King James Irish Army List

Description: 'King James' Irish Army List' 'is a singular mass of information illustrating the lineage, honours and achievements of families connected with Ireland by birth, rank, title or alliance which took the author over 50 years to compile'. Many of his sources are now lost to time, but this work survives and is a gold mine for researchers. Hardbound and Complete; with the expanded surname index available only in this IGF edition, including names that were not indexed in the original edition, this hardbound work 'King James' Irish Army List 1689'.

It has 1000 pages of historical research, and methodically lists each unit and individual with family history as available. Includes clan history of the day often going back for generations. This classic work of Irish Family History traces the history of the original 'Wild Geese of Ireland making a valuable historical and military contribution. This is the only 20th century production of this edition ever published.

Much is contained here on the families that remained behind in Ireland. Ancient genealogical and historical illustrations are included. For Irish families D'Alton concentrates particularly on early locations. Families who came to Ireland from England and Scotland are often given origins and dates of arrival. Rare records, including the military lists are included. Dedicated to the family history of each of the Wild Geese of Ireland. These 'wild geese' were a body of 30.000 - 40,000 Irish, plundered of their estates, who left Ireland under different leaders, and entered the service of France, Spain, Austria and Venice. The 'Wild Geese' of Ireland are each documented here by name. (Every family from 70 regiments is D'Altons starting point.) For each family D'Alton gives historical and genealogical illustrations. For Irish families he concentrates particularly on ancient locations. For families who came to Ireland from England and Scotland, he often gives the place from which they came and at what date .

D'Alton, dedicated to the ancient family history of each of the Wild Geese of Ireland, takes each family into to the 17th century confiscations and Acts of Settlements down to the 1800's as possible. The information in this work will link Irish families together worldwide back to the homeland. Only this edition contains 400 surnames missed in the original surname index. Included among these Wild Geese are over 70 regiments,; family histories including the family in Ireland and abroad; Old Irish Families; some Scots-Irish Families; and other Settler Families. This is a classic genealogical source. Hardbound, thread sewn binding, approx. 1000 pages

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Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abercorn, Lord Acton Adams Allen Androsse Angetale Ankitell Archbold Archdeacon Archer Armstrong Mc Artan, John Arthur Arundel Asgill Ash Athy Atkins, Sir T. Atye., Andrew (see Athy) Mc Auliffe Mc Awley Aylmer Aylward

B:    Babe Babington Baggott, Mark Bagnell Bagot Baker Balfe Bamfield, George Barker Barker, Wm Barnewall Barnewell Baron Baroun Barrett Barron Barry Bathe Beatagh Beauregard, C. Bedford Begg Bellew Bennett Berford Berkeley, James Bermingham Berry Berwick, Duke of Betagh Billingsly Bingham Binns Black, Valentine Blake Blanchville Blenerhasset Blount Bodkin Bodkin, Mayor Bohilly Boiseleau Boismeral, Francis Bolger Bond Boole, Wm. Bophin, Lord Bophins Regt Bore, Francis Bourck Bourk Bourk, Ulick Bowers Bowers, Francis Boyd Boylan of Bally -turny-mac-oris Boyton Brabazon Brabazon, Wm. Bray Brennan Brett Brice Bridgman O' Brin, Aodh Broncar, Sir H. Brown of Moyne Browne Browne of Galway Browne of Waterford Bruce Brudieu Brun (le Brun) O' Bryan Bryan Bryant, Wm. Mc Bryen, Wm. Bulkeley Bulkley Bulman Burke Burne Burnell Burston, Lt. Col. Burton Burtuin, Robert Busby Bushe Buslo (Boiseleau) Butler O' Byrne

