The Book of Irish Families Great & Small

Description: Enlarged New Third Edition now contains the entire Master Index to the 28 volume set, which is the largest collection of Irish Family History ever. (This volume also includes family histories from every county in Ireland & N. Ireland. Subsequent volumes go into even more detail on a county by county basis with more families.) The leading reference book on Irish Families, it has more surnames and family histories than in any other similar work. In addition to the 2,000 family histories, over 18,000 names are included from the Master Book of Irish Surnames, which gives a location index for Irish family names. Over 500 documented Coats of Arms of Irish and settler families in Ireland are given here, along with the source from which they came. No other work covers the ground that this one has.

Over 50,000 names total are given in this Master volume to the set. Includes N. Ireland and settler families from Scotland, England, Wales, etc. Contains many family names left out of other popular works, including those of MacLysaght, O'Hart, Woulfe, etc... The best single book for finding any Irish family surname, there are more names and locations here than in any other book.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Origins; History; Arms; Sources.

Part One: 2,000 Family Histories from the Archives of the Irish Genealogical Foundation.

Part Two: Location Index: 18,000 family locations from the 'Master Book of Irish Surnames'. Part Three: Surname Index: Master 28 v. Index to the complete set.

Maps: Included are ancient Province Map, barony map, transportation map, settlement maps, with geographical divisions explained.

The number one collection of Irish Families ever put to print. This Master volume alone, exceeds any other in the field. With the rest of the series, it is a one of a kind beauty - never equalled. Subsequent hardbound volumes to the series include 'Families of Co. Kerry'; 'Families of Co. Clare'; 'Families of Co. Cork'; 'Families of Co. Limerick'; 'Families of Co. Galway'; Families of Co. Dublin'; and Families of Co. Donegal which are all hardbound. Every county of Ireland & N. Ireland is covered in the rest of the set, which is spiral bound on a county by county basis.

The author, Michael C. O'Laughlin, has more published work in the field than anyone in history. He is currently editing the Irish Families monthly newsletter. 396 pages. 2002. Color cover. softbound with thread sewn library binding for a lifetime of use. illustrated, indexed. ISBN: 0-940134-09-8

Surname Index includes:
(names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

A:     Abberton Abbot(t) Abercrombie Abercrumber Aberton Abot(t) (Mac)Abraham MacAbram Abrehan MacAbrehon Abrill Absom Acheson Achmootie Achmouty Achmuty Ackland Actery Adair(e) MacAdam MacAdam(s) McAdams Adamson Adare MacAdarra Adayre Adderly Adderton Addis Adlam Adlum MacAdorey MacAdory Adrain Adreane Adrian Adrien Adryan d'Aethy Aggas Agharne Aghearn Agherns Aghmooty Aghwell MacAghy Aglin Agnew Ahearn(e) Aheran Aherin OAhern(e) Aheron Aicken Aiken(s) Aikins Aildwood Aileward Ailmer Air(e)y Aitken Akin Albonagh Alcock(e) Alcorn Alderdice Alderdise Aldersee (Mc)Aldin Alding Aldrich Aldwarth Aldwood Aldworth Ale MacAlea MacAleary MacAleavey MacAleenen MacAleenon McAleer McAleese MacAlenden McAlester Alex. Alexandar Alexander Alexandre MacAlily Alin McAlinden Alison MacAllan MacAllen Alleson Alley Alleyn McAllion Allison Allisson McAllister Allman Allmen Allon Ally Allyn Alman Altimas Altmas Alton Amooty Macan Leagha MacAnally MacAnany Andersen Anderson MacAndless (Mac)Andrew(s) McAnelly McAnen(e)y Anesley Anger Angier Angland L'Angleys Anglin(d) Angus Ankettill Ankettle MacAnliss MacAnna Anthony MacAnulty MacAny Broderick ApRice Archdale Archdall Archdeacon Archdeakin Archdekin (le)Archer Archfield deArci, deArcy Ardagh Ardell Ardenton Ardglasse Ardhill Ardif(f) (Mc)Ardill McArdle Ardogh Ardonton Ardough McAree Argue Arkens Arkins Arlan(d) Arlend Arm(e)strong Armstrong M'Arory Arragan MacArtan (Mac)Arthur(e) Arthurs McArthy McArtney Arundell Ash(e) Ashebrook MacAshinah MacAskie Askin MacAtarsny MacAtasney MacAtav(e)y MacAtee McAteer (de)Athy M'Atilla Atkins Atkinson Att(e)ridge Auchmuty Audley Aughmuty McAula MacAulay MacAuley (Mc)Aulif(f)e d'Aungier(s) (Mac)Aurthur McAuslan(d) Austan Austen Austin(e) Auston deAuters MacAvaddy McAvealy M'Aveely MacAvin MacAvinna MacAvinue McAvish MacAward (Mac)Awley Awlif Aylemer Ayleward (d')Aylmer Aylward Ayre(s)

B:    Babe Bachelor Backas Backus Bacstar Bagenal Bagley Bagnall Bagot(t) Bagster Baillie Bain(e) OBaiskind OBaiskinn Baker (le)Baker(e) Bakey Balbirnie Balburney Balburnie Baldrick Baldwin Balfe, Balffe Balfour(e) Baliste Ball Ballagh Ballenger Ballester Ballesty Ballinger Ballough Balrick Bamberry Bambrick Bambury Ban(e) Banane Banbo Bane Banigan Banin Banion Banks OBann(i)on Bannan Bannegan Banyon Barbador Barber Barbier (le)Barbour Barcroft Bardane Barett Barington Barkeley Barkman Barnacle Barnes Barnett Barnewall Barnstable Barnstaple deBarnwall Barnwell Baron barony map Barr(e) Barrat Barret(t) Barrey Barri(e) Barrington Barron Barrowbier Barry(e) Barter Bartley Bartnett Barton (de)Bartun Basnett Basquill Bastable Bastick Bat(t) Bataille Batchelier Batell Bateman Batey deBath Battell Battersby Battle Baudair Baudkin Baudry Baudwin Bawn (Mac)Baxter McBay Bayl(e)y Bayne(s) Beak(e)y Beamish OBean Beard Bearsford Beary Beasl(e)y Beasty Beat(t)y Beattie Beaufoy Becher OBeci Beck Beecher Beemish Beery Beg(g) Beggan(e) Begge Beggs OBegley Behan (OBeirne Belfore Belfour Bell Bellew Bellingham Belton Benbo Benchy Benner Bennett Beolan(e) Beresford deBerewa OBerga Bergen (O)Bergin Beridge Bermingham Berminghan Berridge Berrill Berry Best(on) Bestwill Betagh Bethel Bhaday Bickerstaff (OBierne (O)Bierne Big(g) Biger Biggar Bigge Bigger (O)Biggins Bigly DeBigods Bill Billery OBillry Binch(e)y Bindon Bingham Bird Birel Birmingham Birnie Birrell Bissett Blacagh Black Black(h)all Blacker Blackney Blackwell Blackwood Blair(e) Blak(e)ney Blake Blaker Blakes Blan(e)y Blanch deblancheville Blanchfield Bland Blare Blayney Bleach Bleahan Bleeheen Blehein(e) Blend Blenerhaset Blenner Hassett Blewitt Bligh Blood Bloomer Bloud Blouk Blowick Bluet(t) Blundel(l) Blunden Blundon Blunte Boal(e) Bobanizer Bochier Bod(e)kin (O)Boden Boe Boffy Bog (O)Bogan Bogas Boggan Boggin Boghan Bogue(s) Bohan(e) Bohelly Boice Boid Boil Bois OBolan(d) OBolchan Boldrick Bole(s) Boler (O)Bolger Bollard Bolster Bolten Bolton Bomford Bon(n)ar Bon(n)er Bonas(s) Bonefield Bonfield Bonnaire deBonneville Bonnfield Bonynge Bor Bor(r)owes Boreland Bostick Bostock Bothwell Boucher Boudakyn Bouden Boudon Boudran O'Bough Boughla Bourchier Bourgeais Bourke Bovinger Bowden Bowdern Bowdran Bowdren (O)Bowe(s) Bowen Bower Bowland Bowler Bowles Bowman Bowy(e)r Boxer Boy Boyce Boycot(t) Boyd Boyer Boyl Boylan(d) (O)Boyle Boyn(e) (de)Boys(e) Boyse (deBoyton Brabazon OBracken (Mac)Bradey (O)Bradl(e)y Bradner Bradshaw (Mac)Brady (Mac) Brady OBraein MacBrairty Brak(e)y Braken Bramston Braniff Branigan Branl(e)y Brannan Brannelly Brannie OBrannigan Brannigin Brasier Brassell Brasseur Brassil Brassy Brawne Bray Braz(i)er OBraz(z)il Brazel DiBre Break(e)y MacBrearty (O)Bree Breen Breerton OBregan Brehaney M' Breheney Brehony McBrehuny OBrein Breislen Bremigan (O)Brennan Brenon Brereton Bresland Breslane Breslaun Breslawn Breslen OBreslin Bresnahan OBressyl Brethower Breton Brett Brew deBri OBrian Briane OBric Briceson Brick Brickley (Mac)Bride OBrien Brien(e) Brimage Brimagum Brinkl(e)y MacBrinn (O)Briody Briscoe Britain Briton Brittaine Brittan Britton Brocas Brock Brodders OBroder(ick) (Mac)Brody Broe OBrogan Broghall Broghe Brohale Brohel Brokas OBrolchain Bronte Broo Brooder Brook(e)(s) Brophy Brosnahan Brosnan(e) Brothel Brothers MacBroudin Broughall Broughill Broune Brown Brown(e) Brownlee Brownlowe Bruce (O)Bruen Brunnocks deBruth DeBruys (O)Bryan Bryson Buck(e)ley Budkin Budran Buggle(r) OBuggy Bugle(r) OBuhilly Buie Bulfin Bulkeley Bullard Bullfin Bullion Bunberry Bunbury Buntin(e) Bunting Bunton Bunworth(e) Buo (O)Buoige Burdett Burges(s) (de)Burgh Burk(e) Burn Burnet(t) (Mac)Burney MacBurnie (O)Burns Burnside Burridge Burrow(e)s Burtchael(l) Burton (de)Bury(e) Bushe Busher Buste(a)d Busteed Butcher Butler Buttamore Butterl(e)y Buttimer Buttler Bwee McByrne OByrne(s) OByrne(s) Byron

