Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address by The Lord of Duhallow

Description: The book entitled "Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address". There is nothing else quite like it in the field of Irish works. This was the second and last edition, updated, and expanded with several contemporary topics. Among the new topics covered in this groundbreaking work are clan organizations and chieftains as they exist in todays world. A topic which few dare touch on today. Not to be confused with British titles and forms of address - this book is in the gaelic style and tradition. After all the discussion and fine tuning created after we published the first edition, the light of day comes to another aspect of gaelic culture. This is the last of the genre.

The table of contents for this work reads as follows: Gemeral Perspective The Gaelic System General Comments Comments Concerning the Nobiliary Groupings Royal Houses Chiefs of A Name Territorial Lords Knights Office Holders Daughters - Wives Comments on 'Sir' Code and Explanatory Comments Head of A Royal House A Prince and Territorial Lord Gaelic Knight Office Holder The Irish Clan Association A unique treatise addressing many areas including the chieftains of Ireland today, and the proper usage of language in the Irish way, not necessarily in the British fashion.

One of a kind - The only work of its kind ever published for the Gaelic usage of titles with nobility. 120 pages. softcover. The leading edge in this field. In excellent, clean, condition.

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