C:   Mac Cabe Mac Cabe, Alex. Caddon O' Cahan, John O' Cahane O' Callaghan Callaghan Mc Callahan Mac Callahane Callanan Cameron, Morris Mc Cann, Cormuck Cantwell Carew Carey Carne Carney, Rene Carr Carroll O' Carroll Carter Carty Casanone Cashel Cashel of Dundalk Casinone Casinone, Peter Cassidy Casy Catalier Cavenagh Chamberlain Chancel, Eugene & Nestor Chapell Cheevers Chernock Churchill, John Civil War of 1689 Clanchy, Thomas Clancy Clark, Sir G. Claud Claud, John Mack Clayton Clear, Symon Cleer, Wm. Clements O' Clery Clifford Clinch Clinton Clonshinge Cogan Mac Coghlan Coghlan O' Coigne Colclough Coleman Collamore Collins Colt, Thomas Comerford Comyn Conan, Corn. Condon Conforth O' Connell Connock, Wm. O' Connolly O' Conor /Connor Conry Conroy Conway Mc Conway, Edw. Conyngham Cooke Coolie, Wm. Coonan Cooshene, David Copley Coppinger Corbet Mc Cormick Cormicks Regt. Corridons, Geo. Corridore Cosby Costello Cotter Courcy (See de Courcy) Coursay Coursey Coursy Courtain, Cornelius Courtney Cowdall, Thomas Cowdell, Phil. Cowley, Robt. Cox O' Coyne, Thomas Crane, Adam Mac Crath Creagh Crean O' Crilly, James Cripps Cripps, Joseph Crofton Croghan Crosby Crowley Cruice / Cruise Cruys, John O' Cuin Cunningham Curran Cusack Cussack, Rd.

D:    D' Usson D'Alton D'Arcy D'Usson Dale Daly O' Daniel Mc Daniel, alias O ' Neill Danter Darby Davis De Athy De Busby de Carne De Courcy De Geneville De Ginkle (De Ginckle) de Lasci De Lausun De Lauzun De Pointee De Pusignan De Rosen de Ruggeleye De Tesse De-la-Hoyde (delahyde) De-la-Mer O' Dea Deady, Sergt. Dean Dease DeBoucands DeGinle Deguent, Charles Dela Martiniere Delagarde Delahide Delahide, John Delahyde Delahyde (see delahoyde) Delamere (see de la mer) Delany ( Delaney ) Dempsey Dempster Den Denn Denn, Thomas Derenzy Mc Dermott Deveneys (le) Devenish Devereux Dillon Dinan Dixon Dobbin Doddington Doe, Lewis O' Dogherties Country O' Doherty Dolphin Mac Donald Dongan O' Dongyn Donnegan Mc Donnell O' Donnell Donnellan Donnelly O' Donoghue Mc Donough O' Donovan O' Donovan of Montpelier Donworth Doran Dormer Dorney, Capt. Dorrington Dorrington, Col. Douglas O' Dowd Dowd Dowdall Dowdele, John Dowell Dowling Doyle Drake Draycott Draycott of Mornington O' Driscoll Duckenfield Duff Duffe Duigenan, Paul Duigin Duignan Dulhunty Dungan, John Dunn Durett, Monsr. Dwyer O' Dymsy Dynneen

E:    Eccleston Echlin, Robert Edgeworth Edwards Egan Eggan Mac Ellicott Mac Elligott, Roger Elliott Ellis Ennis Ennis, John Esmond, Walter Esmonde Eustace Evans Everard Evers Eyre

F:    Fagan Fahy Fallon O' Falvey Fanning Fannyng O' Fay Fennell O' Ferrall Farrel Ferriter Fflahertie (see Flaherty) Fielding Mac Fineen, Col. Fisher Fitton Fitz-Edward Fitz-Eustace Fitz-George Fitz-Gerald Fitz-Gibbon Fitz-Harris Fitz-Henry Fitz-Ignatius Fitz-James Fitz-Maurice Fitz-Patrick Fitz-Thomas Fitz-William Fitzgerald of Laccah O' Flahertie Flaherty O' Flaherty/ Fflahertie O' Flahertys' territory Fleming Flynn Forbes Ford Forriter, Dominick Foulne, Wm. Fox French Fullarton (see Fullerton) Fullerton ( Fullarton ) Furlong Fytton, Francis

