A Social History of Ancient Ireland

Description: "A Social History of Ancient Ireland" by P.W. Joyce. The classic work. This is one of the best references sources ever produced on Ireland. In its day it was billed as "One treasured set of books brought together all that was known on the subject of ancient Ireland. Every source of information was tapped". (Over 376 specific source documents are noted in volume two alone!) The most comprehensive work by any scholar of the day - It deals with every conceivable area the author could uncover. Joyce gave exact references for all statements of importance found in this magnificent document. This most valuable edition is the one published by Joyce after 10 years of intense review. He had 'carefully reread and reconsidered every sentence in the book' and made what few changes and corrections were necessary.

Virtually every topic known is covered here, including those of: Government- Military - Laws -Religion- Learning - Art - Trades - Legends- Manners -Customs - The Heroic Sagas & Everyday Life of the Irish People. No matter what your interest, this book will expand your knowledge of Ireland and its history.

I cannot list all of the topics here, but a few of the subject headings for each volume are as follows: Volume 1 Brehon Laws Paganism Christianity Irish Language Genealogies Romantic Tales Art & Music Medicene Seanachies.

Volume 2: The Family Irish Names House & Food Personal Dress Economy Locomotion Sports, Fairs Social Customs Death & Burial In excellent, clean condition. Both hardbound volumes have thread sewn bindings for generations of use! 1,318 pages, over 350 illustrations, well indexed, 6 x 9 size. by P.W. Joyce. Complete 2 volume set.

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