C:   MacCaba MacCabe MacCaddan Caddell (Mac)Cadden Cadigan Cadogan McCafferky MacCafferty M'Caffrey(s) Cagherty MacCaghey Cagn(e)y Cahalan(e) OCahan(e) OCahassy MacCahee OCaheny MacCaherty (Mac)Cahey (Mc)Cahil (O)Cahill Cahillane McCahon Cahy MacCail Cain MacCairill Cairle Cairns Calaghan Calahan Calan Calderwood Caldwell Calfer Calfhill Calhoun(e) McCall OCallaghan Callahan (Mc)Callan Callanan Callen MacCallenan Callenen MacCallery Callihan Callin OCallinan(e) McCallion MacCallister McCallon Callopy MacCalmont Calnan MacCalshender Calthorpe Calthrop Calvert McCalvey Calwell Cambell M'Cambridge Camp Campbell Campian Campion Cample Campyon Canavan Canaven Canavon MacCandless McCandlish Cane (Mc)Cann MacCanna Cannan Canning OCannon MacCannon (Mac)Canny (O)Canny Cantey Cantillon Cantlin Cantlon Cantrell Cantwell Canty Canvery Capels Caplice Caplise Capples Capplis Car Caraher Carberry Carbry Carden MacCardle Cardwell Care MacCarehir Carew OCarey McCarey Carie Carlan(d) Carleton (O)Carlin Carlton Carmedy Carmody (M')Carn(e)y (O)Carol Carolan Caroll MacCaron (O)Carr Carragher (M')Carraher McCarren Carrick McCarrig Carrigan Carrol Carrolan OCarroll (M')Carroll Carrollan Carrolly McCarron Carrothers Carruthers Carry Carson (Mac)Cartan Carter (Mc)Carthy Cartmell Cartmill McCartn(e)y MacCarton (O)Carty McCarty Caruth MacCarvill Cary Casaday Casement (O)Casey MacCasey Cashen Cashin(e) Cashman Casidy (Mc)Caskey M'Caskie Caskin Casky Casley MacCasmond(e) Cassan Cassedy Casserl(e)y OCassid(a)y Castles Catelline Catelyn Catherwood MacCatigan Catlin OCattely Cattigan Caufield McCaughan M'Caugherty MacCaughey Caughy MacCaul Cauldfield Cauley (M')Caulfield deCaunteton Causgrove McCausland MacCavana Cavanagh Caveny MacCavina Cavish MacCavock MacCawell Cawfield Cawldwell MacCawley OCawley Chaf(f)y Chaffee Chainey Chamberlain Chamberlayne Chambers Chambres Chamney Champion Chapuis Charley Charlie Charly Cheasty Cheevers Cheney Cherry Chesnaye M'Chesney Chevers Cheyney Chichester Chifl(e)y Chinnery Christal Christie Christopher Christy Church Claff(e)y Claiborne Clairborne Clairke Clanchy MacClancy Clansy Clapen Claphame (de)Clare Clark(e) Clarkins MacClarnon Claveen Clavin Clayton McClean (Mac)Cleary Cleborne McCleen Cleery MacClelland Clemens MacClement(s) Clench(e) Clerian Clerke Clerken Clerkin OClery Clibborn Cliborne Cliff(e) MacClifferty Clifford Clin Clinche(y) Cline McClintock Clinton Clisham OCloghessy Cloherty OClohessy Cloonan (Mc)Clor(e)y Close McClosky OClossey Clossick McCloud Clovan Cloven Clune McClure Clusby McCluskey OClussey Cluvane Clyn(e) Clynes Coach Coady Coak(e)ley Coal Coalman Coat(e)s Cobb(e) Coch Cochraine Cochran(e) Cochren Cockerill Cockrane Cocks Cod(d) Coddington Coddy Cody Coen Cof(f)ee OCoffey Cogan(e) Coghill Coghlan(e) Coghlin Cogley Cohalan Cohen Coin OColahan Colavan Colavin Colbert Colclough Coldwell Cole OColeman Coley Colfer MacColgan Colgen Colgun Colhoun Coligan Colivan Colkly Coll OCollag(h)ane MacColleghan Collen Colletan Colley, Cooley Collie (le) Collier Colligan Colliher Collins Collis Collom Collopy (Mc)Collum (Mac)Colly Colman Colohan Colomb Colovin Colquhoun Colum(b) Columby Colvan Colven Colvil(le) Colvin Colwell Colyer Comasky M'Comb(s) Comerford Comesk'y MacComish M'Comisk'y Commerford Commins Commiskey Commons Comyn Conaghty Conall OConan Conary Conaty Conaway Conboy OConcanain OConcannon Concanon Condan Conde Condon Condran Condron MacConefrey Conel Coner Coneran Conery Confree Confrey Conier Conlan Conlen MacConley Conliss Conlon (Mac)Conly MacConmara Connalan Connally OConnanen OConnaughton Conneely Connel (O)Connell (Mc)Connell (O)Connellan (O)Connellan(e) Connelly Conner Connery MacConnick Connington Connole OConnolly Connoly OConnor Connorton MacConnulty Conol(l)y OConole OConor Conoyle Conrahy (O)Conran Conree OConroy Conry Consadine MacConsidan M'Considin(e) McConsidn OConvally Convery Convey McConville Conyer(s) Conyngham MacCooey Coogan Cooihan Cook(e) (Mc)Cool Coola(g)han Cooley Coolican Cooling Cooly Coonahan Coonan OCooney Coonihan Coony Cooper Coot(e) Cope Copeland Copinger Coppenger Coppinger Coquerel Corballis Corbally Corban Corbane Corbett OCorcaran Corckron M'Corcoran M'Corcoran (Mc)Cord Cordan Cordew Cordue Corduff Corigan Corker(r)y OCorkerane Corkry McCorMac Cormacan Cormacin MacCormack Cormican McCormick Corneil Corner Cornewall Cornewell Cornock Cornwall Cornwell (O)Cornyn Corr, Corry Corra Corregan Corrican Corridan Corrie OCorrigan Corrigen Corrodan (O)Corry Corscadden Cory Cosby (O)Cosgrave MacCosgrave (O)Cosgrave Cosgro(o)ve OCosgry Cosker MacCoskley MacCostello Costellow MacCostey MacCostigan Costigin Costillo Costily Costolloe MacCosty Cotes Cottel MacCotter (O)Cotter Cottingham McCottir Cottle Cottor MacCottyr (Mac)Coughlan Coughlen Coulter Coumey Counahan (O)Counihan (O)Counihan County DeCourcey Courcie Courcy (O)Cournane (Mc)Court Courtney MacCovelin Cowan Cowell Cowen Cowhey Cowhig Cowley Cowman Cox (Mc)Coy Coyle Coyn(e) Coyne (Mc)Cracken McCrackin Craddock Craffy (Mc)Cragh Craig Cramer Cramps(e)y Crampsie Cramsey Cramsie Crangle Craughwell Craven Crawford Crayford MacCrea (Mc)Creagh Creamer Creamor OCrean MacCrean McCreary Creaton OCredan Creedon Creegan OCreehan Creemer Creen McCreery MacCreesh Creevy Cregan Crehan Creman Cremen Cremin Cribben Crifferty Crilly Crimeen Croc Croffy Crofton MacCroghan Croghane Crohan McCrohon Crok(e) Croker Crol(l)y Crole Crom(m)ie Cromewell Crommy Cromwell OCromy Crone OCroneene Cronekan Cronen OCronin(e) Cronsberry Cronyn Crooke McCrory Crosbie Crosby Cross Crossan Crossen OCrottie OCrotty Crough Crow Crowane MacCrowe OCrowl(e)y (M')Crown(e) Cruise MacCruitin Cruys MacCrystal Cudah(e)y Cuddahy Cuddehy Cuddihy Cudmore Cuggeran OCuinn MacCuirtin Culane Culenain Culhane Culhoun Culigan Mc Cullagh (O)Cullane Cullaton (O)Cullen MacCullen OCullenane Cullenen Cullens Culleton Culligan (Mc)Cullin OCullinan(e) Cullington Culliton Cullivan McCullogh Culloon Culloty (Mc)Cullough (Mc)Cullow (Mc)Cully Culoty MacCumiskey Cumming(s) Cummins Cundy MacCunigan OCuning Cuningham Cunlis Cunnane MacCunneen Cunningham Cunree Cunyngham Cuolaghan (O)Cuolahan Curcy MacCurdy MacCurley Curling Curneen Curphy Curr Curra(u)gh (O)Curreen Currid Currie Currin (O)Curry Curtaine (Mac)Curtin Cusack(e) Cusake Cushley (Mc)Cusker Cussack(e) Cussen McCutcheon

