Families of County Dublin, Ireland

Description: This work has opened up Dublin research and is the best primer of its kind. Entitled "Families of County Dublin, Ireland", this volume was produced as the 7th book in the 32 volume 'Irish Families' series, the number one source of its kind. It focuses exclusively on families found in County Dublin and includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families from England, Scotland, and the Vikings...... from the earliest times to the modern era. It follows the master volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland. The Dublin book is one of the most comprehensive books in the series.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Dublin families. There is a special section included for research in Dublin, which can be a feast of records compared to the rest of the country! This section will be helpful to anyone researching records and repositories in Ireland, even outside of Dublin itself.

Size: 6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 248pages. Illustrated, Coats of Arms, Maps, Surname Index. Over 4000 families of Co. Dublin are included, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century.

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:    Abbecaces Abbecaces Morocco Abbott Abot ACKLEY Acton Adair Adam Mc Adam, etc.. Adam family Adams Mc Adams Address list Aderrig (pl) Adley Adrain Adrien Adryan Agar Agard Aghwell Ahlborn Aiken Aikens Ailmer Aitken ALAN ALBERT Albun Aldercorn Aldercron Aldercron, J. Alding ALDWORTH Mac Alea Alexander Aliday Allen Allen Allen Mac Allen Mc Allen Allen, J. Allen, John Allen of Palmerston Allen, Patrick Allens Allexander Alliday Allison Alloway ALLSWORTH ALPINE Altman Alton Alwoodhouse AMANSHAM Ambrose AMERY Mac Anally Mc ANALLY Andersen Anderson Mc Anelly Anger Anger, Lord Angier ANKETEL Mac AnLeagha Mac anna Anncham Annesley ANTHONY Mac Anulty Mac Anward Appendix Aprice Arabin Archbald Archbold Archbold, G. Archbold, W. Archbould Archdall Archer le Archer Archfield Archibald de Arcy Ardagh Ardogh Ardough Mc Aree Arms Arms- King of Arnold ARNOP Arthur Mac Arthur Arthur, J. Arthure Arthurs ARUNDALL ASBURY Ash Ashbourne ASHBROOK Ashe Mac ashinah Ashley Ashly ASHTON Askin Askins ASSIN Aston Aston, John Mac Atilla Atkinson, J. Attwood Atwood Aubry AUDLEY Aungier Aurthur Austen Austin Mac Aveely Avery Avery, John Mc Avish Avory Avory, Joe. Mac Award Aylercorn Aylmer Aylmer, Capt. Aylmer, Sir G. Aylward

B:    O' B BABBITT BACON Bacon, John Badham Baggotrath (pl) Bagod Bagod, Sir R. Bagot Bagster BAGWORTH BAILEY Baily Baily, Wm. BAIN BAIRD Baker le Bakere BALDWIN BALE Ball Ball, John Ball, Robert Ball, Walter Bamford Bane le Bank Banks BANNING Baptist records Barber, Barbour Barclay Barcly Barcroft Bargerett Barker Barker, John Barkerxx Barkley BARLOWE Barnard BARNES Barneville Barnewall Barnewall Barnewall of Drimnagh Barnewall, R. BArnewalls Barnwall de Barnwall Barony List Barony Map Barret Barrets Barrett Barrett Barrytt BARRINGTON Barron, Lord BARROW Barry Barry, James Barry, Paul Barrytt BARTON BARY Bary, Ed. BASILL Basnett Bassenet Basset Bateman BATES BATH de Bath Bathe de Bathe BAthe, J. Bathe, Thomas BATHER BATHRIPP BATHURST Battersby BAULMAN Bawn Baxter Mac Baxter Baxter, John Bayley Bayly, Bayley Beaghan Beahan BEALING BEAME Bearsford Beattie Beatty Beaumont BECKET Beckford Beebe Began Begg Begg Beggs Beggan Beghan Behan O Beirnes Bekeford Belgard Belinges de Belinges Bell Bellew Bellew, Col. BELLINGHAM Bellings Bellon Bellon, Dr. Bellow Bender Benison Benmohel BENNELL Benner Bennet Bennett Bennett, H. BENSON Bereford Beresford BERFORD Berg BERGIN Berkeley Bermingham Bernard Berrill BERRY BERSTOW BERTRAM Beryl Best Betham Betham, W. BETTIN Bettsworth Betzold BEUCHAMP Bevan Bewley BICKFORD BICKNELL Bierne Bigg Bigge Biggens Biggins BILDER BILLINGS Billingsly Billingsly, Ed Billington BILLINSLEY Bingham BIRD BIRFORD Birford, R. Birmingham Birne Birne, Felix O Birnes Birsell Bishop Bishop Bishopp Bishopp BISSE Black Blackall BLACKAND Blackbourne BLACKBURN Blackburne Blacken Blacker Blackhall Blackney Blackwell BLADEN Blake Blanchfield Blanchfort Bleigh BLIGH Blondell Bloody Bridge Bloomer Blum Blume Blundell Boales Boas BODLEY Boe Bohelly Boid Bold Boles Bollard Bolten Bolton Bolton, N. BOND BONOLE BONORLY Boorke Booterstown BOOTH BORDEN BORR Borr, John Boston BOUDLER O Bough Boughla BOULD BOULTON Bourke BOURNE Bowe Bowes Bowker BOWMAN Bowye Bowyer Bowyr Boyd Boylan Boyland Boyle Boyn Boyne Brabazon Brabzon O Bracken BRADBURY Braddock Bradey Bradley Bradly Bradshaw Bradstreet Brady Mac Brady Brady, John BRAGG Braghall Braham Braken BRAMPTON O' Branagan Branam BRANDON Branham Branigan Brannan Brannigin Brassil Braun Brawne Bray de Bray, Robt. Brayne Brazil O Brazzil di Bre O Bree Breen Breerton O Brein Bremigan O Brennan Brennanstown Brenon Brereton Brerton O Bressyl le Bret Brett Breviter Brew brewster de Bri Brian Briane BRICE Bridges Brien O Brien Briene Brigg Brigg of Milltown Briggs BRIGHNESS BRIGHT Brimingham Brin Briody O' Briody Briscoe Britons Brocas BRODERICK Brody Mac Brody Broe Broghe Brohel Brokas O Brolchain BROMAGEN Broo Brook Brooke Brooke, Miss Brookes Brookfield BROOKING Brooks Brophy Brothell Broughall Broughill Broun Broune Brown Brown, saml. Browne Browne (Eng & Irish) Browne of Esker Browne, Pat. Browne, R. Bruar Bruen Bruer BRUISTER le Brun BRUTON Bryan O Bryan Bryan, John BRYSCOE BUCK BUCKARTON Buckeley BUCKINGHAM Buckley Buckley, R. Budd Budd, Wm. Buggle Bugle O Buhilly Bulkeley Bulkley Bulkley, T. Bullard Buller Buller, Edw. Bullock (pl) Burbridge Burgess Burgh de Burgh Burgoyne Burk Burke Burke Birth. Burn Burne Burnell Burnell of Ballygriffin BURNETT Burniston Burns Burns Beirne Burns, John Burr Burrilow BURROWES Burrows BURT Burton Burton, T. BUSBY BUSH BUSHELL BUSTON Butler Butler Butler or de Verdon Butler, Robt. Butler, Wm. BUTTERFIELD Butterly Butterton Buttler Bygins Bygins, John Byland Byrne O Byrne O' Byrne, Byrnes Byrne, Ed. Byrne, John Byrne, T. Byrnes Byron Bysse Bysse, Robt.