G:    Gaffney O' Gallagher Galmoy, Lord Galwey O' Gara Garret, Lt. Garvan, Francis Garvey Mc Gawley, Patrick Gaydon Gayton Geafford Geffard Geneville Geoghegan Mac Geoghegan Geraghty Gernon Mc Gettigan Gibbes, James Gibbons Gifford Mc Gill Mac Gill M' Gillalkin Mc Gillicuddy Gilmor Ginckle Ginkle O' Glorney Glorney, Teigue Godding, Patrick Gold (see Gould) Golde Goold Gore Gormanston's Regt. O' Gormican Gough, Edw. Gould Mac Gowran Grace Grady Grant Graunt Graves, Mr. Greene Gregory, Capt. Gregson O' Gribben, Hugh Griffin Mac Guinness Mac Guire (see Mac Gwire) Mac Gunshenan Gust Mac Gwire Gyles, John

H:    Hackett Hadsor, Bart. O' Hagan Hagarty Halfpenny Haly Hambledon Hamilton Handcock O' Hanlon O' Hara Harald O' Harane, Patrick Harding Hardman Harney Harney, Edm. Harris Harrold Hart Hart, Martin Harvey, Walter Hastings, Walter Hatch, John Hatton Haughton Hawford, Wm. O' Hea Head Hearne Heas, Wm. Hecket Heffernan O' Hegan, Art O' Hehir Henessy Herbert O' Herlihey Herman, Robt. Herne, John Herney Hewetson Heynes Hickson Hide Hiffernan Higgins Hill Hills Hoar, Matthew Hobb, James Hoey Hogan Hollywood Holywood of Artane Horan Hore Hovdart, Lt. Howe, Wm. Howley Hungate, Wm. Hunsdon Regt. Hurle Hurley O' Hurlihey Hurlin, John Hussey Hutchinson, Hugh Hyde Hynes

I:   Mc Ilderry, Edm. Ingram, Robt. Isaac, Bart.

J:    Jackman, Jos. Jans., Chris. Jeffryes Jennings Jermyn ( Lord Dover) Johnston Mac Jonnin Jordan Joyce Justie., Thomas

K:    Kavanagh Keaghley, Dermot Kean Keane Kearney Keatinge O' Keeffe O' Keeffee O' Keeley Kehoe O' Kelly Kendelan Kendelan, Pat. Kennedy Mac Kennedy Kenney Kennigs, Adam Kennings, Adam Mac Kenzie Kerny, Michael Mc Kettigan Mac Kewy, John Mc Key Kilmallock, Lord Kindelan King Kingdon, Lemuel Kinselagh Kirke Kirwan Knaresborough Knightley, Alexander Kyan Kyan (see Cahane)

L:    Lacey Laffan Laffan, Marcus Laghles Lally Lambert LaPlant, Alexis Lasci Laughlin, Miles Lausun Lavallen Lawless le Brun O' Leary LeDeveneys Ledwich Leicester Leigh, Lee Leonard Lery, Monsr. Levallin Levison Leyns Lilly Limerick, Lord Lloyd Loftus Lombard Longan Loughnan Lovelock, Dominick Lowe Lowich Lucas Lucker, John Lundy Luttrell Luttrell of Luttrellstown Lycett Lynch O' Lyne Lyons Lysaght Lysart Lyster

M:    Macartane MackClaud, John Madden Magennis Maghan, Bryan Magill, Arthur Magrath Maguire (see Mac Gwire) Mac Mahon Mahon O' Mahoney Makay, Daniel Maley or Mailley Mally, John Malone Malooney ( Maloney ) Malpas (see Mappas) Mandeville Mandeville, Ambrose Manly, Charles Manning Mansfield Mac Manus Mapas ( Mappas ) Margetson, John Marlborough, Duke of Marsfield, Richard Martin Martiniere Massy Masterson Matthews or Matthew Mauclerk, John Mauncell Maunsell Maxfilds ( Maxwell ) Maxwell Mayhew Mayhoo Maynwaring Mayo, Geo. Mazandier, Rene Meade Meagh O' Meagher O' Meara O' Melaghlin Merle Merrion Metham, John Mezandier, Rene Miagh Missett, Patrick Mockler, Jeffry (see Moclare) Moclare Mocler (see Moclare) Moffett Moloney Monk, Col. Montgouge Montjoy, Lord Mooney Moore O' More Morgan Morice, John Morley Morres Morrogh, Andrew Morrow Morton, Henry Moskell, David Mownson, Phillip Mulconry Mulhall Mullally Mulledy Mullen O' Mulloy Murphie, Dennis & Phelim Murphy Murphye Mc Murrough