D:   D'Aeth d'Oilier McDade Daffy Dag(g) Dahill (Mc)Daid Daily Dallaher Daltin Dalton ODaly Danaher Dancey Dane (Mc)Daniel (Mc)Daniell Dannaher Dannelly (Mac)Darby ODarcey (Mac)Darcy Dardis Darditz Dargan Dargent Darl(e)y Darling Darmody Darra MacDarra(g)h Darrach Darragh Darren Daunt Davern MacDavid Davies Davine Davis Davison (Mc)Davit(t) Davock Davoran ODavoren Davorin Davys Daw Daweson Dawl(e)y Dawson (O)Day Dayhill Dayley ODayly DeBurgh DeFoy DeGrote deLap deLong ODea Deagan Dealy Deane Dearing Dease Deasey Deasy Death Deathy DeCourcy ODee Deece Deegan Deeley Deelie Deely Deeney Deenihan Deeny Deering Deery Deevey Deevoy Deevy Deffely Defoe Defoix Degane ODeighan Dela Touche delaCherois Delafeld Delafield Delahoid Delahoyde Delahunt Delahunty Delahyde Delamere Delane ODelaney Delanty Delargy Delea (Van)Deleur ODell Dellany Delmege Delmore Demcy ODempsey Dempsie Dempsy Demsey Demsy Den Denehy Dennehey Dennehy Dennis Denny Denver Denvir Derane MacDerby Derenzy Derivin (Mc)Dermitt Dermody Dermoody MacDermot Dermott Derrane Dervan Derwin Desmond Despair Despard Devally Devan(e)y Devane Develin Devenney (Mac)Dever Deveraux Devere Deverell Devereux Devery Devey Devilley Devilly Devily Devin ODevine (Mc)Devitt ODevlin ODevoy Diamond Dick Dickson Dieudonne Diffly Diggin Digin Dignam Dignan (O)Dillane (O)Dillane ODilleen Dillion Dillon Dillon Dinaghane Dinahan Dinahine (O)Dinan Dinane Dineen Dinehan ODinerty Dingavan Dinighan Dinnahane O Dinneen Dinnerty Diprose Dirane Dirrane Dirvan Disken Diskin Disney Disny Dispard Divelin Diver Divers Divey Divine Diviney Dixon Dobbin Dobbs Dobbyn Dobe Dobyn Dockery Dockory Dockry Dodd O Doelan Dogherty(e) O Doghwyn Dogood Doheny O Doherty Dohorty Doil (O) Dolan Dolane Dollagher Dollaher Dolling Dolmage Dologhan Dolphin Domvile Domville Mac Donagh Donaghue Donahoe Donahue Donal Mc Donald Donaldson Donaugh Donavan Donegan Donel Donelan O Donell Donelly Donely Donion Donlan Donlea Donleavy Mac Donlevy Donlon Donly Donnal Donnegan Mac Donnell O Donnell Mc Donnell Donnell O Donnellan Donnellen O Donnelly Mc Donnough Mac Donogh O Donoghue Donohoe Donojo Mc Donold (M') Donough (M') Donough Donoughoe O Donovan Donovane Dooal Doocey Doocy Doody Doogan Dooghan O Doohan Doohey Doolan Doolen O Dooley Doolin(g) Dooly Doonan(e) O Doorie Doorley Doorly Doorty O Dooyiorma (O) Doran Dorane Dorcan Doren Dorgan Dorian Dorling Dormer Dornan Dorney Dorny Dorohey O Dorohy Dorrance Dorrity Doud Dougan Doughan Douglas(s) Douglasse Dougles Dount Dousse Dovany Dow O Dowd Dowdall O Dowdican Dowds Mc Dowell Dowey Dowlan Dowlapp Dowley O Dowling Mc Dowll Dowly Downbarr Downes O Downey Downing Downs Downy Dowse (Mc) Doyle O Doyle (O) Doyne Doynes Dracot Draddy Drahan Drain Drake Draughan O Drea Drean Dreng O Drennan Drew Drewery Drewitt Drewry Drinan Dring Driscall O Driscoll Driskill Driskol Drislane Drohan Dromgoole Dromond Drouet Droughan Droughon Drought Druery Drum Drumgold Drumgool(d) Drumgoole Drumm Drummond Drummy Drury Du Cane Du Quesne Duane Duant O Ducey Ducie Duckett Ducy Duddy Dudican(e) Dudney (O) Duff Duffay Duffey Duffie Duffin O Duffy Duffyne Mac Dugall Dugan O Duggan Duggen Duheny Duhig Duigenan Duignan Dulany Dulapp Dulau O Dullaghan Dullaney Dullanty Dullea Dulmage Dun O Dunady Dunagin Dunbarr Dungan Dunican Dunigan Dunlapp Dunlavy Dunlea Dunleavy Dunn Dunnady (O) Dunne Dunnigan Dunning Dunphy Dunseath Dunseeth Dunseith Dunsheath Dunshee Durack Durcan (Mac) Durkan Durnan (O) Durnane Durnian Durnin Durnion Durrian (M') Duvany Dwane Dwier Dwire Dwyar O Dwyer Dwyre Mac Dyer Dyle Dynan Mac Dyre

E:   Eagan Eagar Eagen Eager(s) Eagerton Earl, Errill Earley Early Ebril(l) Ecclen Ecclin Echlin(e) Echling Edge Edgeworth Edgewurth Edgworth Edmundson Edney (Mac) Egan (Mc) Egane Egar Ekin Mac Elderry Mac Eldowney Mac Elhar Mac Elheran Mac Elheron Eligot Eliott Elison Mac Elligott Mc Elliot Elliot(t) Ellis Ellison Mac Elmeel Elroi Mac Elroy Elshinder Mc Elvee Mc Elveen Mac Elvogue Elward (Mc) Elwee Em(m)et Embury Mac Enchroe L' enfaunt England English Englonde L' Englys Mac Eninry (M) Eniry (M) Eniry Ennes Ennis(s) Ennoss Enos Enra(u)ght Enright Enrite Mac Enroe Mac Enroe Ensor Mac Entaggert Mac Entasny Mac Entee O Erc Ercke Mc Erlain Mac Erlean Mc Erleen Mac Erlen (d') Erley Mac Erlyn Erskin(e) Ervine Erwin Esmond(e) d' Espard Estmound (L') Estrange Etchingham Mac Etegart O Etigan Ettigan Mac Etye Euleston Eurell Eustace Eustice Eustis Evans Everard Everhard Mc Evilly Mac Evinney d' Evivex Mac Evoy Ewen Ewin Ewing(s) Eyre(s) D' Ezmondiis

