wilde Wilders WILKINSON Mac WILLIAM Mc William WILLIAMS Mac Williams Williamson Willmor WILLSON WILLY Wilson Windell Wingfield Wite Mc WM. Wodell Wolf(e) Wolfe Wood Woodroff Woods Woolfe Wooten WOOTTON WOULF WOULFE Wray Wren Wrynn Wulf Wyld Wylder Wylie Wyndham-quin

Y:   Yearwell Yielding Youghe Young Younghe

Z:   Zigler