C:   Mac Caba Mac Cabe Caddell Caddle Caddle, J. Cadell CADMORE CADWELL CADY Mac Cafferky Mac Caffrey Caffreys Cahan O Cahan Cahane O Cahassy Cahere of Dundrum Cahil Mc Cahil O Cahill Cain Calaghan Calahan Calan Calbs Caldbeck Caldwell Mc Call O Callaghan Callahan Callan Callen Mac Callery Callihan Callin Callisher Mac Calshender Calwell CANDIT Cane Mac Cann Mc Cann Cannan Cannon O Cannon Canny CANTREL Cantwell Capper Capper, Edw. Carberry Carbery Carbery, J. Carbry Carden Carden House Cardiff Cardiffsbridge CARDYFF Carew Carew, Ray. Mc Carey O Carey Carey, G. Carey, Geo. O Carey of Kildare Caricke Carie Carleton CARLEY CARLIS Carlton Carmichael Carnett Carney Mc Carney Carol O Carolan Caroll CARPENTER Carr Carr, G. CARRE Carrick Mc Carrig Carricke Carrigan Carrol Carrolan Carroll Mac Carroll O Carroll O Carroll Arms Carrothers Carruthers Carson CART Cart, Nich. Carte Carte, Nich. Carter Mac Cartney CARTON CARUTHERS Cary Casaday Casement Casey Mac Casey O Casey Cassy Cashell Cashell of Drogheda Caskin O Cassidy CASSILLY Cassy Castleknock Castleton Casy Catelyn Catholic, became Catholic records Caufield Caulfield CAVAN CAVANAGH Cavenah Mac Cawell Cawldwell CECIL Census1659 CHABNER Chaffee Chalkwright Chamberlain Chamberlayne Chamberlyn Chambers Chambres CHAMPINES Chandlee CHANDLER Chandley CHAPMAN Chapman, R. CHARLTON Mc Chayer Chaytor Cheevers Cheevers, H. Chesterman Cheswright CHETTEN CHICHESTER Chidley chiefs Chillam CHRISTIAN Church of Ireland Church Records de Clahull Claiborne Clairborne Clairke Clanmaliere CLAPHAM Clare de Clare Claridge Clarke Clarke, T. Clarkins Classon Clausson CLAY Clayhull CLAYPOOLE Clayton CLEABEAR Cleare CLEARY CLEMENS Clements Clench CLERE Clibborn Cliborne CLIFF Cliff, John Clinch Clinch, Wm. Clinchey Clinton Clontarf battle Mc Clory Mc Closkey CLOTWORTHY Mc Cloud Clovan Cloven Mc Cluskey Coal Coalman COAN Coat of arms Coates Coats Cobb Cobbe Coch Cochrane Cocks CODDINGTON Coen Coffee O Coffey Cogan Coghill Coghill, M. Mac Coghlan Coghlane Cogley Cohalan Cohen Colavin COLBY Colcott Coldwell Cole Coleman O Coleman Coleman, R. Coley Mac Colgan O Colgan Colgen Colgun Coligan Collen COLLETT Colley, Cooley Colley, Richd. Collie Collier Colligan Collins Collis Mac Colly Colman Colvan Colven Colvil Colville Colvin Colyer COMBES Mac Combs Comerford Commerford Commins Commons COMPTON Comyn Comyns Comyns of Balgriffin Conaway Condran Condron Conel Conley Conly Mac Conmara Connaghan Conneely Connell O Connell Connell, J. Connell, John O Conner O Connoll Connolly O Connolly Connoly O' Connoly Connor O' CONNOR O Connor Arms O Connor Offaley Conol Conolly Conolly of Castletown Conolly, Wm. Conoly Conor O' Conor O Conor, Rod. Conran Conrane CONROY Conry Constantine Contents page Conway Mc Conway O Conway Coogan Cogan Cooke Cooke, V. Cool Mc Cool Cooley Cooly Coonahan Coonan O Cooney Coony Cooper Coot Coote Cope Cope of Lough -gall COPELAND Cor, Nich. Corballis Corbally Corban Corbane Corbett Corbett, Miles Corckron Corcoran Mac Corcoran O Corcoran Corey Corigan Mac Cormack Mc Cormack Mc Cormick Cornwalsh Corr Castle Corr Corry Corra Corregan Corrican Corrie O Corrigan Corry Corscadden Cory O' Cosgrave Cosgrove Cossart Mac Costello Costellow Costelo Mac Costigan Costigin Costillo Costleloe Costolloe Cosyn Cotes Mac Cotter O Cotter Cottingham Cottle COTTON Cotton, r. Cottor Mac Cottyr Coughlan COULTER COULTRY Counihan de Courcey Courtney Cowell Cowhey Cowhig Cowley Cowman COWSE Cox Cox, Capt. W. Coy Mac Coy Mc Coy Coyle Crabb CRAFTON CRAMBY Cramer Crampton CRANWELL CRARY Mac Crea Creamer Creamor Creary Creemer CREIGHTON Critchet Crofton Crole Crolly Croly Cromwellian settlement Crosbie Crosby Crosby, Lady CROSS CROSTENTON Crowe O Crowley Crowly Cruise Cruise Cruise family Cruiserath Crum (pl) Crump Crump, Geof. Cruse Cruys Crych Crych, John Cudahey Cudahy Cuddahy Cuddihy Cudihy CUFF Cuff, James Cuggeran O Cuinn Culhane Cullane Cullen O Cullen Cullenswood Cullin Mc Cullin Culloon CUMMING Cummings Cummins Cunningham Mac Curley Curling Curr Curragh CURRAN Curran, J. P. Curraugh Curren Currid Curry Curson Cursun Curtis Cusack Cusack of Cabinteely Cusacke Cusake Cussack Cussacks CUTHBERT CUTTER CYRCH