F:   Mc Fadden Faddin Fadian Fadyen de Fae Fagan Fagan Faghy Fagin O Faherty Fahey Fahie O Fahy Falkiner Mac Fall Fallaher Fallan Fallen Fallin (O) Fallon Falloon (Mc) Falls O Falvey Fanan Fanin(g) Fannin Fanning Fannon (La) Fant Farel Farelly Farely de Farindon (Mc) Farlan Mc Farland Farley Farragher Farraher Farral O Farrell O Farrelly Farren Farrington Farrissey Farrissy Farron Farshin de Faryngton O Faughnan (du) Fay de la Fay (O) Fay (du) Fay Faye Feagan Feaghan Feagon Fealy Fearon Feddis O Fedegan (Mc) Fee O Fee (Mc) Fee Feehan Feeheny Feehily Feel(e)y O Feenaghty O Feeney Feeny Feerick Fegan Feghan Feghin Feheely Feighan Feild Felan Feley Fenaghty Fenell Fenelon Fenessy Fenlon Fennell Fennelly Fenness(e)y Fenton Mac Feorais Feregan Fergesun Fergusen Ferguson Ferick de Feringdon Feritter Ferly Ferrall Mc Ferran Ferrely Ferren Ferreter (O) Ferrigan Mc Ferrin Ferriter Mc Ferron Ferry Fetrick Mc Fetridge Fetrish Fettridge Fewer Fey Fey Ffrench Mac Fhinn Fians Field de la Field Figgis Figgle Filgate Finan Finegan(e) Fineran Finerty Finglas Finigan O Finn Mac Finn Mac Finneen O Finnegan Finnellan O Finneran Finnerrell Finnerty Finnevar Finney Finnigan M' Finnucane Finnucane Finny Finucane Fishe Fitch Fitchpatrick Fits Fitz Fitz Fitzandrew Fitzelle Fitzerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerold Fitzgerrald Fitzgerrold Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbons Fitzgibbons Fitzharris Fitzharry Fitzhenry Fitzherbert Fitzhubert FitzMaurice Fitzmeiler Fitzmorice Fitzmorish Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Fitzsimmon Fitzsimmons Fitzsimon(s) Fitzsimon(s) Fitzstephen Fitzsymon Fitzsymonds Fitzwilliam Fivey Fizzell Flagherty Flahaven O Flaherty Flaherty (O) Flanagan Flaneley Flanery Flang Flanigan Flanly Flannagan O Flannell Flannelley O Flannelly O Flannery Flannigin Flanory Flanury Flatery Flatley Flatly Flattelly Flattery Flaven Flavin Fleens Fleming Flemish n. Flemming(e) Flemmyng Flemon Flemyng Fling Flinn Flinter Flood Flood Flow'rdewe Floyd Flyn(e) Flyng (O) Flynn O Flynn(e) Foard Fodey de Foe (O) Fogarty (O) Fogarty Fogerty Folan (O) Foley (O) Foley Foli Folkiner La Font Fooley Fooluiah Foord(e) Foot (O) Foran Forane Forbes Forbs Forde Forestall Forhan O Forhane Foristel Forrest Forrestal(l) Forstall Forster Fortescue Fortune Fowler Fowlkiner Fowloo O Fowlowe Fowlue Fowly Fox De Foy Foy(e) Foy(e) Foyle Foyll Foynes Fraher Frahill Frain Frame Frances Francis Franck Frane Frank(e) Franks Fraser Frawley Frazer Frazier Freal Freel O Freely Freeman (O) Frehill Freil Freily Frein Freisel French French names Fresel Frew Frewen (de) Freyn(e) O Friel(l) Friely Frizell(e) Frizil Frizzle O Fuada Fulham (de) Fullam Fullarton Fuller Fullerton Fulton Furey Furlong Furnell Furphy Fury Fyan(s) Fye Fyenell

G:   Gaffey (O) Gaffney Gafiney Gafney Gahagan (M') Gahan Gaine Gainor (Mac) Gale (O) Gallagher Gallaher (O) Galligan (O) Galligan Gallivan(e) Gallougher Galloway Gallway Gallwey Galt Galvan O Galvin Galwey Gam(m)el Gambell Gamble M' Gan Gandsey Ganley Ganly (M') Gann (M') Gann Mc Ganna Gannessy M' Gannon (M') Gannon Gansey (O) Gara Garaghan Garahan Garlan(d) (Mc) Garland Garland Garnon Garrahan Garrett Garrey Garrie Garrihy (M') Garry Garstan Garsten Garstin Gartland (O) Garvan (O) Garvan Garvane Garven Mac Garvey Garvey Garvin Garvy Gascoigne Gaskin Gason (O) Gately Mac Gatteley Gattins Gauan O Gaughan Gaughney Gaughran Gaul(e) Mac Gauran Gaussen Gavaghan Gavan Gaven Gavin Mac Gawley Gayner Gaynor Geane (Mac) Geaney O Geaney Geany Geary Geaveney Gebon (Mc) Gee Gegan Gehegan O Gelbroin genealogy Mac Genis Gennis Gentleman Mac Geogh Geoghan M' Geoghegan geography George, St. Mac Geraghty Gerity Gernan Gernon Mac Gerr Gerty Gervais Getigan (Mc) Gettigan Getty (Mc) Ghee Mac Ghir Gibb Gibbings Mac Gibbon (M') Gibbon Gibbon Gibbons Giblin Gibney Gibny Gibsen Gibson Gilbee Gilbert Gilbey O Gilbie Gilboy Mc Gilbride Gilchreest (M') Gilchrist Gilcrest Gilcriest Gilday Mc Gildea Gildowney (M') Gilduff Gilespy Gilfoil Mac Gilfoyle Gilgan Gilgunn Gilhool(y) M' Gilhooley Gilkinson (Mc) Gill M' Gillacuddy Gillan M' Gillanders Gilleece Gilleese Gillen Mac Gilleroy Gillesby Gillespie Gillice M' Gillicuddy Gilligan Mac Gilligan Gilligin Gillilea Gillin Gillman Gillmore Gilloran Mac Gilloway M' Gillycuddy Gilman Gilmarten Gilmartin Gilmer Gilmore Gilmour M' Gilpatrick Gilpatrick Gilpin Mac Gilprior (M') Gilroy (M') Gilroy Gilshenan Gilstrap Gilthorpe Giltrap (Mc) Gimpsey Mc Gimpsy Mc Gimsey Mc Gin(g) Mc Ginley Mc Ginly Mc Ginn Ginnane Ginnaw (Mac) Ginty Gipsey Mac Girr Girvan Girvin Gissane Giveen Given Mc Giverin Mc Givern Mc Givir Givney Mc Givney Mc Glad (Mc) Gladdery Mc Glade Mc Gladery Mc Gladon O Glaisin Glanchy Glancy Glandenning Glanders Glascock Glasgow Glashby Glaspy Glassane Glasscock Gleason Gledstanes O Gleeson Glegge Glen(n) Glendening Glennon Glenny Mc Glinchey Mc Glinchy Glisane (O) Glissane Mac Gloran, O'Gloran Glorney Glory Gloster M' Gloughlin Glouster Mc Gloyre Glozier (Mc) Glynn O Glynn Glyssane O Gneeves Gnew (O) Gnive(s) Goch Godfr(e)y Goff Mac Goffrey Gogarty Gohery Goin(e) Going Gold Golden Golding Mc Goldrick Goldrick Goldsmith Golloher Mc Gonigal Mc Gonigle Mc Gonnegal Mc Gookin Goold Gor. Gorden Gordon Gore Gorevan Gorey Mac Gorhain (O) Gorley Mc Gorly Gormaly O Gorman (Mac) Gorman O Gormley O Gormog Gormon Gormooly Gorr(e)y Goslin Gosnel(l) Gosnold Goss Gossan Gough Gould Goulding Goule Mc Goune Goupe (Mac) Gourley Gouvernet Gouverney Mc Goverin Mac Govern Mac Govern Governey M' Govran O Gowan M' Gowan Gowing Mac Gra Grace Graddy Gradwell O Grady Graham(s) Mc Grail Grainger Granger Grannell Grant (le) Gras Gratan Mac Grath Grattan Gratten Graven Gravenor Graves Mac Graw Gray(e) Gready Mc Greal(e) Greaney Grear Greehan Greehey Greehy Green(e) Greenan Greer Mc Greev(e)y Gregorie Gregory Gregry Grehan de Grenan (O) Grennan Mac Gretten Grew Grey O Gribben (Mac) Gribben Gribbin Grier Grifee Griffen Griffin(s) (O) Griffy Grifith Grimes Grisken Mac Griskin Grogan(e) Groggan Gromwell Groogan Groot Mac Grory le Gros Mac Grotty Grove(s) Grub(b) Gruer Grugan(e) Grummell Grunse Gubbins Mc Guckia Mc Guckin Guest Mc Guigan Guilbert Guilfoyle Guinane Guiney (Mc) Guinness Mac Guire Mc Guirk Guiry Guist Gunning Guppy Gurk Mc Gurke Gurry Gware Gwinn Gwinnett Mc Gwyer Mac Gwyer Gwyn(n) M' Gyl'ysaghta

