Complete 8 volume set of Irish Families Series

Description: The premier collection of Irish families ever put to print. In total there are more than 1,000 illustrations, 35,000 families, coats of arms and maps, with family history on a county by county basis appearing for the first time in one complete series. Each book is quality hard bound and gold stamped, with a quality smythe sewn binding for a long lifetime of use.

Volume 1 includes 600 documented Irish Family Arms, which includes Northern Ireland. 20,000 Irish Families are found in the location index to this first book alone. This Master Volume has an index to the first 5 volumes to the set ! Families from all 32 counties in Ireland are included.

A world class illustration of Irish Family History, this is the culmination of 3 decades of research by the I.G.F.. Ancient Maps, illustrations, sources and research tips are included in each volume to the set.

Volumes 2 through 8 contain even more families, by county. They are titled as follows: "Families of Co. Kerry": "Families of Co. Clare": "Families of Co. Cork"; "Families of Co. Limerick"; "Families of Co. Galway"; "Families of Co. Dublin" and "Families of County Donegal".

All volumes include old Irish families and families that settled in Ireland from Scotland, England, Wales, etc...from the earliest times to the modern era....... a boon for Irish research, and a tremendous library resource. All 32 counties, including N. Ireland are included in the first volume. This is the complete set to date including Donegal, the newest edition to the set. Threre is absolutely no substitue for this complete set. Maps, pedigrees, coats-of-arms, appendix, genealogy sources, address lists, family histories.

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