N:    Nagle Mac Namara Mc Namee, Myles Nangle O' Naughton Mc Naughton Naughton Naughton, Thady Neagle, Joseph Neal, Henry Neave, Wm. Neiland O' Neill Netterville Newcomen Newton Neylan, James Nihill Noble Nolan Nowlan, Garrett Nowland, Andrew Nugent

O:    Oldfield Otway Ourhilley Oxburgh

P:    Packenham Padmore Painter Pallas, Christ. Palles Palliser, Capt. Panton, John Parker Parsons Pay, Patrick Pearson, Thomas Peechell Peirs Pendergast, Gaffy Penthony Peppard Perdeverande, Maj Perrott Perry Pery Peyton Phalle Phelan Phillips Piers Piers Piersse Plowden Plunket Pointee Ponsonby Porter Povey, Charles Powell Power Poyntz, Thomas Prendergast Preston Prior Purcell Purdon Pusignan Pusignan

Q:   Mac Quillan Quinan Quinn Quinnan, Corn. Quirk O' Quynne

R:    Rafter, James Ramsey Mac Rannall Ravel Reade Reddy Redmond Reed Reeves, Wm. Regan O' Reilly Revett, Thomas Reyley Reynolds Reyrdon Ricautt, Philip Rice Ridgeway Rigney, Edw. O' Riordan Roberts Roche Rocheyns, Capt. Rochford, Oliver Rochfort Roddy, Thady O' Roirk Ronan, John Mac Ronayn, Capt. Ronayne Rooth Rosen Roth Rothe O' Rourke Rowsh Ruggeleye Russell Ruth (See St. Roth) Rutledge Ryan Rycaut, Paul Ryder Ryordan, James

S:    Sale, Barnard Salter, Talbot Sans, Robt. Sarsfield Sause Savage Saville, Geo. Saxby (see Saxey) Saxey (see Saxby) Say., Francis Scanlan Schomberg Scott Scurlog Sedgrave (see Segrave) Segrave Selby, Thomas Seymours Shanahan Shanley O' Shaughnessy O' Sheale Sheales, Sheill Sheares O' Shee Sheehan Sheenan, Wm. Sheill Sheldon Shelton Sheridan Sherlock Shewell, Edw. Shinan Shortall Shynnane Simon, Col. Skelton Skerrett Skiddy Slater, Solomon Slaughter, Geo. Slingsby Smallbone Smith Smyth, Henry Somerville Mac Sorleboy Mc Sorley Southwell Spenser Spenser, Peregrine St. John St. Ruth Stafford Stanley Stanley, John Stanton Stanyhurst, Thomas Stapleton Staunton Stephens, John Stephenson Stewart Stopford Stritch Stronge Stubbers, Edw. O' Sullivan Supple Sutherland Sutton Swanton Mc Sweeny Swellivane ( Sullivane ) Mc Swine Synath Synnatt Synnot

T:    Taaffe Take, Sir R. Talbot Talbot of Belgard Talbot of Malahide Talsey, Capt. Tankard, L. Taunt, Thomas Taylor Terrett, Phil. Terry Terry family, -the Irish Tesse Throckmorton Throgmorton, Theobald Tipper Tobin Tobyn, James O' Toole Touchett Townley Trant Trapp, Geo. Traver, (see Travers) Travers, Thomas Trench Tuite Tully Tumy, James Turner Tychborne, Benj. Tyrrell Tyrwhitt, Nicholas

U:    Uriall, Richard Uriel Urley Usher Usher, Wm. D' Usson

V:    Valentine, Capt. Verdon Villers

W:    Wadding Wafer, Lt. T. Wahup Wakeham, Wm. Wale Walgrave, Thomas Wall Walle, Richard Walleys Walsh Walsh of Ballinvoher Walter, Capt. Ware Warren Wauchop Weaver Webber Welch, Nich. Weldon Wentworth White Whitehead Whyte, Nat. Williams Wilse, Henry Winckworth, Capt. Wingfield Winnetts, John Winston Wise, Nicholas Wodlock Wogan Wolfe, Philip Wolferston Wolseley Wolverston Wood Woulfe Wraxall Wray Wyer Wynne