D:   D'Aungiers d'Erley Dag Dagg Mac Daid Daily Dalkey (pl) Daltin Dalton Daly O' Daly Damer Damer, Joseph Danagher DANAHER DANCER Dancer, T. DANDRIDGE Danes Daniel Mc Daniel Daniell Mc Daniell Daniell and McDaniell Daniell & Donell Dannaher Mac Darcey O Darcey Darcy Dardes DARDIS Dargan Dargen DARIN Darlas Darlases Darley Darley, Rev. DARLING Darly DASON DATON DAUSON Davidson Davidson of Poland Davies Davies, John Davieson Davine Davis Davis Eng. & Irish Davis, Paul Davis, rouse Davison Mac Davitt Davys Davys, C. Dawe Dawe of Jamestown DAWKINS Dawley Dawly Dawson Dawson, John Dayley De Arci de Bathe De Bray de Bray, Robt. de Clahull de Clare De Courcey De Courcy De Coursey de Flamstead De Groot De Hose de Hyndeberge de la Feldes De Lacy de London de Long de Marisco de MOenes de Mora de Tasagart de Verdon de Verneuil de Walhope Deagan Dealy DEAN Dean, J. Deane Deane family Dearing Deave Deaves DEBART Debart, J. deBurgh DEE Deegan Deering DeFreyne DeFullam Degane deGrenan Dejean deLacy Delafeld Delafield Delahide Delahoid Delahoyd Delahoyde Delahyde Delamain Delane O' Delaney Delap Delarupe DELASALE Delasalle DeLees Dellany DeLong DEMPSEY O Dempsey O Dempsie of Clanmaliere Den Denn Denn, J. Dens family DENT DeNughent DePoher DePreston DERBON DeRevell DeRideleford Dermitt Mc Dermitt Dermody Mac Dermot Dermott Dermott DeRoley Derpatrick Derpatrick of Stillorgan Derry Derry, A. Desmineer Desmineers Desminiers deSutun Deuswell Devane Develin Deveneis DEVERY Devin O' Devine Devitt Mc Devitt O' Devlin Devry DeWylde Dexter Diamond Diamonte Dick Dickinson Dickson DIGGS Dillane Dillion Dillon Dillon Dillon, Dillion Dillon, James Dillon, Luke Dillon, Martin Dimond Dioderici Directories Divelin Divine Dix Dixon Dixson DOANE DOBSON Dobson, I. Dobson, Isaac Dobson, J. Dockerell DOCKRELL Dodd DODSON Doe Dogherty Doherty Doil DOLAN Dolane Dologhan Dolphin Dolphyn DOLY Doly, etc.. Dolyphy Domvile Domvile Arms Domviles Domville Donahoe Donal Mc Donald Donaldson Donel Donelan DONELL Mc Donell Donell and McDonell Donely Dongan Donlan Donlon Donn Donnell Mac Donnell O' Donnell Mc Donnell of Antrim Donnellan O' Donnellan O Donnelly Donneybrook Donnogh O' Donoghoe Donohoe Donohue Mc Donold Dooal Doody Doogan Doohey Doolan Doolen O' Dooley Doolin Dooling Dooly O' Doran Dorane DORE Doren Dores Dorgan Dorian DORLAND Douces Doud Doude Mc Dougall Dougherty Doughty Doulough's Dousse Dover O' Dowd Dowdall Dowdall Dowdall, Geo. Dowding Dowds Doweing Dowey Dowlin O' Dowling Dowly Downes Downs Dowse Doyle Mc Doyle O Doyle Doyne O Doyne Drake Drake, John Drape Draycott Drean Drew Drewery Drewry Dromgold Dromgoole Druery Drumgoold Drumgoole Drury Drury, Drew DRYLAND Dublin Arms Dublin City Map Dublin map Dublin, N. H. Dublin, Ohio Duchamine Ducker Duddy Dudley DUDLY Duff Duffe Duffey Duffie O Duffy Dugan O' Duggan Duggen Duhig DULANE Dulany Dun DUNDON Dundrum DUNGAN Dunleary (pl) Dunlop Dunn O Dunn Dunne O' Dunne Dunphy DURDIN Durham DUSTIN Dutch DUTTON Dwier Dwire O' Dwyer Dwyre DYAS Dyle

E:   Eagan Mac Eagan Eagen Eager EARHART Earl Earle Earley Early Eastwood Eaton Eaves Eblani Eccles Eccles Mount Ecklin Edkins Mc Edmond EDMONDS Edmounds Edwards Edwards, R. EGAN Mac Egan Egar Egerton Egerton, T. Egyr Eirill Ekin Mac Elhar Elias Eliott Elison Elkin ELLARD Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellis, Owen Ellison Elliston Ellot Ellott Ellrington Elrington Elrington, R. Elshinder ELWARD Mac Elwoo EMERY Emmet burial Emmett Emmett, Dr. Empson Empson, Wm. England England, John English Englonde L' Englys Mac Eninry Ennes Ennis Ennis Ennos Enniss Ennoss Enos Epstein Erley Erlich Errill Erskine Espinasse Espinasse, W. Eton Euleston Eustace Eustace at Milltown Eustace, J. Eustace of Harristown Eustice Evans EVERS Eves Mac Evoy Ewing Exham Exham house Exshaw Exshaw, John

F:   Fade de Fae Fagan Mac Fagan O Fagan Fagan Arms Fagan Fagon Fagans Fagon, C. Faile Fairbrother Fairview Falconer Falk Falkiner Falkiner Falkner FALLARD Fallek Famine, the Fannin Fant Farel Farelly Farely Mc FARLAND FARLEY Farmer Farral Farrall Farrel Farrell O Farrell O' Farrelly FARRIS Faucett Faulkiner Faulkner Fawcett Fawcetts Fay Faye FEARNELY Featherston Fee Feehan Feeheny Fegan Feghan Feighan Feild Felan de la Feldes Fenell Fenelon FENLON Fennell Fennelly FERGUSON Feritter Ferly Ferneley Ferneley, Ph. Fernelly Ferrall Ferrely Ferreter Ferris Ferris, Gilb. Ferriter FERRY Fetherston Fey Ffolliott O Fiachra Fian Fians Field Fieragh Figgis O Fihelly Fingal (pl) Finglas Finlay Finlay family Mac Finn O' Finn Finnellan Finnucane Finucane FISHER Fisher, Geo. Fitch Fits Fitz Fitz Rery Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrold FitzGibbon Fitzharris Fitzharry Fitzhenry Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick Fitzrichard Fitzrory Fitzrury FitzSimmons FitzSimon Fitzsimons Fitzsimons family Fitzstephen Fitzsymon Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliams Fitzwm arms Flamstead Flanagan O' Flanagan Flang Flanigan Fleming Flemming Flemming Flemmyng Flemon FLETCHER Flinn Flood FLOWER Flower, J. Floyd FLYNN Foard FOESTER O' Fogarty Fogerty Foley O' Foley Foli Font FOOKES Fooley Fooluiah Foorde Foot Foot, J. Foot, Lundy Foran O Foran Forane Forbes, George. Earl Ford Ford, Sir R. Forde FORESTER O Forhane Format FORREST FORSTER Forster, G. Forster, J. Forsters FORTH Forth, Sir A. Fortick Fortick, Sir W. Fossett Foster FOULES FOUNBAINE Fount Fountain FOUNTAINE Founts family Fowloo Fowly Fownes Fox Fox, Sir P. Fox, Thomas FOXALL FOXWICH Foy Foy, Dr. Foye Foyle Foyll Foynes FRAIL Frain Frame FRAMPTON France, in Frances Francis Frane Frank Frankel FRANKLIN Franks Fraser Frazer Frazier Freeman Freeme Frein French French family French, M. French, robt. Frend Freyn de Freyne Frieudman FRY FRYER Fulham Fullam Fullard Fuller FULLERTON FULTON Fyan Fyans Fye Fyenell Fyne Fynes

