Beginners Guide to Irish Family Research

Description: How to find your family in Ireland if don't have a clue on how to begin, "The Beginners Guide to Irish Family Research". This information based booklet will be helpful to anyone wanting to start the search in Ireland to find an Irish ancestor. This Common sense guide was based on over 20 years of Irish seminars and lectures, for those who want to find their Irish roots. This first volume was designed strictly for the beginning researcher. From the Irish Genealogical Foundation, complete with illustrations and contacts for the raw beginner to start his family search and succeed. Quick historical lessons are included too, i.e. Irish vs. Scots Irish, coats of arms, The Great Potato famine, Top 100 names of Ireland, Organizations that help, Making your family tree chart...etc.... If you need to get started but don't want to go through a big fat book - get on the road today with this quick Guide to Irish Family Research. A free listing of your Irish family search in the IGF archives is included for every purchaser of this work. You could think of this as the 10 steps to success book! Designed specifically for the person who wants to trace their Irish ancestors on a do-it-yourself basis.

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