H:   Habbagan (Mac) Hackett Hadl(e)y Haestricht O Hagain O Hagan(e) Hagan(s) Hagerty Haggarty Haghan Haghen Haherney Hahn Haig Haire O Hairnin Hairt Haket(t) (Mac) Hale (O) Haley Halfpenny Halinan (M') Hall Hallagan Hallaghan Hallahan Hallaron O Halley Halligan Hallighan Hallinan(e) Hallion Hallissey Hallisy O Halloran Halloran Hallorin Halloron Hallurane (O) Hally Halpen Halpenny Halpin (O) Haly O Hamery Hamil(l) O Hamill Hamilton Hamilton(e) Hammond O Hammoyle Hamon(d) Hampson Hampston Hampton O Hamson Hanahoe Hancock Hand Handcock Handion Handly Handrahan Hands'mb'dy Hanebry Hanily Hanlan Hanlen Hanley Hanlin O Hanlon (O) Hanly Hanna(h) Hannagan Hanneen Hannen Hannigan Hannin (O) Hannon Hanraghane O Hanraghty O Hanrahan Hanratty O Hanson Hanv(e)y O Hara Harah Haran Harbeson Harbinson Harbison Harcan Hard Hardiman Hardy (O) Hare Haren Harford Hargadenm Hargadon (O) Hargan Hargedon Hargon Harhan Harington Harisson Harkin(s) Harkness Harknett Harman Harmon Harnett O Harney Harny Haroid Harold Harp Harper Harpor Harpur Harrihy Harrington Harris Harrisen Harrison O Harroghue Harrold Harroughten (O) Hart (O) Hart Hartagan Harte Hartican O Hartigan (O) Hartley Hartly (O) Hartnet(t) Hartnetty Hartr(a)y Harty Harty Harvey Harvison Harvy Haselope Haset(t) Hassan Hassen Hasset(t) O Hassey Hastie Hastings Hasty Hatton Haughan Haughey Haughran Haughton Haughy Haverin Haveron O Haverty Havron Hawkins O Hawrde Hay Hayden Haye(s) Haynes Hays Hayslip Hazlip O Hea O Healihy O Healy Hean(e)y Heaphy Heard Hearn(e) Hearty Heas Heaslip Heav(e)y Heavener Hederman (O) Hedroman Heek O Heffernain O Heffernan Heffernane Heffron Hegan O Hegarty O Hegertie Hegerty Hegher (O) Hehir O Heitigein Helm(e) O Hely Hempenstal Hemphill Hempstall Henchy Henderson (Mc) Hendrick Hendron Hendry Henebry Heneghan Henehan Henessy Henesy Henihan Henikan Henley Henn Henneberry Hennessey Hennessy O Hennessy Hennesy Hennigan Hennings Henrick (Mc) Henry O Henry Hensey O Heoghy Hepburne Hepenstal Heraghty Heraty Heraughty Herbert Herbeson Hereford Herlihey Herlihy O Herlyhy Hernan Hernon Heron Herr Hertford Hervey Hervie Heslen Heslin Heslip Heslop Hession Hester Hestin Hestings Hestion Hestor Hetigan Hettromain Hettroman Hevron Hewet(t) Hewetson Hewison Hewitt Hewson Heyne Heys Heyslip O Hickey Hickie Hickman Hickson Hicky Hiffernan Hifle Higens Higgens O Higgin Mac Higgin Higgins Higginson Higins Higstone Hil(l)yard Hilan(d) Hill Hillard Hillary Hillery Hilliard Hines Hingerty Hingston Hipwell Histon Hoban(e) Hobb Hobkine Hodder Hodnet Hoek Hoey Hoffman Hogain O Hogan Hogane Hogart Hogen Hogin Holden Holian Holland(e) O Holleran Holley Holly Hollywood Holme(s) Holms Holohan Home Homes Honan (O) Hone O Honeen Honynge (Mac) Hood Hoolihan Hopkins O Hora O Horan Hore Horen Horgan Horgen Horoho(e) Horrigan Hors(e)ford Horsford Horten Horton de Hose O Hosey Hosford Mac Hoste Mac Hostie Hosty Hotten Houghton (O) Houlihan O Houneen Hourigan Hourihan Hourihan(e) de Houssaye Houston Hovenden Hovendon Howard (Ap) Howell Howen (O) Howley Howlin(g) Howly Howth Hoy Hoy Hoyne O Huada Huban(e) Hubbard Hubberd Hudde Hudson Hueson Huggins O Hugh Mac Hugh Hughe(s) Hulihan Hull Hulme Hume Humfrey Humphrey Humphries Humphry(s) Huneen Hungerford Le Hunt Hunt(e) Hunter Huolyn O Hure Hurihane Hurl(e)y de Hurle O Hurley Huscared Huss(e)y Huston Huyghens Hyde Hylan(d) Hynebry (O) Hynes

I:   Ievers Mac Ilchrist Mc Ilcreve Mc Ilcrivy Mac Ilderry Mac Ilharry Mac Ilrea Mc Ilvaine Mc Ilveen Mc Ilwaine Mac Inerney Inglis Mc Innerney Mac Innis Mac Inprior Mc Intire (Mc) Intyre Ireland Iriel Irish (Mc) Irvin Irvine Irving Irwin(g) Itchingham (Mc) Iver Ivers Mc Ivor Ivors Ivory

K:   Kain(e) (O) Kane Mc Kane Kar Karney Kary Kasey Kavanagh Kavanaugh M' Kay M' Kay M' Kay (Mc) Keady Mac Keag Mac Keague Mac Keal Keal(e)y Kean Mac Kean (O) Keane Keaney Keany (O) Kearney Kearns Kearon Keary (O) Keating Mac Keating Keaty Keaven(e)y Mc Kee Kee(s) Mc Keedy (O) Keefe O Keeffe (M') Keegan Keely Muc Keen O Keenan Mac Keenan Keeting O Keevan Keevane Keeveny Mc Keever Kegley Keherney Kehily Kehoe Keife Keily Keley Mac Kell O Kelleher Keller Kelley Kellie Kelliher (Mac) Kelloch Kellops Kellough (O) Kelly Kellye Mc Kelv(e)y Kemp Kenah Kendall Mc Kendree (Mc) Kendrick Mc Kendry Kenedie Kenedy Kenefick Mac Kenna Kennagh Kennan Kenneally Kenneday O Kennedy Kennefick(e) Kennelly Kenney Kenning Kennon (O) Kenny (Mc) Kenrick Kent Kenyon M' Keo (Mac) Keogh Keoghe Mc Keoine Keon Mac Keon(e) (M') Keown Ker Kerin(s) (O) Kerin(s) Kerley Mc Kerlie Kerlin Mc Kern Kernahan Mc Kernan Kerns Kerovan Kerr Kerrane Kerribly Kerrigan (de) Kertmel Kerwan Kerwick Ketrick Kett Kettel Ketterick Kettle Kettyle Kevan(e) Keveny Mac Kevin Mc Kevit(t) Kevlihan Kevney (Mc) Key (Mc) Key(e) Key(e)s Mc Kibben Mc Kibbin O Kibbon Mc Kibbons Kickham Kid(d) Kiefe Kieley Kielty Kiely O Kieran Mac Kieran (Mc) Kiernan Kiernan Kilbane Kilbride Kilchrist Kilclyne Kilcoyne Kilcullen Kilduff Kilgallen Kilgallon Mac Kililea Kilkelley (M') Kilkelly Kilkenny Killby (O) Killeen Killelea Killen Killian Killien Killikelly Killilea Killion Mc Killip Killips Killmore Killogh Mac Killop Killoran Killough Killoughry Killoury Kilmartin Kilmurray Kiloughery Kilpatrick Kilroy O Kilte Mc Kilveen Mc Kilvie Kinaghan Kinahan Kinane Kincade Kincaide (Mc) Kinch(e) Kinchella Kindellan Kine Kineally Kinealy Kinegam King Kingan Kinghan Kingsmill Kingston(e) Kinigan Kinkaid Mc Kinley Mc Kinly Kinnane Mac Kinnawe (O') Kinneally Kinnealy Kinnegan Kinney O Kinney Mc Kinney Kinnie Kinsel(l)a Kinsellagh Kinselow Kinslagh (O) Kirby Kirk Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Kirkwood O Kirwan O Kirwick Kirwin Kisane Mc Kissack Kissane Mc Kissick Mc Kissock Kitchen Mac Kitterick Kittrick O Kivlehan Knally Knatchbull Knavin O Knawsie Kneafsey Mc Kneight Mc Knight Knockton Knot(t) Knowels Knowlan(d) Knowle(s) Knowley Knowls Knox Koch Kotter Kramer Kyle Kyne Kyrvan