G:   Gaban Gaban, John Gadell Gaffey O' Gaffney GAGE Gahagan Gainor Gaisford Gaisford Arms GALAGHER GALBELLY GALL Gallagher O' Gallagher Gallaher Galligan Gallougher Galvey Gann Mc Gann Gannon Mac Gannon GARDINER Garlan Garland Mc Garland GARNER Garner, Dr. Garnet Garnett Garrett Garrey Garrie Garrihy Garrity Garry Mac Garry Gartland Garvey Garvey, James Gaskin Gaughney Gaul Gavan Gavan, Henry GAY Gayner Gaynor Mac Gee, Magee Geering Gegan Gehegan O' Gelbroin Genealogy Genese Mac Genis GENNITT Mac Geogh Geoghan Mac Geoghegan Geography GEORGE George, Denis Mac Geraghty Gerity Gernan Gernon Gernon slain GERRARD Gerrity GERRY Gerry, Dr. Gerty Ghee Mc Ghee Gibbons Gibbons, John GIBBS Giblin GIBNER Gibney Gibsen Gibson Gibson, R. Giffard Giffard, John Gifford Mac Gilamchlmg Mac Gilamochl' Mac Gilamochl' Gilbert Gilbert, Wm. Gilbroin O Gilbroin Gilcolm Giles Gilfoil Gilfoyle Mac Gilfoyle Gill Mac Gill Mc Gill Gillen Mac Gilligan Mac Gilloway Mac Gilpatrick Gilpin Gilroy Gilstrap Gilthorpe Giltrap Ginnaw Gipsey Gitt Elson Givney GLASCORD Glasnevin (pl) Gleason O' Gleeson Glenn Glenny Glissane Glorney Mc Glory Mc Glorye Mac Gloughlin GLOVER Glover, G. Glynn Goch Godd Godiman Goff Mac Goffrey Gogarty Going Gold Golding Goodiman Goodman Goodman, J. Goodmans GOODRICH GOODWIN GORAGH Goragh, Wm. Gorden Gordon Gore Gorer Mac Gorhain Gormaly Gorman Mac Gorman O' Gorman O' Gormley Gormly Gormon Gormooly Gothimer Gotler GOUGE Gough Gough, Wm. Goulbee GOULBORNE GOULD Goulding Gowen Grace Graddy Gradon O' Grady GRAFTON Graham Grahams Mac Grane Mc GRANE GRANGE Grannell Gratan Grattan Gratten Graves Gravestone inscript. GRAY GRAYDON Gready GREELEY Green Green Greenan Greene Greene, Rchd. Greene, Wm. Greenhow Gregorie Gregory Gregry Grennan Gressingham Mac Gretten Grible Grierson Griffen Griffin Griffon Grimes Grogan Groggan GROLLIAX Groot de Groot Grugan Grugane Grumby Gryffith Griffith Mc Gue Guilfoyle Guiness Arms Guinness Mc Guinness Mac Guire Mc Guirk GUIY Gurk Mc Gurke Gurling GUTCH GUTHRIE Guy Mac Gwyer Mc Gwyer GYLES Gyles, John

H:   Habbagan Hacket Hacket, Simon Hacketsisland Hackett Mac Hackett HADSOR Hagan O Hagan Hagans Hagen Haghan HAINES Hairt O' Hairt Haket Hakett Mc HALE Halfpenny HALIDAY Hall Hall, Sam. Hallaghan Halley Halligan Hallighan Halloway HALLOWEL Hally Halpen Halpenny Halpin O Haly Hamilton Hamilton, J. Hancock HAND Handcock handcocks HANDY Hanebry HANES Hankes HANKSHAW Hanlan O' Hanlon Hannagan Hannigan O' Hanraghty Hanratty Hanstede HANWAY O' Hara Harah Harborne Harbourne Harburne HARD Hardiman HARDING Harding, Dr. Hardy Harford Harford HARINGTON Harisson Harkin Harkins HARKNETT Harman Harmel Harmon HARNET Harnett Haroid Harold Harold, Walter Harolds Harolds Cross Harp Harper Harpor Harpur Harrihy Harrington Harris Harrisen Harrison Harrold Harroughten HARSON Hart O' Hart Harte Harte of Jordanstown O' Hartley Hartly HARTNEY Hartpole Harty Harvey Harvy Haskins HASLAM Hasler Hasler, Sir J. HASSELHAM Hassler HAST Hatchell Hatchell, J. HATE HATFIELD HATTER HATTON Haubois Haubois, A. Haughton HAVEN HAWARD hawkins Hawkins Arms Hawkshaw O Hawrde Hayden Haydon Hayes Haynes Hays Hayward O Hea O Healihy O' Healy Heas Heath Heavisid Hellen Hellen, Robt. O Hely Hemphill Hemsworth Henchy HENDERSON Hendrick Mc Hendrick Henebry Henesy Henneberry O' Hennessy Hennesy Hennigan Henrick Mac Henry Mc Henry O Henry Henry I I Hensey O Heoghy Heraghty Herbert Herbert, V. Hereford Herlihy Herman Hert Hertford Hervey Hervie Hesse Hetherington Hetheringtons Hewet Hewetson Hewett Hewison Hewitt Hewett Hewson Hewson, Col. HEYNHAM Heys Hiatt Hiatt, Love O' Hickey Hickie HICKS HICKSON Hicky Hide Hide, Nich. HIGBY Higgens O' Higgin Higgins Higins Hilan Hiland Hill Hill, George Hill, Wm. Hillard Hilliard Hylliard Hillyard HILTON Hilyard Hines HOADLY Hoagman Hoar HOARE HOBAN Hobb Hobkins Hobson HODGES HODGKINS HODSER Hoey Hogain O' Hogan Hogane Hogart Hogen Hogin HOLDEN Holder Holder, Pat. HOLFORD Holian Holiday Holland Hollande Hollaway Holliday Holloway Hollywood Holme Holmes Holmes, S. Holmpatrick Holohan HOLT Homes Hone Hone, Nath. O Honeen HOOD Hood, robin Hook Hooke HOOKER Hookes Hoop Hopkins Hore Hore, John HORISH Horish, Wm. Horten Horton De Hose O Hosey Hotten Houghton Houlihan O' Houlihan Hoult Houneen Houssaye How Howard Howell Mc Howell Howell family Howell, Peter HOWLETT Howse Howth Howth, Earl of Hoy HUBAND Hudson Huggard O Hugh Hughe Hughes Hughes, John Hughs Hughs Huguenot Huguenots Hulihan Hull Humfrey Humphries Humphry Humphrys Huneen Hunt Hunte Hunter HUNTINGTON O Hure O' Hurley Hurly Hussey Hussy Hutchinson HUTCHISON Hyatt Hyde Hylan Hyland Hyndeberge Hynebry HYNES

