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Irish Genealogy Notes & Coats Series
Genealogy notes and Extracts by County in Ireland. Each individual volume is full size, spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11, indexed, illustrated, with maps, address lists, arms, and sources.

County Antrim & Belfast Genealogy

County Armagh Ireland Genealogy

County Cavan & Leitrim Genealogy

County Cork Genealogy

County Derry Genealogy

County Down Genealogy

County Fermanagh & County Louth Genealogy

County Kilkenny Genealogy

Counties Kildare, Wicklow, & Carlow

Kings County-Offaly, Queens County-Leix/Laois Genealogy

County Longford Genealogy
(0940134-764 )

County Mayo Genealogy

County Meath & Westmeath Genealogy

County Monaghan Genealogy
(0940134-691 )

County Roscommon Genealogy

County Sligo Genealogy

County Tipperary Genealogy

County Tyrone Genealogy
(0940134-79 9)

County Waterford Genealogy

County Wexford Genealogy

Complete 20 volume set of the Genealogy Notes & Coats series

Hardbound Irish Families Series
This series is the most comprehensive collection ever put to print. All books are hardbound, gold stamped, illustrated and indexed, with quality sewn bindings and hundreds of family histories by county. Over 1000 illustrations, 35,000 families in all. Master volume one is 8 1/2 x 11 and contains families from every county in Ireland and N. Ireland with ancient maps, illustrations, sources and research tips. The other volumes are all hardbound, 6 x 9, with more than 1,000 families, and surname index.

The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
new third edition (0-940134-09-8)

Families of County Kerry, Ireland

Families of County Clare, Ireland
1996. (2nd ed.) (0-940134-98-5)

Families of County Cork, Ireland
1996. (0-940134-35 -7)

Families of County Limerick, Ireland
1997. (0-940134-31-4)

Families of County Galway, Ireland
1998. (0-940134-00-4)

Families of County Dublin, Ireland
1999. (0-940134-30-6)

Families of County Donegal, Ireland
2001. (0940134-75-6)

Complete 8 volume set of Irish Families Series

The Conquest of Ireland
An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Plantation of Ulster, including the names of Catholics and Protestants in land records. A limited 4 volume archival set, each volume with sewn - hard bound bindings, with decorated endsheets. Each of the 4 covers bears a different gold stamped illustration from the Annals of the Four Masters. An invaluable resource by Rev. G. Hill.

Vol. 1 - The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans

Vol. 2 - Names in the Land Grants

Vol. 3 - Londonderry Lands and Families

Vol 4. - A Special Census of Ireland; Pynnars Survey

Complete 4 volume set of The Conquest of Ireland

Research Aids:

1659 Surname Census of Ireland
This is a primary source for locating surnames in the 17th century.
Stapled binding. (0940134-89-6).

The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
2 volume set, the original translation by Connellan (pub. 1846 )

Beginners Guide to Irish Family Research
The common sense guide for the beginner. First steps. Easy for anyone to read and understand.
Illus. (0940134-03-9)

Birth Index of Ireland - Large type
The surname extract for the birth index of Ireland.

Coats of Arms Poster
This full color designer wall display and shipped rolled in a special tube.
Large 18 x 24 size. (0940134-85-3)

Sold Out   Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
Over 50,000 names total are given in this Master volume to the set (0-940134-09-8)

Irish Knighthoods and related subjects
Includes early Irish in the Crusades and more. (0-940134-50-0)

Irish Families on the California Trail
Dictionary of Irish Family Names first published in 1878 in California (0-940134-616)

Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address by The Lord of Duhallow
Includes modern day commentary on clans and associations. 120 pages.
2nd ed.1997.(0-940134-27-6). softbound.

The History of the Clanna Rory Families in Ireland
Irish Genealogy & Family History, by Cronnelly, lay flat spiral binding, 90 p.
2002. ISBN 0-940134-9-34

The Irish Book of Arms, Genealogy & Heraldry
1,000 illustrations in color and black & white. 160 pages. 8 1/2 x 11. (0940134-86-1)

King James Irish Army List
Family history of the Wild Geese of Ireland and abroad, 1689 by D'Alton Hardbound.
1,000 pages. (0-940134-23-3)

A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland
Family Origins, Locations, Clan or Sept affiliation, dates of settlement, Old Irish Families, and settler families, indexed, Charts. Based upon the knowledge of the day. (1880). (0940134-92-6)

Mac, Mc, and O Names
A study of names that begin with Mac, Mc, and O. (0940134-60-8)

Names of Passengers to America
Those leaving Ireland in the early part of the 1800's. Stapled binding, alphabetical order by last name of passenger, first names also included. (7,000 listings) (0940134-73-X).

The Scottish Macs
Family names of Scotland and the Scots-Irish (0940134-71-3)

Surnames of Ireland
All new, 200 location maps, ancient and current family location by Edward Kneafsey.

#1 Master Reference Set:

The Master Atlas & Book of Irish Place-names
The Master Atlas and Place-name Locator for all of Ireland. 40,000 listings.
250 pages.1994. (0-940134-33-0)

Sold Out   The Master Book of Irish Surnames
This is THE Master index of Irish Family names, 60,000 entries. (new edition in progress).

A Genealogists Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Names
The second half of the 'Master Book of Irish Surnames', a one of a kind work on the spelling of Irish names. 20,000+ Irish names as they were spelled in the 17th century and in the1800's (0940134-91-8)

The Classics:

Keatings History of Ireland
Complete three volume set. Nowhere else in print! Only 2 Volumes Left (0-940134-46-2)

Ortelius Map of Ireland
Originally published, 1572 a.d., showing location of Irish families and chieftains. (ancient map)

Temporarily out of print    Sloinnte Gaedeal is Gall
Irish surnames by the Rev. Patrick Woulfe (1923)

Tribes & Customs of Hy Fiachrach
Also known as the book of O'Dowd. (trans. O'Donovan) 600+ pages. 1874 (0-940134-38-1)

Tribes & Customs of Hy Many
The classic work by John O'Donovan on the families of County Roscommon & Galway.
1873 (0-940134-39-X)


A Social History of Ancient Ireland
by P.W. Joyce Magnificent 2 volume set Hardbound. Over 350 illustrations and maps.
1318 pages. (0-940134-24-1)

Irish Genealogies
Special reprint of vol. 3 of Keatings History of Ireland. 150 pages, 2 color stamping, Hardbound. genealogies, topographical poems, maps, charts. 1998 (0-940134-49-7)

Irish Settlers (on the American Frontier)
The #1 work on the Irish settling in Missouri westward, 1770-1900. 1985. (0940134-25-X)

The Poetry and Song of Ireland
The historic collection by John Boyle O'Reilly, with historical footnotes. 1865 (0-940134-43-8)