L:   La Croix Labhles Lacey, de Lacy Lacie (O) Lacy Ladrigan Laferty Laffan Lafferty Lahy Laird Lairy Lally (O) Lalor Laly De Lamare Lamb Lambart Lambert Lamberton De Lamere Lamont Lanagan Landa Landers Landy (Mc) Lane Langan Langen Langl(e)y Lanigan Lapin Lapp De Lappe (O) Lappin Larcher Lardner Mc Larinon Lariss(e)y Larkin Larminie le Larndiner Mc Larnon Larriss(e)y Larrissy Lastly Lasty (M') Laughlin O Laughlin O Laughran de Launde Laundy Lavan Lavarty Lavell(e) Laverty Lavery (O) Lavin Mc Lavin Lavins Law Lawder Laweles Lawler Lawles(s) Lawles(s) Lawlor Lawndy Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence-St. Lawrence-St. Lawson Laycock Le Blanc Le Blount Le Cog Le Fevre (de) (le)Gray Le Jeune Le Maitre Le Maur Le Monnier Le Noir Le Roy Lea Leach Leader Leahey O Leahy Leamy Mc Lean Leane Leany O Leary Leash Leason de Leau Leavy Ledwell Ledwich Ledwick Ledwidge Ledwill Ledwith O Lee (Mc) Lee Leech Leeh(e)y Leeke Leen Leery de Lees Leeson LeFroy O Lehan Lehane Lehy (M') Leigh Leigh Mac Lellan LeMass Mac Lemont O Lenaghan Mc Lenaghan Lenard Lendrum Lenglas Lenighan Lenihan O Lennan Lennard O Lennon Lenoir Lentaigne Leoge Leonard Lerhihan Lernighan Lernihan Mc Lernon Lesley Leslie (Mac) Lester Lestrange Letellier (de) Lett(e) Levallen Lever Levereau Levi Levingston Levins Levy Lewis Leyden Leynagh (O) Leyne Leyns de Leyte Liddane (O) Liddy Lidwell Lidwill Liegh Lill Lilley Lillie Lillis Lilly Limbrick Limerick Lind(e)say Lindsay Lindsey Lindsey Linehan Linnane Lister Litten Little Litton Livingston Livingstone Lloyd O Lochlinn Lochrane Lockart Lockhart Lockheart Lodge Loftis Loftus Logan Loghan O Loghlen Loglin O Logue Lombard(e) Londers Londrigan O Lonergan Long Long M' Longahan Longan Longfield Loob(e)y Loogue O Looney Loony O Lorcain (O) Lorcan Mc Lorinon Lorkan Mc Loskey Losse Losty O Lougheran Mac Loughlin (O) Loughlin Loughnan(e) Loughnane O Loughran Loughran Loughry Love Low(e) Lowery Lowes O Lowry Lowther Loyd Lub(e)y Lube Luc(e)y Lucas Lucye Ludlow(e) Lumbard(e) (de) Lunde Lundergan Lundy Lunergan Luney Lunn Lunn(e)y Mc Lure Lusher Lusty Lutheran Lutrell Mac Lychy Lydden Lyden (O) Lydon (Mac) Lye Lyn(n)ott Lynagh Lynam Lynan Lynass (O) Lynch Lynchy O Lyne Lyne Lyness Lynis O Lynn (O) Lynskey Lyon(s) Lyons (M') Lysaght Lysat Lyster Lyttle

M:   Mac Macabe Macadams Macaddon Macain Macanerny Macanward Macarth(e)y Macauley Mack Mackell Macken Mackessy Mackey Mackey Mackin Mackle Mackler Macky Maconchy Macreavy Madagane (O) Madden Maddigan Maddock(s) Maddox Madegan (O) Madigan(e) Maelor Magahan Magan Magauran Magawley Magee Magenis Magennis Mageown Maghan Magher Magilligan Maginn Maginty Maglin Magner Magnier Magnir Magnor Magon(e) Magoon Magowan Magown Magrath Magraw Magreevy Magrogan Maguigan Maguire Maguirke Mahaffy Maheir Maher Mahieu (Mac) Mahon (O) Mahoney Mc Mahoney Mahood Mahowney Mailey Mailor Mainey Mainin Major Majur Maledy Maley Malia Mallarky (O) Malley O Mallon Mallone Malloone Mallowney O Malone O Maloney Maloughney O Malowne Malowny Maly Manahan Mandeville O Mangan Manghan Mangin Manice Manihan Maning Manion Manis Manley Mann Mannihan Mannin(g) Mannin(g) (O) Mannion Mannix Mansel Mansergh Mansfield Mansfield Mansill (Mac) Manus Mapother Mara (O) Marah Marisco O Mark(e)y Marl(e)y Marlay Marmion Marnane Marnell Maron(e)y Marra Marran Marren Marriman Marron Marsh Marshal(l) Marsham Marshell Martell Marten Martin Martyn Marwards Mass(e)y Mc Master Masters Masterson Masurier Matchett Mathew(e)s Matthews Mattimore Maughan Maunsel Maunsel(l) Mac Maurace Maurice Mavity Maxwell (de) May Mayberry Mayes Mayhew Mayo Maypother Maypowder Mayrick O Meachair Mead(e) Meadows Meagher Mean(e)y O Meara Mears Measure Meddows Meed Meegan Meeghane O Meehan Meek(e) Mc Meekan Mc Meeken Mc Meekin Meekin Mac Meel Meenan Meenhan Meeny O Meera Meere Mehegan Meighan Melaghlin Melden Meldon Meledy Melia Mellan Mellen (O) Mellon Mellot Melod(e)y Mc Menamen Mc Menamin Menarry Mc Menemen de la Mere O Mergain Merineau Merna Mernagh Merrick(e) Merryman Meryon Mescal Meskell Mey Meyer(s) Meyler Meyrick Mich Mac Michael Michell Miler Milet(te) Milford Miligan Mc Millan Millar Millea Mc Millen Miller Millerick Millet(t) Millican Milligan Milligen Millikan Milliken Millikin Mills Minch Minchin Minighane Minihan(e) Minog(u)e Minorgan Miscall Miskelly Mitchel(l) Moarn Mockler Modler Mody Moeran Mofett Moffat(t) Moffett Mofitt Mogher Moher O Mohir Moir Molan(d) Molineux O Mollane Mollarky Molley (O) Molloy Momerie Monaboe (O) Monaghan Mc Monagle Mc Monegal Moneypeny Mongan(e) Mc Monigal Mc Monigle Monley Monnaughan Monohan Monroe Monsell Monsfield montch'nsey Montgomery Montgomery Montgomry montm'rency Moode Moodie Moody O Mooney (O) Moor(e) Moorhead Morahan O Moran (O) More Morehead Moren Mores Morey O Morgan Morgen Morgin O Moriarty Mac Moriarty Morin Moris Morisey Morish Morl(e)y Mornell O Morny O Moroney Morrally Morrelly Morres Morrice Morris Morris Morrisen Morrish Morrison Morrison Morrissey Morrisson (M') Morrow de Moulins Mourn Mowbray Moy(e) Moylan Moyle(s) Moylen Moynihan Muckeen Muckeyin Muckian Muckley Mudy Muirhead Mulally Mulaney Mulbrennan Mulbride O Mulcahy Mulcair Mulchay Mulchinock O Mulclohy Mulclohy O Mulconry Mulcreevy Mulcrew Mulderrig O Muldoon Muldoone Muldowney Mulgan Mulgrew O Mulgrue Mulhal(l) Mulholland Mulholland Mulholland O Mulkerane (O) Mulkerin Mulkern Mulkerrin Mullagen O Mullally O Mullally Mullaly (M') Mullan(e) (M') Mullan(e) O Mullaney Mullany Mullarkey O Mulledy Mullee Mulleeny Mullen Mc Mullen Mullerick Mullery Mullican O Mulligan Mullin(s) Mullins Mulloy Mullvihill Mulmory Mulqueen Mulrains Mulready O Mulrenan Mulroon(e)y Mulroone Mulrooney Mulrooney Mulroy Mulry O Mulryan Mulshenagh Mulshinock Mulshinoge Mulvan(n)y Mulvaney Mulvenna Mulvey O Mulvihill Mulville Mulvogue Mulvy Mummery Munnihane Munroe Munrow O Murcain O Murcan Murchoe Murdoch Murdock Mac Muregain Murfhy Murhila Murily Murnaghan Murnahan Murnain Murnan(e) Murney Murphy Murray Murrigan O Murrigan Murrihy Mac Murrough Mac Murrough (Mc) Murry Murta Murta(u)gh Murtagh Myer(s)