I:   Ievers Immaulouz Immaulouz family Immigration Ince Inglefield Invasions Irish Army List Irishtown Irwin Isaacs Israel Iver Mc Iver Ivers Ivors Ivory

J:   Jackson Jackson, E. Jackson, H. Jackson, J. Jacob Jaffery Jaffray Jaffray, Alex. Jaffrey Mc James Jameson Jamieson Jamison Jamisone Jans Jans, Robert JARVIS JEFFERY JEFFORD Jeffry Jenings JENKINS JENKINSON Jennings Jephson Jephson, J. Jerety JERVICE Jewish cem't'ry Jewish Families Jewish records Joakes JOANES Joanes, H. Jocelyn Joel John Johns Johnson Johnson, R. Johnsons Johnston Johnstone Joley Jolley Jolly JOLLIFF Joly Jones Jones Jones, allen Jones, Henry Jones, James Jones, John Jones, M. Jones, Michell Jones, Morgan Jones, Morgan Jones, Owen Jones, T. Jones, Theo. Jones, Wm. Jordan Mac Jordan Jordan, John Joy Joy, Henry Juckes Judah Judd Judge July

K:   Kain Kaine Kane O Kane Kaplan Kary Kasey Kavanagh Kavanaugh KAY Mac Kay Kay, Thomas Kealey Kealy Kean Keane Keane Kane Cain Keaney Keany O' Kearney Carney KEARNS KEAROGAN Kearon Kearovan Kearogan Keary Keating Keatinge burial KEAVANAGH Keavenagh - Cavanagh O' Keefe O Keeffe Keegan Mac Keegan KEELEY Keely Mac Keenan O' Keenan Keerin Keeting Keevan Kegley Keherney Kehily Kehoe Keife Keightley Keightly Keily KELLETT Kellie Kellie, John Kelly O' Kelly Kelly, John Kellye Mac KEN Kenah Kendal Kendal, John Kenedie Kenedy Kenedy Kenedy, T. Mac Kenna Kennagh Kennan Kenneday O' Kennedy Kennedy, Dr. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, R. Kennon Kenny O' Kenny Kenney Kent Mc KENZIE Mc Kenzy M' Keo Keogh Mac Keogh Keogh, John Keoghe Keon Keough Kerdiff Kerdiff, W. Kerin KERKE Kerley Kerlin Mc Kern Kernahan Kernan Mc Kernan kernes, Irish Kerovan Kerr Kerrane KERRIS Kerris, Gilb. Kerwan KETT KETTLE Keveny Mac KEY Mc Kibben Mc Kibbin O Kibbon Mc Kibbons Kickham Kid Kidd Mac Kie Kieley Kiely O' Kieran Kiernan Mac Kiernan Mc Kiernan Kilgobbin (pl) Kilmainham Kilmartin Kilmore Kilmore, Roger Kilmurray Mac Kin Kinaghan Kinahan Kinahane Kinane Kinchella King King, John Kingsbury Kingsmill Kingston Kingstone Kingstown Mac Kinnawe Kinnealy Kinney Kinnie Kinsela Kinsella Kinsellagh Kirk Kirke Kirkpatrick O' Kirwan Kirwin Kithinyman Knally Mc Kneight Knight Mc Knight Knight, N. Knot Knott Knowels Knowlan Knowland Knowle Knowles Knowls Knox Koch Kotter Kramer Krowley Mac Ky Mac Kynegan castle Kyrvan

L:   L'Englys La Touche Labhles Lacey, de Lacy Lacie Lacy Lacye Laghanstown Lagthenan LAHIFF LAIRD Lally Lalor O' Lalor LAMB Lambart Lambart, J. Lambert Lamberton Land Records Landa Landers Landmarks Landy LANE LANGDALE Langham LANGTRY Lapham Larcher Larkan Larkan, Ez. Larkin Lasch LATIMER Lattimer Mac Laughlin O Laughlin Laundy Laurance LAURENCE LAVELLE Law Lawces Laweless Lawler Lawles Lawless Lawless Lawless, T. Lawlis Lawlor Lawndy Lawrance Lawrence Lawrenson LAWSON Layfield Layfield, Lewis Lazarus le Brun Le Fevre Le Hunt LEA Lea, T. Leach LEACY Leake Leake, N. Leash Leason LECCH LECCHFIELD LECORA Lecora, Lt. Ledwich Ledwidge Ledwitch Ledwith Lee Mac Lee O' Lee Lee, Jonas Leech Leech, R. Leechfield Leedom Leeson Leeson family LEFROY ST LEGER Lehman Leinster Leischman Lely LEMON LEMOND Lenard Lenglas Lennan O Lennan O' Lennon LENTAIGNE Lentaigne arm Leonard Leopardstown Leperstown LePorter LESAW Leuett Leuett Levitt Levenston Levett Levi Levingston Lewis Leynagh Liffey River Lightburne Lightburne, Dr Lightfoot Lincoln Lindley Linegar Linegar of Dublin Linkfield Linnane LINTON Lisle Littell Litten Little Little, F. Litton Litton, Wm. Livinglyhurst Livingston Livingstone LLOYD Locations Loch O Lochalinn LOCKARD LOCKE Locke, Capt. Locke family Locke, John Lockhart Lockwood Locumbe Locumbe, J. Lodlowe, E. Loftis Loftus Loftus Loftus, D. Loghenan O Loghlen Loghlin LOMBARD de London Long Long, Gerald Mc Longahan Longan Longervile LONGLEY O Lorcain O Lorcan LORD Lorde Lorkan Losse Loughery Mac Loughlin Mc LOUGHLIN O Loughlin Loughlinstown Loughnan Loughnane Louis Lovelace LOVELL Low Lowe Lowery LOWRY LOWTHER Lucan parish Lucas Lucy LUDLOW Ludlowe Lupton Lushe Lutheran records Lutrell Lutrellstown Lutterell Luttrell Luttrells LYNACAR Lynagh Lynam Lynan Lynch Lynchy LYNSEY Lyons Lysle Lyttle

M:   Mac Macabe Macanna Macartney Macavaddy Maccan Mack Mackay Mackie Macklean Macklean, J. Macky Maconchie Maconchy Madagane O' Madden Maddicks Maddin Maddox Madigan Magee Magennis MAGG Maghan Magher Magill Magilligan Maginn Magphinn MAGRANE Maguire Maguirke Maheir Maher Meagher Mahon Mac Mahon Mc mahon, W. Mahoney Mc Mahoney Mahowne O' Mahowne Mahowney Maine Mainey Makagan Makagan, P. Makay Maklelan Malahide (pl) Malley Mallone Malloone Malone O' Malone Malone, Rchd. Malpas Man O' Mangan Manghan Mangin Maning Manion Manley MANLY Mann MANNEY Manney, R. Mannin Manning Mannion O Mannion map, ordnance Mapas Mape Mapes Mara O Mara Marah Marcus Mardell Marienhoff de Marisco Mark Markam Markey Markham Marks O' Marky MARLOW Marra Marsden Marshal Marshall le Marshall Marshall, R. Marshell MARTELL Marten Martin Martin, Gilmartin Martin, H. Martin, Henry Martine Martyn Marvin Marward Marwards Mason Mason, John Mason, Thom. Massey Mc Master Masterson Mathew Mathewes Mathews Matthews Maughan MAULE Maule, T. Maura Mautner Maxwell MAY MAYHUGH MAYLER Mayne Mayne, Edw. Maynes MAYO Mayrick Mayson O Meachair MEAGHER Meaney Meany Meara O' Meara MEATH Medlicott MEE Mee, Giles Meegan O' Meehan Mc Meekin Meeny O Meera Mehegan Meighan Meilor Melaghlin Melden Meldiric Meldon MELVILLE Menarry MERCER Mercer family Mercier Merdith, Maj. MEREDETH Meredith Merrick Merricke MERRIGAN Merrion (pl) Merry Merry, C. Merrygan MERVIN Merwin Messit Methodist records Metzenberg Mey Meyrick Michael MICHELL Mickle Middleton MILDMAY Miler Milis Milis, John Mill Millar Millea Miller Miller, H. Miller, T. Milligen Milliken Millington MILLINTON Mills Milmay Milmo Milmoy Minchin MINER MISSETT Missett, Walt. Missit Mitchel Mitchell Mockler Moclare MOCTER Mocton Mocton, Ellena O' Modarn Modern MOELET MOenes Moenes, Wm. Moffat Moffitt Moir Molesworth Molleneaux MOLLENEX Molley Molloy O' Molloy Molyneaux Molyneux O' Monaghan Monahan Monck Money Mongan Monk, Gen. MONKS Monnaughan Monohan Montpelier Mooney O' Mooney Moor Moore Moore, C. O' Moore Moor O Moore of Leix Moorhouse MOORY Mora de MOra MORAN Moran, John More O More More, Boyles Mores Morey Morgan O' Morgan Morgan, Wm. O Moriarty Mornington MOROLY Morphy Morran Morres Morris Morris, M. Morris, Thom. MORRISON Morrisson MORSE Mortimer MORTOMER MORTON Morville family Moseley Moses Mossom Mossoms O Mothan Mould MOULD Moulds Moxon Moyle MOYNES MUCKLEBORNE Muir Mulally Mulchinock Mulderick Mulderrick Mulgan Mulhal Mulhall Mulholland Mulhuddart pl Mullagen O' Mullally Mullaly Mullan, Mullen Mullane Mullee Mullen O Mullen O' Mullens O' Mulligan Mullin Mullins Mullooly Mulloy Mulready Mulrooney O Mulryan Muncke Muncks Munks Munn MUNSON Muonks O Murcain Murcan O Murcan Murdoch Murdock Mac Muregain Mac Muregain Murhila Murily Murphy Murphy, Capt. Murphy, E. O Murphy of Wexford Murphy, Sam. Murphystown Murray Murrey Murrihy Murry Mc Murry Murta Murtagh O Murtagh Murtaugh O Murtha O' Murtogh Muschamp Music, Sheet Mustan MUSTIAN Myers Mynagh Mynagh,J.

N:   Nagle Nailor Naish Mac Nally Mc Nally Nally of Roebuck Nally, Wm. Mc Namara Names listed Nangle Naper Naper, robt. NAPIER Nary Mac Nary Nash Nash Arms Nashe Nasse Nathan Mc Naul NAVILL Navill, Tho. NAYLOR Neagle Neale Mac Neale O Neale Mac Neale ARms NEARY Mac Neary Mac nebury Neel Neele Neil O' Neill O' Neill, Sir B. Neills Neilson Neish Mc Nelly NELSON Nerwich NESBITT Nettervill Netterville Nettervilles Nevill Neville New York Newcastle Newcom Newcomb Newcome Newcomen NEWCOMENT Newell Newenham Newenham, E. Newman Newmen Newspapers Newtownpark Nichlas NICHOLAS NICHOLLS NICHOLSON Nielson Nihill Nixon Nixon, Capt. Nobel Nogent O' Nolan Nolte Nolty Norecone Norse Names NORTH NORTON Norwegian Nott Nottingham de Nottingham Nottinghams Nowlan O Nowlan Nowland Nowlane Nowlin Noy Noyce Nuel Nugent Nugent, I. Nughent Nulty Mc Nulty Nutley Nuttall Nutterville

O:   OAKLEY OB Odlum Odlum, Wm. Ogan Ogham Stone Opolinser Orde Orde, A. Ordnance Map ORR ORSON Othyr Ouldley Outlaw Mc Owen Owen, John Owen(s) Owens Owenson OWNYAN