N:   Mc Nabb Mc Nabo(e) Mc Nabola Mc Naboola Mc Nabow Mc Nabully O' Naghten Nagle Naish Mac Nally Mc Namara Mc Namee Nangle (le) Naper Napier Napper Mc Nari (Mac) Nary Nash(e) Nason Nasse Naughton (M') Naughton Mc Naul Navin Neagle (Mac) Neary O Nedi Mac Nee Mac Neece Neehane Neel(e) Mc Neela Mc Neely Neenan Neeson Neil O Neilan O Neill Mc Neill Mac Neilly Neilson Neish Neizer Nelan Mc Neley O Neligan Nellie Nelligan Nelligon (Mc) Nelly Nelson O Nena O Neny Nerney Nettervill(e) Mc Neven Nevill(e) (M') Nevin Newby Newcom(b) Newcome Newel(l) Newland Newman Newmen Newton Neylan Neyland Mc Nicholas Nicholl (Mc) Nichols nicholson Nicoll Nicolsen Niel Nielson Nihan(e) Nihill Nilan(d) Nixon Nobel Noble Nochtin Nogent O Nolan Nolte Nolty Noonan Noone (Mac) Norgan Norman map Normile Normoyle Norrice Norris le Norrys Norton Nott Nourse O Nowlan Nowry Nuane (de) Nugent Nughent (Mc) Nulty (O) Nunan Nurse Nutterville Nyhan Nyland

O:   de) (O)Broy (Mc) (O)Conway Odle Odlum Offington Ogan Ogilby Oiler l' Oiseau Mac Oistin Oldwood Olier Oliver D' Orleans Orme Ormsby Orpen Orr Mac Oscar D' Ossone Oulihan Ous(e)ley Outlaw(e) Ovington (Mc) Owen(s) Owens Owenson Owlsly, Ouseley Oylear Oyler

P:   Packenham Mac Padden Paget(t) Pagit Pain Paine Pakenham Palliser Palmer Park(s) Parker Parl(e) Parlan Parnell Parrell Mac Parson Parsons (Mc) Partlan(d) Partlin Paterson Patrican Patrick Patrick Mac Patrick Patten Pattersen Patterson Pattin Patton Paul Paull Pawlett Payne Payton Peables Peacocke (Mac) Peak(e) Pearce Pearl Pearse Pebbles Peebles Peile Peirce le pele (de) Pelle Pelletier Pelly Pelter Pen'efeather Pen'yfeather Pender Pendergas(t) Pendy Pennefather Penny Pennyfather Peoples Peorais Peppard Pepper Perceval Perkens Perkins Perrill Pers Pet(t)it Peters Peterson Petit Pettane Pettitt Peyton Phalen Pharlon Phelan Phellane Phepoes Mac Pherson Phibbs Mac Philbin Philippot Philips (M') Phillip/s (M') Phillip/s Philpot Mag Phinn Phipps Mac Pierce Piers Pig(g)ott Pigot Pigou Pike Pine Piper Planche Plank Plum(m)er Plunket(t) Plunkitt de Poher (Mc) Polan(d) (Mc) Polin Pollock Ponce Ponz Pooler Poor(s) (le) Porter (le) Poter Potter Powell Powell Power(s) Powre Pratt Pray Prendergast (de) Preston Pretyman (O) Prey Price Prim Princely (Mac) Prior Pronte Pronty De Proux Province map Prunty Pryme Pucksly Punch Purcell Purcill Purdon Purefoy Pursell Purshell Purtel Purthill Purtill Purtle Puxl(e)y Pyke Pyne

Q:   (Mc) Quade Mc Quaid(e) Quail Quaine Qualter (Mac) Quan (O) Quane Mac Quay Quayle (Mac) Queale Queally Queen Quen Quenedy Quesnay Mac Question Mac Quey Quiddihy O Quigley Quilan Quilkin (O) Quill (O) Quill Quillan M' Quillan M' Quillan Quillane Mac Quillians Quilligan Quilly M' Quilly (Mac) Quilty O Quilty Quin (O) Quin(n) Quinan O Quinlan Quinlevan Quinlevin Quinlish Quinlisk Quinlivan Quinne Quinnelly (M') Quirk(e) (M') Quirk(e) (M') Quirk(e) Mac Quoad

R:   Rabbitt Racard(s) Rackard Ractigan Radman O Rafferty Rafter O' Raftery Ragan O Ragher O Raghter Raine Rainey Ralagh Raleigh Raleston de Ralleye Rally Ram Ramsay Ramsey(e) Ramsy Raney Ranken Rankin Mc Rannall Mac Rannall Mc Rannell Rape Rathborne Ratican Ratigan Raw Rawley Raygan Raymond Rea Reade Ready Reagan Reagh Real (O) Really O Realy Reaney Reap Reapy Reardon Reavy O Reddan Reddin Reddington Reddy Redmon(d) Redmont Redmun Reed(e) Reedy Reegan Reel Reen Reeves O Regan Mac Regnie Reid Reid(e)y O Reilly Reily O Relly Remyngton Renaghan Renalls Reneghan Renehan Renighan Reordon Reveil Revell Revill Revill(e) Mac Revy Reyley Reynell Reynolds Reynolds Rhattican Rhineheart Rhys Riall Rice Mac Richard Richards Richardsen Richardson Mac Rickard Riddell Riddles Ridg(e)way Ridge Ridgeley Ridgewale Ridgeway Ridgeway Riedy Rierdan Rierdon Right Rign(e)y Riley Ring Ringrose (O) Rinn O Riordan Roach Roachforde Roark(e) Roarty M' Roary Robenson Robert(s) Robertson Robinsen Robinson Roch(e) Rocheford Rochett Rochford Rochfort Rod'nbucher Rodan Roddy Rodger Rodgers Rodman Rody Roe (O) Rogan(e) Rogers Rogers Roice Roland Rolandson Roleston de Roley Rolleston Rolleston Ronan(e) Ronayne Roney Rooney O Rooney Roony Rooth Rorke Rorque Mac Rory Rose Rositer Ross Rossetor Rossiter Rossitor Rosster Rosswell Roth(e) Rothwell Rouane Roughan Roughneen Roulstone O Rourke Mc Rourke Rowan Rowe Rowland Rowlendson (O) Rowley Rowlston Rowly Roy Royan Ruan(e) Ruayne Ruckee Ruddan Ruddanes Mac Ruddery Ruddery Ruddy Rudy Ruish(e) Runey Mac Runnell de (la) Rupe Rusell Rush(e) Rushford Russel(l) Russell Rut(t)ledge Ruth(e) Ruxton O Ryan Rye Ryland Rynd Rynn