P:   PADMORE PAGE PAGET PAINE PAISLEY PALFERY Paling Pallace Pallas PALLATIO (DEL) Palles Palliser Pallys Palmer Palmerston pl Parish (pl) Parker PARKINSON PARNALL Parnell Parry Parsons Parsons, W. Parvin PASCO Patrick Patrickson PATTON Payne Payne, John PEACHEN Peake Mac Peake Pearce Pearse PEARSON PEASLEY Peasley, Capt. Peche Pedelow PEEPES Peirce Pemberton Pender Pendergas Pendergast Pendy Pennefather PENNINGTON Pennsylvania PENNY PENOYX Pentenny PENTENY Penteny, J. Peppard Peppard, W. Pepper Periodicals Perkens Perkins PERRIER Perrin-Hatchell PERRY Perry, Anth. Pers Petticrew PETTIT Phalen Phellane Pheopoes Phepoe Phepoes Philadelphia Philip Philips Phillip Mc Phillip Phillipps Phillipps, Lady Phillips PHILLPOT Phipps Phipps, C. PICKET PICKNALL Mac Pierce Piers Pierson Piggott Pigott Pilson Pim PIN Pine PINSON Pippard PITTS Place Names PLAYFORD Plunket Plunkets Plunkett Plunkett Plunkitt Pocklington Pocklingtons Pockrich Pockrich, R. De Poher Polak Polak of Holland POLEXFIELD Pollack POLLARD Pollock Ponsonby PONTONEY PONY POOLE Pooley POOLY POOPE Poope, Capt. T. Poor Poors Pope Porcel Porter Porter, H. Porterstown Portreue Poter POTT Potter Potts Potts, James POUDYHARD Povey Powell Powell family Power Powers Powre Prendergast Presbyterian records Preston De Preston Prestons Price PRIGGET Principal names PRINN PRITCHET Probey Proby Prosser, the schoolkeeper Prossor Purcell Purcill Purdon Purdon, Wm. PURDY PUREFOY PURFIELD Pursell Purshell Purtill Putland Putland, John Pyn Pyn, Nicholas Pyne

Q:   Quade Mc Quade Quail Quaker records Qualter Quane Quartermas Quayle Queale Mac Queale Queally Queen Quen Quenedy O' Quigley Quill Quilly Mac Quilly Quin Quinn O' Quinn Quinne M' Quirk Quirke

R:   Radcliffe Radman Rafter Raftery O Raftery Ragan O Ragher RAINLLOW Ram RAMSEY Randall Randell Mac Rannall Mc Rannall Ransford Raphson Rath Rathborne Rathbourne Rathburne Raw RAWLINGS RAWLINGSON Rawlinson Rawlinson, J. Rawson Raygan RAYNOR Rea Read Reade READEINGE Reader Ready Reagan Reagh Real Really O Really Realy O Realy Reaves Reavy O' Reddan Reddin Reddington Reddy Reddy, Dr. R. Redesdale Redmon Redmond Redmont Redmun Reed Reede Reegan Reel Reese Reeues Reeues Reeves Reeves O Regan Reid Reilly O' Reilly Reily Reis RELICK Relly O Relly Relly, Barnaby Renourd Renourd, Col. Renvelstown Renville Research aids Revell de Revell Reyley REYLY Reyly, Moses Reynolds Reynor Rhode Island Rhys O Riagain Riall Riall, Capt. Rice RICH RICHARD Mc Richard Richards Richards, J. Richardsen RICHT Richt, Mr. Rickard Riddell RIDDLE Rideleford RIDER Rider, John Ridgate RIELLY RIGG Rigg, A. Right Riley Rind Ringsend (pl) Rinkel Rinkle Roach Roachforde Roark Roarke Roarty Robenson ROBERT Robert, Wm. Roberts Roberts, Dr. Roberts family of Wales roberts, Hugh Robinsen Robinson ROBOTHAM Roch Roche Roach Rocheford Rochestown Rochford Rochfort ROCK Rodan Rodgers roe Roe, Anthony Roebuck (pl) Rogers Rogerson ROHAN Roice Rokeby Rolandson De Roley Rolles O' RONAN Ronane RONEY Rooke O' Rooney Roony Rooth Rorke Rorque O Rory Roseingrave ROSENGRANE Rosengrave Rosenstein Rosenstein of Germany Rosenthal Rosenthal of Hanover Ross Rossiter Rosswell Roth ROTHES Rothwell Rouane Roughan Round Towers Mc Rourke O' Rourke Rowlandson ROWLES Rowles, Wm. Rowley O Rowley Rowley Arms Rowly Royan Roynane Ruan Rubinstein Ruddan Ruddanes Ruddy Rudman Rueff Runey Rupe Rusell Russel Russell Russell Russell, Capt. Russell family Russell, J. Russell, P. Ruth Ruthe Rutledge Rutter Rutty Rutty, J. Ryan Ryan, John O' Ryan, Mulryan Ryder Ryley Rynd Rysback Rysbrack, M. Ryves Ryves House

S:   Sagart Saggart Salaman Sale Sall Salmon SALTINSBALL Sampson Sampson, Lt. Samson Samuelson Sanchy SANCKY Sand Sanders, Saunders Sanderson Sandes SANDFORD Sandheim Sands Sandwith Sandymount Sandys Sanford SANKEY Sanky Sarsefeld Sarsfield Saul Savadge SAVAGE Savage, T. Savauge SAWEY Say Sayers Scally Scarborough Scarborrough Schmidt Scott Scriven Scullin Scullion Scully O' Scully Sculy Scurlagh Scurlock Scurlogh Seagrave SEAMAN Seapoint Seargent Sears SEDEN SEDGRAUE Sedgrave Sedgrave of Cabra Sedgrave, T. SEERY Segerson Segrave Segrave, Nich. SEMPLE SERGEANT Sergent Serjeant Serjeant, Robt. O Serky SEWARD SHACKLEFORD Shakleton Shalloo Shallowe Shamrock newspaper Shanahy SHANE Sharket O' Sharkey Sharp Sharry Sharvin Shaw Shaw, Capt. Shaw, Robt. Shawe Shea Sheaperd Sheapheard SHEAPHERD Sheilds SHEILS Shelley Shelloe Shelly SHELTON Shepherd Sheppard Sherdan Sherden SHERDING Sherdon Shergoll O' Sheridan Sherlock Sherlog Sherodan Sherry O Sherry Sherwin Mc Shery O Shiel Shields Shillingford Shinnock Shipcott Shiply Shippy Ships Shipsen Shipton Shipward SHORE Shore, Wm. Short Shortall Shortell Shuldham Shurlock SHURLOG Mac Shurton Siev Sigerson Simmons Simmonscourt Simons Simple Singleton Sinnot Sinnott Sinton Sirr SISK Siske Mac Siurtan Mac Skally Skelly O Skelly Skelten Skelton SKIDDY Skully Slater SLATOR Slingsby Smallman Smidt Smith Smith of Palmerston Smith, Sir M. Smith, Thom. Smithe Smothe Smothe family SMULLEN Smyth Smyth Smyth, col. Smyth, Dr. Smyth, g. Smyth, J. Smyth, J. Smyth, Robt. Smythe Smythe, Rev. Solomon SOMERS Somerville Sommerford Sommers Soolivan Soople Sources Southwell family SOUTHY Sowthick Sparrow Speers Speght Spelling of names spellings SPENCE SPENCER Spiers Spiro SPRANGER Spring Springe Springer SPRINGHAM Sproule Sprule St. George St. John St. Lawrence St. Lawrence St Lawrence Arms............... St. Michael St Michan's Stafford Staford STANFORD Stanihurst Stanihurt STANLEY Stannard STANTON Stanyhurst Stanyhurst, J. Stapleton Starky Staughton Staunton Stavenhagen Steel Steele Steill O Steille Stellman Stephen Stephens Stephens, a weaver Stephens, T. STEPHENSON STERLING Sterne Stevenson STEWARD Stewart Stewart Arms Stibbe STILES Stillorgan Stoakes Stock Stock, Stephen Stoke Stokes Stokes, Dr. W. STOPFORD Storey STORTON STOUGHTON Stowell Stoyte STRABANE STRANGE Strangman STRAUGHTON Strettle STRICKLAND STRIELEY STRONG Strongbow STRYNY Stuart Styles Styles house Sueterby Sulivan Sulliban O' Sullivan Sulyvant Summars Summer Summerly Summers Suppel Suppels Supple Suppels Surdeville Surnames Sutton Sutton House de Sutun SWAN Swan, Wm. Swanton Sweetman Sweteman Swift Swift's Birth. Swifte SWINFEILD Swinfield, N. Swinfield of Murphystown Swinfield, R. SWORDS Symons Synge Synnott Synot Synott SYNYRES

T:   Taa Taafe Taaffe TACKER Taff Taffe Mc Tague Tailer Tailor Taite TALANT Talant, Pat. Talbot Talbot Talbot of Templeogue Talbot, Wm. Talbots Talbott Tallaght (pl) Tallent Tallon Tally Taney parish Tansey TANSY O Tapa Tappy Tara tribes de Tasagart Tasker TATE Tatton Tatton family Taunton Mc Tavish Tayler Taylor Taylor Taylor Arms Taylor, C. Taylor, Ed. Taylor, H. Taylor, J. Taylor, T. Tayte Mc Teague Tedcastle Tedcastle, R. Teebay Teeling Teesdale Teige Mc Teigue Teirney Telyng Temple Temple family Mac Ternan TERRELL Terry Tew Thackerly THESWELL THOMAS Thomas, Wm. Thompson Thomson Thomson Thornhill Thornton Thornton, M. Thorton Thunder Thunder of Grange Thurgood Thwaites Tichborne Tickell Tickell's house Tiege Tiernan O' Tierney Tierny Tighe Mac Tighe Mc Teague Tighe, s. Timmin Timmins Timmons Timon Tingham Tingham, Ed. Tipperstown Tirell Tisdall Toal Tobbine Tobias Tobin Tobine Tobyn Tobynn Tomey Tomin TOMLINS Tomlinson Tomson Tone Tong Tonge Tongue TONSTALL TOOGOOD O Tool Toole O Toole O Toole family O Tooles TOOLEY Toomey Toomy Topham TOTTEN TOTTENHAM TOTTERICKE Touche La Touche TOULSON Toumey Towers Towers, T. Townsend Townshend Towson TOYE Tracey Tracing Roots O' Tracy Trail Trainer Trainor Trant Trasey Travers Traverse Mac Traynor, Trainor Treacy Treanor Trench Trench, A. Mc Trenor Tressy TRIAR Triar, r. Tribal names Tristam Tristam, Ship Truelock Truelocke Trulock Trum (pl) Tuhill TUINON Tuite Tullamore Tullamore, Ld. TULLY Mac Tully O Tully Turley Turner Turner, Robt. Tweddell Tweddell, G. Tweedy Twigg Twigley Twomey O' Twomey Toomey Twomy TYNTE Tynte family Tyrel, George Tyrell Tyrell, Hugh Tyrell of Powerstown Tyrrell TYTH

U:   Uniack Usher Usher Usher, A. Usher, Geo. Ussher Ussher, Geo. Ussher of Booterstown Ustace Uustice

V:   Valentia, Lord VALENTINE Vance Vancoulster VANDERPUER VAUGHAN Vaughan, E. Vavasor Vavasour Mac Veagh de Verdon Verneuil Vernon Vernon Arms VERNOR Verschoyle Verscoyle Verveer Verveer house VESEY Vesey burial Viking VINCENT Vincent, T. Vipoint Vipont, C. VIZARD Voyzin

W:   Wade Wade, H. WADSWORTH Wafer Waight WAINMAN Waite WAKEFIELD Walcot Walcott Waldren Waldron Wale Walhope Walis Walker Wall Wallace Wallis Wallis Wallis, Ralph Walls Walse Walsh Walsh alias McHowell Walsh, Henry Walsh, Robt. Walsh Welsh Walshe Walshes WALSHMAN Walter Mac Walter Walters WALTON WAMOUGHT Wandesford Wandesforde Ward Mac Ward Ward, Peter Ward, Thomas Ware Warren Warren, A. Warren, Maj. Warren of Killiney Warren, Wm. Warrens Warrren, W. Wasberry WASBERY WATERHOUSE WATSON Watson, John WATTS Watts, J. WAYBRENT WAYMAN Wayte Weafer Weatherhead Weaver Webb WEBBER Webber, John WEBSTER Weever Welch Weld Weldon WELLESLEY Wellmore Wells Welsh Welsh birth Wenman WENWELL Werthheim Wesby Wesley Wespey Westbury Westby Westby Arms Westen WESTENRA Westinra WESTON WETHERALL Whalan Whaley WHALY Wharton Whately Whatton WHEELER Whelen, Phelan WHETLOCK Whight WHITCHURCH White White White, Luke White, Nich. White, Rich. White, T. Whitechurch WHITEFIELD Whitegrove Whitehead Whites WHITESIDE Whitfield WHITGROVE Whithead WHITIHELL WHITMORE Whitshed Whitside Whittingham Whitwell Whitwell, N. Whyte Whyte, John Whytes WICKOMBE Wicombe Wiggstead Wight Wighte Wilcocks WILCOX Wild Wild Geese Wilde Wilders Wiles Wiley Wilkinson Wilkinson of Mt. Jerome Wilks Willan Willes Willes, E. Mc WILLIAM WILLIAMS Williams, Mr. Williamson Willion WILLIS Willison Willmer Willmore Willouby Willouby, Col. WILLOUGHBY Wills Wills, Dublin Willson Wilson WIMSEY Wingfield WINSLOW Winstanley WITHAMS Withington WIZARD Woder Wogan Wogane Wolf Wolfe Wolfe of Newlands Wolferston Wolverston Wolverston, W WOOD Wood, Val. Woodcock Woodfin Woodfin, J. Woodlock Woodlocks WOODRUFF Woods woods, James Woodside Woodward Woodward, R. Woolverston WORKMAN Wormington WORSHIP WORTH Worth, Judge Worthington Woulfe Wray Wright Wright, Rev. Wybrant Wybrants WYBURNE Wye Wye of Belfast Wyld Wylder Wyles Wylie Wyly Wyndham Wynn Wynne Wynne, Peter Wythir

Y:   YATES Yates, James Yearwood Yeates Yeates, Isaiah Yeats Yelverton Yerward Yerwood YOUNG Young, Gerald