S:   Sacheverell Sadleir Sadler Sal(l)mon Salaman Sale Sall de la Salle Sammon Sand Sand(e)s Sanders Sanderson Sandys Sankey Sarsefeld Sarsfield Saul Saunders Sauvage Savadge Savage Savage Saveroy Savery Say Sayers Scad(d)en Scadan Mac Scahill (O) Scahill Scallan Scallon Scally Scanlan(e) O Scanlon O Scannell Scardeville Scared Scaret Scarry Schifley Scott Scullin Scullion (O) Scully Scurry Seagerson Seagrave Sears Sedborough Segerson Segrave Sempill Semple O Serky Settler fams. Sextan Sexten Sexton Seymour shackl'ton/e Shagrue Shakleton Shalloo Shallowe (O) Shanahan Shanahy O Shanassy (M') Shane Shaneghane Shanessy (Mac) Shanley Shanly Shannen (O) Shannon (O) Shannon Sharket O Sharkey (Mc) Sharry (Mc) Sharry Sharvin Sharwell Shaughinisy O Shaughlin O Shaughnes'y Shaw(e) Shay (O) Shea Mc Shea Sheahan Sheahy Sheanan Shearan Sheare(s) Shearing (O) Shee Mac Shee Sheean O Sheehan (Mac) Sheehy Sheen Sheenan Sheeran Sheeres Sheerin Sheghane Sheil Sheilds Shell(e)y Shelloe Shenan Sheppard Sherard Sherdan Sherden Sherdon Mac Shere O Sheridan O Sherin O Sherkott Sherlock Sherodan Sherrard Sherrerd Sherry Mac Sherry O Sherry Mac Sherry Sherwin Mc Shery Shevlin (O) Shiel Shield(s) Shiell Shier Shifley (O) Shine Shinnock Shipcott Shippy Shipsea Shipsey Shipton Shipward Shoemaker Shonogh Shoppee Short Shortall Shorten Shoughnes'y Shoultare Shoye Shuldham Shunewire Shunny Mac Shurdan Mac Shurton Shynane Sigen Sigerson Siggens Siggins Sim(s) Sime(s) Simms Simon Simple Simpson Simson Sinane Sinclair, St. Clair Singleton Sinnot(t) Sinon Mac Siurtan Skahan Skallan (Mac) Skally Skanlane Skehan (O) Skelly Skelten Skelton Skeret Skerrett Skerrit Skiddy Skidy Skillen Skilling Skinnan Skinnion Skinnon Skully Skurlock Slack(e) Slain(e) Slane Slaney Slatery Slattary Slattery Slavin Sleeper Sleevin Slevin Sloan(e) Slone(s) Slowan Slowey Smailholme Smelhome Smiley Smily Smith Smith(e) Smithick Smithwick Smyly Smyth Smythe Smythwick Snee Snow Sodan Soden Sodin Soloman Somers Somers Somerville Soolivan Soople (O) Soraghan Sorahan Soran Mc Sorely Mc Sorley Soudan sources Soy Spaight Spalane Sparling Spate Speer(s) Speight Spence Spillan(e) Mac Spillane O Spillane Spiller Spinks Splaine Spring(e) Springham Sprool Sproul(e) Sprowle Spruell De Spynk St. George St. John St. Lawrence St. Lawrence St. Ledger Stac(k) de Stack de Stackpole Stackpoll Stackpoole Stackpoole de Stacpoole Stafford Staford Stanehouse Stanhowe Stanihurt Stannus Stanton Stapleton Stark Staunton Stawell Steel(e) (O) Steill O Steille Stephen(s) Stephen(s) Stephenson Stephenson Steuart Stevenson Steward Stewart Stocker Stoke(s) Stone Stoney Stony Stoughton Strachan Straghan Strahan Strain (Le) Strange Straugh Stretch Strich Stritch(e) Stuart Stubbs Studdert Suffren Sughrue Sugrew Sugrue Sulivan Sulliban O Sullivan Suppel(s) Supple Sutton de Sutun Swan Swanton Sweaney Sweany Mac Sweeney Sweeny Sweetman Sweltzer Sweteman Swift(e) Swiney Switzer Synan Synge Synnott Synot(t)

T:   Taa Taafe Taaffe Taff(e) Mc Tagart Tagert Taggart Taggert Mc Tague Tailer Taillebois Tailor Talbot Talboys Tallon Tally Talty Tangley Tangney Tangny Tanner(e) Tannian Tannion (Mac) Tansey Tansy O Tapa Tappy Tarleton Tarpey Tarsnane Tarsney Tavey Mc Tavish Tayler Taylor Taylour Teaghan Mc Teague Teahan Teehan Teeling Teesdale Teevan Tefelin Tegan Tegart Teggart Teggarty Tehan Teige Teirney Telford Telyng Tempest Temple Templeton Tenison Tennison terms used Mac Ternan Terri Terry O Terry Tesky Tesky Tesley Tettler Tevlin Thackwell Therry (Mac) Thomas Thompson Thomson Thornton Thorton Thunder Thungut Tickell Tiege Tiernan O Tierney Tierny Tiger (Mac) Tighe Timilin Timlen Mac Timlin Timmin(s) Timmons Timon (O) Timony Timpany Mc Tire Tirry Tisdall de Tiuit Toal Tobbine Tobin(e) Tobyn(n) Tod(d) Togher Tohall Toher Tohill Tohull Tolan(d) O Toler Tomilin Tomin Tomson Tone (O) Toner Tong(e) Tongue Tonnelier Toogood Tooher Toohil(l) O Tool(e) Toolan Toomey Toomy Tormey Tormy Torney Torpey Torpy Torrance Torrans Torrens Torrins Tosh Totten Tottenham Totton Tottonham (La) Touche Tougher Towey Townesende Townsend Townshend Tracey O Tracy Trahey Trainer Trainor dela Tranche Trant Trasey O Trassy Travers(e) Trayle (M') Traynor Treacy Treanor (O) Trehy Trench Trench Mc Trenor Tressy Trinlavery Trohy Troy Truel(l) Tubridy Tubrit Tuchet Tuhill Tuit(e) Tuitte Mac Tully O Tully Tumalti Tumelty Tumilt(e)y Tunn(e)y Tuohy Turkington Turkinton Turl(e)y Turner Turnl(e)y Turvin Tuthill Tutthil Tuttil Tuttle Tutty Twaml(e)y Tweedie Tweedy Twigg Twigley Twolan O Twomey Twomy Tynan(e) Tynt(e) Tyrell Tyrrell Tyrry

U:   Ulf Ulster Plant. Unack Uniack(e) Upton Uriel de Urielle Urrell Ursb'lba'gh Usher Ussher Ustace

V:   Mac Vaddock Vahey de Valences Vallely Vallily Vally Vance Vandeleur Vaughan Vaughen Vaughn (Mc) Veagh Veal(e) le Veel Mac Veety (Mc) Veigh Veldon La velle Verdon (de) Verdun De Vere Vernon Verschoyle Vesey Mc Vey Vicar Mac Vickar Mc Vicker Vickers Victory Mac Viety Vigors Viking map Villebois (Mc) Vitty

W:   Wadding Wade Wadeck Wafer Wakel(e)y Waldren Waldron Waldron Wale Walis Walker Wall(s) Wallace Waller Wallis Walsh(e) Mac Walter Walter(s) Wandesforde Warburton (Mac) Ward Warde Warick Warke Mac Warnock Warren (Mc) Waters Waters Watson (Mac) Watters Mac Wattin Waugh(e) Mc Way Weafer Weaver Webb Webber Mc Weeney Mc Weeny Weever (Mac) Weir Weir Welch (de) Weldon Weldun (de) Wellesley Wellmore Welsh West Westby Westhrop Westrop(p) Mac Wey Whalan Whelen Whight Mac Whiston Whitacre Whitaker White White White Whiteacre Whitegar Whiteney (de) Whitney Whitny Whittey Whittny (Mc) Whitty Wholey Whytacre Whyte Wier Wild(e) Wild(e) Wilders Wiley Wilkinson Mc William William(s) Williamis Williams Williams Williamson Willis Willison Willmer Willmore Willson Willson Wilson Wily Winter(s) Wirrall Wise Wishart Wodell Wogan(e) Wolf(e) Wolverston Wood(s) Woodlock Woodside Woolfe Woulfe Wray Wrenn Wright Wulf Wybrants Wyer Wyld de Wylde Wylder Wylie Mc Wynee Wynn(e) Wyrall Wyre Wyse

Y:   Yates Yeates Yeats Young Young Young Yourell